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Episode 98. Ralph Sutton Gas Digital Network and The SDR Show

Ladies and Gentlemen Me Gums Loco. If you're looking for responsible mature podcast if you're looking for a lot of drinking random nonsense stunts and you've hit the Jackpot it's Amigo with your host Scott and mark and we're here live migos PC We have our special guest Ralph Sutton from gas digital network in the SDR PODCAST are Egypt go? Sdr show right. I guess the our show. We called it that in the beginning because six years ago I was embarrassed to be on a podcast because I thought podcast people couldn't radio when I was in radio at the time. So I called of the show. Getting flows better estimation. Yes it is. Yeah it I- Leave Steph. I've listened when you're episodes this recently in. It's it's awesome liberty as do most recent one which that one was. We'll talk more about that in a little bit but it was a co squared off. Is that what you're saying? Yeah that one once every three to five months do what I call a stunt show which is just basically doing something stupid you know just for the sake of being stupid and it's hard to pull off obviously when you are not in front of people so that was what we came up with. It was really stupid that that was awesome. I didn't watch the video but I'm sure the audience over and over again you can be honest. It's fine that's you got me here on. Repeat of course. Yeah there's there's nothing else to watch out there now it's the only way Scott can finish. It's that's you now you turn them Red Foley Amigos. Pc I was is not politically correct. What does the PC part it's meant to be for podcast apartment? Everybody is doing it as like politically correct which we definitely at least I'm definitely not But if you're you're originally I thought maybe you don't use Max you're only using PC's but I see in front of him so that makes me think about that. So I switched to a politically correct and I was wrong. Keeps you guessing? Yes very good branding? When my third guess thank you thank you so much? You're you're not pete where we are. Very P C. I guess you could say well. No I mean compared to yours Joe Yes yes Also you know. I always do homework on any show. Go on so I listened to a couple of episodes like just the I want to say actual episode the One with the guy from lock and key and girl the most recent one and one other random one but it seems like every week. You guys have fucking audio problems. What's going on over there? We how tech guy of U2 that'd be Mark Yeah that'd be Mark Man. Does everything right here. This guy googling some shit mark I gotTa tell you that. This is the first time I'm actually back in studio for a while with all this stuff going on so now I have the I got it so you were the ones they listen to. Where the first that were in this news new world that we're living in and that's why it wasn't working and technical problems in the past two and just trying to figure all this stuff out you know swapping out parts which. I'm sure you can relate to clots audio equipment just sitting around now at this point right here is filled with about ten thousand dollars worth of failed experiments. All right. We're not whenever that level but we spent a good chunk of change on like different things that we've swapped out and upgraded and things like that but once we're all back in the studio technical or the audio issues should really be gone. It's it's funny. Is that people do not realize how hard it is not. I mean audio's easy but then when you bring in other aspects that we're going to do video are we gonNA have lower thirds? Are we going to pull something up from a computer screen? Are we gonNA take calls like each one of those elements brings in a whole set of Shit and and then if you want your? Ota Sound good like right now. Scott has a good microphone. Sorry Mike is mark. Mark Mark. Scott Microphones Sucks Weiner.

