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Episode 93. In Memoriam for Santiago of Local Trash and El Chivo

Updated: May 2, 2020

The mayor finds a woman hiding in a cellar of his home. He was renovating after smells of cigarettes finding blood on the door. knapsack filled with her clothes. Well sounds fun. So we got another day in fucking Kentucky. And it's the mayor so he has two jobs. He's renovating houses, and he's a fucking mayor. That's all bad that pays. Ladies and gentlemen, that two and a half amigos. Welcome. If you're looking for a responsible mature podcast the same if you're looking for a lot of drinking random nonsense, Wisconsin shenana. You've hit the jackpot. It's the two and a half amigo with your hosts Robert Scott and Mark everybody welcome to the amigos PC. Oh fuck we're starting Did you was he gonna hold time? Hold open. I like that was planned. That was so planned. It was totally planned. So planned. Well, welcome to the amigo PC. I know you said that already but let's Yeah What's up guys? We're gonna roll into the punches right under the punches it's a very sad week day in the podcast world sad week. Yeah in our in our sphere at least in our in our clothes or our small circle of fun. Yes. Yeah one of the I guess you can speak on that or talk on that someone close to us. past one of our I would consider him an amigo Yeah, I would agree I'll go from local trash and they'll chivo had passed away this week found passed away in asleep. Oh, that's what it was asleep.

Yeah, he from what I'm the details I'm getting Yes. I think it as time goes on we'll probably get some more information some of his friends close personal friends reach out to me. Pass Yeah, let us mostly Yes. Let you know let me know the news. It's unfortunate. Very so sad. Oh yeah, dude he guy. Very very funny dude really big into the Batman comic world he was. He can hold a conversation for hours on that shit. multiple episodes has been on our show. Yeah, he's been on a show. We've been on his show. He's came here. Twice we went to we were at the tamale fest. All together. So he's a good dude. He, you know, he was on our podcast network. Great guy, very sad. He leaves behind two kids. He was a younger dude, he was only 30 it's really sad that you know, not to start off the episode in a satellite, but it's definitely in remembrance of him for you know, everything that he did. He helped us early on when we were starting and he was starting to it was kind of like a a cool thing to have someone you know, that you were talking to and bouncing off with. So we started about the same time when it came to podcasting. Yeah, I know, he had a couple other different shows prior to that kind of LinkedIn launch but kind of did like a soft thing. But we grew together. Yeah, bounce ideas off and Albert was on Al chivo. His other podcasts, right? Yeah, that one with local trash, which was an all our own Spanish podcast that he has and then we're gonna play this for you. Always, always right onto the funny. Yes. brief moment silence we did for sure. He's gonna be Oh yeah, he was a cool dude. cool dude you mentioned funnies funniest. Yeah. So it is it is hard to transition For sure. From you know, the sad shit that happened and how you know he chose he deserved Joe Joey audio is on here and he's, he's speaking out. Yes, thanks, Joe. Joe audio was there with us too as a tamale fest so it's I think they will makes it hit a little harder is that like, we just saw him in December, you know, and he you know, and we got to hang out with him. I mean, you corn coordinate but you meet these people you know, in the podcast world and and a lot of it is internet based, but then like you meet people in real life, and you hang out and have a good time. Don't expect something like that to happen. Yeah, especially how young he was. Dude. I mean, only 30 like that. That blows my mind. It's like, that's so young. It is so young. He's our age, dude. Well, Lou young, young, I mean, to me, that seems young. Cuz that's but I mean that just shows uh, your your your days are never guaranteed. They're never guaranteed. gotta live life to its fullest. For real. Yeah. Especially with all the craziness going on in the world makes you to kind of try to embrace and enjoy what you have while you can. That was a good zoom. Yeah. So let's roll into the punches, bro. rolling the crunches, which are what are our punches go? We got some new things with the Migos. We do. Yeah. So tell me tell me some more. What's going on and maybe a new we have a new website. It's up and running. website revamps obviously we've been kind of promoting the last couple episodes we have a logo new everything's going on. So Go check our website out, has quite a few of the older episodes. Automatic playlist for you guys. And yeah, just go check it out of different things we've got merge where we do we have we have a merge store popping up on the merge two that's not branded or anything like that. So you guys should check it out. It's gonna be