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123. Antion Vikram Singh AKA Vic Briggs Guitarist w/ The Animals

If you were looking for a high brow fancy smart regal podcast with hosts that love to talk about or horseriding badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a house. Pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts should manigan and balls out craziness. The jackpot is is amigos and this is scott and mark everybody. Today's episode is brought to you. By fantastic's next is the world's largest collection of official fan gear from all leagues teams players. You love if you enjoy our show and looking to buy new jersey sweatshirt hat you can support us by going to go dot. Co ford slash phonetics and get twenty five. Percents off your next order. that's pod. Go forward slash phonetics phonetics officially licensed everything better than last. Oh yeah you stumble through. Yeah but we have a special guest joining us. Today is anton. I say that right running used to go by a vic briggs so very surprising that you're in this happened to be like last minute in kind of random. Were super excited. That you're able to coming live via so our recording location. What brings you to arizona. Well i've been visiting arizona for for a long time. I played with the animals in about april. Nineteen sixty eight and Because of my i hit us word religion but will say religion my seek religion. I've been visiting the congregation sincerely seventies okay and right. Now we've been his in september staying as a Beautiful sikh temple actually the goodra which is near seventh street mcdowell okay and We've been staying there obviously in essence september. I'll bet you. Will you know what it wasn't intentional. That alone we were. We had a hell of a time getting out of new zealand. Which is where we officially live. Took his three or four months and three flight cancellations and We were going to stay in phoenix for two months. Well what happened. Was that when you go to beckton zealand. You've got to go to quarantine. Oh so we started. Set up the thing. At the end of november. The corn teams will boot up. Oh so we We booked into january january. Nine was supposed to leave and Then the airlines cathay pacific from from hong kong that we we were gonna go here to seattle seattle to hong kong hong kong to new zealand. But it was always to get. Oh man well cafe. Pacific cancelled so then. Finally we managed to get re into the quarantine booked with the united but ever zealand's you neither this coach yet. Yeah so so now renewed leave. That's nice but we we've been having a grand time in phoenix. Love the weather. Yeah we had some rain in the last couple of yeah. That's good for us. We we like it when we get the rain. We hardly we hardly see. I'm not a huge fan of guineans colas. I'm originally from wisconsin in winters. There are awful and so the the colder need any my summer to come back so you you have a very impressive Music career throughout your life Keane gives us some insight some back stories of the animals and other too many store. Where where would you like to start. i guess start off in maybe in england where you grew up yours whereas kind of okay so so so understand. You know people do not to this. I understand why so. Many great musicians came out of england. And what happened in that particular period and we didn't really know you know we we. We didn't know what we were doing. I'm oddly enough. And the same year as i was born was boone clapton. Towns and rod stewart people. Were only almost exactly the same age and initially. We grew up on a diet of Lighter kestrel music because that's mostly an pablum pop. Yeah because that's what was on the radio and there was a lot of music on the radio in britain. And if you don't judge it in terms of you know well as stuffing schlocky. The music was really a very high quality in light. Okechukwu stuff like even the states in the late forties early fifties.

