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119. Stories of brothers Grim Carne Asada

If you're looking for a highbrow fancy smart regal podcast with hosts that love to talk about or shrouding badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos. Pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts should manigat and balls out craziness. Hit the jackpot. Is he goes. Pc and this is scott and mark. Welcome everybody no fun. Okay today's episode is brought to you by and headaches. Annex is the world's largest collection of official fan year from all the league's teams and players. You love if you enjoy our show. And you're looking to buy some jews jerseys for the holiday season sweatshirts hats you support by going to todd dot com forward slash fan medic. That's f. a. n. Eighty i see us. And you'll get twenty five percents off the next order. That's pod go dot co ford slash phonetics phoenix officially licensed everything. Ooh that was good. Thanks dan whatever. Whatever you can mute yourself. Do i sound like muffled. you know. Fix fix fix. I am number two billion better since joining us. I know we just need somebody to do. The buttons greatness joining us today is a longtime listener. First-time listener caller first time caller. That's what it is. Just kidding he has never listened to this show ever gel one time not one time. He hates me so much and i love being brother family. Yeah holiday season when your family like listen to your shit or do you know my my brother did for awhile over my mom and then that was early on which i don't know if that was good or bad i don't know i think we've contained down since then maybe yeah. I think we need to bring our antics back a little bit more. Like a put it out there. And i'm not saying like drop bombs or anything but i'm just albertson here Extra material somewhere. Yeah no yeah now. Getting a family member to come on. I think that's something that we haven't had you had a brother-in-law music experts. Yes that was one. Yes true so we are chatting off line over tantamount asada. Oh that's right so talk about jeff where he's at. He's in your hometown right. Yeah a place where carney osama doesn't exist at least that i'm aware of since i've left and returned really defined up all right. Is there a little. Have you been to any mexican joints in racine or wisconsin period. That has carney side. I know of one in milwaukee i. I'm texting mechanic right now. Asking him unless i've current surge by the way jeff's mechanic is hispanic so that makes sense so there's okay so is there any good mexican you would know. There's to mark has really good mexican food places in wisconsin. When our there are some that i like but they don't have carney asada laptop man. Top tia is good. So there are some good places do they. It's the last time. I was at laptop with or they don't they didn't serve Top attiyah topic to you do they do. They serve of now at restaurants earn. Oh what is top don't or he. It's hot sauce all us. He didn't he doesn't know that with a little red hat the hat on yet. I'm saying he doesn't ask did they. Allow okay first off. He's white okay. And then secondly he's from wisconsin so and buying white they get is sultan and pepper or pace.

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Picante place that. I know still way too spicy. No way really. That's like the remember that one time you needed chip. No that was different was different. That's what spread the anything can be on taco bell. Mild sauce to them is extremely really. Should move there because that would fit in more with my spice level cardiac c. a. r. n. e. space eight ssd. but when. I was there when i was there. Only did the wisconsin food. They're brought and head. He's kurds and i had some of the local beer there. When i was there and i didn't i didn't even look. I didn't see any mexican places but then again it wasn't there long enough the fucking shit out what they always got out here there there everywhere but that's a little different. Obviously definite no like the best mexican joints are in danger plate like they're more authentic more. What's the one that always been going to the us. Darrow's asadollah norte mazing. We've asked carne asada in the valley. I go there all the time back when we were working at the bank. The old days buddy wanted phoenix area. That's where yeah there's good mexican joints like downtown chandler. There's toronto's psoriasis and gilbert to like it's not like there's more more like to me it's like a channel what it is now 'cause there's like so many of them yeah seems like he got back from what he say. He said the last time he had it with last year. Oh my god these we get open up a shop down. They're going to do. Even if you just serve the the fucking costco telling you there's one as there's a one mexican joint in milwaukee that serves carne asada and it's the only and they don't even know it right either. That's what i mean you could justify by the cost. The costco ships good. You're the costco. They don't do they don't have you don't have kosco there. No they have costco there. But i'm saying the continental serve county a little thought that obviously cosco's big chain a big box store. They're going to serve the people that is in the region. so they're not gonna send carne asada up till wisconsin. Because nobody fucking tells me it'd be like one of those downtown gilbert for like a chandler. Were they're trying to revamp. The area like south park. They had that thing where they had a whole foods and they made a whole area based off of it right. That's something you can do in like wisconsin plucking setup a spot had these people try and everyone's like gets so fucking good. I know you ready down. Untapped market the cats honor nice catterick nutrient notice nutrition. Now it just. It just adds here so jeff. Our audience doesn't really know. You obviously tell us a little bit about yourself. You all right. So obviously my name's jeff marx. Brother i i work opole nine to five and then i also work with mark on the side. He's my hand. I'm took that's good. I'm in hey. If you're willing to pay my way so the matter the fee you'll do it. Hey man we all got a price point. That's true that is true. Every every man has as a as a as a price whether it be five billion dollars or five dollars twenty bucks or twenty bucks. I'm just saying you said say no homo sapiens. As long as good. That is the rule no class all right so the gay to that. what so obviously you're mark's brother you work with them a little bit you step on the side about it. What do you do for fun. Out there in the wisconsin world drank.

