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117. History by the amigos

'm reading thing. hold on. Let me do the intro squeezy. If you were looking for a high brow fancy smart regal podcast with house that loved to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos. Pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts should manigat and balls out crazy. Visit jackpot is migos. Pc and this is scott mark. Good evening podcasts. Presented by todd go goes easy way for you to monetize your podcast. Binding podcasters with a flat rate adds space. You always know how much you get. When you include an ad from bado pago apply today to become a member in immediately connected with advertisers and fit your audience pago at be sure to add our podcast section of turn into. Yeah right you ever yell at least one thing. But i listened to the weekend something to do it eventually. I'm not good. Could incite hand. Do their second episode ever took correct so into our big news in the gaming yantai play station. The xbox are starting to filter into the mainstream public tickets. We need from front. Took that distraction in the news that are going on in the world who are turbot. Everything firing a weird. This is kind of like tampering funding. Four like need you. You didn't get one playstation five eating. Get an extra get a place came out like your. I think one hundred hundred bucks. I'm thinking about getting another. Have a second one zion playstation plus three months to get one. That's what we're gonna talk about selling like these people are like. Hey look plus oil. Well that's not really is how these actually being one thing. So i flipped houses right. It's one thing to say something at a discount right because it needs to be into the new current age and then selling it for a profit. That's one thing plus taking something that's brand new and then just marking it up. Also get one exactly teepee debacle. All over again. Yes so. I'm seeing now playstation of their first nine hundred nine hundred fifty dollars when they retailed for five hundred two crazy crazy. That's not hostile. Never by the first is expensive all with with that.

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I think i did. Wait a year to get my playstation. I wait i wait. Cheat cheap. took bucks. That's way more santa will be. You know what i mean. This year with is go overboard them something crazy for us like hundred bucks too many kids. You have more hits. That's why maybe if. I had one kid but i still think one kid playstation or an xbox says. That's not exactly because to me i would. I would like kid obviously. I tried one kid right. I would want to spoil them that much. It gives them something. I know one year when i was making that l. d. money. Yes i was. I ended up getting switch for the kids. But i would like everybody family gift lake which is good. That's the best way anderson family from santa. That's the way to do it that way. They all share it. All those expenses attitude more news on the sony playstation was launched target. Walmart has crazy. They couldn't keep up with the traffic. Yes you're saying that playstation the website itself at issues now and the preorders. I started a whole bunch of issues. They ran out of stock. You need it once. They fixed the computer. The website issue is in people crashed. I i don't know if that's actually what happened. But it seems and then once they actually got site up running they ran out right away and then they had a couple of days later they took place on demand thirty five but look at me look better than a design itself. Xbox just a black you hear. They're putting a plane so people idiots are people who like the vague idiots are putting bait smokes. The xbox is because the way the portions are like there's an xbox top has a bunch of so everything can breathe right and they're pushing their fucking back to spend five hundred dollars on the xbox whenever xbox xbox one five. I don't find microsoft's xbox and we were talking about. I was gonna play when we first came out here and gonna play clear to livestream also wants marijuana have marijuana yes legal. New talking about it openly mike. You know what i'm going to. We're going to stock for that episode. We probably should start the mics or live right caregivers to a blanket. Ready we're fucking survivors have like every no no no no no. I think it's going to be situation of every awesome touching moving in with blankets in the back of their about to light you on fire. We'll know the comfort zone yet. When everything's get the glass all over you and you're bleeding pitcher xbox go ahead i'll even odell saying basically expunge the kids but i do have a playstation before one could turn sharing another with another now my oldest youngest the xbox one is it already our me like microsoft delivering on so so these for playstation delivered early or not like three ordered the playstation xbox.