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There was this guy But he was having all kinds of chemical hits. Oh the guy that. Did you know that that that. Dan babylon i'm bob bob and guts. There was a lot my kind of music ground yet. We don't realize it was this guy like coming into blood so then In i don't too much in the mid fifty s. They started a craze school skiffle. Now the roots of skiffle of fascinating. But i'm not going to go into it skiffle loosely defined is brits with christy guitars cheap acoustic guitars i hasten to add playing acoustic american music. Okay now get a kind of prospectively in in the forties and fifties even into the sixties. The brits really had a very limited understanding of what was going on in the united states. They didn't realize that you know if you want to hear like black balloons you have the one side of town. If you wanted the air folk music woody guthrie or guys you have to go the other side of them. They didn't understand the divisions musically in the united states right so they just london altogether they get these american records on this star planning stuff and it was a price lasted for two three years. And it was given the skiffle. Don't ask me how school the the beatles started the quarrymen skiffle group so like a lot of other kids caught up in this and my mother guitar by the way my father. My father was american. Yeah read my father was a second world war. He was captain in the big red one. The first first infantry unfortunately was killed in the northern france. Couple of months. Before i was born so my mother got us guitar. I really took to the minimum was like like a duck to water so before long i was playing in these skill vans and then around the same time rock and roll made its way into print but given to one of the differences between rock and roll skipper was. You could get an skipper for not much money to get into rock and roll you need and make drum sad or a electric guitar and stuff like that. We didn't have that right. We'll listen started listening to bill highly because he was first then. Go scale. elvis. Lincoln's richard and chuck berry fats domino. Most guys. yeah so we will just as much absorb this other music. We were absolving the roots of rock. And then when in about i think fifty eight when the when the feds went after. Alan free fichman allen was like the pied piper. He was a dj. For cleveland. that's one have getting all the drugs to to play. Records might wanna laundering. I which. I'm sure a lot of them did back then but it was. There was a lot of stuff. Yeah but wasn't he get my eight or ones lou. Yeah the feds of making these jerry. Lewis to the stint in your wife and the totally can chuck berry's put in jail to crossing state lines with the morning. Elvis was in the army bill. Haley getting too so who knows how much was planned or whether it just happened book. Devolved yeah although bobby's budweiser dell on the by the way to sweep blue eyed l. bobby fabian. And it was all pretty similar thing happened in well by now the cnn. England was around london because london was really music capital on wait a musicians in london professional musicians. We will plan this schlock stock. Because that's gay you know grew redoing covers. Yeah yeah there wasn't really any original music but there was plenty of work. A lot of dancehalls thing. Well what we do know is up in liverpool. Nobody told him to play more liverpool manchester. So there were like the stones or maybe like where you're like sabah's no no way before that aalyah jump the gun there so it just so happened. My my first professional game. I was with this band. Called the echoes. We went up to a town called chester Bernas town historic.

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We were planning a wicked this data. Well the piano player guy called in heinz. He said you know. We're not that far liberal. He said i was in hamburg with some of these musicians liberal and they're really good. Oh liberal he said in fact. The top band in liverpool is called the beatles and we we didn't hear beat yes. We elliott is the british equivalent buds. One how yeah. He's well. I'm gonna call some my friends getting down here so the next night out. Show these two guys show was tool long. Had a kind of a starter. The other was shorter dark hair. Big nose and ringling everything and the toll was will restore them restoring the hurricanes and the other guy was ringo so we met him. We talked to you. Know they were real. I mean london. Musicians have accountable on these guys will. Hey what's going on chill chad. That's very good so so they said you know. What is this club in liverpool called and they have lunchtime sessions. You guys should get on the train. Done tape ruined go on. He said i'll fix it up with the guy that runs the lace. You go that know. Get them play a couple of songs and just to louisville delighted. Yes so Next day we went went to the cabin and the ban was gerry and the pacemakers all they were real nice. Yeah and that was a thursday and then We we working with the singer guy from india's at hatton rolling dan who's really good so we sat one. How about we come back tomorrow and bring raleigh. Say come on. We'll put up on stage and you do a few soames of so the next day. We came back with rowley on the band. Was the beatles. Wow with pete best on drums and they were like black greasy hair. Let jacket pants. They were the all matching then to wearing black jacket. Black pants and respect. Yeah rock rock and roll style right. Yeah and so you know. That's that's how. I got to see the bill. This was september sixty one. Wow with with your music and in the style you play on your will. You did back Back when it's it sounded for the time being like very experimental like you and hendrix have. It seems like a good a style. That kind of goes together the way you play guitar where you know jimmy. Jimmy one said and i was really surprised. Jimmy said there's a book about jimmy in this was written by a lady who who's like a real close to him is some really close to them and in the book talks about me and he said it talks about the first night when he when he came down to this club called the scotch and really to my store. Yeah well as one of the main he was planning on my end and he said he always had big briggs said really friendly and helpful caddies and then later on this lady the book she said to jimmy. What are you really wanted to be says. You know what is going to buy the land build a place with me. My friends who come jan to do you invited clapton for sure suggests beck if i could get away from his cars. And he said Vic briggs i learned from him. Wow that's wow. I didn't forget about so two thousand fourteen. So you know because you read that book or the library in hawaiian okay. On assorted book. When i see a book of that era was in the index and see incomes nice. You have so much connection to so many great player musicians such as yourself. You know what i mean. Like people like rod stewart. And stuff that i was reading like you've meant although many of i don't understand what roadster totally left me out of his book. Oh really why we were in this this band together gustin player and he mentioned everybody else in the band. I don't know why did mention. But you're darn rod. You almost want the notoriety but it doesn't matter so you guys moved to new zealand at some point and you see you were saying before you visit hawaii often.

