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Episode 96. Netflix's Locke and Key Jesse Camacho

Updated: May 21, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen Amigo Loco Wilco. If you're looking for responsible mature podcast. They're saying if you're looking for a lot of drinking random nonsense stunts and shenanigans. You've hit the Jackpot provosts Albert Skoll mark and we're live live wounded the show Amigas. Pc Our guests Jesse Camacho hope. I didn't Bush that you got expert. So you've been on a lucky as of recently But you also been on a couple other spots. I think kick ass two was one of the ones that I saw. Yeah I walk on and kick ass. How did that go see? You just said it's a little walk on so Did you have to cast for that or like how that? How does a walk on work? Yeah you know. It was kind of standard way that these things happen. They asked me eight. It was the Ruini a small scene with air obviously kick asking all at end at the room and they were Nice. Not set is for the day so yeah. I'm in which report troops as a big fan of the I get to be in that environment. Even for a couple hours was like real equal. Aaron Open Sky and calling him Erin. I'm not spoken. You guys are best friends. Go to lunch every Thursday. It's know talking to before I jumped down with very cool. Does he does he. We're at lunch on Thursdays. Do you guys. Does he have to wear the costume hanging out or I let him go recently? The Guy I've been waiting for different roles right so he was living in sin is no fun for anybody now. I just make them when we hang out on one. Okay that makes sense. DoesN'T WANT TO GET TYPECAST. Kick ass time exact. Yes exactly very cool but yeah I did check out that I did watch that scene because I was trying to do the research on all the stuff on site. Check that out now. It's like waiting waiting and I was thinking. Maybe you were going to be in the school seen like as a student or something and I'm like waiting and then I was like no no nope another up yet but the police seem there. Were up the neighbor. Yup exactly because if you probably wouldn't miss me which I did I did. Scott is really a he's a moviegoer so he does. He pays attention to those little details and things like that. I'm the same way that's awesome. You had your own show too at one point less than kind. Yeah so how good property other than maybe like obviously locking keys been the the one right now is definitely. The greatest experience of my professional career was being on than kind. Well it's more to come in. I mean it's going. You know nothing but up from here. Exactly right yes the law. I'm a huge fan of Laki. I see locking Marquis of the service you can find older. GonNa get there right. Yeah we'll before we just started going on. I was about to tell the little story of how I stumbled across it so I ended up getting on Netflix. It was going to watch something with the kids. saw this 'cause it's TV fourteen right Okay let's sit down and chat and are in turn the on and see what it's like kids like in walkaway in found something else to do Me and my father-in-law happened to be sitting there. In all of a sudden we realized we're like four or five episodes in and completely hooked in the entire storyline. It's such a great show. His base going to get an at. Your character is visual effects and them making a movie in the show. Not like spoiler alert or anything but come on episode Ford. That's how far I got. I'm going to keep that in the. It's a good thing you told me because to spoil exactly. Yeah what did you drive any inspiration like how? How did you get cast in the with the read? Yeah I mean obviously kind of the standard way.

