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Episode 97. Trish Rainone in Always carry Snacks

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. If you're looking for a responsible mature podcast if you're looking for a lot of drinking random nonsense stunts and shenana you've hit the jackpot with your hosts, Albert, Scott, and mark. And we're live. We are live. Welcome to the amigos PC with our special guest, Trish rioni. That's pretty good. I do it right. Yeah, that's great. Nice. So, I'm looking over your IMDb. I see you've been in quite a few projects. We have the most recent one that's coming up. Milk. Is that right? Oh, yeah, that's a little love story track. Three that I directed. And then Sorry these years around after okay. And I was I worked for free. Okay. You I'm sorry, spacing, just because of the technical difficulties we had prior to this. Um, what got you into Do you know being artists like this and things like that? That's a good question. Um, I feel like it was acting drooping. And I wanted to hit part I started going and producing, creating and then just giving myself roles, basically. So okay, yeah. So first, like I love for acting, and I just how much I love reading stories from writing and I don't love you But I like a lot of the time, grant money. And there's a lot of MONTH like months ago into planning production and it was fun. Yeah, I do like it overall. And I like to allow you to eventually. Yeah, very cool. Yeah. Yeah. So I checked out a little bit of your I was watching some of my roommates the next sport. Oh, cool. I was watching some of those. And those are actually really funny. And what are those? Were those like, just shorts? Like, yeah, that's. That is. Yeah, so the episodes are a little bit shorter.

I remember exactly the long but I think the first render five minutes or so. Yeah, that's kind of I didn't know, I didn't know if they were just clips or if they were Yeah. And then two was a little bit longer system or the episodes are almost 10 minutes. Okay. Yeah, that was I mean, those were really funny when I was, you know, watching those, it was really hilarious. And I think that would be a good show for, you know, for a network to pick up or something, because that's really, it was really funny. Awesome. Thank you. You should be a network. Yeah, one day everything awesome. Like, yes. Then it could be that I can cross that off the bucket list. So that would be good. It was, as you think it is. I feel like they didn't have an office all day. Going. reps. Yeah, financial. Yeah, I don't know. That's my current world now. So Oh, there you go. Yeah, so it's kind of that but yeah. Where did the NBC hire? Yeah. Where did the inspiration behind that show come though? That was all men directed. We met A mutual friend's birthday party has really hit it off. We shared a bunch of dating stories, and roommates, really friends stories, and we just kind of like, met for coffee for a year and brainstormed and wrote scripts and it just kind of evolved. That's where it came from how to put it off compared to a year later, maybe I think it would be really fun. Though, are you doing yet? Is someone really have a roommate kind of like that? Or maybe you thought was kind of like that and No. Like, I think we both had roommate situations. And then also just like, maybe people that we had observed through life that we were like, Isn't that nice? I think it was kind of like the combination of our imaginations and situation than just an amount From our ideas he talks about what happens if you shot that's true until you until you make it a script, right? So it's crazy like you guys were just, you know, having coffee or you know, getting to know each other and then this concept comes up like, is a lot of your process similar to that when you're making thing making episodes or series or movies like that. Yeah, I think having like writing or writing. I've written several other companies that are in various stages of development now, like you've applied for grants. I feel like whether you're writing alone or getting a partner kind of wrapped up with these bizarre acts are from a bunch of things heading. I think you have to bring the word throughout life and then put them on scripts good in the right way. Oh, yeah, I feel like when I look around in life after I come up with a one of the things I'm writing now, like, I just see something happen and it clicks. That's good idea first well, or a dream. Like I dream. A lot of the things I'm writing out word dreams that I had, and I woke up like, I can do that and I write. So you keep a notepad next to the bed then and then. Okay, yeah, well, I have a note to my phone. So I'll wake up lots of times at like five in the morning and I just like, jot down an idea. I had one of the other night haven't heard black marriage. Okay. Yeah, like it's a world where we're watching. Like the citizens aren't sure who's the robot and who isn't because robots are so again. So it's kind of like When you start to implement you don't if you're human or you think you're human, you might not know. You hope that they're a human and non human experience connection. Yeah, and I dropped that and so that I woke up and I was like this has to be a thing. I wrote it out. Yeah. Yeah, that's really cool because that's I mean, that's kind of like the AI the AI or the intelligence artificial intelligence way things are going I mean, that's that's possible. I