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Episode 95. Zack Lyman Amigos & Naps

Updated: May 17, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, two and a half amigo welcome. If you're looking for a responsible mature podcast if you're looking for a lot of drinking random nonsense stunts in shenana you've hit the jackpot. amigo with your hosts, Albert, Scott, and Mark that's up to you. That's a personal choice. Welcome to another episode of quarantine with friends. quarantine with Zack Lyman Hello, Phoenix comedian, marketing guru Oh, I think Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's, that's a good title for sure. I like we've been working, not working together working together. Talking shooting the shit. Yeah. Yeah. That's good. Yeah, last couple weeks. And, you know, just shooting ideas together and figuring out how to get in front of more people podcast wise and Yeah, dude. It's working. Nice, crazy. Yeah. It has been picking up for sure. Which I'm sure Mark probably told you a little bit that's been uptick in and in our website and our blog stuff. We're doing the best. Try to drive you know, internet traffic for sure it's working. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we we've been in, like in a group chat of just kind of like shooting back and forth. have like, Well, you know what I'm working on this week what you're working on and just kind of like, you know, picking our brains together and just thinking of ideas and I'm very much like a late night owl where I just like, in the middle of the night work on watching random videos and growing and trying to like scheme a new plan of growing the podcast so that's, that's mark two that's mark. Yeah. Late night trying to figure something out. I'll get a text Oh, I'll get a text at like 1230 and I'll see it the next morning I'm like what the fuck is he talking about? If you go on this and check this out and read this and this and that sound like are okay, I'll look at soon as I wake up is a good read. Yeah, I did start that read I want to finish that by the way that I did look very interesting. What you sent me about the one No, no, it was about the the small immigrants that came over and three people died. Yeah, no. That was what you said, Oh, no. No, you said Oh, that wasn't you that was someone else but at night. I know we're gonna get into a lot of marketing talk at some point in here. Things like that. I know it's gonna come up but first, first and foremost, how's comedy? What What's going on? How is your comedy? Or the comedy scene that you've been with? COVID and everything like that.

Comedy doesn't exist. It's not real. It's an invisible disease. You know, it's a comedy. It's hard man. You know, it's that's like I'm fully another reason why. You see me fully leaning into marketing and podcasting and creating content that way because like standing Up is just like, I was doing writing groups and I was doing like kind of online meetups of sorts to kind of grow and write jokes. But it all just made me miss doing stand up so much that I was like, what are some other creative outlets that I can do? Um, yeah, like comedy comedy has just been hard for all of us that um, you know, all the stand ups and it's, it's more of like reminiscing of anything anytime I've talked to other comics. So yeah, um, you haven't done any of the online mics right. Now. I've watched some, but I haven't done any any good or any good or I haven't seen any so I don't know that. Anybody under the bus? Yeah, don't say names unless you want to because that would be awesome. I'm not gonna throw anyone under the bus because I they're the ones that I did watch. Were like very well Ram. So I don't don't have anything on the side of like, Oh, this is terrible. But I do think it's funny but you performing on zoom or, or anything is basically the same as going to an open mic. like no one's listening anyways. It's a lot of you're just talking to an empty room, you know, it's very much the same. Yeah, yeah. But instead you have to look at your reflection onto the computer being like, what am I doing? But luckily, you can hide that with five blinding lights and on a stage, but, um, no, I just I don't think they're for me because I, I tell longer stories. And I feel like telling someone a longer story on a zoom. That's like setup, punchline long story can be can be rough, and I feel like this is a great time for me to just kind of head into the education realm for right now. And, and then, you know, do stand up in the way that I wanted to Do it in front of actual people later. I'd be working it Have you been working on like any bits or anything like that? Yeah, I probably have a new maybe 10 minutes that I've written since it's who knows if it's any good. I have 10 minutes of pages Really? Do you have any pets at all? Do you have a cat or a dog or anything? No, I don't know. I was gonna say have you ran it by them at all to see if it's any good? Do you like it and walk away? I'm just gonna start hitting random numbers in my phone just going through my contacts. A good dude. What is what does it call when you're What is it the phone buddy or your text? Phone, phone neighbor. So send your neighbor send your phone neighbor your shit and see what happens. Yeah. Fuck it. I have a stockpile of it's funny before this happened. I was filming, uh, every time I went on stage and then I was gonna like start releasing them over time like just just like almost like