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Funding fact about walking is pretty tumultuous journey getting onscreen because obviously he's great graphic novels by Bill Originally it was. That didn't get a man who pilot that up or tweet of differences. Finally Netflix squad and I got to go. My God like this is the main like I really want a big horrible being used to love making horror movies with walk so I was like what am I gonNa make our on. Is it Wa going to put it off to make it as an after I went to the store? Okay during the audition kind. Were A pennywise. The clown shirt responded to me. Which isn't how that all happened. So did you happen to get to you. You read the script prior to write surfer. Okay go ahead yeah. I didn't read the whole script. I just read the beanie squad into okay so which was very the actually is not in the graphic novel. So it's kind of territory. It's uncharted. Which is actually kind of exciting. There's only rewritten journey. We don't really know what's going to go down but anyway roads in to go off. Okay very cool did you. Did you read the books like? Did you know of the books before going on to this or did you pick them up after like like I? After I'd of where I started shooting I knew Bernard them but I had I ordered them and I day is it. We'll just it's right up my alley like yes. Ask really wasn't much more to get them. I bomb through them in an afternoon. Very cool so when you read the so then when you read the script like what were your first thoughts of it as you were starting to film and things like that. Well I mean getting to this like I kind of knew that something really special super nervous going in because it's kind of a bit US show. I'm a kind of small. I'm accurate. And so it's like what's what's what's GonNa be. I read with owning. This has all natural to be like a huge success. And you know the right here on the show or in my opinion the gold standard got Carlton Use who did a loss which was like my religion and also yeah married at the admiral the other night Kinda showrunner. She did hockey house. Which I really so I'm get better. Reorganise it's just up. L. Screw it can kind of got bigger starts were amazing. Okay more pressure. The costumes were amazing and then I met my coast. They're all thinking. So yeah I mean I get on. It was nice to see came out. Exception is positive for art and obviously we got renewed Exciting yeah so it's amazing. Whole Of Spoiler renewed on. Netflix is coming or whatever it says on there. So you said that the like the sets and everything is that we mean mark. Were talking before you came on like that house is amazing is that is that like just do they shoot that in that in. Massachusetts or are they just make you think? Visiting Canadian Canada or CAL- California shooting is the OB trickery. Going on not so percent bit was shot in Toronto with Scott. A shot this small town Lunenberg No-go Socia- so there was really your. I could be wrong. I never actually went to the exterior households agent but I believe half of the House of really unhappy impose on there and The seasons yeah it really is like Super Super Colo walking through fast likeness amazing.

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Did you do any Or like Improv when you were filming some of the scenes with the monster All the blood going on things like that. That will not that seems particular because it was supposed Nicole specific time and not ways to gotTa have pretty traumatizing reaction thing. And it's a we wins like I mean it's like the way it's written it's like the writing was so strong. He never really felt like the improvise. Remind changes here and there The most impact we did we did a pint of see. Serena's squad Graham from your show and we did on that but I mean. Those guys are getting soaked. Ed also usually pretty tight. Edge will have a lot of time and also. I'll say I was scared at first I was like I'm just GonNa on the big adding away open my job but I feel like you're so open I'm sure we could and they'd be down for it but is there so that might show that I drove on anyway. You didn't need to basically with the those guys go okay. Cool But it was. You know joy man and people. You're along like I feel that you get lucky extreme stuff and it's definitely did what we did. See a couple of your instagram posts. Where was at the premiere where you guys had some fun drink a little bit too much water or something along those lines. I can't really awesome out all odd down Annella Clark Europe. You never know end you know. The after party was held accountable for what happens in those situations but it was fun and it was here no regrets. It was a good night now is getting hold me accountable for whatever may have not now and we're up to the wee hours it all in Allah kind of the world in this kind of close now not we got to most of it when we. Yeah yes what. Have you been doing during covid since everything's been shutting down house host things in Canada for you guys Well it's funny. I'M BEING MANTRA. All right now where. I was born and raised in the Canada. Gotten more country. Do you think you know. It's not a huge thousand and the province of Quebec. Now know it's been. I've been watching my parents become danger. So I've been Sir Winston Reading Rox. We won't be too too long or it's been I've been we live in Arizona here. We officially just opened up the other day. It's limited and they have certain restrictions on it but this is back to you know lot back to but we have a new norm basically. Yeah yeah awaiting what happens. Yeah exactly. Has that hindered because now that it Locking key season two is green. Lit is hindering anything or are they just like you. We have a day but we're not sure of that date or things like that. Well at I was invited writer. I was in states nice. I've taught me on. I know that we didn't know we were renewed. I'm but the tension and I stuck around now to go again Iraq. Obviously because of what's going on out all its show. I'm just hoping that I you.

