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128 Brandon Black as Featured on Funny AF

She's like wow. This is crazy. I had in a lot. Like i want to get back into. Stand up and as guide to send me a sign in your mind. My big black sign. I'm like okay cool. Oh i'm big black sign. But she's like five one. I'm like six two but yeah we exchanged information can touch man and we ended up doing some shows or something. If you're looking for a high brow fancy smart regal podcast with hosts that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This gives amigos. If you're for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out craziness hit the jackpot is is amigos. Pc and this is scott and mark. Welcome to the a our guest brandon. Black comedian in los angeles We noticed we started. I'm homework on you own. We started communicate in apologize about the going back and forth and rescheduling and things like that doing some and we noticed that there. I don't know if this was you or if this was someone else but about a decade ago. Oh you american maybe or going on alternate you mean that definitely was not me man. I know the blackout. This would have been on american idol. That is. I want to be a singer back in the day. Oh you did not have never developed after. Take you to church on sunday to sing gospels to sing the were housing acquire for like two weeks. I dropped out everybody looking obama. I'm learning the songs i was like. Yeah it's time for mean stuff. Haven't been mashing church players. That was my day goodell in the church. Nice so the rent a if it's yoga. Is this show so you just mentioned that. You're you're mastering the the craft of acting At the church have you dabbled in it being in los angeles. I have like three commercials but you could only see me one well short film. I got a small role in commercials. I'm just like somebody in the background. One i thought i was on have like nice screen time and the internet's kind of messing up. Sorry all no no. It's probably not probably are yours. It's always our fault easy to customer may. Have you know what. I got eighteen man. Okay it is your internet. That's here either. Cell service through theater. Miss this i have had that. Oh you never know that. And i heated at why passion liking walk into walmart. Which i mean. Washington warmer is the greatest wolf. The roofs man. It's hard to get limit their do when i had verizon no problem oh maybe i'll give you that you know money money i have. Is it ever says oh boy switched to. At and t. verizon is the same. now that's true. Yeah he needs to call those people. The network is overweight. Now exactly are brand so tell us a little bit about what you've been up to hug your comedy than going with the cova world felt a little bit about You know what.

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Comedy and kobe has been pretty. Weird is been at a standstill. When things i hit. I did a couple online shows which were It was basically like. I was looking at myself practice my material because i couldn't hear anybody laugh but i'm are. They really laughing. you know. Want wanna comment by john job. I'm like really funny really thought i do like four of those and i was like you know. Would you think i'm gonna do another. One just is not the same. You don't have that energy demand chilling pretty much all of twenty because comedians. Pretty much they feed off the audience really need that back and forth he that you know that you're doing good or your shitty. So yeah absolutely be doing online shows man. It was like you domino entire time. So you don't like that feeling not at all man horrible feeling. Silence is very loud. So if you're not doing a whole lot of comedies that what you've been doing lately you been binge watching anything you know. We were able to get you because suzy sitcom which was awesome on our show with her. What's going on with that. I am actually. Susie is starting her own room. She has a show on the twenty fifth of this month that she dropped my name. The y'all which was appreciate advocating in my terrible intimate i'm preaching. Yeah i appreciate you suffering through the struggling. But i'm supposed to do susie. Yes on the twenty fifth should be cool. It is a live show. She said limited seating. Be about twenty people. Max in attendance. Wow do you know where it is yet or no. Is it an apartment. you said. Limited smart yeah. I only soon be her arm. They'll be performing kitchen every once in a liberal. Maria's open now she's going to actually. I feel bad because i can't remember spots of death. That's that's pretty well known. And its sponsored. She has a sponsor too at taffy. Have you guys heard of taffy. Efi taffy no sound familiar. I've heard of laffy taffy on it. Right that's what i don't like lab. You yeah she ashley educated happy tax collector ms appetizing. Oh what did that be timing but is the chicago she said makes sense. Yes she from over that area and we had her on. Es suzy's a lot of fun. And i appreciate some mail blessed several times in my life these. Oh wow key go into a little bit of detail of that or you guys been traveling together not traveling but doing shows together again of. I'm sorry for cutting you off in a you didn't so we were waiting. And then okay and i don't i have but i don't want to interrupt the feedback soothing. More times than one. She's done something because she is cannot say a fan of my company. She likes i do. She's always recommended doing he's cool. He's a cool guy and Do i wouldn't be on here with john and several other people. She's she didn't drop. My name is this. You tell you guys met no. Yeah so log in costco instacart. So i'm in costco and i'm talking to them employees or whatever a store there are frequently pretty cool and he's like oh man. How was your show man. And i'm telling me and it's totally great out another one coming up out. So she's hymie and it kinda standoff filler. Like is looking at me. But i don't really pay no mind. She's like hey you do comedy. I'll the little apprehensive. I miss some very like weird people. This way like. I talked to everybody. But it's like you might be another one so she's like you know you've been doing online. I've been doing it for a couple of years now. She's wow this is crazy. I just had a career in a lot by. I wanna get back into. Stand up and ask god to send me a sign in your mind. My big black sign. Light okay cool.