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And you can tell which is thank you you know. Spend the twenty five dollars and get a a microphone because it sounds like you're talking to me from an echo chamber. He's in like one of his pool halls or whatever the grand union a little because I'm in the Grand Canyon that's right. That's what you're hearing. Yeah that's that's why. And that's the thing if he were to come to. Where studio is There is a Mike here that he could actually pick up and bring home but he's just we're Indie podcasters and I'm sorry. Go ahead. No go ahead. I'm all for just getting started. Just your show. I know you're like ninety episodes in right center in the in the Grand Scheme podcasting. You're in it enough time. I mean you see you have sound dispersion behind you mark so that shows good. That's a good sign. You know so and your microphone is good microphone so I understand now in this world that we live in. I understand why you don't have good Mike. It's hard it's really when we found out on that Thursday three months ago that everything was going to close by Monday. I had to meet with my whole staff and figure out. Okay how the fuck are we going to get? Twenty five shows starting Monday able to still stream from their homes. So we pulled like all the mics out of all the video cameras out every and we just got like Twelve Uber's and sent them everywhere and we will keep the show's going amazingly not one. Joe skipped a beat but some of them sounded terrible even. Sdr had his Jay rented a He was afraid to be where we in New York so he rented a cabin upstate or something and their Internet sucked so they were kept. He kept cutting out. There's not much you can do. But in the important thing with podcast he fucking forge ahead and keep doing if you can and that's the right way to do that. And that's I told Scott so I'm like we're not gonNA miss a beat. I mean at first. We're like okay. What are we doing and and it did take us. Maybe like a week and a half to figure out will work going to record remotely and and try to figure out that way And we were recording from home through stream yard and things like that But yeah no then. We just started having technical difficulties left and right. And it's just. It's been insane until last week. We both were like. We need to get back into the office and Into the studio and just use are not normal equipment. Obviously Scott this is at every Not WanNa Save Level. It sounds condescending but at every stage you're gonNA have audio shoes. The tizard crazy story is last. May I think it was like a year ago? I was in l. a. And I had to go to Joe Rogan studio to help them. Why or something. Because they didn't know how to do it so they were having problems. You're talking biggest podcast on the planet and your show them how to set something up so it just shows you that everybody has issues. It doesn't matter who you are. Yes as issues richer. What do you think about Joe Rogan in his big deal that he just made? I don't understand why there's anyone casting a negative shadow on it. I the only negative I have. I have one personal. We don't know what the couple of aspects that we the the thing. No one is talking about which I'm surprised. Is he said September restarting on spotify and then by the end of the year It'll be exclusive spotify audio and video right. Yes yeah the thing. That's weird about that. Is that no one seems to be talking about. Spotify doesn't have video right now so he just back launched the spotify video platform that no one's us they will. What the fuck is that? What are you talking about? I actually said something to someone the other day about that yesterday. I was like well. So what does spotify doing like are they planning to buy like an alternate service like V Mio or something or like are they launching their own video platform because Rogan is. Both I don't understand he made. He made a clear statement. That audio and video would be on spotify got so something's happening and that hasn't been addressed the other issue. I have is. I don't care he's probably GONNA lose a even if you lose his twenty percent of his audience. Who gives a shit he has millions upon millions makes no difference to him issue? I have is when you hear about these more and more multiple. Millions of dollar deals whether it be the four hundred dollars. Barstool got four hundred million board. Barstool got the two hundred two hundred million Gimblett and whatever and now this hundred million dollar deal for joe it puts more is on podcasting which is a good thing but coming from radio which I did for eighteen years. I know what a painting the as it can be to be under the guide of the under the thumb rather of the FCC.

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And I right now. Podcast is have been super lucky there is no FCC for podcasting. It's totally the wild wild west. You can say anything you want. Whenever you want doesn't matter you know if p stood for Pussy control wouldn't matter you could still do whatever you want but if it was like the anti politically correct show we every every show you make sure you say every inappropriate ethnic slur possible. You could still do it. No one stopping you you know but if the FCC gets involved it changes everything not just free speech but it changes things like. Maybe you have to give an idea every hour what network you're on. Maybe you have to make sure that there is a delay so that if you curse you have to dump it out who knows if you have changed everything so my prayer is that this isn't the first step too far more politically correct landscape. So you're saying you don't want it. Basically the PODCASTS world to turn into the radio world right yeah because we WANNA be left. Radio is that I just wasn't enjoying it anymore. It was like it was a create like when I first started in radio it was like the classic idea was. You can't say certain words you know as long as you don't say those words you're fine and then it would be fun to try and figure out ways to say things without saying them you know because you couldn't say I just took a shit but you could say look. I made a poopie funny. You know it's not it's still would get whatever then the laws changed about inference and connotation more than actual words so if somebody like I got in trouble once and I've said this example many time but it's a great analogy to this is that I said a girl had said on an interview that she needed a hammer and this is like a legitimate thing. She was doing his. I A hammer and I said stupid joke. I got your hammer right here. Right which implies my penis but you can't see me. It's audio maybe I'm holding a hammer. Who knows right? I got a lot of yeah really irate by program director in like the movement in the middle of the time the show was only eighty stations. This program director in Iowa was called me up. Because how dare you? Your show was being played at a festival with children. How dare you? I said your the one making it sexual. I didn't make it sexual your I was holding a hammer right and then it was worth and that's when I realize. Wow this is getting crazy and it's just becoming not fun anymore and that's when I started looking at taking podcasting more seriously so I'm afraid it was a different thing of like. We're not gonNa tell you what you can't say but when you say something we don't like you're GONNA get in trouble so you have no idea what it is until after you did it your boss saying. Make sure you're on time tomorrow. I'm just not going to tell you when the time is but a few times you're going to get fired. It doesn't help you know so it was a crazy time and became less and less fun to work in regular radio having said that there was nothing like live nationwide radio with no delay where you can't curse that energy you can't fake it you can't. There's no do overs. The band had late. It fucks up your whole schedule. It was a crazy time. It was like in the in the early two thousands. I started show ninety nine. Did it till two thousand seventeen and but in that early two thousands time for eight years. It was crazy. It really was fun but I I missed that energy. Did you get the biggest podcasts on the planet? It's still basically you could say and do whatever you want. And it's pre-tape for the most part because even if you're streaming live. I'm sure you guys realize this already with your show. What is it two percent live if that much many lot watch live? It's it's after the fact that get you know. Hundreds were to will really haven't broke thousands but you know a thousand at least views at some point or right so if something was said tonight where you know Scott admits that he was masturbating to that porn that we talked about earlier and is that he doesn't probably want His wife and kids to hear about that. So can we take that out and post you can and no one but the two percent that watched it are going to ever now so it doesn't really matter and that different about radio plus with radio not only with do overs but it never lived again. You said it once and that was it so they missed it. They never got to go back and listen again. So that kind of energy is gone. Really most radios voice track these days. Anyway and radio doesn't matter anymore.

