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127 MoRoRadio midmorning host of Altaz 93.3 and the Mostalgia podcast

And forty years. What will be nostalgic for who. That's the one. I was the one. Oh people oh baby. Yoda god dang. Baby yoda people. I would say baby yoda i would say. What do people freaking out about now. That would get nostalgic for. Doesn't mean if you were looking for a high brow fancy smart regal podcast with post that loved to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos. Pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out craziness you hit. The jackpot is is amigos. Pc and this is scott and mark so moreau twitter. No all my accounts are of the same name malraux radio but the people call me mom. I'm peoples mail from all easy right. yes i do. The midday show and ninety three three here in phoenix. It's alternative radio. And i've been doing that for a few months now. I used to be doing mornings. And then i did nights all over the place just plugging thoughts were. We've found exciting when you said yes to come onto the show. Thank you were. We are fans. thank you. i appreciate it. You remember from when you were just doing little things. Four key. And we're advocate key when you when you first started on there. That's i heard you and we're like she's awesome. We were hoping that you will. Yeah he would stay you but obviously obviously a better. We got to see you grow ever. Yeah you know. i'm this beautiful beautiful black butterfly. Now are great. I love i didn't start at. Ku pd actually started at x one three nine when it was alternative. They flipped my one zero. Three nine and i did that for a little bit. But it just wasn't my scene. You know i grew up listening to more aggressive. Needling and a lot of rap and hip hop and that doesn't yeah so rut and of course rock like deaf tons is my shit so i moved over to k. Pd and god. I was nervous because it's so male dominated you know they do not go. There hasn't been a woman on the air in like eight years in that place. I knew they weren't gonna let me on the air right away. So i just started from the bottom and promotions where you guys probably like saami do stuff and then slowly worked my way up to gaining trust getting on the air showing them that i had all of these techniques and styles or whatever and larry mcfeely shout out like the. He's like one of my best friends. He gave me a shot. And here i am. You know they're just real larry. Yeah more than just eat no. He's the he's the he's the the yes so he is the program director for utd pd. The music director for k p and he does mid days as well. Y- which is kinda funny. Now we get to see each other all the time at work. But now we're looking like dude you're legendary come on larry's lunch sack like it's still trips me out to this day. Though like yesterday. I walked into larry's office in johnson there and we're all like bullshitting and it's just weird to be friends with these people that i grew up listening to and they actually like value my opinion for some reason. I mean. they won't actually say that john. I mean your closes you might. I mean i know he morning. Glad i'm pretty sure you sabotage that point shows even. That's the competition for him. So i mean to even be considered competition. When i was doing morning. Show it's really not. But i think he was just excited to see that someone that actually had a decent sense of humor and like we're just doing their own thing was making it And you know it's very weird to hear somebody tell you that they're proud of you especially that you've looked up to them for so long and so i know right. It's okay. I got facemask here so it's just to get him into the pad. So what led you on the journey to radio were. Yeah now. When i was eight years old and my mom was an avid radio listener. And she would win stuff. She one movie tickets to go. See batman forever and with nipples. Yes yes well i mean. There's a weird. The first thing i thought it was kiss from a rose nipples. I mean that's is that bad no not at all.

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I mean you're a seal fan. Yes this is very dramatic about it. I think of jim carey and of tommy. Lee jones killer performances. Oh my god just amazing. But i got to meet the radio. Deejays premier back when like planet. Hollywood was still paying. I don't even remember where this movie was at. All i was a child was born and raised here. Yeah rarity type five this club. No yeah we should really start a club we should. We'll start podcast yes. The natives matt go to native american yeah native in the non her non-native whatever the replacement but i met the dj's aaron. I told my mom was like. I want to be on the radio when i get older and so cheesy. I was like eight years old but then the dream always stuck with me and i've always wanted to do it and then one day i just got really high in the middle of the night and i really did not like wireless ad my life. Even though i had a really good job i just wasn't doing what i felt was true to my heart and so i emailed fr vessel from pd. No that's funny. Yeah i like. It was in the middle of the night. And i was listening to the three o'clock site show got bad fallback lose a lot of weight knowing on here graphing and somebody was longer each. I got along the left hand though for inch. Where we're we head up brett vastly and he's like hey don't go to school. Don't do any of that bullshit. Just start from the bottom work your way up. Even if it's being janitor just get your foot in the door and just work hard. And that's all i care about. Make sure available. I'm pretty sure you saw this message. Somewhere i gotta find it. There's facebook or something but yeah he gave me the best advice and then lo and behold took it and just work my way up here. Oh that sounds amazing. Yeah i also spent a ton of money on school to which is crazy and then look at bread. He probably did the same to the. I mean very slowly if he would have had a nice set on him. I'm pretty sure he would have got like a lot farther. he's fine. he's made it in the morning on a good morning show. Yeah definitely what. Do you think you'd be doing if you weren't doing radio. I'd probably still be in massage therapy. So oddly enough. This place that we're at is they liked rented. somebody's office. There's actual business going on. This might be like type of drug deal thing happening. I'm not sure but our location. Yeah oh yeah. This seems like a friday to close that door here and ten minutes wondering because the door very scheduled naked people shifting through a of powder very strange though that's true. I felt like i was safe down the road here in the same complex. I should get massages. My friend and i her. Name's cara shout out. She's a therapist. And her and i would trade. Actually last sunday was less time we did. She's in a different spot now but it was just weird. That's why message you and i was like is it. This place knew exactly where i was going all this is going to be sketched which is better than again like i said before like this place is better than we were before because it was her royal afford main and deeply like basically. I grew up there to your trailer park. It was a does that is trying to illustrate there. Are you know we had many stories about things. Were going exactly all holes in the windows. Phoenix comics come in john carden before he just recently left austin he felt at home a trailer park conspirator began massage. Therapy was my thing is still randomly do it. I feel like. I have healing hands like to help people what you charge i. I haven't even thought about that table. That's weird yeah that is change and you never know. Opportunity may rise. Churn out in the middle of the road and you re. Yeah you got to. You never know where you're going to find him. Such therapists can hands. Maybe in the trailer park. But maybe we saw we literally saw a guy sweeping rocks like the road was granville and he was just seep in the rocks weeping rocks. Wasn't he break in the rocks on the street. I remember mike wanted us. Version of the m.

