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122. Amigos and the American History

If you're looking for high brow fancy smart regal podcast with post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the venue brat. In the wrong place. This is a migos. If you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out craziness. The jackpot is is amigos. Pc and this is scott and mark. Hello guys today's episode is brought to you by panik in as the world's largest collection of official fan gear from all the league's teams and players. Who loved you. Enjoy our show and looking buy new jersey's sweatshirts or hats. You can support us by going to pod go dot. Co ford's phonetics and getting twenty five percent off your next order. That's pod go dot co ford slash fantastic's f. a. n. at ics dot. Dammit panics officially licensed everywhere stupid the dot threw me off and then it was like a dot co situated dot com dot period dot. That was that was a period out of. You've only said it like like nine days in a row of right. Oh man all right so migos only episode immediately joining in gas. No not the same early if you've seen on instagram. Ernie was on at our old studio his minister graham. You share. I can share to twitter and facebook soco zero. Yes all yet all although socials shots out to joe audio for helping us with that. Yes good to him. We had bernie exclusively on our show. He helped us. Bring like joe audio from your about the has helped us kit bernie on our show so easy yes giorgio from a podcast local guys in arizona. Speaking of them sometimes. We'll you hurt one of them. I do like joe audio more than his friend. The caption of the post is bernie. Sanders sits down with the amigos. Pc the tough questions. Where's my stimulus. Whereas my mid have you gotten your stimulus yet. The second hundred dollars. Yeah you have not okay. I think because we're you know we have the group chat with the guys right and they're like talking about the stimulus skulls like i'm gonna live on stimulus forever. Now that's gonna keep collecting stimulus. And i'm all like i responded back. I'm on like i'm still waiting for mine. We're the fuck is mine. Yeah you must've been crosshairs on there talking so funny thing so i was at. I don't want to jump into the weekend. Took place like as far as happen. We'll get there but since we're talking stimulus i was. I was at a situation. Where were talking about the stimulus and some people that were there or one person actually was talking about how the stimulus is deducted from your your refund so if you're getting a refund deducted from while you're getting so let's say you can three thousand okay got you got the six hundred right or whatever you might have gotten twelve hundred whatever they take that away from. What they would've gave me. I don't think that's right. I mean obviously piled yet a stimulus to the different than of refund or similar something to make people use the money to revamp the economy which is just like when george bush three hundred dollars order was. I have some years ago back in nine. Eleven days bring that up. When he gave that money to stimulus economy around then again money to burn it. Fucking go shopping or the terrorists win. Yeah busey economy. So that's what i think to me. Stimulus is it's not money. That's already yours. I was you paid it. Not the soft money. Stimulus is not stimulus. Stimulus is a refund of the tax dollars. You paid already so people need a low. So maybe maybe then we'll know people need to get the mentality of. Oh no they'd be. They can't refund your money from your refund. You already paid it.