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That's what we do. I mean that's called stories a lot of good. I mean we've got a ton of bars out here man and during the winter months. We just get hammered. During the summer months we have all two months. We try to get out to the beach call. I mean i know it's called northeast but it's not a league right right there but i'd like in racine. They have a place called north beach. Even kenosha has good coastline. But it's sand looks like a beach. The beach was that like michigan. But then you know you get in the water and you see the three fish and the fish lake michigan is dirty. Water is disgusting. When i was there. I was in michigan sign. I was looking at the ocean or whatever that is. I mean the other side. It looks like a fucking yeah ocean. That was my first taste of lake michigan. Which around my my mechanic. He goes he goes. Why why do you ask about the thought. I said my brother at arizona's talking shit about wisconsin. Boys you think everything up. Oh so. They like stopped. The import of the fucking. Apparently he can't get himself as a lot. Make it himself. Arl marinated beef. I know pretty much what it is. Tackle wait no. It's flank steak marinated. Flank steak beaten. Okay i'm getting more specific with it but but it it sounds like it doesn't sound that great amy but it's amazing no yes. It is made an easy chopped plight away the sent me up. Just come down and take you to a some authentic place or the next time. I'm here we'll go to the milwaukee joined again. They don't do a right but it's it's passable for a white guy saying that there's a big problem because you know no. Yeah no mexican food. Did you know that rival rivas anymore would've changed her toes. Just put it at the end of the revoke riva bird. Boroughs reba burto. Yeah that's that's one of our big things here. I don't know if you've probably never heard of it. Philibert those is like are mostly had it. He has a yeah he because he visited one year. Oh yes so. He doesn't remember. But that's kind of like our next step up from taco bell may be like i wouldn't say it's the basket when people don't have the mazy or when you go to a good one. They have good food. So what you're saying is when you want to eat mexican food but you don't wanna blow your whole out blowing your will be as bad as taco bell tall. I mean the ingredients are a little fresher. Can taco bell even consider themselves like food at this point i. It's hard for me to say that they can consider themselves mexican american than anything would totally agree. I would agree with that. You see what they have now. They have a grilled cheese. Yes i've had he wrote me. It's fucking good. at setting. fire tackled. Bill is good. It is good. But i wouldn't say no you don't put it put it in against goarmy filiberto but alkyl bell. It's actually good. So i had it good looks great. Let's try that so you're out you've gotta one. We weren't that impressed. Yeah but it was good enough to like finished it right. But i don't think i would get oh really love if i had to go to taco bell was if the taco bell was the choice like yeah. That's probably true. Because i even tried to have these chalupa things like these. I don't know what they were going to new chiluba. Okay fuck. i don't know. I was like they're special new thing right. I tried that comes so you know what's better than those.

