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124. Parenting Advice from Susie Sitcom

Take if you're looking for high brow fancy smart regal podcast with those that loved to talk about horse riding bad mitten and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is amigos. pc. If you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out craziness. The jackpot is migos. Pc and this is scott and mark ruffalo podcasts presented by pago pago easiest way for you to monetize your podcast providing with the flat rate for ad space so you always know how much you get when you include an ad from pago to become a member at immediately be connected with advertisers that figure audience. That's dot co he o. D. g. o. Dot co embiid shirt at our podcast in the. How did you hear about the pod. Go he goes. There's no part there. Sorry section in the application. Did it out of here. This shows over guide over seven shadow shadow to trish reaon for our guest today with a convenient name for the career. That you've chosen. Suzy sitcom susie. I i got the show. Yes thank you for coming on so prior to us going live you and scott having joyful conversation about family and was out that is though that was now it. Just we're just saying it was just a little bit strange pose my hair loose kinda crazy trying to a reflection is a can't help worth five i know there's only sides but Right side is much rain trying to fix it on the right side. But i'm touching the left side so it's just appear out and so you did ruin it because neither years covered now. The one that i said to leave one out of the see i got down. There must be a fan on or something. A great talent kids as he was getting directing a softball agents. Both my dad knew that we haven't won a game yet. But it's fun. You guys enjoy yourselves at pizza. Hut every every. That's the only time. That's why i do it can't you are you. Are you married kids as well or him. Heavily married nice should. I didn't say that one when we forgot the happily part of two girls in one son towards girls are fifteen and twelve north twelve and then my son is about to be five question for you like my kids are teenagers their alimentary spoiled but not what one is an elementary school middle school. One hundred eleven. so does it get easier. Fifteen or get harder is and all that so he gets more knowing more nine. Okay i understand. It's not that it's harder. It's just like they listened less. Obviously i was thinking about this the other day and they know it all bring it up. Yeah she my oldest was doing something that was annoying me now like i must have been the most annoying kid ever sunday. Now i'm like going back into like my parents shoes. And i'm like i don't want to say things that they said to me but it just comes out just like man. I was joel. Do what i say. Just do what idea why. Because i'm up so were hardest push porn teen. I totally feel kids. My older she acted choosing and for a little while during quarantine. I let her feel that way. Because i just felt so bad they were you know a home and not with their friends. Some of the go urged it could be the end of the world. I don't i don't know so now it's been months and like hey take it easy wheat.

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We let you know like half fun inquired. It's it's time normal With his rules were shown friend. You know and the rump names. We gotta go breakfast them order Yeah a few weeks my kids on him because you know now it's like we're all home. I actually hiding things from them so they they're not really good with sugar in so i hit my chocolate when they filed it hiding the mushroom and the weeds chocolate in yet eating all the chocolate ones hitting went absolutely conquers. Why don't get my sugar and jumping on the couch. And then they roll it signs and plaster wall crazy lady. They're locked the door. And i'm getting up. I'm like oh. My god i'm like living ira lord supplies in here because of quarantine. There's nothing left to do their their guns hang in there just much over and they want to own warranty prison riot the chocolate behind the mushrooms in the weeds. they knew that sex thattaboy. We're not touching mushrooms unless their magical yes but for the to the kids. Only you of all right. Don't touch it right. I had to chuckle by the vegetables. Which is actually the celebrated mushrooms. But they're not going to touch visits grass rates. Greens o vegetable place to have your chocolate for all your parents out there. You have a hidden stash of candy or chocolate. Don't hide behind the weed and mushroom or my. they find. they're smart right. Greens green the macho aero mushrooms. True great the dc is gonna be at my door but you know it is considered in the central Those are essential goods run. La even though things were shut down. Leads i though. Obama before quarantine essential fighting me that i should do it. I joined joined now. I just came with pressure again. What l. h. Now i like you said you're in. La originally are one thing. I wanted to talk about is. I'm originally from the mid west. And your bio says yankee cargo area. I actually grew up in wisconsin. Where the What took you from chicago to. La believe that really. It's it's it's in her name. I was born and raised in chicago the model and graduated high school. I wanted leave some worm. But i'm finished college in stayed home with my parents and then when it's done i was like okay. I mean i did leave for a little while. I left it for his school. I took on you know. I don't know what they call. Not the cost. The different hits proximal. You take a. You're off to college. That's what we call sabbatical. Was there something jeff timeout. you know. There's new hipster term for that a break. No the friends. We were on a break though they some term. But it's not. I don't know now how to roll. That's what that means later. She say the word yes. I've heard that. But i know what it means to. Many way went to work for disney world for six months Kampong to deal with and watch score in chicago. And i was like all right. I'm here to help out my family. But it's unit. I'm done with college. I'm taken off idea. They went to your takeoff linden for johnson said. I'm going to go five jobs in london. Didn't think about work permits and stuff. It couldn't work because it didn't work permits you know. Come ralph and to switzerland guy there or stayed there for like.

