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116. Bobby del Rio The market

What happened okay. Hither tap course you. Did he still holding his load. Hurry i know if you're looking for a high brow. Fancy smart. Google podcasts with post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos. Pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts should manigat and balls out crazy. The jackpot is is amigos. Pc and this is scott mark. Hello my goodness yeah. I guess so. Today's episode is brought to you by restaurant dot com. The restaurant akan can save thousands of restaurants across the country. Just a few clicks dining deals ranged from five dollars two hundred dollars. They never expire cost you. A fraction of the face value. Dinner has never been easier with restaurant. Dot com dying. Use your dining take out or delivery. Restaurant dot com is offering our listeners. Fifty percent off their next purchase going to go to restaurant dot com for slash podcast. That's restaurant or www restaurant dot com slash podcast for fifty percents off your next purchase For the best deals every meal and he lets go. That was like a half an hour quicker than rees with our last episode really Bobby del rio joins us on. This episode Bobby can you give a little bit of insight of you and what you do and how you do it if you do it and how you do. It said that he added. Let's see if we can hope podcast just making noises. Who as i like it. I know you do. I'm mice bobby real. I'm here toronto canada. I'm forty two years old. I'm here in the film industry to be more successful than i am. I'm which is probably not a good way to start the podcast. But i've done a lot of stuff. I've acting a lot of stuff and i just wrote directed a feature film called the market Prime in the us for you guys. been a playwright screenwriter I get in a lot of trouble accidentally like all the time. Like if i tried to write something on facebook and i'm like this this'll get me a bunch of likes i'm going to be you know the donald trump he'll and then i'll. I'll say something get like to likes and i'm like fuck and and then i'll just say what i think about. I think i said oh. That's my spirit. Animal is a fourteen year old girl. And i just meant it like you know. Just sort of a casualty. And then i started getting viciously attacked by multiple people for insulting the aboriginal peoples of canada for liking. Like this is just my life. They what did they say though No publicity or bad publicity. No such thing as bad publicity or am i wrong found. That's not the people get so angry like like it's good. I guess some. But but the very innocently. I create controversy constantly and then if i treat controversy it's like night people like yeah right. Yeah right buddy. We don't buy it like if i was to say something about the elections political like. Yeah whatever and i remember. I wrote something like i love you all on facebook and sounds like yeah go. Fuck yourself wow. I felt moved visit. Wow they just they just wanted to just follow you. It seems coming after you. I don't know what it you know i. It's it's a very weird thing. 'cause i find the moore genuine and kind. Im damore people wanted to just throw donkey shit into my face nice. And it's like if.

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I you know tried to get that donkey shit like this'll be good for me. It's like to like authentically you know. Sort of you have to earn the donkey shit right by being nice. Do they today thing. Do they think you're coming off as being sarcastic is that whether so like or are they. Just have a senior trolls. That are just want yes. No we have my theory my series. This 'cause i have you know i have a pretty good reputation. The industry has been around for two decades. People get cold. And i've just i've got the community and so i have a very like tolerant You know sort of message from the like evil stuff right now. I just for me. It's like you vote for trump. You vote for biden. It does not gonna hate you for you know it. I i wish there was a bit more of that. Because i just think ultimately we're all human beings at the end of the day we'll so i'm really just. Yeah some people you know. I think take you plugged in right. Yeah let's just you know. We skipped off like the day. And that's yeah i'm like. Hey guys i see both sides yeah you will see both sides you scum. We don't we don't usually get into politics too much on the show but Being in canada. Have you been watching. What's been going on in in. What your incite Looking from the outside. Yeah and i do a leap on youtube We talk politics all the time. And it's funny because we're or a canadian but we ended up talking about american politics because we we may even consume more american media than you do. It's it's probably true because we lost and not even pay attention attention. We're trying to just because it's so it's either one sided. It seems sometimes and it's all. yeah well. Canada has such an inferiority complex with the united states. That i think that overcompensate or something it's like you know what. I mean it's like we're we're like those japanese tourists you know that stereotype like usaa. Okay like you know like even though we can't raise shit on a canada. I can't i can't think of a time where most people don't make fun of candidate in some way especially when it comes to politics because a lot of the red here thinks it's like canada is is wrong like everything about it is wrong right right. Well we think the same thing so complete this get along. That's true yeah. Canadians hate each other. More than americans get hate us. I mean we just that level of insecurity here. That's why we're kind of like the little brother and we look at. I guess the united states is the big brother. It's like you can slap in the face like happy to get the attention thank you. That's a good way. That's a good name. He's the middle child there. The middle child middle job. Yeah but i'm not that crazy because middle children are normally the crazy ones for the most part. Yeah or the a little brother. That's on more right. I will say from the canadian perspective. I mean i think that It's you know the the usa is just a very from canada like we're we really are like the stereotypes were were pretty polite and like kind of weird Isn't to say that there's like we're very passive aggressive in canada okay. You don't really get like insults but you get like maybe somebody will say furry but they may not quite mean at. Oh bless your heart but really fuck you gonna want perper. Silence and canada. Yeah it's kind of like a that. Texas charm you know southern charm that they have right. Yeah sounds about right. You have strange's yeah exactly that they. We saw we speak in canada. This is this is my and that's the real. That's the real why we're getting it all today. I know right so much sadly before we got on we find out this is going to sound bad. We were looking to find out wearing canada. Were so we failed. Yes thinking all right. No europe europe near toward the washington side. We're thinking right. But i had to pull it up now. No near the new york side things. Yes so we're both retarded special.

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Yeah you know very offended. But then i'm like if i was in the us. Like why would i knew. What toronto is yeah. you know. i've never been the sports fan. Like yeah yeah true. Why would you know. It's like. I know where he is. I know where new york is. I don't even know where i know. It's near california. Yeah yeah we're near. We're right at the border of mexico not us but that's where we are on a couple of hour drive. Yeah so few hour drive. i'd say like three. Yeah as you know. Arizona phoenix the phoenix. Suns like steve steve. Nash and charles. Barkley yup i mean you would know steve. Nash rise drew canadia. And yeah. That was probably when the last time we we were watching. The sons are when we were suns. Fans is back. When i was going on them. And what steve. Nash and cooper Such a good team starter player in him football. Why not throw it in there. Well you probably play for them. Now they suck got no. Yeah no. it's one of the word i can't. I can't even watch it. I mean that was both of our teams team game in their necks. While we're just on a suburb of phoenix basically on the outskirts of phoenix. I guess you would say yeah. You got tyler murray. Though right we do yeah. Our partners pretty decent this year. I haven't been watching. i'm pretty. I'm pretty surprised that he can like jump. And then throw the ball over the offensive line. Mean someone that's four eight yes playing football. It's just amazing. It's a treat but you gotta use probably doing that. His whole life right. I mean. I'm sure he's been this sort of undersize. Qb everson great seven is probably that the the jump throw whatever he calls it the doug flutie the doug flutie the flutie threw who i remember. I was at i. Was i basketball now. I was pretty good. And i would just you know. I play at the y. And they would see this guy wearing a weighted vest. And i don't know if he was prep school or something and he would do this weird thing where he practised like outs like caffeine behind the three point line doing these series of dribbles and then shootings three and the guy would hit like every single time. And i was like oh. He's like practicing that 'cause he's going to do that in a game he's going to do this like three dribble spin hit and would never think that he would hit that shot because it looks ridiculous. But he's practicing it murray's practicing that all the time and wonder if he uses like trampolines to like this and then spring his legs up or you work those. It's probably true. I only say that. I'm i'm just joking. I mean i'm sure he doesn't have some token move where he like jumps and throw the ball but he's like five. What five three five four five. He's not very three two and it's just funny that he's you know a smaller quarterback i've always constantly made fun of him being since he got drafted. Yeah and it's been working so you can't really really hit like one of those babies look. This is a perfect example of year. Could as a canadian you're consuming more media than we are. Because i i wouldn't have thought bring up the cardinals or car key. Fucking murray because amari cooper but star tomorrow. i mean. i'm a little bit of a different case. So i've been like a sports writer. And i worked for Companies in the united states. So i invited into the ad who friends and family fantasy basketball league. Oh when i was in columnist. Yes so i and i finished second place in the world. In this league fantasy experts joe might make consume more sports than most people but thr- example we have we have two toronto argonauts and the cfl is the football league. And i don't even care. But like i know the nfl like pretty. Well you know. Yeah so that would be something. Do most canadians watch more cfl watch. Nfl are just nobody likes to year. Really wow no. Nobody likes for example. Because i often mentioned that we don't have. Nfl team in toronto. Because it would do really well at base.

