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For a highbrow fancy smart regal podcast with hosts that love to talk about horseriding bad mitten and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is amigos. If you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts shenanigans and balls out crazy you've hit. The jackpot is is amigos. Pc and this is scott mark. Hello right i welcome all right. You struggle to find time and energy consistently eat healthy. Trust me margaret. probably on that. You're not alone in. There is a solution. Introducing fact introducing factor the all in one meal delivery service. That preps cooks delivers fresh. Never frozen fully prepared meals directly to your door weekly. Wow with factor with factor. It's called factor. I just realized that with factor every meal is designed by dietitians and handy handcrafted by the world class chefs keeping your taste. But happy in waistline line trim. What's more or you know what what's more the menu changes every week now factors offering listeners. A after i two weeks just go to factors seventy five dot com. Pick your meals. Use code pod cast fifty checkout time dr seven five dot com code podcast fifty. How did they live. I hit know senator. Okay now somehow. But i sound better. Because i can kind of hear myself yet either way so. I apologize to my apology to factor. The company factor didn't realize that was the name of the company. But that's very that's very that's cool. So they they bring you bring you food. that's not frozen good-quality shit to your house can't be cheap. That's for sure but fresh never frozen. Who is at wendy's yeah. Yeah so it's wendy's a windy earning of good food meal preps he'll press very cool dude. What longtime no podcast. Yes sorry Not really i well. It was kind of my fault. My fault in you're not you're either. We haven't had a lot of things going on life. We did have life so in death and so what happened was we had thanksgiving visit like two or three weeks ago. Maybe maybe maybe a month almost all month no way no way all right. I'll say i'll say two weeks. Maybe probably i don't know either way. So yeah it's been a while so we have thanksgiving thanksgiving was good a good time family whatnot. How you thanksgiving you. I technically had to thanksgiving is lucky so i had one with the rents so drove all the way up to whiz. Go to death in the family. We had a makeshift my step mom and my dad. Do not ever make thanksgiving because my grandparents always did but because of the passing situation so we made one while we were there and that was cool. Nice relaxed somebody. Hungry men meals like three four five yuliya nice so then we came back. We'll the thing is. We've been preparing for thanksgiving at our house. 'cause we always have our house now because you right so in your family comes over and you know everybody's basically gathered at our house to do. I mean not this year because of covid the normally right so anyways we are planning to do thanksgiving normally at our house so we make meal and everything so we still had turkey and a ham so last saturday. We made the turkey and the ham and things like that and and we came to a conclusion yet conclusion. Essentially we were done with turkey ham. So no oh What we're thinking was next year next year.

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We're going to get like a rotisserie. Her not a rotisserie turkey but original chicken from a cost under fries. You like right eight of them. Just one okay. Those aren't that big though i know. Oh because then we're gonna make the s topic. We all came to an agreement over here like we're back at the house. Where like turkey like i know turkey is like heritage when it comes to thanksgiving and like some people really like turkey but like in my house. Nobody really likes the turkey like what which like. What is your favorite finish. Your story elastic. But go ahead upton yes but everybody has eaten the hand like the ham you know. We have now thanksgiving leftovers so this entire week. Everybody's been making like ham sandwiches and everything else like the hams gone like even like leftover thanksgiving hymn is gone and i just looked over turkey that no one wants. Yeah exactly years okay. So you guys don't like leftover turkey stuff like turkey sandwiches any of that stuff. I mean. i'll eat leftover turkey sandwiches. I'm just not a huge turkey family. It's just too dry for me. You like turkey. Oh okay thanksgiving's the only time that year well you have turkey and turkey. Sandwiches like not subway sandwich from newspapers. Yeah yeah. I like turkey that way. Yeah but i'm not gonna the only time i have. Turkey is going to be other than a sandwich. Avenue is thanksgiving like we make it. Yeah all where we went to When we used to work at the big bank and we go downstairs for sandwiches. And i got the thanksgiving was a place called. I can't think of it right out. Yeah capriossi's yup cabriolets. They have a thanksgiving sandwich with those nance. Shit as bomb with fucking cranberries in it. Which only crammers yeah. That's that is a good granbury stuffing turkey. What is your favorite thing on thanksgiving foodwise. And