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No no no. That's that's not how it should be like. This agree it should be. I've already paid into it last year. You're giving them money back to me from tax dollars. You know what i'm saying like connotation of like the. Us is borrowing it or something along those lines interest rates. One are are all time low for everybody including the us government so they can borrow money at like fucking point zero zero to five percent. It's like stupid low. yeah. I don't fact checking on that but it's it's in that area with with With us in the real estate world right we see it we really fucking low so for the exceptional revolving credit like credit cards and shit. Like fuck you every day. And everyone was secured dead. Which a lot of our debt is real estate own. Your even like the. Us government they secured. It's secured off the dollar like it's it's not it's not a revolving type of line. I mean they get a line. I'm sure but coach. And otherwise i was thinking more like but at the same time like this. The stimulus is is not a stimulus. Like this is a refund of tax dollars. You should have been paid or you orientate into your just getting back to us. Let's say all right. So joe smoke. This is not the government giving a handout so this is not loving not giving what you never let them. They're giving them back to. Let's pay six hundred dollars a month and taxes and then all of a sudden they're saying okay this one month we're gonna give it back to you because we we don't need it. You needed more. We're gonna call it a stimulus. Yeah we're gonna go using that money. Use it on them. Instead of we use it we want it. That's basically what i think. I mean that makes sense two weeks when his exactly. That's like fucking at sesame street explaining. I love it like we fucking we just we a word of the day numbers the day missing like big bird and whatnot. I know right. That was good. That was a good way to explain that because to me. It's seen crazy to me like if you're going to because you know you know some people. They pay a lot in taxes every year. And they look forward to that refund. Yes but if you pay if you don't. I'm guessing those people obviously don't pay when they do pay a lot. Because if you pay a lot given the government the money and then the he'll back to you the other way if you don't pay as much they're not gonna give you as much back well so if you do it that way and it is that right. Is that right way. Let's say you don't pay as much as they want you to pay in and then you then never a set amount. So they want you to is not a fame like that. That shouldn't be thing because they gauge a percentage of what you should pay based on your gross slash net amount of. I can't believe we're talking about tax present. But it's it's a informative okay but legally hot your tax advisers. We're not taxing is often not. Don't don't soon bill tatsumi as we don't know yet. We know nothing about taxes. All at the same time as a resident of the united states a tax payer legal tax payer of the united states blew this guy showing. You don't have your card yet. Stop it canadian. Caught the lavar in your level of canadian gives me one thirty second of everything. One like one fourth of american month. Yeah i saw that you like. Oh i did that math. And say i don't even know how we feel that if we're talking i just do number. If talking about the americas in general so that includes south america central america north america. Okay and then all of the countries all the country not. I didn't count on. I just threw a number out there but north and south north south and central. I just threw a number out. I probably got to be more than sixty four one. Sixty fourth canadian. They're not even american even if you're even if you're county are you can't individual states no no conscious country countries okay. Yeah states one to it's got a three. Yeah but central. America is a lot like tina ecuador all of those usually when you get to south america even more because there was like brazil less often sick. Fuck and fifteen gonna pull up the map early. Yeah as the chat turns the.

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I'll go back to that chat so we can go back and read it all right so then. Don't even picking up the. I'll have mexico and shit what's going on here is do like countries in north north america. That's due north america. I know all. I know. I think you might be right. There might be sixty. Four is still seems high. Now that now that you're like pointing it out to know because mexico has a lot to a lot more than just mexico mexican. Well yeah it is more than its central. America not mexico. Stop being racist. Those are my people did. Come on a hoarder of me at least a quarter quarter of me. This is how you are like the definition of what my kids are going to be when they get a horrible math horrible matt. I'm like a quarter to quarter or something. Yeah is it. Is it wrong to get like a dance off far back. Did i say that all right all right so there. Should we really go through all this. I don't know we should just count. How many there venezuela one to waiting for my sting. Six seven eight counting out loud later the matter thirteen fourteen. Fifteen sixteen seventeen looks to be seventeen in in south america. Damn seventeen south. America and there's two here is to hear canada and up. So you're you're looking at maybe twenty five. Oh damn i was like way off your about half off. I mean that that made sense. It seemed like it would be brazil's pretty fucking big. Brazil takes a lot. I know brazil's fucking pocket two three four five six seven. I said twelve right now on the bus wealth. okay here. it is where we go today the global county. I don't know if i wanna certain joe biden is politics. I know we're talking politics. Nepal dead some weird ended up being pro shop Snapchat us what. The canadian prime minister did black face and nobody cared all that show could okay so this we gotta go back a little bit. More chad turns who's somewhat someone chimed over there than never mind the deepen total manipulation of our data via artificial intelligence ai. Nobody is the next step and by the way it's happening without our approval. It's been happening. yeah. I don't know if you if you watch netflix. Documentary a documentary I forgot there's an netflix documentary. Social say in that that's how ingrained was social distancing. We're not social distancing to wear masks The incredible power of ai. In predictive analytics are ready are already being applied. So-called smart cities better actually surveillance cities on the order. China has made famous. I've heard this is a smart city. I've heard about this today or yesterday like two days three days so then i said well joe biden is donald trump. Since we're just doing conspiracy theories out there. So i decided that i'm gonna throw that conspiracy theory. 'cause i have heard this conspiracy theory by britpop of all political parties and then our friend decided to go everything you do or don't do from wearing a mask outside in this era of ccp to watching the wrong new is observed. You know i find funny about that. Is he saying the wrong news channel. Which is the right channel. All new is mass media. Yeah be wrong well. Yeah here's the argument with with the news yet right. Obviously you know cnn going to be left. That's how they rate portraying himself. Whoever whoever saying that is right maybe it's the right thing that cnn's the left and then the fox is the right right right right and then there's other ones there's newsmax other places and people get in from other countries and stuff. The only thing that that that. I don't know as i mean as everybody else's be real because i'm not gonna say one one thing is right one things not because i'm the person who just wants to try to.