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But the reason that we don't have a team is that it would clearly decimate the cfl cfl would fall immediately. That happened and yet i would still be down to get that felt cfl the wnba participation trophies and they're funded maybe by the nfl. And then i just that. That's a conspiracy and i can speak but while i think that's probably get an accurate comparison. Look we we have this thing called the csa's as canadian screen awards which are essentially the emmys and the oscars cli- okay and the because they want because basically nobody watches them so they're like okay. Well if we combine the emmys and diaz tres will maximize. Eyeballs will do it for the whole week like it's actually a smart idea. Nobody watches anyway but like everyone throws oscar parties This is len. You've gone to this then. The canadian spirit award. Oh yeah okay. Yeah that's basically what they are. So do you have any type of crazy stories from that at all or crazy celebrities or anything in. Its took place through win. You know so boring like we want it. We want we want. They like like william lee. Lo han omega. She showed her vagina again. She's drunk and vomited on the director. You know and here. it's like in. Canada always showed up five minutes late. He did call in advance. But don't do that again you know. Now he's walking around saying sorry story. Here's some canadian bacon. No it's kind of true then. We're getting our stereotypes. Just right on it. It's it's like. I mean we're very multicultural. Society were very advanced technological. You very educated all all that ultimately like it's a very nice place to live because even when people hate you like they don't tell you nice your neighbor after you what you'd probably feel that here i would say and somebody where thing right because it's like if you email somebody and let states girl you want a date or somebody wanted to business with and they just don't respond you automatically interpret that to mean go fuck yourself and your host anything and four years. Ater they'll be like. Oh how come you didn't email me. I emailed you go. Fuck myself underlie. All must have gone. My spam folder. Sure i think that happens here. everything is unsaid here. What is one thing. I admire about the united states. Thing is said. Do you know where people stand. That's true right because they'll burn your house down. Yeah it's about right. I mean it's yeah there's definitely crazy things that go on here for sure but i think we have a little bit of that too as far as some of the people don't say things as much they'll stay inside like there's really not a whole lot of neighborly things in some places really. Yeah it's kind of just go home and you put on your driveway and you kinda run him before he's your neighbor. That's a good example. My father in law knows my neighbors better than i know my name so because i refuse to talk just goes ready in the driveway my house. Anyway that's refreshing kissing canada. Like everybody's pretty foolish shit right so everyone is nice and polite like all the time right like you know. I'm sure even the gangsters doing drive bys or like sorry about this. Call the cops for you. I'll send the ambulance on their way. But i think it also breeds a bit more resentment because it's like like our national sport is hockey. Which is you know like football with sticks right like football more violent. It would be hockey. That's true again. I think it's just this way to like get out the tension. Yeah that's what i don't. I don't understand why. Rugby isn't more popular. Because if you think about a rugby is kind of like football and hockey without pads. Yeah i mean there's no ice but essentially they get to fight on the field like they're they're fighting for that ball. Yeah very true you tell me i mean just seems like why. Why but again. I think it's sort of like how the nfl would destroy the cfo road.

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He would take business interests away from the nfl. Oh yeah definitely The like the nfl is such a money maker. Like i think he makes way more money than the nba for a nonprofit company. You're right it's it's a yeah. It's different while most thought he said the wnba. Oh yeah. I don't know why you're still. He has his jersey on right now. It's either shirt the not archer. Damn now don't tell you what the gifts i give you. That's right are gay relationships with mike brought into everything. What is your relationship guys together at this guy. Actually this is our first first episode. It's crazy i think we're nailing it though. What was your name that scott. Oh that's why we're only learning all information to the media. Although it's like. I do this political podcast every week. And so i walked right wing and left wing media. I'm not non artist. Matinee him so i i wouldn't be parties anyway but it just seems like you get completely different news depending on true. Yes yeah yes. I will say this though. Because i've been with the election going on and how everything's kind of span you're going laying out for everybody to watch view. Yeah i will say that. Cnn has been the most unbiased in how they're doing the like calculating the electoral votes giving credit where credit's due telling you know what trump is doing wrong or right or you know things like that are essentially just saying we're the votes are and what the process. They're they're being very clear and trying to get the clear and right answers from like the secretaries of state and things like that on the other hand. Fox's calling states which is hilarious. They called the A red state blue extremely early and now coming down to the wire and we don't even know what's going to happen and they're fucking up left and right. So it's like yeah. I would say that. I commend cnn right now. For the way that they are kind of just broadcasting the the election in general. Yeah that's the only thing that i saw was the the fox version or the the fucks thing of arizona basic being here where they basically called it early it was blue and and then they're still like i don't know there was still like thirty thousand or they're only six hundred thousand seventy percent yet done when they called it and then now they're saying today there's still four hundred fifty thousand votes that haven't been counted so it's like so really we don't even know they won't know tomorrow. He says what they're saying. Who knows where. there's a role into. Yeah right monday or well. They say oh. And that's another thing that's really funny about this entire thing that's laying out there like hey We should be done tomorrow. And we'll have a final answer for georgia and arizona said that and then late last night around midnight. Our time secretary of state got on with cnn. For this where. I saw it. And she's like well. We hope to have maricopa county done by tonight but all the other counties are just gonna continue counting and will update at seven pm every day until they're done and that's it yeah like. Wow yeah so. They just seem so confusing. I mean what's it like to live there. Everybody's full of shit and then everybody hates each other and then going on to what the falkland i mean. We have gun really really yet. It's very it's a very Eggshell situation say you want to be no. What's going on it's perfect. It's extra perfect. We have a group chat between among friends. There's five of us. You troy skulls and yeah five three of us on paper maybe democrats but in reality were really liberal when it kinda like were libertarians we. We don't pick aside. We're just is paper. Wise is were forced to be on saying. I'm a libertarian. So but two of them are like hard core republicans. It's hilarious because this entire time while things are rolling out we're throwing means at each other and As it starts to pan out arizona's blue they're having a meltdown. And we're like dude. It's just the votes. Let it happen. It's just funny to see like the reds red. The red hats are like having this ultra meltdown like little babies when when obama no not when trump one did we like throw.

