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121. The New Queen of Comedy Stephanie Tejada

If you were looking for a highbrow fancy smart regal podcast with house that love to talk about horseriding bad mitten and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos. Pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out craziness jackpot. This is amigos and this is scott and mark me alot rugby. Needless bbc's today's episode of the brought to you by phonetics phonetics the word. Lark largest selection of officials fanned year. All of the league's players love if you enjoy our show looking by new jersey sweatshirt or support us by going to pago dot. Co ford slash phonetics and get. That's pod goes four slash annex the official license everything. Well to the amigos. Pc sorry too loud right all right. I know you said that. Either way Our guest today joining is stephanie. Need is a hater. Obama did i should know. I should know comedian. you've been in a is a series or is it like a short Loyalty and that was a short found. Are they going to be doing more of those or is it. Was it just like a one time. There's this other movie. The how long have you taken edible. It'd be taken forever. I actually got mother. And like it was like a sears role. And i speak spanish and i was like this girl's mother who is sick and it was like the actual serious role and i still don't know what they did with that footage so way in these independent films i was also all day for for night. So we'd had a few actors on the podcast and they don't really go into too much detail of like that entire process so when you sign up for these like they don't give you like a timeframe as to like okay. We're gonna fill now and it's going to be out this time. You should expect things or is it just like all of a sudden you get a phone call like hey it's releasing on tuesday. Yeah it's usually the hanes releasing on tuesday thing like they'll you know because especially if they're paying you like they're like you got paid so we did our part if it never comes out and never made you first time so i think that's how they try to look at it and then like you said just be like. Oh i guess the movies out the director like that. They won't even tell you. Just you'll just fighting. See the move. You'll see yourself. You forgot. I was in that literally right. He you give us a little bit of your background in things like that comedy and tell us what you what. You're shooting for trying to be trying to be more of stephanie. Tejada i started in the entertainment industry modeling for modeling. I go down for like seven years of my life. Which was amazing because i was in my twenties so basically getting paid to party on safari for free. You know they don't give you you like like medical benefits but you get like free earned marijuana. Sometimes that's good as medical right. That's a good way to look at it. Some sort of medical benefit from there. I got beyond reality. Show called the bad girls club. They saw me on instagram. The rocky scouting for girls teason based on social media personalities. So they found him. Put me in that show. Which was kind of like the wu is now and from here. I moved to california to pursue acting like acting in have always like kids and characters impressions invoices always been kinda naturally the goofy funny girl so i just wanted to proceed that and fell into scandal even like my plan. It just happened.

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I had like this his knee. Which was the name of the weed. I was smoking that day. And i just felt like i needed to try. Stand up comedy. And i did. It was something that like. I don't. I don't even have to like make it happen for myself. He knows just if i reached out getting booked and it was just really good. So so you started your your journey in la. I would say like official. Because i've always done videos. I was funding videos before like social media. I would make like we had the mind line yet. I was one of the pop and people on vine for a wild and instagram. Contact or social media. And i would say that. I started pursuing conduct upper. We're when i moved to california. Where was the first place that you did. Come very first. Place was the var in pomona called. Tb something call that. I had the marine set and it was the longest three minutes of my life and i did great. I got full laughs. I was like really happy and relieved. That like you know it was a homo or it's not like sprinkle apps and still that uncertainty was good. You just need a great shows. There was in pomona. And then i would say i like real show like they paid. Remind time was out of bar in anaheim and it was johnny flowers. I don't know if you guys. Johnny flower shot up. But he's like everybody. He's big big in the california's over their shows and put on a lot of shows out here. Have you attempted to do Any shows like what's he'll tony. Power ernie gross battle and john. Rawson kilter judging. I think it was like i think they could like. They didn't believe me. But i believe i was like three months into my stand up comedy career. I got called out to do a. I'm jasmine lay on on the bathroom. And since my something was social media personalities kind of catering like what did so. I wasn't trying to stand up or even saw myself outweigh production you. They will do me. And they had set up a roast in the bangles. Alex cooper was actually on america's got talent came to the house and kind of showed us how to format a roast and stuff. So jasmine saw that and i killed him. I killed it in our. Everybody was like oh and then i did. That was probably like my biggest in comedy like right now like now rose master was like what that was pretty cool very cool so you also you're reading your bio right now by the way so looking over. You have some influences that you have here to note. That scott doesn't do homework. I don't do before foreign like some but it's hit or miss. Yeah just is on the way here traffic tickets. It's worth it. So yeah you have some influences. That i i agree with will. Ferrell is one. John jim carey. Is there anybody else. Like lake updated nowadays like ms or anybody newer that maybe you wanna work with versus some of these front runners that have started out like maybe someone newer. We don't know. Maybe i feel like everyone who i look up to. This industry is known a lot of a lot of the newcomers with me. I feel like we're going to be the next generation of like big media. The people that aren't doing shows with now so pretty much. Everybody that i look up to i was saying was but i would. I'd love to work with ship. How heaven part bakers great. Do no i would like to do. Some skits and content with him Who else funding eight hundred eighty s. She was on tiffany. Haddish ready special and i just found her and her new. Your rican style lucille ball was alive. I would. I think i'd be like the spanish lucille ball did you. Did you see that. They're going to be making a movie. My gosh i was outraged.