mean, you don't even know like 100 years from now we might not know if we're robot are human and I travel lives and then we find out like, hey, my husband's a robot that he's a little off. He's got to reprogram them though. He actually will replace them right now. Exactly. Everyone could just be Oh yeah, upgrade because I'm thinking right way. I need a few upgrades myself. Yep, Don't we all? It almost seems like that's my real life right now. What's that? I'm a robot? No Then my husband's a robot. Oh, yeah. Oh, that's true. I feel like that. Yeah, it's weird being inside. Yeah, we're all like a little bit like, on autopilot like wake up drink coffee. Drink a little bit of water drink more coffee. So Netflix like, like a bit of a robot. You mean like in the quarantine life right now? Is that what you mean? Like? Like, yeah, every day like, Yeah, exactly. My kids don't even know like what day it is because they're all home and it's like, What day is it? And yeah, they think every day is kind of like a work day, for the most part because they're home still or I don't know. It's weird. Yeah, we still have been doing homework and stuff. Yeah. Yeah, it would be really strange to be a child. During a pandemic, very true. I can't even imagine we had a couple of snow days where I grow where I grew up, but I can't imagine being off for months for lawns when demmick Yeah. Are you still are you in Canada? Are you in? Yeah, yes, sir. Nice. We're at in Canada. I'm in my hometown Sioux Sainte Marie. It's like a small cities surrounded by the Great Lakes. So it's beautiful. Yeah, it's really nice. Like my dad lives on the water. Our family has a cabin that we gather at when we can gather just like 30 minutes up the road. So it's kind of one of those like, very, like, typical small Canadian. There's a lot of like outdoor activities that normally go on, people go on the bike trails that are all around the city easily accessible, so it's kind of a nice place to be I spend a lot of time in Toronto for work normally. So it's nice to get away from the downtown busy. Toronto, which is, yeah, just filled with people. craziness. Yeah. Nuts. Yeah, very cool. So you're also in the umbrella club, or the umbrella Academy. That's a Netflix show. Oh, yeah. If you're in the pilot as a swimmer in the opening scene. Yeah. So I saw that on there. So that was a that's a very cool show. That was Yeah, that was a fun. What was it like to go through like the pilot process with Netflix on that? Because it seems like that's a pretty popular show. For that, like that was kind of a wasn't it was like one day, like, we're there like 17 hours or something sitting on the deck, and then the little babies born. They had twins. They were like newborn twins. Actually. That was the first time In my life, where I had like that mom instinct kick in, because I'm not a mom, I'm an aunt. And like, my nieces and nephew are great. But that was the first time where I like genuinely was holding back tears when this baby was born. And it ends up being like one of the superheroes um, but because they had to bring in like, a real newborn baby and then switch it out with the twin kind of back and forth between these two babies. I'm so scared for that baby on like, of course it's super safe on these shows. And they've got like all these safety precautions and all these people and the moms there but just seeing like a fragile little like newborn baby. I wanted to cry and then I was like, maybe I too want kids. But yeah, I still don't. So you see you're kind of torn between if you want to have kids or don't one day Guess Are you are you are you setting? I don't know. I mean I'm like in my 30s now and I guess I kind of have to figure it out but I'm like one of those go with the flow situational people. So if I am with somebody and it seems right and it like happens then I'm just going to adjust and go with it and like try to flourish with it. If that makes sense. Sure. Yeah. I mean, if that's the right way to describe it, sure. Yeah. And if I don't then I'm like also okay with that. Let's just kind of I like to just take take my life where the wind blows it. If that doesn't have a little bit of a My name isn't pronounced rain one but yeah, maybe it is supposed to be rain one because I am a little bit of a free spirit that way. So But that's flashing hippy a little bit. Yeah, I'm just like, Whatever happens happens and I'll figure it out. That's awesome. Just Yeah, roll with the punches. Exactly. It's kind of in in your school bus going to each Woodstock you know? Yeah. I haven't done that yet, but I have co written a movie that we're hoping to shoot. Um, that has to do with like traveling on a school bus and finding yourself and I won't say too much more about that one. But um, yeah, so that's maybe that's like a secret dream of mine. Is that one of your upcoming projects that I saw that are that are coming up or? I don't know if it's like listed publicly on I'm gotcha. Like, if you have the IMDb Pro, yeah, comes up because it's still in development. So like just kind of waiting on, basically on funding and that sort of and the ability to shoot again, to be around people that would like people. Yeah, that would that would be definitely a first need that for sure. Yeah. Do you have any projects that you were working on? Like you were shooting or we're about to be shot right or you were going to start production? And then COVID happened? Yeah, you have