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We'd like talk. A bunch of shit. I don't i can't recall. We did didn't even not to sound like i didn't really care. I mean this. This year has been more kind of crazy and has been the craziest turnout ever and we still don't know what's what's going to happen so it's like i just wanted over on. That's my thing. I wanted over and done with. It doesn't matter at this point. I don't really care to me. It's like a whole country of boston red. Yeah that's perfect. i'm here you know. I just wanna to watch some baseball. Yeah kind kinda. It information the media. You have to pick your team and support your team. And that's that's the problem to the you making it. All you know trying. They're trying to both sides are trying to make it so tribal to your on yearly on that one side and so do so since they've been counting every time joe biden has come out years. Said we like we're you know i'm here for the american people. We are trying to make america. Great again i am here. For instance you kidding. He didn't say his on a he keeps saying we like we. The people essentially like but every time trump comes out during all of this unfolding. It's me i'm i one. It's always me. Am i getting that wrong. I mean you tell me you guys know me well unique local podcast and then you watch more american media than we do so i figured you would know more than we would know. I spun it because in a way. I'm kind of like a bit of a referee rate. The watching the baseball game. And i don't know you know. Like i just think that people just really want to support their teams and i think it's really difficult to know who's winning because kind of like both sides make points and i don't know i guess it's like i get that he's saying we like i think that means he's trying to like bring people together but then it would be like like the yankees saying hey red sox fans you can also cheer for our team. They're just gonna turn to go fuck himself. Yeah they are so people are so deeply committed to their teams that like. How can you bring together in that kind of people to get on that climate. Maybe i'm also having a hard time trying to see how we can't bridge the gap. Because i'm not a full fledged democrat like i'm not i don't bleed blue or any of that stuff. So maybe that's why you can see it from both sides. That's how can i am. I see both sides. I see one side. Which is what libertarian. Kinda is right. You see one side of things that makes sense and the other thing all right. Well you guys are too crazy with that. Yeah that's where it's like you got to. There's got to be middle. Ground is what. I think it should be but everyone likes to go one way or the other. It seems. this is the most political episode we've ever had. I'm sorry i never been so good. No no no you brought it out. Thank you thank you. But i also. I think the reason that. I can have a political podcasts. And talk politics with anyone is that i don't judge anyone at like i remember. There was a guy who on twitter and he was advocating for ethno states and i mixed race. I'm half chinese italian conteh But so so. But i just you know i just i like the guy right so i just made a joke about it right. I was like well. Can i join at no stage. Yeah funniest before we got. And i sent you a link. I said to scott. I'm like i didn't know italians were in canada. Yeah once i mean. he's close. We found out close to new york. All right pretty close. We breed where we can breed. Because so what are your connections to the mafia who'd you know while we can't talk about that he's witness productions. If you need has i wouldn't prediction you. Let me know you got to you. Got the maple hooker maple syrup feedback bacon moose meat but like the good stuff. Good nine we need. We need some good like pastrami. Yeah is it come from there. You know the learning things that i learned map know actually like incredibly mo- especially toronto where i am. It's like one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Okay so over.

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Half of the city Identifies as non white So we every culture in the world represented here so it's actually amazing crude like we have every kind of culture and ethnishity That's why a lot of nba sports people will come to toronto and do really enjoy it. Because it's such a multicultural flavor. It's a very actually tolerant place like there's a lot of different people like i dunno torontonians. We we really do. Get along with americans quite well. I think there's a big. There's a big communist presence there to toronto. Isn't there as far as a lot of good comedy clubs and we obviously in the code world kinda sucks these days. But it's a good spot for that and a lot of nightclubs. What's what's what's a good toronto comedy club. Put me on the sponge. Gary right out he he. He owns this place called comedy bar. Which is like one of the one of the hot spots for comedy in toronto and sort of the next generation of of comedians. Who commanded air i. I think he's working with second city now. I think he's Okay one of the main concerns over there We we have like like toronto. Gpa maybe we'll got like four million people or something like but this is the chicago. I think i heard something like that. I mean phoenix about the same size. Yeah that's about right. Yes so it'd be like a decent mid sized american city but it's the capital of like like onwards the capital. But it's like toronto's really the like the main place to go for like business and culture canada okay so that different city in in candidate in be a different experience. It might be a little more. You know the back bacon snow shoes kinda thing Toronto's a pretty when you say back bacon. Do you mean canadian bacon. Yeah okay. we're learning. What would you you've got to slide now. Yeah wow we're learned so much do you. do you consider it. What toronto be like the new york like new york city of canada would think yeah yeah vancouver's like the the la like it's a little more laid back is more than nature Vaincrons you're thinking. Yeah toronto new york terms like business. Business business all the time so bustle but you mentioned food though and obviously were huge lovers of food. I'm gonna. I'm gonna die okay if you say so. Do you have a favorite place that you'd like to go to. Is there a favorite kind of food that you like. I'm have chinese But i really korean food night. I live near koreatown. Okay so i get like a center. Korean food and like there's like career carribean food and chinatown talion. Like when i say every single cultures represented in toronto clearly union. Right like you're not had some mauleon food. Really like niche was gene. You could find anything here that i would do heaven. I'd be like let me go. Let's try this. let's try that place. let's try. let's try you ever come to toronto. Be my guess. I'll take your o. Got southern rhode tally road trip. Come to fuck you. Don't don't come. Don't come fuck go. Fuck yourself the the americans rubbing off on u. s. toronto. Take her out. There's really good for okay. But what is your. What's your favorite. I know you're italian. So i'm pretty sure i don't know why i'm assuming you'd have to default that way but like your favorite heart salami. What's your favorite kind of food. Well look i i love. I love chinese. What's as. I'm a stereotypical chinese italian. Okay okay that makes me more so you like salami in your pad. Thai well pat tie. It's tie oh you're singapore fun. I don't think that. I mean that's what i give for my chinese place. I was raised in like an italian neighborhood my whole life so i didn't. I didn't even know anything about asian culture until i graduated from university. And and it's funny so my favorite food is right. Now's korean and it's so doing from chinese cuisine but for me they are both asian but at some different so i find it very exotic. Actually the spices. While like i mean the closest thing we get to like any kind of true korean here is like i wouldn't even say green but but it's korean barbecue like the they'll do like you know the barbecue tips or things like that and it's not.

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It's not real korean. So here at least in arizona like we don't know you go korean placing essentially. You're just getting regular food. Yellow korean barbecue is like the mcdonald's creativity. It's the mcrib the mic. That's coming back by the way but like korea town is like like there's restaurants offering authentic korean food and everything places great. I used to work for a big bank here in the united states or whatever but they paid for me to go to new york for a month for training purposes one time and i actually spent like a good day in chinatown in new york manhattan and that was awesome. Like you could just like little italy and chinatown kind of intertwined because it's like two s.'s. Involve each other. That's where bobby's family meant. Yeah that's where they met mom where we're little italy. Yeah corner beautiful love story. See new gonna pull it. I know i love it right but it was good that you're sitting there and you get to try nice authentic italian place and you're going to chai all this. These china chinese food china food is china virus. I this is where i phoned it. Yup no chinese food and you actually try to work now. We're all this china virus. Shit rising than asians get back. So i'm just gonna get back. That's funny that i went there but either he did. He says like that he's like it's like a bit like he's eating shit so he didn't say it's not like a slur but it right eating shit that in china china so true tyra toy. No and it's like oh we got it. Yeah got it. Shine up china. Take a fucking weird face on like fuck man and look. Here's the thing that's scary. He might even be right. I'm half and these people are fucking crazy man. If anyone's gonna come virus like kill half the world it's china. Yeah i fuck yet. let's try. The isn't china like the power in power. Plays right like that's an ultimate power play for them to to do is hey creates other than they can control and then take out. People trump china like blocks google. Yeah exactly they both mighty as smart way to do things because how are they seem like. They're controlling where we look and things when i watched that whole documentary on but when you look at what's happening in your country right now. It's like that happened with twitter and facebook learning the lessons from fuck and communism. Yeah and be like. Oh yeah maybe we should not let people access information. Guess what they're doing they're basically stop you from reading things and you can't post things and it's kind of like okay. That's kind of weird. So should we just be able to post whatever we want. Good question. I say yes because i don i mean so. Here's what here's why is that. How do you know what's true and what's not like. Does that mean now at all the flat earthers you have to block all of them from posting like and also like the media's bifurcated in the united states for very different perceptions of fact so the you know sometimes people aren't wrong right there just seeing some the same from a different perspective. Yeah it's true. Yeah so it's like social media is a guideline right right. So social media gives out it. It shows it's hey here's my guideline but then people can interpret that guideline differently and then they get mad or the social media gets mad if you you steered one way too much. Yeah as what i think. Maybe he made me like okay. So here's here's an example of like you know the fallibility of facebook. Censorship is that A good friend of mine. Megan larson like we've co written a a web series called the cult that we're going to be launching in early twenty one. basically you know the the. Entertainment industry's occult and every full of shit. But it's hilarious right. I'm getting a lot of trouble can But okay so we.