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I consider you one of the main character major. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's sort of like if we nats in that Upper Rupa friends at the school. All that sort of heard thanks. Oh you're challenging but we were GONNA go your when it safe is there. Have they already not to say but have they have already finished shooting order season? Two or like you need to start shooting season two. We haven't yet we. Obviously we would have been outweighed are just starting in the midst of it now. I know again I could be wrong. Richard Paul written which is in regular for unusual. You're shooting at written or I know hokey written so it's a while so once they get the green light once. Everything's Kinda calmed down. Then I'm guessing you guys knock it out. Probably what's the plan is? I would imagine. Yeah exactly equal on. Yeah how do you normally get that type of information though like when you need to show up? Or we're obviously we remove goers and we watch. Tv All the time. But we don't know like the behind the scenes agent tells you like I'm guessing maybe something like that or if you had to be against England's we're concerned with a pathway birth sometimes the creators writers L. resign usually like. I texted narrative but I think that kind of war of roadway whatever that is you know content airports are the Ash. Hr nature each our context actors. Nick tell us to be when it air so yeah I haven't rex. Though I'm presuming that things are still a little bit of ways Who knows I mean? Unprecedented situations pretty crazy. There could be like right after this ends. You get a text message. Hey you gotta be an in two hours yet. We're going next convenience Toronto again. Assuming it'll be five shooter. Whatever it is I'll be a however you'd like to have me there so you read the books and then we have you have the script and you said there was a little variation with the squad right. Is it still similar to the books or like Are there major differences beyond? What you've already mentioned yes. There are major differences. The books are all brutal Darker Warrior by extension snaring air. But there is like it's so weird how you can have these things like the graphic novels are literally as they are like. I feel you tremendously exactly as written after what People Watch your with. All orange happening to these. Yeah Yeah Yeah so I think it was a ruin smart. Move to sort of broaden the demographic a little bit and make Google Marquette friendly the knowing in the comic there are these characters. There isn't Scott. A version of math novels quite different. And there's a Guy Jamal with they go down to like White Spoiler Alert Up Miniature Dump Pat. It can go down together with the but other than that. It's quite different okay. Total is concerned so a lot of the same but they happen to owner with different routes. All It really share on taking neighbor. It's kind of own awesome. Yeah absolutely now. It's been making sure my wires don't get trapped here go through because they get screwed no audio. We always have audio technical difficulties episode not to mention.

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I mean what the remote stuff. Sometimes the Internet is kind of lagging sometimes and it kind of slows. Things down has out in the past here. I think we'll be okay but disappeared. That's why Nice Jesse this is important. Were NASCAR tonight. What is a screen just black? That's coming don't worry. Build the suspense exactly. Is there any memorable moments that stick out to you when you guys were filming this? You said You'd became friends. You know you guys are getting know each other more like. Is there any little stories on? Were off camera. You guys did that. You can actually tell on that nothing. Nothing horrible enough that I think would be retrieved John's on a show a knack airing the hell out of China. Sto Easy to scare like you could be sitting there having a conversation and you can just make Cameo Howard and she will scream. You really have to jump up behind anything anything. She just very jumping and this very early on and must have scared. Her at least is day. Every is instagram. There's not one one thousand of the scares that. He got trying to think the whole week that we spent again. I'm week we spent in the Katie. Was just like a bunch of kids. How Fun it did not like work? Just joking around and teasing each other and having a blast Peru was having a good time pretty heavy savini spots is is much more light. I think youth really don't use them for not using their the right amount to kind of although Taksin as Jackson's really really great try to specifically. I think it was a bunch of precluded Lunenberg. Addison wounded the outside out outside of the can you so I flew there and I'm really really bad for air. I it took to get brain drink jack. Gd Who plays Jack? We were kind of laughing at me and obviously the premier was a highlight from when I can remember. I'm the one who who is not much but yeah lose what. I'm trying to think. It was said we moment there was to a bunch. Okay Good Yeah No. It means you had fun on. Said it wasn't a job. You know things like that. That's that's why I think it's going to continue. I mean right there alone because it sounds like he has all having fun. So what did you have fun? And everyone's having a great time it's going to sell itself so communiques are on a good path and it's a great show. It's a perfect story. I think you're you're gonNA have a good run at this for sure. Yeah I hope so man walking and there's so much that still unhoped novel in Joe Hill Uber. At at the they're doing more stuff now so hopefully stories be told you know years come. Yeah that's awesome so what about what in your past movies. Show the other thing that you joy that you wanted to talk about as far as like some that stands out in your your film entourage of things. You've done that you touchable. I think what we brought before the show ended in Canada kind was just a super super fun kind of shall we were like we did. Well the critics really liked show when we wind out of awards up in Canada but like the show had derived that a cat and I mean we we we after the US in.

