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Episode 66. A Comedy-Advice Podcast Stephen Settanni in port a potty talk

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Okay. Monique, we said thank you. Yeah, okay. Don't tell the other amigos. But I almost fell asleep listening to Scott Rambo. was definitely bought. And he's on here right now. Yeah. Thanks, buddy. Thanks for the feedback. It wasn't pocho Okay. me brother. Mark is like his brother more Ark is the only reason I listened to the podcast. It was a that was a comment man Mark made up. No, it was not it was definitely I wrote them before we started. Next one is I'm gonna inscribe, subscribe to the show until Mark comes back on the pot. Three real comments. And two of those were yours. Yeah. Sorry, point. Still feedback. Yeah. So bad. Any feedbacks better than no feedback. So thank you. pocho and mark on money. Yeah, that was her. That was her for sure. Yeah. spousal support. Nicely done. I'm going to try to get rid of your Echo take over the next what we can so we're gonna Yeah, we're gonna talk about so you were gone you do this every what you've done this for like the last four episodes and I keep forgetting I'm ready to run things. Yeah, somewhat runs things What am I bro? Yes. Um, so yeah, so you were gone in California? It was you can hear the echo right here Yeah, that's just you bro I don't know, any one of those get on the mic. I'm on the mic. Oh, just better, better. Alright, so it does sound better though, you know, it's like good sabia like this whole time. Yeah. So you were out of town, and then when we're done I'm gonna Photoshop a PDF like this. Yeah, the whole time just resting on the nose. So you were at a town you went to California Universal Studios. I did. I didn't go to Universal Studios. Tell us tell us how that went when we were gone and do an awful show that no one listened to. And no one liked. Yeah. Supposedly. Yeah. So tell us how that went. Like your feedback on on the comments, obviously. Oh, you're hoping that we're gonna have more? Yeah. But why they're just more fun you comments, like I said, I swear they were not written by me. Like I said, well feedbacks better than no feedbacks. Yeah, that's true. So I had a lot of fun. Yeah. Even though one person here said that the park was a bunch of bullshit. There was just a lot of first time experiences where you go by yourself. You looked at him? No, I went family. Okay. He was in the kids. He looked at him and I feel the same way though. Like, I wasn't when I went. I wasn't a big fan of it either. You've been to university. No, I haven't. Okay. I went last week this year, this year. You're disappointing. Yeah, I was more I thought it was gonna be more I guess I was gonna like, like you were going to go into like a stage or, you know, in every there was like a little stage that you could go to and it's ga now. Well, that's a Yeah. So he thought he was gonna go into an actual studio and watch filming happen or something like that, I think because you gave me that impression right away like I didn't expect that. So I hope you're having low expectations. And yeah, so yeah, I went with low expectations, and it just exceeded all of them. Because that actually was my favorite thing. And that's the very first thing we did on the very first day that we were there was the backlot tour. Well, that's, you see, I did that towards the end. So it was a very quick still I kind of expected that. The whole thing to be like that. Like the backlot tour, yeah, well, what's the backlog? the backlog backlog? In the backlog in the back? Yeah. back. It's pretty much that's what they do they get a little trolley and take you around. And you get to see like, the stage where they did back in the future, you won't have a clock. You know, that's what that's kind of what I expected the whole thing to be like, but it was only one little person eternal trolley. Yeah, every single that's an hour long ride, though. Like you sitting there. And then you see, yeah, the jobs, jobs to come. And all that stuff. That's pretty cool. So that's what I kind of that's what my expectation was, but the entire time, yes. So you just want you to hang on to that. I thoroughly enjoyed that entire, like a full hour of it. There were two CGI parts to that because they're like trying to bring you into the movie. Yeah, they were had to be my favorite part. I thought the the Transformers ride though was pretty cool. My son Oh yeah, that was pretty cool. Yeah, no, I like no no it's pretty cool yes so bad. Oh, here well we can share one I don't even know how there's so much in here though right? Yeah, yeah I can't hear anything. No fucking porta potty. Does guys that is accurate high fiving the porta potti fancy adapters like these guys are comments no one wants to listen to you anyways I'm gonna be quiet swear I didn't say was pocho when I wrote these comments and just The phone the phone. Show the phone. Dude, that's such a lie. Anyway. So no, I had a good time. We'll try Duff Beer for the first time. That was cool. Yeah. And it that is like a one and done thing at a park because those motherfuckers are $6 16 $16 Yeah. How big is this? Yeah. $1 an ounce. Yeah, it's like gold. No. Gold. Oh my god. I like Jurassic Park. That was a good a good ride. The new one, right? Yeah, the new we went