then i'll ask what your favorite foodwise everything on thanksgiving stuffing kinda. Yeah stuffing in turkey. What i what. I miss the most with doing like. I need to make my own recipe for stuffing. Okay to to wear something that i like. Because i tried to remake my grandpa's every year and i fuck it up but it's still you. They made homemade stuff versus. I mean i'll eat solves out. I'll eat stove top. But but i prefer to be home by komei to when i was younger. I did like only stuff top like when someone made like. Why are you putting like weird. Like why are there cranberries or like what the wisest in ear. What are you doing. You're ruining my stove. Top basically what. I you know when i was younger but as i got more involved in thanksgiving people bringing stuff and whatnot. You get the homemade stuff and there's some that are really good. This year is really good. Everything's really good. And yeah i would say the same things. Don't ernest uptight stuffing in turkey or my your favourite. You go to for the what about what what about turkey the like for me. It's it's i think you're not a i don't know if you're prepared it possibly as well as because you can make it to where it's more moist which is crossword to say but you can make it more juicier when he if you if you smoke it comes out juicier. I can't imagine smoking. I've never smoked one. And i've never met and i've never fried friday. Yeah never find this year. Yeah that's cool. Yeah so we have. We had a fried in an smoked. Honestly i couldn't tell it's about time we ate. It was kinda already passed time on the had a couple of drinks and me. I don't really remember which was which. Oh you're mean like that either. One would be different because if you leave the skin on your just frying the skin. I mean yes. You're cooking it inside but you're not you know what i'm saying like it's not i don't know i've never done it myself. So yeah powdered or what to do but But it was good. It was good. Couldn't complain my hand. Though that i made this year was just talking about. How like fucking leftovers. Either fucking god so good and that doesn't say used to so growing up. We had ham. We had him in turkey. Yeah now that. I've married ray and we have in our own little situation what we do as giving nobody does hand really i like him.

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Yeah i do like ham in turkey. So i i can both and it's good to have them but my wife has always been like. Oh no you. Do you do ham on christmas. Yeah my no no no you do fucking old and then you do him on thanksgiving tonight. When we grew up i feel like we grew up in the same way in life alternate universes. I swear i was here. And you're in wisconsin. Yeah is it because no one. No one else believes the same thing of you. Run into other people. Don't think the same thing. No 'cause when i started doing well no because i i met my wife in like we were having a family over and i was like no. We're going to do a turkey and a ham. Monique was all about. She's like yeah the more food. Better right but Not not to make your sound like but she. She had known someone likes food. You like food but her. Her family is specifically. Her mom was like. Why are you making a ham. It's good yeah and when it's left mike leftovers are good with. Am saint to me. Same turkey with beautifully agree. But i mean. I'll do a turkey sandwich i i do. I don't what else you can do. I know people like turkey soup and ship. Yeah that's weird. I think. I mean. I wish phone. I'm not a big soup person. You know what. I mean since i mean look at me. You're probably use more superman life either way but so that was good. So i had that. And then and then fried. You're the next day her that weekend right we had the we had the we had the fight tyson. Vital at all. Okay so you save money that good for you so i did watch it and it was an it. Wasn't you know. put it this way. It was it was cool to see tyson fight again. It was lame how they ended at which i guess. I can't really spoiler alert because it's probably anywhere in everyone's already seen now but basically it was like a draw they just they're just fighting for fucking fund which is kind of what it was about. You know these older retired dude fighting it out and and just having a good time. I mean the music was cool because they had a lot of snoop was there that was khalifa. They had like a whole bunch like music. Artists like they would do like these little breaks and do stuff the jake. Paul fight was kinda like it wasn't i don't know if it was worth the money but it was. It was worth the distraction as far as being. Good that we can all wanna see. Yeah and now is it and then after that took place when we watched it we found out that somebody at that event ended up having a covid. So then we he's you and quarantine and quarantine as another reason why we weren't podcasting in. We did remote stuff but we waited. And now we're back in and well. That's when you wanna record again. I was i was. I already assumed we're just gonna do remote but then you're like well i can go to the office. Yeah okay. let's talk about too. I mean i don't know whoever has been with us for a while