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I want to consume it all. I guess so. Try to my thing when it comes to the news channels. If you're looking for one particular thing yet the internet will answer your question. No matter what you need exactly what his fuck google. Yeah google literally is their vote to answer what you say. You're not even using google. The you're you're looking for a source that is going to affirm what you're looking for right. Somebody's gonna mass. Media is still going to do that or some random joe. I'm going to. I'm going to newsmax or i'm going to fox news all you know what the guy that i follow doesn't like fox news anymore because it's against him so now i'm gonna just going to stick to newsmax like you're gonna find you're gonna find the outlet. I i'm massive liberal. Swing way to the left and Everybody needs free healthcare. And things like that you know. Cnn is the only one that does viewpoints. Is there like a crazy. Cnn is there. There should be a far less cnn end. There's that'd be cool. It should be. Because i mean i in her of one though. That's i don't know if newsmax is considered a far right yes deaf from what i mean is there needs to be another one because if has now apparently you know the narrative is that fox news is where republicans want we need to get off fucking politics anyway but back to the fourteen as the orientations. There's fourteen in south america. oh shit. I missed it. I found a missing country in another map. And this is old and maybe this. This country is not a country. I don't know there's one that's that's the thing about places outside. The united states is like countries changed. Hands thank this. We don't it. Depends on what drug lord owns what i see. I see a square fucking mile radius in that. Did i drive from one place to another. You don't even drive you. Don't even idea of how make that's more than one mile keep going with. The turns. cities are part of a larger effort in china and other parts of the world to freely access and capture your data. Which is then used to capture you. And then said friends said joe biden. Is barack obama which i said nay sir in and that wouldn't work that did that then lead to the. Yeah the drive. The bronco obama biden by urge your joe biden. Joe biden joe name. Yeah giovanni obama obama obama joe last name. He added got to figure out on biden citizens. I mean it sounds kinda right but not really but either way osama with i mean i think that's his name is no hussein already knows too much poverty. Stop when you don't so. I said that wouldn't work too much. Makeup is needed daily with him. Yeah and then he goes. how photoshop. Oh it's rock rock and whiteface basically what it is. It's so people might have seen. It's barack in joe biden with blended faith shared on our social people so we can see reference the episodes. You might get blocked her band or something. That was like those snapchat. Yo s the canadian. Prime minister did black face and nobody cared then. Joe could do it. And then i said canadians aren't real. Do club black face mark. No are you kidding me. I don't think america's to see like you know even if he put like a fucking war paint under his eyebrows. They would go off the tom. Brady's why yeah. No hombre was renee. Hi no he does. But if joe biden did it they would fucking snap because they would think it's fucking poop because he's old and doesn't know what he's doing he's lost or something in the book and everybody's got to go. I actually my pants. You gotta go get. I got poop so then then our one of our friends Not the first one said there half american. Which as canadian is a canadian people and then he said value wise. So this is where it's stemming back. I'm trying to circle back to you. Counting the country's okay and then i said if you combined all the americas in the major countries inside them. They're like one sixty four american right. So you're you're wrong on the number of but yes.