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We we we lived in hawaii. Okay so we lived in july throughout sound on that he didn't blaming he's like why am i did for sixteen years. There's pretty amazing. What happened was jumped where he doesn't keep on trying. So you basically alendronate i. We were part of this. I'm gonna. I'm gonna call it what it was a called like spiritual we're in it for almost twenty years and Right about the time that we will go on. We don't need to do this anymore. A franco helping invited me to go to hawaii so when we to other guys i just had a blast and the next year took on with me and write about exactly the same time. We decided to get out of this. This cult and again could tell detail stays the trust me. I want to know we can wait till later. I happened across. The hawaiian show was like a a group. As a duo. The brothers casimiro and at the time they were the top act in hawaii. And i just haven't to see this show just on an accident. I'm always like totally blown away. Never heard anything like it was really moving me very deeply. Spiritual is beautiful helen. Heart to it you know and somehow or other I just. I said you know what i can do this but i want to do this kind of music. And so well. We happen to be living in san diego. The time we flew back to san diego owing right out to tower records happened to find a cd. These guys okay. So took it home or the dancing out. This was ninety one ninety one and by ninety three and i. I wanted zeroes now. His hawaiian music people wear it out. Nice that's one thing. I did want to talk to you about With your doing rocker role in london and with the animals and things like that like what. Where was the progression to start doing this type of music well or an end like getting into your spiritual journey of why i mean you. You said you didn't wanna call it a religion but he basically where your your spirituality mindset is right. now that's cool that's cool. Well it really started in ninety sixty six okay That was when the stones used a sitar on paint it. Black harrison was interested in studying. Ravi shankar on. I happened to be at eric. Clapton's place and Eric was always very hip to what was going on. You and i say. Eric has a whistle. This with india music always look sick and he and he went over to his record stack. He pulled out to. Lp's okay member lpn. so you're not. We're not that young so he gives these two. Lp's one was some indian classical singing. The other was in new classical flute and I went to the import stool where he'd gotten them from are replaced among game. Bet to her. And i still have still had one of those in in museum and i just started falling in love with his music and then i started getting into ravi shankar. Okay and of course that was know indian instrumental music. -sorts been a little bit more. Accessible to westerners the vocal music vocal. Music is kind of an acquired taste. So when i heard a ravi shankar in particularly his brother-in-law ali-akbar khan who played an instrument. Is something like the sitar. But these guys doing these and got an album of us and it was like as your tar plan. I could read. These guys. were mothers in the musical knowledge and in their technique. So that's really where. I started getting into an when i when i when the animal started moving to calendar well we moved to california. All of a sudden there was a lot more india music available because it was starting to be. Because they're so. That's really where i started getting into it. Okay wow you have any like Certain i don't want to fans but do you have anybody that you you like now.

