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126. Kim Lombard writer of Pink is in

If you're looking for high brow fancy smart regal podcast with house that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the venue. But you're in the wrong place. This gives amigos. If you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out craziness. The jackpot is is he goes. Pc and this is scott and mark. Welcome everyone be. Today's podcast. presented by podcastone does easiest way for you to monetize your podcast. Providing podcasters flat rate for ad space. You can always know how much you get. When you include added from go apply today become a member and immediately connected with advertisers that figure audience that go dot co at d. digi o. Dot co and be sure to add podcast or be sure to add our podcast in. How did you hear about pod section of the application which was amigos. Pc you to chime in their no. You did good whatever you'd ever stumbled through it again. Typical our guest. Kim lombard joins us today Actor writer and producer recently. Did you write or did you know rights. He gives in archives. Scott yes i i wrote it. I wrote we've done four episodes and they're up and running. And yes. I am the writer and i have a small role in the show as well. So i'll give you the premise of the show. It's it's about a poorly run. Women's prison it's It doesn't focus on the on the inmates as much as it focuses on the completely inapt Administration that runs the prison. And i played the ceo pip burnett Drunk stoned completely out of his mind. Every idea has it's horrible. The prisons falling apart in just comes up with the most ridiculous ideas like selfie with con- you know and they made like twenty bucks on that one so the premise of the of the show just basically is just how ridiculously corley of the prisoners run. That is awesome and you also work with one of our friends trish. We only right perv. yeah i think you meant to say the amazing. She is amazing. Yeah a wonderful woman in a great actress and she plays a character called top dog and man. She's out at so much to the show. The prison shank spoil spoiler alert. The she runs topdog immingham right. Yeah she's awesome. The curbing shanks out of toothbrushes. Trish doing We were corresponding back and forth on the emails. As we're preparing for this for this you had a given me a couple of items you one thing that one that fascinated me was your weight in aerosol. She was on a bat. It was either that or eat. A urinal urinal pack so. I chose the aerosol cheese spray used to be an advance. Oh yeah there was a lot of debauchery in vomiting. And you know tour. I was on the road for about thirty years and ours. i say. Thirty years and eight girlfriends so Yeah so we just have many many many road stories and and luckily your podcast so we can get away with telling some of them now. We would love to hear any us for sure well primarily. i was Toured around canada. I'm living. I live just west of toronto and So mostly would know anything. I've done simply because we were here in in canada but i did have abandoned los angeles in the nineties called big big time and it was a pop rock thing with two drummers and big on the vocal department kind of along the lines of def leppard and as with all bands it eventually imploded. Because we had you know five guys Living in a two bedroom apartment in In on lana guy.

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Don't offer los angeles but We lived on cnn. Got melrose so we had like four cars and we had five guys in the band and of course the singer always has to have his girlfriend there so she came down and of course she had two dogs so you know it was only a matter of time before there was going to be an incredible explosion of of egos and so the band eventually imploded. But it was a good time. I man i can tell you lots of stories about living on those. Those top ramen noodles the four dollar ones eight a lot of those and then figure out. Hey what if we had frozen peas to it. It's way more nutritious. So you know we lived on top rahman and then one day. The i i play drums. The drummer was at a place called rock and roll. Ralph's that was a grocery store and He came home with an expired carrot cake. So that's what we had for dinner one night. You know funny did you guys ever did you. What was one of the fights you guys made had in the house over a hot pocket or some. It took some the food. What kind of things did you guys get into as far as being crowded house in a two bedroom. Well you know it's funny. It was We're pretty good at staying away from one another and there wasn't really any food to argue over so that never happened but We ended up. We ended up having to break down and get jobs so we all worked for united van lines so in the day you know. It's like one hundred degrees. We're slugging furniture. And then at night we'd go out and gig and sometimes you actually had to pay to play So it was only a matter of time before like. Wow this ain't working so So you know with all bands unless you can afford therapy. They band imploded. Ended up coming back to toronto and putting a new band together and You know just carried on here and funny enough three. The guys still live in a. And they're all They're all still messing around with music. Cool with being in libya two bedroom apartment. Where did you guys practice. Oh we actually had a rehearsal place Can't quite remember where it was but that was if that was a deal to because i remember one night so you got a load your gear and do the rehearsal load gear back out and one night. We were Who were loading out in the guy that ran. The place is a gigantic. I think he was an nfl. Football player six seven and he was standing on the sidewalk with his arms folded. And i said to. Bob how you doing and he goes. Oh dude she skinny white boys. You're not gonna live. Get your equipment into the van before it's all going to be taken away so he was basically our bodyguard while we loaded in and out of the building so must have been like a shoddy kind of area obviously two bedroom and he has all added cram in there. We actually we we actually where we lived was okay but but where we rehearse was you want her to wear a kevlar vest. If you could you being a writer so were you writing some of the songs to or who took that responsibility while you guys are in the paint actually. I wrote most of the material strangely enough as the drummer. You would normally hear that but Yeah i wrote. Most of the material was actually really cool. Band because the We all met in toronto. But the guitar player was from birmingham england or as he called it and The bass player from adelaide australia. And then the three of the rest of us were from toronto but it was kind of had a cool sound just because of where we were all from and we were influenced by so many different things so but initially i bring down the basics song and then we we turn it into something. We just recently had a vic briggs on he. He's the guitarist between sixty six. Sixty eight of the animals. Oh well given the stories about off. The antics like hugely men and stories from england and stuff like that and over in la and stuff like that. It was pretty amazing. The amount of the number of people. You meet Touring 'cause i. I was very lucky to open for some pretty big ox over the years and Yeah just just hanging out. And and you just run into all kinds of people. And i'm sure he had many stories about brushes with greatness you mentioned hendrix needles. So do you have any memorable thing meetings with some greats while you were doing your stint in la well. I do have a couple of weird stories about running into people not necessarily having played with them. But one time i was when i lived in new york with the van was in manhattan for a year and a half and we were walking down the rows qatar player and i were walking down the road and there was a guy kinda shuffling towards us any had a kayak and it was on a little trailer that he was pulling had two wheels behind him holding holding the kayak and i said to the guitar player.