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You're my now my math but what you project. There's america's because you didn't. I would've thought there was nurse south america. They're three america's right in there are so many countries inside those three americans. I would've thought there was more in south american tour teen. Yeah i would have thought that there's been a massive hunt. Yeah i mean no. Brazil alone is the one that takes so much. According to one of our friends all canadians or rebel scum done and that so after we were talking about that was up into. What's going on in this weekend. Well a couple of things went on this weekend. This past weekend has so. Yesterday there was a big fight. Would what is what is the What what are the dates on that moses past the twenty third yesterday hard so it's there was a big fight. January twenty third january through timestamps twenty third. So there was. There was a lot of fights with maps now. Oh shit is greenland part of north america. No aka can't no. It can't be radically. Greenland is own continent again. I don't why is it there. Google is wrong sir. Everything on the internet is not right. All of these. Have it look at greenland really. I'd never knew that if that's true for my ratios are way off then. I didn't including greenland into mice. One sixty four th look it there. I think schools. And that's what i learned to recently ended. I think the schools are a little bit because they haven't told us as much as what did they tell us. They're getting paid by our tax dollars supposedly so so whatever whoever's in policy or whoever's in regime at that time they want us to teach us yes. I bet you is what it is because reality. If they wanted to teach us the truth they would tell you that every president besides donald trump not out yet. They were not wrong. All the presents were right except probably nixon. That's always the one. When i was taught growing up strong rate. He was impeached or he was. He was outed because republicans love his economics. Either way why. I'm just seeing what was outed when i'm getting it is. There is a conspiracy theory out there. That every president of the united states has lineage. Back to george. George george washington. I don't believe that at all were conspiracies that no i am not making that up. I liked that you like that. Conspiracy to goodwin. I i heard about that conspiracy years ago. No yeah cl- clinton era is when i heard that like clinton is related to him in some way shape or form. George w is again the conspiracy. Don't fucking fact. Check me on this. George w and george obviously senior. They're both. They're in some way shape or related to washington. Barack obama has lineage back to him as well. Okay his mom season. She's dead shitty. Well maybe his shady situated like me like well armed. Well that and that's the thing. George washington never had kids he raised. That's not true. Then he raised. Somebody can't but it could be a breath adopted yet noise. it could still be blood related. Sure he can't. We need just goes on through brothers and sisters to this. Let's he's the last bucket line visa last line and no one sisters. Yeah he's the only one. I don't know enough about american issues it to really which is awesome. The united states education system didn't teach me enough history to the no air. George washington had brothers sisters cousins cousins. I know we did buddy the way. What do you mean because everyone has cousins. No because that's part of where the conspiracy kind of in embeds into but at some point i basically the conspiracy is that every president of the united states for the inception of somehow. Mr donald trump. They've all been related to the. That could be why they didn't even lunch. Join but you know what that does to what makes me think or whatever. It's just like it. It's like one family is ruling over one thing which which is that.