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I'll big black. Sonic she's like five one six two but yeah we exchange information and we ended up going through shoulder stuffed very well speaking of shows. I did see that you were on funny as fuck well. That's not how they say it funny. How was that experience. How did you how fall into that. I guess Funny am superdome man rebuilt tv season. Did it my ever sold is now the comedian. S lending curtis. I did a commercial with the casting director for that show. So i met her through a good friend of mine like a sister and i worked where before and she lied me so she told me to send in audition tape so i ended up doing. Show a buddy of mine match. Skipped town playhouse. And my my lady. When wave me she recorded my said. It was a quick like seven minutes. Said two minute i was really rushing over. Hit me up. I hate it producer. Today they they want you to do the shelves. I'm dope so i had to come up with Think about fifteen minutes where they kind of chopped it down. Go to revolt studios got take my whole family. My grandma my mother. Which i talk about my grandma in my standup for her to see that and see the cameras in dressing room and we got ally superstar treatment and i haven't even been doing comedy for a long time and so at at that moment but it was. It was definitely a blessing and a great experience revolt. Don't what you ask for your in your writer. Did you ask for like any crazy. Like like ten bags of gummy bears or anything weird in your green room. Yes read yeah. I wanted a strawberry watermelon. Wa but Yeah i needed my own. Like female assistant opening the cans warning n. I wanted somebody. Grapes is well but Grapes from a mountain in indonesia to they hire susie for that spot no they did hire susie. I've actually i was so like. I'm kinda rookie at know what this spec man like. This is crazy. Comedy is like competitive at times. Yeah out walked in and it was other comedians. Only like one. Persian really spoke to me shut out. The david murky use iowa so everybody else's own dressing room and other had to share so it was really like. Oh wow of course. Not you mentioned that when you brought your grandma or your entire family but your grandmother to the show. And i have listened to the skit that you talk about you. Know you have your grandma in your comedy How does how did that go to. Does she joy how you have the joke about her or eaves m- insight on that She loves and to be honest every show. She's been to people when when people have people come up to me. Tony hey come on you living with it and this is her right here and they like what he's telling the truth. Is she as up there on. Stage telling jokes man so she loves it cintas crazy that she gets when she comes out to the show. People don't believe like oh is real and in other material that's raunchy here goes grandma. She's here he's still talking shit and been self in all men so cool when when when you're writing comedy do you ever get nervous. When you're writing about family situations does it get like is it makes you. You get worried about how the reaction's going to be if you if you write about something that's maybe two. I don't know too close to home or something that's gonna make them offended or upset or whatever you know what i mean. Yeah go forward. You know what. I had a lot of times i just go for like And and i'm gonna see high at audience. I feel i if you go in that particular family members there and it gives labs. I think it goes over with them. A better than she said it in embalmed in his silent now they like oh shit about funny utah and they get some attention after whereas my own universal oh man they love it to me to me.