downright day one or whatever writers checking skulls still watches. I dunno whatever knows. Yeah anyways leaving office. This is her leave in this location here the end of the month or looking for a new place. Then we're gonna wanna talk about big picture stuff now or do. We want to wait on that. Maybe but either way we're going to be shutting down and then we're going to be doing probably remote stuff i think for a while a little bit. We've found a plate final place that was set up new shop in another place. And so yeah. That's kind of what's in that. We don't necessarily have to do remote stuff. i think. Come to your house or are we just go somewhere doesn't matter we can just meet up somewhere in setup where all right. We'll talk about that. I don't know. I don't know you're talking about that. Seems weird immediate information guys at fucking mcdonalds podcast again. Could why not why not working on it. We've done it in bars before. What are they gonna tell us. You guys can't be here with your microphones promoting your place. Oh kick-ahead state live at the mcdonald's on thirty second and thunder and we've only been stabbed once. Why are we going to the west side recorded mcdonald. i wouldn't. We're already in the east side hood where we are now Yeah so that's that's kind of what's happened.

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The past couple weeks. I had the contact of the of the virus. But nothing like my family's good. I'm good ones. Nothing sparked up yet happened. And i think we're good. Did you notice that. It's getting closer closer their conversation so the people around us you know because you hear about stories at couple of states away. Maybe a family like we had family. My wife has family in washington. When i hit that first round and like april and may she got it got it then right so so that was kinda. The one like family hit there for me. Nobody in like mom. Oh on my dad's side. Somebody got him. My my aunt's husband ankle. He got it and he often these already backward to but he had like two weeks and then and then now like you're saying things are getting closer. He had one closer. Like as you know your wife sister or anything like that. 'cause that's yeah For you yeah. The stepfather in law. Except that with you know that. So he someone within arm length to him at work like because he stands a machine. Does things someone next to him. Basically got it then he needed. Yeah and then. He needed to to stay away from people. He didn't tell anybody that he needed to stay away from people until i had seen him after. You know after it's already had happened because we're kind of talking about business stuff. Yeah so then. I'm like really dude. Wow so then. I'm like okay. I need to stay away from people. So i did for a little bit. And then finally he got his test results and he was negative. Go back into civilization for a little bit so my run in my guy that i knew he had so. He got the test before thanksgiving. Yeah we hung out with them at thanksgiving and then we hung out with them on saturday. Which was after the instrument and sunday. We found out that he had it so it was like he could have had it. I don't know so you got tested. Didn't get the results back. No no head and it was negative. Okay and then he started and then he and then that sunday he couldn't taste or smell anything so it must have been a false rude false negative apparently but talk good. I mean we knock on. Wood dodged the bullet there. But yeah like now my now. My wife's sister might have had it. I don't know she's got tested. But she's feeling suga siltation smell but she doesn't know if she has that or if she has something at it the whole dang. That's that's gonna told you that they thought at i so i don't know without the test through that so probably two hundred percent. Her brother also got a two year to cut it and he's already back to work but so yeah so it's getting closer and closer you know. Luckily it hasn't been like in our household. I guess that'll be the next upright which that's basically right on. You can't basically. And then my son. He went to wyoming wyoming. He went there for so he flew to fuck in whenever lanting's giving el he went over. Thanks so basically they use a part of the whole. You know the news like oh. Don't listen he went and fucking to. That came back on the monday. After thanksgiving and i told him when i was picking them up from the airport and i you know just you know we are around somebody that we just found out the day before so either you probably might have got something on the plane or maybe we got something. We don't know we'll see what happens. Man obviously not have. But you know we're all pretty good about going wyoming from smalltown italian casper. Oh i wonder how far away is from ben. No clue but she went up. There have been up there. Never first trip going alone. So it's kind of this is getting older what Why did he go. He went met some friends of his. He's been talking to like sounds weird. Say the internet's he on the internet's video games. Back alive so i mean wyoming. Never could have felt there yeah. There's a lot of places to hide bodies so crazy hunting accident.