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You know what disappoints me a lot with with taco bell the doritos taco. That's what he likes to say. You don't like that. Oh it tastes like steel. Dorito chip it. Y'all get it weird that up here. It's amazing i mean to me. It tastes like it's steal dorito chip. I've only had a couple of times troubled. I'm not a big fan of it. Like i wouldn't get it. Yeah but what is not bad. I can't say that it's i know i know you jeff. You said that you liked that. But before they started all this crazy shit right with the doritos and whatever like what are like your two favorite things from taco bell. Not like from the newest menu. I always go with a a case of those things on fire and then fire like foods or nice And then the other thing is. I really mask with the cheese roll ups man. Those are actually pretty good. Had those third you gotta ask for them out there on the menu. Will they are here. They're on the menu but they're they're like a takito kind thing. All melted cheese in. It is good. What about you says. What's my go-to your favorite things. Before the new menu cheesy gordy crunch. Okay and the grilled stuff grilled stuff frito not grow cheese one narrowed normal one the first period that was better to me than the cheese. Motte mine is the chicken case. India like that thing is bomb all the cases. I don't know it. I don't know if it's the sauce. Good is what makes it And then a supreme taco supreme soft taco like i i could always eat supreme soft taco from taco. Both pretty good. They are pretty tasty. I'll give up. So that's the supreme the reto local on that. That's that's my go-to for real tight. And i don't think. I tried the supreme trust the pre game meal. I'm sure they're surprised. Like every time i go through that i'm like all right. Let me get one. Just one just one. We'll talk still the latest thing that stays open racine right. Yeah they'll really. There's nothing else that walmart walmart doesn't even say more. Cool shit on wisconsin. Everything shuts down right around ten ten. Tell them the alcohol laws in wisconsin. At least when. I was shit go ahead. After after nine o'clock you can't get hard liquor. After i think ten or eleven. You can get beer unless you go to like three or four. Different like go gas stations and that's only til midnight. That's fucking stupid. So when i flew in in the summertime meeting in august so we flew in your hanoch time. This year i flew in. We got we flew in wisconsin. Because we're supposed to go to michigan but we couldn't fly into illinois because illinois had a two week quarantine sir like our jesus fuck that. Because i would have been a quicker drive to michigan. We flew into wisconsin to then drive to michigan so when we flew in our car was not there so we didn't have a car. Apparently the car was all fucked up and they didn't save the rental people beast out fucking said what you're on your own. What's the next place. They wanted to charge like three dollars. More fuck that. We're going back to the hotel. We're going to fight these people from the hotel we get back to the we get to the hotel. We walked to the gas station. 'cause living in arizona. We go to the gas station beer. I walked there. It was like nine o'clock walked to the gas station. They're like oh it will have liquor here. We we stopped serving or something was one of those things. I'm like what nine o'clock could've still bought ear though they'd have anything all they didn't have anything like you have to get to go to the grocery store like okay and we couldn't go to grocery store because we have a car with so did you was your hotel near the airport.

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Yeah sort of but not really but it was fuck. i remember. it was a hilton. No city like weird place. The hilton doesn't even charge that much. So let's closest hotel to the airport. No because it was it was a drive off the loop and then can't really fucking explainable. You're the loop and then we're there. we're far. The red roof in was a shitty hotel was not too far off. It wasn't a brand name. But can you tell us like one of the you see. A place called the airport lounge from your hotel. Is that still a thing. Is it still there okay. That's pretty cool. So it's not. It's not a sure club anymore. You know it's not cool. It's bad do they. Serve liquor inside strip clubs in wisconsin. Yeah that's good. I never the girls girls in there are like there's got stretch marks squad maybe the c-section squad your primetime hours. That's so sad that's like here. we have well. I don't know if it's even open. I love this. we're reminiscing about. There was a place over. Aj's yeah junctions. Kind of arc in the flame later. Who whatever is your plane desert. It is still open my My wife i reigned. Or when i first met her. My wife's friend used to be one of the baristas. Right makes coffees. Yeah well the makes drinks or serves a drink. she doesn't make them obviously. Not the the waitress. Yeah waitress there. You got your church it up. I'm trying to make it civil sound better. She's also clients. I can't oh yes shoes it. she was. Sure exactly. Get your starbucks order. Yeah she'll go. I mean that's what they do right. They make it's talent in a sense. They're gonna make it happen. We're going to go down and get your fucking starbucks and bring it to you while you're in your pants at the at the flame. I i need a yeager bomb. And i'd like to maybe get a little bit. Closer to star rasmin star rasmin. She just gave her name which is probably the airport. Lounges identical. what are the alcohol. Laws out there. Then there isn't any fuck do while west when you want liquor. We'll get it no. They stopped serving at two. You can't bypass to that's it and then you can't buy until six this gonna lose. Yeah bud politics before six. Yeah where circuit. Oh really oh. Wow before on the weekend sunday. It was like five thirty. Earliest beer is kind of. I don't know what the rule is. But i know six was a thing so maybe grocery stores and six. Maybe maybe i. I've gone perpetually drug no zona unless you're by like asu mill maybe downtown fee. Now and i'm really downtown phoenix either. But alcohol really isn't like a. It's not a lifestyle like it is in wisconsin. That was weird pussy. Nice i have no choice mean a cat is going to town and i think we'd is bigger here than it is and then alcohol is bad as in like people like irl lifestyle type. Yeah because cbd's kind of getting ahead but that's everywhere think think so isn't it legal over there is now. We'll be in february market is now it is. It's been voted. They can't like dispensaries. Can't sell it recreationally until february marjorie. Just depends on when they get their license and shit like that but you can grow plants in your house right now. You can donate them to a friend if you want to. I was telling a buddy of mine that the working by bicycle seats at. I told you my uncle. Oh yeah he does whole thing oklahoma. Yeah but what does he groped. Obviously but is it like certain strands you say.

