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99. Kevin L Johnson from Netflix hit Series Ozark

Ladies and gentlemen it's the migos PC. These guys are locals. If. You're looking for responsible mature podcast. This is not it if you're looking for a lot of drinking, random nonsense stunts shenanigans. You've hit the Jackpot. MIGOS PC with your host Scott and mark. and. We are live. Welcome to the Amigos P C our special guests Kevin Johnson from the ozarks joins us today. Kevin good introduce yourself. Hey guys Yeah Kevin Johnson played Sam on a hit. Netflix show Ozark and before Kobe. You could also see measure friendly neighborhood Uber driver. Yeah that's what I did. Side Hassle Yeah Nice Yeah. How do you like oh? You gotTa tell us some stories? What's what's Your Best Uber? Story you've had. Oh! Wow, There's got to be one. Upfront. Right away low. Yeah, Well, IT'S A. Different I had different strategies like starting out like I had to figure out what the strategy was So I tried like early early in the morning, and just turning my apple when I got in the car and I ended up picking up. This guy. and. He wasn't feeling too too hot when he got in the car. No, Oh, now And this before Kobe or wow, this is way before missiles early on in my uber driving And I was I was taking him to work in a I got to a stop light. well I I dropped him up. He was a hey. Can you drop me off? A CVS I gotTA pick up You know some gatorade or something like yeah, sure man, no problem. So. Drop him off. CBS GETS BACK IN WE START driving. He gets, and he's and we're getting to a stop light, and he opens a door as of coming to stop lights like Oh God. What's going on here? I? Don't know any you know he. puked out so so that was Did you charge them like the mandatory to fifty or whatever it is our? He didn't get in the car. So if you worry about getting you know clean, cleaned or anything like that, so that's one hours. Remember Some light yet people get in the front seat like right away and it's just like this awkward. Or the. Buddy let's go. People ask they'll be like hey, is it cool if I sit in the front seat and I'll be like Yeah, no problem you know I mean 'cause. I don't have a problem. It's just it's just interesting when people just decide to get in the front seat from the get-go. Yeah. So Clinton stories. Has Anyone recognized you since the Ozark? If you've been Uber? As anything that happened like Oh my God. You're saying I know you from somewhere. Yeah, yeah, it happens. It happened quite a bit Sometimes. It was like right away like Oh my God. You're the do from your. From ozark like pick I think. One of the last maybe like. Two three weeks of. Doing Uber in before all this stuff happened. I was picking up somebody at the airport and Him and his fiancee or friends I can't remember but. I was putting their luggage in my car and he was like. Hold up! Samper Ozark I was like yeah. It's like. A new those your picture on the on the APP that yeah. What are you wearing four? Now's like Have you seen anything else lately? GUYS GOTTA. EAT It almost seems like premise to a show. Be Pitching this. Yes, network. And you go yeah. Yeah you like. And They Oh, and then like incorporate them in the Ozark or something like that. You like, take them. You start showing them houses. Here realtor again and then or in the like go gamble with them or whatever season two? will use. Would we use Uber as an actual sponsor like? Like some fake rideshare. That could be something else.

