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Episode 92. John go F*ck yourself, Zero f*cks given

Updated: May 2, 2020

Speaker 2: Ladies and gentlemen and a half of me go for a lot of drinking and a half of me go with your host Albert, Scott and Mark. Do good things do good? Welcome to the nearest Toys R Us today. Hey guys. Hey

Speaker 1: Heather. Hey. Amigos PC Captain over here and didn't even see that

Speaker 2: sense. Right? You did the website name wrong, though. Did I see. Net for the shity? The shity thing is you in the in the group chat, you put it that he said, okay. I'll get a Migos. Net so I can send Logan available

Speaker 1: Mart. Wasn't available Scott Migos PC wasn't available or Amigos. Net.

Speaker 2: Or wait until we can remember it. So we are at we were talking about getting that

Speaker 1: one and two guys named sheep.

Speaker 2: And one we I said we should go with a Migos what it Migos., right? That's why you're going to really do but I think we'll get all the traffic from all the weird people just searching crazy shit and then come to find out that it's a it's a Latin dating site sound like shit. We could have got so much so much traffic. So many people just trying to link up with Albert Albert

Speaker 1: dates. I should have been like what natural suck is happening

Speaker 2: hit them up.

Speaker 1: poppy YouTube

Speaker 2: Facebook to have you on Albert always with the where's Albert's he is currently not abiding to the stay-at-home order the same place or whatever it is and he is wandering the valley. So if you see Silver Alert out for him if you see him or Robert outside arrest them immediately immediately. Him or his twin brother get him.

Speaker 1: Sorry fucking everything

Speaker 2: up as usual. Good ideas recently we decided to do some homework listen to a few of our episodes the top three most listened. And you're number one your episode that you were on was number one

Speaker 1: number one

Speaker 2: and that was episode 61. I think it was that's pretty good. So that's pretty crazy. Yes. We want 61 deep before while not that one come in. You took over the reins of the number one, I guess. So

Speaker 1: one deep. I like it.

Speaker 2: Do you want deep

Speaker 1: hooker some? I told you I would have went to the strip club with you and we would have got a little fucking a number and you know

Speaker 2: that are a hooker. But yeah, so it will do that on 169. I guess episode 169 or get your

Speaker 1: help

Speaker 2: male stripper on episode 99 that goes randomly. Once we get one like 69 and a half or something

Speaker 1: we could yeah, you could just be like, yeah, you could use I like it and you can name it sexy 9

Speaker 2: That is perfect

Speaker 1: genius. That's why I was number one. I don't know. Anyways, what the fuck are we going to talk about? Coronavirus?

Speaker 2: Let me know one thing. Everyone's always asking each other. What have you been? Have you been watching any TV during this even bingen anyting know it's over I can I finished it. I

Speaker 1: had to I had to buy showtime and Annie cuz I was like, this is some bullshit. I've literally ripped out carpets in my house and then painted floors painted walls. It's great. Great. I just want to know like how many fucking times a day you guys are masturbating. I'm assuming that's all you fucking guys do just all day

Speaker 2: long. At least one. Yeah, I mean it I'm still working at home though. And I think Mark is too for the most part and I've had to have surgery Albert. He

Speaker 1: arthritic

Speaker 2: point during this whole debacle too fast in the hit on the on the on the zipper you fucked up on the zipper.

Speaker 1: Are you guys so are you guys like having a good time with your wives or are you guys like fighting a lot?

Speaker 2: That is a good question mark you go first. Yeah, but I mean having to deal with the whole situation it's not really arguing with each other. It's arguing with everyone around cuz they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing. Right,

Speaker 1: but like what are you supposed to do like stay the fuck in your home

Speaker 2: or at least?

Speaker 1: Fuck that shit. I'm a rebel like I can't handle this shit. Like I am the worst person ever. I wouldn't say that like I'm not staying home because I do stay home. But like I'm not afraid to go to the grocery stores and shit like I mean, right I mean our people like not going to the grocery store

Speaker 2: cuz I got my girl by the time

Speaker 1: I'm saying like I go all the time I have to

Speaker 2: I mean that is there still I mean the stores when I first start to happen to look pretty scary like, you know, nothing down the aisles and stuff but they're starting to get

Speaker 1: things, but now it's like finally I'm getting great deals on me and I got a deep freezer

Speaker 2: is amazing if you're going anywhere that gas the other day. It's like 50 Cent's Moore everywhere else, but Costco's cost of the other day was 189. I know it's a gas sound like That's insane to see under $2. But obviously nobody's going anywhere. It's but it's going to be it's going to get even lower course.