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that happened. yeah so he made it back with good ben reynolds from small town ming healthy. I don't think that's the last thing that sounds good. Ben johnson never been funny on twitter. I have covert. i don't wanna keenly office thinking. I'm good and then you give it to me and i five no i probably. I would probably give you that first before giving you kobe. Yeah high five is no i was thinking the actual high five no so like there's a slang on about it. Yeah thank for hiv really. That's funny you'd give that to me. I gross gross. Now you're going to go home back. I have high five five for marco. What kid it get away from me. She would probably get it. And i don't understand it and she knows that she's like oh what did what she's more in tune with shit than. Why are you guys touching each other first off quarantine are- supposed to be six feet apart. I think right. That's close enough. Yeah whatever Speaking of kobe is shoulder to that. Show there's a ruler here that it probably is. I mean. Multiple rulers dealers aren't sixty long. Yardsticks yardsticks for six hundred yards are thirty six inches care to those all right. So he's to penis links course speaking of kovin so we always read the story. Say i can't believe that new around for awhile. That's his oldest rat no way read so much cooler. Does rodney rodney something else eighties referendum. That was angered since nineteen eighty. So a kobe read about. So we're here in arizona. We have the cardinals. Arizona cardinals fitzgerald actually. Had it before thanksgiving. And i remember hearing the store that he had it right or has it or had it right and i didn't realize that he had it so badly he lost a good amount of weight like he lost nine pounds. He still cannot taste. He's already skinny. Ready yeah he can't taste or smell still after getting a before thanksgiving and it was just a big battle. He said no he can understand. It may see his story. As i understand how people are going through so much with the shit because it's beat him up so crazy not to talk about negative negative sad well clearly. That was positive because he made it he made it cove it. He was positively covert and now he's safe without high five. Yes that's our covert talks so we had scares around us. Which i'm sure as we you know everyone continues to do what they do. And it's bound to probably hit some people. But we have the the vaccine the vaccination vaccination coming which i don't know if that's going to do anything or not but we'll see hopefully lee slows down the hospital panic and get back to some normalcy. Hopefully what are your thoughts on the vaccine. Not that if we're gonna take it or not so many people are saying that i don't care because that's I think it'll help. Herd immunity agree. I think it's going to help. I think is going to help. People are people are going to take so they could. I don't i don't see lines because you just go to a doctor and they give it to. You could see lines. Where when i haven't seen it yet but that's what i'm saying like like it's not like they're going to just set up some shit at the superdome and be like here. Come get a shot. But that's not how it's gonna work. There's just going to. It's going to be at all the walgreens and the cvs. Yeah and there's gonna be lines now not so much here. I can just see those maybe in the dryers going to be okay. Put it this way. Even if there's not there's going to be one place that does and that's where the news is going to be. Yes in its anxious. Show that that. Oh my god we're running out it's gonna be walgreens it's going to be one walgreens and the hood that's running out of shit that they say they just got around the didn't get the most.