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Like pick you. Cargo or A good question, though so when season one started in your realtor with your mother in the show, right? Like, did you? You would end up having getting as far as you did with with the series. And where you're at now with this previous, I feel like you're. You're at a big character now. Happen to be involved with the Casino Allot. It! You feel that was going to happen or they tell you ahead of time of the story line her. Like how? How does all that work? I had no idea when I got the audition and season one how big the role was going to be It I. Mean I'm not positive but I think maybe he was gonna be for like two or three episodes in. An I I knew that the show is going to be a big deal. I felt like like this is going to be something that people are GonNa, really really enjoy. And I just hope to get to be a part of as long as possible and I got onset. I. I just I there was something about like whatever I was bringing to the table. was they were really really digging in Kinda felt. It feels like man. They might keep me around I. Don't know. I had I had a good I'm still friends with her She was one of the writers for seasons one and two. in. Allison felt. In We were doing the scene from episode. I think it was episode to season one and I was like the where I was showing all the houses. Yeah, yeah, early on and Allison. was there sitting in? You know one of the chairs like A. What do you call the chairs the? Chairs like director chairs, joosten weather's chairs. and. She's like hi, my name's. A I'm writing a episode seven right now, It's great to meet. You got some good stuff coming up for you I was like Oh, wow! That's awesome in. An find out you know like the art that I was going to get finding out I was going to have a have a love interest in season two main. You know it's It's it's been a dream. Come true getting. To play a character like Sam with an ARC. It's still my biggest role to date now I've just been super blessed in super excited for the ride so I. Mean You do awesome for sure on the show? I mean everything's bill shows amazing so everything that the rioting and everything and We, you know we, we both enjoy the hell of it obviously. Nut The this last season. Were essentially you're taking? To lose money in the Casino Yeah. Spoiler but yeah. You've done such a good job with it. Yeah I. I'm enjoying your character way more than I originally thought it would be. I'm I'm an actual realtor so okay. Your character from one already, but now like you. You've done a really good job. Honestly, so man. Mark's been looking somebody to to have him, yeah! I mentor. He's looking for someone to gamble away some money. Or is that? Look for that scheme going. See No that we just recently invested in. Wanted Money it's on Indian land here since we're in Arizona. We don't have boats or things. Well I guess we could be doing. I'm. Lake pleasant or something like that yeah. If. Lose, money for you, then Sam Dry. Guy. So, we'll have to call in SAM. How was the inner the not interview, but the casting process to get into hoes arcs. I got it through my My southeast agent that I have I representations in A. Now's well, but at the time My main agent was a a are a out of North Carolina. Yeah I. I got the breakdown. It said new show Netflix. ozark! Executive Producer Jason Bateman, starring Jason Bateman. Laura Linney hadn't been attached to it yet, And It said the breakdown for Sam was able. loves his dog. Has the. As something about it, said something about peanut butter. Local. Real Estate Agent in the ozarks. Yeah, so it's very I.

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I don't think they knew why found out working on season two that. They might character. And Julia Garner's character ruth. Are the ones that they were very surprised about they. They didn't know what was going to happen with it now. Obviously, her characters huge. But. Just to thank that I was once. Surprises means I you know. I I did my job I. You know I took my acting classes I still. Do you know work on my craft and? It it pays. That's awesome. Yeah so, how is it working with Jason Bateman like some of these big name? Guys like like. Is it like? Are they ask? Jason Bateman being an amazing dude release. You hope right on the outside, yeah? Oh, Jasons jasons also I got to meet them. At the table re we had a table read and season one so I got the jitters kind by the way getting to meet Jason Laura Laura. I mean she's just a national treasure. And I just I remember. I remember her from the Truman show. That was night. I Laura Linney experience and. Yet just getting to getting to meet her and get the jitters out of the way was cool And then. And Jason was He directed me and my first episode, because he directed in season one, the first two episodes in the last two episodes so it was really cool to see how he worked behind the camera in front of the camera, and how he just like he was able to go back and forth really well Great notes to give to actors. easy notes to understand Just like it really was like a masterclass, getting to work with the Jason and And Laura for sure and then Julia in season two. We Got Star working together, which was incredible to find out that that was going to happen. Yeah, where you got paid. Basically do the masterclass. Yeah. I always told myself like. I'm on setup might man I get paid to do this? This is pretty. That's awesome, pretty amazing. Now out of the cast like. Is there a click maybe that you hang out with like? Is there some like when he when you're shooting? Or whatever like you like? Hang out with ruth or like. Miami might be too young. It's tough You know I mean we're all good friends you know we. We keep in touch on social media and everything. Like it's tough to get together during the shooting especially like Jason Laura in Julia, who are working. Like twenty, four, seven, basically, yeah, We were going to. This past season try to get together for like a poker night. On on the boat. Like Jessica Francis. Dukes who plays the agent Maya Miller. WHO's incredible I can't wait to work with her. If there's a season for not official yet, but feel good about it but she. She was wanting to setup like poker night. And we were all like down to do that like Tom. pelfrey, who plays been He was up for it But, we weren't able to make it happen. Because Tom had he had to go to La. Pretty quickly afterwards to to start working on a debut ventures new project Manque, which will be out soon. Let's her win, but yeah very cool so you already kind of Kinda pre dropped their obviously in the works of season, three or four four. Right. Yeah, yes, season, three just ended so I mean most shows. Writers start writing that next season. You know until they are told. Hey, we're not coming back so. Like I, said it's not official yet. But I will say that. I feel really good about the Joe Ca-. It's. Not. I mean and the way it ended. Definitely left you. Wanting more like Oh, it's GONNA be. Really great ending twist, so yeah I hope they let us come back for another ride. It was it was. It's been a lot of fun. Going, are you? Do you guys then film on location to like? Were you actually in the ozarks and some of these scenes with things are like. How does that process happen yeah? Oh we filming in Atlanta We I mean yeah, I think season one and maybe throughout the three seasons.