Speaker 1: People are so scared like the guy in Circle K today, like he was so fucking annoying like he had his his shirt up over his head over his like nose like this and then the cashier didn't have a glove and he was yelling at the cashier for not having a glove on and I was like bro, like it's not going to fucking get you but calm the fuck down and the cashiers like right and then like the guys like whatever focal you guys. I don't know. I just it's fucking irritating

Speaker 2: but I'm going to single out the the mentally ill people for sure like the people that have been locked up in like Going crazy here. I don't know her like I have people that think they're always sick. And now this shit they're going to think everything's

Speaker 1: allergies allergies over signo could be you might need to take an email and I have like asthma with allergies and it's like you guys it's it's allergy season do people sneeze. It's a thing. I mean just be courteous about it. Like when this first ship broke out though, like Shayla and I were in the Long Beach and it was hilarious cuz people like there is no beyond the streets, but we rented like these birds and I put this mask on my face. I like the fucking. I don't like just talking about like like yeah, like I'm supposed to be home right now. I should be quarantined and I'm shiting myself everywhere I go and like Just talking all kinds of crazy. People are freaking out. It was just it was I thought it was hilarious. Shayla did not think it was funny, but it was fun

Speaker 2: in Ohio. I guess it's a dollar 29 gallon, which is

Speaker 1: pretty.

Speaker 2: Hooked up. It seems

Speaker 1: when I had my Geo Metro I had a it was like an I don't know 2002 maybe or I don't know. Anyways, it was like 99 cents a gallon then and it took me six bucks to fill. My tank is crazy. How old is weather today?

Speaker 2: Fucking weird for a minute

Speaker 1: get your stimulus checks.

Speaker 2: Dude, let's give it up for Trump

Speaker 1: right now. My let's give it up us to a shout out to Trump.

Speaker 2: He's

Speaker 1: coming through

Speaker 2: this next one past where we get 2,000 a month until this is over and then

Speaker 1: I want to fucking $2,000. What what are you going to do with your

Speaker 2: $2,000 a month? Well, I mean the normal soakers blow. Good answer good answer your fucking

Speaker 1: but you have a mortgage and Shake cuz you're not responsible, but you don't have to pay rent

Speaker 2: right now. Rent or mortgage through

Speaker 1: I have a rent. I don't have mortgage

Speaker 2: cuz I know

Speaker 1: but I mean you don't technically don't have to I don't want to play catch up later, but technically could be a dirtbag and just fucking rack it up, you know, like no fucking bills. No nothing. We could just be you know, why couldn't we it's just do that.

Speaker 2: true everybody's hair the other day.

Speaker 1: Doing haircuts. Looks like are you doing that beard on purpose right now Mark or you is that like on purpose or is it just cuz you don't have a groomed like you don't have the you can't go get your haircut.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I can't go to go get my haircut there closest on purpose. Now it's growing out because I can't go to the barber.

Speaker 1: That's a fucking lie. Does your wife like that beard? You know, they say that men are most likely to die. And then with beards are 10 times likelier today just throwing it out there.

Speaker 2: Are you sitting there telling Meto? Everyone's going to die. So like one of those standards on

Speaker 1: sometime? I mean I could die tomorrow just driving to the grocery store to wait in line for an hour for 12 paper

Speaker 2: stand in line. So it could happen. I

Speaker 1: just carry a fucking nice on my keychain just in case my shit talking, you know backfires. Usually it doesn't I have that going for me so far in life. Mostly people just don't fuck with me after I shit talk. But yeah, you never know.

Speaker 2: That is true. I can see you definitely be escalating things or escalating things either way as I was I was not happy about that.

Speaker 1: What did you do?

Speaker 2: I do have cops there to

Speaker 1: throat punch him like he was asking for it. That's what he wanted to do. He was seeing if you were going to throw a punch him. You have a virus in your beard right now. I feel like you should probably go take a shower and shave with the hairs. Are they still on the floor? Because it lives like up to fucking two years. It says or some shit. Did you hear that? It was already like they have already had a vaccine for the shit in 2019 and the fucking virus came out in 2012. It was released. Like let's get conspiracy theory this

Speaker 2: shit.

Speaker 1: I

Speaker 2: don't know. I think it's all a bunch of shit but really that educated about it cuz I don't care that much. I

Speaker 1: just don't stay home. Like I'm not like I'm not going crazy. I really don't think my shit's really changed like too much except for my fucking kids are home. Dude. Let's talk about that some fucking annoying as shit, and I'm supposed to be there fucking teacher. Fuck that. Where's my fucking payment for that

Speaker 2: Trump just gave it to you. That was your payments for you hook you

Speaker 1: up that I'm raising stock. None.

Speaker 2: Like

Speaker 1: I knew I knew spring break. I had shitbag kids. It didn't take a virus to fucking it didn't take a fucking virus. Let's just be real. My kids are fucking like I swear to god, dude. So, I mean we were at the point where we'd really didn't have any fucking money and the Cox went out and these kids aren't talking to me and shit and I'm like, why are you fucking talking to me? And it's cuz I didn't have internet and I was I was like, dude, you know what? I don't know. This is bullshit. I get the I didn't sign up for this like I didn't sign up for this. Anyways, I paid the bill cuz I couldn't take it and they wouldn't be on their video games right now.