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I don't know a couple of weeks in the my mom's dying all her she. She just dot overseas. You know it's like home and she's totally fine. Come home got back. I gotta get outta here. So i met. My husband scored him but met him this job interview in normal driving. He was walking and honked at him at high went out on a date and we were together for twenty three years. Yeah kind of awesome and al studying. He wanted to leave. I wanted to go to california because one of the things. I always wanted to do when he keeps like no my move. I moved to shadow from small towns on all right. Well all right. I'll give you some time. And that time went was like ten years unlike okay. I'm going to go check out in. California went like six weeks later. Climates in lung. Hang with senator. Came kids not score for five hundred hundred school at the garden to them at home with them like art ten for kindergarten and it was. We put them in public school in chicago. Sorry in a private to that point like are we gonna move to the suburbs. Pimm million dollars for a house in. The suburbs continued to pay avid school in the city. On not only leave snooty go back to the suburbs where you're off and like basically died there. Or what am i going to california. And i'm like my husband's like well. If you do xyz the from the market place we had. Academically is america. If you get it all i'll go. He didn't think that. I could you all put it all. Woman remark market jimmy among to get everything together but then once i got everything. Market boom boom. It's soul. i was ready to go. And he was like what and he didn't expect it blocked. No god and honestly is too much for him and so on marriage. Though it's zuhdi santa my green come out here and i didn't think there were bust my marriage often but when when he went inside of you that you know you for so long and it's for you and you put it aside for some. You can't do that. And then i'll put him on. Do i was making his thacker skiing home to be with one and i'm also kind of like was bullshit. Because he had no one contract and then when he came out here it was just one complain after the other and then blew up five years later. You know so. I've worst which we really talk less. I don't know why and now here so did you have it all like you probably knocked it out in like a week or had everything lined up. He got home from work. And it's time to move in. Then what the fuck was something that. Because i know plan you narrates you know when your wife is determined. She decides she wants something you asking for permission. But you know she in her mind. She's already made up her mind. Bright courtesy you're my husband. I'm asked you better agree because you're my husband. So i mean one of those. I didn't know be so scary for his for people that move you jerry for him. I mean you came from wisconsin. I'm sure you don't like what he got. Which i didn't get it all while you're so brave to move you're sticking winds from the weather but situation better weather water. It's just the sunshine. I love the sunshine. And i just get really depressed that listen i love chicago. I love the fattest food. Culture architecture. Museums heap all. But i couldn't stand the gray weather and every came along with that question complaining about her weather. Everybody chicago any congressman with someone's forty five minutes with the water. Change the mood than you go to fat ascot.