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They've had some establishing shots. The ozarks because that's Kinda hard to fake but yet ninety nine point nine percent of it. SHOT IN ATLANTA? At Eagle Rock Studios Near Atlanta so. So, we we shoot ally the interior stuff. On at the studio, like the Casino was made at the studio, the inside of the Birds House. Is that the warehouse as well even the outside like the their backyard. Is at the studio Of the main, how like were they like Jason's? Yeah and then they also The the SNELL's place So funny stories of season one shot on location. At at the house that you see in the show. And then sees. One came out in the people that own the house so all the show and they're like all. We don't want to have anything to do with. Poppy fields with the back of our in the back of our house, so they had to recreate. The the SNELL's Oriented everything. House or like mega just looked like it was in a sense like what the house looked like. Yeah and it's pretty I couldn't I couldn't tell. Yeah, it's amazing how they were able to do the birds house. You know like I. I couldn't tell like I hadn't worked I think. Yeah after when I came back for season two and I saw the Birds House inside the studio was like what the Hell. That's crazy but yeah, they're. They're magicians. With the the way they come up and and they're able to build those Those interior and even exterior sometimes. Yeah, it's crazy. So, essentially you going to the studio, and then you just drive home, then rank your in Atlanta Yeah Yeah. I was I was casting local higher, so yeah our studio is. I think if I hopped on the interstate right now could be there in like. Thirty minutes maybe. It is pretty close by my bad at all very cool. You brought up Uber earlier. Uber any of the actors studio not. Yet You. Click, your APP on when you're about to leave I'm like Oh my ride right here. I've thought about those like I. Mean You know because you? You gotTa have money coming in consistently so? While we were shooting season three. I was if I wasn't working. You know during the week. I, would. I'd I'd get up in Uber in the morning. so I had money coming in. GET THAT MONEY, yeah! Very cool. So it! Did you know in our IMDB search? We did see that you are in. The movie with Tom Cruise. Know how? Much you! Did in that movie, but did you see? I have seen the movie. It was a you know when it came out, which was a while ago. You didn't see me in that movie. There's no way. It says it on there that you're in there. Really weren't the. That's the funny thing about like. This business man like. I'm credited in American made. And I'm not in it. I'm UNCREDITWORTHY in prisoners, which was one of my first movies with the? Joe and hall. It's phenomenal. is so underrated And I have like I have like the last line in the movie technically unless you count the. The extra scene they added. Like the the deleted scene at the end, but Somehow like I found out like after we got done shooting prisoners, and it was on IMDB and it said on credited. And I said Oh I got a call the Union and find out about this, so I called Sag. And that's it says on credited On a on on the IMDB for prisoners. so I, just want to double check. Does that mean that? I'm not in the movie and. I just assumed I. Just assumed that I wasn't going to be in the movie And then all of a sudden like when it comes Outta here, people. Saying that they saw it early somehow and like hey, man. We saw in the movie I said. Wait what? Okay So it's it's it's so.