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That's is zen garden adam guardian. His trailer yard. After you know you gotta get that. Done s- rush. Why don't you interviewing by. He's way more interesting news. No some shit and then he also has like in our building. We have a nice little. Bodega down below where they had not that they sell drugs in there but it looks like they're they probably did but they just had really a whole bunch of crazy shit man. I was always. You're talking about the little flavor. Cornerstone awesome plays had tons of stuff. But it was everything from mexico. Your basic okay. Now i really wanna this place. It's call it as poems. About how lovely that ad business. We might be bash. Is that your advertisers. In fact they knew is get in there. Come back to hilarious before we went on the air that you recently started podcast. It's log two isn't it. Yeah so my partner. And i'm a girlfriend. She and i do of log together. Where we showcase are boring ass five and it is tough to do a daily log. I'll tell you that much man. We were trying to do a daily and then like life gotten away because she's also an editor and videographer. I mean that's the only reason why we're dating. No i gotta have somebody like highlight these features see will get backed up on work and then me. I'm really bad at video. sometimes. Because if i'm busy and i'm like focused on something i'm not thinking about. What am i going to say for this blog behind a little bit. But we're still like do we. At least a few times a week. And then i just started a podcast that i'm also really bad. It's called basically. I like to talk about things my pass my childhood nostalgic things so i thought i'd call it most shop and then go through and just interview friends and people about what they grew up with. What like pop culture wise. And then just come talking about rand things in the news. Because there's so many reboost happening. And everybody's like just trying to reboot your childhood. It's hard to know. What do you think about you you show is about nostalgia and now it seems like everything has become nostalgia and there were have nothing to talk about never not have because they're always remaking oh totally totally they really are. I mean even the weird stuff of like. They're trying to turn toys into movies like rubik's cube or documentary about it but it was a friend of mine was talking about it. He's a rubik's cube like master. You can do all that stuff. And he says that it's creepy being in a room with just a bunch of people like disc's you're going to die or something. I don't know what it would be about. But yeah they're always rebooting all these things in the got content for years. Now so yeah. I don't know why i'm not doing this. Podcast episodes out for months. Better to start somewhere avenue though. It's definitely a good little niche that you definitely have a focus on what your brands going to be a differently than you're on a good path. I think it also helps. That might mean like really falls into place with a lot of things most algebra. I can't think of any other mo- finger right now. Though mold roth robot so on the fifth this is three days. The new america from enough i understand. Of course yeah coming. you know. it's funny. I was actually talking to larry mcfeely about this yesterday because he got to watch it. I i think you'd actually watching it tonight. So he went back and watched the original. And for me. I loved it but i always watched on television. He watched completely unedited. And he's like oh my god. There's so much drought stuff. It's not as funny as i thought it was. It doesn't off anymore. Larry said. I'm not i gotta go back and but in curious to see how they end up doing this movie to be a cash grab i mean it really could be a cash crop but you know what eddie murphy has. I think he pumped out like one or two movies recently. That actually been pretty good any that dolemite movie. I think why yeah good was. He played his dolemite el cerro. It's i thought that was good. I watched it he net. But this one i wanna see. I don't want to be let down. Because i love the first one so much even unedited you know some funny stuff though is like this whole time in my mind. I don't know why. I thought james earl jones was dead. I don't know why everybody did for a minute. I mostly star wars. People are asked faith but the thing and then it blew. My mind was still alive but now he's good.

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I'm glad that he's going to be in it for a hot second. Yeah probably. I don't know i don't know i mean. When they were redoing lion king like i was getting upset that they were considering not using him again and i'm like why they handed the mcginley used. Even though it's a small art is very sad. Small part is but schaller king. I mean the cartoon one what happens in the literally the same shit copy and paste. You're saving yourself fucking exact. The only reason why. I say you're saving time and i know you probably have a ton of beyond safe fans. Of course i mean. Come on eight th lot more naito by god. I talked about this in my podcast. They're like hey can you read okay. Good you've got the part because it's all she does is literally sitting movie. Yeah that's probably the worst part. Actually when she comes adult nala but she's barely in it but that's the five minutes she isn't it it makes me more trash out donald glover. Oh my god. I would leave my girlfriend for that dude. Claudius sexy land gambino accounting for hot. Oh yeah yeah was very naive. Or is he related to it. Yeah actually he is. Yeah he is the stepfather of danny. Glover wait a minute now. Okay sounds like the. I like the movie as the stupid where like. I'm my own grandpa. And i was thinking it was the don't be a menace or the dad is like three years older Yes oh dude. Dad actually took me to go see that movie in the theaters. Not knowing. I didn't either but i just knew i loved in living color. And they were in and we watch him watched it. My dad was like. They're covering my eyes while he second on hot sauce os or whatever oh look for kuwait in her belly button enough. You know what. I'm gonna use that time and probably i think i kind of go back and watch talk. Classic a lot of those keenan. The wayne's brothers. All of them. I just grew up on everything that they've done at. I loved it like even with low down to shame and of course in living color cutting. Here's another movie that he was in that. I frigging blanca man. He wasn't a fan but was damon. Yeah like part of my life. The other one is the scary movie. Oh yeah got shawn and marlon wayans those love those ones. Yeah they're huge like really crappy diamond heist type of credit card fraud or something along. Those lines or white chicks was no white. Takes us really good some baby one that they did everything after white chunks just stopped. Yeah you grew up past like you know. Yeah the new lion king so that even don't have kids my kids but speaking of kids which one of you had the evil knievel what happened. He jumping off furniture and ended wrong. Let's back set for a second. You know i was actually supposed to be here a week ago. Maybe two weeks ago and a phone call or get a message like thirty minutes before. I'm supposed to be here like we gotta cancel. Gotta cancel. And i'm like okay. Everything good that the place burned down turns out your kid. Just went broke his arm or something. Small little sprain what the urgent care said but he was up and running around like shortly after like the kid constantly runs always runs it. Does i don't understand where the energy yeah basically jumping off some furniture and he like bounced off the ground so wife gets a little nervous. Like oh my god you know. He's heard he quotes crying. So we gotta go onto the urge care. I'm disappointed in the podcast. May come on now. We kind of had like little sites. Show him running around when he tells me it gets cancelled. Macabre we're not gonna get mo now i think she's going to like not wanna come on. That's what i'm thinking. A lost her. And then when you can't well we had another week where you then. I couldn't midday so i wasn't going to tonight. There's still time. Yeah we're not text. Okay so i just wanted to come in to make sure.