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We talk. And then you end up in fights because nobody agrees food with gruber. They don't agree. 'cause they're just gonna not agree for them or they're fighting over the told all the other toll roads you guys have there. Yeah it's always something it's always something weird mindset up here than it is there. What about era zona. You're accu- wisconsin. Obviously the weather right. Yeah that's made me decide to come here but I grew up in a smaller city about eighty thousand people so coming here to the valley which is no five million. Maybe it was a big culture shock. But yeah i mean you can't go wrong with having son three hundred and sixty days year right. Yeah we have five rain days. We've had those already so we're good here. It's just that brighter and greener. It's almost living nicole on so great you can see the edges on plans in. The hours looked brighter and everything to do with the the without contacted the difference chicago in corny but things are actually brighter because this is so rage in some of their. If you want online. If they're writer so. I know. I know i took my brother out to california the one time he came to visit us here in arizona and i follow them. Like you gotta wear sunblock. You've got you've got to protect yourself. Son is different and he has a shaved head. So we're sitting at huntington beach authority of the day. And i'm like put any sunblock block on things like no i'm good. I'm good day. Huge invention of lister that he refused looking. Yeah his brain. Da midwestern enough warnings. But they're still enough to just sit there and let it get it. This only different did you. Did you start your comedy career in chicago. i started. i started second city in chicago. I started an improv. What happened with prepare. Were acting so am know. Started my daughter at one. She said she wanted to be in the tv expert. Whole nother story. I was like yeah. That's crazy i'm from chicago. That so impractical. What are you know what i mean. Whatever and she would be hanging singing. Costlo should singing alvin worse. It was led to the point. Which is ridiculous would be stopping clapping and like. Oh she's to be a personal. And i'm like okay. Whatever she's kid. But i'm afraid of a kids. I'm like a kid for the first time. And i'm afraid of weirdos. Some not on social media. My kids are like everyone is fucking creep. No way i don't want my kids anywhere and it just got to the where my daughter was asking. Are you asking me about this. How do we understand. This is your two and a half years old which was just. I thought it was a little bit bizarre. Almost divine son that she was saying this. Because i'm like we're we're crunched. It's not like we're in california right where everyone acts or even anyone who's on me so it was weird but because of all the encouragement we finally just that are signed up and that was the like i told my husband and i said you can do it because he wanted. Joyce if you to get my heels in on either in high school and college. I said you're not civility responsibility. You do. i'll deal with contracts on the back end but you have to lose weight lift weights and make sure that when people look if you from across street moolah flight that you can rip their fucking heads are a let my daughter's any wrong way at all a rural fine he. He went on a diet. He lost wings hitting the league was free. He did everything inside. Because you have to look mean gotta look like free mark wahlberg fucking. Toss before this with georgia now. Did you go out and buy those fake tattoo sleeve shirts for to wear every time you went just went around metal knuckles or whatever girls on. Yeah yeah that's what like sharpie teardrop drug. He's running around saying say a little pony lewis might but you know he.

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He did it but he wasn't visa so i was like. How do i heard this a little bit more highway help and he declared okay. Let's go do take classes. And he wouldn't take classes him. Went to kids agents. They got fined who they have to. Improperly was sitting in for their rian five years old. What did they need him. Purpose can't even read. They gotta learn how to beat us. You know taking second city agencies like taking the second city. The girls swept silent the biggest agency in chicago taking the second city program for improper heads. They get in front of the camera in front of people and like why not city. Everybody knows secretary chicago Fan since i was dead right everyone went air. Jim belushi number she. Chris farley writing space friends like hey we gotta do this right so i said for a night instead of going hiring data. Let's just let's the i called seconds. They had dope class for improv. In each on the chew class to abby cheese facts laugh made me want it or it night and so it all up the loud off the classes. No it was great before. I agree to send my daughter's going to check out perverts here before thought could because that was the thing. I tried to slam daughter up for but they said i couldn't do in the classroom and at that point mike young. I hadn't dropped them off anywhere you for like half of the preschool rights. I want to drop my kid off. Is that an adult second calmly. Unlike no that's just no it doesn't work for me. That's why we ended up going to second city and take improv. Sorry story but which is a class one. Great the second improv. Unlike ski going which at the second in with wow it just gets so breaking our marriage and stop the insurance cold. I wanted to do stand up. And i said what i would like. He's you know because you have to perform every week in class and stop and he's like okay. I wanna put you in santa show. I haven't close show it's mornings you know in this It's cool okay. And my husband's like and this was in front of the whole class and more husband. There were so excited. Like oh my god. We she tells doing anyways. I'm like that's fine. If you think i could do it my husband goes from everything. You don't even know what stand up was like. Whoa whoa. whoa wait a second. Since i was put remember since i was five years old i with my earth was favorite air fan. I'd thought marne fan. I sit. English was his urge language. Or the one thing we hadn't happened was a a great sense of humor so at a family. Stand up comedy. And in fact my first forty five album with steve martin king so our life you know snow i was anyways. It was really came with the fact that he was like so somebody on the drive home. It was. I'm going to go to california to make him while. Leave on stage tidiane any. I didn't prepare it ever took miss standard class right. And i just talked to my daughter's birthday from the team for and i couldn't believe the feeling i got up there and i was like holy shit i feel at home. I'm i'm forty one years old. I've had jobs. I had a business for fifteen two businesses. You know and i'm like this is the first time i felt like i had to work harder than everybody to to be. Where's was like. I felt like this. Is the place any weaknesses. What i needed to be doing my entire so yeah i. I started a committee and he invited me back. You perform every other sunday. So i didn't even know about or might i mean i just started performing in. Its show the second city side stage. When i started five years ago and And then when i moved out here you know i just thought oh.