kind of like home movie style where it's like people have the mic hanging out me my friends hanging out and then cut to like a clip of me doing stand up. So I have like a whole bunch of stock footage. And I was like, maybe I should just be posting that being like, here's my laughs get my laughs You know, like, it's just be posting that. It's not a bad idea. Joe Rogan did have someone on their podcast where they became famous from them just putting one minute skits on YouTube. Okay, yeah, remember, I remember his name, but I know that he was cute. Yeah, well, I I did get a lot of my Instagram following from doing 10 second jokes. Okay, that was based off of Snapchat only having 10 seconds. And then I was just taking my snapchats and I was posting them and really what I was using, it was That's an easier way for me to write. So if I have a good idea, I could just kind of do the setup punchline version, and then post it, and then get some views and then go back through later and write like a full joke based on that. So that's how it started. And then I was just consistently uploading 10 second jokes. So I maybe I shouldn't be doing that. I don't know. I don't know what I should be doing. I'm just trying my best. No, yeah, we know that goes. We know what we don't know what to do during all this. We're doing things that are like working now. But like, you know, it's Yeah, it's from now. Whatever we were doing isn't working anymore. And we got to like, pivot and change. Yeah. Yeah. Like, like kind of why like, that's why I like the chat that we build. You know, me you Stefan from hyperbole. Yeah. comedy, comedy podcast. Yeah. You just recently, just like we did, yeah. Yeah, shooting ideas, this whole, um, Spotify thing like I haven't really seen like a huge uptick with the Spotify, but overall because like we're constantly in it and we're promoting somewhere. Yeah seeing a huge uptick in everything. Yeah, I was talking to Scott earlier and I'm like, dude, like I'm trying to figure out what happened and where the volumes coming from so we can focus on that but I don't know because everything's up. Yeah, that's that's a great yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I contributed to you know, the chat that way, you know, we're constantly talking about you know, what's going on and yeah, that's what I that's what I've been enjoying too. Is that like, any of my random thoughts or whatever I just been sending it to you guys are just like, this is, you know, I know it's midnight, but I just found this new idea and you know, Yeah, like the whole, like, I was like, I'm just gonna because I was so tired of last year I was really doing well on iTunes. Yeah. And like, you know, I was in the top 80 for comedy. And I was like, This is great. And so this year, I was like, always just trying to get back to that. And then like, a week ago, I just gave up and I was like, What about Spotify? like Spotify, just focused on Spotify, because they have a top charts too. And I'm, I mean, you read their blog posts, and they say they have 250 million listeners. And I'm like, that's enough. You know? Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it's no Facebook, but it's. Yeah, I mean, it's a good try. You know, it's a nice try. It's a good start. Oh, my. So you also do like, Well, actually, before I get to that, um, you have a book. So you've been in comedy for like 11 years, and you have Yeah, this this ebook that you've done. You're 11 years, huh? I see. No, because I'm laughing because the scroll says I can't hear you, Scott. from earlier that was from earlier when we're having technical difficulties. So that's why it's our laughing like, That's funny. I'm just trying to be funny. I'm throwing throwing. That's why I was laughing. Um, you got a quite a few bullet points. Yeah. You got quite a few bullet points in your ebook. Is there like a main takeaway that you could give off the E book that was that you know, to attract someone to come in and download it and, and use your experience to help them? Maybe someone that's not in comedy or they've only been in comedy a couple years even? Yeah, I mean, yours, dude. Like, I can't imagine the journey you've been through. Yeah, my. Like, when I when I wrote the book, I was really Kind of like, I was debating between making just one long video and being like, here's everything. Like, here's, here's how I book a tour. Here's how I sell merch, because I do get pretty often questions about all the topics are in the book. Yeah. And it's very, like, I don't mind answering every person and being very open and honest, I'm very forward with any thing I've done that successful or failures. Like I've been like, yeah, that's how I got that thing that failed. You know, that's cool. But my main takeaway from the book is that if you're, if you're a comedian, and you're looking to kind of lean into paying your bills, or at least being able to like pay your phone bill and kind of like lean that side of do it yourself comedy. Yeah. That's the book is really for those people because I start In booking my tours and doing everything, because I wanted to be a full time comic, but I wanted to control my audience of like, how I get my audience and, and where they can see me and, you know, like very much like everything on my terms. So the books and for people like that. So if that's the route you're in, or you're leaning towards the books for you, because there's other ways of doing comedy, but