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Hey gimme two. Not give the him. And i don't know how to grow or do anything like that. So why at this point you can do. They have sexy by online. Fucking bill go. Yeah essentially like. It's like a box that you get right and you get. It has a big fucking light. Sits up basically like how we built the shelves right connect connect mechanically fucking plug it in and put two plants on faith dude inside. Yes inside hydroponics. And it's on a fucking drip system. Already i don't want flour them like for me. Yeah i want oil like my thing is like i mean i guess i could do always to prepare myself because every time i do. Gummy oh my god. This ain't shit. And then i do a fucking another one. That's yeah that's right. Oh yeah. But i already. Yeah you would know that you think that. But that's not how it works. 'cause you're having a few drinks you're enjoying yourself. You take a gummy nothing. Other another and then an hour later. You're like this is fucking shit. Can you help me get home. Yup i told you about the brownie with albert right in his brother. No no okay so might of one. These was the one from worse. He told me over the so workload. One my buddy bill. Gone me this fucking brownie. Because he's had his causing homemade and ever since. Medical marijuana was from the store yes from the sort. I'm his own homemade brown. And i'm like okay. I been sitting on it for whoever knows how long that was no luck with. Oh like physically. So one day. I'm gonna end up going to hang out with albert and in his brother at his house. We're just hanging out at a drinker. And i got this brownie. Us wanna do so all right. We'll just split it in three fucking baby. Burden of catnip is fucking eating him. The cat baby burdened. This is going on youtube by the way. So the cat a weird reverend. No he'll be on youtube on him. It cat so yeah. I have this brownie. We split in three We start each take a third or whatever albert or robert it might either twins one of 'em only did half like on student to happen and then we're sitting there hanging out whatever and it came up and browning can really seem like it was shit along. I at least an hour hour and a half. Lvs you gotta know what hits no. You just need you for me forever. It's one hour our three one and done three hours to let it fucking do its thing. And then you know it's going to hit so then There's like a little chunk left because one of them didn't eat the entire half and so nearly no want it in the meat and it was albert. That he he's the one. Because roberts split so we aided and then i'm like man this fucking thing. It's not doing shit. I'm gonna go home guys. So i go home drive home. I get home. Plugged us what he said. This is the show we run two years now. Fancy right to overthrow yet. It is over two years. So then i get home and i'm like i fucked up buck in. I need asleep this off. the world is ending. The walls are melting. I like you don. I had a couple of drinks and that was it. And i was just like fucking gone. I go lay down. And i'm lamps can sleep this off. Let's sleep us off. I wake up a few hours later. I'm all like holy fuck. The world is being this pool. Healy like i. Yeah even after a few hours sleeping. And i'm talking. I got home fairly early. Eleven maybe right. And then i woke up like three or four and i'm like this is not cool.