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It's a hobby. I'll do it. I'll take some classes out here. It'll be fun and shows and they kept inviting me. Mets kind of what happened. My husband didn't like it more. And more shows i did the lesson. Musk are the canons may went out to shows and act to the where he was uneven. Our cans would just angry because this was his dream and santa comedian. He never told me they know really really of into that. He didn't talk about. I dream based he didn't dog above it was just so yep i didn't look this didn't i didn't. I didn't say i post. There are better trained in enacting. The college that i went for business i was in production for you know ten years i was for ten years. I was doing this as a date. Night like i was so excited to go to class know did my hair and makeup. I'm so happy to be there and just out of my house with a center without my kids you know and i showed up and if found me. My instructor was in Who not china specific. He was with us an infrared. You traveled with indian. Likud there to other indian guys that he traveled with that made it. That are big hollywood stars. one is a z's something with these the bar it was the one his from the other one was the guy that was. That was another one yet. I'm sorry the other one with a guy from joe. Joe mchale humidity and that he was guy that's community you don't have community. Oh there's a brar. That was his his name that was on the show. I don't know what his real name. Yeah you guys. Were the people that my instructor traveled with. That was his improv. True crew so. I mean he didn't know some talent so for him to pick me out. It was like wasn't am i can be on the factory right now and it. Yeah and he believed in me and my husband didn't even believe me people in chicago didn't encourage the relate. I mentioned whatever you know what i mean like. We're mom and even when i came out here. And i think i'm gonna start doing stand up up here. People were like he dreaming. Whatever they weren't you know. And so. I didn't what i was doing and then i didn't want show was invited to another thrown another show and i didn't go with my husband didn't like it and so twenty twenty after worst finalized. I'm gonna give it a shot on time and a fight if you go to the club and it was invited to go to a ice house ice house. I was invited. I just got a a tv show at the beginning of the talk show. I was one of the host on a panel and like all the thirty happening and then bloomberg alex. So i was like. Yeah yeah a lot of people right. It's like you can't make plans right. But what happened was july finding needs through an open mic park because people started doing comedy and parts parking and close to mount the jerry seinfeld also start. That seinfeld also start that because he's doing. The does a comedian cars. So i wanted to do the means. Karpman dog barks before he was funny. But this is like outside arts and do that. And i've been doing it like every time now know it's very we have a friend of the show that moved from arizona to california and she started doing comedy show one of the beaches. I want to say that britair. Oh she does a show on the beach called leisa beat seems like that's that's where people are gravity gravity to now outdoors. Trying to get people to social distance was still seek right. You've no choice. Yes you've no choice. The after these plugs isn't going to be starting to open began so ages before i clubs are open but the restaurants are open door faces.