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We had the way you know right before I started should third season. And then you know it was just like crazy. We Ron City. Tv than we are on HBO Canada and so that was a really worth it. I didn't even know he had a Canada. Like it doesn't do something different there. It's just like a maple leaf in the corner. No yeah it was just like the just aired Amir and show cage show. We know what else much the difference is. It doesn't exist anymore or something it's only. Hbo Or whatever. Yeah whatever. It's called now but we let him to little before. That's very cool. Yeah we have. Hbo Latin I think it is that you get but that makes sense because we're in Arizona so we're right here like ninety percent of them speaks it so I guess that makes sense and a lot of the country I would imagine. You met the ten percents. That doesn't right here. We don't speak it. S Nordia what got you into into Hattingh. At the beginning fun fact that my parents both actors Oh I came out the womb. Basically want to jump into it holding an apple or in actually doing that. Yeah Nice reforming the Shakespeare. Yeah yeah his his that in what not exactly and I started when I was like five years old. Can I can. I knew it? Earth Insurer Very Easter Famine. It's when you're working at your time but then when I was about eight years old all right if you're shot and they've been super supportive but yeah it was really into it now. My Okay family dynamic family business exactly very cool once you're in you're in Yeah so what did you start with? Then like wasn't just look flew theater a little bit or like well. I I kind of already have my dad's life. Tom Me that prime y you know she side can do. I remember country. The dish is I think it was more out of respect my than anything else farmer anyway. and yes workman about a year recurring role on this show called tale. Never or which is on the never ending Roy hilarious that then it was just the jobs here and there long building the resume until are enough. My aunt got my page and then went from there but no I never been in starting auditioning and would WanNa let you said you feel if your foot in the door but is there any tips or something. You could give someone that like a kid that starting out in what they should do or or anything. Like that. The Do's and don'ts for the industry yeah I mean it's definitely tough to get like now I think I I was really fortunate in that regard but I would say to do is if you have like camera or you know or with a camera. Just put it on and try and redesign favorite it a couple of them trying to consummate dramas the like a like a TV show bad cereal and and just read them together. Again you agents and stuff and trying to get your foot mentor. That way is the name under the market rate try to screw you and signing contracts but shitty agent is better than no agent so true and and then premier dining. And you're doing good works back.

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Don't get discouraged if you don't get your head down and doing work because it's so political like we'll get drunk on instagram because taller. Because you know usually doesn't have to do with power so that would be my thing and keep bus. What's the saying it's like every no is GonNa lead you to that one? Yes you know. Yeah Yeah so before cove it happened. You know the shows going on. What do you do when you're not acted? No no I I try to is well. I'm kind have a ton of hobbies. I never friends. Watch out there Yeah I don't really have fun. Fill up my day that I ought to therapists about out the new. I'm like at a nice through friends but you can't be having a I on kind of But Yeah I pretty much. You mentioned bars there in Canada. What are some good bars? You would recommend to non people that have been the Canada. It'd be myself tourists tourists. Yeah matures what would you? What would you recommend to me flying out? There is to have some beard. Canada again. Gather depend on the richer on now. What are some major one eight. Go on my friend because we can hang out with them out. They know people smart exact. Smart my buddy works with mark all sixteen jail. It's much you've done desk last. Norcal that Bart Times there wasn't fun. Prohibition Close Because of prohibition and say Gosh it they came back either crazy. There's street on there a couple of alcohol. Your eastern is very cool. What what is your drink of choice when you go as a beer or is it Amidst whatever whatever goes water walk to be no yes I do what I don't care whatever whatever has nothing. You're not real if it was offered near. Rub Inco alcohol. You're you're speaking to our audience so you're fine. No Sir then I drink this this. Oh that's why you should have mixed these things. Use It bruins. So have you rented to anybody in Hollywood that you that you don't like yet like like maybe like you thought you liked him like? Is there somebody you met? You don't have to name name name them but as been somebody that has been like you look forward to talking to this person in. It turned out that they weren't as awesome as you hoped or in how in burqas hooking was comedian was really. I talked but he was reading. Drop because I wasn't really very much instead of doing came just your clothing if it works went were not. He was on a bit of a cost radius so he I've been lucky I haven't really had. I'm trying to think and these like run INS with people were like People that have emerged store story again.