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Tim i said. That's david lee roth and he goes no. It's thought as he passed us. It was david. Lee roth pulling a kayak through the streets of manhattan other story. My other one was and this is weird to. I came around the corner. And i remember i was on the lower east side of manhattan and and i nearly bumped into rickel casick from the cars guitar player from the cars. You wrote all their heads. Brilliant just recently passed away and hand to god about a week later i was in l. A. doing something. And i i went around a corner and nearly banged into rick casick a second time. Just following across the heat's you guys were in. New york was new york prior to la. We did we lived We i we were lucky enough to Lived in toronto. We were kinda touted to be the next big thing so we were able to get a ton of paperwork together. Which allowed us to showcase for record companies in new york and one night. We were supposed to have this big management company. See us but they decided to go. See this piece of shit band called nirvana so your show. They never came to see us. And i remember we were playing the ball. We had to play anyway but they didn't come out to see us and there was fairly anyone in the crowd and then Somebody in the audience we got talking to somebody in the and way you know you guys would be would do a lot better in los angeles. So that's how we ended up packing up and going down there. So you guys got passed up for nirvana. Yeah that was awesome like we just like with a so all of your music career rebuilding like what. How cow transition come to where you're an actor and writer. That's that's another kind of an interesting story. i when i got kicked out of my own band in la. I lived in my car for about three weeks. And then a friend of mine found out. I was living in the parking lot pavilion in west hollywood. And he said are you out of your freaking. Mind he goes. You're going to get shanked with a toothbrush. did reference. yeah thank you. i'm thinking about her alive so so anyways on. I'm living in my car and then he goes on. You gotta come you know. Come stay with me. Because you're gonna you're gonna get killed so anyway. So i stayed with him for a while and then finally i want you know what i i. I think. I'm just gonna pack up. So i went back to toronto and then i i made an album. I bugged a producer. I swear i bugged him for about eighteen months. And you can look them up as names rich chickey and he. He's done so many great things mostly he engineered a rush stuff after me. He he ended up working for rush. Put a bug them for about eighteen months and we did it. Album called bidder. Because that's how i felt and We the cd came out. And i was all. Where was i going with this story. Oh yeah so anyway. So the cd came out and and of course it sold twenty two copies so now i'm the pits of despair a second time and i get a call out the blue from crazy cousin. I haven't montreal and he said listen. I'm start company in france. And i need a guy to come over and help me and i'm like well. What is it you said. Well i need you to be a motion capture actor and i said well what is that in motion capture actors. They've they act out video games and cartoons essentially so you stand in what's called the boxing ring and they put triggers all around your body and there's a semi circle this is again. I did ninety nine to two thousand one. So there's a semi circle of of these animation guys and they're telling you okay now you're running or now you fall down. I need you to jump through a window so it was the most amazing job i ended up there like i said i think i think almost two years i lived in the french alps doing this animation thing and and Yeah it was the most incredible experience. And and i got to do some voice work. In the cartoons. They were doing so that was fun and it was really cool to because being there for two years. I didn't learn more than about five words of french. Because every time you try to speak french they say to you. Will you know if fridge is a very difficult language And so they because they want to learn english so it. Every time. I tried to speak in french. They bust try their english so i never did learn how to speak french. But i did. Teach france how to speak english almost the whole country. Yeah that explains a lot. Yeah what an interesting. I mean travels i mean it makes me feel like i've done nothing i mean i you live there but that's still more than here.