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You should have gotten effort thing like got so screwed up that some people played state like to people who a playstation may not. Get it until seventeen other day. That's not the release date even though they preordered and what they're doing they're now then take years film sell it. I have a playstation coming on the seventeen coming with xyz games in this controller. I want twelve hundred bucks security deposit. Once i get it. The only time. I've ever thought of have you ever thought about that. Buys a little bit which i did always always thought about it about about doing those teams. The korbel trump's antenna was james. Was they have these boys. But basically i want to go to one hundred bucks to buy more the ritual one where it's like a mini booth the dnc. Yes come on those friday but then clawed different so like. Let's say you went black friday and ds discounted hundred dollars and then turning around to sell a retail. Yeah during christmas because they don't exist but you could go higher because yeah but if you're only doing it at retail just under or you're trying to get retail plus and like that's not as as doubling the price the day is our diet hundred. You're you're with that situation and stuff that you're doubling the price just because during the line to work accounting for right but this guy preordered online because the only way you could have preordered it. Because kobe thank you. You didn't stand in line to preorder this and then now you you're waiting for it to come in your triple doubling the price plus adding talks. He's the one guy that i showed you for. Example is promoting as i have two controllers will come to the fucking system have one controller for games two games gate twelve hundred dollars enough rocket i'm going to buy. You're not going to buy right now. What's the what's the discouraged about a has more memory. They are compatible. Honestly you need to act if you don't have acne. Yes but you've been right now like the the lineup presented is not that great for video my opinion at least i mean maybe as talkative beyond that i mean.

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It's not bad children which i would. I would buy a xbox playstation trade kid. I don't again. I don't i don't play enough to even buy it for myself. It would be whatever you want. Whatever they because. I know my youngest who has the xbox one what might happen before we have to give them for. Yeah for anything Would you play years a war from kim. But i tried to play trevor. It's the video games ethic visceral within like the first twenty minutes of the game. You have to make a decision of leading this giant head dude. These pregnant women so essentially eating their fetuses right and they kinda say that they not kind of they say that in the video game or you kick him off this ledge that his house sits on still kill the pregnant female. It's a lose lose situation. Witched which you know what i mean. We should play that streaming hours episode or something like that. Just be like a thing side that we do. You know you you love that because it is like super confident. I think you told me about what. I got it a couple of weeks after it came out with a couple of years. Yeah can't run to is. They have a censored version unscented version. But all they do is just laura laura but it's not as fun you yes yes exactly is not fun i to play the regular version. Play the rather regular version and my wife is always hell just like target customer. Walmer work worse working one target used to be able to. I'm pretty sure it's not a never spotify premium. No tell yeah. I didn't have spot all right. Which i've noticed there are some things apple music which would have every everything but there's like there is one band that he's like a hyper new slick like.

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They released five songs every one of their songs on apple. And that's that's notice resum. You're all the one thing to a microphone or some shit. Oh no know. A little dicky is not nothing. No i think he love this. Little kid fucking. He was chris around him around. Sweden friday listen to music camp buckner remember mickey avalon. Thinking of gabby all you to fucking listen to mickey avalon. Funny yes and no no good with the whole obscure music. The things you're talking about like a european. All the streets tethers yeah ginger beer rappers street because he knows who attempted. Talk all on where you sit down by this the full deal. You've heard of the sample of it as artist. There were no streets. Don't can't even though we have the background stuff. He hears played this for me when we have the same easy. Okay that's very british like really british british to us americans. Yeah that sounds very. That sounds like a perfect song. It'd be like an guy ritchie movie. It probably wasn't a guy ritchie movie. And see if i can share it. That seemed like something that would be like where they're getting the van. They're about to go. Yeah kidnapped their friend from sheer to scott there. We go which. I'm sure you can get that all right. And then the other one was mickey avalon. Which sounds like some nineteen fifties surfer. Song singer does because amazing. I'm thinking of frankie avalon. That's one thing that's that's you're talking about. No that was streets against street. Still some different song. Here we go. This is a fucking actually a slate. That's one before wtam all right. Yeah no that that's good. There's no way you haven't heard this one. This one's been on the actual radio. I think i've heard that. I don't listen to radio anymore. Nope team change. She could say no. Johnny coltrane it. He's actually gonna fucking put that back in my luggage list like whatever. Yeah again you you you listen to some stuff that i don't but then again i'm seeing with me surely you probably don't even fucking forever. No i haven't heard of ms thirteen. Well our jumped me in. That's how i got in the crew albert so there's a game throw news. Oh tell me tell me tell you more so.