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Yeah so. it's almost didn't happen so we did. The lincoln yes such a good movie stills talking about movies in new enjoy and have a podcast about nostalgia. Have you seen ready player one yet. Of course how like that feeds on like all the nostalgia us three absolutely you know it was such a treat just to see all of these things actually make it onto a screen together from different. Gosh like from video games to movies to characters in book to trigon. Tv shows things like that. It was just to see it all in place. It kind of reminded me like you know those moments in Who framed roger rabbit all the different animated characters that you know super cool to see with that being said i don't remember an ounce of that movie only seen it once. Yes because it was long too. But you know what's sad though. I bought the book to try. Try do it. it's based on our you know i'm not getting on his. At least one time my brother came was on with us know moves. We talked with him about the book. I was gonna read it every other book. I buy wait. You can't i just can't read. I make it okay. She has an extensive library. Wants adequate. study in. Yeah hats off to you that you actually make you temp to try. I don't even book all for the look. The look of the nice mahogany wood. W club share our where smoking robe and we'll come out of your five. Yes actually that would be nice man to from a great movie but you have no idea or remember any. I give remember that it was this guy. It was like the willy wonka thing all over again. They really one shit. That sucks man. Don't know that's good. But i'm seeing that they were leasing a little bit. I mean they just fucking everyone. Yeah and even then. I feel from whatever they don't take they take just pieces from the book like most movies. They don't actually gives you that. Adrenaline rush of the book gives you. I have never had that. But okay so either. But i listen to books like mine gonna make another one. They might make another movie yet. Ready player and the first book. It's really good like there's a lot of lord of the ring references and that's not in the movie at all interesting. Did you have an or from more of the rings don't they. Or if maybe they couldn't get it because of the licensing deal. Peter jackson i now man. He's fucking up. He hit movie doesn't return our calls or call him either. But it's funny that you guys talk about peter jackson. I totally forgot about this movie. And i'm not sure if you ever heard of it but it's something that's been in my childhood that i was like i shouldn't not watching this. I think is his first movie called. Meet the feebles. I've not seen that. It is a kind of like an adult topic movie. This is the first time i've maybe seen freeze. If you will for cost you have a computer. Look no i saw. I am a member. A this is the first movie that i've ever seen nipples on a hippo in puppet form so treat yourself to that one day it is all eared. I would think you'd be weird to see one mean annoyed. Epo nichols look. Like i didn't either until i mean you're young. So that's really. They looked furry batman. Return nipples looking. I mean i didn't get an exact like texture feel it from my memory. I think that's what it is like a four situation where you say. Just watch it. Just do yourself a favor. Watch it. Just the trailer. Don't watch the movie meet the feebles f. e. fellow i've heard of that end or seen it before was the first search that comes up. Meet the fokkers Interesting that the first one then the people's and then meet the fockers because if evils is not necessarily like a blockbuster movie that came out definitely a very weird and then it makes you look at which not to put you on your time. line there. Something there meet the feebles play the official trailer creepy clown.

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Peter jackson not gonna care. It doesn't return our calls. Yeah begay we won't give things. Wow we're watching the meet the feebles trailer which no one can seize thing. I the hippo has boobs you growing up or because it wasn't what i thought it was going be because you've probably thought you're thinking sesame street like what the fuck is going on i think what is that That one mccarthy movie can not just other one where they were bad puppets that for us but which nipples man watches later. Muppet nudity here. There's like maisy major movie out and know right one and wants to check out the meet the feebles. It is a good movie. Okay you can turn off gave you the movie while we're happily through wholly jeepers. That's a lie because we were like what the hell is one of those. Do i need to leave. They're going to be okay. I'll i'll go hang out together. It's usually on the phone that makes sense during a party. Look away look away from it around. Humid rotation calls too. Good swear jar. No you gotta wait for later. We have a thing called trash. Talk care where you just pull up things that we talk about. Okay the yeah. It's a question that you read. We all answer then. That's entice you to know. I thought we were no not yet not yet going to start. Trust on. we'll get there. Why did he remind me of thomson get that all the time when they say that. Or you know it's funny is the first time i've ever called or someone you made the mention of it. I was actually at an open. Mike at the bar across the street from tempe improv. Devil's advocate us. Yeah there was an open mic. There and i decided to sit near visible line or all the open mind. I got called out repeatedly even one asked me to say bikes With a very good job of constantly get that s crazy. Is it the real reason why he came on those because he thought it was time secure Well i was like. I would totally love to be on your mom's podcasts. And then shit is going to be right by this massage. Come to get around be actually. Maybe i don't know i'm actually gonna to go see him. When he comes to town. In april i did see that he was coming into town. A friend of my is is a huge fan of him. But i love tom. Sarah i'm more of a upper kreischer fan. I love best friend. I've literally try instant message. And i emailed. He's big is on that big. Show thing. yeah. I have had the pleasure of interviewing him twice the first time. I just tweeted at him. And i'm like hey bert. We're going to be interviewing tomorrow. What do you want for your breakfast burrito in the most or what do you want for breakfast tomorrow. And so he's like oh breakfast burrito mosasaur and a bunch of other things so then he showed up and it was there and he was losing. Hey she hit. He's got so excited and he was like i will tell you whatever you want the whole story you want. He's gonna take tell you the mafia story to tell you the russian mafia. Yes so you like goes into spiel. Yeah this is a really cool dude. Very nice i will say this is the number one thing about. I miss about doing warnings. Just getting i mean. I think i just missed life in general because this was like before the pandemic now. Nobody's like there's people coming through but they're not coming to the station.