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That maybe it's like you mean by more recent weekly drew you to make your music now like any. Any inspirations day. Were you know the i don't know i can think of this this this holy art but wants. He was rubbish on brother-in-law but his father ali-akbar khan's father was rubbish on his musical. Good okay this guy was like a giant is one of the giants of india music so earlier. Barcon got a lot of this guy. This is father's music. I mean his father used to beat him for not practice in time to a tree so they couldn't run away making practice so that the guy got to be really good but it kinda scarred him a little yeah so he was a great influence on me. Okay and then. When i saw i mean unless the animals july sixty eight i went to work in the studios in hollywood as an independent arranger and producer and this was another amazing time because i was working with wrecking crew. You ever heard of the wrecking crew. Yes i have was that during camera records or Yeah yeah. I was doing it before i go with rick was doing during cavalry and so was using these guys. I was hanging with them. Because they're kind of fluid. It wasn't just one group of guys there was. I don't know maybe twenty twenty considerably part of it. Yeah we're hanging out together you know and listen to that always using some of these guys will guys from the phil. I'm only go. Has the play with henry. Mancini jazz plays and been around for years and years and years and then we're working for me and it wasn't. It wasn't ego thing. Because i was actually very humble being their friends but yeah foot. Almost without exception were great guys. Yeah because that's in the studios in l. a. You better be a great. Not because they they. They are not interested in attitude. Yeah nobody. I mean if you're an artist or a producer like specter well r.i.p expecting then you can have attitude but the studio musicians. Yeah so so very heavy stuff. But i was getting as much as i was enjoying the music and as much as my skills were improving i was getting just shafted on the business side and finally i'll just throw up my hands and said i'm out of here. Yeah i wanna be spiritual. I don't know what it means. But i wanna be spiritual. Is that where you started to pick up like yoga and things like that. I i was out of the music business by christmas of sixty nine. In january of seventy i started. You're very intensively. Okay yeah now. I one thing i did see. One of your quotes was with yoga. You don't need drugs or anything like that. Like where where that stem from this This guy with the attitude. The for twenty years. Gyco yogi margin bruce. Rude guy very shrewd guy. I mean we won't go to ethics and that's another story but he realized that these young hippie kids were coming to his classes. They wanted me at high so he would teach his yoga in such intense. Teach it in such a way you will wipe but it a new drugs. Didn't feel like a kind of a euphoric that you had after doing yoga. Yeah but it wasn't uncontrolled. Newport who's in control is better than the drug. Yeah option exactly. Even even. When i was doing drugs i was only doing. You know marijuana lsd. I never went to your feeling that he was not not liking with yoga. You brought it up thirty pounds and a skinny as a rail. Nobody i i can never cry. Choose myself pretzel. Got to be more. Be more flexible. And that's where you may you married right or no. Well that's another spiritual bond so so some are other. I don't have a volunteer. Who was my girlfriend at the time even though she was american she didn't much like la. She wanted to be on london. Somehow i go volunteer to show you okay. Which started teaching. And that's also where. I started really getting into to seek sacred singing and one night in february. Some of some words did enclosed all of sudden.

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It's incredibly beautiful. Woman will increase the. She was wearing hot pants which was kind of the thing. Miniskirts briefly came up. Looked at her and i said you know what this woman gets all the attention. You can handle probably a lot more. So i'm not gonna take damn noticeable intuitive six months at smart because you're playing like you don't you don't notice her. He's playing harder. Rarely smart marred nicely. Eight forty eight forty nine nice good rhonda so so he was smart so this was. This was the like i say early. Some seventy one them. But on december twenty seventh of seventy one that night. I was gonna teach you class and only one person showed up nice. You'd number one fan number one fan. Nice she wasn't back then. I think she had a boyfriend. No i wish your already number one saying oh it's you you singing at the end of cosimo is your group. Theon now on channel groupie see. That's why i love is music. One and the goddess because they are i am on the god. Is we believe that as you heard forty nine years almost twenty nine years haven't always been happy but never been bored. Sounds like marriage advice for some last that long. Yeah s somebody just asked. Somebody just asked on facebook. And i said to him. What's what's your answer to that. And he said now it's sex but don't put that on facebook place. No actually they said that's the secret if you if you want some serious advise i'll tell you if a if a man wants to keep his woman a man has to find out what his spiritual path in life is the stick to a likely present spiritual bedside because that that gives security. Okay yeah your life purpose for man have life purpose to focus on that an an also lebron integrity honesty. These things are important and they've kind of way side. These days leading everybody at you know has really been working on it when he managed to ignore me for six months. I knew that he had the commitment. I knew he had the strength to last. He wasn't going to you know it wasn't gonna fall apart later on. I wouldn't go as far as i'm full and part of few comes. But whenever will she's been influenced dawson. Did you guys ever and at insead an end up having any kids. Are we want any kids. We have two girls girls. Okay lives in new sarasota in florida and the other one lives in dallas haass's awesome marathon runner and fitness trainer. Both born on his birthday. Stay makes you make sure that they'd that's wow both them they're all altruism. Wow did you make sure that they that they do yogurt. Like the year at a push that on them to push too much. The the funny thing is that they're actually started to do yoga on their own and taking forty years. Yeah but as a laundry said one of one of his a physical fitness trainer by professional. She's not doing much anymore. And the other one is an alternate marathon runner. She does these hundred fifty. Wow but it. It's unique to that. They've they've settled here in the us. So you guys have been everywhere. Is there particular reason that one's in dallas one's florida state love united states. This is the greatest they were born here in california and they never ever loved have been around a bit but they think this is the greatest and said we but the both have museum passports. Okay you know as well as an escape escape plan. So it's like dude dual citizen as yet. Yeah that's awesome. It is awesome very cool. So i know you spoke about bouncing back but in the in the sixty you know when you're in la area right. Did you ever go to like any crazy parties. That maybe you want to talk about that. Maybe you went to their. Maybe irby's you showed up and saw them crazy year. I don't remember going to too many parties but we only were the party rank.