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Suck nicole kidman pumped. Sorry that is not the person who seal unless you have a whole bunch of beautiful for larry women on saturday. Night live kate. Mckinnon would have been better What's her name folks. That had chick who was an enchanted and on the office in a better choice ca. Funny i mean versus you know. They're trying to get caucasian with. What kind of red hair like her making hawk passionate about. What do you think about the rookie though. Ricky ricardo like person. He's supposed to be cuban. This looks at talion. Now you'll do good. I don't know about how that fits gopi for her. Though i agree there but yeah it's going to be pretty crazy. I could've just done so much better. I think they should've picked somebody in comedy. Somebody who's funny. I get a cultural events like a alias actress but who cares. Not so much better. It's like they're. They're giving her job because he's been through enough so is. Is that show that you really liked growing up or word. You draw influence from that seem very passionate about lucille ball. Whatever confirmed she was definitely my inspiration she was. I think the first people i've seen in that light of like sketch and characters and find funny because my mom used to watch her when i was little and i watch my mom was a little girl and then it was kind of shows that been on. Tv that you know. Like i've seen i love lucy like eight hundred times. How people watch the office. I've like i love. Lucy like how people watched the office to me. It's she was like. I guess one of the first people i've seen in that light and the fact that she was a woman inspired. You keep bringing. Are you talk about how you always done. Sketches and things like that. I seen you are doing. What is it the psychopath. The sociopath is this like a podcast or is it just a sketch thing you guys because it seems like it it could be a podcast with what what you guys are. So that's just something exclusively for only fans you know with this pandemic. i couldn't do stand up comedy. i wasn't doing live shows. I'm still not really doing live shows. You know doing things like this shows. Instagram shows some outdoor shows with since march. I haven't performed comedy club. But i felt like i needed to continue my craft and bright and practice perform somehow so i started only fans. Did you like stand up. And then when. I saw how much money i can be. I started like you know. I used to model. I gossip pages predictions. Now got my series. I got my characters. And i got my front jaffe. Sorrow lewis snarky now to sign up only to and then when she joined. We started coming together to the content. We thought of this talk show a sociopath cycle half with my character russia and her character in. And it's almost like a parody. It's like the anti talk show like we say things out the cnc with fucking shit themselves for they would never go for it. So it's just very in your face. It's very real off. Make fun of everybody. You have like no limits you know. That's good no. No shit should be done. The against even though he goes to the pc stanford but sandra podcasts. I totally that's that's what it should be not the ship that they do soup talk. Show the talk. That's i got it you know. You have to have certain demographics audiences engine would be horrible for daytime television for swam. Perfect now to central adult. Swim the definitely adult some holds like i don't wanna say it's competition or anything like that but they have like a show online on their website where they look at other shows to bring onto adult swim. Oh really that something you may. Yeah exactly guests. We had his. Name's hot rod super join in. Here's an animated cartoon that is basically his persona and he's been submitting to them. I god knows who long for forever. Since since i've been following.