Speaker 2: So Trump got you the internet, huh, but I do my stimulus also

Speaker 1: bills. Are you going to pay the bills? I was responsible. I mean I paid rent pay bills paid everything but it was Trump's coming through for these children. I mean, we got to give it up to Trump Obama wouldn't have given us this much money. Well, I heard Bush gave us like fucking the thousand dollars. There was a war though. I don't know. I don't remember.

Speaker 2: I was here that long ago

Speaker 1: Obama just because of 9/11 happen.

Speaker 2: This is a perfect crisis. This is a perfect example on why the government does what they do to us is none of us remember any of that shit and I was like 10 years ago

Speaker 1: right Patrick Buck you Thomas I thought it looked like a woman today. I was trying to go for more of a woman. I have cities Thomas

Speaker 2: and he gave five maybe it depends. Maybe maybe John got six. I think I remember getting 300 from somebody. I don't member who

Speaker 1: I just want I probably wouldn't bought a fucking TV or some stupid shit. What year was that? I don't know mm, cuz you didn't click on it. Has

Speaker 2: a short beard beard. Yeah, it is what it is.

Speaker 1: Bro, how much weight have you gained? I've gained a few pounds. Do you guys I'm not going to lie,

Speaker 2: but you've gained 5 I've been getting a lot dude interview. Yeah. No, I mean, you know some of his muscle and shit, but Don't lie to yourself

Speaker 1: Scott pulling these carpets out and it's not fucking muscle. It's this it's the fucking God damn gummy bears at night. That's what it is. The fucking gummy bears.

Speaker 2: It kicks in.

Speaker 1: I mean you can fucking say that but I mean, what's the point of life? I have four kids dude. So long as you listen. Nobody gives a fuck about your for kids. You don't know my for kids. All right, 7 kids at my house right now that's tested because my daughter is my daughter's friend's her. Mom had to go to the hospital. I don't think for covid could be though who knows she's staying with us and then my niece and my nephew are with me. So I have seven fucking kids when I say like, I have seven kids in my house or not means I actually left at my friend's house so I could not be there with all those fucking kids. I was like, I got to go. I got to go handle shit. Would you guys do if your wife said that to you build just left you with seven kids, would you just deal with it?

Speaker 2: Have fun come back when you want Oh My God. Are use my truck back on Monday to turn my cable that are my turn it back on and then they'll play and then it really said I said

Speaker 1: you can think Trump is that these kids on the internet and we're good. I got to go

Speaker 2: like for real you to go.

Speaker 1: That's what I was saying. I got to go. Yeah, seven of them every time my wife.

Speaker 2: I'll be here and I'll take care of the kids. Same here. That's awesome. Sometimes they come back she still comes back

Speaker 1: you tell her don't come home head. Is that like the secret what's going on? Cuz I don't I don't understand. There we go.

Speaker 2: Are you saying because you get so much flak from your dude? Is that what you're getting?

Speaker 1: Yeah, I know. I got a lot of flak.

Speaker 2: Do you leave a lot? Maybe that's maybe why he's getting most likely

Speaker 1: to be white cookie coming because I have a girlfriend also could be that's why

Speaker 2: it happened.

Speaker 1: I don't know. I mean

Speaker 2: that he doesn't want to partake in the girlfriend

Speaker 1: fun with you. No, it's not a

Speaker 2: possibility. It's not a possibility. on his Earth

Speaker 1: We got to save if a release the juice is the juice is going to get loose going to be on zerofucksgiven podcast can be

Speaker 2: back / save the kids. Do guys like Trump?

Speaker 1: I mean your white multiple listing why people like Trump but a lot of people don't like

Speaker 2: Trump. I don't like any of them

Speaker 1: any of them either like I'm being real.

Speaker 2: That's true. I mean

Speaker 1: I really was like, okay, my thoughts were like Trump's going to their promising all this money. They're promising this unemployment boost bullshit and I thought right before they're supposed to get this money. He's they're going to like have his Network blackout and then every reason to go fucking batshit crazy. like, you know riots and fucking still in shit and everything to go crazy like getting my money like I was ready to go like

Speaker 2: I have Already having a riot in Michigan

Speaker 1: or are they in Michigan near Detroit? They're always in a riot. That doesn't matter that never got the same thing. I was happening last year this time. I don't fucking matter Detroit you there like that's just normal for fucking Detroit, but I think so, aren't they always just fucking killing each other. They're like nobody wants to live there cuz it's all fucking crazy. Whatever. I don't fucking know. I don't know maps and shit. Don't get at me Scott

Speaker 2: started fucking nomaps. Don't at me. So happy with me.

Speaker 1: Matthew. I don't know geography and shit. I know it's up there somewhere. It's like way the fuk up there

Speaker 2: and that's where Michigan is

Speaker 1: cold as fuck and world and we're fucking swimming already. They're fucking freezing your balls off. So that's why they're mad.

Speaker 2: Detroit is in Illinois. That's true there pretty close to each other do audio. See Bush cancer Jonathan Bush give 300. I remember that once. I don't member Obama giving me 500, but maybe he did. We also got a coupon for getting like satellite TV. What the fuc? Yeah.