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If i saw that going on. I would laugh so much. Because i'm like oh it's it's the joke that keeps on giving because now you have to go over to the family member have to deal with that awkward situation. Shit fuck hobie get through that good hit for the person who has grandma ever came up and said that's not how that happened or something nashi to see ads in twenty min. The beduin like material about my grandma got material by the church before colbert. I had like a whole female odor. Church league crew. That will come out and see me. Like i'll tell them. All my aunt they will come to. Various shows like twelve v dizzy and laugh at the ranch material that i might be some joe. I don't get too crazy but like pussy before and they laugh okay. Teams thing pussy is fine. let's go. They need a. They need a break from school break from the norm. Some type of dick and we'll see joke. We hear the not going to hear that. That's for sure exactly houses. Little church members may we are. We can get that. Got to keep going louis so we also noticed that couple about a week ago. Almost you you met a legend to me warned. G is that about a we. S most we talk about that. It was posted a week ago. Yeah so it was a while ago. I don't know how the internet works. So when he met one days ago already fucked up. But i'm gonna go backwards. Explain worn in go bluffing. So remedial ji was Was dope. I actually made actually may warranty twice. The first time i was with my buddies bad loved aka. Good luck now but His instagram is bad loans. Ad l. uc three five four and My other bro. Ep airman ep po. Bad luck robber. Urban is producer He's very rely. Janet jackson the game on her what he did a lot of stuff with info probably about four years man on an all of that server bitcon. That's gotta try in the game on is not look i-i've pursuer clashing gate your job to move at a movie premiere. I can't remember the name man but it was about a him. His journey alone b.j. Everybody that kinda came out in long beach was part of the two one three g funk biting quasi utah sober of do super cool chill. The movie was dull. Know nothing bad to say about him time. I'll actually we. He peed and we went to warrant studio. So this time minutes studio will warn and i'm just the work man and he's working on a bead again super tailed super friendly life bay nice dude and and i'm like day. This is warren g. like mr. Gee this is crazy now and You know work like once in a lifetime tyke sheds a lot of people want spans man. So i'm grateful for those actions and he's a really really cool that's awesome. So what crazy stories you have of that event. Is you like nothing too crazy. It was at it was at a theater in hollywood. And everybody's pretty chill daylight phones out. That was like the first time. I ever to something where you have locking your phone. Oh yeah you can get into after the movie. Oh so they develop hell you before. Savell did it now debbie this. I looked it up. So the jeep in two thousand seventeen thousand eighteen. So i might have been all about the same time. Maybe tape transgenders market up man.