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It's so bizarre how that how the business works. When it comes to that there's another. There's the movie the fifth wave with Khloe Grace Marantz about aliens that I did back in the day. Cast in that as a principal as like a like a day role. The and then then the role got cut. So, they gave me another role. but they ended at like it was. It was funny on the day. 'cause I get onset I'm in like wardrobe everything. I this bad sign when he came for the movie for me, for screen time. With the director and the director says. Just, keep walking, and we'll tell you when it turns and we'll tell you when to stop. And I kept walking and I was like all. This ain't good. And he's like. Okay you can stop and I turned around like wow, that camera is way down there. And somehow I'm credited in. That's funny. 'cause I turn it into. BE IT I think they felt bad about cutting the role, so they wanted they want. They want me in the movie. He's on them, so they gave me A. A nice. Principle technically background artists work so. This was the fifth wave that you're talking about yeah. Say IMDB. What did SAM credited US sniper in the woods. Yet there it is. That's what faraway sniper in the. Walking away. You brought up. How like crazy? The businesses things like that, but from what it looks like though your? I don't know if it's your agent or like you telling your agent how it seems like you are bringing not bringing. You're taking things that end up being fairly decent when it comes to like the reviews it. They get the like they're going system Oh. Yeah, Most of the stuff is is really high like you're in which is awesome like you're on a good path, obviously you probably. Know. Or hope that. You'll good about it, yeah. We. Get back to work here I I. I feel I feel good about the way things are going after. Three CS ozark gets bigger each season so I think. Producers you know casting director St it. and I think Yeah, I think good. Things are on the horizon for me. How does the selection process happen it does your agent just like shoe, a few premises or scripts? And then you're like I, like this or like that or like how? How does all that in the back vaccine? Obviously, we're pretty naive as to how we have no idea, yeah. Well I'm I'm still. What would I mean? I'm an up and coming actor still like I i. don't get like scripts. Don't come. Hey, do you wanna be a part of this project? Bill Burger love to have you in this movie. And Christopher Nolan his dying. I might be to be intended for like what if he ended? Elliot, go. Writing Scripts right now. From on premise, yeah, right down. To. Kevin Johnson has elliot. But yeah I still get Yes still the audition process so if I get an audition I'm yeah. My manager will say hey, take a look at this. Listen if you want audition for kind of thing Agai to really good audition First Time in like months, which is a good sign that you know casting a starting because I gotta start casting for things a couple months in advance, so if we're going, start back up in. You know august-september Banks should start coming again and I got a really good audition. Can't say much about it, but I felt really good about it based on a book. It's a good. Be a good series regular Upcoming projects that you're. Not I'm not a part of this yet I. Thought dishing for it. You're hoping for it. Yeah I mean I. Did before all this stuff happened I was working on a big project That I hope to be able to talk about is in so. Is it one I'm going to read off some of the stuff that is, that's on. IMDB, and you can I guess not not or maybe not her I. Don't know it's not a no, it wouldn't be on. I would be on here.

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They would. They would have a fit if I put it on, IMDB. We about a year on the walking dead, or you're GONNA. Be Your was. I worked on the walking dead The walking dead beyond the that's coming out. We'll The world beyond Yes And shot that late last year. In found out that I got a I got cut from it so. But you report though right. Yeah, yeah, it's still on there right now until the show comes out. It's sorry for the touchy subjects are no, it's. It's okay. I mean it's a the the walking dead universe such a huge. Huge Universe and I love. Walking dead fear the walking dead so that just puts me back in the pool. To get to audition again and who knows maybe getting audition for even bigger role. And that's. Atlanta thing. That kinda makes an unless he really. The walking dead is. Fear the walking dead is shot A. In Texas! Wow Yeah. That make sense does. No it doesn't. Yeah so that's that's awesome. Run into so yeah, so prisoners does show you on here, but it does show on unaccredited see it's still set your head to go through the Union to get residuals for man. It took years. residuals for but obviously you can't go back. And put like in fix the credits within the actual movie itself. Kind of difficult to do that You put my name Yeah Yeah, and then you need to put it back in the theater, so. and. So I. Can put it on social media like everybody does. Yeah, let me you have family. Still wait in I, told him. He saw me, but they don't seem. That's awesome. So what else is going on in your world? Like as far as? I guess we can talk. Talk a little bit a- unfortunately the covert stuff like how's it in? Like! You guys on lockdown legitimately right now, or is it more like you can still do stuff? Will the governor did say that we could start opening back up in. Restaurants very cool. But I mean I think. Atlanta's being more cautious because I. Just I don't see people wanting to go out to restaurants yet. You know I just I think it's just going to be a little difficult for that right now, But You, know like like Tyler Perry wanting to get back up in. You know like July to start shooting again so. Thank you the big studio there, right? Yeah, I, I think I think the business. Everybody's wanting to get back to work. You know you just gotTa make it safe in the unions trying to make sure that all the. You know the the is are dotted and the t's crossed. You know making sure that when we do get back on set. that it's safe for everybody So. We just gotTA. GotTa make sure that happens I. Mean I'm I'm staying busy. Like I get up in the morning. And you know I do the cross. I do cross fit so I. Do my own cross fit workout at home. 'cause I got into it like. I got like a almost two years ago. And that's kept me busy. Watching classic movies I've been doing that If if people follow me on social media, they'll see like I'll put like. Classic movie tonight is I watched the China Syndrome with Jack, Lemmon, and Jane Fonda Michael Douglas. Some like it hot, never seen that before all kinds of movies that I had never seen I'm reading more. So. Can. Stay busy, man! Other than ozarks would have been binging lately like if you've been watching anything besides classic movies like you've been watching like any series like nonstop anything. Let's see what I finished Oh Man I binged watched all osh. That was awesome Mush. What does? Own Amazon. It's It's a detective. detective show is that what in crude kristen? Stewart, no, no. No it's tight tightest Wilbur. He plays Harry, Bosch it's based on based on a bunch of unlike series of novels I think But yeah, that was a good show.