pretty good. Pretty funny thing Yeah, it's it's stuff that's so DS associated with the show, like episodes that we've had in the past, like one of our most famous ones, which was cookies for dinner. There's a shirt though, you know, we're basically in the works, we'll make some new shirts and this way everyone knows they can check them out or drum up, or, you know, we're going to start having contests and then we give out some stuff to people. And obviously, I don't know if we got details on that but once we figure that out, there will be a way for us to give out stuff in email as an emerge giveaways. Oh, yeah, yeah, merchant stuff and, and then also email blasts that we're going to start doing as well. To let people know when we're on typically right now during the quarantine it's Fridays is our new time to get at it. Yes. What do you like better being zoomed out or zoomed in? Doesn't matter zoomed out the better because two closes like Oh shit, it's it's a lot of me. Well, if anybody anybody wants to chime in Feel free to during the show you know one thing one thing we can talk about let's jump into this so the NFL Draft just happened. Okay, I know meaning little situation that we're recording right now. Right? Yeah, they did the same thing, right, same kind of all remote, all remote every you know. And apparently the ratings jumps to 37% which is a record that they've had on the draft. So obviously nobody ever one's done with fucking Netflix, I guess. Contents not coming out fast enough. Yeah, so people or they've been desperately in need almost all the toys of the world which is our buddy Troy. There's, uh, only watches when he watches TV. It's fucking sports stuff. So people like him are like cringing for like, shit or the news and the only only news that we really are hearing that I'm hearing. I mean, maybe cuz I get the alerts for football stuff. But that's healing news I'm hearing and I'm sure there's other like baseball shit and stuff going on. But nothing's live right now. So, you know, people actually, I think they should have postponed the draft. I really do. It's great that they did like this whole remote thing or whatever. And it obviously shows that or approves what's been going on with COVID and everything like that you can work from home folks. Yeah. Honestly, I think they should have postponed it. They should have just did the right thing. Hey, it's not time for that. Right? Now, nobody gives a crap about some guy making, you know the league minimum, which are rookies like maybe a couple hundred thousand. I think it's like, I think I think the first rounders I think they make, like the first the first top 10 i think i think top 10 get good money like they could be a million dollar tracks first. Yeah, I think there's at least a million dollars. Yeah, they get good money but obviously not as good as as you know what? After their rookie contract, you know yeah Joe audio makes a good point though he's the house the houses of some of the hedge coaches and the players were pretty entertaining to see. Especially the Cardinals Coach, what does it do? That's like the perfect setup for something extremely inappropriate. Yeah. And did you? Yeah, did you we mean, yeah. And we and we looked at Did you did you see that in our group chat Mark? Well, that we we looked at where how much his house was Work. Oh and where it was, yeah, that was in a group chat and it's a nice house and you can see Camelback Mountain in the background. And it is a beautiful house. 7000 square feet $4.5 million house. Yes What Zillow has an ad. It's my callback or something like that, right? Yeah, like it's in our case gold skulls was saying it was Paradise Valley. So um, yeah. It looked like it was Arcadia though. From this from where it was, but it was fucking. Yeah. It was nice. Like your house on the scene? Yeah, yeah. So it's a nice area. But the one thing the one thing that I think is Shades of Grey. What's up, Ben. So Ben, I did the side hustle nation last night when I told you I would jump on it. Good episode. gives me some good ideas to build that email list we mentioned a few minutes ago. Yeah, so that's some good ideas. With that going on though, we're going sorry What do you one thing? No, no problem one thing back to the draft or just where I noticed Goodell's house and I was talking to you before even started like his house looks like straight up like a, like a Holiday Inn Express like it like it doesn't look like I don't know, I was, I was imagining something more like Kingsbury house. It was like a mansion kind of setup. This is like he's just in some conference room at that's probably like the NFL conference rooms by an office or something. Or it could be he's actually office at the NFL place like no, his thought is more classier than that. So that's that's like an ant house is that you're thinking he said his antenna if you saw the draft and like where he was like cuz he was like standing like a small little room. That's what I'm telling you. Right now. Yeah, right