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I miss having conversations with comedians and pizza that i've looked up to and that's always been one of the coolest parts about radio again i imagine is when that you've been more starstruck or like who's issue the most like i like either came in the studio that you talked on the phone that was like holy shit. I'm talking to. It's hard to say. I mean i freak out a little internally but for different reasons i don't start because i'm more focused on like making sure that i'm doing the job. Yeah but if there were anyone that i was like extremely like geeked over. Chris hardwick like i grew up listening and watching this dude and i've really just enjoyed seeing his career grow. And he's be watching him singled out and then him do and then all of a sudden like i saw him doing inert when he blew that up. Oh no no no. It's that website. The website podcast became its own entity. And then he sold it and like during talking dead and he's such a fascinating character to me so when the opportunity came to interview on it was like do you want to co host. The show with me. Ed lake and he did he like came in hung out with me for like three or two or three hours or something and i still have this little list of songs. He told me to check out like just hidden away somewhere because it's his handwriting and a- gig. This was more that. I didn't get him to sign it. No one cares. Yeah coffee stuff on his five pm. Et definitely miss that. I think that's why started the podcast to is just just talking to people and getting to know them and and what they've been through and what they've grew up with the radio show handle with count coming through town. Now it's with our company. They don't want really anyone coming through to the building too because liability liability. Not the huge one. The other reason is we're not trying to convey different message than what we're telling people like you. You know yeah but like then we have these people come and you know. It just doesn't seem responsible. And i hundred percent agree. So are they calling in or not any. You just make mental shoutouts like well. How so since. I don't do mornings anymore. I am completely out of that whole thing. So i have no idea what they're doing a did ask with like john and stuff if they were still doing it and they're like we'll tell people that it's happening but they don't do phone interviews because it's trash you know you can't share anything bad and they don't want to convey the wrong message so they're pretty responsible enough trying to get through even know fence but the fans are fucking like not responsible and yeah. I'm looking at this before we come in wherever. You're not doing the anal soft test china. Oh my god. I'm just saying with a two point zero version where it's both. Oh my god Same stick. don't i was gonna say do this one. I think he's you reverse it. He can get better results exactly. I agree what the nose and senate on the way i was thinking. Oh there's a mountain ever asked mouth know that there are circumstances where it's okay sometimes birthday or is it. sometimes you just gotta motorboats booty cheeks. Sometimes you just got to ask my girl with no have you ever that before. Have you ever moldable groceries. Was it controversy box. Yes yes it's always yes he is. He's like other. You see his face turning red. It's okay you're thinking dark places it as you know. Is that lever. Does roger goodell. Sure i get it. i applaud. you thank you. He doesn't really good job. Sometimes in the peered matches the back. He gets you know more than normal because he has a shorter stop might have probably heard a lot of people are probably like he gets mad. But i'm not just growing up via manner. No it doesn't catches much particles if you have covert and he's faced deepen their interest no shower curtain town there. Thanks responsible yes sending messages to the public.

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How did you guys me a weird dance off competition i. I wasn't sure if it was five. It was a square dance competition. That is gorgeous. Yeah he was wearing a hat. I wasn't wearing it. Spurs leaders cokie instant away. God that is useful dirty dancing. Couldn't do we tried. Which is infant. Discredit really hitching back. Where we both tried. We even hired patrick swayze kind of teach leave recipes spoiler alert. No one knew. Yeah yeah also mind. The lake that they were doing it. Practice runs in. The movie is no longer lake anymore. I have enough with what is it. It's basically i land rock that he stood on the lift her up. But that's all. I can hear something at least harvey piece swayze. Yeah you know like a little corner you can get a statute. Why can't we get one of the sways but like with the motion the holding up and you could take opportunities for photos to like. Oh yeah exactly. Why the fuck isn't anybody doing that. We need to by that river. We are printing money. Podcast that's build a dude old. Is this gonna be. Here's the thing can't look like patrick swayze. So the guy that did that soccer players bust sculpture. That disagreed like i did. I know you did. You did great very convincing. I can't remember his name. But god i feel like we should just make it not look like him but tell everybody it's Yeah i like that idea to do. You know what's going to suck. There's going to be liability like is going to be a weight limit. Now i think we should build a fucking big ass guns. It doesn't matter like you could just make it happen it if we need to put like some pvc piping or so forth underneath to keep everyone gas. Love seeing you do that. And then we can do like collab- tv show like my six hundred pound. Granny swayze for that shit swayze. You'll see people aren't going to be thinking. Might you might have to get jennifer gray in there till i something to hold the feet something. She could be at work so killing taking tickets. Yes something we need somebody to monitor that. I think she'd be the best person for. Oh i don't know is he. I'm not sure. I'm just gonna say people work that more sense. I already assume the mars. We're getting up to that age makes starting to happen. The real story is as we met through work. Oh yeah we're we're back on. That was a real reason. Yeah we met through a work back in the day. What was the work back in the day. We were the thinking competition banking. But i said we worked at the bank industry. We were the cube farm. Oh wow processors for mortgages we were doing. Hey as long as you're not calm people and taking their money you gotta work. We gotta wear. Words are well. i saw that. We're in a place that says we buy your home so i was wondering. Are you guys calling me. Asking the by home market is people. The other side of me was like going to talk to me about my extended warranty on my. I was a little nervous next call. Okay actually hit a little person allah as soon as you open the door a slide right out. He's got a couple minutes for your interest in trying to reach back here. That's a real thing it's constantly happening. Do get what's funny too. Is i get it on the contest. Line at the station. You know they really do. I mess with them. Sometimes it's a live person with them. And i tell them. Tell me your house. I'm like well you know it's about like eighty square feet. It's right. on fifty second street mcdowell. It's a quarter property. I mean yeah. The walls are a little thin cardboard e. but you know what it gets me through the day basically a cardboard house and then when they finally fucking get it. They're like okay. Let me put you on hold. They talking really disappointing. Turns far take it. And at least get us i really do. I really do like to the left of me. There's some guy asked him for money to the right of meters shooting up and then in front of me.