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Exactly block it up so when you're around at go the delay. Sorry say it's all good. You know i apologize is up. Sorry about this fellow I'll say the whole phone logging situation. Because i can't stand those people like spoiler people they'll put the whole stand up routine our whole family out there on the internet light. I was a huge power fan. And i found out goes died on twitter. I'm lying here. We go and they just did it because they wanted to piss everybody off like they wanted to see the world. Yeah dude you do. They do that now. Like make you lock up your football. I guess not now. Have you not have you. You wanna try to push for that. Going forward like no phones. Or like i mean to me i think you should be in the moment and watch comedy and and not try to interrupt shit or be on your phone. Yeah or be under bom. What are your thoughts there. Yeah i agree with both. I think I i think you should happen. I said comedy. But i all live events tip. Somebody might spoil it. But i feel like we don't live in a moment as people anymore. Yeah once he's a through a screen by and we're looking at the screen instead of the artists as performance and we're not enjoying the music or the show so i think we should always lock our great. Yeah it's like everybody just wants. Hey i'm doing this thing. I want everybody t need do this thing. And then i lost four nine have you. Have you ever had a situation where you lost your phone or you couldn't get into your phone for a certain amount of time and it like how'd you feel during that often about to go crazy. I was fomo almost taken over man. Yeah i think everybody is like oh. Who's calling me. What was going on. I might have lurks. That is going on. Yeah so a week ago. I had that situation happened. Where my phone and i had. I was sitting on my apple. Pay on the phone right. And then i had to sit up a pass code and i don't remember what the passcode was so this was a week ago down. Remember what it was. But i kept like every time i just try to test it out and see what the fuck it is and then next thing you know like i'm locked out for a minute right mike. Okay we try it again. Then i was locked. Offer fifteen minutes okay. Cool and then. And then i did it again and magazine i was locked out for an hour and then might and then i lost because i was able to listen to music. Listen to music while work the podcast and and then when i eventually lost the music i was like what what the fuck you now so then i started tech. Mark here on mike. Do any to get into my phone. So i had go to his house like on my lunch break from the podcast i went to. I went to his house and i got the cord. I needed to do like reset my phone. It was like i was going crazy. So that's how. I know that we are myself is addicted to our phones because we we needed. You know what. I mean reset your phone reset. It lost shit unless a whole bunch of shit. Because i didn't back up then it goes into a whole nother of me being like to to didn't wanna put money into extra clouds space to back up my phone. I mean so. Then i lost all my shit for being cheap. So it's well the learn. He was a good learning experience of Just bad decisions right and you had to look it up. Yeah basically hook up and then had a newer laptop which then didn't have kasese newer laptops. Don't have usb shit anymore. You have to have look fancy like lightning bolt shit and mike. Can't hope this up. So i started looking at my old computers trying to figure out how to get to work and then it was a whole shit. Show so yeah. We're definitely some assholes man for that whole body every year apple leasing more money out of. That's not give you shit dude. They don't give you shit right. It'll be your headphones anymore. It's come on man can afford fucking these right. He brings up. How apple is a huge there. Asshole they typically are so you know how we're starting our our wonderful world of crypto and things like that there and we're we're we're building a rig which is now we're building a mining raked you have to you have to put software on things and we're mac users right yeah and We used to have a laptop that was dedicated to the podcast which happened we windows and it totally took shit while we started doing.

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All of this crypto nonsense. Yeah we're up but So i had to figure out how to flash the operating system. We used from a mac to the system for the rig and found out. That mac doesn't allow you to write files onto information that like devices or information that apple. So i'm seeing if you're out how to get a file okay from one place to another just. The text view opened up a no pan in your computer. And you put. I love spaghetti. Yes i'm s we all. That's where i should've said sam badly. So you put on your desktop right and then you want to put it on like. Let's say an external hard drive right. Okay i want to save this to an external hard drive just so i have this forever because i know i love the amigos. Pc right oh. You can't do that like you need additional off wear Get it into that. Apple's dick's they can be but they it's because they care i guess or at least that's how right there like tesla of the computer world you have to like. The tesla thinks by tests all this other stuff. Like it's no way to these parts from autozone have just show testers. I gotta bring abbas turning into that. I mean but with tesla would just be a battery issue right. I mean or do you. I guess the There have been a tesla hundred. They do the tires ship there too. It's a no. I gotta do. I play there's gotta be discount tire and shit for those tesla sars these tires specifically their their electric electric driven. Yeah yeah i by as you continue to grow ridge for nine. Oh man one day. I do but i don't know if tesla make like a vespa you're going to invest tesla vesta. Why not you could just take off. Just handlebars goes on from the return. This like this as you go. Despite the jack a break check out. The rogue tesla mechanic resurrecting salvage cars on us. It's a pretty good like by documentary on his dude as he had a tesla and he's got bush if you had to take it to them again though he learned how to live fishermen selfish rebuilding so he. He's like no. Yeah so it's basically him going and salvage in them and making his own. Fucking tesla and i do in his own ship. That's cool and bringing them back to life. Because i guess remember correctly certain parts like the motherboards Would be so high are implied burned out. People just say fuck it and he would go find them all these parts with rebuild some settlement cell and he would keep other parts for more. Tesla's that people just do away. Yeah wow that's insane. I i wish i wish i had that kind of technical wanted. Wanna do you know what i mean like. He's doing something that no one's probably doing raise has no tesla's to me. probably some. If they just go away these smash him or make him new batteries and shit. But i guess smart because he's probably making money. You reap the fucking test of her people. I had a question. Is it Artiste better for like the whole minded thing are are apples are meeting for that. You'll you So that that is very good questions. Are you looking to mine. Are you a minor. Let's talk about that. Sounds weird to say.