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Have you ever seen the marvelous. Mrs maisel yeah yeah yeah. Have you ever been compared with your story because it kind of kind of what it sounds like your the story is basically. He's a comedian. This takes place in the fifties sixties fifties sixties right. Yeah and she's a comedian but she's not really a comedian. I'm not saying that you're not a comedian. Susie but donald yes she basically yes. She goes up there and she kills it. He's been trying to do and that's her husband and then taken off kind of story where you like. Oh yeah like. I've heard this story. I've i've i've seen i've seen all these episodes of senior life isn't that great okay. So lived nose to land. I was going through my courses like for each call up his like important just so hard and the only thing i actually did. Watch a commie. Tv my kid wasn't pretty and my friend. You know couple of frequent here that we're ago i'm and i wouldn't pass with merit holy shit. There's this show. You had to see it since meal story. I'm talking about him not washington. I couldn't even get through. The first episode was like i can't get through to the first one but for the yeah like a weed in college. You know we have big like it was just like oh so much was similar an unlike the husband and did everything that was neat to like i totally was like shots. Got got everything. Make sure that you you know what i mean like. I think the way in it was exactly my life and top of that group. The jewish neighborhoods are so. Yeah you live that life. Wow that's i'm sure measles here that's awesome matt and you know it's weird because someone just get my gas Your story sounds like and they. I think they do not know awesome. No immediate off your story. Not now you need to go around. Like yeah i wrote it. Oh yeah i wrote about me yes please. Anything about it is like you know. She calls them over her clothes. I mean he's like the cool and hand plumbing unlike like this natural because i still waiting for your labours was on show. Mark hasn't seen it. But i've seen them all the white star watching it and then you know i love comedy so that when i saw that i was like all right and it's it's a good show it is good and it is kind of my story and yet like i couldn't believe you mouth in like two years. We're separating diverse three years in calling My dad i just watched this episode. So i can't wait to see what season four brings for your life. And maybe we should do watch these as he would happen because maybe just walk through it. You fucking think anymore like that off. Whatever the amazon says you just do. He should be no one hundred so fucked off for twenty twenty one. Just take tv and just do whatever the one that should be a whole. That should be a little spinoff. Everyone's like everyone should be like. Yeah find something and just roll with it. You're you're at work collaborate on the mantle or put on a fucking trash can fucking helmet and just fucking killing. Bebo in your office watched enough. I haven't seen the new season. Yeah i've seen. I've seen percy's what did you think when he saw builder He's in this is less. You know what i can get to the for seasons. I saw bill burton niaz show. I laughed last episode or this last summer i heard know listen.

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He's he's a great comedian. What on the bus comedians. Yup maybe could like get over it. But he's not an actor. Tom cruise ry forget who he is. He's still bill burr all the way. I don't care you know what i mean. He was just the whole time. Yeah annoy not needed that soda. Hit the people in that zone. It was just like from you totally of the universe. So i shot osama add. Even he's laughing then minute later opened of and i'm like now he ship. L. is the mandalorian and chris. Big jeff com around the corner. Jabba jeff ross. As a as a as more slender is java turns into a and lawrence off his mask and it's just like i'm black. Oh shit like clinton big baby. Yoda that'd be i'd watch. I'd rather watch that than what took place would have been. So and i i was like oh how about one division that he does watch of that. I have watched Most of the. I've been watching a lot of tv. Have i heard it's really wired. The first episode weird and not a lot of people liked it. And then i heard it started getting better but i haven't seen any of it. I'm a. I'm i'm caught up so the next next up to this last episode is pretty interesting. Yeah yeah yeah. Which is what i hear. Talk back to the university. Kind of everything's alec. What are you thinking about it after you take your drink so i haven't. I don't watch the but one of then. I didn't realize the marvel universe. I just thought addison man-to-man like i'm not watching anymore. Tv because i act pat disney plus for christmas. Watch it or new year's it's slipped washer for years and then show mad that invested time and that and then like bill surprise jokes on you jerky ruin it for and look. I'm not gonna watch vision. But i thought one division was going to be some nineteen fifty mabel realize it was a marble thing and people started talking about it so i don't know if you guys a permanent. It's a a it's a podcast. Kind of buddy. It's like you're talking. Avid thing for two minutes harassment. People can lead for you and you guys are. Welcome to come on Yesterday i was on with cliff dorfman in the screenwriter and he was talking about One again and people were asking about it because you know used to rates and on tbn stopping there. I'm all the shows. They chop up but they were talking about a lot of vision. I asked him. I said if it's linking fifties watt like weixin like that is it because it takes place on captain america right that time and he said no some like. What's the point that i don't know and i'm gonna watch it now. It's it's hard to talk about it especially now that there's been multiple episodes out because you say they've done all the trailers around the first episode which is in the nineteen fifties but then things changed the nineteen fifties decided. I mean there is as you get to like episode four. You realize what's happening and you're like you you see the reason but it's not really spelled out either i bet you is. That's why would he said if you're going to watch it just with up so far. You said you wouldn't miss anything. Yeah i agree with that. But i don't know too because if you watched the first couple of china they're breaking puzzle apart but then when you get to episode for they spell it out for you a little bit for someone who's got very little shorts fan. I'm like i'm trying it with me to the bill rough. Mommy's suzy viewer watcher. He goes just start with up four he should have you watch on trash noir. Oh yeah that is.

