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120. Oh my Mamba

If you're looking for a high brow fancy smart regal podcast with post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos. Pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out craziness hit the jackpot is migos. Pc and this is scott. Mark that story there on the radio. But i'm trying to basically the thing going to talk about today about taller. People make more money taller. People can make less money in stoeckel chicks like a lot like yet to either be really short. Make a lot or you can be really tall and make nothing. C- can be average at all can be average like i think five eleven was if he made sixty thousand your. That's what you need to make to be able to like five eleven. That does not need a lot just because we're fancy maybe the wrong market. I guess they were saying that if you were. If you're a six six you can make zero dollars. Just go all day now. The girls all day rude. Yeah up we are going to be to be on our stuff unless we can rock out this pretty quickly. Just do a short episode. Nothing crazy for me all my shit open you wanna talk about. Why labeled the show twenty two thousand stimulus update as the name of this as is just labeled it. That's s for a label relied by the way i see that we are. Yeah yeah so whenever you want to start migos here. we're live. Yeah hello mom. Someone turned the mic on. You not hear me no can eat you okay. Oh are we starting now go ahead. I gotta read our promo 'cause now i apparently i'm a pro guy Welcome appropriate guest normally. I got music. I before i start so yeah. Today's episode is brought to you by the phonetics fanatics is the world's largest collection of official fan gear from the league's teams and players. You look if you enjoy our show looking to buy. A new jersey has should be hurting. You didn't hear that Sweatshirts if you enjoy our show and you're looking to buy a new jersey sweatshirt or hat by going into pago. Dot co phonetics that's f. a. n. at is c. s. In getting twenty or twenty five percent off your next order. That's pago dot co forward slash phonetics f. a. n. a. T. icy s officially licensed. Everything we go. That's better backings in the back to you. Mark pigs in the studio so we should. We should talk about that so right now. We're in the middle of transitioning which you know. I mean it's been a while. How many weeks have been like one or two weeks. Not you know all our. We took the holiday up forty two dollars. Forty two thousand followers had padded up a little bit added a little bit. Because i know people have been you know. We've been getting emails if wondering why we're not on and that's why it's full of. Where are you guys aren't so we are. Basically we took the time off and then we had some moving stuff.

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What else do we have going on last month. That was really right in the holidays. Yeah holiday movie. The month you had to leave. Wisconsin elected was. We talked about that last episode that we did before all the holidays. Fun crazy news in the world as everyone knows. I mean crazy stuff in the capital in the political stuff. Not as you know as we mentioned before we don't really we don't care as much as others do not a political wise. Yesterday was shit cello whole thing. I mean ever since even ever since november meanwhile even says the when they were doing their debates. I mean it's been a shit show against the whole year. The whole year is shit. Show and i hope this doesn't set the fucking tone for the rest of the year. Oh kind of like how twenty twenty started. Well tweeted twenty twenty the shitty till february. They'll the world was on fire at the beginning of the year last year. Is that what else. Australia was burning. Yep talk about it right believe you remember. That's you'll last. The thing that started my year of shit not might year of shit. Not that. I cared too much but it was really sad. Was the kobe the me that's when everything's saw in kobe guy right. I guess kobe was the messiah shit once. He died shit even though we had shit beforehand like they're saying kobe was here. Recovered was around earlier in two thousand nineteen would just wasn't on the radar as crazy as it is now even know who you ask. How people feel about kobe. Right person has view on varity would if he gets like the helicopter fellow right. He got stuck in a cavern. Where came out three days later. Well it'd be a year later now. Oh my mamba. He came back. There's going to be from now. Owned my momma. it's not gonna be. Oh my god it's my mamba. Damn my mama. The mamas out of the snake out of the cave. That'd be hilarious. That'd be awesome. Because it's sad what happened. He was just like like like the movie with the james franco. Thanks close close to cut his way. What are two hundred and forty four hours wherever it is. I haven't seen that one. Are you aware of the movie that i'm talking about reference. No i don't think so. Look now can he. A hundred and twenty seven hours so all very. Yeah no got stuck on a aspirin. Okay yes you stuck it a little break in any head. Cut his spoiler alert. I mean the movie came out in. He doesn't ten right in spoiler alert. He cut his arm off to get free. And i didn't watch me when i because i was thinking grocer like or the care. Go hiking i mean. Look at me with the premises him. Stuck in a cavern. How good do you think the movie could be with. That actually was pretty good. I know it was good. i'm stay like digits. Your thought mentality regularly latest second. Yeltsin kids not runar in the middle of our thing. We had a good thing. Go and do go stay away in. The small places has been retreat. Almost can't believe it's almost there so or moving to a new place or the did mood workplace. Is that the set it up. We'll do that hopefully next episode right. Yeah well we're supposed to do this episode till you decided to never miss on both parts mainly might.