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Conspiracy is true and then they. That's why they were outed him trying to out him as much but he right. So here's the theory. That whole fucking. What if what. If george washington was rebelling against the crown so the reason the united states is a thing because the united states was rebelling against the crowned like. Hey we're going to go to this other place because we don't like to hierarchy of crown owning one everything we want. We want the people to rule the people whatever george washington was like. I'm going to make a thing where my group of friends basically are just ruling each other my my we. The people are ruling the people like your friends and the queen time or the king king henry was like nah not happening dude. Not not here. Ain't going on all right. We'll fuck you. We're gonna find new so then. He decided he was like all right. Well columbus found in america. So we're going to america north america. That is yeah george. Washington comes here to north america. And he's like all right. We're setting up rules. Here's our declaration of independence. Were independent from blah blah blah. The king the queen no more england dependency whatsoever. We are own united of the states. So then georgia here like not following the siam listed a lot so then george washington was all like yo dude we need rules and regulations because me and you hanging out at the bonfire and then you've got theater over here fucking lightning like we need to figure something out because he's like creating electrical storm Two blocks over and we're over here just at the campfire. Whatever refrigerant yet. Joe montana minds yes summers off but you know what this is like. A delorean could've happened. It could've could've could've michael. J. fox comes out of nowhere. He signs the declaration of independence. It's amazing all these historical facts. Just come to light you know. No one gives them enough credit. Because maybe that's right. Steven spielberg created the laurean or created. But he helped the warriors to make this shit number two boom so steven spielberg half. You signed the declaration of independence light. Underneath john hancock stevens spill another sidetrack. The whole thing with what happened to the capital recently and people like just breaking in as it make you think that what nicholas cage did with stealing the articles of the declaration of independence. One of his movies and national treasure makes it not as unreasonable for to happen. Because how easy. That was whatever there. Yeah i mean that that means that me that movie so much real estate to me. That's like a documentary right right at this point on. Let's watch national treasure. I mean the documentary and documentary series or the second. One of that was fake. Let's get the crazy person who thinks that no the first one was real. The second one was bullshitted. What having the second one. But i still the declaration of independence and both of them did they happen on. The planet is no yet as benjamin franklin glasses and see the light offers one's history history which i learned a lot from that movie. Then you did anything. Thank you national treasure and speaking of that have you seen. There's a there's a show. That nicholas cage is doing on netflix. All the bad words or the colo yes. Have you seen that. Yeah watch like twenty minutes of the first episode where they're talking about fuck. I've seen them all. Oh yeah oh you know the history of all of them. The only one. I haven't watched all the way. It was the last one. But yeah i watched fuck shit. Plus the dick threats. He has threatened not there. that's next season dam dam was in a damn pussy shifts. Fuck that's it. yeah. I gotta watch all of them i would. I mean i like it. Because i like him. I do even though you know. They did so much shit. But i still like me in how he delivers it.

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It's hilarious. Yeah it's worth watching for anybody who likes to laugh because there's comedians there that talked during it only magic debt that i lose from it is the fact that can you. Can you ruin at least the first episode for me and tell me like where they think fuck came from they out to because it does episode leads up to them. We don't know what the timeline where they they say were they think it is because there's people that they have people find webster dictionary after that kind of thing talked winning years because of words and so a lot of what the what the common thing of where fuck you came from was one of the king's right. It was so back in the day which is crazy to me that he was. I think this was the buck pain. But it kinda makes you think. I hope our it sounds legitimate. It does because back in the day you were. You were suppressed enough yet to get the king's permission to have sex with the so. That's what it comes from so you would you basically like say like fuck the king or like it in fuck. No one of the king would tell you that you could fuck you forty nine or you can either do it or you can't yet that permission for that. You couldn't like so to me. That's crazy the permission to be with your wife or whoever right. And i'm glad it's obviously not that way anymore. And and it's good that it's people have evolved over the five hundred six hundred seven hundred years like stumbling at this point on being. I thought it was like the fourteen hundred fifteen hundred thirteen hundred. Maybe oh while huffington post Updated definition of imposed rate. Words of it probably means like like like some sugar honey iced tea shit forage under those fornication education under consent of the king. That's list fornication under consent of the king. i don't even see the mediaeval times consent being aware though. Honestly think about it the thing about the medieval times for occasion under approval of the king. Something more consent doesn't even like doesn't even exist at times like fifty years and think about it though like medieval times and consent. Just think about those two. There wasn't an exact rape all day every day in those days. That's even you take it to that level of rate you know how it is. Now go to a brothel and you just fuck fuck consent. Like i'm gonna. I'm gonna take me and then our fucking throw you a couple of shillings afterwards. If i feel like there is dead tons of those right so you can do that. But if you're married yet get consented that mimics no fucking sense. Exactly no doubt that we start thinking about it. To the kinko's we're watching netflix. We're like you know what that does make sense. And then they're trying to debunk it. And then now we actually like spell it out this way to make history and it doesn't make any sense because consented new fucking exists in the medieval times. I don't remember them saying that. In the episode out remember consent that would have stood out during. I mean what would have to me. That seems like a a newly use word like early summer at least thrown out more permanently nowadays. Then you're gonna make me really look it up origin of fuck obviously wrong after so sex outlawed unless permitted explicitly by the kings so people were really banging had four and a did under consent of the king so consent nude it was that then again back then. They can sense proper word on their doors or f. u. c. k. But obviously that's wrong as there are other nonsensical floating around anything ending in carnal knowledge. Used words which wouldn't be until after the contents of this blog. So do you believe stop pose. Yeah i don't know.