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Yeah it was. Just that was. That was a lot. Just lock but it was really great too. Because i happen to live halfway up the side of a mountain so every day I got to ride down the hill. I didn't have a car. So i wrote a mountain bike and i go down the mountain to work and then grab a coffee on the way down and then all day long we were pounding espresso so i was so wired for sound. I could ride up the mountain after work. You know. just so wired right but Yeah it was good time. Do you know a game or by chance. Do they tell you what game. You're doing that for like. Yeah well the one. I did was a french one and you can look it up. It's called largo winch. And he was kind of billionaire. Double o seven character. That i got to play and i to be honest. I don't even know what happened with it. After my end of the job is done they just package it up and solid i did. I don't know that into the business but just the actual creation and making of of of the video game was amazing. It was so interesting. I love doing it. So since like a wet suit the black suit and then they put a little. Yeah that's exactly right. And and the way when i was doing it was pretty new technology so they used to gaffer tape me. I was taped in now. The seats are way better. But when i did there was somebody always fixing the trigger because it would always would slip and move. There was one on your knack and stuff so now they're way better. Yeah looks like it was this one and it was released in two thousand two. Yeah that would be improbable. Yeah ubisoft game. That's a big bird company. It was you be soft. Yeah i came up for playstation two gamecube and the xbox pretty cool a great gig for sure. Yeah i mean is running around and tell you get paid in indian frame. Her prance rate minutes from france francis a really cool place on except that. It's a kind of place where like restaurants close for lunch so the staff can go home and have lunch well just to say we always used to say welcome to france. I'm sorry we're closed because everything was always close. You know and then one time i remember talking to one of the french guys and i said well. What do you mean. We can't get these screws. we need it. We were building a studio there. I said i need these screws way. He goes a little bit. The store's not open. And i said well. In north america the home depots open twenty four seven and he goes gays right. He's right why why is it. You hear like over in europe and stuff. They have those holidays or they have those. They have a lot. More easier. Workweeks than america working longer. You're absolutely right. They think we're insane. They there for example in on the they would never work overtime and they would never work weekends was unheard of. And so you'd always come in the office on a saturday to be the american guys. The british guys the english guys and the guys from australia and the all the french guys ride home. They got it right. Where the nutcases work i know true. Did you do any touring lawyer there. In like the tourist of countries our How people nowadays. They glamour social media. Shots they gotta gotta take pitcher with one thing. I did a. I've been very very lucky in the in that way because where we were situated in france where both forty minutes away from geneva switzerland so we were constantly going into geneva and hanging out at this irish bar because everybody spoke english and so he used to go there lot. But yeah. I've i've been very lucky. I've been i went. I went because we're in the center of europe and the flights are super cheap. If you're flying within europe it's very very cheap so yeah i was lucky enough to see stonehenge and lots of scuff in london england. I'm a big fan of england weird happening at stonehenge lawyer. they're alien show up Let's listen. I don't have a story about stone inch we'll have to make something up Yeah but it was fascinating and they're discovering there's more of it than they realized. i mean. They're starting to see these bizarre runway things that they didn't realize were there and actually some of the stones. This kind of cool. Some of the stones are missing because about one hundred years ago. They didn't realize what this was. They would take the stones and put them in the local houses like make fences and stuff out of this super old rock that you can't even find in the area but they didn't realize what it was at the time zone key imagine mansion being the guy that had to go to those houses and bakke. Listen sort of bug you but You know the rock.

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That's been there a hundred years. We need it house. Go back we have to move in did you. So did you learn those types of things when you went to visit stonehenge something learn after actually with with regards to stone. Gee didn't know much about it. I just knew something we're supposed to go and see and it was pretty mindblowing. But no i to be honest. No i didn't know a whole lot about it. I'm really fascinated about like the whole thing with because there are theories you know could be easily could have been you know other people that live there. The people are the earth under the earth. You never know trump was on your nose. I won't read it. I said i'll listen to it. You should just look at the pictures if it's not a picture book and it's not on video audio doesn't exist. It doesn't work. I also see here that you've been in. Twenty commercials is that a lot of those were in canada. Maybe or we're working only a couple of we're in the us. I did a michelob light commercial. That was sort of a regional chicago illinois type thing but Yeah so Everything i did. It was actually a funny. Do you know black label beer. Is that an american owner anyway. What happened to me was because i was in a band. The sort of long long blond hair semi muscular looking dude. You know so. I was in every beer commercial. And then all of a sudden all of a sudden this black label beer came out and it was all very very dark and brooding. Everything was shot in black and white and then my agent goes yeah. You've probably never gonna work again because they finished with the long haired blonde dude drinking beers and they've gone to the sort of dark brooding. Look and so yeah. I was very lucky. I did a whole bunch of stuff. Kentucky fried chicken the usual general motors stuff. Cookie commercials cereal commercials. can't even remember viewed as the colonel dressed as a chicken. But yeah i mean when nowadays at least the newer commercials there. It's it's always like a celebrity in turn as the colonel. Now yeah right right no mine. Mine wasn't quite that I remember my line in that commercial. It was a kfc thing. And i was supposed to be a rock star player and just go. Somebody hands hands me a chicken sandwich or something. And i go. Oh man. it's only ninety nine cents. I was it above twenty nine weeks. And i think they all sounded the same. Yeah anyway that was. That was my moment of glory for for. Kfc when they do that is is like annoying or like you mean the twenty eighth no to be honest because usually the peso great and you think this is just leading to a role next leonardo dicaprio or something. No actually. it's not. It's it's it's a lot of fun and i was really lucky to get a bunch of stuff i played drums in. I don't know if you remember a movie called eddie. And the cruisers sounds awful. Yeah it was a pretty big film they made a sequel eddie lives and it was it was eddie and the cruisers to and i was the drummer who gets kicked up the band and how fittings you know so But anyway so excited you know. I played in. I forget they hit. The song was by the bieber brown band and it was a big hit. That i played played drums on in the movie. I didn't do the recording of it. And so i'm waiting for the movie to come on of all excited of all excited and the movie comes out and i look at the reviews in the newspaper and the toronto sun's review of the film was somewhere somehow. Somebody's made a movie worse than this. But i don't know when a brutal it was absolutely unwatchable so when you did you read the script prior to taking the role here like. Did you think like we read that. You're like this. Might this might be something. Awesome all everything. Yeah i mean you you truly hope everything is awesome but you you get there and you realize there's a heck of a lot of luck involved because even if it reads well as script many phases of has to go through it comes out and it's like a churn and what happened from the paper to the finished product. Will you make a little comment. They're like it kind of felt a little similar to a life experience.