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I'll take a fifty one percent of that fault. I don't know if it was miscommunication were may ban Lack of i think it was on both injuries. I was thinking that we would go up more time before we did an episode to set up. 'cause you know taking all that should down. I mean obviously the phone shit studio that that is going to take some time. So is what. I was thinking that we would do. More literally had excess amount of time to set everything up and be preprinted not to mention. How many times do you have. Technical difficulties were even warmer already. Set up so well. Let's get our schedules together. And set some time apart. So we can rep. The studio out is gonna throw the mike's on the table in the mixer. Let's go so you said okay. So you said we're going to be a big room. Are we in the big room. When i walk in or is it like one of the other By the street. yeah well. that's a good one. Good room is it. I don't know unless the unless the light fucks everything up or the streets in the cars and stuff but could come up the whole window. Windows tinted mirror tend to or we could foam up. Have a window we could. I don't think that's really gonna affect anything. Sh- 'cause i mean what we have for sound is more of like sound treatments in not sound proofing that makes sense with so we have sound treatment. Is that what that is the phone soundproofing we. We have a better insulation. I would imagine it better. Insulation those baffles. That you like hang up. That look like big squares. Rectangles triangles triangles crazy. Yeah try for more things for us to talk about this off. The fly normally have more time before we go live. I know up to chatting figuring it out as we go here. Here's a let's go live so so let's you wanna talk about the storm the castle yes do it. I mean not so much politically. We'd really care. But i mean how crazy was it that you know people were taking was it. Was it Planned rigged election but the storm. The castle i'm hearing that too. I'm hearing that they're saying now that those people are are linked to the other side is whatever. But that's obviously from. I'm hearing amir in the right side saying that. If you watch the left that was that was was who was storm in it which is a great plot. If that's what happened. Because i mean that's like the other now. They're going undercover blind. I even heard that they were crisis. Workers sandy hook thing also wasn't real literature actors without one dude. The the the the dinner from the viking. Yeah he's he he's an actual actor. Is i know his ear. He's from here and he's actually like a struggling actor all if we know who he is. He's an excellent actor and now he's like all over the news. I don't see him getting a lull in anything that we well. That's what i heard too is is the casting agent or the person who has been trying to get him. Workers working within has dropped him so he's obviously not going to be worked with those people. The dude who stole the podium is actually stay at home dad with a life. That guy is awesome. Do the podium. Yeah every time. I see his pitcher. I can't stop a laugh. Looks like she's somebody that i've seen before. He looks like somebody i might know. Oh wow there's a brooklyn supreme court justice looks kinda like a carry potter a little bit the beard glasses and a staff.

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You know what sounds it. Sounds like to me. It's it's a lot of privilege. Yeah i'm able to stay at home dad with a doctor wife. That's pretty good right. Love in the is son yet. Judge son that's actually occlusive. Probably crap is the viking guy. Apparently he was a struggling. He looks like somebody that would just chew in panhandle. One line Mill avenue a walmart walmart. He's at the corner of a freeway exit. Don't you hit the worst. That the freeway or the walmarts this frontal up looking at me and how they change as jingles puck. I love the phrase. I don't have any change for you. Come on man. He got a job. Let's be real opportunity for people. I've found one even mcdonalds decent for now. You can't live great. that's what i mean. You can't live great but you have money enough to make it work until you can get something better with something better you know. The news of course has been for the past six months over nothing but shit and it's hard to talk about anything else. What's going on without trying to pick sides because we don't care so did he really put it up on ebay that that I don't know know the podium. Mark is the podium guy husband of the wife. Dr apparently had it listed for sale on ebay thousand one hundred and twenty thousand them yet knows like fifty two grand when i saw a picture of it. Oh that was. I'm sure he's not gonna. I'm sure he's not going to. I mentioned that even let him take it out of there. You'll think so ashish. I don't know i mean the okay so this was i didn't watch the whole thing unravel maybe watch more than i did. I early watched it all day yesterday. Wow really yeah. that's what it was. They must have been newspeople through a youtuber on youtube. Oh that's even better. That's actually live footage right there yet. Work it or whatever remove it but he was just flipping through different channels like he had. He's all super tech savvy with his livestream stuff. He's flipper between channels. Like your si-an his as like in the bottom corner of his little thing and then he has the tv running system ramp to figure out one but anyway. What i'm getting at is yeah. It seems obviously crazy. What's place right like how they even get into place. I don't know out happened. I know what. I've heard what i've heard or read or i don't know what's true or not anymore these days but apparently lady who was pushed or someone pushed her. Maybe it was a push from the crowd that was trying to get in. And then that's what took place when they fired shots were. I heard that she was trying to climb the chamber con congress in the on the other side shot. Okay so what. I'm wondering is so how did how did the do the podium at begins elect pelosi's opposite it just like those guys four shots fired mike. All the cops went through that area and then didn't care about anything else. They went to bed. That's a good question. That's how let them just drove free. They you know that is a good question because they will. They obviously got into the house right. The house floor into right pelosi's podium.