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I needed to sleep. Woke the you went back to sleep still and woke up around ten and i was still like kinda fucking feeling it. I'm like i can kind of function. Still saw imminent. You know do but he was not was a no. Your first time was no no. It was just ending for everything. I couldn't even function nothing hilarious. What was your jeff. What was your worst high feeling it. Now he's doing this. Podcast is the worst ever policy and they were built when you were up here. The mitchell wagon lov downtown Mobs third huge apartment. I wanna roy buddy's house and he had made himself Gravity bomb out of shoe leader. A water bonham. Yeah grabby box And he his bathroom was so big. He had a futons in it for what he would smoke. He would smoke in his bathroom and use the van to blow it out that my new house put down. And so those first time. I'd ever tried a gravity bomb and he's like all right take brought to you can into the chest and blow out so i took steps to the head. That's where you fucked up. I've never done that. You've ever done like a water bong. Well yeah longtime ago. Not the ones we're like you blow right. Yeah only those with that the one where you like russia no never done those one. Oh shit okay. Yeah that's what he saw. I've never done that. I know he's talking about if you've ever done as like direct into your fucking i was so fucking high. I could not stop coughing. I felt like i was in his bathroom for two and a half hours off multiple times he walked in and wasn't dude rested apartment. Members are gonna call the police. You need to stop coughing. I i ed. And i was probably high for the next like eight hour easily. Duly all bob man. That's crazy. you only a crazy story. had i've done. I've had the brownie stuff and that didn't really okay. We had a we had in the wife. One time thing where we had a way legally back in the day okay. I married young and we tried some and then they were like the homemade ones right all like the ones you know. Probably one has all the puck and doesn't right probably gonna brownie. Yeah who knows so you do the one and you don't feel anything and then you do more because you're not feeling the same kind of stick you had and i didn't have a bad episode but my wife did that time. She was having a bad and then the one time for me. When i was really young. I was really gonna had normal smoking not brownie flower or something. I think it was lower because back then the vapes definitely which is crazy to say so back then we had some of that and then it was was the first year. You're two that was out on my own place. But i had roommates shit but i was hired and three in the morning two in the morning i was up cleaning the house because at the house. Check on me. I was cleaning the house and making sure that nothing. So i was so afraid that she was an like yell at me. Like come check on me and what's going on nothing. I'm cleaning fucking to three in the morning. Have you guys talk liquor. Maybe that's what it is like liquor panoramic then all of a sudden.

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It's like oh shit. Because ever done a dab i have that was so you know i died once because i did a damn like that is like that's different than vague though right yes so. That's like a glass bong. You're basically in a. It's a myth myth. We'd it's fucking ridiculous and i. I took like a whole new high. Yeah i took a baby of it. The smallest little fucking thing in i was fucking gone is basically like the is like the royals but in a concentrate. Yeah but in a like a like a two or whatever like a crack pipe in a sense right it that way so yeah well the thing looks like a fucking crack pipe right. It's it's got like this little cylinder last cylinder that show up and then you just put the shit on there and it smoking. So it's kinda say this from legal everywhere. Hollywood do it either way. But it's concentrate. So it's like fucking that carmel shifted comes in chunks has nuts in it crystal meth. Poppy arrogant top be like joke. Tober owner bolt trickle berry berry. No that's type of weed is it probably probably has like pineapple express. I can't fucking think the name of the northern lights very very tasty. mba me. I'm going to have that one at night. Isn't that the one that i kept telling you need. I need to get this. The northern lights lutheran the strand that i had. It was so strong. The girl that i was hanging out with at it in a purse in a bag in another bag in the garage and you open the garage and immediately smelt flower than right like like the itself. Tell him about your favorite. What is my favorite pebbles. Oh it's was also very tasty for several that one. Albert's favourite to it. Yeah i think so too because man that was like dude. I mean you had it in the vape pen and you're like dude. Just do one hit just him anymore and fuck and we had already been drinking. We just finished the podcasts. In a molecule. And we try. Before i go home so by the time i get home. I'll just be high at home and not here right. No no no no. Just take one. i think. Help drive home that day or some earn newborn. Both you guys. Wow we're done our. That was the first time albert at he'd loved it. That was that was a. That was good ido that was not a bad one. That was the first one that i really liked. Because i remember because there. There's some that you get tell you what though yeah. I don't know if it's like that down there. But when i was in colorado i had this chocolate all the shit that those edibles out there are so insanely potent. It's like oh my god dude. I had this much of the chocolate. I was high for like six hours easily. Planning to go. To oregon oregon. Oh shit we need a minute. That's pretty close to your. He did i. I will because you know what happened right. So everything is decriminalized every briefing everything cocaine. Heroin have whatever you could have any president on you. What do you want to do. yeah. I've always wanted to try showroom. I've never told of fucking anywhere that at all over the fucking form line out there. Yeah i've i've never had it. It's a shame. I know no. It's not a shape. Never had either. But i wouldn't fucking crazy crazy. I've done Mushrooms and acid at the same time. Oh jesus that's what we saw.