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You can't see. Are you a mind center. Would it be asking me sorry. Sorry i am not. I am not a police officer. Right up you'll minor. It sounds yummy at do you chris yourselves your did you bring cookies. Yeah i i missed those so much of a six pack of smirnoff sir. I like those. I brought those firm. You can drink vice. We're in seattle. Fifty two is not you. Yeah that'd be packing when you read the transcripts. I like to put your your on my generals with it's messenger from nineteen ninety-seven roy was endangered. I have my bag for my dental stuff. I'm here to check her teeth that he had to call him white kids at home. Tell you i'm in jail. You're living in ohio ohio. I watched it knows. So many people from ohio joke down to florida. Fucking meet this chick. Why of course. You're going to florida from ohio. The american yeah. There's no good cities there that that needs to come back like chris. Somebody does that every time you watch the drew carey show and they rocks his cranes. You like this is full of lies. Not rock would freeze right. That's it lays. We should have Mario lopez comeback. Oh my god no i. Don't i don't want to say it he's to attract. He's he's like paul you like. Oh man worry we're we're you know where your girlfriend here are. Lopez nunc teenage girls again. Yup bell off to your you a big leader later. Yeah your aren't you. That's not the point again. eighty nine username. Seventeen that's a good one. That's a good one. That's probably one for sure. Right back to our nerd turned out. The question was is easier to use a mac versus easier to use a pc versus mac. So why found out in this journey that we've started. We're very fresh. This marks a little bit more. You cannot you cannot mind anything from an apple device. They build them in such a way that it makes no sense logically to try to mind anything through the the motherboard. The cpu or anything like that or even graphics card don't have they don't have us no they don't they. Don't have like a traditional art that you would get in dc or or a windows based on lap on windows based in chromebook right So yeah mac wise. You can't find anything. But unfortunately we're mac people and the one pc that i didn't have like i said took good crap so i had to figure out how to a laptop hard drive to put the operating software onto for the drive to put it onto the rig and that was an attorney in six flags.

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Yes huge fiasco. Yeah we i mean we just mentioned into this in right now. We're just pour money into it is really what's going on the money. The money porn into it wayne it right now but on the long run is is what we're hoping. Well we've been up and running for a we in the were. What one hundred bucks. Yeah okay printing money running. Yeah especially charleena air right now. Yeah yeah yeah that's good. Yeah i like. I can't believe that this isn't illegal to be honest with you because technically is committed listening. Lets them right laws and get. I know you had to move up. Degraded a minute man. You keep an amount of cash flow location. Scared out brandon blake's grandma's banks. We're not going to tell. Oh shit again feel. The and i was in the field of minors which i don't want to say that not have that. There's gonna be a cheese that word. It can't be minors anymore. It's gonna be all right. Let's try to do it right now. What would we name the equipment. It's not they would love this conversation. What complain we're gonna go to minor field young not as island right now. you know. That's a conspiracy talk. Are you into conspiracies. At all. I did dabble who isn't ranked sink. Yeah you think that he's still alive. He's elvis right now. no. I actually think he's really dead. But i i don't believe killed. I believe you know again because if you look at his mugshot like man. I was ready saying it out. Pets gonna give a very body or get out one way. Getting out ruffle have somewhere. I just want to go to my island. I'm gonna give you all the president's former presidents secretaries bayer's i will chugging cheese parties every week at my house and they all showed up the cheese on the island. Oh my god. I bet you. They're the last remaining cheese. There's at least the dave and busters on the island. Yeah that's what adult fun place. You can have your underage ones. They're relying borderline mingle of a minor of. Could you imagine the bartender that works at that. They've musters oh man this shit they drink from that cup. They're in it in sleep. Drink order number again. Napkins cover their about the meal. Nyland here to come out with a sleeping bill. God the st. John's jets alternate person stuff right career. Hasn't he was nutty end up killing it. Let me start the shelf crawl for all of us. Let i was that these align to still be alive. I haven't heard that you talked about it. Just because it's so much money like yeah like half a billion or six hundred million or something when everything down like i was saying thing about like a hundred million or half of his money be like hey this goes to get them out like here you go.