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I won't I won't throw anything. No no I wouldn't ask you that but that I imagine it's a thing like you think it's a whole thing where you you want to like your hero or heroes right but then they turn out to be not as great as you'd hope. I'll name names but my buddy a friend of mine just worked with an actress and I would have lost money. I she got back and I was like. I WanNa hear all about your day. I WanNa hear all about this person. Yes thank you easing huge fan. And she was like nightmare. Only yeah and that you're not all the time but I I. I work with like thousands so release the couple. They've always been either very nice guy. We're doing on thing not really caught. Doing right yeah. That's that's cool. You hear those stories were. They're like Oh let me down so much or they're rude or again I mean if you're such a big star to have pets some point like it's gotta be like get Outta my face even if it's like on your imagine you're going to Kinda build that I imagine will return for sure. Yeah definitely like I work with something like this. My Dad is a lot more people than I have. No news from letters to relate to people. That are just not approachable. Because they're working on their exactly of just going you know. Let me have my own space. My own space in real life to note superstar generous. My I can say this one. Everyone was super cool. If you guys have ever seen an X. men is the future past. Yeah Yeah. My Dad Played Extend President Nixon in that movie. Oh really yeah look very familiar. So so I think that and I got to when I'm the sitting chairman with fast in spender with Nicholas Jennifer Lawrence Edge. Yeah down there and they were all super nice. Frankly recline like my dad was shooting. I would sitting in his stature with all these people and I'm just a stranger like like like I want to get a bottle of water. You want one. Are you like having conversation? Guess when you think and I was like that was that was really see. Got Really starstruck when we were there at. That was going to be one of questions to see if you got starstruck with any other than that. Have you been a question other than that? Been starstruck in a situation like not really an overwhelming Pens I was there was of them and we're in such close proximity usually for me works with getting our struck his Aussie the person in the first seconds on like Oh my God my God and that it kind of tough because there is still standing there and it's like it's like you know James and a person that is again really weird because I was on the like an X. Men movie that my dad was in also wardrobe jeter warrants within her miss each. And so it was. It was really crazy trying to select. I run into people at like. I'm only story. I can tell actually I claim next because I'm the one who yes here. We go okay so When I was doing that show less than kind after the first season I there is. There's Big Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. It's I think the second biggest film festival avenue on an art show young and ignorant despite my parents telling me was not the case I like. Oh I'm on a show now so I could just go to the Toronto Film Festival and Walk in already. I want even though the show hadn't aired and no one knew what it was. That's just how dumb I was like. Oh to show up and I'll be high. Yeah let me in their party. This is what I was thinking so I booked myself a hotel room buddy ban who paid my older brother in this. I mean I'm really gonna Ben was older than me. He should have known better. He fluid from bank. So we're sitting on our suits rolex Asian.

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What's I don't know where the party affiliated drought eighty should we king party like a Hamer intact and she's like okay? Do you have no way. It wouldn't it. Would he wanted to do? I can't get stop work that way. You're lucky I've got two tickets to the after party of this movie because it's called Enbridge and it's with Colin Farrell in Brennan gleason. She is very good movie and she goes up. I you into the but you wanna come to green carpet. After party wasn't red arbiter because they're Irish and it was a very kind of a fun thing so we're all my God here. We go well. Let's go so you know we did some the hotel. I think I was nineteen twenty time which in Canada drinking ages team depending on province so much of a better country sometimes I time sometimes. Twenty one is a long way away anywhere. Yeah so I get this party and I'm you know God. I probably will not an alcoholic but I'm pretty well off at this point and that I really need to take a leak and I'm in the middle of this party and I will. Where's the bathroom and for some reason this bar? I wish you remember the name of the bar. In Toronto. There was one toilet. There was amendment of women's room. They were each one toilet. There wasn't urinals one foot setencing and very progressive very progressive is ten years ago. Maybe I made their new things. Were coming exactly. There was a long line for the bathroom and I was like. I don't know if I can wait like I really gotta go and I'm kind of looking around the bar and I'm ruled Kinda again pretty drunk. Can I do? I just go in the corner like I can't leave. I don't have my pass to get back in and they're not GonNa want me back in. I came all this way to be here so I kinda grab a blocks from the bar and maybe I'll go over corner and go in the glass and then just dump into the toilet when I finally get there which is pretty disgusting so I kind grab this glass. And I'm standing there trying to figure out my next move. And the publicists comes up to me and she goes. Hey just I just wanted to introduce you to call in random who got here so wow we need to go so bad your mind off for Africa took mourn. Farrell's Han literally not let a little bit like I wonder luckily our son. Yeah I'm nice they were. They were off super-quick Irving so the was like okay been partying and staying puddle. My own this and I kinda go to a waiter gail. I think someone's thought their beer over there. And then I find my buddy Ben who's with me and I say You know I need your pass because go back to the hotel because I need a shower act. So he gave me his past back. But that's a that's a pretty awesome story. Yes yes and I think Colin Farrell would've probably understood because he can do some drinking adhere or I've heard probably but I'm sure it's happened. Sure he's had a little run with that as well. It can only imagine yeah right. He's loved the drink. Yeah exactly one day. I'll tell him not story again and often jeff before some shit like that. That's or he vividly remembers you Or that would suck. Yeah I remember the puddles. You're the guy link the bottles. I should act. Yeah that's my embarrassed. I'll be honest with you. I think maybe I might do that. Also standing in the on the same thing.