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Right it end. They were up there up there like they showed the picture of the viking guy at the front of the whole thing which i think we're penn stains or whoever stands area at the very tired. Pelosi i dunno or mitch or or the fuck is up there in hints that up to the top yet so he was up there. I saw that so in the midst of them. All over the place every scenes gills embassy in live footage of it. All right now. I'm just kinda running through what i've seen in putting together with everyone else is saying whatever but what doesn't make sense as i know they're getting backlash now like why did they find a way to stop all of it right. Where was the security or whatever. But it doesn't make sense if initial go through. Was the shots fired. I don't know if that was the case. Maybe the fire were later. They already roman. The place de already saying roman placemen then has already in their thing and then they found that group and then she got shot or he was place were should have been all were in. What's crazy is shoes. Mary like her rushton's an home in california. See that's my thing like if it. My wife said that she wanted to go to that or do you know the kids were older is. You're not leaving me. If something goes wrong. I don't wanna be behind the other shit so you don't need to be in any risky areas situations remain. But what if you both were like avid supporters. I mean it's hard for me to even be at avid supporter of anything. Let alone be passionate about one thing. But if i was but we have a friend that is so would you Let's say let's say let's say he wanted to go say we out that way or any of us. It was me you and him we were all like. Let's let's school israeli. We're going to have fun. We go to washington on on january six to the march. Or whatever right. Yeah i don't know. I mean i'm to add to be a totally different person because the way i think is i. I think that's a bad idea. You know what. I mean just looking at it like but we're going to support the clinically. We live with same with portland though to portland on the other side of it or wherever you know the crazy washington. No those ryan's in portland right now know now. Like memory was like the whole the lockdown. And they're like one hundred and four. Austin dude no no it. Wasn't it was portland oregon in oldham. Yeah china yeah please please do but yeah it was it was. I know it was portland. And i'm sure washington was one two in the head. They you know that it was spreading everywhere like we even had some here in arizona. Yeah we had a mere though. It's it's I have to look at where. Where's antifa that's the teeth. That's a google. You look up the portland riots. Remember easier seattle washington. That's that's actually number one in the google search by the way. What's at portland. Why are there rioting twenty dollars. The you are right. Starting may each morning twenty. I like portland. That sucks that there was. I thought it was somewhere else. One hundred thirteen arrests for injuries in the riots took place. They're all they're all ampy's nappies sugar till importantly when i think of it not Portlandia portland is writing. Just put a bird on it nice. That show was very hit miss. But i liked it. Yeah was very hit and miss but no it was a good show. I like them. I'm surprised lasted as long as it did. I never got to get to the end seasons of think after season two. I kinda like phased out. Yeah watch the mall. They were on back. When i had cable that shows how long ago was and i think the all be on netflix. Now but have had up again it was. Ifc show i film. Oh it was on channel that shows how long ago it was a two years ago.