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Yeah that's hilarious. And he's hilarious. I'm gonna tell you what happens exactly and then shot up on us amigos. Pc for telling me how to stalk y'all animations actually something that i'm i'm trying to get more into writing i'd like to write a cartoon about my life growing up because i grew up in a broken home and kind of a tract house. You know like a lot going on in my childhood. And i think it'd be dealt to make like a family. Guy asked animations all animation about my childhood. So what would you call it on the spot. Such a good title that. I don't wanna say everybody notices definitely definitely been thinking 'cause normally be like oh i know exactly what it's going to be called and i think the that door from the brock. Yeah well it'd be good. Parenting suppose would be hilarious. Word is getting lost so she does regularly. I know i know. But get lost in the hood that would suck some someone stole the fucking matt and the monkeys are getting pimped out on the corners aircraft within boosted lines boots. No put that down. Saint sheikh sniper is legit like like some gang members not wipers an alternate universe so swipe is actually calm undercover and that means doors. Shit i like it. I like that. That's a good idea. I don't see how i can go through. This was reported true. Maybe if it wasn't so You did your projects right. I know you mentioned that. You have one that you don already in drop. Do you have any other projects that you're currently working on. What is going to be here transition back in comedy since hopefully coming to the end here i mean right now like i said cohen and stuff. I'm just not really doing like the life thing and stuff is slowing down drastically But i'm still writing. I'm still being creative. Doing my kids working on my characters. I actually have a secure concert taken away. Stay creative but once every. I'm just gonna do what i've always done job to booker's each to a new man my clips i you know. I don't understand how. Stand up comedian. I must show me. And they're like uncomfortable spending their footage get books and i'm like our people gonna know know you're funny. You know what. I certainly quarter you always. We'll talk can you get paid for shows. Show them that. i'm funny and there've been a before cova. Did you do any like a comedy is a contest. Contests festival the festival's those or i said one festival that they did out here forgot what it was called. It was something during what memorial day. Weekend and i got to headline that festival. I've done stone vegetables. Nice i did. I did something san bernardino call the mitchell autumn festival. And then i mean to go just kind of you know. Just get back his once. It is getting paid more venture out of the state yet for during kobe. Lisa travelled prior during hoven. I haven't actually california interrupted. Yeah i'm in california. I'm in the inland empire. So the most that. I've done traveled our way for something. We've recording a special date dash to the oath show. That's on his network call comedy hatching So how'd you stuff like that. Other podcasts do interviews because i feel like it's they take this and saying there's not a thousand people i haven't done shit i've been hibernating bear who's just fartsy is right now just in creating.

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I've got my store. Thank god mcqueen positive shock. You guys guessing t shirts. I just been focusing on. We're actually getting lashes now so just really just been creating trying to make as much money as possible because the way the economy's growing i'm just trying to stay stack up. Yeah honestly don't know what what's going to happen with the yeah with mark beland really realtor. You never know exactly. Yeah so why. Have you thought about going out of state. We're over. The i say zone. And we don't believe the corona virus here exists. If that makes sense. I mean we know we see things. There's but then there's like arizona. Arizona is fine so nobody nine in arizona weeks ago. it's supposedly we were the. Yeah the world firstly. I'm not going have to be the right thing. You know like i said to the right. Have to be comfortable. I canceled my vacation. Because of my family. Florida for thanksgiving christmas and just i was like. I don't wanna do a road trip right now. I don't. I don't think florida blue florida's the worst. It's so embarrassed. They don't give a shit. They had a club opening. I'm wide opening another your own. Don't believe in it. I mean it works out matter coat-tails. Kobe party open release. Half-off kobe beers beers. Here let's all chair. The solution share beer sales blunt share. Yeah the whole thing is crazy man. Yeah hope it gets back in you know you can start doing your thing there what do you what would you like to do. You sound here. Jack of all trades as far as you know model at the modeling stuff entertainment entertainment stuff like you prefer acting over comedy or do you as a matter of me. Just wanna do it. All when are we can make some. Some dollars. doesn't matter. I mean i love sanu. Comedy are absolutely different feeling. There's nothing like having that live interaction. So i think always if i had to pick i wanna do. I would like to comedic acting. Like i'd like to be in like sitcoms even do voice over france missions that would be like define hats pig that more already writing your enemies series. So yeah you can be your own voice already win win. Do you have anything that you use for motivation to continue doing this. Like your animated series. That you've thought about the comedy that you're doing your sketches things like that. Yeah we'll get we'll get you off the couch when you're in your code world right and then you're like auto. I be just a lightning bolt of time to right this. Or how does that work for me. I'm very like wa- attraction person. I control my thoughts. And we're very positive person. So i just i just really doesn't keep my mind. I always try to control my thoughts but for me. It's really the people like so many people reach out to me and they tell me how my comedy helps them. How they're going through something. Something as simple as like escape makes their day. You know comedy. Laughter really is healing. So i feel like it's onto my job and my purpose to make laugh. I just. I'm committed to that all day so it's not about the about the money it's about making people laugh so that just shows thousand years but then she gets paid on on the cake. Is it worth something that you're passionate about when you were just passionate about the money if you do something from money only then you're always being the cycle of a linear money. I if you're like. I'm in the moment this discount on experimental voice character with whatever it is. It's it's awful. South billing i guess you know because it's it's a lot it's a lot i think. Brighton is so hard. You know coming up with these characters. Skins parents bugging celebrity version talks knows. I'm on stare apps. And i got the my stereo app.