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They didn't get a shipment. One day nine left on the lines across building a news crew will be there because that's what they love. That's going to give you the panic that you want to go and stand in line in wait. I want panic. Panic panic panic at the disco disco. Doesn't i like that. Panic is alec. That pain hit good. The one time. That kind of screwed me with him is. I listened to them one time. We gotta do this before. We leave heavy backpack. What does that. Oh shit the mask we have to wear. Yeah we just got take a pitcher. Oh yeah sorry. we're talk. Talk talk about mass. Masking it up next The other thing that i was going to bring up we were. Oh yeah four hundred news on loves that. Yeah we talk about that often. Pornhub course do accent execs again Red tube so there was a pornhub news which dot com. I'm sure most of our people have side note on you porn. No no so four news fund the story. I guess we should enter. Yeah like openly talking about it earlier like it was a walk. Had the story. They're basically what happened was without finding the story yet. There was the mastercard and visa basically is now starting to lawsuit or whatever the premises to take legal action against pornhub because they found some child abuse rape videos or some things are linked to purchases through their to their sites or through their card usage of buying the stuff and so now basically pornhub is like now having to censor their stuff and make sure what's being uploaded which to me honestly. They should have been doing this ship before case. You know you don't wanna be putting on bad shit e-verify that's true. You get a video. How do you verify that person is the license or like what. Do that okay wadi. President obama need year your birth certificate. No i've already. I've already already figured out like all you have to do. Is he's companies are pro or these people are probably smart enough to have them make ninety to see that they're eighteen. You know what. I mean if yeah if that was like. Here's a card. Here's the girl and we just got them all school bus. You won't like common already panel super some jerk. Oh called me them. That's what's his name in ice. What did he say I'm already paying king. What am my panicking about. Oh yes in orbit porn which you pick. This is all pornhub now. Oh it's different for different. I think they're the same. it's like. Yeah well that's something that we could talk about which which warned companies are owned by. Who yes it's gotta be like one big Clamoring right no why. Why not why. I'm sure a lot of. I'm sure the social media aspect. Facebook has a monopoly on social media. Why can't torn. I have a monopoly all the porn. You don't think so. It's a bunch of little small businesses that made their video companies. Yeah i think so. Because there's there's the logic my logic okay so you think there's one big umbrella like a big company and they go. There's at least a couple of walmart walmart target. Yeah but the other. One o k mart. that's a low are they. Are they one on one or two left okay. Kmart right and the walmart and there's gravitate to watch what came to me. I don't know you might get in trouble. You'll be there. You'll be on a list of you watch over the k. Mart it they're the one that's all right so so there's three of them all right. Let's say there's three big ones. I doubt that's even the case now. I don't think that that's probably true because it how big business works. That's the that's the only way that probably does work. Yeah i mean being real. But i think of you okay so i think a bang bros their own little thing right.

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That's like walmart you think. Oh that's going to be. Porn are a walmart pornhub. One born of or youth porn. You think you porn is owned by pornhub of youtube own porn youtube. Yeah oh shit part of alphabet. Well they might get broken up to facebook's already in trouble trying to get them broken up. It's a matter of time. Give us your opinion. Some dumb jerk some germ. I had to look at it as it had a couple of drinks at asian but his name. I know it's cream junk joel. No it's not creaming. Some young guy come on dumb jerk. I love the name of the news. Think it's a bunch of small businesses. Oh no talked me out of it because it doesn't seem like that. That model would work. But because if you if you put big business and how the world honesty operates yes. It is in the bigger umbrella of corn of here so the mid size business. There's gotta be midsized ones. But i think the which would be the main grows. I don't think it's. I don't think this is a mid size business. They're not they're not walmart they're not they're alive. It'd be pornhub hub unless you think you've you porn so they're not they're not walmart there like Again much about right or world know where this is where i know this is where we're going right knowledge of what i think put it would be. I don't know the opinions brought to you or the amigos. Only none of these opinions are based on actual fact. Oh man i'm at watches. The ordinal that over gordon every site on the internet anyways. That's true all right so we're we bang boroughs right. Yeah so to me. I think the lower level. I mean obviously. They were big companies. Got her upper there for a little bit right and so and they're like Shit red tube. That's a porn. Hungwe this thing. I think listening