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Here's athlete half a billion dollars or whatever that that everyone knows about. I'm his money hidden in his islanders. Some shit right. He probably can plans in like a guy that contingency plans so he basically said. Hey here's the money. Get me out. Fake my death. I'm dead you know. And then boom he's off into wherever land you know. That's not a bad as theory at all that he did have a lot of money on. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah it's scary snack because that's the world we're in right now. It could happen because everybody could be bought. Everyone has an. Why are we not hearing that much information about Jaslyn right now. Oh that's true as leaner jasmine. Wherever it is i never see it. It was just i hate. She's arrested and that was it and then we have the countdown clock like all right. Well when is she gonna die on it at one point he never did. She saved now as mentioned fifty bucks today. Here on a two-day all right now. I have no have least give it. We had prices right rolls when you go over no own speaking of prisons okay This new stimulus bill. Yeah so when the senate was trying to vote on it. They were trying to get a provision in it to where prisoners couldn't get stimulus that wait a minute hold on. I didn't know no that's news to me. I know they can get stimulus money so it won't. That's the thing that build. It says it doesn't say that they can't oh so they were trying to get him out of vision in it saying that. Sorry if you're in prison your sol. So it doesn't sit. According to this new bill prisoners could technically get stimulus. Money man commissaries through the roof. The first thing. I thought a series gone through how much rahman wizard going through an twizzlers bucking you. Who's rei let's all name. Three things will go out of the commissary immediately. Tiktok ready go first youth while we were always on say noodle so i won't say noodles honeybunch. Those are good. Oh man jaggi protein offie. Yeah that makes sense not get coffee get to the future. No that's like contraband. But can you buy them to write the white collar prison cigarettes. I we have to get somebody prisoners to walk through. I if i'm off the shelf. That's for sure noodles. No that's think completely gone. That's gone to me. i think. That's bottom level. I mean rahman or the normal joe his pretty pretty cheap of an. It's probably marked up for them. But i'm thinking top-shelf shit like candy like the shit you can't get the money but screw fourteen noodles kidding. Yeah you're done with rahman they buy all around and so they can sell hit them. Women rahman underwear definitely out like an extra three pairs of underwear instead of wearing prison. You think a clothing section of the commerce definitely things and everything like the name of the prison shirt yet like a new shirt. Look at school like the gym. It's like a. It's like an off brand of supreme kind of looks like supreme. The supreme logo background. But it says rikers wouldn't that wouldn't that make them like the asshole. The can afford like the cool gear. That's a target. You're a target stat young. Unless they're in the shower well then you wouldn't be learning. How would almost the collar prisons like cigarettes have to be a thing you think so. How did lisa cigarettes in the charge cards. I was thinking. Are you talk to one jail or prison selling east singer. Is i forget where it was but you cigarettes people that makes more sense. Those your than the normal. You could also make maybe yeah.