to the old one. There was an old Jurassic World change. They made it better. They did. Yeah, they upped it up. They made it better. Okay, I don't think your mic is on. Yeah. Pablo says Scott. sounds horrible. Thanks. Hello. Hello, hello. Wait, hold on. Hello. No still I better. I'll figure it out. Purposely done this sabotage you just gotta tell like it's not like it's almost picking them up. Yeah, right. I think it is. Wait, is it? Is it plugged in? echo echo my echoing supporter body mic. Nice. Like we were saying this is our first episode early. I feel like it deprived you have the premium ceramic toilet. You get the porcelain. You get the other day. Yeah. I got the blue shit. And the next guy is knockin Come on, man. Go to the Qt they have nicer bass. Is it in? I don't know. That sounds a little better now. I don't know it does. No It sounds better. It sounds better feels like you open the door the porta potty. Yeah. There's less better tonin Yeah. A little bit Yeah. Wow figured it out. Not really you still kind of better than was sabotage sabotage by the by the engineer. sabotage but so just to talk about my universal experience Yeah. So your ASIC Park wasn't it was the older one when I went when you so when I was he was the same one like it was the like the thing popped up like the one dinosaur that shoots out the thing? Yeah, that was there. No different now. They did dress stuff. Oh really? Oh, it's updated. I knew they were doing that. I heard that the commercials were yelled in and everything. And it opened I think July or something. Yeah, it was fairly new and before so I don't know. It was it is still a water ride. It was okay. But it wasn't drastic world of just dressing park right. That's kind of like you went Oh no, no, no, you're still in the floaty Little Rock thing so it wasn't a blog It was like a law or was it a rat lock sounds way too dangerous. Yeah. ran away. But maybe it wasn't Oh, yeah, it was a rat. Yeah, I don't know it was all it was all Jurassic World themed and like as soon as we entered into like the first part of it, which is perch, partial CGI, with the fucking big croc one from one of the, I think the first one. Like it jumps out of the water. Yeah, that's cool. Whatever was there? There was a dolphin or shark shark, it was a shark. Yeah. Wow. That's pretty cool. Um, you know, it hits the side of the wall via CGI and and all of a sudden water everywhere and we got so Really? Yeah, I don't remember getting so No, no Yeah. Why don't you hit the side of the wall? Was he drunk drinking in an argument with his fucking threw a fist right into a wall you got him in a really bad time. I mean he's fucking in he's in a park and he's he's an efficient prisoner travel prisoner almost like a guy on a podcast and a porta potti Yeah, I'm almost out but it's it is. No, no, he's just bringing it up. I love Poor guy sounded like he was a little echoey to Who said that? No papa said just cut Scott out thanks pocho one love buddy happy faces Wait wait till we meet again this shit like beat it to each other when one arm and she's gonna fight with knives pocho we're gonna film that when we go Yeah. Is he? Yeah. Is this handler gonna drive them? Haha tacos the one that drives he does oh he doesn't know yeah cuz he has a CDL so he drives everywhere. Oh I didn't know that good for Papa What do you mean he got? Yeah while we were here probably on the show I believe recording I believe it anyways okay moving on I will say this My eldest daughter got stuck on the mummy ride, wouldn't you? Oh, I didn't do that once once I did. You know, like the Indiana Jones wrap kinda it's you're in a jeep and you're like fucking driving all over the place. So there's a spot where you stop and backwards. Yeah. stopped and it didn't go. Yeah, really. And then when they finally got it to go again, it stopped again. But because a guy had his phone out, and they they were like, we're not turning right back on so you turn your phone back? Yeah, yeah. Wow, that's, that's all right. Yeah, they were strict about it. Yeah. Universal Studios. And then we got to meet Bumblebee and we got to meet Optimus Prime I thought I knew my my uh, my little one dude he he's like yeah, loved it. Yeah, I'm sure shit yeah, probably what made it too because like he was all about he got you know to take pictures and interact with minions he got you know all the little Shit that he likes. Yeah, that's not Disney related. He got to interact with me like even more. I think maybe I would have liked it if my first time whenever when I was a kid. Okay, and you didn't know it was slamming Quantum Leap then that's true. You know I mean if you're like, whenever you have all the time we literally own time. Yeah. As soon as you seen the clock tower, you're gonna be like, Alright, I'll be back in two minutes because it's gonna clock back. And then you know now as you guys are talking about it, I did go to Universal Studios, but I locked that memory out. When I was a kid, no, I was a kid. And I didn't I wasn't able to distinguish reality from fantasy. So remember that back tour, backdoor tour, whatever it's called. And then I remember jaws coming out Yeah, go and get the shit out afterwards. Wasn't number one. Depends to the person when there's too much story plot. backdoor to come again. There were pirates in a weird turn. Yeah. That's