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The last time i watched it i was already well. No i was. I was finishing the season. Then like the very last season like every time it would come on and That's what i watched. It was good i like. I watched them all or watch. What did you watch during the holidays. Wow that's a good question I will watch some christmas stuff but not so much. did it feel like a christie. This year you. What did you think at least in your own house. So home home later that i was in a hostile ear. Oh did you share christmas with the living there. Yeah the five other families here. Pretty nice now. I feel like christmas but it did. Yeah but it also felt like twenty twenty. It didn't feel like christmas because it to me. It december hit right like thanksgiving one. Quick in the december hit on my or here christmas time in his didn't really feel even though i think i even did more christmas stuff than normal like we win. Saw christmas lights twice went out and did that. Which is more than normal. Would probably months. Where do you do that like. Did you go somewhere specific Hit neighborhoods the wife. One happen found out like where these places were. Okay at good lights right so there were. There were just houses. Yeah so. I have several places that were good that i know of that. I normally always go to but there was some new ones everyone to this year. I say ones but there. It turned out to be only one that was really good because it had actually good lights and music and nobody was really there. Other places were swamped with people too long of a line. And we didn't even with you in fucking do. Was it called cheerleading or something. Like that. didn't go to cherry lane. I went to comstock that. That's i think. That's that's in gilbert here in arizona of families that do it at the one that was on. Hdtv whatever you have when we went there to go see it. The line was from the entrance to the neighborhood opening like eating the house all the way to the next day in the head because they headed down to one lane mike. Okay no so. I was coming the opposite way and i saw the line. Am i know that you can do it. Didn't even drank her comstock or cherry lane. Which the normal go to but we went to this other house twice during the two times where we went. There was demonstrated for my parents. So you when you went to the house and then you just like walking around the neighborhood in winning again though which one the one. The one that i ended up going to the only went to twice. No no no. It was two different dates like the one because now we knew that one was good. So the The first time that was when we went to comstock. They're already some other ones. That your kids. Hey do you wanna go see christmas lights. You know the one. We saw the other day now. Nearly two weeks later they were excited about it because that one was the best one yet so now when i said we're gonna see the one that we saw that had i it's good they play. I dunno. i should've took a video. It was good that one. I mean nobody knows about it. And it's an. It's an coldest ac okay. You literally like when we get there was only like five there and we park in the corner. You can sit there and just listen and watch the whole thing. And it's one of the radio things turned on Plays talks to you at all. It's super ship so that was what we did. was christmas. the laxa no. I couldn't talk to it. It was the house talking to meet. Okay quoted cannot eat eating. And all i could think the whole time while i'm you know they're like god. Do what about the neighbors. Imagine being the nate like there's one house that look either or dissent. Fuck it or christmas because there was no lights on in the house. S my home. My house looks every year. You don't put lights up at all at least put like a blow up or someone beloved dollar.

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At least you know you buy for next year that you should by the put the lamp up from christmas story. And that's it for that. The window lee can't really show he's having a window or cutting the window does make a window like so the window that you can see in from outside like we have that upstairs sunscreens down for the full effect. I'm not a big christmas light hanger either. Which in the new house that. We're getting kind of stinks. Because it doesn't have it doesn't have the the light fixtures of the outlets again would like to have had plummeted. But i did find a company that actually will put in permanent lights throughout your house really yet so you you have come out install them in the control of your phone and then you can have them on year round so like a party you could put on. The white lights looks. Festively need actional professional. It's you're so. Obviously if you're hoa addition approved really. Yeah as usually approved. And then i heard about this at home. Some sound gave care home and garden show. I went through two years ago before we moved to the other house. E two and a half years ago and i saw that company there at the stadium. Yeah get done at the stadium in. That's neat owner. Do that never happened in. The old house had the outlets the top. Two senate really need it yet. So i had the money to put it because it is kinda pricey. But i wanna do that lou. How is. Put those into then when it's christmastime Phone boom turn them on. They're always on a timer like you're not ever go up there and do it got to be cheaper now now. It's pretty pricy ryan. Brian talk to put nope no because they're up year round okay but they're installed on your your facade or what is what we called like your relationship you face it. That sounds better attorney there so it hides better. You can't really see you don't know but they say need approval. Real intrigue can do it without buckingham known. Unless you have your lights on all the fucking time we're going to get employees. Then i'll know why you turn your lights on. It's not christmas a once in july christmas in july both like led. Maybe like macomb patriotic colors. Yeah you could do that. Like trump colors doing that in july. Might be weird but who knows it could be the same situation july who knows you ain't never know there. I don't know what's going to happen. Thirteen days before was supposed to take place. Yeah exactly it's not over until it's over dude. That's true i don't know it's crazy scrolling through the A debt you look so fucking familiar. We the we've seen him that guy before. Yeah we've had to. Oh i've seen that guy before. Have you ever gone to first friday in phoenix longer. Dude with the oh okay. Never mind who you talking about. You're talking about tanto the biting. Yeah i have not seen the viking but the the other dude looks very familiar with the makes you laugh. no yeah retail. Somebody swapped his face with leonardo dicaprio from the django. A mean a the company. It's everywhere. yeah. I'm gonna have to share. That won't the group therion dropped almost two hundred.