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That's cliff dorfman. I'm just going to say you guys. Do i looked it up. So i'm not gonna i could ally said oh. I knew that the employees on radio and same thing. I looked at holy shit. He said yesterday. He's a big shot. He wrote the so. I mean i see nevada trash on credited that's got on the second season so I was like holy shit so all. These questions about entourage was so cool in most of the listeners. On my practice are young so they didn't know what entourage wasn't thank you all so watch that. Yeah so the bassin son. That last night i wanna share it with you. Because i'm so glad that he has no. Because look i noticed your listeners. Know michael was to. My podcast is under thirty something. She just like barely thirty. She watch uprise so you said that when he mark wahlberg he's like mark wahlberg is the kind who moat. He's like nadal. I told them that. I really liked campus and i really liked video out a lot because it this because of the fact that he was so likable he could get away with all that dick. Stop and some. You didn't feel like such an asshole. And he goes what we decided that. Because you know mark is so alpha. Marcus mark wahlberg. He's like aso. it is so alpha's and we decided we needed more like johnny depp. Tight for the role. So we audition. Everybody and vincent vinnie's the one and the parole. They knew he wanted. They wanted to beginning. But mark wahlberg was the kinda guy so alpha that he's the kind of guy that would make a guy's dick chrome couplets province. Like god was the like. Did you meet him. he goes. Yeah at madam several times. Did i party with them. Yes yes would he remember why was no absolutely not no i was like. Oh tell me about nasa. It's true that they happened in august. He said he was yes. The sax happen but matt on the movie set but all the stories england him and his partner side is all the stories on entourage heads. True look at how someone had happened to someone. In the writing room true it was a brew tents and third. There were like three ts night. For god's i thought it was so cuomo also there two stories she remember the episode where drama goes in like leaves and leave phone in to the grand canyon. Got us his story in dartmouth. No he did subside. he just like lacked in. He went to joshua tree. He's like every year. He does a vision quest just out cash or treating has mushroomed year. Yes it was a hit. This was his only add. Tell me what else. And then the bad story over the back where he's like many don't want my girls like us on my girls mchugh. Don't fuck my girls. Was i was all my god. He's been sick. He's like fab. Sagging matt said that in real life too so that replaced real wide. Actually bob thanks to the front of mine. I'm like oh. My god craze me hollywood stuff. I'm like wow. This is the house and he lives by the kardashians. He said he was a balanced already. Knew kim cardiac and when she was friends with you know paris hilton and they phenomenon starting out at that. Time is wow. This is still cruel. Yeah that's a lot. I hear. I hear bob seconds really funny in like he's a real cool person to in real life whenever to. That's that's awesome his. I'm so nice down earth. He's beyond podcast he. He's one of the they have so it's called Starve audio's there on. If you wanna check it out on Auburn audio dec- off audio Jason smith and lift or he will you on stereo. Wisteria was your encouraged yet talks with other people who talked with other people all the time. There's a lot of comic book. Mirrored guys jump on the net weight clocks audio. Can't wait to talk to. Jesus knows everything about everything right. So i jumped on the messages had loved to get love. Your talks again on people in plano. Nothing about me movies. I just would like to talk to you okay.