next to him. Everything looks like it's oak from 1985. That's what I mean. It's just no horrible. Yeah, it's complete garbage with. That's why like when I saw it, I was like, is he like, is like he's in his mom's basement like what the fuck is going on? No. Yeah, I would take his mom's basement is where he's at. Yeah. At least some of these people look like they're I don't know some of these people look like they're just in their rooms because I'm looking at some other photos like there's Tom Brady and some weird fucking looks like a hotel room or something. Yeah, the fuck was Kevin Hart doing? He was somehow involved. Just Deion Sanders is looking at oldish shit. What is it? Showing famous people? Deion Sanders is like a straight up old man white beard going on. Wow. He's aged quickly. But yeah, so the draft I mean, did your did your team Obviously you're mad at your team Green Bay Packers, they picked up a quarterback. It's not that I'm mad. I'm just confused. Like he is very tiny yet, and I get the kids good. I just gave him big money to write. Last year, didn't they? They gave not last year was the year before. Was it? Yeah. Was Tom Brady kissing someone? He's always kissing some? Yeah, it was one of his kids on the mouth. Probably. Ben, feel free to jump on. I'll dm you that link. Um, no, it's just I don't understand the move. Like he still has a few years I would say four or five. Right? It's not time to draft a TV. It's time to draft a wide receiver. Which I mean, at receiver core is not that bad either. And then, yeah, I don't know. It's just weird. No Tom Brady got deflated balls. Yeah. in Tampa I mean the humidity probably it's gonna be even crazier. Yeah. He's gonna have sticky sticky to play the balls and in Tampa other big news is Kanye West is officially a billionaire. Your thoughts on that shoes and shirts, shoes and shirts and whatnot. My first thought was is that what are you sure it's not because like Kim gave him alone. Yeah, right like gave him some money cuz remember a couple years a couple years. A couple years back dude, he was fucking he was in trouble Wasn't he like he was going almost bankrupt. And then he he came up with the easy brand and which I don't know anything about it. Obviously I'm not a fashion guru. Even though my shirt is awesome and my hats awesome. But Yeah, so he's now worth $1.2 billion, apparently says Forbes he thinks he's worth 3.3 but that means he's hiding 1.8 of it or whatever the fuck that would be. Right? She's writing off 1.8 so he doesn't understand how that works which is typical with what rich people they don't you know dumb rich people don't know what the fuck they have the joys of remote working well what happened is he's been homeless close. Yes, exactly Joey for real homeless expensive clothes right like that. That's probably why I don't look for it's like expensively and it's not that good looking. I think. Yeah. Again, I don't know fashion, so fuck All right, here they come. Oh. STM pas small town mentality. What's up, buddy? car driving home from the studio. Dude hats off to you. Just so you know because we reached out to our half amigo who's on his way to a different state basically. And we told him to log on me in the car and he didn't respond back so you got the balls to to multitask it up. It's got all my fingers a little bit. There you go. You want to see if I can collide on it here. Nice. There we go. That's better. Here we go. Very nice. Got the branded shirt. So I know we brought up Santiago not that long ago. Do anything special on your on your show? I know you guys just went live. Not that. What like an hour or two ago? Yeah, towards the end. I talked a little bit I didn't want to ruin the flow of the show. That's just my personal thing that I did want to do it for him I'm gonna I'm going to add a couple clips into the end of the show some of the funny bits from from what he did our show and just out of respect I wanted to you know say recipes is a great podcasts are great they're true he definitely dedicated to the craft man Yeah, I mean he was he was always at it for sure not that we want to keep you know going back on it but you got to give him You got to pay him homage right? Yeah. I don't know if you have like a personal thing with him too, because he kept stealing shows from your network. And that was just like that I was doing but yeah yeah, it's funny because like, a bunch of shows be like oh, now I'm on the No please don't network and I was like, Wait a second you were on our network yeah it's all the same right so you guys in the same car what well one one looks like he's like in the night and once a day like you're on two different time zones oh that's the only food you can get right now. So true the concept I don't know who decided I want to wait I want to wait in line and be in traffic at the same time dude I I went to I went to BestBuy in which is basically drive thru now Best Buy and it's I had a wait car line to fucking go and then get to the front and then tell them what I