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So that energy has gone but you find new things to excite you so we got people to masturbate on video camera. Figure out things that'll turn you. Are you know that the FCC is it's inevitable like it's GonNa been not of money in podcasting right now? You know the they said I think it was last year. Four hundred million dollars spent on podcasting. It's a drop in the bucket compared to radio and TV and movie endorsements. It's nothing bay talking in the hundreds of billions of dollars so they just don't care but once the at that point to me there's no doubt in my mind it will become part of the FCC's Umbrella so more of these big deals like the Joe Rogan deals and stuff is going to be. What's going to? I think so not to say but I really believe it logically makes when there's enough meat on the bone because also they don't know who's accurately paying their taxes who's accurately representing. Their numbers is going to be some even now like Ab Standards. And it's all like it's a wall west. It's all crazy so they're gonNA come in under the guise of. Oh we're GONNA standardize this and make sure everything's fair and by the way here. The forty five new rules are going to have to old by. I don't like I don't know if that working in our little thing but going forward Os can't wear a crappy iphone mics or something like that. Thanks again for the shutouts. You're you're you're awesome. So how how? How did gas digital network become a thing like where? Where did it first from? So I've been doing. Sdr for about three years at that point and the Dr. I met other podcasters and most importantly I would say you know the biggest show on the network is Legion skanks which is my co co-host other show and one of the Co host on that show is Louis Who is my. It was the G. and gas gas. That's for Gomez in Sutton. And so we came up with that name because it also allowed for branding high-octane entertainment and fuel up with us and Blah Blah Blah. So just was a good name because it had to meetings and The the thought process for me was at the time. Well I have a radio show on one hundred stations. None of them are big stations. They're all small to medium size markets. But you put them all together and you can make money. We get a few small to medium size shows like ours. At the time we were both a lot smaller than we are now and collectively we could start selling ads at the actual process. Was I could tell that through my radio show because we already had an ad. Sales Department at podcasting was an area that my ad sales company was looking into so it all made sense to us so we launched with four shows four years ago three years ago three years ago and built from there so there it was done in this room if you could see behind me still has the gas logo and the logo. This is my second bedroom that I had used for my radio show. I was doing my radio show out of here and so we already have the equipment just in that we even even had some basic video cameras and stuff but was an easy transition to just say all right now on Mondays and Wednesdays the four shows are gonNA come and record for gas digital. I fast forward a year and a half later we had eleven shows and then there was anywhere from eight to fifteen people in my apartment every day of the week and I was about to go on a killing spree because I had no home anymore. I just was my house. Became an office and the breaking point date was I was on a date and I came home at like ten thirty at night. The lascaux is supposed to leave at nine forty five so that I would have the plate to myself. I gave it an extra half hour forty minutes I came in on it. I eight to eleven dudes in my apartment and it looked like I was bringing a woman home to gang rape her you and she was going on here. I'm like what are you guys doing here? And then I don't think she believed. That was like my. What are you guys doing yourself? Yeah Yeah what are they like? You don't know eleven guys are going to be in your apartment you know and it turns out that one of the shows just decided they wanted to do a bonus show after they taped without asking me. I said okay. We need to figure out another option and so I started looking for a space. I've found a space near my apartment. And we were using the money we had saved up to start the The refurbishment of that space to build an actual network but to me that moment when we open those doors was when the network really started which was two years ago. This week was when I look at it as like. Oh wait now a real network because we have actual bills to pay we had a setup an LLC we didn't need an LLC one bedroom you know but if you're going to rent a studio space got rented under the umbrella of the company so two years ago when we started we had eleven shows.