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Our hand was the whiskey. Okay and we were in whiskey maybe not every night but we were eleven months of the week and it was. It was brand laser. That i did you. Partying part is did you. Well well you know with the with the all the royals and all the famous people. Although people have worked with roger moore. Tony curtis and gregory peck and all kinds of famous people we got we had parties. We got together really. Yeah celebrity days. Yeah you you were in quite a few of the the i don't want to their like vampirish movies right. Love have become cult classics. Whatever that means they have been mentioned around the will they ways inviting me. My signature sells three hundred dollars or something. Just you know they faking my signature. It's yeah you go to the convention things like that or getting like no. I haven't actually been a antion. Thinks i shouldn't go but but it was. Yeah it was really. It was really fun. It was fun. But then when i slow is all around you said you hated those parties. Oh yea because you throw to at each other and peter. Yeah yeah you know so. See power corrupts. That's what on land. You see. della corrupts. They had so much money so much. Fame that the marrow character no integrity and and Yeah you know and so. That's why i fell in love with this guy had character and integrity and You know patients station and all the men were falling along themselves. Time and i had no respect for that. Yeah so yeah yeah exactly. Unfortunately i can't ignore any what unfortunate the only other wall so there was something that i that i that i read some about the you you're tied to or maybe i don't know how much tied to your part of the casino royale soundtrack or that maybe the asong the maybe through the animals. Yeah yeah well. I i mean i would just support an hour with some lazy people and to the people were would back rockin. David okay and what happened. Was that pretty much right. After i joined the animals. I i a cold from the might jeffrey. On i was like the go-to he was making all. These movie deals. Okay so he said look he said a good deal for eric to sing this song for the casino royale. This is the original casino. Not neon sean connery one like. While the using of daniel craig was the new one. Yeah right yeah but the older one is was that roger more nano no it was it was a total spoof thing. It was a mess so java so i said yeah that's cool. I'll make within work. So i'm someone or other a wound up going up to two burbank. Rex hotel room. Okay you just come to london and january in london freezing call. Here's this guy you know ten and you know have been looking at is right. You know what i mean. I'm gonna get. And angie with these married to angie dickinson. And she had this little baby you know she just had a baby and they were will let california friendly. I never met californians before okay. So it wasn't used to it. It was like these people are so friendly on least those now but anyway had a movie ola. You you probably don't know what a movie always been in those days before and all that stuff it was like a machine and you put the the film on this thing crank it me into pitcher box innocent and then he said okay. This is this is how does not i think acetate like a rough recording. So whenever lsd there so later so go the is in the studio recorded the backing track and then We arranged a day or two later to bring some horns on wrote a chart for the wounds you know.