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Maybe that's why i was asking like. Did you feel like you would fit this role perfectly. Well no to be honest. That my my of the game You just happy to get a part and my agents going. You're not turning anything down. You know so and so i was lucky enough to to get in that film but it just. It just wasn't a particularly good picture. And that kim. I'm looking at nine hundred. Eighty nine one thousand hundred shot at montreal and actually the lead actor. He was a really nice guy. he's still around doing stuff. His name's michael parade. Yeah you probably see him. If you look him up he's done a ton of stuff but supernet scott carr gone now gone girl. That was the ben affleck would ask. Yes that's the most recent one lincoln lawyer that's cool. He's in lincoln lawyer. That's what it says really. Wow that's a good film detective. Okay yeah yeah. I gotta be on top right and bottom. It's getting weird now quite all right so now that we're in the awkward stage of the show. What are we talking about it Sorry about that. No no carry on carry. This guy is. Our chemistry is very awkward when it comes to all the time so far so good you know john. That's different. Yeah it's it's another think scary with roles. You've played before gary my finger puppet he comes everywhere with me. I got him in one thousand nine hundred hundred. He's been everywhere gross. I wash them. So are you selling a perfect. That's all right can carry on doing so with pink is in. Yes yeah sure. Yeah yeah. it's a great show. We're where did you. So was her inspiration from the show like women's prison at one point got emails by the. Oh yes sorry. I know some of the background. Sorry so this good. So i i get to find out things just asked. Yeah so what would that. You have to start because Well actually i was approached by Woman named lisa crawford and she said she had she had been on a. She played a prison guard in a in a mockumentary. That has show that just came out. It's called new eden. And while she was there she started saying she's she's a south african woman and she said that she had never seen a comedy about about a prison. So i said well there's actually some cold. Orange is the new black. But i said but if you but she said then she replied oh and then but anyway so i said you but you know what if you don't focus on the inmates and you make them more about that the administration. Then you've got an angle you gotta niece so we pulled it. She pulled everything together. We shot a little ninety sucking trailer and that was the end of it. I walked away. And i carried on with my sad little life and a couple of months later she called she goes well. I got deal. i'm like what. Oh wow and so. She asked me to write an episode which turned into four which turned into eight. And now it's turned into twelve. So yeah it's been pretty cool so the first four have come out and as of last night Apparently it's the number one show on this just a little network. But it's it's it's it's number one in the of the most favoured show at the moment so and then the ideas that they kind of watch it and see how it does and then they bumped up to the bigger networks so That's what we're open for anyway. But yeah it was quite shocking to me to be honest because you you do. I've done a million to these kinds of things where you right and do a little demo and and then it's like that's the end of it it pass it around and everybody goes while this is a really crap idea. We're like okay. Perfect and then you move onto the next one but this one. She's child was dropped the phone she said. Yeah yeah okay. I got a green light. I'm like what so. Yeah so it's Came about kind of odd way. But it's it's it couldn't be more fun attrition for example because i know we we all know.