that's what I've been doing for 11 years for good or bad. I don't know. But it kind of breaks down all that. So if you not if you um, do you have a like a favorite venue here in the valley that you'd like to perform at? Yeah, I have to. I have two favorite venues right now. Um, the the Tempe improv is definitely like, out of comedy clubs, I think can be improv. They have treated me so well. They are a great club. They are. It's like big bucks. cosy, it's it's everything I look for in a comedy club. And then outside of comedy, I would say the rebel lounge was probably my favorite place to headline that's not a comedy club in Phoenix. So good loans in rebel lounges on Indian School and like 20th Street 12th Street, something like that around that area. It used to be called the mason jar. Okay, when it was called the mason jar, that's where like Nirvana played. Okay, through Meat Puppets are played there. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, like some. I mean, go to their website, Rebel lounge, and you can just see that there's like a list of like, every band possible is played there. So it's very much like a punk venue that's like really nice. And that was a great venue and they gave me a great deal and they're really easy to work with, which is another part that I tried to get past in the book. Like, I'll give you an example. I called a venue in another state. And the guy was immediately hard to just even talk to the owner the Booker Hmm. And I was just like, he was like, very like, this is my building. You're just the performer. You're You're basically scum. You know, like very much law. What I say is the rules. And I was just like, Yeah, I don't think I want to perform here. And he was just like, wait, why? And I'm just like, Yeah, I don't think this is Yeah, like, I know, we talked about it. Yeah, date already. But yeah, this isn't for me. So I am very, I'm very that way. Like, I want to, I want to work with people that are easy to work with. Because like, Oh, yeah, I want to come back. And I want you to want me to come back. And I want to build this relationship. Which is, you know, that took me a long time to realize that's a thing that I wanted, but, but I want to build this relationship where every year on this exact date, I can come back here and have a good time. We both are just happy to see each other. And you know, we don't have to be best friends but at least, you know, treat each other like people. And so yeah, like I, I'm very like when I pick them use, I'm already calculating that of like, do I want to come back here? Do I want to reschedule this? You know, I mean it, you know, I've heard that that Arizona or you know, Phoenix, improv and copper blues. And, you know, the other one up north is a lot of comedians love it here because they're, the owners are easier to deal with, than some of the other throughout the country like so they get, basically, yeah, hard to deal with some of them. So that's obviously a known like that goes on, you know, it's hard to deal with some of the owners. Exactly, exactly. And it's, you know, it's in comedy clubs, it's in music venues. It's in box theatres. It's a mix of people you never, you know, all owners or their their people and good or bad, you know, so it's a But in Arizona, I think we're very lucky that we have a lot of great time. Yes, we really do. And we have a lot of great Booker's for those menus. So another reason why I'm still here, you're you are your own boss too. So like, you get to decide like, Oh, well, yeah, I'm not joking with this book or this club. Yeah. It's not big in the scene. So you get to dictate Okay, well, I'm not Yeah, oh, here. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna perform here. Yeah, right now, I'm supposed to be on a three month tour, basically. Um, wow, it would have started. I don't know what day it is, but it would have started a while ago. And so I've already missed most of my dates and most of the country. But like, I took the whole last year of just booking, you know, from basically just going through my connections, and just going I want to go from this part of the country, rap all the way around and then come back down. I was going to do a giant circle basically. And you know, but that's exactly it of like, there were some Don't use that. I, I, there's some venues that got removed from the tour because I've never been there before. And then as I got to know them, I was like, yeah, you know what? I'll just skip that one. Yeah. The next one, but um, you know, because it's not only I'm not even talking about like that, but maybe like, how helpful are they? How are they willing to help you? Are they help? Are they gonna put your flyer up? Do they even put it on their website? But you're coming like, yeah, yeah, all the thoughtful things, you know, and that's like, another thing I going back to the rebel lounge. They were like, I was on their website. They made a Facebook event for me like they were like, above and beyond like, Wow, so many like, they just, they were doing marketing for me and I was just like, this is, this is shocking and amazing. So that's awesome. They want people to come and check you out for you. It's good for both of us. Have you ever thought about doing like a marketing book to or your unless you have one that I know that already but do you have what have you thought about maybe doing that to help like podcasters and comedians and stuff to like, boost? Yeah, I started