Speaker 1: What where does this is my Senator? This is bullshit.

Speaker 2: I missed out with us to like, I want to see it. I want to see hear note. Please. Give me your mother fucker. I would like the cable box please for my house. Hey, John, Bruno full of information is left. Yeah, Google. Wait a minute. So Bush gave it in 2018 and Obama gave in 2009. But I mean, I guess it was still shity. I don't even know what would happen. If

Speaker 1: I didn't see any this money. I demand a recount. This is bullshit. I need to get my fucking digital TV. Coupon

Speaker 2: Mason. Yeah. No. Yeah. That's John's being our producer and he's getting it on all straight for a so. Thanks, John. Call John

Speaker 1: Flores.

Speaker 2: She she made the horrible name Dolores. Like it just seemed like a robot lyrics so seamless like fucking

Speaker 1: Dolores such a fucking cunt. She is but I would just say that. I always watched like a fox chain or whatever in the morning. Like it's kind of my fucking thing have a cup of coffee watch the fucking news. Just I can only handle like a couple minutes of it right now. But anyways, can we talk about this is basically as great as they're getting they have podcast quality fucking newscasts fucking going on like

Speaker 2: tuna from home. I hear

Speaker 1: ya like they're all at home like and they have these setup swear. They're just like they're sitting in their fucking giant ugly ass house and they're like hello images. So it's horrible. Like I don't know like, you know, John will tennis like he be going batshit crazy watching Fox 10 bucking she can't stand horrible sound quality, and he I mean, I'm sure they're doing it all over but I'm sure he's having a heyday. Fucking Harry Potter

Speaker 2: and they had audio issues from the start like you couldn't hear

Speaker 1: they have the equipment like they just take it home and it's good. You're good. They're stupid. I I swear to God that these newscasters like I was like, this is what we do all the time. This is already what we're doing and it's fucking box10. Like I don't know. It's fucking crazy. Unlike I sound better than this fucking cunt on fucking Fox 10. What is she thinking all in with you fucking Williams? Have you seen Wendy Williams broadcasting from home? This bitch is eating her fucking eggs in her fucking grits and shit locked up in New York looking like ET in the fucking scene where he came out of the fucking closet with fucking earrings all that shit on his that's what she looks like. She is she is not she does not have her makeup people. She

Speaker 2: is a

Speaker 1: lamp that is needs I get a good lamp some shit like this could a fucking scarf over something you look like shit like you look like ET she can't do her own makeup to save her life like I don't know like nothing is holding up. All that Botox is fucking going away is horrible like these people. I don't even know how they're doing it. I think Ellen doing that looks normal just because I want doesn't have to try hard to look at it as being the most adorable. to say fucking giambruno. Who is this?

Speaker 2: in our producer Auburn the producer Larry has a new producer. Thanks, John.

Speaker 1: Is he talking shit about us right now? Like the delay

Speaker 2: scare your kind of went to a defensive march today, but seems are you okay? Are you feeling okay? You have a cough or what? No, are you talking to me? Oh, yeah, I was asking to make you feel like you're kind of defensive today like your you are and you said okay and asked if we had a cough or a little fever or what's going on?

Speaker 1: I'm fucking great. Do I fill this do I steam defensive

Speaker 2: you're getting a woman

Speaker 1: and I just ended my. So, this is just like I'm fucking Pleasant today. You guys are getting like the best me as good as I'm going to get for a while

Speaker 2: did so so it'd be perfect for

Speaker 1: us classic emotions are high crying. There's no way I'm talking like I was like neck-deep in a fucking bag of Cheetos and fucking I didn't have time for this podcast today. I'm doing well. Yeah, hot Flamin Hot did Flamin Hot? I like to feel like shit the next day. Punishment that's what I get for eating the bag of Cheetos.

Speaker 2: It should be punished with nitrogen producer

Speaker 1: coupons for digital and fucking coupons. I want to fucking coupon or get your coupon. Don't worry I going to get

Speaker 2: I'll figure it out. How has zerofucksgiven been like? What's the what's going on? Are you guys around a little bit of a Hiatus but now it seems that you guys are back.

Speaker 1: When is the bike I swear to God? My life has been like it's been crazy. So I actually did do a live 2 weeks ago and it was fun but a good time but yeah, it's just been it's been fucking crazy. We're still we're still there.

Speaker 2: We're still doing it.

Speaker 1: Yeah, he's amazing. He was going to do a new spin-off of podcast, but he hasn't like it's not like completed yet. But I totally support he like, you know, it's just this whole thing's kind of crazy which it should be more time for us to be getting together and doing podcast but like I don't know. Yeah, I hope to like get more in-depth into my fucking life here one of these fucking days, but it's not going to be right now, but it's

Speaker 2: been crazy about

Speaker 1: my life and things that are going on but like it's just not appropriate at this

Speaker 2: moment

Speaker 1: you

Speaker 2: matter to us whether

Speaker 1: you know, but it's just you got to have permission from the people involved. So they divulge and I'm saying which I never have permission from anybody to do anything that I fucking want.