want. Park and then they bring the shit out to me. It was like the craziest shit in the world which is how everything's fucking like I need to buy a microwave to and unlike hesitant because I want to go like look at it like I want to see the physical thing I don't care about buying online or anything like that. But I like to see it in person before I actually buy something. Yeah, so now I'm like oh well I'm just gonna procrastinate and wait and not get it until I can actually see it but I mean may break down and actually just order it and have it shipped to the house. funny you say that my my microwave broke and I went to Walmart and just bought a shitty one. So it's like I have that I have that old school fucking setup where I have like the big screen TV and the little TV on top that I'm watching. That's working. Yeah, is basically what I'm doing in this fucking situation. It's nice to get some fries fries going how's the episodes now you guys had a guest So those are all costs from back in the day. Probably right when I first met you guys nice guys remember AJ used to be small town mentality podcast it's been awesome now it's been Randy Yeah, I think I came in when you had Austin right maybe he has been on the network a long time yeah we got where you guys also want to know please don't network Yes, yeah. Yeah, dude it's almost seem like it's not like ran out there for you know others to consume it right i think it's an act I'm parked at the beginning Randy's not driving ready. No, he's being chauffeured while he was in the drive thru. Kind of like being parked He's being chauffeured by our new producer. Or maybe he's like in one of those European cars he's actually driving on the right side. It's not so it's a self driving car. It's actually Kitt from Knight Rider. Oh, nice. It's like the neighbor from Boy Meets World. Yeah. Yeah. You don't think we're gonna do audio you're winging this episode. We were supposed to have a guest. Yeah, he didn't think we should do just like an homage like all of us getting together on here. Maybe just like celebrate Santiago a little bit. Like, just post the link in the Twitter group. I should have everybody join in. All right, I'll do that. Well, we can only we only fit one more though, right. Come on. We have six. All right. Oh, they could chat though. Right. Wrap up, Joey, give us your two cents, man, how you feeling? Ah, you know, it's crazy. It's like a shock, you know? Cuz like, it just happened all of a sudden, you know, you don't expect these type of things that happen now especially right now, like, with all the craziness going on, it's like it just another shot there. You know, we don't even really know how to process it, you know? That's exactly what I said. Yeah, it's crazy. But, you know, like, the cool thing is, is crunchy brought a lot of us together, you know, like, the network and such and then working with all the different you know, podcasts and so he definitely is leaving like a legacy and his vision you know, it's it's kind of cool to see that kind of come together a little bit. As you know, we're doing right now essentially all communicating. Talking on the podcast. Yeah. Sorry. I'm trying to post a lot of stuff we talked network. I mean, you said like a year or two ago, you just call me out of the blue. I was driving truck and so he just called me and he talked about I think he was buying a trailer or something somewhere. Nowhere. I don't remember now. But well, he lived in the middle of nowhere. Snyder really is in a big populated place. Yeah. Yeah, I remember him calling me once, twice from work just bored, you know. And then we did a lot of network stuff was on my show twice. It's just an all around good, dude. It's funny. I clipped some of the funniest bits that had him in it from the episode I was listening to last night. I'm gonna put them on my show for this week. I think I'm gonna do the same thing. He was a funny guy. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So I'm posting some bits that he did one would say that he probably should have been a stand up comedian maybe or even somebody that like was improv right yeah. I find that a black cat bit that we did that was really great. That might just be for us. It might be a little too racy for the internet. Which which Santiago had some of those moments sometimes? Yes. Yeah. Definitely push definitely push the envelope for sure. Oh, Randall lost signal. Oh, no. Oh, I like I like his little a little facemask going on there on his little photo me that. I like I like that. Ben, how is the tanker business Are you still busy? Or what are you doing with what's going on? She's not been too bad. I'm still running every day. We heard something recently that there are tankers like just chilled outside of California because they don't have anywhere to put the gas. Yeah, there's a dozen of them outside of California just chillin. Yeah, it did slow down. We went down to four days a week, but we're still running. I mean, most of the stuff around here is