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Concord always just came back free cycle. You want to do some your impressions you pay for that. Oh sorry yeah do the one. You'll do for free now. Some good Let's say shapiro show can give you a super bowl. Halftime her have a i know here is in the room. No not no seriously good echo so much yeah right. It's okay. we just moved shows. I tried to like look at people's responses little box. Because i know they can't clap. Looks all right you guys get a lot of haters at all or for the most part is yeah all time especially because i was on the boundaries. Lovely the number skin it. It's like one of the most popular shows on reality especially to the females. So that's it's my favorite. So when i was on the show like if i had a issue or altercation or whatever the situation might be with somebody that of this girl and i'm not cool with them now. I'm getting like death. Threats and leg comedy show vir ass. I've i've gotten like so many messages. And i was doing live. Stand up shows of people's ended. Come to my show might need and then uganda. Instagram knee doctor. This is a fucking child this is a catfish nude. i'm sending so scooping but the hague comes with it is just something. i'm sure you guys get fucking. We have one guy from australia so we should on australia. I should do think it's a real place. It's a joke. I know. I know but if you check one of our most recent posts on instagram and basically came out and said that poodles like the size of australia and i was basically like wait. Does that mean pluto's not real because australia's not real either. We get a lot of people that do the hashtags and we've also had a couple of people from on our show shit on us because we're we're we're making fun of australia. You're not a real place standing outside right now. there's the thing though. That's exactly what he said. He got so mad. I wouldn't hate right now. The the vegan culture. This don't get reaction to a recipe of. This lady was making jared bacon charity. Yeah that's right saying slice by slice. The carrot they slice them a long way is is is that what was splice them the long way and season them with liquid maple and smoke flavoring can put them in a fucking air friday and that would piss me off pissed me off. His bitch was cooking. Have the nerve to an but see the crunch like it's not caring if that should don't crunch that's tweet and say and i was. I was like this big. And i don't know why. She's saying carrot bacon. She should just they maple fried carrots and there were like it's alternative for bacon replace on what now. Begging it's pig ads. Vegetable they don't yeah. Yeah i do want to try to make sense why aching so much of the ask guess. I thought it was the belly different despite about feel dumb. They don't like when you tell them something. They don't want here why they make they always vegetables. You're relating to meet right began. Stop appropriate meet today. You wanted to eat their salads carrots than just say maple carrots at this.