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Her was hilarious to work with talented. And such a nice person and So i can't wait to to start shooting the next episodes and Yeah we'll see what happens so when you you did like the trailer or the insurance that pilot episode where did you draw the storyline in appraising female. So that's an interesting question. Actually so i've always been interested in comedy when i was a kid. You know my my mom and dad would would take us to the drive in all the time. And i've seen all the jerry lewis stuff and family big comedy types. Mike myers went to my high school. I did. I did not know him but he you know there's lots of funny around me my whole life. You know howie mandel went to my high school. you know. There's a number of guys that did well. There's another guy named maurice lamarche that went to my high school and you probably don't know his name but you've heard his voice a million times on family guys on know on the simpsons. He's on future ramsey's pinky i think from thinking in the brain yup so he you know. He went to my high school so comedy. All around you know so I started to write and And then finally went non. I gotta do this right. So i got on a plane and i went to england and i. I signed up for school there. I went to thames valley university in london england and learned how to write comedy. 'cause i love british comedy it's to me. It's the best. So i show up on the first day of school and they talking and they're all talking about everybody. Loves raymond and king of queens. And i'm like what the hell's wrong with you. People british comedies. The best you know and then they said well. We like frazier. So then i found common ground because i think frazier's really well written but i'm a huge fan of british comedy and what's really interesting is all the reviews we got for pinkas in almost all of them have said. Wow this has got a real british vibe to it. So that's a huge compliment to me. Because i love that stuff like a big fan of the it crowd. Or i don't know if you know that show it's brilliant little britain. I don't know if you know little britain. Yeah they're they're really funny shows and they're they're out there you know. The british humor is just out there. i'm alan partridge and i'm saying maybe you don't know these shows that maybe some of your listeners do. I'm alan partridge is another one green wing and anyway the list goes on and on and i'm a big fan. Ricky chavez i to be honest i've never seen the american version of the office but i saw the british version and it's so brilliant it's so brilliantly written and and then he did one called extras which is about background extras and background. Extra for years. You know it was great way to pay some bills and You know and connect with people. And i was also i was also a stand in for a few movies as well so It taught me you know just being on sets it just you just watch and learn what's going on. A stand is standards as a non set on the set kind of person a standing. Is that something that you sent accused for. When when the actor comes on being and the position is that what that is. You're absolutely right. Yeah so the last thing i did was cry. I can't think of his name. He was the guy stood in four was a does. Name's david through lists and david through list apparently in the harry potter movies. And he's in one of my favorite movies. Which i'm sure you gentlemen of seen called the big lebowski. Yeah he's he's in the big lebowski he's the guy that just laughs like an idiot constantly but point of the stories that yeah you're right you you you're basically So they can. They can in their in their in their motorhomes. You're standing on set while they light you because you've got to look like the person specially skin tone and hair colour. So yeah i. I was standing for quite some time. And you know by being a stand in. You can watch what's going on. Learn the various departments in the on a film crew. Good experience awesome so it did she. Bring the way so yeah. Lisa sorry assurance she brings the idea to either. You said that right. She brought the idea of the prison female prison. And let's try to focus on the administration because of orange is the new black folk. Because i sort of saying you know we've seen this already. There's another one called wentworth So dark. I think i've never seen it but i think it's so yeah we we ended up Just and this this shows just a silly as it gets you know And so i.

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I'm hoping and we think it's that much different than say. Orange is the new black. Because we've seen that already so we're trying to do something. A little different origins black is been out with them like nine either done already. The show emmy it's been long enough to where like the new revamped kind of like a new idea from the prison world. So i think it'll be good for sure. Yeah it's like. I said it's it's getting rave reviews like it's quite quite surprising. Actually it's picking up steam really quickly and that's not easy you know because tons of shows come out and and they come and go and you're like what it's already over. I didn't even see it yet. You know So this one's getting noticed crazy guy. You didn't plan for it to get picked up. But then it got picked up for four episodes and all of a sudden winter said twelve. And it seems like it's a journey that it's unexpected a cinderella story. Even well you know what a funny you say that. Because lisa cropper always says we such an underdog story and really by writes. It shouldn't happen but the team was really good. Like the director of photography is a guy just moved to canada from from texas and so he came with a different sort of take on things. And it's like when i was talking about my band. Big big time. Where you know. The guitar player was from england. Bass player was from australia. And and so with this this situation. The drp comes from from texas. He's got a different slant in a different take on things The director is an israeli. Dude he emigrated to canada from tel aviv. So you know so that also brings. It makes things different. Because you're getting ideas from all over the place and makes for unique Sorta look is the prison. Because i have not seen any of it. Is it taking place in canada. The prison or is it in another country. Because i was wearing like if you get the awesomeness of you have all these people from different parts of the world get different fields upheld prison life is and other countries that might clean to how it can mold the show too. Yeah well actually. That's kind of an interesting point. You're making while because we we actually hired a woman who has a really her. Name's emily o'brien and she. She served time in a women's prison. She was I don't want to spoil the story. But i think she was a drug mule and she got caught in toronto. I think. I hope i have this right. And she went. She went to a women's prison. Maximum security prison. So i referred to her a couple of times for things that you're allowed to do. Things are not allowed to do and she was very helpful as a consultant and the and again. That's what took to your point. It it helped to make the shoal different again. You know. And and everybody. Lisa crawford's from durban south africa. She immigrated to canada while so. Everybody's coming from different areas of the world and it makes for more unique vibe. I mean i think of it like the prisons here. In america they seem to be profit for profit right like it's just like try to put as many as kannada. There's making money on it. It's all self made money situation. And then other countries they just throw a whole bunch of people just in a place and as a community hang out all cook pair of the world in other countries so i just wondered if suddenly that all altogether but we certainly. We don't really say whether it's a maximum or a minimum security prison because you're right. There are different types. And because i'm trying to keep it light hearted open really dealt too much into exactly what the prison is but the idea's that it is a privately run prison affect are their love interests in the show and things like that or have. You guys decided not to go that route the orange black well you know it without. I should hold up a sign. That says spoiler alert but yea. There's there'll be some kind of interesting to us that. Come up a couple of really really good twists good. How how so. I had this conversation with trish via social media when she first started posting pictures. And things like that as you guys started filming. How do we being in america. How league in our hands on on watching world the way. It's working as we have an agency now in los angeles that are they're shopping to us network so hopefully it won't be too much longer before it will be airing in the states.