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There's a circle k where ill and tablets could sell it as easy escapes value right there. I know you're right easiest. Game cheesy escapes. I liked that. Shoot it up. Yeah wander looking for a relaxing time to get out of here your local. What is happening here. Turn off his cue. And i tom where you know just on friday is she can't bring it up. We might as well open the can and yeah. I am twenty because there is one that there's a question in there so we'll pick to the right number. Doing everyone doing trash talk. It's been a while trash-talk. The reaction is one. That's actually meant from there really is because there's one based on your podcast. Oh wow which is weird. Wow that is weird. That i put in there but i actually did know so do you. Do you like refreshed or is just like old. Trafford is no no brand new not every week. No we haven't done little five one and then will you read it and hopefully you can. And then we'll good holiday putting leap yet remember. You're talking now. That was bad minute. Read like charlie day right. Just like imperial isn't what that in happened. That's how i wrote so hopefully couple air was going pointing up that i am man. God okay ready. Yes like a fortune cookie. What secret conspiracy do you believe in or one. You'd like to start do your podcast. So as you're blocking my favorites lately my favorite conspiracy. That i read that i was like. Oh that's fucking crazy. That should be real kurt. Cobaine is not dead. He faked his own death to become rivers cuomo of weezer. That's like ultra specific on it. It's almost like an elvis conspiracy theory in it even even crazier because he went on to another band so he accept girl never in the same building. They don't talk to each other. That's with each other right towards the of work. I mean i'm in the alternative world. And i don't have dave just says that he misses him some time so i just read that randomly. Yeah it's weird you know. I actually used to be very much into conspiracy theories like my mid twenties or whatever like obviously nine eleven conspiracy theory the aurora colorado shooting in theater shooting ben and reference. Oh my god you're right. Yeah that was pretty sad though. I was yeah at least mine turned into like i wanna be on the radio. None of that. I read up on the hook conspiracy theory. But i have to save the aurora. The the movie theater one was the most interesting it was like. Of course it was on youtube so because everything can live on youtube. that's true. I think it was something about like the government brainwash this kid because he is the kid of some really important guy that created some program for the government and he was supposed to testify against something on them but the day that he was supposed to testify the night before his son committed that crime. Or you know killed everyone. There was this whole thing to like. Pull him out. Yeah you're wondering movie theater. Yeah 'cause i gotta look it up. You know if you google aurora shooting conspiracy streak to find it. It's on youtube. It's probably like less than an hour. Long forty minutes maybe fascinating to just think about it. And then i started doing research and staff. And i can't remember how true any of that was not so fascinating to think or to see what people believe and sometimes it's fascinating you believe it to so for a long time definitely did now. I don't think i give a fuck anymore. So yes i started carrying about like what. I'm going to give away the next day or something when we were doing that. remark miss. Obviously yes. oh and then one thing or one. I'd like to start to answer that. We're doing another one so we also into them to. Oh you all like a campfire. The one so. I don't really have a favorite. But the one i do want to be like real.

00:45:00 - 00:50:11

Is that the government's listening to our podcast. Honestly i want that too. But i just want anyone to listen to my podcast no soda we purposely call them in leak it to that mark spring. Send him a copy yellow. So oh so you're good because you didn't. This is about a year and a half ago. I think it was wild house a year ago a year and a half all of a sudden we had a spike in numbers in just one particular day with Listening volume in. And i'm like okay. Well what happened. Would we do right. We normally don't do that. Yeah sure in so. I went to go and see okay. Where was it that you know. let's let what. What's the demographic of what happened in episode. Was it and i discovered. It was an entire library and i was like. Oh wow last time we had with ninety or hundred episodes or around us a arrayed. It was about a year ago and so i started looking into it a little bit more and all of a sudden. I'm seeing you know. They did the whole library downloaded it. And then i looked to see where it was. It's it's in virginia virginia. And then i started to look at okay. Well what was the source and ended up being a website. I can't remember the name of the website. But once i started looking only website. The library of bury it was like the library of the internet. Yeah something along those lines. it's crazy. isn't it basically they catalog. Everything on the internet. And so then i started looking at okay. Will who owns this catalogue of the interview. You god man. I know i was curious. You backyard shirley. I know worth the peppy silva not only are all these people. But they've been asking for their mail for weeks. Now love funny you continue and was just following the rabbit hole event. Not eventually but that's what i was doing was falling rabbit hole and one thing led to another and all of a sudden the clinton organization owned this website. And i'm like what the hell is going on. Road in eight started digging further and there were there were other connections and it happened to be address to the place where the website is connected to his. Just like twenty minutes outside of dc in virginia and it just it just very detailed information from sewer popular. Yeah you guys are popping government government and the coast gone is like we fire. There should up every friday now. They're real thoughts you guys. That is amazing. I was gonna say well one congrats getting a lot of listens. Yeah y'all listen you've probably had some trigger words and they're like oh we need to pull this you want that further like we started listening to that nearly q. And on is that what's happening on them. They're listening or no. This is even out. That is fine number when they. I'm not sure okay. your favorite. Obviously no no no no but yeah so yeah. We actually looked to that episode. Find out like what we're talking about like And it was like an episode which was sad. It was one of our friends wasn't at that episode one after that so a lot of asu away like we're talking to because he was like a memorial talking about him and then it turned into like an extra long episode where someone else came on with talking about them kind of thing. This was during a year ago during covid because we were doing remote shows like i was at my house and then we had and then that just happened and then we're just talk and it was like what you know and that's what it was. Did it ever occur you. Don't maybe they knew this person to yeah did work field. So i mean you're royal ac to come on. Now they want the oil from fucking aliens. I mean come on now. I did live in texas in the middle of nowhere texas where they abduct people. So that is yeah. I could see that p your friend with santiago santiago until name podcasters did. He also did the catholic. He came he was in texas in is like a remote dude that we know he came to the smalley festival with us off. Well next time we go The food city. No it's huma a somerton which is further. Exactly every nobody though was good tamale to let the first time. I mean you hear what you just said the one at the food city alot your years back i did like this tamale thing on the station to bring my mexican heritage and sometimes my native american heritage onto the radio people of color so we were having these ladies.