has a whole bunch of like. Who's fucking apart or who you're looking. Who owns who. Now i wasn't. I'm on the same story. So red tube is owned by you porn. Okay we're already up a porn hub red zone by pornhub so we're already basically fact checking what i just said. Is that there. It's big business. It's one big one big company that is so bank of. But here's a here's what we're gonna do though we're going to take these mid sized business small business big big business right big ms bigness ship. Big business is like walmart amazon. Yeah so i don't know mega-giant walmart is still. I say walmart's right there. Would you know no go. Look at the look. Go look at the richest people in the world and in the end the waltons are like fucking like eighteen employee's that they pay minimum wage dude amazon pays people higher than minimum wage instill. He's the richest motherfucker in the world when it's one of them any getting close elon. Musk is only thirty billion behind him. So it's even like it's a fight now at this point yeah. I hope you'll on some but it doesn't fucking matter you porn and pornhub are both owned by mind. Geek heard that it's like i know isn't a canadian canadian. Canada runs porn up. Oh really yeah. I didn't about canada. Cana- canada company the state the country the olive canada. Yeah come on buddy. Yeah those guys the fucking. The mounties i was going to say mount. He's the maple leaf. Yes may believe runs at least. That's what i heard is a government funded. No you said canada. No i'm just saying that's where the company was originally. Yeah yeah yeah. That's where they are. Well they're stuck in. They're stuck in fucking their house for half the year winter. Imagine like three quarters of the year. It's fucking cold there so there's nothing else to do so why not start a fucking company. They're destined for that. We gotta stop sidetracking. I wanna i wanna this down either fucking. We're still on it but we're we're just not so bang. Brose is like trader joe's right. I'll give you that. Yeah or like a whole foods. No whole foods zone by amazon.

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Okay traderjoes zoning or winco winco. Oh i don't know wind goyo owned it is employee owned so maybe that's like How what does that fucking not being. Not being boroughs but There's another one that's that's like that was a cab. One isn't it. is there. She which one is related to look at montreal. He says so he canada right. Yeah so he knows he's not with us. That's that's yeah. I'm glad that was did say mine. Geek wow i should read this story. all right so worry saying the brand names bang grows is trader. Joe's there's which ones winco winkles like an same thing as the ebb so employees yonne fucking thing a for for porn. He was a naughty america. Man they're like that that's another one. Yeah they're not very okay i can. I can relate to that. Naughty america being that relate. You know what i mean. Ati so that one like that one's like a is winco employees other kind of nova tiny yet. Oh you know really have like a niche. They're just like we do everything thing. Roses like kinda. That's more than us but now now it's everything right. I don't think i haven't. They went kind of mainstream which trader joe's is starting to go mainstream slackened. Make sense okay. I love at the grocery store references. That's i don't. I think i think i need to know more about the porn world to be able to correlate it better. You're never going a winco again. The don't me now. We got all these two just recently. All those they're like back east midwest type all these Discount chain very small yet. Yeah they i mean. The food is reasonably priced. We can finally get that pizza. You're talking about yes we can. Because you're supposed to bring some back astle. He forgot i did for theon sidetracked back to back back to the porn. Talk okay. so so what porn company would be aldis. No we need to stop. We know we stop going down. Because i don't know lot. Because i don't know little littler one well. We clearly know that. Like you porn right. I think you more okay slash porn. Look at this shit up either way. We'll do both of them there walmart slash sam's club horns a what what what website would be the cosco version of youth porn and pornhub. Wait a minute what to get so you porn and pornhub are walmart and sam's club. What website would be the costco version of that So like the the warehouse chain like the yet to have a membership k every get them a membership to be in this crew right. Yes that's got to be something that you have to remember to be. So maybe it's a swingers thing or maybe it's like a what is it do. He said onlyfans reveals costco. her own. these isn't it fan only or is it only fan. So speaking of scott's not going to like this the amigos has an onlyfans account yes Feel free to go ahead and check it out. Only fans dot com forward slash amigos. Pc i've posted a few videos. I've made reference of us moving. Oh good job yeah. I took the video you gave me. Yeah go look up free subscription. you don't have to pay anything all that fun stuff. Just memes Clips from the. Show us talking about some dumb jerk. Also paco from you about that. Shot up to him. That who that in. Oh yeah tackle. Hey we need to schedule. I know shit's been crazy enough. Canceling you like eighteen times where we need to schedule. Do the hot chip challenge in a couple of things so as poco the dominika.