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We've now have twenty five. The subscriptions were doing well the everything in launched into subset businesses so the AD sales splintered off into an ad sales company. The studio splintered off into Studio Rental Company. Merchandise to emerge rental company. Like for Birch t shirts and shit like that and then the network itself still exists as the network. So there's four companies that came out of this thing the umbrella being you know it's guests digital and then there's the network you podcasting is the podcast place. The the the Merck Platform was merch pump. But his now called Podcast merch and then We have the at sale side which is funny because forever. I would call it the side. So we've gotta go talk to the side about this so called the AD side. That's the name of that company and you have different people than running that then or like Thirteen people that are engineers are guys. Think it's fifteen now. Engineers ARCHIVES AD sales people You Know Producers Art Work Webb Guy's etc fifteen people that work at the network. We did not fire anybody which is amazing to me that we were able to keep the network going one hundred percent not a single show. Mister show and that was a stressful as hell. But it looks like we're gonNA come out of the other side Leaner and even more profitable because it forced us to analyze everydollar. Yeah Okay did you. Guys see an uptick in viewership or listeners. Or seen this on your end. I don't know if he did. But actual audio listeners. Across the Board. Be At spotify Overcast Anchor They all posted thirty. To fifty percent drops in listenership. Viewership has gone up dramatically in fact both youtube and Net flicks in certain countries at a pullback for quality of their streams because they were afraid they were going to break fucking Internet streaming so our viewership but for us. I think we did A. GimMe Look at these numbers. Change all the time but at one point. I think it was one or two percent watch live and then four percent or five percent. Watch the video on Youtube and then the other ninety four percent were audio listeners so most of our listeners. Most of our base comes from the podcast itself not the video and that's not true across every show like free who's a great work? His videos blown up recently. So he's doing. I don't know what his numbers are but more video. Legion does a lot of video. You know but My show is almost almost all podcast. Very little video So it depends. Some shows are much more video but I think that collectively it averaged out to that like ninety ninety four four and two When you started the network and shows we're going like we're you gravitating toward certain sources With like whether be video or audio once you figured out what was working or did you just say you know. Let's throw everything out there and see what happens while we were already. Every show is already doing video. Okay But the funny and that was part of the precursor to be on the network that you'd have to video also but we aimed the business model. It's one of the I think Benefits of being. A smaller companies. That you can easily change your model if you have to so when we started. I think only the newest Five episodes of free and the streams. The livestream were not free. But now Elvis Dreams alive and SDN standard definition. You Guess Dot com slash live and you can watch every show for free lot right but now it's fifteen episode and there was no youtube. Youtube was not just for clips so now just became too convoluted to the business model. So now it's very easy all the SEC streams alive the newest fifteen episodes available everywhere. Be It youtube or podcast or whatever the news fifteen episodes are available in SD. And then if you want it immediately WANNA commercial free you WanNa Chat live you want access to every episode ever on demand of all the shows you subscribe to the network Nice. We've we've changed. That may change it again. I don't the one thing that we've been trying to adhere to one hundred percent which is amazing that we did when we first started it was so it's hindsight it was a really stupid idea.

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You could subscribe to just one show on the network for two dollars and fifty cents. Okay after The credit card processing took its fee. We had like I think it was a two dollars and one cent. Then you split it with the show so we were making next to nothing per person for single channel subscriber and it just was for that dollar and change that we were getting. It wasn't worth the financial headache to have those options available so we got rid of it but because we want always be true fan base. We said if you are subscribed as a single channel subscriber. We're never GONNA to cancel you as long as you keep it active. You can still have that so I think a thousand people left that still are paying two dollars and fifty cents for one of like I think seven shows and they have the best deal. They love that show. You know that doesn't exist in Ryan when we started. I think it was six dollars and seven dollars for seven dollars to subscribe and six Discount Code and now it's nine fifty eight so you know the truth. Is THAT PEOPLE. Think we're assholes raising the money but to have your own private hd servers that are getting a crazy amount of of Hits every day it's expensive shit and you don't WanNa put it on Youtube because they'll all be censored or taken down so gotta be private and it just it is. That is our biggest expense. Every month is servers and You know all costs related to the media. The media costs alone is probably more than a third of our monthly bill. Wow more budget maybe more. So it's just like your like your host provider and stuff like that as the free stream provider which is art nineteen. It's much more expensive when your network. So if you're just a show is like twenty bucks a show you know but it's ten times that easily if you're going to be a network and you want to access like you want to look at the instead of logging the each show individually if you want to be able to look at the network at then also if you WANNA sign producers you have access to your four shows but I don't want like while I'm transparent one hundred percent with the shows your numbers your subscribers. No other people do that like Sirius. Xm Good luck in finding out. How many fucking people listen to your show. They will not tell you. We are one hundred and transparent with our shows having said that we don't want people outside of the people working on that show to know how many listeners thought my job to tell Godfrey how many listeners Mikel Bisbee has not. If you want to tell him go tell them. But I'm not going to tell them you know you're open about it but you just don't want the main. I'm not telling anyone that doesn't work for me. How many subscribers we have. It's not your fucking business you know how many listeners we have is not your business but I will tell anyone that works for me that needs to know they get to know all right. I'm GonNa Check that going to cross it off of my questions. Skidding good job get is that because of the standard which to to non tech savvy people. It's a group of people the Internet Advertising Bureau that just for some reason we look to them to deem what quantifies a listen and about two years ago or you're in Africa. They changed their minds so everybody saw a drop in their listenership. By at least we do ten percent to as much as forty percent and all my host got so angry because they felt we ask them. Do you know we have nothing to do this. It's just the fucking standard and my analogy. That put people at rest. But it's still it's just an ego thing so discrim amount of people are listening it. Just how they're quantifying an change the example I gave his. If you're driving a car I could tell you miles per hour or I can tell you. Kilometers kilometer sounds better. It's a lot faster. But it's the same exact speed. It's a bigger number. But you're going the same speed. So what's the difference? It's just your ego and finally. They started to understand that. But it's still. It's a weird thing that we've decided that they are the end. All be all for listenership. Well I like the analogy you use to convey that though because when for us it seemed like they made that change or are host provider. Maybe went to how they gauged listenership or things like that probably about a year ago. You took a huge hit on our listens. They just removed listens right off of not removing list. There's it's just a different calculation. Listener was quantified. It doesn't they also don't even act like it doesn't account for. I could download your show as an MP three and you're it with fifty thousand people that all listen.