00:45:02 - 00:50:01

The of course he says yes. And i said okay when i wanna talk about whether the bill burr in mandalorian. Run that shit. Nice i this hate messages. Vm wasn't all bill. Burr bill burr alias. Names it's him it you all from him. It was simpson's email walker had him other comic book guy friends. You know what. I mean they were. Could you say that gobert such a great after this that and the other hand builders astana comedian. He's one of the best. That's what i know of anthony. If he wasn't as good at it or he was an actor. I'm i'm free status where you can forget about him. You know i go. He so instinctive and his voice just like it did this. I would prefer to really like chapelle or something. Give someone in there like why bill. I wish wait just aside. I think he makes up for it though in this last season. If now you have to watch have to watch do now. Pack so mad. That i'm still getting killed. I'm linking these state like got rid of a metre percents alex back. I'm like okay if i watch. It does except for though like what happens. Yeah i don't want to spoil only because that is weird. It's one thing right. hated him. What about did you see him. In breaking bad people said remember. Yeah i was. Yeah he was he was he was with was his name. The other comedian the big the big black dude. I can't his name. Oh those are the guys that were working for. Yeah that's right. Yeah those are the two with a pinch man. He was good. I forbid call saul guy catholics. You have you seen any breaking bad at all. I mean i met What's the guy's name no not branka. We'll see how it which i again. Paul ample better call saul which is his is with us. That is his act is your name. I can't but i we was so he was at. He was at u. C b the upright citizens brigade and there were a bunch of people outside in the cited. Were there screaming Annoyed you who he was. I was inside with andy. Dick andy dick performance age in and espn take a pitcher. He's like a suzy. Would you mind taking issue with. Maybe no his name tag bob. So he's like he's. Would you take pitcher me with me. And baba hurt and like was not a few other people who had taken a class dante jesse for that. He invited us to his show. That were there electronially. Finally fan boy over worker but he knew that i wasn't interested so we asked me to or maybe a trip close asia so then he was like oh i can hear him talk about and nobody knows that i know you. You know i tell. People were signature with me. Then you know me by by on paper and then he looked at eighty stocks and he goes susie. You're no idea who this is. You now i'm gone. I'm sorry i'm like i'm no. I'm sorry i had kids and you know unless it's like on disney junior. No how just not like like. I was so sad in the pitcher to be need. It was just a lie you know. I'm not a good liar in soccer. Because he knew. I did nobly us. We call me out on it right. Sounds like he's such a dick. Actually stacey now dan. This is due and i'm like no to watch. Tbn young kids and let you know and upset and then finally look i. He went to the bathroom. He looks so sandy. One way and then i ran to the bathroom.

00:50:01 - 00:55:05

Like i'm so sorry. I totally know who you are. It's all you on. Yeah that's that's probably not one put remember may or i'm sure that is good. Show it would have been hilarious. Ran up to. She's like. Oh i know know who you are. You're i pirates a disney show or nickelodeon shot of. You're the voice voice for boots for a little bit. no. I'm making that up. But i'm saying he loved the boys boots sniper. Do the accent. I went out to bat in the back of all waiting for a week. Who i know who you are and he looks to me. Yeah i wasn't in and what other things that's hilarious and also outside of the peter was all these people that were like a homing at an awesome story. I don't. I felt the next day. I call them like you know what i'm so sorry. Your fun was an asshole. But really didn't i didn't know what to do i am i am i ask you this. What was i supposed to do in that situation. I don't know a lot of hackers are what i feel like. I insulted him. You know so i go. What was what's the crux situation. I have said oh. I know who he isn't like portion. You know just yourself. But he's now just fear self but you did she ask so andy. That's something that that's something that i would do. Because i like terrible memory like seeing some of the older we get. Yeah i remember and they would see on my off. You don't remember stuff. Tv's used to get away rain like escape right on right. They're no actually. I've never heard of it. It's comedy is not comedy central but adult swim late night. But i've never seen it. I know they have a lot of people on there. Like dave from stepbrothers on their face. Leary the doing it right now. Yes bull i gotta look shit up hang on because you know what i saw him too and i saw and that's funny. Here's another one. That i knew from eric and again ignored you. Who he was. I is going to work. It was a saturday moving. Go in early in the morning. That has most rock and roll down the window. He was dressed up in a suit was shown. Who's just a miss you or the film. He played Singer he was saying that great moving. Walking the line or alkaline down the river was on a bridge. Or dewey cox actually if it's johnson. That was the real time with the with the joaquin phoenix. So you got dressed in this dude. He was walking crawfish chicago river. He's just like either taking a break from site or going to set or something or you just wears that normally because that's that's fucking all areas wall now. Nobody's there. My husband's drive me. I was in the passenger side. They see him walking on the. I've ever and willard again again. And he was like who which which one block. And i showed him like. I don't know let me look. Read think that's hilarious. That means you're up late with your with your height and the chocolate. We re watching tim and eric and your mushroom area of the hawk.