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Burr like really good friends and so. I ended up calling her a bit book and face. Facebook stopped me from calling her a bitch. It like a box came up and it was like this has been being offensive in your shits. I deleted it and then she replied by. Call me an asshole and it was fine. Oh what why is it. I can't call her a bitch. An asshole to me are those okay. would you think those are both equivalent to each other. Because i do. I think asshole as a dude to a bitch or if it's almost like a bid debate and yet yeah that's what happened. Like fatal acts leaks prevented me from calling her a bitch as a joke but she she wrote. You're an asshole. Then when through no problem yes. I'm going okay. So what are you doing facebook. Where you flagged. Mike common and not hers. I wonder if facebook algorithm for finding these offensive words or phrases or things like that is different in different locations. I would. I would say so. Because i would say if you're in the which would we learned in that. That documentary depends on where you are. You're google searches. Come up wherever you are. Have you seen social dilemma mazing. Yeah so good. So so i i'm guessing like if you're gonna if you're gonna attack somebody in a place where they're going that but basically if you're in a location let's say you're in a red state. Yeah you're they're trying to control. Let's let's be unbiased india. Okay india. I don't know anything about india. Let's say anything about canada now. Let's say you're calling someone a towel head there or do they say the point okay. Yeah it's perfectly executed to be censoring. People didn't see right. yeah. I just don't know why they try. I mean i don't know where they get too much involved like i get. Trump's lies all the time. And you know he says all this stuff and then like oh at vallarta but then all politicians lie. Yeah every single one of them's true very true and some of them have been doing it for years and jolla lick comma. Here's the primers was calling joe biden. You had that whole story. That little girl was me all this and now now she's the bp candidate and now it's always fun. No job is not a racist anymore. He was a year ago. He was a racist. I had to cry and make t shirts. But now now that i think you gotta racist. It's all politics. It's all bullshit is where she calls it a politics do you. Do you know her original origin story of getting into politics. Have you heard of the rumour or not You mean like basically. She had an affair with that guy. She basically had like a sugar daddy who got her into politics and she escalated from there. You believe that story. Do you think that that that's plausible. But look but. I don't think that it's unique. Think that they're all look. So here's the thing so. I used to work for one of the political parties in canada in my twenties. And then i quit as soon as i realized that they're all the same right okay. It's just think if you're doing that like that's your career. You want to move a politics game. It's like you're basically just looking for power and money and you're willing to do and say anything to get it yet. So i think the kinds of the tracked it to do and say anything to get to the. Yep he so here. Here's how naive and arrogant americans are. At least i am. What are the parties in canada. Like the maple leafs in the blue jays or like what. What is it the rap. Well don't forget the shit knew that one. What are what are the. So what are the political parties. Drake's so okay. Well i mean we can really you know i love talking about but didn't want derail all this comedy. Podcast is hilarious. But we're we're giving like a lighthearted side of it so it's curious now at this is actually really interesting politically and And i actually think that the us could benefit by emulating what we do because we ever three party system so the us would never happen to canada.

00:45:09 - 00:50:10

Just because there's three parties right so you would never have one party another because anytime that happens in canada the third party just comes up the middle and china takes a bit from this side and a bit side and then everybody goes to them. We have Instead of the republicans right there just called the conservatives. I think they're now called. The you know the of conservatives they keep changing the name but basically we have the right as well and then we had the liberal party which is the blue jays the blue well basically the raptors. Because they're our now Yes but minority government so nothing that the. Us minority government in canada wishes the situation. Now our you have a you have one party. That has the most votes but they need another party to be in a perpetual coalition with them to rule so you constantly compromising or the government falls and now you have to have another election. Oh she's isn't it. Is it good though. Like compromise on things. Yeah so that's that's having a three party system right Because i actually think that both republicans and the democrats make some really good points. But they're too busy trying to kill each other And there's no position middle can be like well. I like trump what the democrats are saying on race like how we have that. Does both those things. Yeah exactly canada. Wow yeah i think he has got it. Goin' good there. yeah. I think on the move move. The only problem with the only problem with canada is winter. Yes yeah so. How can i walk into dual citizenship. Right like i could the places. A lot of people do that here. They just spend they spend six wants to be here in florida and backed up a lot of them come here. I don't know if i spent six months. We have a big a big candidate following here like a lot of. There's a lot of places here. the actually have snowbirds. That's what we calms. We have a lot of canada flags throughout the valley. Where like the arizona. Flag the us lag in the mechanical flag. I honestly thought that was maple leaf like That's weird look the winter stocks. But i mean there's a lot of states in the us that also you know have shitty winters very true where we live there. So we've been pretty selfish so far on this podcast talking about everything else but what you have going on. Yes tell us so you have. You just mentioned it on prime the market and this is based off of wall street. Yes so basically i wrote. It's sort of like a gangster movie about wall street bond traders golic the wolf of wall street. Yes so it's funny. Because i wrote play and it was actually a big hit in toronto and then six months later martin scorsese announced his new film project. The wolf of wall street turn Although to be honest. I really do think that my script holds up. I mean i don't have leo dicaprio but It's you know. I've been pretty accomplished play in canada for two decades. In the marlins my best play okay so amazing testimonial guys if you ever get a chance if you have prime chat with the market i'm going to check it out because that already sold me on it because i love investor stuff money stuff. He loves the people from the finance industry. Tell me that it's exactly right. Like the dialogue is perfect like i did a lot of research. It's it's the most vulgar canadian film ever made awesome. It's the most politically incorrect canadian film. Ever made some sold so forty two budweiser said throughout the whole thing. Like come on buddy no dude. It's it's really. It's it's really bad like that in trouble on facebook because When the character strauss the end bomb like every bomb is dropped right like misogynistic racist homophobic. Like everybody's and i do not hold back like this vicious vicious wall street for you but they speak. Yeah but then also elevated the gangster movie man. So it's era glenn ross with guns. Oh yes the movie check. Canadians are deeply offended by my movie. And that americans are like. Oh that's pretty good is that is that the movie you were talking about earlier that they were mad about mad at you about being offended or the u-haul yeah if you say it like some people collect they probably use the f.