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It counts as one listen because they can't know about shared file. There's no way to know if download and I've seen SDR on clown countless torrents. When I was doing my legal torn movie downloads. Right and even on them out of you. Know Cody is. But it's like a thing on cody. There's a channel for SDR. Someone set up. I didn't set it up. I can guarantee you. We're not getting counted on those. You know so what are you GONNA do That will never factor into how many people listen so again. I think it's weird that we've all decided to bow down to Ab and say okay. I guess they know what they're talking about. It's just it's just weird. I understand that needs to be a quantity quantify of some sort but we actually just tell advertisers. Try US OUT. If we don't give you good returns and don't use this again and most of our are advertised with at least a year. I like that approach. That's a that's a good way to sell it for sure. So that pitch that we do with Popcorn Scott tried to do something like that work on the radio. We do have a question on one of the socials Joe Audio. You May From what I understand you might actually be on his podcast tomorrow. The about podcast. Yes who has more power on the network? You were Louis Right now. We're we're not fifty fifty owners because there's a couple of other minor investors but we will equal investment in this. So I would say that we do. Wow look what just happened or technical mostly see. You need the apple headphones. Wow this year. It's are it's just. Yes we're we're not we're known for this. That's funny I don't even have to tighten that screw So we both have equal partnership. But there's been times where we get into screaming matches pretty regularly about things that need to happen on the on the on the network we end up usually seeing eye to eye on most stuff but once in a while we arguments I would say the the reason why believe that gas has grown to where it is is because our skill sets complement each other. What I he knows what I'm good at. I know what he's good at at. It's funny because he's so much more of a public figure than I. The whole the the The narrative that was initially Cast BY LEGION FANS and Louis fans was that I was some rich kid that just gave Lewis Money and said go do wish you a network and that. I had no input on it which was funny. It's now I think slowly people are starting to realize how that was just. It's preposterous but That was the idea of a that I had that much money to throw. Around was great bud was so wealthy that I would just allow someone. I barely knew to just go ahead. Good luck you know but we currently I would say you know these days thing. We have a good team and we have a. We do see eye to eye. We've we've made a lot of mistakes and we joke about how we probably would have never started this company. Had we known how many sleepless nights like really and the anyone on my staff will tell you. I'M UP TILL ABOUT. Maybe one o'clock twelve thirty one o'clock on an average night and I'm up at like six and it's because I'm constantly answering every tech problem every issue every year comes in. I need to be on there and make sure that we're operating as much as we can. Just don't fucking sleep and I go to bed every night with two or three main box and that's it. I make sure that by the time ago to bed there is nothing that doesn't require a reply until some other point. You know what I mean so I don't want I didn't. I would wake up with ten thousand unanswered emails and I just would rather respond immediately all the time right now. I'd see since we started talking. I have twenty six emails in my inbox. That are GONNA to be answered soon as we're done with this because I respond to people immediately all the time. Wow Twenty six thousand. How many are the like a penis enlarging pills only paying winning exclusively deal with penis enlargement? You guys were with Bucci. We actually Hit them up with trying to do some type of sponsorship we were going to try to do like a Promo and and Used THEIR PRODUCT. But they haven't answered our Pitch yet I don't and I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure with blue. Get confused time but I don't think we're dealing with them directly. I think we it was part of a package deal with one of the like with one of the bigger advertising companies we we sell about sixty percent of our ads by goals to get it to like seventy before the before the end of the year but sixty percent of our ads are sold in house and forty are done through third party networks.