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I have relatives in england relatives in australia. And they're all asking me the same question so it's just a we. Just we need to be honest. We need a few more episodes so that you sell it is what's called the strip and and so yeah it will. It will certainly play in the us at some point. It's just a little early at the moment but But again i don't know i'm not a big computer guy. I was telling you. I can't even put batteries in a flashlight. So like can but they're usually backwards but I i think that for your listeners viewers if their computer sobbing the network is called Bell five tv one. And it's not a huge network but it's bell five tv one and maybe they can figure out how to do with our listeners. Are all hackers. So i'm sure they'll figure ayar sauce. Sign crypto all day in hack. It's not much else to do the moment that is true for sure. I don't really like talking about kobe. But how with filming the show like how has it been fighting in filming in with the whole pandemic looming this past twenty twenty and still kind of limit. Now lingering around yeah. It certainly isn't yet was challenging for sure we tried our best to to do. The baths or the visors and and the rules were According to the actors union. If i'm not mistaken it's the actors union Had to have what's called the covid. I can't think of the term but when you walked into the studio They would give you a mask or they would take your temperature just to see your okay and we didn't have any problems but yeah it did get a little frustrating. At times you know because every time just before the l. action they would go mask saw then he'll action they'd yell. Cut neagle masks on you know so. It's kind of frustrating. We had such a nice bunch of people that just kind of got used to it. You know. I mean canadians simply walking around. Set to see yelling stories already. Sorry nobody does. Nobody does listen. Nobody does insincere apologies better than canadians. You can call me and your buddies. They're scary rate. Sorry forgot his name that probably through the not atmosphere but like the rhythm off navy a little bit like actors that do this on a regular basis. Id there yelling mass first and then action. And then the yeah. Yeah we actually like you said. I guess it's like anything you get used to it. But good lord it's annoying and gone. It's just gone on way too long like it's time to try different approach. You know people are getting stressed out of their minds and and it seems to me that without getting too down. i mean. it's a lighthearted conversation but you do find that you know. Now you're seeing suicides are jumping up addictions jumping up You know apparently there's higher hiv. Now you know So that's new in canada. I haven't heard that one yet must become in here. I don't. I haven't heard we're supposed to be trapped in our houses together. Each someone's not in quarantine. Yeah so one guy screwed all that up not naming names now under the in canada. Is there like a aunt like here in arizona. We lean as like a the city. State whatever you want whatever we are right here. We don't believe in cope. No it doesn't okay. There's a huge like anti masscre. Moved here yeah. I would say so. You think it's huge. Yeah i mean if if they're flying don't tread on me play. They complete a lot. More people wearing masks. Not though william just weird don't have to be confronted by somebody that will you miss. Would you miss dodgers wearing it for that recent because they feel it's going to save them or someone else right so in canada is is there like an anti mass movement. Like i would suggest that the exact same what you're dealing with Yeah you know People are fed up. You know. I i got my life down to in such a way that i really don't wear a mask because of the way my life is like for example You know now just pay at the pump.

00:45:08 - 00:50:04

Get gas you know so. You're avoiding as much as you can put a mask on at all and then i got the security guys. Love me at walmart. So i go every every sunday night at ten thirty and i don't wear a mask because they know me you know and there's nobody left in the store because it's it's gonna close so i've adjusted my life in such a way that i'm really not wearing a mask and the odd time i have to. Well you gotta do but But yeah. I would suggest that it's just like where you are. And they're sure there's a huge anti mask movement and people have had enough you know cove it for the most part has basically accommodated most of my lifestyle because for one to avoid people in general. Well you're anti mask and anti people just like me really. We're all realizing ourselves. Yes eleanor urea. Every every day. I stared at a at a sailboat. And think you know. That's what i wanna do. Sail around the world in a boat by myself. Honestly i wouldn't be that opposed to it but i haven't been on a boat long enough to like know if i would really be ceases. Yeah yeah because. I mean i've been on like i'm originally from wisconsin. I grew up maybe two hours from chicago. They always have very. Yeah it's it's like a booze cruise on a a smaller. Course gone to wisconsin. Yes so basically pay to drink on the boat for a couple hours and it's unlimited but the vote goes out late mission out in the middle of michigan so you could see the skyline of chicago things like that. So i've done that a couple of hours but i don't know how i would feel like in the ocean rates have been looking either like a cruise and every cruise. I don't think you feel anything on. A cruise has piloted moving. Yes i've heard this to the will make me not want to go on a cruise. It's basically would you wanna take everybody from vegas with you out to sea for seven days. When i heard that i was like fuck man i don't think i ever wanna do a cruise. I can't vegas seven days. No why would. I want wanna take seven. People were the whole bucket for like weekend. So where does that go there. I guess telecom donkey shows that is you want to stop at the port of tijuana. Sorry he came home. We just go off track. Sorry not quite a read. It was enjoying that topic. Should we should carry on with so have you been. Yeah i've never been on a cruise ship. I the only thing i ever did similar to that and it talked about throwing up. It was awesome. I took my car from leeds england. Put it on a ferry one across the north sea to a place called stronger norway and it was the worse crossing. The captain came around when we were talking and said this is the worst crossing. We've ever had an all remember. Is you know you know. Know those boxes there white on the outside and there there's sort of silver tin foil looking on the inside. You put chinese food and stuff in it. They have a lot of new york. The whole the whole ship was just well to those boxes. Because you couldn't move without were fink and they were trying to get you to four in the boxes and yeah it was horrifying. It was terrible but no never been on a cruise ship. If it's anything like that crossing. I don't think i want to see that there. They made a titanic to they are in. It's it's a cruise ship from new york to angrily. Yes what do you mean like a real ship or a movie. No it's a real ship. What i think they'd be safe though nowadays. We they're gonna go down. I'll let the first guy said that too. I think this'll be safe so we built so tough strong. We're going to go through any icebergs iceberg. I don't get it was dark. I get that but back then you could probably the stars better. There should have been better off the end. I'm pretty sure the guy that was actually supposed to looking out with probably drunk somewhere. No he was watching leo. And what's her face banging down there. That's true what on the run of the boat.