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You've talked to him for three hours that it was definitely beatles everywhere like it was yellow submarine had to beyond listen move. Yeah at some point. It wasn't like we just heard it. No so at some point the thought into my head of like it sounds great right now the beatles really need to see it a yellow submarine and one of the you say see yet so then we had to put it on which luckily we could still function actually put music on And yeah you. Yellow submarine had to be on repeat constantly flowers everywhere. Let's love flower. Flowers is really what fucking ended my night when with that because soon as i started seeing flowers everywhere i had to throw up. That was bad and the thing is is like it wasn't throwing anything because eight earlier that day and so the only thing that is in my system is fucking acid and we did chocolate dipped mushrooms so essentially somebody. Somebody crushed up. Some mushrooms in in put melted chocolate and made a mushroom cap of chocolate while it was delicious because mushrooms taste disgusting so eating chocolate instead of mushrooms is delicious. That's crazy so now we know what book list is. He needs to do mushrooms which could be. Easily foolish oregon. Which is that other states that legalize mushrooms and he was colorado. Was it it was there was another state that legalizes maybe in washington. Dc or washington. State washington legalize microdosing. They didn't legalize much like strict microdosing mushroom of mushrooms. A pill form down so basically the army suitable get the money but all they're doing is they're just taking crushed a mushroom and they're putting in one little capsule and then he goes nineteen dollars. That's the real. yeah. I got some news stories. We're gonna talk about so. There was a a man dead after having medical emergency of flight united. No way that happened today flight. Five ninety one was converted to new orleans monday monday. Fuck though this is the story for from today money was basically someone was really sick on. The plane died on the fucking. Everyone's thinking it's not and related so imagine that everything they blame me but imagine if it was that all these people were like probably fucking corn t imagine being on a plane. Dude is nowadays. got the norm. Yeah some of the scream out. Is there a doctor on the plane. Jeff now it's like. Oh my god we all have it. That's the difference right now. Well my god raw sick then panik happens for everybody versus in the actual specialists like stands up all like what are you supposed to ask for me my lack of empathy. But if if an old do died next to me in a plane. I would just kinda put by j. Just put a blank here slightly. Do you li- you lean him. You leaning against the window fuck you. Don't say anything. He's fine he's fine. He's just taking a nap. Grandpa i mean what are you really going to do on a two hour plate for real. Yeah because that fucks up native estimate because now you're in new orleans. He weren't going to new orleans. You're probably going to fucking decks or some shit right so they had an fuck the detour. Let him sleep in the window. And then he's dead where we need to go in. The family can take his body to where he was fucking going. Probably connect flight. That sucks. well that's up to the fame and he was actually connecting with four other people. We've gotta sit on the plane with him. Uncle uncle uncle dave's dead weekend at bernie's airplanes. They could be awesome home.