00:50:11 - 00:55:01

Come in that. Were just promoting the tamale festival. That food city was putting on in downtown phoenix. These frigging women one and they had the best frigging tamales. I've ever had in my life. They they put their pussy juicing. It was delicious. Not really but like the is something adverse also. Everything was me over to their house to us on mexican mexican once you become family like just by knowing them a really you might be related anyway so it doesn't matter you know i am quarter so yeah so you know really at some of ran around the same neighborhood. You have no idea. I mean i definitely grew up in the stapley main area. So good for you. You got to hood. And i didn't and yeah. The tamale festival is dope. I've had some of the best tamales. They're no good. I didn't even know they had one here in me. Neither we have to go. Why if not cultured culture white pd cut down basically. The what's the border with emma summerton. Yeah that is pretty fucking. Yeah because he was a non wise decision to do that. I am tamales. That are in your own backyard. What the hell's wrong with you. Yeah it's one thing it was funny. The guy that promoted or made this whole thing apple was a mexican yet. We've got gotta get more callers. I know god dang albert alberta. So here's something that might discuss it up. Oh yes go ahead. You put toppings on your tamales at all. I mean hot sauce words. Anything else eggs. Oh fuck yeah you got some as on that shit ooh retried sour cream on your tamale now. Because i'm not a fucking mass murderer. Neither do so you say neither do we. But he's looking at you like you done it don't you. I will try it. But i would never do that. Like in public lovely. Yeah no amount of a trunk of a car and a walmart pay. That's right about there. were lower. Do one more that we can wrap it up. Yeah oh i guess. I think we know nine eleven now aliens aliens. Yeah you know what's funny that you bring it up. My girlfriend was like. What do you believe in aliens. and i'm like bits. You don't believe that was break. Government just confirmed it. And that's what i said like exactly exactly a mattel mike. They know what's happening friends. They didn't storm area fifty one but they knew that it was going to be starved. Not because of facebook. They knew away before she does not believe in aliens. And i'm like but you believe in god. So what the fuck a dose. She goes always from like eighteen hundreds. I don't understand. Why isn't there like the ghosts from last. Friday then passed away and he's lingering around. The hippie goes wiser not pushing hendrix. Walking around yeah okay. What about reincarnation. Do you believe in that. I like the thought of it. I wanna say yes to other things like mike bugs and shit just like being another. I human being another human on purpose. Or do you feel that you are recreated into another being. I would say yes for which sorry. Just the reincarnation thing in general yeah just because like i would be nervous just because what if i come back. S like a mouse. That just person is spanish so anything right. Oh yeah because anything anything or another human. I mean you obviously reincarnated as a great value version of. Tom's occurs like that back for him. I didn't even do private. Select man you trash shocked because this giving. I think that you can come back as a person like you know you go up in the press a reset button back down. And then you're mike yet. Another person i feel. Sometimes i'd like what if you didn't fulfil your destiny in your previous life.

00:55:01 - 01:00:04

Maybe you ended short. You got murdered. you know. Maybe you're taking out by one of the plagues best in the day or this plague and you come back something else. Sometimes i think that that. I feel like that is true sometimes depending on what you wanted to do you wanted to be the world's best garbage man and you didn't fulfill that dream now. You're back do that shit again. Wow he had the desire you know really is dreams that someone's dream someone's realistic the best garbage man that there's a there's a. There's like an employee of the month of garbage men should be you know a friend of the show. We've got to do it the show. I don't know if i should be saying this. But a name for the government to say. Hey that's my mom. Oh guy. So i can still use it or you wanna pick somebody else. I feel it if you will use paco. But i'm cool with that okay. I think it is art. I don't i keep on. So he used to work for the city of glendale and then he got the award of best thing now. He didn't he tipped truck over so he didn't win that award. Yeah totally there's too many bodies so he may be worse. Yes you fucking up on the job like back my now owner to quickly and faster you going used. You can only turn right like real a ditch. But i'm assuming. I've never seen one turn left. Maybe i'm just in the wrong time. They make their routes according to like where they have to pick up on the race. You're right just kidding. I've seen one turn lab. Come on the left lane on a main road freight over here. I just thought or wonderful. Locate this ever heard that much. But i mean you really can't hear though it's nice like we're right next to the freeway. We're on a balcony. It is insane a freeway beautiful. It's gorgeous just saw a car chase cop fly by filming fast and furious again. You know what. I just realized i actually used for freight up here tonight work. I know you're right corner. I know this is creepy. No the old katie was right off of almost going baseline and then they moved us all into one big building hubbard broadcasting thoughts and dusky and an interesting right kind miss the old buildings though i mean they were trashed one in the katie guac. Guam god that that was my favorite. You wonder why it had character not every day. Do you get to see a fucking car fire on a saturday. A drug deal on sunday morning and then get some tacos. Yeah dogs yeah. But they're selling dope so it's fine. I mean you're getting the best from the dogs. It's a very fat. They really are. I mean you could take. I can't even begin to tell you how many times people have taken other people's dogs home because they're like this is cute and i'm like that's the ladies on the road. She's going to michigan gonna mess her little chip who the one time. I drove through the one time. Are you scared. Go to somerton. But i grew. Oh shit right there so when i go through the one the one time that i remember one time because every year five minutes stop sign. Oh my god. That's the worst. Every single every boom boom boom right the ones hop dilemmas. couple dudes. Just rolling around fighting in the streets like they were fighting each other and rolling around and stop the stop. Sign just gone other building. What dan gladman call them saturday. Night bar carb accused. I think i work. I would do the six to midnight shift on saturdays. And then i would turn around and come back in the morning from six to ten and do that but you know what like that was part of the game like yourself of able. And here's the thing like if you're a girl it's ten times harder because one everybody loves a shit on the girl but if you're good extra really you do for them. It's free though. Because i wanted to be rainy. But if you make yourself worthwhile you show your sound stupid. You show your worth. We'll throw some chances at corporate yet. Prove yourself yeah yeah. They're not trying to fuck around with amateurs they're they're trying to. They've been doing this for a long time and they don't want anybody to just come in and just fuck it up. I mean think about it. How long have all those e been on the air over a decade. I just last your mask has radio christ really right in the refugee hard you about it tell.