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I watched all six seasons of that 'cause I, just was so far behind and always said it was going to watch it and just all. The season's kept racking up so I was like all right was perfect time to watch it What else there? Like a certain movie or TV show that like you too long. The an actor like me. What inspired you to pursue this career. Essentially I obviously beyond the famous because based on your based on what we read like you were in. It. Computer Science stuff before you go off, yeah. Again because you know, that's what I'm reading and. You started world then actor. Yeah, don't fact. Check US and transitioned into. Acting like I'm wondering what kind of pushed you into that world like you just? Like mark, said like what what led you down that road? Yeah! So I graduated from Clemson University. I went in as a as a computer science major and realized that. I didn't know nearly as much as I. Thought I knew I didn't know a ton. I was like, but I can alertness right, yeah. And if you I mean you gotTa, you gotTa. Know a lot about math to be able to like program. And I like video games and I still do and I was like Oh. Yeah, I can make video games. That would be cool. It's not that it's not easy. To even come close to making video games up so. I realized that that wasn't gonNA work. So. Switch English major minored advertising And then one of my first classes was it was English One O. One and one of the big things that we had to do for the semester is go see The Big Play of the year, which was funny. Thing happened on the way to the forum and I'd seen plays in high school before. But. I. Mean You know back in high school like when you got to see a play during school? Time at oh sweet. Be In class. Yeah, yeah, so it was a little different experience so getting to see a play. You know. College was really. was like neck. Yeah, it was the next level and I was like Oh. Man, it's looks like a lot of fun. So. I signed up for You know acting classes. The following semester got into some plays and. See burial at Thebes was, the first player was ever end and. It was a it was a music. It was the. It was based on a on Greek mythology. About Antigone in Crayon And It was a musical, but I had a part. That wasn't like we didn't have to sing. and I'll get I'll get to the first story of. So there's a ramp that went into the like in the middle of the the audience. which was really cool because I was a wrestling fan, still am It's very daljit for me is. She felt like I was 'cause I was bringing antigone creon because she was in trouble, so she was being arrested so I'm bringing her down the ramp and it. It, was like come full circle like Watching wrestling like watching the rock or stone cold, you know, go down, Goodell! Go down the ramp. is so that was really cool? Pop for now you and everything. Out Did you take staring off every share from the audience. I couldn't help but kind of swagger down the. Down the ramp I'm bring her as a prisoner. Yeah, because it just felt like. It was so cool the way they created the bridge into the. Full Circle Yeah. But and then the next play the big play the following year. was a musical again. That musical was always a big play. And it was You're in town. which is which is a parody of It's not actually you're in town. In town. Right your intact. Okay? No, no, you're town urinetown. It's it's it's? Play. So. It's a parody of Les Miz But it's you know it's about people having to pay to p like if you didn't have the bunny, could not P.. O. My God. It's it was I was really wanting to be a part of it.