Speaker 2: So make a new podcast. Don't tell anybody about it and then just go on rants. Yeah, three facts given that's it.

Speaker 1: That's all it's allowed. Yeah, but it's been good. Like I mean, we're still like him and I have a really good fucking relationship in like we both like we get along we we we talked about everything that's going on. But yeah, he's he wants to get going when he wants to get going on my bro. It's on a good day. And then when I'm like, hey, let's do it. He's like I can't so it's just been like it's been so inconsistent that like it's hard to get rolling to get back from Ryan's fucking hilarious and he's amazing and we have a really good, you know back and forth fucking action going on. So we always have a good time. But yeah. John Bruno

Speaker 2: -3 fucks given

Speaker 1: I

Speaker 2: like my freedom producer. The definitely gets a merch for a John. We did open up a merch store while we do have a more store. And yeah, we got socks and t-shirts and stickers with her with her. We changed our whole thing. We rebranded like Mark said earlier so our whole this is not the same anymore like this

Speaker 1: shit. I'm glad I fucking didn't do the business on 2020 cuz I would have lost it. Anyways. Will you fuck that shit? He probably would the fucking happened. I wouldn't fucking qualify. They would have it would have given me some bullshit about it. Like you've done your taxes and fucking the whole time that you've been a pot business. I would have had some bullshit come back at me.

Speaker 2: I was trying to peer pressure other businesses. Yeah, are you still going I was on board with doing it their Mark and then the next day it was already gone. So it's not my fault. I tried the next day, but obviously Don't worry 200 billion dollars is coming here. Pretty soon. Yeah, bro, he would definitely be it's going to be a trump supporter for sure. If he was getting that.

Speaker 1: I want to fucking I want a yacht we should just party on a yacht. Let's just find some yacht and just fucking shoot whoever's fucking on it and then just go

Speaker 2: where crazy times it's allowed. It's a lot right now.

Speaker 1: Studies on anything crazier just like you think a lot of the rich

Speaker 2: people eating a lot of rich people are just out on our Yachts for sale in the ocean and like stay away from everybody.

Speaker 1: I don't I think that the rich people already have the virus the fucking antivirus. That's why they're just

Speaker 2: chilling

Speaker 1: that's going

Speaker 2: to run them. That was

Speaker 1: somebody already found somebody already won the bet they were like who's going to ride it first? And then somebody said Detroit and put fucking 10 grand on it for fucking 10 to 1 and they fucking their Rich right now cuz they chose Detroit Easy Choice. Each when they're betting on all the shit. Did you guys see the fucking preview for the movie that's coming out in September with like Matt Damon in like some other fucking cunt and they there it's legit the fuck shit that we're going through right now.

Speaker 2: Is it like a pandemic kind of movie? No. In September,

Speaker 1: what's that about? I don't

Speaker 2: have Standard TV. So I don't know. What's the South Park the whole movie? South Park the Coon America, yeah.

Speaker 1: But it's it's kind of like teen America to but it's not because it's about a virus. It's basically the life that we're living right now. They're talking about like, you know, it's just it's exactly are going through its fuk. It. It's by the time you should start up as guarantee that it's going to be with in September of 2020 cuz the fucking movie theaters are really sitting there real FICO watch. Am I coming out here just going to that. It's okay that they have a movie about it now, which they made last year, I'm a fucking retard. Resume the same in every Focus movie. Sky's a fucking piece of shit. Yeah, and somebody else to

Speaker 2: see was really good in the Martian

Speaker 1: didn't even know if fucking

Speaker 2: existed. What's a good movie to potatoes? So I was going to have you been looking at the sky a lot more lately clear? You can actually see it,

Speaker 1: but you can see that on the Internet or some shit. It's on Flat Earth cam

Speaker 2: amazing.

Speaker 1: Yes putter., gives you all the answers.

Speaker 2: I mean I'm just

Speaker 1: saying dude. Oh my God. I can't I can't with this fucking shit fucking Matt Damon

Speaker 2: about around this time right now in in the valley and look up you'll be able to see them just it is like patches of them Flat Earth. Cam is on the thing

Speaker 1: fucking playing with you bro. Did you really going to

Speaker 2: try to get up? There is Flat Earth is flat Earth 101. Flat Earth is flat Earth 101. So there I believe it. Top top 10 proofs that

Speaker 1: it's real. Okay, so I'm really retarded. I'm pretty dumb like I'm not going to sit here and act like I'm a really smart woman like

Speaker 3: I think I might streets are

Speaker 1: like, I'm really I might be street smart like I

Speaker 2: could like there's no woman.

