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129. Shaun Eli Corporate comic and joke writer for Jay Leno

Sit with Scott and Mark as they talk about the life and gigs of Shaun Elis as a writer for Jay Leno. In this 129th episode of the podcast Amigospc,

Amigospc is a podcast that aims to feature the backstory behind the funniest people's lives in the industry of entertainment and comedy. This episode takes listeners to the life behind the name Shaun Elis and what situations he has been subjected to before the pandemic, and what he thinks about the business' future once travel is already permitted.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Like any other person in the comedy business, Shaun Eli believes that humans would be in dire need of a reason to smile during and after the pandemic. While he knows that comedy bars and show stages being closed down have been a pivotal factor in the changing economics in comedy and entertainment, he feels that because of this pandemic, more people would want to search for a reason to laugh once the lockdown ends.

Preparing for a Larger Market

Shaun Eli confirms that he too is trying to open up his doors towards online comedy. Nevertheless, this is not as easy as it looks because technical skills are required, which not all comedians are familiar with.

As he looks back to the experiences he had as he toured on five different continents worldwide, he continues to claim that laughter will undoubtedly be effective enough in getting the morals of the people back up again.

Why Comedy

Shaun Eli uses his experiences and makes them into written comedy to present to his audience. The value of relatability makes it easier for his audience to understand and connect with his spills.

In the long run, he continues to think of his jokes as his possessions allowing him to provide the laughter his audience needs. He even keeps the jokes he created and rejected for possible future revisions. Right now he has more than 5000 word jokes in his documents which he plans to polish and use again soon.

Outline of the Episode

  • 04:03 You can earn more by being a clean comedian because you can tell your jokes to a larger market

  • 04:30 Clean Comedy brings you forward to your growth in the industry

  • 19:50 People are starved with entertainment; once we can travel again, there’ll be a lot of work

  • 20:03 I’ve done shows in five continents

  • 20:08 the best country for me was Ireland:

  • 39:08 it’s the “charity” that makes the people think they are expert in everything

  • 39:00 professional gigs are much better than charity ones

  • 1:15:20 Expired comedy; 50,000 words with a lot of [unused] jokes


You can Catch Shaun Eli at:





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