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In addition dragging past with fucking dead bernie everywhere in cova now the other store that have which is hilarious so as anyone heard the story about tom cruise recently. Oh god what did he do now. Tom cruise is. I mean mission. Impossible seven i was going to say mission impossible fifteen but if they have the same thing seven so he had a rain earlier in the week where he was getting mad at people because they weren't wearing their mask king. What rights. He was getting mad at my k. Now when you fucking masks. I've told you guys or whatever. I pulled the camera and film them. Morgan eighty yeah couple days later. Three more workers at the same thing yelled at them and then they got these quit or could have got fired and then quit right so more teeth. He got him killed. Probably there now in scientology such for them. They don't kill people in scientology. Put them in prison him. That hill concentration camps and they work camps. Noth working can't say though we'll see them. Have you watched that scientology thing with What's her face from. i've only watched a few episodes. Don't he me yet. I mean it's been a while alpha while sima had tv. Okay on it's on. Netflix sounded all of them in the nuance. Yeah there's ones check that out. I watch lisa. Good three or four seasons of it okay. Got a bit of what she's claiming and what's crazy. She even speaks out to. What's going on here. But the news that i was bringing up here before you go on what you're gonna say he's been wearing this. This fucking is bain masks. Shut the fuck up this one. Oh the one with the fucking respirators. George has one like that. So here's the funny thing. I'll scroll down. Scroll down so you can see it. Mission mass. not easy. Warrants amassed his bain massive. He wears is protecting him. So he's been calling these people out saying. Hey you're fucking wearing your mask you're not doing. You're supposed to learn a bullshit mass. If literally every time out yet every time you breathe in the things open up. Yeah and they did it yeah. Let's everything in a workout. Yes what it is. Do you remember the mass that we did for promotion last week. Yes those are actual mass. That helped with shit because they like m. five yes five zero five. Yeah we don't. We're not we're not scientologists or anything. Like that and that was the other to a lot of people were saying. Oh you believe in luck in aliens. Drop babies into the volcano. The dc seven dropping them hear all g. You wanna hear something and crazy and you're going to be like why did you do that. You're dropping babies and volcanoes. Only with tommy and very. Tom hanks jones volcano the whole conspiracy. Oh shit yeah. Yeah him and the baby yet. No so Audible an amazon company amazon amazon company amazonian yet amazon they recently had l ron hubbard's dianetics toes sales for zero dollars trump mckinney. Give it away the even sell it. There's giving it away. They're just giving away as one of their books this month of giving it away of while they do every month they pick a bunch a selection of books. And if you're an audible member you get it for free So i decided. I was going to download it. I have not listened to it yet. Oh my god do you. So do dineh should actually want dianetics. From l ron hubbard. Now one thing. I will say this. I did because i used to follow frank pretty religiously. I left my job and the dude rank. He's a real estate guy. Patrick pretty eric. He's really aggressive. Yes very aggressive. I agree with that very arrogant. He in one of his books and then like if you listened to him regularly he'll bring it up he mentions l ron hubbard's dianetics and it changed his life when he went he read it.

00:50:17 - 00:55:07

So i'm gonna listen to it and see obviously did question for him and then listening to it light renewed or whatever. If you know about saint tells using had been it's been around for no. I mean on really famous too like ten. Yes i mean. He's been he's been around for a while in and done things by like he didn't. He didn't really take off until the recovery of everything started to happen. He started making money. We're going to say. I don't remember something about the dude. Oh no what i was gonna say is gonna listen to it and then you know what the moment he finishes listening to it. He's going to send it to me and say listen to this. It's going to change your life. I listen that one music podcast. Yeah no very good book. That's a very good book. Because you brought up. He brought up audible. Yeah donna you only one or the only one he sent me that was like i've told people they need to go. Listen to is rich. Dad poor dad. That book is legit. Pretty solid sweet years that the good one good one. I know of that. There is a book that is like ninety six cents on audible fucking expensive santo audible gets away with these prices What is it called. I think i sent it to you to jeff. My library brady player to buy ernest. Client seem regarded. Listen to that. It's not even out yet. Ready player to know the book. No not yet. It came on november twentieth. I already all its new. That's why i'm thinking it has no. That's that i'm gonna probably do next. Power of your subconscious mind. That book is fucking book is awesome. I love that book. Are you digging this. This track is a good little bit. Actually it's from a guy in milwaukee is it right. Yeah i bought it. I bought the rights from him. Or hell yeah. No i mean. I'm all about sport back home. I mean i'm sure you you kinda would know that even though like we bicker about fucking money all the time but Fucking trying to bring in theory. That's he goes by something else to some other different name. But that's name okay. But pretty solid man white dude crazy. Thank ego listen. Ready player to manage. Its dead it's awesome. Yeah it's wild. It's it's not like the first one so have you. Have you seen the movie ready player. One yeah okay. So how much better do you feel. The book is then the ant the movie and keep keep in mind what expert watch the movie. Okay and you watch the movie. I right before you read the book or listen to the app. Okay yep and keep in mind like watch the movie at. I really liked it okay. The move in the movie is by steven spielberg like he did this the do that date. Et did the did your drastic part did this movie. Yes so you're like okay. This is actually a pretty good movie. So then you ran or listen to the book right. Which and then. When i listened to the book could substantially better way fucking better. There are so many more eighties reference to like video games or everything. General nostalgia all over the place right and it doesn't have like that cheesy as death race that you start out with and ups and the bobi doesn't have like but you could you have you.