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Yeah so horns. Came in and that night Let's see producer. Tom wilson was there and michael. Jeffrey manager was there burton. Angie were there and how they was there and everybody all great chart right chart into so. All that was left was for eric vocal. So i'll give them the the acetate with recordings. We're going to do it on saturday blah blah wall so saturday this is i mean. We did the same the middle of the week and then set up the session from saturday vocal vocal with them. So eric hyman how david was not burdened comes in at one and how was a bit more power than bertha but you he was. He was an okay. Well eric came in. He had learned the song. Yeah you didn't know the psalm. So this is so. I didn't say anything but this is so unprofessional. So i'm trying to have him one line. Climb of blood and finally he left david. Tourneys is can use that. I said i said i'm really sorry. Apologize and that was pretty much the end of it except about two weeks later i was walking down the street in new york. This is in london all this stuff right. I was walking down the street in new york. Maybe fifth avenue and a stop light. There was held island so took a little bit. And you said on. I'm recording your warwick. A simple could. I stop isis. Show coming by so To later went by the studio in new york and there was the warwick recording and just like a really cool thing. Wow yeah he has just hanging out as it happened to happen. Yeah that's crazy. By the way i have to say this. No i mean. I'm a huge back. David fan that song that they gave me. It was the worst back i heard and it was peter sellars as who was that would launch his name to the whole thing pocket. Oh well i mean. Based on the numbers. The budget was twelve million. Forty one but yeah for acton. Was that any movie really was was that move. The look of low boost from is that the movie that he was removed. Will that the song. Look leeann of this i. That's a question a song that was in the movie. Yeah there there was some in. The movie is soundtrack honor. Y'all ya don't worry. But actually that i'm a dusty record that and i was dusty for not that long from february of ninety sixty five to july but it was really wonderful experience. Yeah dusty was you know every night on stage right when she started when she started singing but at some point on the when she was going i get chicken skin from her voice all that so so cool and it was. It was really a lot of fun working with great talent way. Great talent. that's awesome was or anyone that you didn't work with you know when you're in a musically coming up that he wanted to work with you didn't or that maybe someone that that you want to meet maybe never ended up getting a me. Well you know. It's funny because i'm a pretty interesting characters. Like february of of of sixty seven in new york. This is when i ran into two held and slicks tavern. Is this jazz club down in the village and it's pretty heavy area. I don't know he's still open at that. I doubt it is but it was known as a good place. So i saw the george benson and to cab down there. When this places. Tuesday nine ten people in place and up on stage george benson just turnovers so finishing set and we sat down. We had the tourist for twenty minutes and it was just really cool. I mean he was really down with guy. And i i knew who he was because he heard records with his brother. Jackie dot com so new matters plane and really really friendly really down download retard players. Yeah and then they later on inland in la. This means much uses one of the greatest jazz guitarists could century a local.

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Tv show annual bands than usual and so cute water carcass. Joe patch so so. Joe showed up and under gustavus become sewing down to you know he. I mean he was known outside of jet service. George benson's but joe was a fantastic really sweet so this is a very the right. Wow awesome trying to think of semi always cheap. I i wasn't so much into. Would you like to work with him. With elvis running carry enough. Yeah i was really more interested in the musicians. Yeah well it seems like you have a lot of influence on them i mean look jimi hendrix for one even know he was going to mention you in his book and hidden here here. He is you mentioning in the book that he wrote in. You were actually a good influence on. Yeah let's you thank. You would take you to qatar island with him. Basically what he did he would pick you to go. That's pretty cool up amazing that question when they say. What do you take to an island. Yes yeah i get. It takes qatar players to right. That's awesome so there was some other wise. Saw some other soundtracks that which was sky pilot. Alzheimer's that was another stuff. Which you i did. I listened to it after i looked that up. So you're not that old now back and i looked at up because it was another stuff movies and shows that i've seen i was like. Oh wow that's pretty. Sky pilot was really interesting. It was eric's idea going to give him credit. He wrote the worst of the song. And some of the other guys put immunity. Thea but he wanted to create a tapestry really like a backdrop and he said all he said. I wanna battle. I won't bagpipes could confined so just so happened. That the band of the royal scots guards were touring the united states at the time and they were in. La so arrangements were made i. I didn't have any part of that on a saturday morning. We had about four or five pipers and a couple of dramas and the pipe. Major course the pipe major. So it came into the studio. These these scotsman and This is what he wants to play us long. Play anything we'll go. We'll figure it out. So they played this song called bluebonnets of the boorda and when heard the song heard. The tempo heard the key. Or you know figured out the key. Yeah on said we're gonna what will do we hadn't recorded anything. We're going to build a cell around the bagpipes so Starting from the bagpipes. We work backwards so if you listen to sky pilots in. It's really dependent whether you hear it on an album on a single is in either one or two parts but it isn't to two distinct movements. You might say so. The first part is just a critic guitars voices and promising bouquets and then the second part it goes from that and it tells a story it talks about Sky pilot a padre blessing. The boys as they getting ready to battle and then at the end of that section the author into the pablo will. Then you start to go into the sound fades here a dive bomber. Come down all your bomb and other men shouting shooting on that kind of stuff. Now the middle of this comes back pumps that That that that that that that that it's the temple is exactly the same as as the band so when the bike pods finish. It's absolute seamless cut between the bank punch in the bay since after he goes straight and it tells the story that's being told us in the aftermath of the battle and then bring in strings and holds fluids and things i are on the chart for that and Of course the punchline of the of the of the song is a young soldier so ill who set the sky pilot remembers the words.