00:50:04 - 00:55:00

Now that was later again. The end nova different part of the music video. I've only seen titanic like five times. Oh it wasn't you know what's funny. I'll tell you what's funny that you're admitting that we're open books here. Yes i know. I mean that's actually probably pretty close to how many times i mean i was a teenager high school when that movie came out and they had a girlfriend the high school sweetheart and she's like i wanna go see. I'm like no don't want to go see you soon. See with your friends occurs. And then she's like no. Now we gotta really see it. And then i ended up having to go. See the sheva zena more than i did. Because i got drake with her to go fuck call her later financial times one call cheese married or kerner husband or watching it on a tape loop so you got lucky five times. He's a three hundred and forty times. He wishes he was on that. Damn boat as it's going down both that one in the second one because you know what's going to go down to just check. I hope you don't mind. I'm just checking hockey scores. It's kind of the lobbying. A canadian formal. Yeah that's like football here. You watch nobel buddy buddy So i i do. I think one of the things i did a web series called the drama. I and i wrote all of them but the guy that plays the drums. My buddy bill. He's a huge music huge. Nfl fan and he won thirty. Five hundred bucks. Yeah pardon me. What did he been on tampa bay winning or did he. I can't remember actually but yeah he was just because he was too liquor up when he was telling me he was says to days later. He's still celebrating a of course. We're talking canadian. Thirty five hundred bucks about eighty bucks you us you. Here's money went down. It was higher than one to five. How many maple syrup to one. Us dot because you guys have more than more value than yeah we used to but Yeah no not anymore. It's i think thirty five. Let me think thirty. Five hundred canadian dollars would be. I'm totally guessing. You're about thirty. Five hundred would be about twenty eight hundred. Us really yes. So if you if you come to candidates super cheap for you guys shit look there. Yeah you shouldn't. Yeah you get strip clubs to i've heard. Do you have any favorites. Yeah no those days are long. Gone for me ask gary. I'll talk too early as are sealed. We yeah we get because you know being in a band. I mean that's what you do. There's nothing usually usually hanging out the strippers and the day so but No those days are long gone. Although i still have five thousand dollars bail money on my american express card nice very cool just in case of emergency. Exactly hang out with us. You might need it. That's where where are you guys in in arizona. Coyotes played there we. We're about an hour away from their stadium. We're in the field actual s. Yeah we're Coyotes chandler gilbert area which is where suburb of phoenix. That's where we live that near phoenix. Where everyone knows. That's where vince. Berg did that's where vince bernie lives alice. Cooper that real name how fun. He is our one of our treasures and actually to cooper's his restaurant which is closed was winning us. Open went there. He had his hot dog. That was like i can't video. I know he was like this. Massive films screened spells. Apparently it was a big hot dog was chili on it. Probably yes i don't eat. Have dogs chilly runner. Well yeah that was being over being weird. Thanks no yeah.