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when I was like Oh to musical. I can't sing, so check out the soundtrack the library and I went into one of the rooms and in forming arts department I was like all right. Let me see. If it's somewhat decent. and I started singing the songs. House like wait a minute. That didn't sound half bad and then I. had somebody A friend of mine? Who is a really good singer? She came out of one of the rooms like Kevin. was that you owes like yeah, that sound good i. It sounded good the million she was like. Yeah I'll say oh. Wow, okay, 'cause I had like. Like that the broad. Oh, that I had no idea which is but it it kind of makes sense because my mom was a country music singer growing up so I have a little a I guess that's where I get. I'll put my musical talents in quotes but Yeah Got A. I've got a callback for A. You know I I got to the second round. I don't think they really call it a callback college, but. To the next round. And I didn't get a role in it. Because the there was dancing involved in the in the callback and That's what they got you. I was not good at that. But? Yes, that was You figured out you had your singing voice. That was that was where I found out that I could somewhat sing in like I if I do Karaoke A. Karaoke jam is friends in low places so? And, funny thing is. Like during season three. At our midseason wrap party. There was a karaoke machine. And none of them heard me sing yet sells like I'm GONNA. Get up there in a sinks in Garth Brooks just. People think. And then I started seeing friends in low places. I'm like blaming Marins and and. Julia is like standing there. She's and she's just got her mouth open like. Like what? We didn't know you could sing. And then like the next day I was like in a hair and makeup, and and they were like. We didn't know you could say you gotTA. Let the producers know about that. They gotta write that in the show. Or you're going to be. Yeah, you've got a bar still losing. Sinoe. Yeah, you're going to be there and then you're going to be singing it up. or Jail going to have a guy a karaoke bar now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So when when they built the the Casino At one of the studios in Atlanta I did it feel like you're actually in a casino. Yeah Yeah. I mean it's A. it looked really you guys. Run. Around on. awesomely. Yea. Well I think one of this where Marty and Wendy and Helen go to the casino to try to To buy them out. I think that was. Like on location because they they did go to Savannah to shoot. That stuff okay, so, but like the scenes that I'm in. That was like yeah, that was at the At the warehouse man like the guys built that. Like draw inspiration on that because like you getting worried about the FBI Jin you know piquing their nose into what you're doing losing that type of money like. Where did you draw inspiration? Do that like it other than maybe go casino and actually look. Under its thousands of times. Oh I just I just happened to my fear like I just. Think it's a it's. Like. I just have to tell myself You Know Hey. We gotta get this shot done. I'm not a big deal. I do not WanNa. Screw this up. So. That kind create some of the. Cell the fear. Kind of running through Sam's veins, anyways Constantly on edge deal, so it was such a good job, though because I was, you nailed. Yeah, you're you're you're? You're awesome SAM. Thanks. Guys See so you know when I'm bringing the poker chips like in an I'm talking to ruth and go. Yeah what? Do you. What. Will Ruth was telling me like. Hey, this is what you gotTa do make sure you having fun. I, am and where we were shooting at the chips were making so much noise because I had him against my like.

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You. Know because you gotta try different things out. So I was holding him like on the side like normal like people would do. And they were like the rattling much. Got You know let's put a Mike in front of you? And then they were still rattling. 'CAUSE I had them too close like against my chest. So. They're like hey. Can you hold them out and put in tilt and when you walk, so they don't rattle so. The whole time you were doing that, so it makes it I think it works for for the character like it makes it even more awkward. Within carrying magazine out like this, he's just. He's like I. Don't know what I'm doing, but I'm doing this. Because I, I think it's okay yeah. Did. I. Like I know that you had the the one girlfriend. Kinda in in the show with losing them at like. How did they approach you with that? Because it seems like with the girlfriend part, it's a little unknown as select. Where did it was? She's supposed to be like someone you met at the casino or like. How did that? Play a part in in the show. Oh No, she was season to remember. She was a she was Yeah! That's what helped him. I, think. Get over your mom or get away from your mom. She was working at the Strip club and I met Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. I didn't even. Connect the dots, I'm like Oh yeah. Jada Season Two, yeah! We had There was some stuff that got cut from season to because. You know it was. It was just a little too light hearted so some about relationship got cut from season to me like I proposed in season two and We found out that guy cut. We were both pretty devastated She. She's an actor in Atlanta to Melissa Saint Amand. And so. Getting married then. Real. Obligated to marry her. Did you marry her? Yeah to get into character Yeah in-place, yeah! But yeah, so we shot. In season to you know when I get hit by when Kay comes in and knocks me out with the gun. Strip club. So. There was a scene. That connecting all the A. The season two, so the same that got cut was I show back up Later on and In that episode. And I have like a like. I have abandoned John. I got from out from the hospital, and she's coming off the stage and puts on a robe and I'm and I you know. And I come up to her, and I proposed to her in the Strip club so we shot. That was how we did the first time. And it was really really it was. I think it would have been great I'm I, think the casino thing worked better, so I'm glad they held off on it, but it's funny when we shot season to the proposal like because the music is supposed to be blaring. So. I'm supposed to be yelling, so she can hear me. When you're doing saying you can't have used it going, so you literally have to be talking out there yelling. So Awkward Matt Abi it's. It was so funny, so like walk us through like a normal. Like how many people are in front of you when you're doing? You're normal saying like. Is there like ten fifteen people in front of you when you're like walking through a scene or like how many people just give an idea from the normal worl- you know what I mean like. I'm watching seems like something's are like really like. They're doing that in front of like fifteen people. To the side, or whatever that's what I'm thinking in my head, and like you know what I mean. There's cameras Disney rectors and there's people watching. Imagine doing that I can't even think of that. Will a lot of people so we blocked the scene. You know we rehearse a scene. And then. The got the crew comes in, and they see the blocking, and then they see where. Where are? Like what we're doing, and then wherever we stop, no put the tape on the ground like they'll be somebody that does that to. Margaret Yeah And then you'll have sound. But a lot of it. I mean you know when we're shooting.