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Thou shalt not kill bom. Bom bom sky pie. That's how elected that's awesome. You did a few of those Talked about scenery. Al and then we talked about. This was just your manager coming to you with like. Hey we have more. You're doing really good with these ed. How in that in that period. Like right after i joined the band like i joined the band in november of sixty six. There was about to these things to three. These things came right up like he called me up and he said look he said. We need to write a song for this movie stranger in the house. James mason bobby darin. Yeah but there was in it says al qaeda so nothing happened nothing happened. Nothing happened and mike who said dumb. I just got the movie company whom they said if they don't have the song by the day after tomorrow all the guys in student of that nine put the whole thing together makes it. Yeah yeah it was. The sun was called at so. And because bobby darin. He was his kind of heavy villain time. He keeps gone and that so and that. So so turn into a slot and The the movie come delighted so much. There's three different sections in the movie. Did you read the script to these movies or did they just give synopsis kellyanne amazing though they had a premier london's west end so they invited us right so so four of us the band. Eric refused to go. But the forest we went down to the higher place tuxedos. Okay a winter this thing you know like allama said heuer twenty. the power. Hundreds in the movie was a steph. It was so bad. Louisa was great news. That's so funny. Inspirations were comes from you. Know what i mean like as far as that guy telling you things and you wrote all song. That's amazing so with this this. Cd just came out. Correct this album. Yeah this this has been out since about two thousand three but on that on like apple music or oh yeah yeah yeah. it's my hooded here in phoenix. Even though it's hawaiian really recorded it here. Yeah and There's a there's a company called invincible music. And i'm now i'm now recording a new album with him. The last yeah. Yeah yeah so so what. You download the song Yeah this is different from hawaii. This is doing six sacred music but recalling urban cureton and a there's some reducing doing kind of hip hop which. I never thought i'd be doing hip up your hand. Yeah so you're exploring and exploring produces foursome into. Oh does that. Put you out of your comfort zone. A little bit or it does. But i'm finding that Now i'm pretty secure about about right in the text. I'm still not secure bellman delivery. I gotta do a lot more practice on. You know i. I can't send like l. coup but now i've got my own style that's awesome but it's your expanding and branching out. Yeah you're mixing up but yes really good so when it's done and you're like i really like it or i don't like would you decide to go into it a little bit more or would you. Would you be like you know this. This isn't for me. Air both like you like depending on how it kind of ends up. I i had no idea that this was going to come up this way. Okay my producer. Who's a interesting character He pretty much forced it on. Mrs will was with hip hop. You might as well do it unless he woman to get somebody else in doha so I i don't know i. I don't know which way it's going to go with. We're breaking new ground. Yeah i mean. I don't know how the the more traditional seeks tight. This okay is exclude some pretty intense stuff on that. Yeah but i think the young sikhs like it because they get really bored with the old way of doing things okay looking for some different styles. So mercy one happens to have a release date of when that's going to be coming out or not known and but it's going to get finished over the next couple of weeks. Mike part of it's because i'm leaving.