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Wow it's a big drought that we talk about regular basis as about about were people can involve what we could do that. Search thrown up our lincoln people start dropping in the chat. No you don't understand we can throw it in there. We can talk about later but throw that lincoln could on our Earns coins right both talk about it. What what is it. Pi pi network one. You give it away. But i anyway so mark and i have been looking at length as a everyone. Has everyone knows or may know or not know. Bitcoin is at thirty nine thousand dollars not to say that all coins in the curriculum ruled it roach or today did it. S is still at forty care. Because when i saw his thirty nine go back down back down but so mark and i are very like everybody just trying to make money. We get get rich get rich getting it up prom night getting get out in cryptocurrency right nowadays in the hot thing that i mean obviously bitcoin showing us that you have one coin now. Three nine thousand dollars for one in looking back if you bought in early you know. I did the math earlier. Like if you bought in demand if you bought it at sense and you put one hundred dollars it or not thousand dollars in. I think it was like six hundred. And fifty thousand six hundred eighty million. We could use this example. So i had bought more realistic dodge going. Dodge gordon dear energy right. I don't either way. I bought it at point. Zero zero zero zero three basically a third of a penny had no value really only put twenty dollars in it it is now worse a penny inside basically tripled my money. Wow san what's niagara sixty bucks yet but imagine if you a thousand dollars it'd be three rid. Yeah had i did that. Yeah so that's the thing with that is it's a long term thing som- expecting it to take years for it to be worth one hundred dollars. You know what i'm saying right. Which is which is what we're talking about now is we're talking about we're doing coin stuff at a lower scale like people that are starting up which is like bitcoin did eleven years ago. So we're trying to do trying to be the next yet coin right. That's our goal. See what happens in how i've sold. Its other people that are under which sadly a multilevel marketing scheme. But it's not the other people you you bring in to eight. It totally is but it it. It's not artist is not you. Don't put money in well. No of marketing. Because you have to. You have to pay to be a part of it. You know the pain department. You're paying what time. Yes they got to click a button. But the but. That's what. I'm getting to how i sold it to the people that i've gotten involved in it. Meant to say it for saying people at a got underneath me because at morgan but How got people to be involved in it. And i said you know. How many things do you do on your phone every day right like you. You click on your apple music or samsung play. I don't know what the fuck they use samsung stupid. So what you go on there you click or you play a video game. You're playing candy crush your your checking the news so you do not stupid shit all day every day at least a few hours a day when lease what these coins are able to do for you as it's working for you and all you have to do is either set the reminder to go in there and make sure your your mind in for your coins. Does beijing one or two times a day. You're in there. Click a box. You're clean and hopefully eventually will make you will off.