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The batteries prison all businesses. Some i know in a couple of weeks and then to to russians battle right. Yeah exactly yeah shanks. Three things is going to be. Is it for me or in general like who's gonna i'm just saying like what do you think's going to go fast but if you turn on onto usa because myself and Yeah i'm in jail. My shits horrible compared to what. I need wet wipes son. I was thinking. I was thinking the white schools got the make him. I don't know Except the me personally awesome. Kick cats all three of those that. You're all soda soda white castles theft. That's neat but as far as you need to survive. Maybe it's probably toothbrushes or pencils. Probably that's really sharp objects contain cook and see like the common item is in context and we get the were picking. I know rahman is a thing. Yes definitely top. Chef are always is i was like. Oh should that's your whole. That's her whole stimulus. Check right there one of those no right or give you just one. That's like the that's only ant the prisons where like dudes like bernie madoff and shit. That's like that's like exact at a hotel with a guy standing outside their door choosing the chiller items can they have in the commissary They're allowed to have books magazines newspapers. That's probably that's probably something you might wanna have like rating relief. What to avoid when sitting in a male inmate they should not include a weapon used in a plane or a plan of escape. These are all fucking and but they have to people that are going to visit their baby mom or dad dad and that just recently got locked up in what. What can i bring. Can i bring them food. Toiletries snacks clothing. Nice footwear electronic leaving. Yeah i'm sure commissary has a top level player. You guys okay. So envisioned like chucky cheese. Or or like a fucking peter piper tickets mannequin. Never get up to that top level of shit like name. One day comes stimulus. I'm going to get that motherfucking all around the yard. Way a gameboy. It's all good top is that is that from home alone. Yes okay wounds after. That's that's all. I want one christmas commercials. Like hat like the kids. Look on super cool stuff commercial with the tallboy. It's just eight move. Mark was the rich kid he had one didn't have one yet. Yeah i did. I had i had a talk boy. Lucky you know everybody who had pretty rough skin. Yes you did to fucking satan doll for the tape. His or as bass talk impair. Yeah i put. It was one of those. You know what i'm talking about. I put a ozzy osbourne in. It was just moving train. nice well.

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we're coming up to an hour Let's do a trash trash-talk wig. We we used to have a segment called trash shock. And we're trying to bring it back so especially in a can that we have labeled trash-talk we essentially what we do with the question is will read it and then we'll do like a round table kind of like we just did with the commissary. This is actually a very good ones. You are welcome. Yes these are made from. Scott say yes essentially the question we just roundtable and answer it if you don't want to answer it you're more than welcome to pass but we'll start with you. What was the last. What was your last google search. Start start ain't no the came out right now. Eighty nine yes. Some molly put asked a question as incorrect. Let me double check. How much was it worth it. Nineteen eighty five nineteen five debut eighty five present present then still being the. Wow would you get one. Now has a collective. That's weird though weird. I think chuck with those things. But the bear i had. I had a good guy doll to did you. Yeah my dad used to scare the shit out of me with me and my cousins. I didn't have no. We'll be playing downstairs in the basement. Because that's what you do in wisconsin you playing basements elsa well yes. There's six feet of snow outside. You have to play indoors upstairs. They want you out of their face. Basically playing with my cousins in the basement. Next thing you know. There's a fucking good guy doll head right around the corner of the stairway man scary off mark what's yours. Mine is kind of lame. Are you looking up. And no i hold up my phone. I mean at what it was probably the as yours so my mind was what does load average mean crypto mining. So he was low load. Average crypto crypto. Between those who works. Yes i'm done was Mine was listening to our last episode and it was like denied so i clicked on the thing and went to the internet and it denied me because it was they were. They were messing with it. People yeah we don't because it's not up yet. Yeah yeah so. That's what that was my last one actually or just google search though clicking mine was lured by ice well okay do incognito mode. I looked okay. The the the the g funk movie. I looked that up to find when that came out. And then i also the commissary jails back before the all before the come out lives. Can't give us any no ebony. Yeah mine mine mine was ivory. that's a loaded. The wrong one knows the or it was crippled stuff. It was an aunt. What am i right okay. So it's not that yours is the best brand and we'll see what we do in our off time i. It's we're kearns. We are trying to make money money. Man yours la's more entertaining than ours is full good to the money man. Yeah exactly honestly that has really been a majority of our conversations lately in chat negative. Yeah it's been that. And then i mean with you know growing this as well to know. Yeah that force okay. Both guys school like know how to get into mining or slight. Did you read up on it in a book or sunday. So it's been it's again most of the avengers weren't twenty twenty one Books are no longer than we both.