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I'm a vegan. i don't life bacon. i'm a vegan. I hate they right. So are you trying to be bacon bitch. What's going to happen. Some care some vegan cairns gonna come along and she's gonna be like what all these vegetables are two genders labeling. The vegetables this broccoli as- going to happen. It sucks you know it sucks. It's going to happen in california. i i i. They're going to start there and then it's going to spread spread throughout the country on the vegetables as their own different. What what are your thoughts with all this covert stuff in. How california andled. I feel like you know we're trying to do the best. We can as far as like keeping people safe and also not like stopping our economy. Competely I really do think this is the best thing to do right now. I thought you know trump kind of dropped wall. Obviously but as far as right. Now i feel like this honestly the first they can do. I think they're trying to just close more down. Get kind of on another lockdown in with this whole vaccine stuff. I know that hospitals like overflowing with patients out which is like four or five. I guess they're done as good as they say. You know what are your. What are your feelings. Thoughts though about like the lockdown in closures of restaurants things. Like i know like there's a big debacle right now from what i've seen. I i don't really follow a lot of it but There's like business owners at our restaurants and like they can't serve outside but like the movie. Companies are like building big buffets out yet to where they can feed their crews as. They're filming and things like that at that. I don't understand it. I don't understand how you can be like. Oh herve you like there are makes no fucking sons I don't get the whole. Oh we empty open. But here's a bubble sitting here bubbly so you sit wait. I can sit outside but you have to be inside to sit outside. It makes no sense as far as lockdowns in the closures of businesses. Like i said. I was trying to really figure out. What's necessity trust me. I want my nails done. i get. Why can't get them done. Yeah so what are you. what are you doing. Are you getting your nails done or doing yourself. Magic marker sharp that does it like what scharping more you know. What's funny is. I went to a nail shop. -pointment aren't they were open and then my to the nail salon that was like a sign on the door said com number of information are called the number and i pops up like fucking g appointment. Come with me. And he took me to the back of the building like a legal nail transaction like. I'm not what the should they try to. Send me an office chair. Empathy irregular bucket. And my whole thing. Was i so you won't even give me a discount. Our they really employees or was it just some dude on every meal entrance of the nail shop and was like opening the door inside the mail tax. That would come in creep out. What the fuck is this. I was so. I thought it was just male kicks. You know i try. But i'm bad at. It is so hard i thought it was just some random guy who put a sign on the door and then he had his own little side business for the mop up the corner. Straight up smartest shit stealing from that business because they can't open and you're doing on the side and the alley fucking line of chairs outside because you're saying they could have been used in building has a threat and you're right. I don't know. I didn't stay so it wasn't like at the yellow mop bucket or from the one on wheels. Like commercials visor was like regular just white bucket play. It looks like a mop bucket. But not like the fancy while the wooden stick to cleaner the mob. Just a definitely was out cleaning windows an hour ago and now he's fucking doing nails on top of that bucket from china. That's a fucking go-getter that guy that guy's probably caught cove. It didn't even know.

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But you know what i get off the club and they have like those hot dog tracks. Yeah yeah so. One time i was out you know what the club and i got a hot dog in just completely fell on the sidewalk but was so drunk that i disassembled in a mike. I'm have like all the antibodies from eating. That fucking street dog yet it. I don't think i'll get sick. You know disgusting. I'm not bragging. But i i think i can handle it. We're bigger guys. I think that we've eight. Our fair share of gusting of random. Things the our even like eating the random like the peanuts from. I don't do that. But i mean you could eat the peanuts at the at the bar. Everyone over saying can do that. Texas roadhouse to give you a bucket. Have florida i remember those. Throw them on the floor. So the good old days before kovin. You think he's still do that. I mean i don't know if you've ever been iraq rocky point down there they have Taco trucks like every other a taco truck lar- taco truck far. If you do nothing not. I had swarm in new york times square and i don't think and it was the guy the guy with his cart like. I don't know if that was like real anything they do. That's generations of of aged. You have the most popular one. Is that big trump time splits by like this big church and it's just call the warmer guys. It wasn't open. Because i know i remember that it was also formed in the morning. He's probably weaver. Funny is right before that. I actually went to my first to white castle. Little home wall somewhere other than new york. Yes of course there was like my first stop straight from the airport at this. Go through white castle we do. We got our first one. We still haven't been there yet. I've had it. But i from scott i haven't been. I've only had sadly only had the freezer one of one of those sorry. I can't relate on the fresh. it's not the same it's not. It's probably not quite if you have a craving and you can't get anywhere else this the freezer ones would be like okay but it's not nothing like the real real fresh. My son loves it. My son's five years four years old almost five and he's like these. These burgers were built. He loves the airport. So you're not originally from la. We're talking about food now. Which is our passion. What is what. Do you have a favorite there that you like to go to their favorite food. You know i cried a lot of places. But there's this place called dave's hot chicken and i know that was to be like tennessee thing. I believe the spicy chicken sandwich but oh man that place so good. I love spicy food. So i remember like emily extra like mark mark by today's hot chicken girl. I don't eat those done. The death where one of the one of our shows no was not yet another now. South one of them happened to be thirteen million scoville units. Which is you might as well. Just take somebody punchier face. It's a rough and at the ghost. Pepper chip the lunch chip. I have one in my cabin preview to one of our podcast for ins paco. He actually bought two of those One for him and need to do. We just haven't been able to do that. It's actually do it on the show. I'm excited i want to do that. I don't think it's hot as they portray but if you don't eat a lot of spicy through all the time he might be extremely hot but for someone that maybe you you might be like. This ain't shit. I mean we'll see. I haven't had it yet but i not be like takis. And they don't bother me i be jalapenos.