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No yes but no. Oh he is yeah about that. You know. I know that part of it but at no. That's who he is some jerk. No that's not him. No i mean yes. Parco is some dumb jerk. But he's not the some talking to us. I talking to us through this as well as some dumb jerk. Yes okay okay. Because paco is both i know that but because some jerk is polite was not so giving us you know. He gave us great great shit here. Yeah golden goal. Podcast gold is it. Onlyfans is costco all right. Let's keep going keep going. I'm trying to look up stuff for point port hub. I always while i always reference ex- ex- ex- who owns out. You don't know who that really is utilized. That one right. I wonder so. They're probably like an off brand right but they're still like a big blocks because a lot of people still know them but not a lot of people know them if they make sense. So what would that one be so. It's a smaller place i to me that to me. That sounds like it'd be more like a trader joe's as well or like a national grocers or like but they're not boutique they do everything that you porn or porno does don't go going to what they serve nearly everything you need to look into their their track record of the popularity in in their umbrellas. But that's the thing like if you meet somebody that knows them they know about it. But it's like if you if you don't then you. It's like it's not. I don't wanna say it's a cult following but it's like it has to be a lower at lower okay kind of underground kind of place okay. We're only only a rich person. Goes or almost like only a dollar general or not that. It's that i'm just saying only where some still has golden it right. Only were some sorts of people. Go right so it's limiting that the clientele because of what people know about it because it's not widely spread. So that's what i'm saying. That has to be something more lower not lower level or higher level to you. Know what i mean like. It's gotta be or the lower people in low about it because not mainstream enough to know about it so it's almost like what you got gay grocery store. Aj's as they been aj's oh there you go. that's high. Yeah if i can serve zebra. I've never has even to a really nice. I go there and look at the wine. Aj's is don't buy it. Amy ashes right now. No it's albertsons albertsons does right. That's their that's their fancy. Our tons oh. Aj's it's like that makes sense. It's like the acura of honda okay. Pago says on said what's up. What's up buddy. Ariana takes you back to be on your show and six months ago. Maybe more one day buddy. One day one day two houses ago i like this. This is amazing to groceries food. I mean that's what people need. Food porn porn boom right. They they network work alongside you porn and read to orna. Oh so those are their three zero That reminds me. I have something. I need to tell you once we get off with something that happened today. It's pretty it's like you'll be like wow really you wanna give a teaser to everybody or no armed. There's real life in that. Bring real life of just in case in time in time next. What also we don't talk about it done by guys jackie later. No what you gotta different number. Who the poco fucking text me. Falko super fancy yet. Palko has a different tack fucking. Text me the number jerk. Jesus our buddies the he had to get on.

00:45:01 - 00:50:13

Metro was the worst one now. Is metro metro metro. Pcs bad what's the other one. That's shitty not welcome to the club. No i'm trying to think what the other one that doesn't matter since we're looking for things to talk about. We can talk about my road trip. Yeah it was good so on the way by on the way to wiz co on my road trip Which are you know. Obviously we mentioned earlier and went for unfortunate events but on my way to iskoe in missouri. We saw place called uranus. Oh yeah we're we're was that it again. Uranus missouri zuri. Yeah wow and what was there they did you stop there. You say the night. They're on the way there. We did not. You know what's funny is on the way there. We almost blew a tire. Blow a tire. We didn't rams almost blue attire. I'll show you a pitcher after we get off the thing here. Yeah yeah so. On the way up there we see uranus. Hey we need to allot enough time to come. Stop here on the way back so we can just say we stopped hearing and stuff. Yeah and stuff yes stuff to uranus yes basically so. We stayed for everything that was going on wisconsin on the way back like. Hey we need to leave early enough so we can stop there for an hour and still get like halfway at a reasonable time like nine or ten or whatever so we leave and we finally get there. We were super excited to get there like. We're making uranus puns constantly all the way down to uranus and and then we finally get there right. I sent a picture of the fucking water. Tower group said uranus wherever we walk