writing before I even wrote the ebook for comedy. I started writing like 100 things coffee shops shouldn't shouldn't do. Because my first job ever was being a barista, basically. And then I've worked in coffee. And then my marketing background is working for coffee shops, and large coffee companies. So it's like, like, when I went to one job, part of my job was to travel the country, and just go to coffee shops. And like, I'm trying to sell them a product and the end goal, but really, I'm just supposed to go to as many shops as I can during the day, you know, even just to say hi. So So how wired were you? like fucking like off the wall? I had to make rules to myself. I didn't make no okay. So All we need today. Holy ain't today. Oh man, Zack. And then if they insist you have a latte, you only drink half of it. And you leave with the other half, but no, espresso, no milk. But like, during that time, I was like seeing, like, when you're going like sometimes I'd be in eight coffee shops a day, you start seeing what everyone's doing wrong, or whatever one's doing, right, like very similar. Things are blending together and you start seeing and so it gave me the idea of like, I should put this all down into a book. I need to maybe that's another thing I should I thought you were gonna say I started seeing the same customers over and over to the same place. Well, he's drinking coffee everywhere. He knows. He knows where to get the good stuff. I saw that guy. A couple couple shops ago. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I you know, I'm gonna finish the book about just coffee shops and then maybe one about podcasting but I don't really I have way more to say about coffee shops, you know than I do about podcasting? No I was thinking more like marketing and sent like that's what I was thinking that to be podcast but just like marketing in general like yeah it seemed like you know a lot and you definitely have awesome knowledge there that might be something to anyone can take it small businesses or whatever for the knowledge there to help grow their their business. Okay, I'm gonna take it and make her make yourself money. I think you're right. I think I should just make it more of businesses in general. Because I do have a lot to say about because it's small because if you blanket it if you blanket it in, like one kind of situation, then it can go to others. Yeah, types of small businesses and then then you don't kind of Doesn't have to be just the coffee world. You know what I mean? The sense yeah, yeah. for everyone. Yeah. Yeah, no. I could do both. And I could just change the yo yo you'll get more more exposure. Yeah. Though like if you did a marketing one you could just copy and paste, coffee marketing great ways to market coffee great ways to clean cleaner shops or like like don't take this lick but don't take this little part and post it after I post my new book. don't attach the link to it. We talked to we talked them into this. It was a million dollar idea. Where's our $9 Zack we want to cut $9 $9 finder's fee. I know that's like so many people. I hate that my ebook is free there like you're not charging anyone for this comedy alone. Like, just just have it just have the book that's that's when you say it's free you say free and then you do that and then there's add on cost like chapter two is $10 should like that see, first chapters free. second chapter $10 think it's a brilliant marketing ploy. Idea not ploy. Employee sounds bad you don't want to use it. Or Yeah, he had a great idea. It's a great pyramid scheme. I love your great start. multi level marketing at its best. Yes. That's what I don't know if you Oh, I never even told you that why I got into marketing was because I was I was trying to learn it for comedy. You know, in general, right? And then I left the multi marketing thing in my head. Yeah. And the comedy. I started learning for comedy, because I was like, how do I get people to come to my shows, right? And then I would be talking to my friends that own businesses. And they'd be like, Hey, I just gave that guy eight grand, and I got nothing, you know, like crazy numbers. What? And I'd be like, I could have done that for like, $1 you know, like, I was just very like, so I started like, learning more and then like, started helping out other businesses. And it was just all based on that of like, I was tired of seeing my friends get taken advantage of by like these because I get ads all the time that are like, I'll teach you marketing for five grand and I'm like, I don't think I wanna I think I figured out your goal here. Yeah, yeah. This is how you bye means I'm gonna say, just a couple buttons, but essentially, it's what they're teaching you for $5,000 I always like, I always like the example of I'll teach you how to become a millionaire. Just buy my book, and then or the seminar, buy a ticket to the seminar. And then and then and then you open the book and you're like, you just did it. Because I you know, you put you gave them $20 and enough people give them $20 and then you're just gonna, you're gonna go to their class, and they're gonna be like, Listen, I got a bunch of dummies to give me 20 bucks for books. Oh, wait, you guys are here. You know, it's like that's that's how they did it. Yeah, yeah. Is multi level marketing is okay, everyone's here with a book. Looking out everyone's here with a book. Great. That's how you become a millionaire guys. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Yeah, see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for buying the book. So I have this going manner. I'll be I'll be outside signing the book for another towards towards the end. Give them a deal. They already bought it for 20 So, um, yeah, well that that brings me to the next thing I want to talk about so you have this T shirt that just blew up we've had other t shirts too But yeah, this coffee and nap shirt that blew up comedy announced Yeah. Coming in yet coffee. Well, we've been talking about coffee. I'm addicted. Yeah, like I wake up in the morning like I'm not a comedy or coffee. Which one hoppy? Bobo? Okay, I put it on both my cup and Wow. So commonly in naps. Yeah. Sorry about that. Um, what was your reaction when it blew up? And then what marketing steps did you do to keep it there? Okay, um, so I have previous shirts that I would let take mostly sell to friend Okay, yeah, I sold 10 of them great. You know, that was like, my experience with selling shirts. I never really sold that many at at shows per se. Like I wouldn't, you know, I wasn't selling out theaters and then having my punch line on a shirt or something. I wasn't doing any of that stuff before. So it was it was really my first it was my first time having like something that was like, Oh, this is like, like, I made a post about it, but it's still going, you know, like it was still, you know, every day. And there was it was around this time last year is when it was like crazy where I was just like paying all my bills with just the T shirt money. You know, and it's in the shirt. The company and apps shirt still sells but a cat eats and valleys and so last year, so what happened was, I had some my friends wearing it right? And then it kind of grew to like That was like my first sign that it was something popular. It was when it was people I didn't know wearing it. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, this is this is great. So, um, you know, I'm seeing like orders come in through my website that would be like, like addresses or states that I don't even know people and and so I had it set up where it was, I was working with a company at the time that like if you ordered online, they would then fulfill the order and ship it and stuff like that. So I built it already to handle growth. Okay, because if it was just me, I would have been like freaking out like that. I had that many orders and I might have turned it off. You know what I mean? Yeah, because I would have been like, I have to ship all these. I can't pay for stamps. So I already had the back end built up and then um, and then the stuff I took boards that was like, immediately when it was kind of growing. I was turning around and using some of that money to run ads. And then those ads were growing from there. So that's a smart Yeah, so on the heels of that we sold our first shirt already. So we're excited about that. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Starting Yeah. Things are moving. Yeah. Well, it was funny because we got six texts me message one was yesterday or the day before and then like the day was yesterday, why don't you guys buy a shirt? No. And then Scott's like, maybe Mark did and I'm like, Yeah, I thought maybe him. So neither one of us did. So like, Alright, so I mean, someone randomly bought a shirt. That's great. It was like yeah, it was pretty awesome. Yeah, so yeah, I have it hooked up. Now. I use a I use my friends company, marketing beaver and So if you go to my website and you hit buy, it all goes to him. And then he prints it, he ships it out of his warehouse. And I like that, because I know exactly where it's coming from. I know the guy that's printing it, if I have any problems, he's literally a text or phone call way. And like I was using, like some Shopify plugins, where they do all that for you. And I was like, I don't know where my shirts coming from, or the quality or the anything. Yeah, you know, so I have it set up where like, now I just get alerts every time someone buys it. And that's like, great, because I'm like, Oh, you know, it's one in the morning and some stranger buys a shirt and like, that's great. So like, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's been great. Is the alert of the text message like a Ching? Ching. Ching. You're giving me a lot of good ideas. I should. That's what I that's what I do. You know, and I have a book, it's on Amazon. It's like my dollars, but it's about great ideas I give people let's be real Scott. It's a free ebook. It's now on our website it is it's on our website, check out our website, Mark give the website amigos PC dotnet. The book is wired by Zack Lyman. While you're there, pick up a T shirt. I think of a T shirt. amigos a naps amigos now Oh, that's a good one that might that might be the name of the episode. naps amigos a naps and the shirt that we had so was cookies for dinner. It's It's one of our most popular episodes. Yeah, and I don't know Mark, can you can you share it to the screen or? I don't know. Like if you can show. I don't know maybe a way to show like what it looks like but it's funny looking. It's basically to sum it up. It's basically Cookie Monster. All right, hold my beer. Not really Cookie Monster. It's a knockoff Cookie Monster because you don't want any infringement. So it's a blue blue sauce like a monster that eats blue monster that eats cookies. And he's got a beer in his hand. He has cookies and the other so