something that I wonder it was back in the day was it all just regular rights had to be because there wasn't well if you paid attention to a mechanical shark, it's the guy shark, sir. Ah, you paid him two more minutes at your break. If you paid attention the tour when it first open they just had fucking stadium seats were because everything was silent movies back when I was naked. Yeah, you should. He should have said he should have seen people will pay like a nickel to a nickel. nickel. Yeah. You gotta be Nancy. I'm to watch and they couldn't screw anything up because it was all silent movies back then. So if you paid attention to the tour, I don't want to ruin it any further. But yeah, don't get to me. I think the tour thing was the best part. Everything else was that good. And that was for me. It was the same thing I want at the end. Like Albert did like it was a very good day. I did. I did at the end. I had all the other crap but as soon as I found out it was an hour long I'm like, I want to get this out of the way immediately because there's not that many during the day. That's a long time. What if you have to go to the bathroom or something? If they Yeah, they got this thing? Yeah. drops from the ceiling. You tell the lady that's why they're playing on the ship loses altitude and like that and they just go walk into the one of the buildings that are there on set and you just, you know, pee in backlot marking territory. Yes, my movie. While you're in the back, there was anything filmed when you were going through it. No, they said if we came through because we went through the set of what? the afterlife show. Oh, we heard of it. Dan Edwards. Yeah. Chris Edwards. No, it isn't the guy that's like, Oh, your dad is speaking to me. Yeah, well, studios thing he has a show. Well, they do any like, it's not just universe like it is universal. So yeah. You could just rent a lot for time. Like if you were to rent a spot. I see. Yeah, sir. Like I said, I when we went they were filming. Yeah, they're like, they're like, quiet. They're filming. I mean, I don't know what the fuck they were filming there was over in the window. just hung over. Yeah, I'm sure you guys are gonna laugh. When you go down, you can see the city one I think was the city part. Like it looks like downtown. Yeah. Down there. They were filming something that you're the common but maybe either way, better than the echo or Razzie whatever so they were doing that something was something was filming but I don't know what it was and say what it was or like we can't tell you what's filming relies on bullshit. They say like they're saying someone was hungover. Couldn't fucking laugh. It's probably what really happened. We normally don't have this many technical difficulties. It's me. There's at least one or two. I have an aura. I am from Sedona. Maybe I brought my vortex energy back some rocks, maybe. love doing that. Oh, you do? That's what I do on my podcast. That was your guys's school mascot, right stack rocks. Yeah. Which stacks I was actually I was from Cottonwood, not Sedona so it's not even close to set up for it. Is it? 20 minutes. Okay. All right. Yeah. as the crow flies in Cottonwood, as the horse rides, it's about 40. Are the UFO drops off? Aren't they really big on the in Sedona? in Sedona? Yes, their UFO tours. Yeah, I used to lead them. I was like, their aliens knows what I was talking about. Yeah. We're talking about the Making a Murderer thing or we're not even into. We haven't even gotten into his that we touched on before up your podcast. Yeah, go ahead. Tell us a little bit about your podcast. Give us some insight into your world. And I have a couple questions. No, I'm glad you asked mark. Thank you. So my podcast is called hyperbole. That's probably the biggest regret is naming it that because no one knows how to pronounce it. But what we do it's a self help podcast for the helpless what we do is we we pluck horrible questions from horrible people. And we answer them with reciprocity of horror. I don't know. Anyway, so it's kinda like that basically for 15 minutes but we we have ridiculous questions give ridiculous answers as also we expanded it. So we give celebs advice because they need advice to businesses. So we take one star reviews from businesses a lot of business owner out. Yeah. If they're listening if they're listening. Yeah. Yeah. Which they probably are. Because I mean, have you ever tagged any of the businesses? I have not, but I should. Yeah, you should. Every episode you do that you are. That's a good idea. That's a good idea. You may get hate mail and or bombs in your box. But no, no, you'd be like, Oh, thanks for trying to turn that around. I hope not. Also, we push it on David Attenborough pretty hard. So I don't want to give him a heart attack or Yeah, she's listening even attack him. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, but that's that's the gist of it. Is it local businesses that you do or is it Just any business that you see a one star it? That's a good question. It used to be any business but we started to go local. We're trying to be local friendly. So we're supporting the local business. Okay. Yes. All Arizona, but I'm not sure if that's friendly, but we're helping them out. Yeah. Oh, he saw we saw you had a one star Business Bureau. And so we tried your enchiladas. We have to say another one star. How are you? How are you in operation right now? Understand? Yeah. Our advice to you close down. Start over. It wasn't there was a nice decor in the place. Maybe still furniture. Good service, I guess. Yeah. I see that a lot. was horrible. But the place was nice. Yeah. Maybe do a cleaning service. My waitress was amazing. Food was shit. Yeah. She was super nice. So yeah, you have three guests or not three, three hosts right three hosts Rios is one of them. Jarvis Jarvis Jarvis. What does he sound like? I don't know who Jarvis is. One of them sounds very animatronic during your recording. Really? Yeah, I can't. Is it me in it? Yeah, I can. It's not me. I don't sound that way. I do I Oh, no, they're on to me. So don't you guys don't question the same place? Or do you is a remote like, wow, no, we don't we all do a remote because we can't stand each other. So we get down. We live three blocks from each other. But we do Google Hangouts because yeah, so that no, this is why actually so we started I was living in New York at the time. Yeah. And this was a way for me to catch up with my brother's room and then we would hang out and start talking and we gave a structure to it. Okay, so Then I moved here, but then we never ended up getting together. Yeah, it's a real shame. Now you're gonna go back though and listen to some episode you're gonna figure out who you're trying to figure out who's now now I want to know Jarvis so just some context is Jarvis is from from Iron Man. That's you, robot. Robot voices. Oh, so stupid. So that's kind of where he's coming from. With that, so it's it is kind of Yeah, that's my bad I should have known that. I should have known that. I've seen all the all the iron in all. I've seen all 17 Iron Man. ones without Robert Downey. Don Cheadle. Poor guy. Anyway. But yes, Jarvis. It's all it's all comes so yeah. So you have to you have to listen in. Yeah, everyone has to listen and find out Jarvis. Yeah, that's true everybody please let's check out who Jarvis is. Who do you think Jarvis is? But I have to say we we are going to start doing it together. Okay are starting to get guests starting to go say yes now so. So we're getting some equipment to get it all in one place. Okay, and I'd like to extend the invite to you guys ever want to definitely Yeah, yes you can mark No kidding you know we're gonna give you the shitty microphone once we get like high tech green screens, yeah shitty like me to live in a porta potti here with everybody with my mic, or guess I should have a nice porcelain baby. Like an air freshener. Yeah, like shit. A little bathroom. I'll be in the wire could expand Have you guys recorded once a week? Every Yeah, we do once a week. Okay, once a week. Yeah. Okay, so we could work. Where can we find you? Or should we talk about that after? We're like, Where can we find your podcast all over everything like, it's everywhere. If you just look on this, it's like God, you're just there. It's in your heart. If you let it let him in. Jarvis let him in. Let him Yeah, okay, let him know you can find us on iTunes Spotify. cashbox, all the podcasts. Yeah, readers and providers. Very cool. Hyper Broly it's like hyperbole. Yeah, we exaggerate in relation, but we borrowed it and it sounds so shitty cuz. Oh, bro. hyperbole, bro. For actually brothers. So people are like, Oh, you guys are do shit like we are but you're joining us for the wrong reason. But yeah, oh god okay well Nice to have you here Stephen. Yeah. Stephen Stephen I know I'm waiting white for my name to Tawny should be a Stephen or I think you came dresses Urkel we might have gotten it. Oh, that's Yeah. That would be the fancy was suspended. Oh, this fan Stefan was the was the I almost just like Steve Yeah. That would be that Steve. Stefan the cool one that always got Laura. So, Laura, here's an exclusive. Exclusive. Yeah. This is horribly embarrassing, but my name it's actually Steven. Okay, but in sixth grade. I got God myself and then I was just like I don't want to be called Steven anymore I want to be called Stephen everyone who's listened my whole family everybody calls me Stephen now everybody that has an amazing story first I don't even know that was possible like that's awesome yeah just stuck I got myself I was born this way yeah yeah so if you want to change your name Scott holder I need something that's gonna stick that's gonna hold her on potty thanks are shit Mike. I believe that's gonna stick. Like that would stick. Taco said he's gonna list definitely gonna hit to hyper Broly Thank you pocho I think I listened to the episode with pocho I think he also should on Scott. Yeah Scott told us to crash and he was like my neighbors yeah taco taco hates me for some reason. Yeah, you definitely should check out his podcast yeah that's right yeah I have to check that out to you but I hate you buddy to love hate me me me me me me outside of my fucking Porta Potty will go fucking toe to toe right needed style that sounds gross but I don't know if I want to say that speaking of beated yeah someone just I think it was Albert shared the Dennis Rodman oh yeah sure noise for for some type of crypto currency there you go oh rock Korea right it's a good name jump on that I guess like the way you earn coin shake your phone yeah like the entire episode