00:55:00 - 01:00:02

We're probably about an hour from coyote. So do they play. Play in league up there or okay so i'm not a huge nhl fan. That's why i'm asking. Is it any up there. Is it yeah. So there's there's thirty thirty teams thirty one teams. I think seattle's getting a team Which they were supposed to start this year. If i'm not mistaken. But i would imagine what what's going on. They'll start next season but yeah all the teams from the us playing canada. All the canadian teams play the. Us passage. Did you have to join a hockey team growing up or i didn't have to. I wanted to and it was. It was It was. I was probably the worst guy not only on my team but in the league like seriously bad like i i look when i look like i was skating on my ankles most of the time so i've only ever played floor hockey with only that rollerblades and i was more blunt that what you rollerblade hospital in the streets. I grew up here. Do they didn't have ice. I'm a native to hear the desert so we have like an jim playing with a ball. That's weird for art here so s. He's weird rollerblades. Because i feel like. I'm steve and i sucked at it. So but but funny enough. This is a really interesting story. The the best player on the toronto maple leafs is from arizona. Yeah he's half hispanic and steam is austin matthews out. No i think it's his mom. I pretty sure he's typical. I think i'm thinking i got that right. Yeah matthews that's really hispanic sounding. Because i heard there's a lot of there's been a lot of good players coming up here in arizona that his kid was big into hockey or hockey. Yeah and he he was telling me about some of these players and that might be one of them that he brought up as saying like this greatly kiva play the rec leagues and stuff. Yup this amazing. Tell me all these people from arizona. But yeah he said. There's a lot of good hockey players. I wouldn't even think that like literally. No ice rink. Most icy drink crushed or melted. Or especially here yes. What's is it hot. there now. Today was seventy five k. Listen listen it's been so cold here. It's i think it's about twenty today most of from now till about april you don't even see your genitals. There was the pool. It's called there. There wasn't a crazy winter front. That came though. Is that some the got them north east. They probably so buddy The old guitar player. I played with one of my bands. He's three hours north of toronto. He said he's got scheduled for going through the snow because the snow too. Deep the scoops canoes won't even navigate through the snow. That's how much snow they have all. No not at all no screwed snowmobile. Yeah i would think the first thing. I thought when he said that i thought it was a kayak. No thought i thought it was the shoes and you put on. This is like the rackets on the. What are you guys drinking sodas. But being in the desert i've lived. Here my lemme. You should probably know that. Be a wisconsin. But me here. I don't know snow. Let's i asked him alice. Snowmobile i kind of this. You had a better idea than i did. Me fucking put. Racketeering shoes mice canoes and go out the bug in snow. Burgundy you feel like that's something you should say every time you leave your house. I haven't put on my skin and go fuck. Yeah all right. Well we appreciate that you came on to the show. Can you tell us where our fans can find you and anything else that you have coming up more. Recent more pink I know that The with regards to social media. It's always pinkas in show so facebook is in show instagram in kazan. Show and what's the other one twitter.

01:00:02 - 01:05:01

I guess pinkas in show and then there's a website act without might be easier. There's a website i think is in dot net and. Yeah so. I think. I think there's ways you can click to get to the social media stuff. Thanks very much for having me on. It was actually a good laugh. We try we try. It's good his findings so when it went. So i know you've guys done five episodes right so when when he started shooting again. Or what's going on with the episode six. So it'd be actually with the next one we shoot episode five and the idea is that Pardon me we want to do at the end of april the start. We're going to start production in the end of april. That's the plan anyway. Then he has wanted probably try to get like ten or twelve or hopefully and then maybe try to as you mentioned. Yeah so i mean the goal would be to shoot eight in a row which would bring a total of twelve episodes and hopefully more to come after that but Yeah the ideas to shoot another aid and then so yeah but there's a lot of there's a lot of prep pre-production to get to the shooting point and so The the beginning of it will be just sitting everybody down at a table like and gone over the scripts and figuring out what works what doesn't table reads. And then you know you need with the various departments who props ladies are so important you know whatever whatever we need they gotta go find it so you have lots of meetings like god just to pull it all together so you're ready on shoot days you'll think about all that back back of the room stuff. What what kind of crops will you need. And we're trying to end the show. But i question. What kind of props would you need for a women's prison toothbrushes. No you'd be you'd be shocked. Actually the kind of stuff that you need and of course. My mind is completely blank but so many times when we were on set. I'd go holy crap. You find that you know one of the things that was funny. Is that the To the prisoners escape. But they're they're carving guns out of bars of soap and we had to find a guy that could actually you know whittled open and make it look like a gun with put shoe polish on it and if it looked really great but it's something you had to source you've got to find a guy who knows how to carve soul you know this sort of thing self. How many guns that he made made three. We had one backup soldiering. The seen it looked like their carbon the soul and then cut sort of to later on in their. The guns are already assembled but yeah it was. It's super easy. And of course they're not you gotta find how to do. It was always like that little thing. Like you never never noticed the pepsi canned. Yeah came with rose back up. Yeah sitting on the floor somewhere. That's not that wasn't an actual problem. Saint like there are little things that are added to set. They really don't notice. Unless you like really like to show in all of a sudden. God like i didn't even know there was a pantex box over there in the corner of setting some of the scene building. The you say that because of the women's prison food so there was I know there was a website. It's still around anymore. But when they made the movie gladiator. There was something like three hundred mistakes. And somebody put a website together and there's one scene there's one scene where he's wearing his watch and there's another scene where i guess they had them laying down and they didn't want him to be uncomfortable so they had a pillow under his head when they yelled action. They forgot the philo. Is they're relaxed. Yes as he's doing awesome. That's a that's a lot of drugs involved to sit there to find three hundred mistakes be. You're watching a lot. That's an accurate and it was. It was mark's ex girlfriend. Her boyfriend quotas three hundred times nicely. Thank you lives right down. So he's back. Thank you for coming on. Well thank you for having me on the show him. Thank you sir. Good laugh and it was a pleasure meeting bowl to yes us well off and when you have the season two premiere will fly the toronto. And hang out you guys. You're more than welcome their space here. S our beers are beers.

01:05:01 - 01:06:00

a little stronger. I like the challenge. That's wow let's make sure it's not the winter because i don't my toboggans my my racket shoes can't cancel your floyd. It's always winter yeah. Canoes canoe came. Well thank you buddy. Mark up to talk to you again soon. Thanks so much. This has been the migos. Pc life subscribe and review us all your podcasting platforms visit us at amigos dot net for our entire library of content and migos merch till next time audio then really.

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