essential. So people still need gas. So if they're buying gas, I'm delivering it. For now, elk hunting is essential. Yeah. Well, why am I Why am I got an F on the stay at home order. But when you really think about it, the only jobs we got around here oil fields, hospitals. Yeah, you know CNA jobs, state hospital like food. Most of our jobs are a century so people just are out yeah we don't have much else we don't have like tech companies or anything you know? Yeah, we're the same here in Arizona like it's loose. Like the only thing they close down is you going out to eat at a restaurant like that's really all they did. We just take out now in the in the haircut like haircuts and my bars to like, yeah, go to my beard or anything and get your nails done as chick stuff, but forgive this guy. Yeah, I've eaten way too much food. resolve this, like I eat out. I probably have more food now than the pre quarantine types. You know? I'm I know I've gained weight. I know that for a fact. You know, it's really nice. Isn't this answers a pizza place though? Why can't you get free food Yeah that's my cousin spot so yeah, nice. I was gonna say I was gonna say though you you did look you look thinner though. Joe do I just angle to that angle you got to get it up look yeah this you got to you got to get a date you got to get a date oh yeah yeah there you go look it up I think back I don't really know how the cameras working so oh my logo in the background that's all yeah he's like all i cares about my show I needed to drop my show. Yeah. I don't really have anything with a logo on except for my cards for the network. where to put that Oh, you know what I need from you Ben. I need I need a sticker man. Yeah. Did you leave it iTunes review? I'm sure I did. And I mean, I've listened to everybody. If I Have it all go do it. We just got some new ones. Hey, did you hear that part of the show? We got ones made during the show? Oh no, I didn't hear that show. I mean, I've seen some stuff that you post recently. We came up. We came up with an idea on the show tonight and then I hit up my sticker guy at the exact same time and asked him if he can make some but he's gonna make some Calvin and Hobbes or Calvin pissing on small town mentality podcast, as it's made. Good. I have some right here when he said he picked the wrong year to lose weight. Yes. Some decals. That's the New Deal is going to do is start saying the people that left us reviews. So how so let's say Aranda, then. leave a review. How would you feel Find them. Oh, random person, they'd have to just I guess you say that laughter Yeah. Okay. So there's somebody that's actually listening to the show. leave a review. You know what, we'll do the same thing. We'll piggyback off that. Okay. We will review. We'll give you some merge. sticker, right? Yeah, man, you gotta gotta do something. Yeah. Real. Yeah. Well, I've noticed during this whole COVID thing that people are been more interactive, which has been great, right? Yeah, cuz men will miss their interaction. So yeah, little opportunity. Like you see someone you say hi. Like, you want to like engage in the conversation. Because once you leave that location, it's like, your corner room, like, eight hours a day or something. You know, it's like, it just like need for human interaction. Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, it's great. Yeah, this, you guys were watching. And then I was like, here's the link. I'm gonna shut you the link wherever you jumped in. So We even did that last week. remember we had we had the dude that came on play the guitar for us or no, he was fucking holding the guitar the whole time. And he was gonna play a song for us. I think we interrupted it. Early session he had Yeah, he was driving he was doing his guitar learning session and then we I don't know, apparently was friends with Alberto maybe that's what he said. He said he lived without it without really with an up near Albert. And pretty cool guests. Well, I think I asked you this in direct message, but real sudden, I saw him posting on some of these podcasts on Facebook. And he said, Hey, I'm free this Thursday. And I was like, well, I can't record this. This way, ignore that for a second. It was like, well, he's doing any pots. You know, maybe he's just doing any bots. So I hit him up on Twitter and I said, Hey, man, you wanna come on the show on Friday? He's like, no, email me. So I emailed him. He's like, Yeah, man, no problem. So that's pretty cool. Just hit him up. Send me his email, office. I mean, I think it's just routes. Gasoline fuel. Okay. We're gonna drop it there for everybody. Great network. Now we're gonna get him. Yeah, right. I'm sure he doesn't mind his episodes getting flagged. Yeah. So, um, Joey tampoco listens to a lot of a gas Digital Network stuff. So I should reach out to him to to see if we can get him on your show. Well, what do you think? Well, that's a possibility because, um, today I think it was He posted the okay. You know that a $5 like podcasts thing tomorrow