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How doesn't not pie. Because i didn't pile up that way but the new one. I do the be one which sounds like a bitch but the bitch one. Yeah basically. i told her. I had a better little slogan to it. I said you know when you're playing. I put it as you're playing games in your phone right. What do you get that right. You just get your getting time out of it here getting killing time but this would this would be so much more for you in the future even even pans out. Or if it doesn't yeah we're right if it pans out or a dozen. It doesn't matter. It's it's not really wasting time because you're already not wasting your time to video games on your phone and now mark shown you. There is pie in once. We have more interaction or chat one of these days back in the old days and we like we had we will start dropping that stuff so people can see in the theater. Miss what we have the you know. Put the label of our lives as different. We should do. Maybe start up like a look at amigos one in like another one when i raised as title of our names right probably. Yeah it won't let us do it on the some random. Llc right is there has to be a phone dedicated to it work. Well no yeah. That's an ipad or something ipads yet. i don't have iphones. Oh yeah. I do but i mean can you put on an ipad. Why why would you be able to any should be able to. It's still going to be registered to use some ally 'cause you have to. I don't know what i'm saying is we should have it to where you could have it. We've got a cool. He's already running late anyways. It will just go until he's ready. That's fine getting our episodes over multitasking. We are steph. We have a stephan meeting. He's our friend as absurd by casting buddy slash things are in works for twenty twenty one I don't know what else you wanna say there. This is just a rocky episodes since we start hitting. Yeah oh wow. This is a good story. Jeffrey epstein's eighteen our house of horrors to be demolished by the developer. Bought so house together to destroy the whole thing and build up again based on those photos or any documentary. Seen that house is pretty fucking outdated anyways updated. After fact it's still going to be haunt like the land is going to be haunted still from Like indian burial ground situation. We think yeah it's gonna be nothing but little teenage girls like leaving fucking Hairnets hairnets the. Your tire is everywhere. Just going to here around the corner like little girl giggling in that. Hopefully now like that. That's a dude. That chick from dodgeball reference. Yeah no not heard the one who they're they're playing. the girl. Scouts is on a couple of weeks ago and she gets banned because he was on a tranquilizer. Fucking steroids data bernice conference. Yeah i left her good times other news. We have dr dre coma. What now i made that up. But dr dre got. He had a brain aneurysm. he's already well is he. Equal what statement out immigrate. I'm recovering very well. Best steadily on your phone from glad followed it god.

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That was sad. I was scared for that one. I'm like no no no dre. We did not forget about you this time as you the as a us the beats and you seen the new apple headphones you wanna told me about him. Initially i see him. I haven't seen in person like you're right. You're right yes look weird but at the same time that you're right though. The derelict a million dollars in headphone price. They're a million dollars for real because these ones number normally go forward these like probably two hundred dollars or three hundred dollar ones out. 'cause bought bottom from someone shaly or their way and you brought him used no no. Oh you went through the guy i got. I got somebody and they were. They were cheaper than normal. But i would still pay full price for these again. Even if they are three fifty versus the apple Or they then much. Like if i turn my non now i can't hear the outside. That is weird that it does that like. I've had him plugged in. So i could hear you the whole time but then like when i turn them actually on e. and so it actually noise cancels you that way. Yeah so with. These being plugged in for me. Because i don't have some reason why bluetooth or whatever was working. So he's laptop It does it. Does noise cancel when they're plugged into. Oh so that's why. I have like one so outside can yelling as loud as i probably am the kids. Why do you hear them. But i don't wanna be like yawning you when when i stop young denver being loud but no yeah beats for me hands down even bird. I've had i've had the airpods about the airpods pro like the airpods. But they're they're shadier the knees which obviously you know. These are more sued Right i wasn't gonna take any. But i also did fuck up to users part. Look i wash them. Drop them to now. I can't really take phone calls too well with him. But i can listen to music fine in here like i like. I like the text message feature that has it will read to you. The shit that comes through like that. Yeah the airpods do that so seriously. It's hilarious because like sometimes when someone says like oh fuck you guys mark anderson says fuck you guys funny when it says a troy is choice says to marc albert andrew. This is saying the whole group is everybody. I'm gonna have to try to feature out natural. It's pretty hilarious. Had it up. I don't even. I don't i did it. I don't know. I wanna say when i did the pro. This would happen. So i did the pros right. I yeah. I did the pod for like the pros. So i bought the pros because they thought noise cancelling what i need. 'cause you know working from home and stuff i can noise lockout shit right. It didn't really block out as much as i thought it would in. I have some loosey goosey ear holes and they keep falling out. Be years of me. Penetrating might year holes. That your airpods yet airpods or the the the normal. You know these lonzo you know. They don't stay the airpods. Do not the pros or they get falling out on my locate. This is this is a recipe for disaster. Because my airpods they fallout break. Shit going in a water or whatever. Yeah i'm not going to deal with that. So i gave him the The wife into the wife in she. She likes him. Stand here. susan. F. loosey goosey years like i do. She didn't have your whole problems so bitcoin right now.