he's just like down to Yummy, yummy. I'll show you. I'll do it in post they won't. Okay. So we're not there yet. And Mark did put in our in our list. You've got many stages. And Mark did put it on our site to go to our store in the link there on the live chat but nice. Um, so yeah, that's cool. That's pretty cool. We have other ones too, that we're doing well, congrats, guys again. Thank you. Well, that's, it's thanks to you as well. But I mean, you're helping us Yeah, no, yeah. I mean, we had the shirt but the only reason we got it up and running was because we went into that chat room. And yeah you know push or pull. For sure. I can actually share my screen. Oh, here we go. You came. Wow Fancy Pants trying to figure it out. Yeah. Enhance, enhance. Enhance. Enhance. Ah, Stevens on. Yo guys. So Zack with everything going on I think in the world how do you feel everything's been handled There we go. Oh, never mind my question. Never Never mind my question. Just check out the just got the Cookie Monster struggling to get the cookie sauces back on well Oh wow, like shows the screen and we're like all still there. That's hilarious. That's pretty cool. Zack kind of froze but there we go i think he's getting better Scott I've been sick guys What do you mean? This Stefan? Stephen Stephen yes it's definitely from us like it's not even even Scott come on i know i know i've got your name wrong so many times Stefan but I still hurt I still hurt you you know that he still did it wrong I still set her up in yeah yes he did. Stephen right Stephen. So no completely just threw me off we're not doing any more of that transitioning, sharing screens or anything like that Why? Because you can't multitask. I'm completely lost at this. Yeah. It's never too late. So Zack it is Spotify thing working or no? Yeah, well, if I think like you made a playlist. Yeah. So what I did was I, I started focusing on Spotify, stop focusing on iTunes. And then I was like, once all the directions of Spotify, right? If you Google Spotify marketing, I've watched all of it every material so it's, a lot of people are like, they talk about like, if you're a rapper, what you should do and talk about playlists and talk about, you know, all these things. And so I, I kind of put together a plan of I'm going to make playlists, and I'm going to add myself with a mixture of other products. And then I was like, really focusing on why I shared the link out, it's only going to be Spotify links. Yeah. And then, and then in this coming week, I'm probably gonna be running some more podcast ads, and there'll be Spotify ads, like ads that go to Spotify. And then I was focusing on how to get on the charts and how to get into playlists and just kind of like, really focusing my energy that way and I think it's working. It is growing it definitely like my audience is probably on Spotify is probably like tripled. But like, that's, you know, I didn't have too much on there anyways, because I my podcast is pretty newer on Spotify. So all that said and done, yes, it is. And then it's helping me with my chargeable charting. So I'm actually like higher up on the charts. Overall, because of that. Our guests from yeah I didn't mean to laugh during that though. Yeah, we have a I don't know we have a live chat comments. You see live chats on your side there, Zack. So first yeah to give Nick a shout. Yeah, he knew somebody had been Hi. Our guests last week. Yeah, you could make cat noises and then then he said car noises so is that is that a thing you do, Zack. Which kind of cars do we have to close our eyes and we can envision the car you do. I had Thomas Alito blocked on Facebook for about a year. Oh, come on blocked. Because of because of that. Now, you know, I just was like, I've had enough Thomas in my life now. At this point. He's a friend. He's a local comic. He's one he's one of those comics you won't share a stage with right? He went to his venue. You know what I don't like working at your venue. Is it is it because of the restraining order? Like how? Like, like, was it 500 feet or some or 1000 feet? Yeah, yeah. I always try to social distance myself from Thomas eppolito you know? Who, who wouldn't? I don't know if you've heard his recent bit. It's terrible. He's gonna need a social distance away from it. He's gonna shoot you. He's gonna get you. I'm joking, Thomas. I really. I love you, Tommy, I heard you Thomas. I just picture him leaving comments where he's where he's wearing a black shirt and he's wearing a flannel unbuttoned picture looks the only or maybe that sounds fun wearing maybe just the top button. No, no no. Oh no buttons. He's not his only outfit. My motto No. Oh, he did my gun. He did buy a gun he said so just be careful. This is great great. The guy you blocked now has a gun in the last update that we had he didn't have any ammo so you're good. Yeah, you're good on. You can't find the ammo but he has a gun. I'm not sure he may have acquired some sense. Can he tracked my IP address? I don't know. I don't think he's that clever. I don't think he's an IT guy though. He is wearing a black shirt. He Yeah, he said that. So there's a black shirt and it says his flannel is going out shirt. That's what do you mean? Oh, classy. classy. Yeah. When when you're doing so you do open mics right before cold? Yeah, you're going open mics regularly. Do you have any rituals that you do during or before your open mics? Ah,

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