Speaker 1: Like I'm not book smart. I know a lot of women that are really educated in like and like I just please talk really big words in them like this. I need a fucking, that sucked out like I don't understand anything that you're saying but they like I'm pretty much like in that that range of like American like dumb American and I want to like dumb myself down but I really am like, I just one of those people that like the flat-earth fucking conspiracy shit literally makes sense to me like they convinced they can I don't believe the Earth is flat but like Vera series like I'm like, it's fucking true man fucking true like a YouTuber can convince me that there at the spa. Because it makes more sense to me like in my like little brain lights like understand that I can't grasp the fact that the Earth is spinning this fast this mini tilts and whatever the fuck numbers like, I don't get any of that the flat earth makes more sense to me just saying

Speaker 2: that like a long time ago about how we don't believe and I don't believe in Australia make its non-existence. Please people really believe that they

Speaker 1: believed Antarctica is like a is the edge of the world looks like the tip of the cereal bowl. That's all Antarctica is

Speaker 2: the post out there about it. Like it's a meme. Hey is Australia real. Have you ever been to Australia? No. Yes, you're lying. Australia isn't real.

Speaker 1: This thing was posted

Speaker 2: over a year ago when we had Mugsy the rapper on wild underscore NOAA goes Americans reading this. I know Australia's real fucking around. How did you guys find out this happened? Just yesterday I posted on it. That's awesome. So Heather on your website that you follow which is flatearth101. Com is are number one. Top 10 things on proof on why Flat Earth is real they have an amateur photo of somebody you set up like a weather balloon to space and I took a picture and it's the earth looks flat and then they showed a NASA GoPro showing of the Earth was round. So there was like oh so NASA is lying to us that their number one proof. That the Earth is actually fly. So that's

Speaker 1: the man in the boat Theory. That's like one of their main ones were like of the manibo is on my forever. What is finger

Speaker 2: baby finger bang and have to do with this?

Speaker 1: The fuck are you talking about Dolores?

Speaker 2: It's fucking Belcher. It is your internet

Speaker 1: listen.

Speaker 2: Domenica new that's a

Speaker 1: little bit country. I'm not so crazy.

Speaker 2: Anyway, I

Speaker 1: don't know what the hell it's called. But it's the flattest one supposedly. There's like a guy and he's like I said, I'm I'm fucking dumb. I don't know these names and shit. It's just the things that I've watched anyway, so that's their main thing is it it's apparently if the Earth is a such-and-such diameter it supposed to at 6 Mi be able to do this the curve should be started. So it is certain. amount of miles away technically the guy that standing there looking with the binoculars should not be able to see the guy in the boat on the flattest river ever. That's what they're saying. And so like that's the thing so he should already be if the numbers are what NASA in the the what we've been taught in our education books and whatever the fuck if those are all true. Then the the curvature of the earth should start at 6 point something miles and technically if he's if he's gone so many miles away. He should already you shouldn't be able to see in the point of sight should be out of the way because of yeah. Anyways, that's about as scientific as I'm in a fucking get with that. But look that shit up. I don't know what they said. It was like I was like, oh my God, it's so fucking true. Look look at you can see it as a diagram. It's fucking real. Like that's what I'm saying. I don't believe it. I'm just saying that like, my fucking mind is like that could be possible. We could be being lied to I forgot that I was I don't know fucking goddamn rocket ship. I never gone in the fucking space in like yep, Earth is fucking around. I can't say that it just like saying you believe in God like who is seen God people that are fucking dead. You don't know unless you've been there. I don't know. I'm not going to kill I can't tell myself and come back to know God is real. I'm just

Speaker 2: soaking it is a movie called flatliners flatliners. They die and come back

Speaker 1: movie. It's not real. Okay, those are emotional

Speaker 2: characters in the movie. So I think it's somewhat real What about that? I go to purgatory and they got to like try their case at it with a judge that they were a good person. And then either go to heaven or hell. Remember that movie were you a good person or were you not in your in purgatory until the trial is over but you that shit's real?

Speaker 1: Who is hell and I believe like I believe where I believe more like spiritual. I'm not really into Like Heaven or Hell or God or Matthew. I think it's all a bunch of bullshit. This is how I feel I believe God exists. I don't believe Jesus is the way to God. I don't believe fucking Muhammad or fucking all are with whoever the fuck they want to worship is the way to God

Speaker 2: life pompanette on my own time, but now my own personal homework. So watch it. What is it called Defender Defenders of life or defending life your life Defending Your Life.

Speaker 1: What's all the garbage? I probably won't be watching it. Just saying it's a kind of interesting at all. And I

Speaker 2: fight until where you go.

Speaker 1: Like, they're alive dead. You're not actually die.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so they did they show how they died how they got their Meryl Streep's in it. Who else is in it? Anybody famous can't remember his freaking name, Meryl Streep. She is she is her

Speaker 1: vagina is just like full of dust just fucking trying to preserve it. But if there's no chance it's

Speaker 2: done. Dolores come down Defending Dolores

Speaker 1: is supposed to keep your fucking mouth shut during these podcast, but she has never learned

Speaker 2: that she a part-time bus driver

Speaker 1: bag hag and that's all she is. associate part-time bus driver She's a part-time bus driver.