00:50:10 - 00:55:03

word wow like it's so beyond What sort of a simple and canada. They wouldn't even show it and yet we have such a growing audience and especially tonight states and people are like this is awesome. Let's films your government funds all the move want anything offensive. How much How much cocaine isn't it. A law mess you just read. Did you hear about what oregon just did. Oh yeah that's right. That's close to toronto is right. No i don't fucking with you. We're close. i know i know. I know i'm telling you how the maps off fucked up. We don't we can't pass a geography test now but go ahead and tell them what happened in oregon. Just yeah well oregon. The state of oregon in the united states just recently decriminalized cocaine and heroin. While now you don't have you don't have to spam. You can just go there. The funniest comment. I've seen so far as like wait. Oregon just become the amsterdam the united states right. I think i understand. People wanted to be progressive. But like this whole thing. I just go guys. Do we really think it's a good idea. Let's not have police that the world safer like don't really them and that's that's the thing that's where people are getting the the message wrong. And maybe they should have called it. Defunding police basically. They're trying to replace some of the police officers situation with social workers with you know A essentially drugs anonymous type. People so cops can go and fight. Then that was the media or being trade. I gave abolish the police. The remove the ambiguity of it's like abolish people in toronto in toronto. Toronto wiped off. Like i honestly. I think that police should be fighting crime right and then if we have people that are getting locked up for heroin abuse right not trafficking the drugs but yeah the ones that are taking it. They should be sent to not sent to but they should be working with the social worker. I would agree to try to get off of the rehabilitation. Yeah look i agree with all these things i just. If you have. If you have a state where now everyone can just do any drug ever go there you. Do you think that bad things aren't going to happen. No no. I honestly think that vegas should be wanting one upping oregon at this point. They should be like what the fuck. Why are we not on this already. Right yeah right and then you know what's funny. Is that if you do that. You are making all the mob jokes but you probably piss off the mafia right because now you're taking money out of the pockets of the mobs that have been running the drug game for how many decades. I mean they're already doing that with the weed. At this point yeah we would be pissing off the cartels for sure. Well they're not making their money off the we'd i mean they're making their money off on stuff. Yes true you didn't hear that from needle boyce connected canary. Okay connected. I d come dona. I'll find you you pay me. Sorry guys. I just watched the sopranos during covid. So i watched it. I watched a right before kobe needed. Start watching it all over again. Watch them all you know. Alber using tires thing right. It is It again. You've seen the entire thing right. I watched all. I'd been the whole motherfucker in like three weeks. I couldn't stop. Yeah loved it. How what did you think of the ending. Law by the ending to wheeler sh. I'm just fucking finally twenty years ago. I ozzy writer. Yeah so. I think i knew that he was going for. I mean was he leaving it open. Yes of course. I mean i i i. It's not really a spoiler. But i can talk out of say what i think. Yes it was. He purposely ended the entire series on on Sort of anti-climax.

00:55:03 - 01:00:12

Because he he wanted to. Reinforce the idea that every moment in tony soprano's life is a possible crescendo. And that would pursue for the rest of his lap. Yeah very yeah. I mean i think i mean not spoil whatever my thoughts are a kind of left you either way like either a happy ending or possibly you know they could have all got killed off. You know what i mean so it could have been either way. You don't know because it just went black but that's non writer. It's not like a spoiler. It's just it's you know because it doesn't reveal any plot is more structural. Think the idea that you could write a bill. I mean season. Six of the broncos opinion now is the best season of any television series in history of television. I mean you had david chase. Ukrainian plus you had matthew weiner who created madman terence winter who created boardwalk empire basically right every episode of season six jal. True a lot of good shows. I mean it's just every and it's just gold and then you'd have fucking matthew. We and terence winter writing together. And it's just like gold. Gold gold go weiner winter when weiner winter winter is weiner rhetoric in my house. Red ramblings One of our podcast friends on instagram. He goes he jumps back to our talk about organ in legalizing he says legalize shit tax. It put that money to good use. Yeah i just think that if you here's a here's a crazy or possibly leap silver lining right you. If you have a problem or you're just really big into those those types of drugs the you have a place now like you have a nice little haven you can go to and you can go. Came up with a conspiracy theory go. Let's go okay. here it is. The whole world is reeling race in canada right now. We usually have a deficit of about Forty billion and right now. I think we're at like five hundred billion for this year loan because of cogut right. So every government's getting fucked because all like jobs are down right so the government needs money while get money subsidize the illegal drug industry and take some of that right. You're such competing against the underground economy. You're taking money at the mafia's pockets and putting it into yours. That is very true. Comb put to put it in millennial terms. You're basically making bitcoin a legal tender. Yeah yeah. Because i mean if you think about the power the money that's involved in the drugs and then you you take it from eighty standpoint and you say that the war on drugs has lost. Yeah and now that now drugs one feeling about it because we throwing money in oregon trying to fight it or states where they had a lot of fear outright. I mean there's been a lot of damage in that city. So it just seems like there's i wanna say self inflicted but yeah all this crazy self-inflicted have you guys ever been to oregon. I have not. It's right by bob. i'm going now. I've actually said this story on the podcast before but oregon portland specifically when my favorite places to visit. I have a friend that lives there. An old roommate a move there. I don't know six seven years ago. Or something. Like that. And i would go every so often. Visit him at least once a year Up until recently and one time. I ended up coming up for a weekend i. His brother was living there at the time as well and We decided to go out drink while he was still in. My friend was still at work. You know we're waiting for him to get off work and so we're at the bar or hanging out in the next thing i go. I'm like hey you know it'd be awesome right now is if we had some. We're sitting drinking. Unlike if we had some cocaine out of nowhere this guy you know. Blouse address like disco. Stu almost ice. Whoa comes and he's all like one of you. Say you need cocaine while portland cocaine ferry ye cocaine very rolls up literally. He probably had on working. I'm sick okay. We're like Sure are you a cop. You have to tell me right. Yeah you have to say something but it's a it's a funny story because now this is how you do anything there in the first thing as soon as i heard that this be the this is legal and you can you know cocaine's free game at this point.

01:00:12 - 01:05:01

That's the first thing i thought of like. Oh my god. I had this moment there. And did you know that portland is the capital of the most strip clubs per-capita sure the united states am i. Do i live in portland. Tampa tampa had the most strip clubs personal apple. Though i know. If that's the case then but i note tampa bay was the had the most strip clubs in america so i don't know why i know you trim would make sense. If you're going to sell drugs i mean you got all these strip clubs. They kind of go hand in hand said. That's what i said. I'm like oh portland. We have the most clubs per capita. Hey you know go great with this cocaine everything just legal if you're selling lots of coffee. Don't be surprises. Lot of fucking donut shops pop up starbucks. Take a dip in portland because of this. That's washington where they probably have some portland. What do you mean international chain. Oh yeah the makino. Cotton easley decreases crime because a crime is gonna go where the drugs are illegal. Because that's where they make their does so if it's legal that said well we're not money here. We might as well have somewhere else. That's where it's going to be like the good like the good experiment right like this will see how this plays out and we'll see where either a trick was other places or it's just gonna become a shit show we're safe eight in the united states is come here get high. Go to sleep. You might make it home Portland wait organ. Inside every on that side you split the whole fucking state you got one side or your fucking sleep and all the time the other side fucking up all fired up. All night is having a blast. They're working the stock. Laws are core like laws do their to incentivize behavior. So you know what i mean. It's like the reason that there's people go to jail or get killed for murder is so that they stop murdering. Yeah yeah no yeah. that's scary. Exactly it's it's it's wrong it's a fucking you're bribing. Somebody doesn't single you wanna fuck in. It's like if you got a quarter every time somebody it's like. We have five people left in the world in a week. that's true. A lot of rolls of quarters so radical red said he's not sure about legalizing the hard stuff but shrooms and we'd it's it's already. It's already passed in oregon for them. All la. I don't know if you notice to other states have mushrooms yet the microdosing a lot of states actually proves you can add mushroom so really our whole country's turned into a fucking senior turning into the fun place. Why not this one gas drug dose which we already there with all the pharmaceuticals but now where you go so like whatever it's fire and you go to other states and it's like did you talk to her name that cut off your dick or something. Like house must be very confusing. A very different kinds of people that s def definitely pennsylvania. House the former suitable game there as far as i do you guys like every commercial like every three commercials here is advised. Well it's a pharmacy over something right. There's always something wrong with somebody is always something. You guys have tons of those. Aaron canada where you guys are. We have a really a free healthcare. So they don't. Yeah so it's all about pushing the drug profits there. Yeah that makes sense so there's still like you like you still have to pay for some pharmaceuticals depending on. You know like what they are like you pay. But it's subsidized but the health care's free where and this is the thing about the us. 'cause i things like that you know where it's like. I've just heard all these stories that you get cancer and then you have to sell your house in the us. It's like they're all these businesses that are in the business of like getting you sick care of you once you get sick. We're in canada because it's free healthcare No one's really making money off you getting sick. We'd rather you didn't get sick because then you don't contribute to the lines. That's how it should be that you bring that up and there was there was a period of time.

