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131. Phoenix Comedian Steve Shortbus Krause

Join Scott and Mark with their guests Steve “ShortBus” Krause, as they chat about how to get into comedy and why there needs to be more genuine comics in the industry. ShortBus is a stairclimber, motivational speaker, and comedian from Pheonix, Arizona. Today, he shares what inspired him to get into stand-up and why he thinks aliens are real. There’s a lot to unpack so, stay tuned and enjoy the episode!

Still Having Fun, Even in Disability

In this episode, ShortBus shares why he jokes about disability as an opener for his performances. While some would get rightfully offended by it, other people who sometimes have disabilities often come up to him and praise him for his work. They would tell him how included they felt and how brave he was for representing people of disability, showing the world that anyone can do comedy. ShortBus also does it because he believes he is already at a disadvantage when he goes on stage and is in a wheelchair. After all, any comic is immediately judged the second they walk out the door. Being disabled takes it to a whole other level because people would either feel sorry for him or expect him to make the same unfunny handicapped jokes. And so, ShortBus takes his disability and uses it to his advantage by breaking the ice with it. He lets people know that he is okay with being disabled and that if he doesn’t feel sorry for himself, you shouldn’t either. In the end, the audience has two options: they use their God-given legs and walk out or sit there and enjoy the ride. For ShortBus, his audience often chooses the latter.

Mental Health Among Comedians

We all know mental health is an important issue everyone should address. Here, ShortBus asked the interesting question of “Why mental health is not being addressed in the comedian world right now?” and answered it best. According to him, comedians do what they do because they either hate their lives or are more screwed in the head than average. Often, comedians use their unstable mental health as fuel to the fire that is their performances. But once the fire is out, where does that fuel go? It stays in there, in their head, either until their next performance or until they burn themselves out. The worst part is, people often pretend it doesn’t ever happen and move on. ShortBus addresses this issue because the last thing he wants is to see one of his good comic friends pass away because nobody offered to help, that or they are expected to funny all the time, which should not be the case. In the end, people should see comedians are not always who they are on stage and are people too.

Outline of the Episode:

  • [01:53] Why ShortBus uses his disability as an opener in his lineup.

  • [09:00] How he deals with people who get offended by his jokes.

  • [10:43] ShortBus, Fastpass, and his expensive fun time at Disney with his family.

  • [13:52] What inspired him to get into stand-up comedy and how he got started.

  • [20:41] Why we need more genuine comics and performers.

  • [25:27] How ShortBus manages to work from home and help his kids with their online classes.

  • [29:01] Parenting, Gaming, and Why his stepsons won’t play with him.

  • [32:56] The struggle of coming up with a username on Twitch and streaming.

  • [36:00] ShortBus shares a story about a hooker being recognized and called by their fake name.

  • [40:50] What ShortBus’ favorite adult site is and why it’s HBO.

  • [42:59] His thoughts on the conspiracy theory “Is Australia real?”

  • [45:33] Why Shortbus would gladly fly to Mars if given a one-way ticket to it.

  • [48:29] What his favorite conspiracy theory is and why our pictures of UFOs suck.

  • [53:56] If he wasn’t doing comedy, what would alternate universe ShortBus do?

  • [58:12] ShortBus shares how he survived the darkest time in his life.

  • [1:06:29] His advice to people who also want to quit their drinking habits.

  • [1:09:55] Why mental health should be addressed, especially in the comedy space.

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