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Yeah so you're not a word I would say if not piss your pants. Go at a exactly when Thursday breezy. Have you ever thought of doing stand up or anything like that? I WanNa ask me that and I really to love doesn't make a nervous. I who on the highest will this be about stand were audiences sit in their leading a lap that I find intimidating so I I should. I'm more nurse. Providing material gave me a thing I could. I mean you just wrote a host erased. That's the do right there. Yeah you can do life story events like things that you sort of the game because there's different different type of Comedians. Like you can talk about jokes right and there's like wife telling me my storytelling could do that like talking about experience. You could probably do that. We'd be office. Nether this the only reason I bring it up because we as you're telling that unlike this'll be a great story to tell a great story that was that was often it's one of those ones were like obviously in the moment or five minutes later. I was like wired what I'm happy. This happened e this is going to be an Alzheimer. Yeah Yeah it's a story to tell generations for sure but that's not all your meeting calling feral but you know you're you're peeing your pants in front of him. That right there is funny. I I have a bit of sleep. Oh Oh wait to see if it involves music different Doesn't really out of sensor. I was shooting this movie in Vancouver. Call them rapture Palooza and it's not a very good movie It's Okay. I shouldn't say that it's okay. It shares a of this story. This is the end in here is this is the end so like this is the end was just it was funnier and exploded anyway so. I got an ice on that I I was supposed to make ends rather me. Oh yeah she was. That was the female lead. And the guy who passes my grandma. It's more like Earth which which sounds like. It was a big roles where the exact same size so it didn't really matter and it's really weird. I got there and I did the read through and I did the rehearsal and I remember not feeling good was Nice. I just I don't think they like like I just don't think my comedy is trying to work in. I just feel that they're not really digging it and they were really working with me and the guy was playing my friend or whatever then then they ended up firing my body and they told. Buddy your buddy on on the on the Indo cast cast together as a team because they knew we knew each other. Yeah so they said Oh. We'll cast out which books were like Anna and then guys head and then they cut down significantly and really. I just wasn't prepared. I wasn't I wasn't I guess. Nervous I I just wasn't deliberating right. Move for them. I guess about my friend. I'm following my wings and I get on my very waste my body with another great actor to Steal Worthy. Good and yeah. We're not the first Adams off the job and I stuck Earth about them and we're shooting in this house make hoover and it's actually a locking the lock and key house. That would be better because if you go to at least eighteen of those in there. I would imagine how big that houses exactly Kendrick in with this woman autographs our favorites from asking Merrill. She played wins. You and WHO WE PASTA OKAY? If you saw our store they're shooting the movie is a spoof.