01:00:04 - 01:05:03

I saw them adela in that things. That mattered madero. Honestly like i didn't even purposely wore those the cleanest one ahead along. Yeah yeah for. How do you guys have a mask juror. Labs my car. Yeah they're laying around like underwear house. They're just fucking everywhere of you mistakenly portland on as underwear know surprisingly ni- you know. Oh man was it. I was gonna say had to be on that thing. Is the crash list. Pani around is weird weird opening. These is that discharge. What is that jerry. talking about. Carbon cues yeah. Yeah you really got to like put in that work if you want to get there with radio like yeah. I'm glad that. I got the opportunity to move to another station. Because i was never going to get on here permanently. They're wary has said at one. Point that Audio is great. Larry has helped you immensely. Yes yes he's been an awesome supporter. All fits going kind of going on vacation with fits next week. We're going to go to. Here's the thing. Why come not the not know. Is that a movie or event. Jump on your jump on your instagram. Right now yeah. Jump on the boxer and check out. This place called omega mart omega yeah. I think he might be intrigued by this place. It is like a massive neon adult playground. Shit whereas is a here. It is vegas. Yeah so they have neo off and new mexico. They were going to build a neon hotel in phoenix but they canceled those plans recently. Then this meal omega maher is opened up right now in vegas and It just opened so we were gonna go and check it out for his girlfriend's birthday and he's like yeah take these days off the days off and we're not even going the same fucking days. We're not even media tickets to go in. Yeah it's like forty five bucks a person the topology. But here's the thing when you go in there it is a place where like nothing is what it seems can open up a washer. No you're you can open up a washer door and get into a whole other world. You open up a fridge door. it'll take you else like it is just a place that takes you into different worlds. I wanna do that. Yeah it's pretty del. Check out the. We're gonna watch another trailer all right. Everyone watching we're watching this saving sites. Oh shit oh there's one with willie nelson that's crazy currently in vegas. You can't smoke stuff here but there you can do it too so it's probably fun ship out. Yeah i i didn't know jesus that's awesome. Yeah it looks sick and this place area fifteen at it's inside of that's a whole other world to it's an adult playground. They have like skating for adults. They're they have a bar like right. Smack dab in the center of it like plays stripper. Not it's unlike it's near the strip on the side of the freeway that google maps there. Yeah it is bad it will read. That'd be neat. Just the experience alone. I hear you can get there in like roughly two hours or something like that so there was a band of yeah venture. Yeah well. I mean you're definitely finding things every a friend of mine lives in vegas and she's gone a few times. She's like every time i go. There's something new. I didn't know about see that's really cool. I think that's why vegas has gotten like come over it. The most hardest talking vegas one casino. You experience all the casinos. But i mean they bring a new shows and things like that but it's it's always a gambler. I like to play poker. I'm not really a gambler. I'll like throw some money down some roulette. I've tried playing blackjack. But i think i piss people off more than i've i helped me more than them. They don't like that. And i'm just like i just want to do something different so i think i'm gonna go check out the neon museum. I'm gonna go check out yellow. I hear there's an erotic museum. Yeah i don't know what that is but i'm like oh fucking check it out crazy. We need to grab this sure. They have other places that are connected. That would be as cool that we don't know about somebody that would she mentioned the one in mexico new mexico.

01:05:03 - 01:10:01

Yeah so Look up meow off in new mexico and that is a similar playground if not bigger because that's the original. It's just a big art house. Yes denver sanofi all these one in denver to twenty twenty one. Oh yes that's not there. So we only have vegas and santa fe so yeah the santa fe one was the first one. Isn't this place owned by george. r martin. Game of thrones thing. I want to say no. I didn't have the funds for that barely. Write a book on a. He owns a weird place. That's like that. Oh that's pretty cool. I feel so proud like so shows shelter seriously. This is what happens when you have kids. You know you forget about life and you're all about baby shark kids. I got dogs may ruin everything not really. Actually their dogs he does. He owns the santa fe. Guys wow look at you dropping knowledge on a microphone you for real. Yes definitely go. Yeah so i think. I was talking about like i'm going on vacation with knowledge staff and i don't do anything with john too much because he scares me though not so much. It's just. I didn't know. I get a little intimidated. Shouldn't be because friends you know like we text each other and we'll talk shit. Sometimes when he says something on the air i'll messaging and he'll respond laughing and whatnot and then we'll talk about it on the air and you also do live in gilbert so really li fi and that's your to ask. That is true. How'd you live gilbert. You sit down. Yeah this side of town. You got wealth specific over buddy you are. The government narc ozark cast. But we're not friday. I just assumed chandler jalen. I live in mesa. I'm literally on the border of gilbert mesa. It is and houses yogurt dealer sites the really. Yeah you walk into the bathroom coach very urge zip card. I actually the house. I live in his my childhood home from my dad and i've been ruining it ever sent so and could get your better. Yeah you just give the instant okay as realtor powers your realtor to is that one. You're buying homes for cash right now so let us know when you ruined that house to where you can't get rid of an emmy and i'm expecting a phone call at some point so all right one more question. Hopefully i've taken over your podcast in forty years. What is yes and forty years. What will people be nostalgic for who. That's the one that was the one. Oh what what people. Oh baby yoda goddamn baby. Yoda come on people. I would say. Baby yoda i would say. A hundred people freaking out about now that they would get a standard for. I can't believe little guy from one of the last star wars movies like he hasn't blown up boba frick. Yes good freight. I haven't seen it yet. Oh it's been a. Hey yes. Oh my god i love him. He's a cannon. I wanted him to be a big right. And i only saw one toy of him. Our gate and i was offended. I always saw manager. Just the t shirt knows like we're the dolls like this guy should be famous totally. Think baby yoda. Oh yeah your show. I mean you're not really because boba frick was outweigh before baby. Yoda yes. And i fell in love with immediately and i was shocked or even Do the other droid that they dropped. We didn't get more. Those we got so much shit that i think everybody was just more pissed off about it actually ended. Yeah and mike. I'm just glad it's over at even. See it because i got like i love star wars but i feel like i was over star ward watered. Down too much yeah. That's why hasn't been happening with the avengers. Different vendors is quality. I mean you have quality stories from quality books and marvel and disney. I've done an incredible job of making sure that everything is not only for the most part kind of cannon but they are about fan service because they know fan service is going to win vs omen. It's on my version of the story and then you got fucking twelve spiderman movies now that although in different directions granted they are in the multi-diverse right now. But like you know. Sony fucking does a terrible job with movies. I'm surprised he did so well with deadpool.