00:55:07 - 01:00:08

There's no way that they could have done the book in movie format. In my opinion. I mean yeah without making it like a two and a half hour movie i agree. I think it would have been even longer than that if you think about it. Yeah it's suppose. Because i mean he went off. He went at one point in the book. He went through like eighty six different planets to find the planet that he needed to find a finding keyed that they were attacking on tv. You know what. I'm saying like if it was a little bit counterintuitive but it was detailed enough to keep you hooked in the book. But there's no way they could have done that in a movie. We're talking about ready player. One o the steam solar movie. Yeah we're about the book your. Because i was looking for the book that i was gonna make mention of reading which is Power of your subconscious. Mind very good book. But then before as i was like screwing throughout the book you should read is ready player to and brought to kindergarten. Think this is the very first time on the dog. Kaffir time animal ever. We've had total get the wasn't say you're like our here's game. You're you'll be your jack hanna. That god damn carole baskin. He's our jack hanna. He's he's gonna be your hero basket. Your animal go kids or some shit. Oh oh yes oh. He's a legit animal. Yeah but i thought he got in trouble or someone looking got in trouble. I remember home. Berg brady talking about it. Jeff heating and trump. I think so. I think it did him or hits. Kilter jack hannes right of course. Of course he doesn't jack hanna. Yeah so he's like steve irwin but not popular. Well he was he had a couple of younger. Yeah he had a couple of shows on discoveries so sad jack box spare checking a box. Oh jack in the box. Google that before check box bucking stock. Price you're like you know what i think. They have white castles. Yeah i have one. It's in kenosha. Yeah that's the closest one. I don't have one. Yes within kenosha from where you are. You are like within ten minutes to a white castle from where your houses. I know where you live now. I and i know where the white castle is. It's close to you trust me. He's still doing his thing. Really somebody in his outfit got caught with kids. Different jack jack of lantern. What's no you're talking about that other dude that was on the tiger kings. The guy that had the sex call the don. Answer ansel got trouble. Yeah that you're thinking about net. Like doc doc hansel or whatever the guy with south yes he got. I'm sure he did. He was tired. Which is twenty. I all buck. She got that many women so follow him. Whatever that help a little bit. But i think it was more brainwash like chicks and like i say massive penis but that always person these guys elephants. He just walked brown boys walking all right boys. I think i'm gonna go to bed also the rest of your show. That's my notes are now is actually perfect timing. Jeff kenna that. You're leaving before we manage the show the next time you come on jack. Yup you have to leave before we ready to leave exactly you got to bring you gotta bring a new animal a raccoon or like a baby cubs bear.

01:00:09 - 01:01:17

What does that don't know. Don't bring the other animal now near dog. It's a cat. That's another young cat lady. He is he's definitely love. I do go to bed student. Go ahead deb. Puppy to go. You're not just a kelly. Now you guys are about to become youtube famous. I boys platter later. He's coming on later. This has been the migos. Pc make sure to lie. Subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platforms. Visit us at amigos. P c dot net for our entire library of content and amigos merch till next time audio.

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