Speaker 2: Who'da thought her youth. One bus driver at a

Speaker 1: time.

Speaker 2: So she's a happy.

Speaker 1: She's a child of God and Jesus the assistant for zero Fox given. She wanted the opportunity. We gave it to her.

Speaker 2: Does she want to does she want to and pay jobs? If John doesn't work out.

Speaker 1: I mean he

Speaker 2: did John back out. I can size you were drunk. John Gotti John Gotti

Speaker 1: Where you at? How can people do you have watching right now

Speaker 2: 2-0.

Speaker 1: -3 people watching

Speaker 2: the three of us actually watching ourselves. Just ask watching ourselves. I don't check the movie 7 to 7 Stars at a time. That's not bad as it sounds

Speaker 1: horrible.

Speaker 2: What kind of movies do you like Heather?

Speaker 1: I like movies that like where people die. Like I like if you're if I give it gets me right away. Like if you if there's a murder scene like right up front. It's got me. I'm like, let's go. I don't know why it's a guy like that Gore and shit 3 from hell. I watched recently really I just love all the Rob Zombie movies like they're so great.

Speaker 2: I just like rob

Speaker 1: a house of a Thousand Corpses. I just watched your mom's really good. I'm not really like the movies that they show on Netflix or so, you can go like the shity like horror movies on their kind of funny ones, but I'm really kind of into everything but that was one of the ones that I just watched that I really liked

Speaker 2: like a horror Gore kind of

Speaker 1: like movies that I get me like, I like shows a Grammy or did you ever watch the sinner? Like that shit was just intense dude, like from the gecko like it's a series on Netflix. Oh my God. I

Speaker 2: didn't didn't they make movies. They made movies in they

Speaker 1: Center. There's movies at Center but the center like on Netflix the series and it just that first episode dude. I mean like it's not even probably 15 minutes in your just like what the fuck is crazy. So right now I'm kind of watching this show on Showtime. It's called the affair and it's kind of cool cuz it shows like everybody is like perspectives like this going through this situation. There was like seven season. So I thought well if its 7 Seasons got to be good and then I did watch the show

Speaker 3: that fucking my wife.

Speaker 2: She's she won't she won't like to have the less than six seasons.

Speaker 1: Night, I'll watch a one season one. But it it's just I just depends like that. What else should I wear? This is knit dad kidding that Jim Carrey

Speaker 2: show.

Speaker 1: I don't know. I like it. I like Jim Carrey, but I like Jim Carrey for a lot of reasons. But I mean he's fucking funny but I like him for a lot of other reasons too. But yeah, it's pretty good

Speaker 2: pretty funny. You mind if he joins us

Speaker 1: just send him a fucking link hugging in you just have to let him in.

Speaker 3: I'm in piano shit.

Speaker 2: Fire and maybe fire situation ever, but I'm glad that you're part of the team

Speaker 3: and impromptu. Quarantine thing to do, you know

Speaker 2: filling in filling in

Speaker 1: for the little Mexican. We got John here.

Speaker 3: Actually I do but Robert Robert live next to us with a couple roommates. So we got to know Albert is Albert Camus wet, and I know Albert as well, but the story probably more I'd have to sit and think more but that topic did you see the Tapatio text?

Speaker 2: Yes. Yes.

Speaker 3: Oh my God, you had to have seen that cuz it was just like all the sudden his face is on that bottle and right with that sombrero and whatnot.

Speaker 2: That's true. Only Frank on Alberto

Speaker 3: Robert Robert Robert live with Mark bike and they were there apartments for back to back with me and my buddy Kenny in Vegas and we got to know each other and it was good. It was probably the height of our craziness in Vegas that that it is that time frame. Yeah. Oh, yeah, lots of fun then.

Speaker 2: Yeah. She wanted to discuss for sure

Speaker 3: that it was a lot. There was a lot of funny things. You know. Anyway, let's talk about whatever you guys were talking about.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I'm going to say cuz your story was boring.

Speaker 3: I'm just getting these

Speaker 2: brand new. Look at it. The prop ready for the guitar. That's awesome.

Speaker 3: What I do, I'm actually I was watching you guys on the big screen in there. But here that leads me into a story. I don't know if you guys any of you got this email right so I could be late with the story, but I just got one yesterday and it seems that this was going on back as far as back 2018. I get this email that tells me. We got your password and they showed me a password that I use but I use it on things that aren't important. It's a quick easy one to remember and then if there's just a extremely way to email about that. I went into the porn sites and it triggered there spyware. So