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I'll a few sell them in house. You're making more money if you have unsold inventory. There's no reason to just make a deal and take a cut. You know so. I mean most of these. I don't know where you're hosted. But most of these companies offer Dai ads that are at a laughably low CPA emory but for for they're not tech Savvy Morgan essentially with our host provider spreaker. They they run an ad before. Sometimes you do it in the middle and sometimes we do it at the end. But essentially all that's four is just a pair hosts provider and Directly trying to find different sponsor to sponsor the show. And you know if it's anything extra recently we had my bookie for a little bit in in that kind of like paid for some media. Stuff that we're trying to do To promote the show a little bit more. But yeah and we're still putting money into it. Let's we were talking with spreaker for a while but We didn't make deal. We came close. But we didn't make a deal. I feel that they're percentages on the AD side are a little too aggressive comfortable making that deal So especially because they required every show on the network to give x amount of spots and I just that inventory is is worth too much to me to make the deal so just just financially did not make sense well. It's funny that you say that you were in with them. And then like that's our that relatable fact I guess we owner of spreaker came to the studios if I may be confusing people but I think he's the guy he owns the National Lampoon brand the guy that invested in spreaker. I think it was be confusing to people I meet towards the before covert. I was meeting a lot of different people. We met the The head of the Pandora podcasts division. Evil side my brain socks and I sometimes match the wrong people but And we talked about US coming over there to spreaker but it just didn't make sense so you know we currently we're looking for a new provider but it got to be is gotta make sense a lot of these providers as your attesting to when they run ads. You may see very little of that because they're doing it to cover their costs. They're hosting costs so great that you're not paying any hosting costs but then when you're you're at a said close to a thousand listeners. If you're at one hundred thousand two hundred thousand then that becomes a very valuable spot that you're giving up for them to pay their hosting exactly what what do you. What do you like? You said that you guys do You know and not an antic but like a I call it a stunt stunt show like. Where did the ideas come from some our listeners? We shoot it out to the listeners. Some moster in my stupid header Jay's You know it depends on One or two came from Shannon. My my producer. I think one of them which was a you know we did our first event. Well it started with this. We did a When the show was in this apartment when it was just the show before the network we did this stupid thing called up the Anne. So whenever a porn star came in we told them with the last porn star did and they had to do something to opt the any right so I will. We saw booby. Who then it was showed us our bubis. You'RE GONNA have to show us your vagina and then it was like well. You gotTA show US Your Ass. Got Progressive to the point where we had girls peeing in her mouth at one point. I just got so ridiculous. You know that what are you GonNa do? And there was no anti-tibi opt at that point so then it was. Let's come up with these ideas. It's the first one was. My dumb idea was called rock and roll jeopardy with consequences right. We did a live event somewhere. We got a couple of hundred people to show up and it was me verse. Jay Verse a Fan In rock and roll jeopardy and if you one other question they asked a question that category you get it right you get the points like you would a normal jeopardy you get it wrong you lose the points like you to normal jeopardy but there was a dominatrix on stage that would also humiliate you know the first game we did and then it went to the second one. We did name that tune with consequences. So is the name that tune game me verse Jay. Have you got the question right? You got your points and there was a beautiful female porn star onstage. That you've got to do a reward with so like bid maybe it was make out maybe with liquor genitals whatever it was it was like ten of them and you get that but if you got it wrong there was a gay male porn star on stage and you had to do with him.

00:40:07 - 00:45:03

Hot Awesome right the first couple of shows. Yeah and we did it each of those a couple times. We did a A family feud once that involved the loser had to get something. Put up the winner. The winner put something losers but In that one you know but then it went to these stunt shows in studio because the live shows for me were too much work. We were doing one every quarter. It was just too much work and we did the one that I brought this up so many times. This is an idea. Had I want to do radio show but was not legal? Was We are going to call it? The Ore Olympics. We will get a one thousand dollar escort and we will get a one hundred dollar escort and we will get blindfolded one minute blowjobs to see if it's worth the extra nine hundred dollars listen. She couldn't see her. You couldn't touch her. You couldn't all you can do is feel the one minute blowjob. And we both picked the one hundred dollar girl so if you take everything else out of the picture the throwing nine hundred dollars thousand dollars a week as you can get that for free but yeah you're going down. That road is what I'm saying. You have to pay. You should get on the cost. Yes or just wear a blindfold. That's true. Then one of the crew go in with them or no. So did you guys negotiate with them at all. You know head of time. We I wanted them wanted one girl to be unbelievably gorgeous and wonderful to not be unbelievably gorgeous. So that was what was funny to me. I just had someone that knew escorts and after just pick one. That's really high end and one that's really low and that's what we came up with twenty done that we've done over the years you know Janai did a bachelor off where we both agreed on Thursday. We would not have sex or masturbate and then at that time. The show was taping on Mondays is now. I think now it's Wednesday by the time. It was Monday's and so that Monday. We both had a girl help us relieve ourselves into a cop and then we weighed those cups and then the loser had a poor. The winners is over his hands and wash his hands with the Jews and J. J. Loss almost threw up. It's just sanitizer notes and stuff like that really dumb but to me and I hate to use him as an example. But you know loved Howard Stern growing up in the idea with our to me. What made Howard magical was not just the cock and ball nonsense which is always great to do but we would have incredibly good interviews with all walks of life comedians and singers and actors and he would delve deep into their lives and get really good stories and then the next week you'd have fucking been. I've been reading think it was called Or weighing their dumps. You know like there was always that that. What am I gonNA here today that I loved about Howard? So that is what I modeled the show after. So we've had. I did a one on one interview with Mark Cuban for an hour that I would put up against any interview that anyone's ever done. I thought it was an incredible. Our just mean him for an hour right and then we did fuck in these dumb things you know. So we've had great bands perform live. I had super powerful conversation. Dmc OF RUN DMC with telling us about the time. He tried to kill himself like we were like so enthralled there you could hear a pin drop with listening to this crazy story of him they had played. I think it was in the Ukraine when they came back with the down with the king record with their comeback record went number one and he said look we had the big the first biggest rock group of all time the first group to Cross genres into rock. And then now we come back. We have the number one album. It's our biggest. I'm of our career and we're selling out the first American group to sell out in the Ukraine. I sold out show. I got off the stage and I said to myself. I'm never going to top this. So he was gonNA kill himself because he felt he couldn't do better. And I think wow that's crazy and he got and he's got better and then the next time he came on Mike Well. We can't talk about that again so we had the idea. Let's have a rap battle with DMC and the question will be which one of us one it the question's to be which one of us is least terrible ch- that's very cool so you're one thing I know.