01:05:01 - 01:10:02

We're in this kind of got me onto like a universal healthcare or some type of Universal insurance for every united states person On a as something we should have is a few years ago. We got an myself my wife. My family essentially got into a car accident while we were in california. My wife shattered her wrist. Yeah and as we come back to arizona. We get the bills from everything in california. You're talking about the end. I had insurance at the time. So insurance cover a lot of this but still thousands and thousands of dollars of bills. Come on man. I took her to a specialist here in arizona to get her sophis- her wrist. You know very good guy We enter you know we basically like an interview like. Hey what type of work you do gotta gotta and still you know. The insurance would only cover a portion of it and we're coming out of pocket by an unknown talking like a couple of thousand dollars. I'm like i don't know if they charge a certain premium of like okay. Well we know the insurance is at least gonna cover this but then we know these guys are stuck with ex bill. But i'm here talking about this is this is before i was like even an underwriter chase like this. This was like big money at the time to where okay go get a twenty dollar credit card to cover to make sure my wife can get a surgery like it's ridiculous. I'm sorry to hear that years ago years ago basically. She's dead now so don't worry about it. If fixed itself so besides joe oh welcome to them. I didn't know if i you can do. Yeah it's awkward for me. Oh i am going murdered. As soon as i get home dying at least tonight look. I originally studied economics at the university of toronto which is one of the best universities here in toronto fancy in the country right in the next to her and then go to my life the poverty so that that's good nice. Oh you started a podcast. So are making millions of lynn hair pennies. Yes exactly exactly But i will say you know in in the study economics. It's all about incentives for human behavior. So the problem is that. I think you have this for profit medical industry i. How do you know people fucking lying or not. Because it's like if they're making dough a fucking dick new round all this shit giving like go go to a fucking go buy a car and how many things they get this new pain get this thing get like it's like the joe always gonna try and your coat. Wow god i think a movement of canada. Where is it warm. And we'll do the six month thing. Oh that's right. I hope it's a land up there and we'll get to places when you leave. Canada like to go travel. Do you have to get special insurance or approve special insurance okay. So there yeah yeah. They won't pay abroad. What if you're it's a dude. Dude what do you mean i mean. I mean while we can't even the country for the next ten years. thanks china. yeah. But i i don't know i don't international so often but i definitely people who like if you get an a. and you you'd go to hospital in the us and you're traveling if you don't have the right insurance it's like you're paying for that shit and even then i don't know what the rules are like like with you right. You had insurance but if you're like out of state then you know depending on what it is now you have to pay all these extra costs and look. I just think it's very simple. It's like when people want to fuck fuck you. Yeah when people when you set up rules where people can love. Take a full likely to it. That's actually what about on amazon prime the markets. I'm gonna. I'm gonna watch it. You're sold me. Wait to see it and we got to because we we have to apologize normally when we have a guest on we watch like their most recent or hit.

01:10:02 - 01:15:11

Yeah and then we can kind of touch on it and it's been a weird couple weeks for us. Yes but a spinebuster hate you both. It's not what we love you. So that's a that's a weird clearly. You don't know me that's that's your door. Don't worry i'm gonna facebook and say fuck you when you say something next. Yeah next time you guys go fuck yourself but you you brought up. You know the mar- well we we we should also talk about trish. That's trish on if yes. We had her on a couple of months ago during the whole way. I guess we're still in fucking covid but we are on a couple of months ago when it first was fresh in the world. You said that you co produced milk which we haven't seen that either but gosh no no. It was great. It was great interview. I've ever done. Don't worry don't worry i'm bobby. How did promoting your movies always gray. We talked about art land. And then i heard about forty five minutes ten minutes. Probably he did dwell on that too much. The full hour devoted to his wife's me. Thanks shit this is what our podcast is about. Though anyways trish was. I like jim was on and we and she integrates. And we're we're happy. You're on obviously and yeah we we do. I honestly the market. I'm going see the market. i promise you. And the million and milk had several accommodations. My big question is do you have any juicy information about trish while you co produced an and started yes. We slept together. Yes yes that's needed. I love with trust. you know. it's funny. I say that because i'm totally taking out of carson dating dating. We did this short film. We played a couple and then we did this. We just anything. Right instagram we. We did a photo students like us as a couple. Because it's about a couple will even the cover art of this movie is youtube like almost over almost kissing to. Yeah i mean it's pretty close over. Yes comments people are like. Oh how's your softcore. Going with trish. I was like this like it's let's just whatever but it's about a couple And also like we played a couple on this web series on her roommates and ask what that she co wrote. Yeah i am which we have seen. I've seen that's not. That's not something. I don't know like we're just friends and actors right so it's so funny because i've been an actor twenty years but people see me and trish in photos will we're a cup and then my friends in the industry like are you guys a couple and i'm like you know what's acting right. Look if i'm if i play a pedophile. I don't fuck thousand children. You know what i mean. It's true that went mass work in the craft. I guess matt gets the character down right. Yeah yeah surprise. just playing. The call will a stories. I mean you know. We l like. I wanted her that opportunity. So i said hey why don't a your direct royal debut. She's that's so nice. Play this role and the script was written based on a conversation. She had with a friend of ours that passed away so it was to honor him And then i don't know somehow now trish you're getting married congrats. Man can't wait. when's the wedding. We're going to be there. I think we're invited. Yeah both bridesmaids of course always the bridesmaid. Never the bride. That's us you got it. All right we'll all get married. We'll do like a four way. Oh man i like how this is going. This is turned really cool. How we do it in canada. That's why we're moving winger wedding. That's why we're gonna move. You sold us again you know. It's funny healthcare. I am johann yet. I do think that. And i said this once cove is over uncorking and lockdowns. Her old is going to be orgies all the time. I totally thought you were gonna say trish was a swing. No no did you call her rein. Everyone will be people so deprived of touch that. I just think everyone is going to be like touching and sucking and looking at each other like all the time when she's done honestly think that arizona's going to be the most ultra conservative to his theory because krona virus didn't exist here.