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What would you recommend for her mark when she goes down that be ready like ice cream or melker bread like just in case you know what i mean. So once a year like guys. This was fine. When you're all like teary eyed and shit and then you have your emergency kit. Because get rid of the european ice cream and that's the thing when we did the the death not challenge. I did ice cream afterwards. In that jack my stomach like a few hours later i eat too much because it was just pink laxatives milk after eating spicy probably not. I wasn't gonna fight in the stomach right. Well i mean when you ask because they have like these hot sauce con. I know if it's contests or like the x. Bows or whatever. The year. Before i people would walk around with ice cream bars. Little soft serve on top of a cone. Ice cream has tried different. So ice cream in there are milk and ice cream that event. But when you eat like a full couple bowls but episode is episode seventy six. The death knell challenge. A you see me at the end. And i'm like eating at least three bowls of ice cream because you got the big time. Yeah yeah i walk. Because i figured you guys are all 'cause you all did it. Yeah i was only gone hot ones. Yeah i know right what does that. Let's do our own hot once. We'll get some ways the youtube idea. I'm down we virtual hot ones competition right. And i'll and i'll watch we'll start. It's just like wings. He basically start with like different sauce levels basically so here like celebrities and tv personalities and stuff did you see. Dj callen his ass. Shot after the first dose. I've seen her. Tom cigarette your half brother. My twin brother. I've seen so many of them that i can't even remember which ones i've seen like like some people can't get through it and some of them do get through it and they're like this is too crazy pot. I finished it was like the worst one. I think it was like the second or third sauce and he likes to russia. It was so rochester us. That's more that's more sweet than it is i. I have been on a quest to try to find a saracho type sauce. That is extremely hot. I am having the darndest time trying to find. It only works with two she. I won't eat anything really. Yeah i don't like it's much the anna that is so that's why he's trying to find a hotter. I guess yeah right. Now i want. I want to saracho taste. But i wanted to be like i wanted to burn. I wanted to burn. So what is your go-to sauce. Then my go to sauce. Green habanero pepper soft place for my daughter from like a mexican market all the time. It's just a grain habanero bay sauce and is so fucking there was born that i got from was actually a hot sauce store urging florida and i can't remember if i can find the name was so good but what they had a bunch of hot sauces endangered is the weirdest store ever and cricket. My dad he liked dared me to eat this cricket dad and it tastes like a giant sunflower seed like this. This place was off a freeway somewhere. Which one oh this place. Those places in florida are like everything's off with fresh wood a gift shop up the road yup not. Up jerky hot sauce hut random. A random pocket of water. You don't know if there's a gaiter in there or not you know what i mean. He's never known some sure guy. Tuplice guys florida sandals and this is crock short.