Yeah shaking on the public What can you buy with this? coin? Oh wrong, you know, oh, you can buy bitcoin by just shaking, shaking your phone. How do you have to like order some shit like a little diamond? Oh yeah, you're gonna go to a tracking device for the federal government to figure out where you are at all times. And I'm wondering who backed him was it was in North Korea. He does say he's best friends with Kim Jong show Yeah, try take your mic. Yeah, my grab over yeah sir I'm fucking Hogan yeah now welcome to the Porta Potty Porta Potty now. Welcome aboard. Thanks for joining me today. Yeah, can we we should get into our agenda. Yeah, that was like a long intro. But worth it. Yeah, we're still intro. So Mark, you're in California. So So how was universal? Yeah. We should do a whole episode just doing a different ways. Oh, you're a California so Making a Murderer Mark Yeah, I'm gonna start with you. Um, you were there. You were there. We just yeah. So yeah, that was big news. We just found this out you were there when this happened. And you were suspect number nine on the list. I know there were that many people counting I mean, yes. He was luckily number nine. Because it happened 2005 we found out just now that you were there Yeah. Not yet. Doesn't know Yeah, murders went down. So like you're that's why you're still lit number nine, okay before I get arrested by somebody in real life because Netflix is after somebody for free, yeah, the freedom if you need someone to replace him out on the internet anywhere and they're trying to pull a confession from somebody by clipping our audio. Good, sorry. I'm gonna porta potty. I was gonna believe me in Wisconsin. During the timeframe of set events. I was not in Manitowoc County. Now they're just gonna be like I was in. It was nice knowing you, man. We'll try to we'll try to bail you out. We'll make another documentary. for a decade, I'm gonna call now on the bat phone. So the news the news that broke was basically that there was new findings that somebody somebody wrote a confession you Yeah, someone an inmate that was already in prison that basically wrote that the war that they were in possibly involved with. He did it right that they did it his way and the way I read it, yeah, but this came after Steven Avery's attorney put $100,000 reward out. Yeah, for information that would lead to an arrest. Wow. So is he trying to somehow get $100,000 while he's in prison, which I don't know how that would work. The only thing I can think of is like if you do something that is awesome. But wait, did she did she say you get $100,000? Even if you are the person? No, she didn't say. She said if she got information that led to an arrest I mean, because that's usually so technically true. But she made comments on Twitter saying like, well, he did this right after I gave my reward. We've seen his confession and She doesn't think it's the guy. Yeah sure it's not it's not you know not for sure she's person is even remotely involved. Yeah, but it's still like a suspect that they're going to check out. Yeah. And have you guys as everyone's seen both one into one into Oh yeah, yeah. Yes series as yet because we wanted to right yeah. What do you guys think do you guys think I think we had this talk before when there was I think one two happened well clearly you think I did it so no you're you're number nine you're kind of clear. We just have a couple of questions. But after you turn the mic on these other men got a beard you might be safe. Yeah, what was definitely definitely Wisconsin like killed somebody beard. Oh, is it? Yeah, a little bit. Yeah. It's kind of murder beard. Yeah, yeah. See? I need to go Truman. Okay. And then Stan and Alana. Maybe say how long is it taking you to grow that because That is a it's been Yeah, it's been longer than that. Yeah, I'm impressed. You know my cornrows it out and shit. Really? No, no. That'd be neat though. Does little ponytail. Yeah. Yeah. He puts he puts he puts a little different colors the red white and green green beans when we had Tony Tripoli on I was like glitter and shitter yeah so it takes a week Wow. Yeah with different different blood Now a couple months at least like to get to this point a couple months easily but you've had it for a while. Yeah, but I always trim it every couple months. Give it shape it. Yeah. Have you had it since you were? No. When I when we first met I never had that a beard. Really? Yeah, you should bring up Yeah, he should your screensaver show the picture of Mark and his family all like this. No, it's just him. He's like this JC Penney's didn't fucking bring that up. You see? We're just gonna embarrass me. Yeah. I'd be proud of you and pocho tag team me. gloves are off, bro. Dude, your audio got better overhead. Yeah, it sounds it does sound better. Yeah. Like our don't find it. It's too late. Now what? While he loves it I'm surprised on a screensaver. He loves that picture. He sent it to me. I was gonna ask you guys, what do you think of Catherine zelner of his attorney? That's a new one. That second one. But yeah, it looks like her face is kind of melting off. Yeah, well, that's how do I think you do. I think she's good. Is it mean or do you think Yeah. Do you think she's hot? Would you do Hot or Not? Can she go Get it.

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