00:55:13 - 01:00:03

Don't read because i can't. I can't say we listen to books or a return to ship. Yeah honestly i think you university is definitely helped. Guide us in the right direction. i've been wanting to do this. crypto mining for six years. Maybe seven years. He's been like four or five years and we. We didn't really talk about it. No tell. I mean we've been doing this for about two and a half years most Podcasting wise and then this is the new venture that we're trying to get into his well. That's what we're trying to do is making money okay to successfully start mining bitcoin before it blew up When i six or so years ago A gaming laptop that was capable of mining. At the time i started to mind on the laptop and it just mining totally took its toll on the laptop and destroyed. It was funny when we searched to get this going Altogether i had tried to revive that laptop and and started to remind i was actually mining coin with it and it total i crashed. It was funny but it also every do you. Do you have any questions. Do you have any questions are you know about do. Yeah you sound intrigued. Which i which. I i like i am like always i Speaking on him and it was like he was another language. I was like knowledge ship wrong with this. That's not what i was looking at questions. They're talking don't ask any questions. And so what is crypto mining crypto mining is basically like random people harvesting The coins that are circulating out there in the crypto world and they get paid for processing these transactions on blockchain system. What the box chain faster than I'm losing it. But you're able to make a anonymous purchases and stuff like that right now. You nailed it. I mean you basically. You're you could be a commentator now on on crypto fisher brandon's last google search was. What really is modest reading. Irina nova kapiti right now. Let us crypto. i'm not actually Was how come. I haven't heard of this before. Like what are they told about. Life nine year olds is a guinea. Let me look into this. So i i read a little something about with lot cheney's but not i don't know hold a whole lot about knowledge is as but i was wondering why all these old capitalism so pissed off at these people get money and all we need to block this so you know i don't want a little bit. I had a dodge going for a minute boss. I had a light coyne. I'm probably going to get back into i we. We didn't talk off line. You sound like you're right into the game a little bit like my my toes in the water not nominee. I do that was me six months ago. Look look at me no water. I don't know swim. So i do have another question. Real will relieve. So did your computer crappy does so much information been passed at one time that it couldn't handle it Mining itself overheated. The graphics card and graphics card is unlike eight years ago. That's old so you. You mean new technology to be able to make pined the coin that you're trying too hard. Thanks put that in layman terms mining definitely is keeping up with the joneses. Yeah because it's it's like like i said we we're putting a lot into it. Yes we're hoping for the sun and the moon. Yeah eventually so. It's a lot of big up front cost. Hopefully ride the wave as they say right it. Surfboard i saw a picture on twitter. Dude i like He had like eight computers. Like or eight hours before rolls with light. Vanishes total twenty.

01:00:03 - 01:02:36

Pc towers it little mining shit. Yeah yeah that's eight like yeah. We're millionaires podcasts. But right now getting his mind and mining yeah the advice that try to get all your hands as much as you honestly definitely nowadays nestled. Sure well brandon. I wanna i wanna see on youtube man. Talk don riggs and show you when we get off on. What show you what we have right now. Yeah sounds we'll show you what we have and then show yeah. The rig might not be as big as yours. But it's but it's gonna it's gonna compete gonna push it's really it's really grower. Groer working at it lovely appreciate came out right good coming up for. Having her plugged in man art. Yeah march twenty fifth show with. Suzy is going down down. Go to my line and brandon black post about it That is a live show and it will be actually taped live name Sponsored by happy taffy some chicago the west and Just following you instagram. I am brandon black man. Hopefully the world is opening backup. Sony i'd have some more shows down. I do have a podcast on my own show. You can listen to that on apple podcasts. Spotify man yeah. Follow the middle podcast. Obviously you are you listening right now. I'm going to plug it on my page. You could hear this hilarious episode with certain cringe words that we put in there with a little risk. And i'm done talking last year. This has been the migos. Make sure like subscribe and review us on all your pod casting platforms visit us at amigos dot net for our entire library of content and migos merch till next time audio.

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