00:45:03 - 00:50:03

Sorry about one thing that you know that I noticed too is your rick and Morty Fan huge. And we just on. Sdr Is Spencer Grammar Aka summer. From Rick and Morty we just that that aired two nights ago and it'll be out for free on Sunday and she was awesome. I didn't know much about her going into this. I really love the interview with. She was so cool. And boy I love I. I've loved Rick. And morty I don't WanNa say from the get go but from before the first season ended so I missed like I don't know how many let's say this twelve episodes in season is but whatever it may be on the tenth or eleventh episode. I came into it. Okay and you haven't gone back wall. I've seen every single multiple multiple. You're saying like with family guy. I saw that premiere. Which was the for ninety nine right? After the Super Bowl was the first episode of Family. Guy And I was a fan from day. One loved it from day. One and I can't say that about Rick. And morty just because I missed the first I didn't watch him so I was literally to the party but it was still imperative to most people pretty early. I was the same way. I didn't jump on board until mark. Actually mentioned he was like you had to check this out because I was thinking. Oh I thought it was was basically okay. It's back to the future. Just seeing the commercials thinking Mitch's back to the future kind of parody. Like all right Mike and then he was like no. You gotta see this Shit and when I watched Holy Shit so intricate it's great. It's so describe it as it so smart while being so stupid at the same time. And that's a great way to do it like they'll they'll talk about multi multi verse theories and then they'll to make a fart joke. It's exactly what you want. I would imagine their audience. Accuse predominantly male. But it's still. I think it's an incredible show and unfortunately with Spencer she provides some insight but she's no Dan harmon writing these things but it was fun to hear stories from her perspective and she did say that there is one very summer centric episode coming before the end of the season even keep summer safe was a great episode. Oh Yes oh get fan of her her like her being in the in the show like if I could continually say shut up summer I definitely would but keeps over. Safe is such a good episode nets. That was a summer centric episode. That being said you have a favorite rick. And morty episodes that you enjoy a lot I would say that what I think is a boy felt like a real door snorkel by to tell you but like I one of my favorite shows of all time star Trek next generation right and I will always tell people to start with. I forget what it's called right now but the flute episode. It's a famous episode. Is the only one a literary award Non Science Fiction Forgot the right now because I just. My brain is working at forty percent since covid. It's just an incredible episode and I tell people if you don't like that episode don't bother with the show you know because this to me was brilliant writing and an incredible episode. So you won't get you won't like the show. Don't if you don't see that you don't like it. Don't bother so rick. And morty the two episodes I always say is the gets swifty episode and the. Hey Mr Meeks. The first time this episode get into it from those two episodes. You won't like the show. So what did you think of the Kirkland Brand Misdemeanor Cheeks? My told summer Summer that's fucked up. Spent MY FAVORITE. After credit scene of all time was this past week of summers friend and talking about her father keeping bees. And then the NGO WanNa fuck you fuck your father really. That thirty second clip is so well written. I watched it like twenty times. There's thought it was so well done. I still excited for that to come out. Because it was her favorite credit post credits scene you knew was coming to the delivery of that really was so good. It made it so funny. It was so great awesome and I was surprised to learn that. She's doing a lot of the. They'll do a lot of pickups up until she said sometimes the day before it airs they might line because they long as the mouth movement is somewhat similar. And you can even see it in that scene of that. We just talked about the post credit. The friends mouth is a little off on of the lines.