into so uranus is a fudge factor. of course it is worth. it probably is like fucking hershey's farm over there so we walk into the door right first off. The door says enter in uranus the and because cove it there. They've made two separate doors if they had you separate doors but now they made it to where you got to enter one in exile see other one which says exit uranus funny pitcher that controlled. That's funny so we walk in and the first thing everybody says. Welcome to uranus. Every single employee and the source says wow and there are multiple employees which is surprising to me because we're in the middle of nowhere missouri people. Yes wow that's pretty cool. And how big is uranus one. Stop so it's like. Oh so it's a small town. Yeah small amos. Okay pucker up. It's it's a handful of amos. If that i mean sorry your. I got lost in the puns there. Yes wow that's cool. Did you guys eat there. What else did you do. So we bought candy from uranus. Okay roles a little bit of fudge from uranium We bought breath mints surprisingly from uranus. Nice know why they have breakfast ship flavored. No they were peppermint fuck. Is this shit. Imagine that we bought a magnets from uranus Wife bought a iheart uranus church or not. Yes they have a museum of Sideshow not a freak. Show a sideshow museum at uranus which was kind of neat. I kind of walk through that and it was like you went in a building but you still feels like you went in to like an old fifty s. Parnell kinda you know. There's a bearded lady there and things like that really lady with a beard. Yep that's crazy so you're fucking circus. Yeah kind of and they also had like side attractions like the biggest belt. Buckle in the in the united states and it was just basically a huge ass fucking fucking away. It was the size of this wall. Those huge who the fuck it where that might go on onto the ryan Maybe me at least he could like put it on the. It's back or something right or renew bowl. Yeah no he would fucking piece too skinny yao-ming pocket pocket absolutely hilarious place more some dumb jerk.

00:50:14 - 00:54:21

They're just trying to keep uranus clean. Reading accounts of coal rose. After all you know we could do what we can do. Some post so when we hire the va that we've been talking about. Nah we could do like suppose so like when we're done here we can just read the comments and then at the very end of the show instead of credits just comments read. Yeah ooh shit fucking idea. We're live right now. I know we always talk about our business plans and we're alive. Well that's how you don't get ahead that's how you get shit stolen right. Cumulative can we sue because we said it for what we have a time stand now. It's true but we don't put it in action before someone else does than we are so well. Let's call the pants out of luck. Let's call the patent office and see what happens. Maybe hey i have this idea. You're fucking dumb. It's a brilliant idea. Hold my spot in line. Yes that's basically what that is basically okay anyway so we are. Let's just cut it short almost good enough all right. Well during the also any of the any the people chiming they want to talk about. Really joe rogan already. Does that you fucking. he's line. you stop watching rogan. Nobody was hurt park. Yeah ben's going to steal that idea boom prabowo. So you know ben from small tommy talapity. He has to Who that is some dumb juror. Let that is ben. Ben abe i think ben is never been funny. I'm not sure we'll figure out. Jimmy can be another handle right and you don't use your own fucking name that you guys are tired. They can see us. There's been too many comments hansi. Well you guys are always asking about mine. I figured it was only fair to ask. Oh you're only fans. I get it very funny. Where's your on the fans please. I think it's randy rando rando. Yeah okay all right. Let's cut it down her as yeah. That's so next episode will be so there's going to be glitter fireworks going to be a great party can be our hakko will be here. Oh yeah he'll we're gonna confetti. We're going to have one last show in the studio right. Probably maybe one owes. We have to do one at least one more before. I really don't want it to go. You don't want pago. We can. But maybe i would like to have our last farewell all talk you work with. Have you talked to him. I'm like hey it's our last episode in the office. Yeah come on stop you dick. I mean just him on. Just come on iheart you over this come on. We have fun month do albert. I'll fucking albert to come on and then yeah and then yeah we're gonna have fox or whatever have a blocked circle jerky and call today. Okay that's what we'll do we will so they and make sure to life subscribe and review us all your podcasting platforms. Visit us at amigos. Pc dot net for our entire library of content and amigos merge till next time audio.

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