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They kind of you know. They go back to. Near Video village a lot of times but you know. Yeah, you got the you got cinematographer you got A. You got DP. I'm sure I'm missing some of these. Lingo here, but I know you're good, you got you got the boom, guys you? But. Yeah, I mean it's you just kind of get used to it. It's a yes. It's, it's there and you're aware that it's there and he just. Yeah. Like a block, you probably end up. Over time just blocking that stuff out might not even realizing they come second nature out imagine. Overdone Yeah Very cool, so one question I had was. How do you personally relate to your character? On his. Wow! Your realtor. Bingo now. Let's see. That's another sign. Also you can do that. I always say that Sam. Is. Is Me to like the agree kind of thing Like, yeah, I, I have I'm kind of an I'm not as innocent as I used to be but like some my friends be like Kevin he such a puppy dog like you know, so. I can easily tap into that night you pay. And just the fact that this is like my first huge huge job and just You know. And still being very humble in and that kind of seeping. into the role the the the genuineness that now you detaille. All that is easy to tap into for me, But it's really cool to get to. To see like the other side of Sam like still one of my favorite scenes. is from season one where I go. Confront Windy and Marty about getting money back. Yeah that was. That was one of my still one of my best scenes a Lotta. People love that scene and it's. I I remember. When we did the scene. At site I just just give him a fucking money like that was a line. But. Part like I was talking to Laura in Jason, so I ended up. It's there was a please at the end like that wasn't in the script. So, it was like just kidding my fucking money. Please you, could you? Could you looking at them and they're like yeah. I like to save. And it worked perfectly for San to. Be like he he you know. He wants to stand up to them, but he's also. You know they're still part of him. That's he just. He doesn't feel like he's getting that. Respect so. Do they let you do that often with like the script like if? You're playing roll out in it and then all of a sudden. You're like you know what this word would work. OR ANY What do they call it like free, not free I'M GONNA say Free Ball, but that's not really what. Again. But then. is lying or paraphrasing. Ken What we're doing here. A had this whole plan. I mean the writing is so good I use I, don't improvise I. Mean Sometimes I'll add something here or there in. Of course. And if there's like a paraphrase, that's just because my memory is not great, and you know sometimes you forget to say an or the or like those. Small words Ya. And they turn into other words But Yeah, the writing is so good. You don't have to improvise but I mean Jason. You know is is open to that so yeah. I would assume like arrested development. Belt Oh, I mean he's done so many things, so it's a collaborative Excludes for sure I don't know if this is Jason's first. directorial situation, but which had a might be no, no, he's. Got Other stuff he's done. He's done some movies. He did he did the movie. Bad words The White White Fang. Thank what it was. I think that was what it was called. Here so but I've seen bad words. That was a good movie he was. and. Then he directed some of the outsider on HBO that he executive produced so yeah, he's got a he's. He's done some directing yeah! Well, yeah I.