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I feel like now though because you. You're talking shit about how suraj is not that spicy but i'll be honest. I know it's it's got a good heat crazy honoring thing. But it's my go-to when. I wanted to add hot sauce to just anything in general hawaiian any type of really chinese food. Anything now i feel like a wimp because you talking shit about it i just don't i don't think it's spicy enough for me personally. Only worked with like sushi. I don't need nothing else. I don't care so my mind's picante sauce it's my go-to typically wake mild may might do a medium. I don't know which one's worse he can't go past the on medium saw. Yeah yeah. that's that's the highest. Actually on one of our. I did try something. Yeah he tried. The scorpion pepper is kind of like a ghost pepper. He decided we're we're all just putting it on a chip. Try it while we're talking on the podcast and he decided that it would be a good. Because we're all like yeah. This is this is. They did a little bit. It's not hit chip look like almost like a bowl almost scoop but it wasn't a scoop. It was the regular tortilla chip fours. Thing of its. Ucf puddle of this sauce on there put it in his mouth in the next five or ten dollars before that before that we need plugs behind the scenes we had our was here with us and he was like oh man. What did you do. And i felt like will ferrell and in old school when i was when he hasn't got us thinking. Do you mean that what i could see now like. It's starting to get red like you'd have to exactly and the anonyna- hit me. And then i was throwing up specialist. That was my run in with the hospice stuff. If you decide to do your virtual hot wings hot ones. let me let us know fleas. And i. i would be wholly down to do that. They'll be amazing skits regular wings and then start dabbing on whatever whatever hot sauces move a whole spread of like me like buffalo. The starters regular there you go. That's easier than what i was thinking. His ordering some from buffalo wild wings. Listen what my wife's been checking the box These past couple of purchases. She's been giving me like a google box and it's like six or eight hot sauces. You can try. I don't remember the names of them but that'd be thing maybe like look into like a flagel box earn what's right and you know hot sauces. Maybe go that route. And you like a walks. Every month is like kind of subscription thing which just to give half that subscription thing. But she just doesn't once a year so it's not like it's monthly. I if i did that would you use it. That much. Like a box fucking no. That's the thing like this. The box get last week. You're just about to run out whatever she gets me. Because i'm wondering like are you like put you put us on everything everything really kid. Great sandwiches like regular cold cuts. That's a whole new. World has dead so when we get off line i need to figure out. We need a text in in i. I want to try that one that you go to from the mexican store not sore if i can find a of right now. So what's funny. So i'm originally from wisconsin and the sauces. There's no spicer's no seasoning wisconsin and For the most part patrico never they have the chili habanero hit shirts like a kind of like a pack.

00:50:05 - 00:55:00

But i just like the green one order that you could. I wonder if international just saw it on am okay. Oh they sell in grocery stores for like waiting for you can just get the okay. Yeah so me growing -sconsin i never had anything to do with any type of flavor whatsoever because also white and salt and pepper used to be really spicy too good upgrade music. All up the first time. I ever got to try something spicy. I used to work in machine shop and one of the guy is a spanish guy would bring his lunch to work every day. He brought in what i thought to be. How pepper now's like. Oh yeah i was bullshit like i can take place. That's nothing he's like all right. Well i grow these in my garden. I mean you wanna try this long behold after me actually eating and i found out was actual habanero. Nesher be eaten like that. It had the seeds in. It's still also so i. My mouth just went essentially. That was like really like my first time ever had any spice. I stood in front of a fan for like three hours. All i pitchers a bulldog further book and offer fucking fires. That's all i heard. It was like the worst experience ever. But then i've been addicted ever since the very like it's satisfying heat. That a sled so spicy that you get like four. The ghost pepper tried the ghost thing. It was like deaf. Oh my mouth is. There's those my mouth. I can't talk anymore. I was like lose like ability to speak. Not it's like you get numb you'll high though to poke. I was tripping a little bit like little. If the here's a chasing Why don't i think that's the thing the best and actually there really is. Johnny school have a hot sauce recipe. And my boyfriend's mom got got a jalapeno Lying sauce and it's really good my grandma. So how much do. I have to ship making for myself. I gotta that might be another business. Venture revenue boom the shop. Right martina by at least by a case of it on my own. We train so during you know. She wants to work on her own sweet. Yeah that's cool. You can just you know you got this far as bud you sell it to dispensary. Do package it up to like a. Kush all these companies cookie sore. No that's not what we just got legal. We'd here a pass. No has we're following the club right and we can grow like so. We can't buy it from the dispenser yet but we can go like next. Marcher would whenever soon it's february march. Some how so but right now weekend grow and we can awesome here. We can donate it to somebody. We can have twelve plants and a house which is crazy a lot. But so i need see. My uncle grows in what's palm. I have seen my uncle uncle a thrower homa the worst thing in different number one and then like tornadoes. So that sucks you talk for just in general. Every time i've driven through oklahoma there has been like a massive storm. Tope weather's all fucked up. It's either like below. Fifty or eighty five mets within a span of fifteen minutes like i. Don't oklahoma clap plane. Yeah right.