01:15:11 - 01:20:01

What do you mean know i. it did. But most people didn't believe it was a real thing so they just continue to do what they regularly did anyway. That's really for how long. I think it's still going on. Yeah i mean it's really really hasn't if you if you walk outside right now and ask somebody about coronavirus and be like ghetto. I mean people do the mask thing because the big box stores and things like that require it but beyond that kind of business as usual be here for the most part people are terrified and ken like we're such a compliant society at here. It's like i mean you see all the the memes and things on facebook where people flipping out 'cause yet you tell me a mask those people were you know kinda screwing things up for. Those people are the crazy ones. Look to the so you know. I'll see like thirteen people freaking out. But i'm like there's three hundred thirty eight million people. So yeah that's i don't know what to believe about the us. Is i get all this information from the media. But normally i'd really happening there. You know you should do come visit. Come stay with us. Follow the amigos. Pc and we will give you the right front. Yeah the news. That is not so much news from down. I'll come hang out. What wes martin all the all the other barbecue places what. What is the food korean barbecue. It's korean mcdonald's in arizona. I will take you to the mic rib december second. It's coming back. Bentinck mcrib mic school rib. Let's get it's the it's got the italian there one. That's a reminder that sorry we'll make work work on that later put a pin in. That is there as i was reading some of this stuff though about the market. Is there conspiracy within this thing so you cut out it. I was reading up on the market though. At least in. Is there a conspiracy within the market. Like what i was reading. So i don't wanna give everything away but yet face like the central premise. But these four guys who crashed on internationally on purpose to make twelve billion dollars But the whole thing sort of functions as the end it's out Raw violence that listen side of men so it's a very very intense movie it kind of merges international just like a really dark disturbing gangster movie nice doing. I took the headphones out. Because i didn't want to hear too much. I wanna watch all right. Yeah so. I didn't want to and you're talking but you kind of said the same thing that was he just went on. And i m d be based he did basically but i stood up. I really like what you had to have seen it another finance unless unless unless you are you. Are you like an artist in the sense where you don't wanna see your worse. Maybe like you you do. And you're like i don't wanna see it dude. I directed the fucking movie. I watched the movie lincoln avenue. Don't tell me what have you can action director number title and was it. A was your assistant handle the whole thing. Tell me it was good or not. No one will tell me what's doing really well based on Did you have buffer girls or boys. I don't wanna discriminate. It's a low budget film. So let me. I just left. Everybody got them already. Nice fun makeup. Yeah i can't wait. That's that's a keyword for belgium. I didn't know if that was true or not. That's that'd be a nice change. Watch the movie. Because i guarantee that you like it.

01:20:03 - 01:25:04

If you don't then. I'll just say that my friend wrote it there okay. You didn't watch it at all. Yes because you sold me on that. Is there anything on netflix. That you're watching anything that you would make a recommendation to chime in about your on binging besides just from net flicks. 'cause i've watched pretty much every interest. Now i'm actually watching hbo. So i watched sopranos for the first time i loved it it now the first which one sorry which game of thrones now have you seen that thrones man. It's so good okay. Yeah unit before. I'd never seem to surprises. Oh the lost lost franchise. I'm watching a writer right. So have all these projects so i was like you know what i have time where to stay inside. Water not just binged. The best tv shows ever made because that will help me. It's funny. I mean it sounds maybe stupid away but when you write as a job So i also movie that i co wrote. That was supportive for an american debut january but because of covid like stars are not necessarily willing to shoot. So we'll see what happens with that. But essentially i have to watch the biggest you know shows in the world because i have to reference them when i when i talk to people because now i'm having conversations with people that are about millions of dollars right. Yeah very true. So what is something that you're watching now that you would recommend someone watch like new or old new nude nude. Yeah what do you do. That's new okay. So i haven't only fans accounts so do the amigos. Pc yes sorry all the flapper. Go on to be honest. The nineteen thirties with nineteen temporary. Work okay So i actually think that. If i had to make any recommendations i would. I would go and watch these classic franchises. Because i don't you know it's like people just want the new thing and i'm like the sopranos holds up man. Logs up. Game of thrones for up like the wire holds up to ask never seen the wire how to watch that one while amazing the wirelessly favorite. Tv show ever. Before i watched the sopranos really took down. They're not they're not like they're somewhat anachronistic like there's somewhat dated but it's such quality writing and acting and you know i it's it's funny because the market actually was the best play that i wrote and produced in two thousand ten and then the movie was finished around two thousand sixteen and then nobody wanted it. 'cause it's this offensive vile piece of shit according to all these people all right and then the economy collapses and my movies essentially about an economic collapse all of a sudden it's relevant again and then now people for racist like amazing. They're calling it like brilliant. And oh god like deeply like it's like i have like fifteen twenty people. Just sing my praises right so art. Art is a funny thing because it doesn't matter when you make it matters like how authentic to experience the story it is and i think that will resonate forever. I grew yeah like one day. We'll be famous today. We stop it. Yeah never know you know. Like i remember i. I produced short film and there was this young actor who's one of our leads named graham was about eighteen years old and three years later he was world famous and he goes by the name. Drake really yeah no way. Wow yeah aubrey graham. Drake wow yeah. He's pretty famous. It's it's you know it didn't anything happens. So who do i long around here to get famous. Well i gotta go. So he's for to blow. Can you can you log into my onlyfans. it can. i'll make sure can add definitely on a paywall. That's for sure. So let's let's let's start to. Oh you want wants to go home. No no 'cause i wanna do this. Glad so we. We haven't done this in a while but we're doing trash tub it which i'm just a random question out in here and you're gonna see your we're going to all answer let you answer it.

01:25:04 - 01:30:03

I is your guest. What secret conspiracy do you believe in or you would like to start conspiracy. What conspiracy would you like to start or that you believe in kenan mentioned it earlier only like three people in the whole world that actually had our and they make fucking ninety five percent of the decisions that affect us. Oh you believe in like the lumia nadi conduct. Yeah aluminum but i it. It's essentially like a like a committee of people that actually rule the world three. Yeah three stanley kubrick's last eyes wide. Shut did i see that fell out. Yes i- i largely interpreted that to mean guys. Hollywood is run by the secret society of perverts jewish. And they wanna see me. That's how i put the movie. And then ken fifteen years. Later reeb scenes island became mainstream knowledge. And then it's so funny because donald trump's attacking the clintons and all this stuff and then it's like was that epstein's island both donald trump and bill clinton multiple times. I know yeah. Is it weird that lake. The records are coming out for the flight logs in that saying that trump's been on a flight log to the island but he has been on the plane. And it's a it's a weird. I mean they do. I think of it okay. Let's say the three of us were in charge of all will crowd but if they were. Wouldn't you do that if i knew. One of us was in trouble. You're going to hide. Yeah you killed like ten hookers in the new portland's coronel where we're selling cocaine back to our grandma's like i love with this. I love this is a great story. This is a good mum. You taking notes the ten the ten birth certificates of the hookers and talking. Burn them for you guys when they've gotta take this going to go to dark take the teeth and all of the records of them. I mean you just take them somewhere else powder maybe cut the coke with the yeah. Yeah oh shit might be like some new. Because there's already a conspiracy theory out there that there are elites eating people too but the what oregon earn we have and we just. And that's the secret is that we cut the with teeth. Power teeth of famous. Yeah i think the elites are cutting out onto them. That's probably true. Hey sorry there's just a knock at my door sky high ono. He's dead bomb. Damn candidate hitman. Did he say sorry. I hey excuse me buddy. I'm here for serial mom. Oh mom i i think he's very simple. Like power corrupts and anyone who's power's gonna use that power to do whatever the fuck they want. That's why people seek power true true. Yes i agree with that. One hundred percent go watch sopranos. And then game of thrones and you know it's amazing because it's like almost the exact same show told in very different ways So we're all fucking doomed basically. Yeah which one of the sopranos says. I drink wine. And i know things must be all them drink wine. I know it's supreme knows what your shit what's mine. What's yours might conspiracy. I have too many but go ahead. did you have one off your head. Do you want to talk about well. I mean we've talked about on the show plenty of time. We're being listened by the government. Shh stop it. Yeah that's a. That's legit conspiracy here on. His megan is one And so when i say he he's thinking i'm trying to give him some time. When i say that we're being listened by the government is the amigos are being listened by the government not the general population. Which i'm sure that is a thing too but we recently not recently.