01:10:01 - 01:15:04

But that's only because ryan reynolds took a took control. That i do want to see a live action miles growls though to have everyone tells me how incredible that movie is. Fell asleep thorough. Wow yeah only. Because i was tired it was at night. I didn't watch it. Yeah yeah everyone tells me how fucked incredible that the soundtrack is awesome. and i. yeah yeah. And i just need to go back and watch it. It's gonna disney plus. Was it now. it's not a netflix. Went away like all the streaming services as well we all fucking fucking us on live from cable piece it out to where now we but if you do it right you don't have to spend more than like you'll spend less than cable. You just gotta make sure you have won a lot of family members who have their own economic all trade your passwords. That's all it is my sister my mom and i we all do it. You each get one in each half my girlfriend. Yes lock you down. It makes sense. We're actually talking about doing with like. Vpn service oh yeah vpn stuff is like everywhere i feel or at least i'm hearing more about it. No idea what it is still an nfc and like stuck in your vpn when you're just trying to shelter your net stuff. Okay like when you're doing things that you don't want it's like secret when you're crazy but you can just to incognito mode on google for that i don't really crazy or what are you watching the people Very intrigued message great. I'm all on a lotion. David mo- spit on his boy. No shake on it literally. A laser man love this fucking went off the cliff. And there's just so big and i like your answer for sure. I was thinking like when i saw this. I was like right now. And you mentioned the shitty things that are going on. I'm thinking like mask like styles. Ooh that might be something. Where like you're gonna be a little much like fucking beanie baby masks. You know what i mean like. Just thinking collector's edition of masks people. There's going to be a movement where i'm surprised. Movement having started normalized masks. well they. They're trying to make fashion shit. Oh dude i know. Because i bought some fashionable once. I'm like okay affirmative. Where this i'm at least going to look good. And so now. I look like oliver peck. I got the who is being nice. Were to our guns. They were just tassels. That just go across all my next guest so yeah. They're just tassell. So i looked like a nice little mysterious cowboy. Yeah shakes really fun. Everybody john makes at were not or whatever. Yeah just a lot of taffarel's. I like tassels. Just on my face masks though. Not in paced. Yeah weird can't shake things. Like i knew my face. I'm just kidding. I can't think what about you. Mark what do you think people being thousand four hundred forty. That's a good question. Well we even be alive. Yeah maybe life isn't the style derek. Hey cryptos big now. So i think i know it game. Stop a number that we made so much money. We're gonna be saying that in three months kidding me made so much money in lost it all just that though but just games in general as the next blockbuster right now it's gonna disappear and here's the thing. I love game. Stop growing up. I mean. I was always at like call of duty midnight releases playing all the games. Everyone for halo h-a-l-o line for last game four. I stood in line at best. Buy to get grand theft auto five. Oh solid choice man song choice. Yeah i think. The last time i did that was for a call of duty game. Maybe working for kp. Oh it was for gears of war with kp was my first event and were at the microsoft store at scottsdale mall. Yeah a great time of on. Do you have like a memorable moment that you enjoy a lot through your radio.

01:15:04 - 01:20:03

Experience sticks out so mainly it's hard to pinpoint them. I don't know there's one that always like creeps into my head that it's memorable but it wasn't really great unit. Never forget him okay. Forgettable moment and non forgettable moment. Just got while i was trying to find a way to explain it without sounding like a crazy person so i was dating this guy for a while. Actually were dating for like seven years. We were together for a long time. Yeah and i found out that while he was away in vegas he cheated on me. But i not while he was in vegas while we were like at home together together it was through his work or whatever and i didn't go on the air that night. I took the night off because i was too fucking devastated and i was trying to figure out what a managing next we live together. And so i told. Larry and larry was like okay. I understand but he was not happy about it. He then tells john john catchword because they're all friends. And i'm there the next thursday after it all happened and i decided to stay with him and work it out and he pulled me on the air and he's like hey. I heard about what you did. What happened to you this weekend. Why are you still with the suit. And this is live on the air. Well we're talking. I remember this. And i just remember thinking i summer this up you know and i was like i was only nervous. It wasn't for me. I was nervous for him because he was going to hear some shit. That definitely didn't want here but he needs to know it was true. And you know basically john said like a deserve you you are going to be bigger than whatever he could be and just basically like putting him in his place without him actually being there but listening and then i had to come home and fucking talk to him about it because you just sat there he likes so they basically just opened up a can of worms for your home and i'm like oh fuck what am going to do now but at the same time like he wasn't wrong you know like i didn't deserve any of that show. I was busy. Yeah he was friend in you on the air. Make you realize that you don't need that guy right exactly awesome. Let's trust you on a personal level and it was it definitely did and then i got the message for years later and i broke up with her three years later. I thought the next move. Maybe the next especially dance house. And i was thinking like oh you can break it off. Okay yeah yeah. It took a while to finally make it to my brain. And then i finally realized like i should not the boyfriend. Was he a regular listener prior to that or do you think he was listening because that might totally a listener like we were big fans of john show and like his dad was a listener too so his dad's listening to also what's weird to a lot of her friends. Because i actually. I worked at club tattoo and a lot of our tattoo for a lot of her tattoo. Did not know or hear about what happened. And so i think once they finally howard. They're like food. That's fucked up like. Why would you do that like most dope. And maybe i am a fucking crazy person and i just don't realize yeah you know. I think everybody needs a little bit because you see the surface that's fine. This is all you're going to be and if people weren't crazy it's a little bit crazy life. The way that they handle certain situations are if we're going to get deeper even like childhood shy of what they've only been grown up to know how to deal with it. It's hard to release those patterns as an adult. Sometimes because it's all you've known and once you unlearn it. It is a beautiful thing. I'm still trying to learn how to be disciplined. I'm so bad at that. Because food is phone candlish shells. Yes it is can't stop eating. Food like broccoli is good but what tastes better than broccoli fucking cheese. I like your somerton summer. Tamales the best kind somerton small. We'll we really appreciate that. You came out the thank you to suspend hilarious. Amazing amaz honestly. I had a blast having. I'm glad i got to get into my field on that last one and you know glad. We're both dundas each other with absolutely all the things didn't work out. Yeah actually i tell you that. I couldn't make it very very honored government for listening. Yes i do not live in gilbert. Mesa still her stimulus. Yes oh my god. Let's talk about their listen. Our yes and delivered helps out. Do you have anything coming up on the radio. Show or your podcast out. Or you know what i would love it if people can just give me even five minutes of their day.

01:20:03 - 01:20:54

If you're in the car just tune in real quick to ninety three point three. I talked four times an hour or so. Good luck listening to break before. Like even showing me that little bit amount makes a fucking difference or even just falling me on instagram. And saying what up. I will respond back. I am good at that at m. o. r. o. Radio or more radio. Facebook twitter instagram tiktok. Mom's house all that shit grinder. Nice onlyfans. i'm gonna check that one out. This has been the migos. Pc make short life subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platforms visit asset amigos dot net for our entire library of content and amigos march till next time audio.

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