00:50:03 - 00:55:00

They changed the line. There's no way you date in but for Onesie Not GonNa Bother but I'm so. She has changed a couple of times the day before. And you have you watched you watched. Obviously this new season like well. What of this new season comparative like. Some of the last one. I think what's funny is that People over analyze it so much taking away the fun. Doing you know. I'm sure there might be some grandiose plan for fucking evil morty and clone death and all who gives a. Shit. It's just it's an enjoyable show. I don't need to freeze frame every single little thing into it. It's just not worth it to me but some things I found fascinating like in the episode last week where The VAT episode. That was the episode. So great they talk about at the end that over. Not In all reality We wouldn't I wouldn't fuck oriented. We'll go back to our universe right at. He said the reason why he likes. This reality is the rocky road doesn't have marshmallows. Remember that was the line in the end of it right. And if you go back and watch freeze frame. When he was in the Paula trying different ice cream they rocky road is actually called Robbie road so that's actually a clue that they're not in our universe all okay. Yeah here Saint Nice. I did like the magic train or the dream train episode where people hated that are so but I thought it was great. I thought it was great because just a huge f you to all the Michael were like the reading too much into it and There's cannon here there's cannon they're things like that like that episode just was a huge middle finger to everybody that thinks that everything's cannon when it comes to Rick and Morty so it just shows that that show can go and do whatever they want wherever they want. You just got to put the pieces together yourself. The biggest mistake they could do is start reading online comments and altering their trajectory because of whatever people in read it or saying it'd be thing though they got they're not listening to anybody and he's you know I think you know just in his brilliant in his own right but it's all Dan. Dan Is fucking. His brain is on a different level than you meet. Be like Larry David on curb your enthusiasm. His brain works a different way than anybody else he produced nineteen years of incredible television. Who else could fuck and say that you know that we're all groundbreaking and this past season. Curb was phenomenal. I don't know if you watch careers but it was a phenomenal season. And it all comes from his head. It's it's crazy and so Dan is one of those people easy also meet people like that in the music in the music world. Like Nikki. Six from Motley crue right. He wrote every Motley record every song. Big Deal good music. You like it or not doesn't matter the part that's amazing is when you hear. Oh he wrote songs for the Backstreet Boys and saliva and Celine Dion and he wrote songs all these other people that some of them they they recorded some of them. They didn't but he worked with these people because his brain works that way. He's a fucking songwriter. You know so certain people you all all of us feel at. It's funny it had this discussion of the day. It's a real one two punch. Everyone's brain is wired a certain way but you also need to have a passion for the way. Your brain is wired. So what I mean by that is you might be Scott the best singer in the world but yet you don't give a shit about singing so we'll never know you know and you might be a mathematician but Matt bors you so you never got there so it's gotta be the one two Punch of Oh. My brain is wired for this and I love it. Yeah you know the hilarious thing is you actually picked US completely opposite. He's the singer is the mathematician. Yeah crazy who'd you sing his math problems and yes go ahead? I'M GONNA sing it. You Ready. We're all both awful singers. Let's night when I heard you saying he's land to try to at some point in the in the future when cove is not going crazy. You know it's a part of our lives. I guess To try to do some type of antics show with you If he'd be down for that but I greatly appreciate that you came onto the show. You took time out. You talked basically cast business with a broke. My microphone broke all that it's an omen. We have we have technical itch. Obviously you've seen the earn her that in different episode.

00:55:00 - 00:58:13

We have that on a regular basis Can you tell us where we give? Obviously people should know where to find you book. He tells where we can find you and All that fun thing in the world is I'm a big fan of the term. I coined called social symmetry. Meaning I'm everywhere at I. Am Ralph Sutton the s the our shows everywhere at the show? So it's just whether you're looking on facebook. Instagram YouTube twitter. Whatever you'll find them at that and I think it's important when you start a show you don't necessarily need to have a name that's unique but something unique that you can associate with that name that makes any sense so like we would love to have been The show I think. Sdr show was taken but we added the we got that everywhere you know. So that's what I mean. Be Creative in what you're gonNA call it like you know maybe Amigos is taking but Amigos P. cast or migos pod. See or whatever there's GonNa be some or the a the Amigos p whatever the fuck it is computation. You know. Some derivative of it. That's going to be everywhere and that's the one you grab and it's funny though we need to. We need to change her name. Is that what you're saying? No I don't think you should also by the way I like the eighties vibe of the logo. You know. We JUST REVAMPED MIAMI VICE LOGO. Kinda like that exactly that Kinda. Yeah Yeah it is. It is that I rebel but yeah social cemeteries important. That's why my cl- I always end up getting to podcast chats and I apologize if you guys wanted to talk. More about VAGINAS and penises You know I could always do that another time. But I don't know why I got into this I've been so locked into making sure. All podcasts are up to snuff lately that I've just been really in In a podcast mode and because of my fucking almost eighteen years in radio I think I look at shows from a different Lens. No I I liked the conversation that we had and I greatly appreciate A. We actually had this conversation. This is things that I'm up late at night. Similar to like you. Maybe not answering emails with fan base or anything like that but essentially trying to figure out another way to get us in front of fan base sky out. It'll be on the front end of that at like two thirty in the morning three in the morning getting text messages Haibo. We need to do this or Haber. We needed it. So the fact you brought that up and I can actually relate to it in in things that you do like I appreciate it at least the wrong of me. If I send you guys the bill for this the funny thing is we already have an uber? Coming your way to bring you a new Mike. That'd be nice. That's still in lockdown to. Yeah you're on real lockdown. We are much more lockdown than you guys. Yeah for sure they. They does open us up this week. I think migos out. Yes thanks now you.

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