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Instances fuck before the fifteenth century are rare Honestly i think a lot of our words end up coming from someone's last name. Well i mean most last names come from what they do. Yeah they authors that a thing. Evidently i've seen the will now. I had which one the first three. But what i don't remember which one which several of them no but i'm just saying like their name generally the falker lockers. What the fuck is a falker. There's a smear. Maybe maybe he was the guy that made sure that they weren't fucking kings people without the consent. Here locker falker like you go. You're not you haven't got the fuck situation. I'm a falker to make sure that you're you're okay. Eighty i'ma investigator falker. Maybe that's what happened. I don't. I'm trying to figure out like with my last name. Then more like any like weird. I don't know my name's leeann tweeden zoo. So it's yeah. It's your roper me tokyo. Oh singing All right so let's talk about. Let's transition we had fun with whatever the fuck that was history history which that's good football league football weekend playoffs are. Here's the amigos have not done anything. Fantasy football wise whatsoever year. We want to chop it up as co vid and we also want to say that we thought that it would be a shit show because of at least. That's that's why we didn't do fantasy deal with the players being sick or whatever and we've been slowly i mean myself personally has been slowly kinda transitioning to not watch as much is because i think like commercially. The slow to me would ruin. It was slow. Play commercials play calling was always. It was stop in the playoffs. Like just welcome. Play all prior to cova before that that in like an leave all clinical shit out of it. I just wanna please let them play. The fucking ball often play the game. I'll see you stance to be on and all that get off your pedals instagram. And whatever other avenue. That was my opinion Just play it goes on for all star. I mean i've watched basketball anymore. I can't watch. I can't watch basketball. It's just not attractive to me. It's been a while and this thing like i'm not originally ear. I'm not originally from arizona. But when i was in wisconsin growing up like we would play basketball but i never filed the bucks. Yes bucks just always. Losing team so is nothing to follow. But when i came here because my enjoyment of playing basketball when you're killing her net dude. When when when i came here we had nash star. Meyer grant Kid for a minute Who else there was a shawn. Marion do we had a team. That would have won several the finals. Several say yeah. Multiple finals easily of. Kobe wasn't a thing. What like had this son's team ben around. When kobe wasn't easily sons would have had so many lake in lakers or the stop. Yeah exactly. That was back. When i was growing up here. Because that's what he had fucking kevin johnson johnson. Oh tired more chambers. Which earlier on that. I had a decade good basketball. Yeah so me. i've played. That's the thing like they had they. They had a great team right. And then all of a sudden decades go by two almost two decades and then all of a sudden you get azure. We are in started. Watching amari star meyer though me back into basketball like i like watching him. Do his magic with steve nash. Feeding him the ball like was fucking amazing. I was constantly going to games. I went to a couple playoff games easily. And i'm not talking like fucking dirty nose bleed seats like i was like in the circle of fame or whatever they wanna call the lower level seats watching. These games like lives sons.