Speaker 2: this happened to

Speaker 3: Heather did you get this and they want $2,000 in Bitcoin or they'll send it to six people that you on your on your mailing list on your because they can't go on this big like the thing about they got all your contacts from your email and Facebook. And are you going to be able to look at people in the eye after it is send this back and I'm laughing cuz I first I go. I'm thinking right now. I don't have a fucking video camera on my computer. The one I watch porn on that's the worst case scenario 6 people. I know get a video of me jerking off. That's not worth $2,000, right? I mean they're going to turn it off right away. I'll tell you what it is. You can watch it if you want to but you know what I'm saying, like like that sounds like then I got the second one today. But what makes this is funny yesterday is I get this email like an hour later by one friend calls me and he goes do do I got to talk to you and I go what's up and he goes you got to keep this on the down low and I'm like, what do did you like? I got this email and I go let me guess they want $2,000 or they're going to send a video of you jerking off the six people. He's like, yeah. What woman played the wildling to trade cuz if they had something like that they would give you a little taste of what they got to give you the show you their not playing around, right? I want to see what I look like, you know,

Speaker 2: it's just you and a camera like this

Speaker 3: but I've never watched myself either

Speaker 1: one of you talking with your guitar, you're just so you didn't have your dick in her head the same thing and your face is a lot more like stupid just like

Speaker 3: right but I've never seen that

Speaker 1: might die tomorrow this covid-19 make love to yourself man. Go fuc yourself. Just do it. Look yourself in the eyes and fucking pound it

Speaker 3: or I would like one of the things I was thinking, you know, okay, you know what you look like. Oh, but I really never witnessed. I

Speaker 1: need to know what you look like with those fucking bitches in your life

Speaker 3: had to go through your

Speaker 1: fucking face as you pay

Speaker 3: for Every Man

Speaker 1: Has a fucking stupid look on their face when they stuck in coming to the stupidest thing ever if I had a hard dick is literally goes off at that moment. It's horrible allergy look like It's a fucking

Speaker 2: horrible.

Speaker 1: And look pretty when they come. You men. Look stupid as a

Speaker 3: percent sexy

Speaker 1: women are sexy men. You just look like

Speaker 3: yeah,

Speaker 1: I imagine how we feel. We're just like look at this dumb mutherfucka to look like he had too much fucking spyware and he can't even fucking shit. That's what you look like.

Speaker 3: What's that bass cover? What is he is he any goal? Is this are

Speaker 1: we were done over done now. Okay. All right. Yeah. Just go fuc yourself, John and see what you look like. I Dare You Jungle Book. Just look at me. I just fucking Deadeye yourself.

Speaker 3: Just yeah, you motherfucker.

Speaker 1: Yeah, that's going to

Speaker 3: be you know, it's not it's going to it's going to be self-defeating. You know what I mean? Hopefully you email that to

Speaker 1: yourself in the mirror. When you can believe

Speaker 3: one of the one of the things they put this email with parentheses. I'm sorry. I'm taking up too much cock. What was one of the things in the email if you put in parentheses, they put the You're into some weird things LMAO and I'm glad that that's what another read another clue that I knew that they were just trying to bulshit because I'm going natural pitch. That's not weird. You know what I mean? Like Puerto Rican girl, that's not strange

Speaker 1: fucking search engine of khorne that they could find on you Jon like with fucking no arms.

Speaker 2: Did they meant they're mentioning some of your searches?

Speaker 3: No, that's why I'm saying if that's what I would do if I was asked extort somebody right because everybody uses PornHub guess the other one has something but again, come on stories. I'm sorry. Worst case scenario 6 people. I know get a pic video. That's big deal. You can open it. Whatever

Speaker 1: John is the other site gaping

Speaker 3: That's a good one. I'm not a gaping anus kind of guy

Speaker 1: sure. He'll let you

Speaker 2: know.

Speaker 3: Yeah, I got you. I got you pegged as

Speaker 1: our job, but that's

Speaker 3: it. Chili Pepper

Speaker 1: pictures of the red-hot

Speaker 3: troop Orange.

Speaker 2: All right. Well genre is a good hide and I miss it was appreciate that, most listened episode. I hope this one also hit the charts. Were there or their surprise surprise producer John on the thank you John.

Speaker 3: 4:12 John 4:16 a Beer soda,

Speaker 2: Albert and Robert. So we're going to have to get some stories from you at some

Speaker 3: point holyshit me to start calling on that, you know this Ballin Out nothing beats them to laughing. It's her laugh is so contagious is funny to make them laugh because I didn't get you laughing and everybody else around. You know, if you're ever stand up comedian plant them to in the front row, you know what I mean? Good night. See you later. Bye. Bye. Bye.

Speaker 2: She left us out. That's what I was thinking. We will then Heather didn't even know she and drop her stuff. So make sure those listening go check out zerofucksgiven Google check us out on our new website Amigos revamps completely. So check that out cuz immersed or like we mentioned everything else any grievances. You got to let go Scott. I have grievances know I'm just asking to you. I just I just wish I was here and that would have been a good episode with Hannah said she had a long lost friend chime in who it would have been awesome for him to to talk to but yeah, you can you can hit up zerofucksgiven a hashtag zerofucksgiven on Instagram. Hopefully that's their site if it might be somebody else's just yeah, but yeah Heather in the gang there there they do good stuff. And like we said they're number one on our show or on our history of that. So it's go back and listen to zerofucksgiven episode 61. I think it is and it's a good good time that we had other on and good call back. And you froze.

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