00:50:03 - 00:55:00

Guess where I was going with that was I guess if he if he didn't if there's Ozark was his his only one like. mckean you tell like he's. When I when I watched episodes. They're awesome stumbling through words obviously. Around you know you think that Mike? He's obviously doing a good director role when he's in the, he's obviously directly directing and acting. Able to obviously home that all in like hits a lot. You know what I mean to direct and Act at the same time like he's he. Seems like he's able to maintain the show so awesome, though Oh, yeah, here's. How that all plays into all? His hands into the pot say. You. Yeah and he he messes up or something or someone messes up somewhere. In the middle of these like cut like is like the assistant director, probably watching while he's in there. Doing that kind of thing is that we're probably take place. Yeah, and then like actor he after. You know they do the scene and And they cut, he'll go back to video village Or behind the camera on on Staten Look at the playback. Watch it. Yeah, and then and then he'll direct from that in hill Yeah, it's. It's tough, man, it's. That's what I'm that's. Like juggle all that like you're basically. Directing and you're acting into it. That was it'd be like a lot. The plan Jason wanted to which is why he was really excited about the project because he wanted to direct, he wanted to originally direct all ten episodes in the first season. But he realized that that was going to be really really difficult, so they did. He didn't the first two in the last two But Yeah, he's he's great. He's he's a man of many hats. Yeah I mean it's you can tell like it's. A lot of the episodes are I mean not that I can point out like which ones were his obviously, but I can tell well obviously seeing the credit, see his NAMIC director. Wow, like he was doing that producer and he's in it like it's like the opening scene in the first season. Yeah Oh. Yeah, with the. Mexican cartel! Crazy. As. We wind down a little bit here. Do you have a tip or maybe like a piece of advice as you said stated earlier a up and coming star someone that's new and acting. You have any like a pointer tip, or maybe some advice for them as they start their career. Yeah I would say Work at your craft It's good to do networking so anytime. You have that You know. Anytime. You get the chance to network. Definitely do that like. Tayyeb take take classes. you know, get headshots done nine Start, looking at agencies I mean you know this is you know? Not any specific order, but and then when you get an audition. I always remember what Bryan Cranston Says he says when you when you go in. For an audition you're not going in to get a job. Going in is the job so and that helps you mentally like. Get Out of your head so when you. Yeah, the job is showing up and then And then it's it's hard, but you gotta let go afterwards I mean. I still struggle with it myself and. I'm sure a lot of actors still do, but as long as you're. You know if you're aware that you're. That you're thinking about it at least that something But the best you can do is when you do when you when you get an audition, and whether it's in person or like it is probably for a while now on tape You just gotTa. Let it go. And see what happens, and just you're giving them an option. and. And just give them your best option and you just. See what happens. That's all you can do. Hope for the best for sure we're find you on social media and things like that. on twitter. You can find me at Kevin Underscore L. Underscore Johnson. And then instagram. I'm still trying to get verified on instagram. It's A. It's still difficult.

00:55:02 - 00:57:08

Tell them, please. Yeah, I want verified, please. Give Him my fucking verification. but on instagram you can find me at the Kevin Johnson. Nelson's what. You mentioned. Did we touch on it? But the the upcoming project that you we can count we talking about that. We're GONNA begin. Yes, so, what upcoming product that you are working on or the? You can somewhat talk about not talk about. Oh Yeah Yeah so I was working on something Pretty big before everything happened, so I gotta go back. We haven't finished filming so once. everything's back up and running. I gotta go back in a finished filming and then that should be out. Sometime next year. Hopefully so energy. Energy started filming right? That's you're saying and then. Cove and yeah. You know if it's going what platform it's on, or you don't even know yet. I cancelled yeah. So it away. Yeah, no worries, no worries. I'll Kevin Hill. John Yeah all the social media is for all his upcoming projects coming out Make sure that you guys if this is your first episode catching us like subscribe leaving review Let us know. Yeah, tell us how good or bad we did interviewing Kevin Johnson. He's right here I know. You, phenomenal! Bed these kind of interviews is great like Kinda shooting the Shit Yeah. Yeah yeah, that's that's what we should Forbes. She's shooting Chit. Hari. Amigos out. That heard anything. Even knew it. This has been the migos PC. Make sure to like. Subscribe and review us all your podcasting platforms visit us at Amigos PC dot net for our entire library of content and Amigos. MERCH Till next time audio.

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