00:55:07 - 01:00:02

Bree kids pre-k. It's not just had my kids. So i was watching this adult. Swim at the time with goes. Yeah mean that's why. I don't watch them up deadly anymore. These days when i had my god. I didn't know what people did with kids. Because you just stay up on my regular eating so i didn't know what to do so i watched adult swim an extra taking my daughter bars at night and i didn't even think about it like i was like. Oh well we'll make minor do because they didn't allow smoking inside anymore. we can go fires. The people would look at me like it was like while i was out at a do. She's sleeping and then she's gonna get into our difference where. I have no clue that i was like. Oh my god. I'm at a bar. I didn't even think about it being wrong at all. I just thought. Well i'm up late. So as the bayden who else is up on eight people at bars going to my into the bar and now looking back. I'm like i was the worst again. The reason the so by and ignore my kids. You're kisser so mcclair in mullet just lead. It's because they're watching. Tim and eric with you late at night. They learn so much. Know all the actors you know life experiences they go take to office in comedy with and they're punch line not asa. Cbs are really when side afterward. The jokes and i'm the But with they'll say about that's not funny they say out loud. That's funny much all their hecklers. Lers gamma. i'm toying with the idea. But i haven't worked up the nerve to actually go and i typically do go to like Open mics and hang out with some of the local comedians year. We've got him to come on the podcast and things like that. But i just don't have anything written yet and i haven't been back onstage since the flood so you know i wanna talk anymore about that but once that you know. Get over that fear. I'll be back onstage. I've said too much. I've said even performance barth was. Yeah it was on a stage and then there was a it was a it was a boat full of water and there was too much water so i won't anytime near water. I don't do it. Don't listen okay. Let us stand up unless unless you are intimate erica. I wouldn't who anyway. I keep trying. They don't they. Don't turn my. Here's the thing i like. Ten years old you know that's up to diameter. tv shows histogram. You know the show existed before instagram facebook. I don't even know who is was at the time. This is a good question. I died internet with each today at gaffe. The phone your mother soccer internet until we were done with college like we had on typewriters earth but it was like. There was one printer for the school computer lab dot an ancient times. You know idea all but age. That's right what is what is what is white out now right right well.

01:00:03 - 01:02:46

I know that you have another show to get to after after this so i appreciate that you came on and i know we're going to put your patriot in the show notes. But do you have anything. Want to drop or promoter. Talk about things. So i have. Let's zoom show coming up tomorrow for splashy women at so calmly dot com. Check it out on inside round. it's freezing Common let's see if that would offset alive chevron mushroom la live show world Well i doing comedy contest on april twentieth for crazy games first comedy contests on saturday saturday. We have the dot heart reform stand in front of dogs and the homeless here in beverly hills and then i have a plan account so this talent. I'm going to try in all of my can't so using it for free Take howard stern's advice for free right now. The old people tried to the dollar. I church three dollars now. Because i think i'm worth it reebok's less than a couple of it's three dollars a month. I put all of my stand. They do for the month. I promise at least one leg video one. Podcast one behind Turns idea about three. Three author definitely alley. Does the money. I'll be shows because he's from gas but it's really it encouragement that i'm on the right. Track your upper helping under god and he believed the drain the creativity. So i'm still mom really helps join my people really appreciate it. I could appreciate it and keep doing comedy. So things awesome awesome so make sure that link will be in our show notes and then also always go and check out the amigos were on everything needles. Pc dot now out. This has been the amigos pc. Make sure like subscribe and review us all your casting platforms. Visit us at amigos. Pc dot net for our entire library of content and amigos merch till next time audio.

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