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The game of thrones is not even game of thrones news. It's just basically about jason momoa but He basically when he was done shooting the show. Apparently no-one would give him a job so they were hunt. Almost a situation where they were running low on funds okay. He was almost losing shit. So that was that was it. Oh it was. It was the only news. Game of thrones news trying to find the story here again but you'll learn talks are doing a spin off. Heard that like a prequel right. Yeah where it's like talking before the magic regard and his upcoming in whose regular again is he the. He's not making z. Nope that's his dad. Regards son radar fucked ned. Stark sister and started game of thrones basically by a war. Gotcha because ned. Stark sister was actually married to report breath. Ian who happened to be king. When game of thrones started you read the books and showed her like you know law. I listened to the books all of them. Yeah that's impressive. Would you get more out of it than you thought or like more that you didn't need to know. What do you think. The books for game of thrones are way better than show. This shows amazing true. So we're both huge fans of the show agree. Books are way better than the show. So the nude scenes when you're reading it slash hearing you don't read when you're hearing it. Can you picture it. Awesome like say when i used to be an underwriter. Okay i would have to excuse myself. Okay excuse myself. that's how good it was. It's very detailed as to things that are going on in the book and you since i watched the show already. I was like season three by the time. I started picking up the books. You can kind of. Just you can envision and. I'm sure regular avid readers can do this. You know user imagination easily but for me like knowing the characters from the show and then listening to the books. I put a face to the character hone. Yeah 'cause if you didn't have to use my imagination figure out what they what they look like but in a in i knew what they look like verse with the show and with books you know. They go into that cre- detail what they look like. So the from what. I know because i don't read the books versus the show tyrian in the show was a bad ass in the books. He's a super bass like he. He takes on giants really in the book like a normal high people. yes will to him yes So i don't remember her remember. I don't know if you remember in the show. There was a war where he went to go meet his dad and he had the giant clan with him from somewhere and it though wild wings or the no not the wild wings. These these were just like some giants giants. I don't remember any other random giants except for welding ones notes while they so they were like nomads. They were bigger vikings. Okay okay. So he went met his dad at this field of war. there add. It was near the twin tower twin tower now. Nine eleven thrones of course No it was. The twin was at the twin towers. Now there was win peaks notice restaurant twin. Something it's twins. Something sister towers. Its where the fucking gr- were castle is know. We're the one do where he fucked. All his daughters essentially not ringing a bell which aria slit his throat near the she with her in his power in the sky. Know that that's the we're not going to be able to know. Yeah we're not because it's been a while it's been a while and i can't remember all the names of locations right. That's the i think on this in the sky. Yeah that doesn't sound right to me either way. So they he shows up with these like nomad type. Guy is really kind of like giants but not giants you know like in between human versus a giant kinda guy either way in in the show they end up starting to to go into war like they're all heading to the front lines to go and tyrian out of nowhere gets knocked out and then he wakes up on like cart as the war's ended and The lancasters of won the war this this little battle against right.

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He's fighting against his family in the book tyrian fights almost like any in everybody. It's crazy he has like this like club with an ax. Handle on it And he's like killing people left and right in the book. 'cause you can't see them right just taking on kneecaps yeah kinda is a little little but they go in great detail like how many people he killed and as he was killing them and things like that like is multiple pages of him being a bad ass in this war in the tv show he gets knocked out and then wakes up on a fucking cart. And you're like. Aw man. I do remember that part and waking up on the cart but yeah. That was my only game of thrones news. Even though you read into other interested out with what i also said that i wanna watch audible for. No no member said today. My i was an underwriter. When i listened to like i'd be sitting with the book. Oria i can't wait until the actual books coming in the show's did they. Had their tape. Laid it out and they didn't go off the books for the books thrones forever but remember how we played about. Because it's built at very. We have coronation took pride. He bought a little too little five. Four stores. Took buddy stuff right out twenty three. He's like one of the counterpoint. Was i have not done it for the show here. Not fulfill you worthy crime direction. Have you ever had gone to. The doctor added draw blood. For some reason hub. Jared just what i'm getting at. So i'm gonna be. I've never done that at all done. Twenty-three in interest dot com. Good blood. Swab your mouth law. But if you're one of those people that never done anything like that never had to take into period every single born.