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Were really good. Got me back in the bass last constantly watching basketball the wife just she didn't understand she was like i dunno and eventually when we go to games. She's like yeah. Let's go out and have fun because we go to games afterwards. We go and whatever you to go meet her. We met dan marley at marley's downtown After one of the playoff games like it's i'm asking about was great. Yes i know right. That's why now. I can't fucking stanton like i can't want like it's it's like it's one thing being a fan of a losing team right like i know what is being a browns fan. Yeah that's really what the sons are right now. Yeah the browns fan least. It's been but i won't watch. It is like it's intolerable. I guess if you're a browns fan aren't even around you still watch. I don't even know how anybody really can watch basketball. Because i i turned basketball on for like a few minutes the other day. And you're like looking at the stadium and they're just they're shooting hoops. What the digital shittu. I've been watching a game during cova digital fucking people their screens where you can fuck fucking zoom in and watch. That's what i thought we talk again. That's that's where we are. But i all i saw was. Nobody was in the fucking stadium but the teams. Yeah that's all i saw. Football is now the same that right so like there are people they like. I don't know i was watching. Fucking game was it. They made fun of one game. It was recent at it was a recent playoff game. I wanna say it was the ravens the ravens. Yeah which will i remember. It wasn't the steelers. The browns wasn't while the browns beat the steelers. So maybe it was the browns the ravens. Yeah so brave. Flaws watching like the end of the game. It was near the end of the game and the focuses name. One of the announcers was basically going off from saying these fans are affecting the game really. Yeah he's like there. There are like fifty six hundred fans in here and it sounds like there's fifty six thousand fans in here and i'm all i know and you're like listening to the audio of the what's going on with football whatever and it sounds like the stadium is full of fans eighty likely view. Listen to the game. It sounds like the stadium is full of fans. That is not like fifty. Six hundred people is not going to make the stadium. Sound like a bunch of fucking no way. The ad antonelli plane like a thou- now the background loud noise. No there wasn't well you know it's funny is that there's a bar in green bay that Has a deal with the stadium of green bay to where they have. Mics plugged in and they take feed from the mike. Feed that noise into the bar. That's really cool my tiring. How does that work how. Well let them ours. Amazing no no not barbara. I'm just on my feed into. Does it really be like if you're if you're in the bar. It sounds like you're in the stadium because it's just fucking loud. You hear the the announcer saying or the wrath when he comes on to say i don't and blah blah blah but here the fans screaming and chiming in because they just have the mike open and then that feeds into the bar right across the street. That's really cool. That's bars that are really close to the stadium. It's just the bar street. No i do reminds me of when when you go down backs game. Because i've been several down next game on like it's not even across the street. They have the other shit right right there to like imagine magic right there on front and having that and if during times you know what i mean like that were to 'cause there's been times when a we partied out there before the game was during the world series either way but there was like being there before the game as bars and shit.

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It's pretty cool. Yeah right what else. What else do you want to jump into sir on that note. I think it's time to cut it down. Oh wow we saw. We talked you up. You're talking to me talking to her saying bad things he added all we gotta start out talking to syria that way. It was not the ended ended up. So let's oh that is one piece. I wanted to and talk to you about relief. Pc made you think of that kind of the eagles are starting to patriarch page. We actually had a patriot rampage at one point or another and they decommissioned it because we just want active. But we are going to start. Releasing non edited material on. Our show has been unedited for a while but there are some things coming into the future where we are going to start clipping things here and there and they're all over so check out our h. you're on It's a minimum of three dollars. A month known subscribe yup. Three dollars thinking. I can't think of what it's called. I'll talk to you about your so coming soon. You'll see more of that at the three dollars. Subscription does equate to full supporting us. Yeah full content unedited contents. Ooh i it also comes We will if you provide your address that is we will mail you. Stickers of the egos even sure older stickers numerous stickers. That's a different tier. Oh yes you do. A different tier of describes on teacher patriot dot com slash. He goes he check it out. There are different tiers. Minimum is three dollars. If you go to the higher tiers we do give you one of the amigos shirts. You have a full store of different shirts with different slogans. Different things of sayings that have been on the episodes or show in general. I am very bad. At pitching our podcast. Nope well check out more at the amigos. Pc dot net kisses hugs and kisses. Stran- ical is what i was thinking is trump any. This has been the migos. Pc make sure to like subscribe and review us on all your pod casting platforms visit us at amigos dot net for our entire library of content and amigos merch till next time audio.

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