to name the project or anything like that. But I just kind of curious how that you know, how COVID affected you with with production and things like that? Yeah, I own a production company with Rebecca Heron. She's a producer here in Canada, and we had optioned a couple of Christmas movies, and we were service producing those under our company. So we were hoping to like ideally, we would have been doing that before the snow left and we would shoot in my hometown. And the people we had teamed up with the producers and writers of the films were coming from Toronto in LA, and we were going to shoot that here in my hometown before the snow left and it just left. So that was the goal for 2020 I will be shot maybe in like next winter or next spring before the snow leaves here because it does stay pretty late. So yeah, that affected it did affect some of our productions they were just set back but we'll still hopefully shoot those. And um, I did get cast in a movie as one of the lead characters shooting in the UK but that's supposed to happen when this is all over. I've really enjoyed the script. So I've been going over that. And um, yeah, I don't like I'm excited about that. I just don't know when we're able to travel to their country. Do I have to go to the UK to to audition for it or do you like send a tape in for it or like what process for that kind of movie? Well, for most films, you just audition from home. So especially now so we do a lot of Self tapes, which is like an audition tape from your, basically from your living room. And that's kind of how it's been done the past few years for the most part. Like I did the first episode of Wii wars, that's a Netflix and that was all done via self tape. I had a few scenes, some of them got cut. But for the audition even for having like it was considered a principal role. It was still cast just based on myself tape, which is great for an actor because it's less nerve wracking. Sometimes when you go in person, they give you one shot. It's like 14 pages and you walk in, and you just like, stumble through it because you're just getting used to the room and you're nervous. And then they're like, Okay, great. See ya. And you do it at home. You can, you know, take a few takes take you to take some leaves. So that's been how things are mostly passed now anyway, so I think that's going to be more of the norm now. There won't be so many in person auditions. So yeah, the internet's good places. If you do stuff like this and get yourself out there, I think some of these productions fine to you and cast you. Do you have any like recommendations for someone that would do like a self tape to send it out for auditions and things like that? Like, is there something specific that you do? Or just like maybe a regimen that you have before you film or during or anything like that while you're sending your your self tape audition? I would say it's definitely an art there's so many little technical things because your eyeline means so much and like where you look, and like keeping your eyes steady, and your body's just everything about it. I feel like it's kind of a puzzle and it's different than acting on set on set. You're gonna have other actors to feed off of, you're gonna have this set, so you feel like you're really in it. For an audition. It's kind of weird, because it's just like the camera, the reader, a blank wall. So what I did, probably like seven years ago, now took an auditioning class so it like specifically just taught us how to audition so when you walk in look here stand on this line like do this kind of we just went through the motions and we had all these mock auditions we had to do it in front of the other actors in the class and I feel like that after that I started booking because like not as much as I would like to book obviously I'm not saying saying like, it turned me into a Jennifer Lawrence but for even like, half as successful as her but like, it definitely calmed any nerves that I had or confusion I had about the technical stuff. So then I can just act and kind of have the technical stuff just in in me. So was that like, somewhere local to you? Or like, did you go somewhere for that or what? Like, how'd you stumble across it? That was in Toronto, which is kind of like one of hubs for filming in Canada. So they have a lot of classes. Yeah, I don't know for. I would say if you're not in like a really film friendly city with lots of classes available, you could always look online for some tips and pointers. And it's, it's pretty straightforward. It is a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes because you have to get a reader so you need to have like someone who usually does not want to read or act like reading the lines with you. So you have to like print off the script, give them a copy, set up the cameras, so you need a little at home tripod with like a rim light. And you need a blank wall behind you. So there's no distractions and then you end up like I've had women in the class who I've forced to do these auditions with me. And they're just like not having any of it and they'll do maybe one take with you and then they're like, I got some muffins too big. So See ya. I guess this is what I'm sending. So, yeah, very cool. I like how you defaulted to like muffins. Like we'd love to give a crap about fuel that you think is this amazing opportunity that's gonna change your life. You're not gonna get it, it's not going to change