00:50:02 - 00:55:02

Yeah yeah they have to the ninth. Right yes right. Yeah wow so then you guys are going back to new zealand. That's right. I'm we we when we get there. Well first of all we go to seventy two hours before we leave. We go to the where coded free. I'll get tested. Get written my them. We go to I'm sure it will be both when we check in here and when we check in la we've got to provide the certificate super kobe. Free then we go to provide a certificate that we have a booking for quarantine when we get to new zealand now. That of course tickets tickets focus so when we get to new zealand. We will be met at the airport. I don't know if they test this right at the airport of the us to the quarantine attest is there. But we're pretty much once we test this. We can't leave rooms number rooms anyway but we can't leave rooms until the results of the test comeback. So we'll be tested before we go. Tessie when we arrive on the be another test before wanted and we'll be in a hotel. We'll be getting fed. Presumably getting a laundry down what. What is the what is covid like in new zealand anne They will ask not entirely true. Grit someone case over the last two weeks just one case. Somebody was important team two weeks and after the warranty the developed this one case they making a huge big deal is that recent or was that a while ago or like. Well they we were there. I think it was march when they did the first lock down and It wasn't too bad for us because we live right next to the beach so you can go to the beach. You couldn't go swimming okay. You can go stand up right on the apparently the idea behind that. Was that if you got into trouble in. A lifeguard agatha doesn't make acid. Yeah but it was. It was a little strange but be. We're okay with that just because we don't go out much anyway. Okay go to the beach a lot. I made new zealand have to awesome. What is your what okay so we were go to zealand. Is there a place that you recommended. Go do okay somewhere to eat. We might yet did. What would sound good to eat there. What would be a place that you'd recommend to go. Well i wouldn't recommend it in new zealand food. Okay but there's a a lot of ethnic restaurants. How loaded good indian restaurants chinese time stuff New zealand foods kind. But it's not as bad as it used to be like a lot of places over the last twenty years or so the going foodi so the food channels couldn't show that type of stuff getting better their accuracy. But but i'll tell you what i. I'm all when they're back in when i was with the animals but that was sixty seven eighty one went to meet long parents for the first time and You know some of the food had really the british food so bland meat into of vege- vegetarian so but the let's even like london. The isn't there dish. tiki masala. So it's not even something from there from somewhere else. Well that's apparently that's created in london that the yet. yeah yeah. Yeah so many russians. Linda island in years. But that's what before we wind down. Is there one club that you enjoyed playing at throughout your journey whiskey. Mla in hollywood west. Hollywood s hollywood. That was the film was pretty good to cocos become fillmore west but The original film mogul will how. How do you feel like a lot of it's even since like the seventies lies bands went to these bigger stadiums versus like smaller clubs. Like what's your thoughts on concerts versus your like a saint joe's versus like we we never plan stadiums with the whole we the cow palace in san francisco. I'm just trying to think of any other big venue that we played now. I don't remember any. That was the the. Hollywood bowl was probably the biggest. That's ten thousand peaking which a lot of people.

00:55:03 - 01:00:04

But it's not a stadium. Yeah now i still and of course the the thing was that that in those days we didn't have any equipment i mean not as that's an aberration but you know the first tour of the of the states. We traveled into station wagons with all our gear. Esu cases man. Yeah yeah and we thought we rock and roll stars but all we had. We had one guitar amplifier three times because there was three one drum set. But you know you can do stadium show with the beatles. Did i mean they did shea. Stadium that to road manages. That was it. That brought brian apps into roman. I don't know how they did it. Wow well the only reason i ask is it i. I've gone to a concert. Both like stadium. Lean something more intimate than i. I feel like more intimate. His better is a lot better in closer to the band around. You is not that many people. There i mean and that was that was one of the good things about the whiskey was really pretty intimate. The ordinance was as close as i am. Do you guys mostly women anyway. that's awesome. Well we appreciate that you came on. We're going to have a few tracks once. I download your put them on the episode as well say right up through right in the background and yeah def nara really appreciate the. Is there anything else that you want to plug or anything that you coming up or maybe the laundry the book do you want to where we can get. That book. books books on amazon amazon yet stole them that from stardom to wisdom healing love beyond the spotlight by a laundry meredith and My wife she's amazing. I should say that This cd that is part indian pot hawaiian music. 'cause he's he was he's He's a star and several cultures. He was he was. You're making him blush. He well actually. We were invited to chant for the government which was major and just breaking breaking protocol breaking tradition. Because you're only supposed to have who who born to it to do these things and we were invited to do things like this. He was office to challenge. I was visted to a chance for minute. Chat britain especially for him the blaisdell auditorium. He was the first on on indian to sing in the golden temple in india so in in several cultures. Really you know look know. You're not humble struggle to get him to get promotion. But the reason i'm mentioning. This is because after breaking my ankle and having healed overnight smashed bones everything by x rays winded that healing field and And then became a hands on hilo and this music. This music is extraordinary. Fish healing all kinds of ailments kenza bones old has so i've i been up. Traveled internationally been invited to teach on health and healing all over the world or done thousands of sessions and boys play this music sessions and sometimes miracles miracles. You'd hearing is pretty video from this this song on youtube. Okay under the name antion. i'll. I'll actually lincoln in drop ours and we are going to be working on this documentary. A few people interest making documentary about allies. Nice i want to. I want to check that out. Exactly no more of that. Well i appreciate you guys coming on hanging out with us and thank you sir. Thank you this has been the migos. Pc make sure to subscribe and review us all your pod casting platforms visit us at amigos dot net for our entire library of content and amigos merch till next time.

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