was Amen. Yes. Yes. Which no a friend of the show to a chip pocho Well, yeah, that's how taco actually interacted with Ralph. Yeah, um, he he talked to him a bit offline from there and oh, yeah, we're getting a drop from him. So was contacting me information person? I just gave him everyone on the internet. Yeah. Well, as I'm saying that's true. Soon email. Yeah, that's good though. Man. I'm you know, that guy's he's pretty cool to actually do that. Like he his networks big right. He's got a guy's big players in the podcast world. He doesn't need to come out and Enjoy the indie podcasts or anything like that. So the fact that he came out and did that, and he's willing to do more. Yeah. It show. It gives respect. There's another little tidbit for inside information. I don't know if people want to know this on the live show. But David, the producer, we just added to the group. He knows a lot of people. Really? Yes. All right, good. Good to know, say a lot of people. What are we talking? I mean, what maybe offline offline. There's an idea. Okay. It's not awesome. It's not your old producer David, right. No. David, the producer, produces buying the rant. Okay. All right. Ciao. It's behind the rain. I know that you Did something a little bit on the end of your show? Do you have anything planned Joey with Santiago or anything like that? Um, I'm gonna look through some stuff that we have recorded with him to kind of do a little thing. I know. We're gonna record tomorrow. So we're probably you know, put together something. Just a little tribute type thing. Cuz I have some audio. Let me bring it out. That was when I was doing audio. Yeah, we were looking. We were looking for pictures of all of us together and apparently we didn't take any. Yes. Hey, so Joe. Yes, you guys have a tamale festival? Um, I I don't have the I know you have the videos, which I do. But I'm I thought we took pictures together. I don't know. Let me watch it. Look at my phone after I'm on the phone right now after after this. I'll see what I have on there. I don't really Member but let's see what I got. I'm gonna have to do the tamale festival again to remember Santiago. Oh, yeah, no, that's I know pockle hates Somerton, but he didn't like it. There was no he just doesn't like the drive. You drive was bad. No, he doesn't like summer compared. Man. You should come down. Yeah. You and Randy, come on. Not too far. You guys got together with one of the zero farts given? Yeah. Be our mercs lady. Right. Yeah, but you know, we've had her at the studio. We've had hyperbole, which now he was halls. She was on last week. Yeah, she was Thanksgiving. Heather. Was she somewhere close? Yeah. Small world. It's Joey in Politico from yet About that they live maybe what, like 45 minutes from us? Yeah. Heather lives. I mean, 20 minutes. Yes, I can choose like in Tempe. Mesa, where are the folks? She's staying Tempe day after day? Yeah. That is, wherever that is. You just had a networking without me. Yeah. I'm like eight hours away though. All right. So what? So we had both of the networks together, right? No, please don't and then we have drama co productions. You guys just started with yourselves, right? Well, you just named the studio. You name Yeah, it's more. Yeah. So absurd. Broadcasting really isn't like a podcast network. It's more like a it's more like a studio. So if you want to come in, and record time, that's really what it's for. It's not really you guys got some more comic content. And I do you know, people that might want to start a podcast. Yeah. Which we brought it up, we bring it up to them all the time, but then, you know, COVID hit and it's, yeah. Yeah, like we literally moved in, like in August. And then we moved again. I don't remember when like December and November, we got into a we got into a bigger room and then we were gonna try to push that so we have a legit room just for that and we just didn't really you know, and then COVID hit and we didn't really look and have much to drive that audience. Yeah. For those people, that was my passion for building it was trying to get people in and start their own shows, which I'm still working on. We'll see what happens. I mean, I've got a couple people interested but that's the whole point of having a studio was to have not only to create, exactly, well, and then now we're gonna have to have to do is we're gonna have to bring all the shows that we're doing. Knock on drama city over to drum city and we're gonna have to grow and basically show that you know what Santiago was doing as a podcaster wasn't in vain and we're gonna have to just you know, amp it up 10 exit Yep, like that and froze now you guys are in charge of the Twitter power no you gave us since you gave me Instagram. Yeah, that's it. I thought I gave you guys the power for the network Twitter shouldn't be on the podcast. This is podcast me and that's what you should name this just fucking podcast meeting. Name is gonna be network meeting

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