you. I got muffins and they're gonna burn if I don't get to them. See, I mentioned earlier that a comedy mindset and writing comedy scripts and things like that, do you do any stand up or anything like that or have you done stand up before? That's a good question. I tried. I was always afraid of it even though I had done comedy, but was afraid of doing a live show because I thought like people are just not gonna laugh at me or they're gonna laugh at me and not with me. So I finally tried it about a year and a half ago. And it was probably terrible The first time I think I got through like one of the 17 jokes that I thought I would be able to tell in seven minutes. So they started like waving me off, like that down. But then I thought about it, went back and did a couple more shows. And then I just kind of stopped doing it because you have to be in bars late at night. And I'm in my 30s like, I used to work in bars in my 20s I'm like that was so 10 years ago, years ago. Yeah, lady I cannot be in bars late at night. So what has been a great blessing now with isolation is I came across this electric comedy night based out of LA, but I don't have to be in LA to be a part of their shows. So I reached out to them. I sent in a couple of one minute sets. They're all one minute for Instagram. They put them out there on their Instagram page. on their Facebook and their YouTube. And it's actually I've been in two of their comedy shows so far since isolation started. And it's given me some exposure to other comics. And we've kind of connected over Instagram. And now I think the next time I go to LA, I'll have some new comedian friends, which is kind of fun. So I now from home and then I've recorded a couple others that I didn't submit to that show, but I still kept going with it and just put them on my YouTube page. So they're like one minute scan of comedy sets from home. We've talked to quite a few stand up comedians, that we we try to focus on the the local comedian, comedy scene here in Phoenix, Arizona, and we've noticed that they're starting to do that too. Yeah, it's like becoming a good trend. Just a habit out there. I know recently, someone Joe Rogan experience he had a comedian that That's how he became famous was he just did one minute skits of YouTube. And eventually just it just picked up. Wow, that's amazing. I think it's so cool that now as creators, we live in a time where we can just film something, put it out there. And then if it's not, you know, like, films cinema quality, no one expects it to be explained. No, you're at home, you're using his cell phone, but it's about the the content so you can get your ideas and content out there a Canadian show that shoots close to my hometown that I've auditioned for like 10 times and never booked a letter Kenny. Oh, I love that. Oh. You know, they were getting their YouTube sketches out there in character and showing the world what this show could be and then the network's Well, I wasn't in there. So I might be butchering their story, but then I assume the network's saw it and then they would go in and pitch the series and they got picked up and now it's like a huge, huge, huge show. So I think it's important to just like, get your voice out there if you're a creator, comedian, or actor, writer, whatever, you are an artist put your stuff online like put it all over Instagram, harass people with your stuff. Never know who's watching and who might like it. And the people who don't like you walk you. Very true. I think that's the the philosophy that we've been taking. Yeah, so we've been blocked many of times already. I think that you should get a badge of honor for that. Because that kind of stuff means you're making people feel something and enough to like, just want to block you. I love that. Yeah, that's how we roll. Something's the right word to use for sure. So I have a question on the on the letter Kenny. Okay, is it Have you ever visit like have you ever visit there is it really Kinda like that like small town like farm life like yeah, it was from my hometown and this the drive from here to they shoot in Sudbury. The drive from here to there. It's like a lot of farmland, cottages lakes, and then Sunbury itself. I've shot a few movies there. And well I didn't shoot them. I wasn't the cinematographer, but I was like, in them. Yeah, we shot a Christmas movie there and some cabins on the lake and it was minus 40 degrees. Winter. It's definitely a small town. Um, yeah, with not a lot of I don't think Sudbury has so many farms. So it's not really a fart. I don't think there are too many farms but it's a small town. There's a lake. There's trails, Jason's out of the lake. summertime story so, so that you mentioned that you're gonna you're going to be filming the Christmas movies. Yeah, we're gonna be doing are those going to be for like Hallmark Canada, or just like there's so many hallmark movies. One of them is more of that style. I think it'll be for lifetime. Okay. And the other one is not that style. It's more of a like it's, like racy or whatever. It's more like, it's a little bit far away. comedy. I'd like more of a raw comedy. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Cool. They're both very different. But that's the cool thing about service producing is that like, I have a certain voice when I write but then when we're producing things that other people have written, it's cool because then there's a variety like we're service producing a couple of films which are really, really fun and then like the lovely Christmas story and then you have the more raw comedy Christmas and it's nice to have a bit of a variety. So I think that's cool and then who knows what's gonna happen with anything but it's nice to work with other people and option some some different films and see what we can end up shooting. Very cool. Yeah. So the the upcoming products that I saw, I don't know if you want to talk about those or if you can, sure, or what I saw which was a pink is it was a pink isn't. Oh, yeah, that was really fun. Yeah. Is that one coming or that one is? Older. Have you started that one? We did start that one. I think a couple months prior to like we had shot Pilot heard of the pilot. And there was third, they still give me updates, but I'm not positive of where it's at. But the goal would be is going to be to, you know, be on a network, and it's very cool, really fun comedy. So I'm really excited to be part of that and flattered that they thought of me for the role because it's a really fun role. And she's my characters, badass, and it's, it's really like the comedy sound. That one is a lot of fun. So I had fun on our first shoot, but we have yet to shoot the rest. So very cool. And I am really keeping my fingers crossed for that one because it's a lot of fun. I love comedy. I know that's, that's why it's awesome that mark brought up the stand up thing because it really sounds like especially with what the the episodes that I saw with the room, you know, the older stuff that you did, which is you know, the my roommates and escort now those are really Funny, like situations and stuff that you're doing on there. So it's like, I could definitely see you have the comedy in you and you definitely have that. comedy. Bug, whatever you want to. Yeah, I don't know what word avalanche? I know. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. Yeah, that's I think that's where my my heart is definitely in comedy. That's even if I do any other genre. I want there to be some comedy laced in there. And I think there there is for all the projects that I'm working on with one at sisterhood with Rebecca. So, yeah, I think that's kind of like one common thing is that even if it's like a horror film, or a coming of age drama, we, I think both appreciate when there's comedy least entropy throughout the script, where some of the best places that you've traveled to shoot other than maybe Canada like kids, or like you'd like to do La Do you like to go other places? Like is there other areas in the world that you either like or want to shoot that? That's a good question. I am excited about the potential of going over to the UK to shoot. And I'm going to say that as far as shooting goes, I was flown into a place called Saskatoon one time when I was starting starting out, and I thought like, Wow, I've made a plane and we shot on a farm. And the project did never, it never came out or anything. I don't know what, what really happened. But that was an interesting experience going to a place that where you don't know anyone and you're coming into like, it's kind of exciting as an actor when you get to fly somewhere like this is like real because somebody wants Fly me somewhere and I get to see like a different place. Why didn't they pick somebody who lived in that place, so it is always a little bit exciting. And then I'm going to say when we shot in Sudbury for that Christmas movie, it was called a lot like marriage now it's called beautiful accidents. That was a lot of fun because we were in these little cabins in a secluded area in the woods. It was so secluded, that I was driving all the other actors with me because I had a vehicle and I drove down a snowmobile path, thinking that it was the road to the cabin, and I got us completely stuck in spring. There was no cell phone service, and I had borrowed a Mercedes from a family member. Like, I am an actor, I don't have a car. So you got stuck in the Mercedes With every yet bill trail with no upon service and I had an actor in from Florida and actor and from New York City and she and then another actor from LA Well, she now lives in LA but she I think at the time she lived in Washington DC. So I had all these American actors with me who would come up to Canada and they're like in the secluded area and I'm like, I'm a I'm a local I got a cell drive them out there. And I got a cell stranded for a couple hours until like a massive snowplow came along, and then a pickup truck. And the effort of like, I'm talking like a huge massive snow plow. Like I construction grains, snow plow, a massive machine had to get us out. That's awesome. So where the rest of the rest of the car people okay, are they mad at you for that? Like, I think they're just really worried. It happened a second time I drove nice There's a lot of snow here and snowmobiles really look like roads in in the middle of the woods when there's a lot of snow. So that was a very memorable shoot and I enjoyed that location other than getting up warm you all have a story to tell now though. That's true being stuck in this we bonded over that. You guys did you guys have to ration out like the you know a little bit of food you had because you guys were scared it was gonna turn into a dahmer party kind of situation. I think because it can get dark like this happened during the light hour Good day. So it was so it was fine. And then we got