00:55:01 - 01:00:05

and there's there's like hurricanes and tornadoes at the same time i don't fucking understand it body of water as it makes every having parties they actually have like aba club and florida hurricane party and like why not which which. Which part of you were you in. Ohio orlando disneyworld and like foresty. If so ratchet in some parts of the only places i've been with tampa and that song is worse. I only drove down. Like i've only been there twice and it was for work and it was. You got paid too when you live in florida and you're like wow. This is not what i was expecting. I think i think that was the real true really versus here because there is pretty good about melting pot people. because there's not a whole lot of native. even though i'm a native here zona but like florida's seems i can get all the new york people. You've got the people from cuba. You got like the people from the south cold fucking storm of shit there. That's why i think it's so crazy. Cuban we called his semi a little bronx now because more than new yorkers one ticket semi took it over sekine over. Because it's don't keep that's the thing about florida's like people are like really spends you have now is not and they're the only ones that odin disneyland's close disneyworld open so and i saw the other day there was a commercial basic given you stay two days and you'd like two days free but they're just trying to like fuck and give way. Don't that's disney. That's crazy why no disney's about the rid of their season pass new not new your everywhere already. I read it end. Nobody can like you bought it california. You're fucking screwed gulf. Like i still think they should have it for people who live in california like Rain day off. Let me go fucking get the whole yourself. Cheerleaders entire moved into the kobe. You can rent the whole theory of hundred bucks so if you wanted to get one friends movie theater you could like watch a movie and a dinner with your friends and family. I know it's like one hundred bucks you get to pick through ended a newer movies like one hundred twenty bucks grades do that. You liked better. People is a private theater to yourself. It's fucking insane. god. I'm gonna do death. Yes no i see. That sounds fun. I think we have one more than one eight. It's not amc then. It's it's different cinemark immune to simple. It's one of those but seen that they're beyond our they're just running up the whole theater and they have those two they have where you can play video games. They had before we can run off the whole thing and have a video game party. Fucking thing with theater can't be like oh unite. Xbox or production didn't do that aren't gonna watch a movie talking the way not leaving. My house is set up. I'm busy for eternity. Stop bugging me forever. We'll send you a postcard from the movie theaters or there. We went live. We did do that do we can read it on. Mystery extreme charge. Yeah yeah yeah we should have people. Come wash exactly bingo. Which is twenty twenty one idea. Take care for it. Well we usually run about an hour. I really appreciate that you came onto the show And all that kind of last minute thing. Thank you for doing this secure thing. That was nice. Yeah where where can we find you. All you kind of mentioned already but working find you on all the socials in. Have anything upcoming leaking. Look forward or talk talk about or mention my stuff inside dot com if you follow me on instagram stuff.

01:00:05 - 01:02:46

Too hot a conflict. The lincoln my. That's my link tree everything bombed there don't do exclusive content so don't ask Honestly only fancy like. I'm like my netflix. With my own network series on their dander royston store the queen's clock shop. Play to get your funny teachers novelty lashes coming soon and just just watch. I'm i'm working on the best. I can't turn his co. definitely got some harsh. The end up things podcasts. More views right now. You can catch my specialty porn tom. I could catch loyalty on amazon prime. And you can catch me all really. I have been practicing your name all day in my head. Last last name fucked it up. I knew that one normally. I'm not good at names. But i know i'm not gonna. I'm quarter mexican. So even though i can't do any even though i can't spicy shit but i knew that one they don't even try steph. A giada takes probably say to john. You get this e to geeta. Jay hadn't had it on the way here. I was in the car driving a molecule outside. I i knew my hia. That's how i was too hot yet. I know. I know. I'm letting you know our with the jewish bagels in. You know all right. Thank you guys for having me. Thanks for coming on where you have to do. Some hot sauce stuff tackling. I'm gonna look into some like i think. How has their own kid. That sounds get back her. Thank you guys. This has been the amigos. Make sure life subscribe and review us at all your pod casting platforms visit us at amigos dot net for our entire library of content and migos merch until next audio.

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