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That's born in the hospital. At at some point you'll never had in certain y never had blood that i know of that i would be hard to be. I know there's really no way. Listen listen took you're gonna watch you're born like a shift jacuzzi house of birds on documents. Yeah midway born never system. I'm just trying to wonder how you can get along fine with it. I guess i need you. Think the government tracking you. Because you're so fucking import mistaking. They're collecting data as to what are the. What do you mean like like they have. They have no fucking idea our stock soppy government specifically have. We have some reason. They're looking to me for the exception of right. That's what i'm talking about. Noble there their catalog or whatever or monitoring. Some kids test study offers individual. I thought that shit over whatever you want took already worn when you are work with the hybrid. Something a long time ago where there is somebody somewhere else in the world from the fatal in different culture. There is another version of the somewhere else. Yeah right palm on. Yeah right perfectly. Wash your right. No no you cut his each other because to me off. That's another conspiracy scott unravel conspiracy. That's another that's another conspiracy because when you look in a mirror you don't see what other people so it's you that horrible movie with ryan reynolds greenland close. Close the one. Where all the coppola. Yeah the cop. Ones an asian ones like. But you look at the something else. Yes yeah i ruin your conspiracy to make shitty fucking joseph chops. How's it dude gonna agree to fucking do this to do deadpool now and so like i get it why you would've done it because like greenland was like a flash thing another good stuff.

00:40:03 - 00:45:34

Those one was actually as waiting cult favorite movie watching the night for me. I wouldn't do it too. Scared to conspiracy theorist by. There's something so that's where you're gonna wrote me you feel first and then we'll see what happens to document. Uh sending it. We should do it but we should each do it right and then like closer is in st which does to send it out as each other government or like if it was really hard and it really never been on. Why did they germany. Eighty to notify really knew my mussalini. I think the twenty three and me and one kind of shows you. The percentage of every single report that comes back from twenty three be says related relates to gingas. Kahn made most of the population. There's always and i'm sure a lot of us have some splash in the. I'm sure there's historians but you're really powell of had to go on french. So do i think it was a requirement hundred forty years forty plus years or whatever. I don't all the details. Every single girl in his empire he had to touch in some way cheaper. How do you spread your seed. Dead much like there had to be some kind of requirement took jar or catchable. Talk when you're when you're power do if you don't do something i take your house. He's like slurs. Obviously story to that story is worth infection. More read their name. The episode lessons with the taught me infection. Gotta just numbers to. Because i have won fourteen getting. We're not even close seventeen different so my thing. I wouldn't want to jimmy crazies for the show. Her courtesy of teachers could if i came up with intro.

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Never seen that we've done you took should any nope we have to three producers. Do yes we own grimace up. This first in person which is l. Grimace ought not to mention percents marshall. Mcdonald's took off alive ran out of chatting. I don't know which talk the news stuff. They were alec cost. Y'all gave thirteen months in prison. All amish findings that they work from work so he was still doing the ceiling was doing the basically no wrong cover up situation. I was watching. Rental house actually has watching cetera. Guards league abc's was was out to make. I was thinking they were sleep. Argument was time. I didn't fall probably party. I moved.

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I got it. Took the big big shift telephone banker call with my family told task in conflicts checking anyway that was that was my job when i first and then somehow my way too early five foot on a phone. What time it is. Yes would have us come in in the morning. Just in case so out seventy other countries problems so called list anyways. So i would come in. Take a nap to the phone's ringing. Seven wake up. Take a nap under the people that were walking. The line overdrawn shit issue initially was like things shirley after tapping everyone to trying to figure out if they're fema check most time with her before you probably could go on to the site but even then there was no plumbing over there on. Everybody was in the superdome literally had conversations with even. Let's say you're up. That's ten thousand tells you tom how this i had this job. Strange and then yes only in like three hundred active abuse yes third and then all of a sudden email came up. Everybody asked this waiver. Jeff okay well eventually manager was all like okay. So i on the phone. He's get three hundred. Two watt basically and then on top of it. I'd be like no eventually as katrina and still continuing that. I had moved over to the business overflow for telephone banker still so i still be doing. Completely cancelled took charge. Colluded to one time on my bonus. I had like hundred different. Business wasn't interested in doing business. Loans topped business banker right and nothing came over under your name.

00:55:08 - 00:56:46

Because i was on the verge of leaving. Actually were one team under your name and into everything. Money of course always shoulders chill three point. If you're watching this on you to make sure that you quickly little bell in the corner channel are notified so every time we drop in episode. You're watching us live. And or as a drought. Make sure that every single doubtless platform pod catcher. Whatever you're listening subscribe like comment. This has been the migos mic. Sure life subscribe and review us on all your pod casting platforms visit us at amigos dot net for our entire library of content and migos merch till next time audio.

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