00:50:08 - 00:55:02

I got a notification as you were chatting. That dropped was what is it. Twenty thirty i guess. Thirty seven five. Thirty eight is now in thousand. Oh it did. It did dip thirty six. Oh at one point a good basically our saying with bitcoin staff is i think it has more as more volatile. Should we gotta by It like fucking taint to what nine hundred no close to a thousand us. Good yeah basically what we're saying when it comes to cryptocurrency. Listen year once a listener listening to this episode. Eventually eventually it. It's worth doing. Because i mean look eleven years ago even if you did this shit Now from other standpoints is going to be some of the ones we're talking about. You start now in ten years from now. Eleven years now. Hopefully even if it doesn't pan out is still didn't waste your time. You're still just looking at a button in your. You could be richer than you are. We can give this if have given to you already. What does that if you download the coin base at they give you free crypto to learn about specific cryptos. You can then take that crypto transfer it into your desired one or one of the interest bearing cryptos until you wait for like it's deep or something like that. I don't know based on precision but this is news to me like it. So basically i learned about a bunch of cryptos on on quimby. I used to use coin base all the time many many years ago cyber always had an account but recently they've gone in there. Hey learn about this new crypto. And we'll give you x. Amount of it is usually like you know anywhere from five six bucks of it. I've i've gained again. Fifty dollars worth of crypto. Learning about these other. Cryptos your right so you you. You're talking about like if you if you partake in like the coin based off the there's incentives to where you can actually make money to invest raised. I had had that money. And basically what i've been doing is shorting ethereal him and off oats. There's a Therion put it in. It goes up. Take it out and talking about a theory. I'm let's talk about that. So when we when i first started to get into the crypto stuff which like six months ago back in two months ago or was it was it two months ago three months ago. I dunno whenever we first started with pie yet grief four months ago when we first started with that a theory him just to give you an idea. Theory was like six hundred dollars. Five hundred dollars around there that we'll have even less less time than that. It was still still around there right by six hundred dollars. Look now two weeks ago maybe a now. It's doubled or maybe it's a little bit now today but it was twelve hundred dollars so that one that one's like the next one from bitcoin. That's one idea that basically says it's warning exactly the other one. I'd like to obviously give you know people. The possible thing that i think might happen is the digital coin or the dodge coin. Over that is new deal g eke yet that one the og. It's another crypto currency that will is backed owner is trying to be backed by elon. Musk it's not that i m. it's his crypto. so it's his krypton. So even better and and as i mentioned with you mean everything he touches turns to gold yet when it comes alon. He's got a solar company. Every time he tweets about his crypto. You see two hundred percent increase every third heard or seen this story that somebody told me that Apparently he's talking about changing his are issue for the company and giving it an actual bitcoin.

00:55:04 - 00:58:37

What instead of given our issue restricted stock units to his employees whenever he talked about changing it to a crypto currency to pay him out that way to dodge going could be. I mean that makes more sense. His bitcoin i mean why would you give. That's like that's like one coin at bitcoin right now. Every three nine thousand dollar bonus right. You know what i mean. But if he's given that and then greens value like i mean. Those people are going to be filthy. Rich million multimillionaires millionaires. I did i tell you my buddy was. He used to work at facebook. You told me. Yeah so he he lived here. Went school here in arizona and then You went for computer science at the local college and once he was done. He got an internship at yahoo. Kinda did his thing there and then got hired at facebook before they went public. Part of his salary plan was for him to get facebook stock. So the minute they went public he became a millionaire multi. Or just one million like just another either way. It's bad i know that. But it wasn't multi. Funding is like if you. I'm thinking like big win. Situation like early on if you put a thousand dollars in right and you held it i mean. Obviously there's going to be times in that eleven year span or still has some of it because it the came out in it. It spiked like fifty. Something did facebook when when the first. Ipo launched it was like fifty. Something wasn't it wasn't like drastic or anyone i landed. Yeah yeah 'cause. I've thought about my when it came out like fifty. I think it did down to thirty. And i was thinking of the time. I'm like i bet you this will be worth buying. Yeah in and i'm now you know who you know social media right. Who cares right us you well. Yeah because i. I actually i. Yeah okay. I can't even get you to like our stuff. I can't get you to log into. They migo step. Hey let's not talk about the the what you can do about what we can do together. It's what we are talking about. We're talking about whatever trying to change the conversation without changing the coverage in the work of sort of sort of all right. I guess he's ready. Let's just locked down all right guys. Thanks tuning into this crazy episode of maine no sense nope the last storm the castle. Let's recap storm the castle but as we talk about bitcoin. A last fifteen minutes has been great. Dr dre passed away back. This has been the migos. Pc make sure to like subscribe and review us on all your pod casting platforms. Visit us at amigos. C dot net for our entire library of content and amigos merch until next time audio.

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