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It's a comedy. This is the theory number at that. There's going right now and I'm on break a really needed. No take atop the old wire time ten one which an aide saying onset and there I go one on check them the actual relapse on need you for walking. So can you just sit tight like you understand? I need to go to the bathroom. It's GonNa Happen. You can expect if you watch the toilet the sound is GonNa take. Oh no slow nearby your can. I go back to me and the debate the answered in ten minutes. Just it's going to be Mike. It's not going to happen so I sneak off and I. I wanted to the bath and do what I need to do. And waiting to watch of trying to. They're falling for that. I don't WanNa take so peak out the door and I think so I think a guest wash. Of course I hear Komo. Trump's like go who flashed. Hey you know some of the cooler boy and the way that this was organized was the bathroom was last board. Hallway was go and like years ago. A staircase where what you can make me coming down so you plan an escape. That's awesome so I tried to play. This game. Thing that I did was the bathroom door open and I see them coming down stairs. I've went our way down. And Smart. Just like this. And I never like a crewman into the bathroom. What we against wasn't expecting someone to be stored matured hard-hit that he looked in room was and left in. Like you know couple minutes later I got up and got in and I manage to get away. I asked him if they figured it out. We didn't say anything SMART. He was on the hook to though I mean he told you. Go ahead right so he asked me to wait. So you in so like a later actually walk exceed I would sitting with Caitlin with guy. John Francis Extreme stuff at noon and at the medicine Kurdistan knocking. And she's a and how she likes be shot the twilight movie theater and all that she loves the crew when she was being really complementary and then she goes sometimes things pretty flush the toilet the middle of our before. That's I don't know who them it's awful so that's my ankle. I bet a lot of reasons. I'm always shitting in pissing with celebrity. Because it's something to do. You know what? That's that's how you're more down to earth with us. Jesse I as he. You're a normal walk humanity. Maybe it was scary man lying in that job like those you're going to be taken was Liam Neeson's like outside of the door like that's how I figured that different liquor Canadian version of taken. I I don't know what the be so scared was instead of less than I mean I would have been rude about it but I it come out and guys sorry I had to like. It's okay. Don't worry it's funny because I barely hung onto the job. I listen I I I don't your days are numbered. You felt the curtain Asami. I don't know what I would have said like.

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I woke up. No no you know you should have said you should have been like that. That wasn't me the Guy Just Zach. Acting is left his land here and we'll take nap. That fucking that flush woke me to cut. It felt like it was always in the movie because then we would remember the movie great director it was cast scripted. Funny Interest Circle. I like a Kendrick. So I'M GONNA check that out or at least look into that for sure. So cool she's probably. It's the locking key Catherine. You might be the smartest actor at work with the my life. Oh well really catch on at. It's like ECHINACEA was a I mean I'm not. I'm not an expert but I was like okay. And then how? That's all worked. Since she was asking questions and making choices that I just never considered you see white gold standard. It's very very ominous and super. She sees she seems like he'd be cool like everything. You're saying like schools Martin. Funny all the above at. That's what I would think she would be. Glad I'm glad she wasn't one of those like She was horrible to work with. I named her. Yeah you're right. You're in their good graces or there and you're going to Greece. I remember like never really worked anyone that was like I've heard more I've experienced by style. Where the segment segue is season two. We'll see what happens is off now and rescue of route person there over me. We appreciate that you came on. Everybody needs to look out for season. Two of locking key US once that comes out before we let you go with everything are could you tell us where we can find you on social media and all that stuff again we really appreciate it? Came onto the show. Thanks for having me thanks about auto trade. I'm on twitter and instant man. I'm very bad but I try on twitter. I'm at just one one five at five of my highest to change it every terms nice and I try to be funny about tweets. A her tell you about how me and I miss. Also let's let's. Let's talk about our comedy endeavors than what about survivor. Either Fan. So all be onto a guy apologize. Hotcakes remember on Instagram. I'm just neat. Add Camacho if will name his Jesse. John David And now there are some bad makers making your quarantine. Yes Graham trying to did okay. Is there anything else on the pipe beyond locking he? Can't we say or maybe hint to or in the works or your stand up career? Go ahead yeah exactly. I am developing at a show with the guys must nine per chase in kind of about perspective kind of mastered not seen that to Great John. Sorry it's not Seattle. Okay Yeah I mean by that is character. It's not thought terminates view not a guy that's obviously way wants to be an actor. It's about how his way affects him in his career life. And I'm working on that now we're still developing but hopefully somebody at soon thanks for being shouted out. Yeah Yeah Aren't writes in this real quick.

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