fed, we were fed. You know, we had lots of food once we got to set and lots of time to bond. And they sold food noon in the main Lodge, which is I don't know if you guys eat that there. But like fries with cheese and gravy so the cheese? Yeah, a delicacy here in some of the southern states is I've never heard of it marks from Mark from Wisconsin, so it's kind of close to you. Well, yeah, but I've heard of everything that you add cheese to because I'm a cheese fan. That's true Wisconsin. Yeah. Yeah, so that was a great shoot. That's awesome. Very cool. I don't know in that situation, I think I'd be the first one to say, Okay, which one of us are we gonna eat first? Yeah. Yeah, this is a dahmer party situation. like who are you gonna like who's the weakest link? Yeah, yep. Who can run the fastest you got to injure that person. Someone find straws so we can pick the picks. They go much last I watched some of that recently. I got into it and it's pretty creepy. When they like they crashed the plane crash Island and then a guy sucked into the jet engine of the plane. It's just so stressful. So always, always carry snacks, not as a rule getting that will be the name of the episode just you know, always carry snacks. Always carry snacks, snacks, you're gonna carry that down. Not bad bad like life or death situation having snacks will just save you from being grumpy so just know when you Yeah, when you can when you can leave, you can ever leave your house again. So what are they? What are you guys doing? They're in Canada cuz here they're in Arizona we haven't been as strenuous as like New York and like California and stuff like where they've been locked down like legitly I'm here with it's been like we kinda like we can still do stuff and go. And now on the fifth today, they now kind of opened us up or we can now go to restaurants but it's still To be, he's taught to be in like six feet apart, and they're gonna have like, I don't know, mannequins and shit and some places where you can basically look like it's full, but it's not as far as like making the restaurants that way. There's people there. So like, what are they doing there? And Canada's is still kind of like locked down completely or is it like, Can you go places and like do stuff? You can go places like the city I'm in, I think had, I might be wrong, but it had 13 cases all together at one point, and then they were down to zero a couple weeks ago. That's good. confirmed cases. Yeah. So that's, yeah, that's what I had heard. And my family's in construction. So they're essential. So they're still working. And but like my sister will work from her home office, but then some of the workers are working but they have to stay six feet apart and wear masks but they can still do that. Be essential roads and all that sort of stuff. And then I know that, like I'm talking with the local brewery of how we can kind of work together. And I might start working with them a bit and they're open in that they're doing deliveries and I think people can go in right now and pick up like for like semi-open you can go into places like for booze and food. My brother in law owns a restaurant, or churros and Sioux Sainte Marie, if you're from the soup, support it get some takeout doing all takeout so you don't eat in the restaurants. It's kind of like semi people are getting back to, I think one of the local coffee shops because I had ordered takeout told me that she was going to be able to have people in just like a certain amount of people at a time starting soon, and I go to A PETA shop the other day and the sign outside said like two customers in the can come into the building at any given time or at one time and that's it. So, yeah, so, so cool. So it's kind of a same thing. Yes, you can still kind of, it's not like California, New York where it seemed like you can go anywhere at least that's what I've seen. Yeah, there's no one in this like I go for like before this I'd go for a run and pass one person. So it's, it's pretty, pretty secluded, already as it is their distance. And so you're already in a safe place. You're good. I feel pretty, like I do feel scared for everyone. But I feel like I'm at peace here more than I could be. Yeah, basically, then based on being in Toronto, I would imagine oh my gosh, Toronto, so much anxiety. I just was like, I Have to go. I can't be here right now. I won't be here. Yeah, it just there's too many people in close quarters at all times, people bumping into you all the time. I don't know what it's like there now I think people are keeping their distance. But there's just too many people. I don't want to be in a big city. Yeah, nobody wants to be around anybody else anyways. staying away from each other, and I have heard that. I'm gonna turn off my cell phone. I can hear it whistling at me. Um, but I do hear from friends. But yeah, like you said nobody wants other people to be around them anyway. So like people are wearing it seems like a lot of my friends in Toronto are wearing masks. And they're keeping their distance because they don't want to be here. People. Those people don't want to be near them. Everything's changed because people used to push me all the time on the subway like, daily I was getting pushed around. So I guess it's it's really changed some things. I was just saying that in general, I just don't even this COVID thing. Just a blessing at this point.

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