01:30:03 - 01:35:00

We had an episode. Probably like twenty episodes. Go where we. We went into depth of accompanied downloaded our entire library and continued to download our library. They The company is out of virginia as soon as you Look into this company and who the founders are and who backs it. it's high political powers at be and could could it be a national library shergar. Why would you library catalogue the amigos. Yeah i don't know but it is a legit thing. The amigos are being listened to by the government. By the way why yeah. I don't wanna hear some shit. You sitting awful. They're trying to risk. They're they're they're trying to look into canada No we're we're wanted will take you like i. If you talk shit about that. It's perfectly finally we're annotate we'll take it but it's just weird we're there. Yeah yeah exactly. We get your friends only page where her hands fans only on the rocks are not on the wrong side. I'm on the wrong site. He's i think that's a real thing. Though like eight the they continue to download our shit. They still do. Yes that's creepy somebody. I mean somebody's doing. I mean fuck man oliver. Smartphones are likely to buy the company it could it could be. There's one employee at this at this place. That's just sitting there and listening to us on. There could be one fan. That's learn could have one fan. I just thought of that too. The whole social gillette's you're right that's right it's it's like the listen to us route rhythms. Yes yes it is. Yeah there you go. When i look in spiracy right there with a friend of mine on the phone and then all of a sudden like fucking pizza ads on facebook you know. Oh yeah when they listen to you. Yeah it's all the ads. Yeah you're right on the phone even though you're you're talking with somebody in the room when this shows up on the side it's like it's crazy at first. I thought you guys were mexican. Because i was like well. What is the amigo spic. Saad cast then know that said well. Well there's a long story. They're so we we were the amigos we were. We were the three amigos. Well he started. We were the two and a half migos right so we had another guy here with us. Who was here a lot albert. He was our mexican counterparts. he eventually just Wasn't around as much. And then then we ran into. It's just me and mark now his now migos But it wasn't you know. I don't know if it was really we just. That was what we fell with. As far as when i when i was growing up my my first production companies mexican productions and. I'm not even mexican. you can still could sell it nicely like mexican. I just started saying right yet. Find a mexican amex and then and then started calling me. The dirty mexicans are just call my practicing as a sex. Move though right dirty sanchez. Sorry to give you what that is. No i'm terrible in bed. So i i couldn't name my company after sex move. I would just call it. Like failed. attempt failed. Go to jack. Glowed asleep go to early productions premature. Jackie it's like a rolled with credits and then just end the move. Repeat what the hell was that in it. So quick thumbs up the end thanks. It lasted less than a minute. That did happen once. I am i gonna say who but there was. There was like i was like such a beautiful girl. I was like i can't believe i can be with her. And and it was all and it was like no no no that he was always like that and it was a hair like it was just like what and then this happens all the time and that's where the the concept of milk came from did i did i nail it. You're gonna have to watch the movie. I got it. I know i'm sorry that i didn't finish it. You're going to have to watch and neither did she. You know what i like. It could be such appear title.

01:35:00 - 01:40:08

But i for every kind of course that you could hear you although if you watch the movie. It's like mary very different. Not no milk. Shots is very different. It's going to change the way i look at it now owned which would have happened. This is very actually your heart. Serve off heartfelt beautiful romance and and now think about premature ejaculation kind of ruins it. I don't know how we we did our job. We eight millimeter film. Nicholas cage made an appearance somewhere. Jeez but devoid of like humor. Now it's every fucking tears. This has a big snake. As and it's like i just think if you're a good person three people well and you can take the pain out of them you know they're trying to like take the joy human. Yeah yeah i mean yeah life life is a what is it yet. Just just live life and fucking laugh about it and that's why we're live. What is it the stupid little laugh. Love of stupid chick thing he's whereas is at above. It's probably somewhere in my house. I'm sure somewhere in a box somewhere. Because i mean the move situation but i think that's what that's why post life man i. I just think like it's just like this. Just if you treat people well you can have some fun like you. Don't fuck watch every single word and opinion that you there's so many people who are so invest like if you say one thing they don't like now they're going to try to end your career. It's like they're part of the cancel culture. That's that's that's dumb. Essentially they feel like they have a justice deserve and they need to cancel when you say the wrong thing like pre ejaculate eating into trish hair On milk good movie by the way let me be cleared not trish. It was not tree. Oh somebody else. Don't find four my partner. Oh was not true. That was a part of the movie. Don't ruin the movie for me. Because i gotta to watch that one too when all of my partners sexually dissatisfied fats fide. Okay yeah yeah. This cluber wants broke. My lover's wrist trying to satisfy her so there you go the car accident. That was weird. Why would you bring that back but almac. He was speiser during the car accident. That broker wrist. How do you think she broke her in. So no one. They wouldn't cover it. It was your fault. No comment look. That could be real compliment for you. Were you doing with that. That's a weird. Like risk in the wild. Having multitasker cannot be the valerian steal a nice. What from you're going to have those references. Where where are you in game of thrones. I'm just actually. I'm about to these finale. For which one do to okay yes. Easter always ago ends like sell manage six or seven relevant. You're like it's scary. It's pretty season eight eight season eight season. Three is a good one right like it's there. I might watch in a month for sure. I don't yet they're all they're all good and to a certain point for me. I'll say that what's your favorite. It's an old. But what's your favorite. What's your favorite aspect of the show. Is it the white. Walkers is the white walkers the politics like what what is your your aspect of it from the beginning of time. Heaven watching game of thrones really helps me to conceptualize shakespeare.

01:40:09 - 01:45:14

Okay can you were you on lifetime. No it's something happen in it. Completely blanked out. Yeah It's like when i have sex with somebody it's like that's the experience like. I think we're having a good time but they just completely blank out and it's very forgettable. No it just completely went gone. It was like what the fuck just happen. All right so get like when. I have sex yet exactly what the fuck just have so. You're asari to repeat yourself. But what is your your favorite aspect of the show. Okay so i was to say i. I'm a shakespearean actor raymond to to the school at least in shakespearean plays in school and came. A thumbs just helped me to understand sugar even more because it's just it's really humid. It's the best writing And it's it's just this issue about humanity and just really how fucking flawed we are. You know it's it's really this power game where you're at survival and you're just trying to like fight a new battle every day just to live in the world in that i really get added. Game thrones it's so fucking human like it really resonates yeah. No game of thrones is probably one of the best series i've seen in like a longtime mckay. There's so many good aspects of it i. I wish they would've went deeper into heavy. Read the you've never read the books. Have you know okay As it started progressing into the seasons. I started listening to the books like an audible. There's just so many layers to this. Series of game of thrones that it's just if you can't pay attention to one piece of it you lose a character like i it's when you listen to the books tyrian even though in the show. Tyrian is a huge. He's super bad ass for being. You know this midget note all You know of power spoiled little brat. Essentially he becomes a better character as you keep going on But in the show. 'cause i don't think that you're at the battle of bastards yet. Are you know okay. So at some point there's going to be this part in in the show and it's it's in the more earlier seasons i don't know if it season one or two he or finish to. It's gotta be three. It's gotta be three but tyrian becomes this super bad ass in the book with this one. No it's the war you can tower. You compare in the books to the movie kinda. You don't read listen. i can't read i. don't you listen to her though. Dude i can't wait. I can't wait until the last book what i was saying. That there are certain aspects in the show that you're like the development here in these characters is amazing but book it takes it up that extra notch. Do you have so you did you. Smart wartime you did so you. You took the market It was originally a play. And then you made it a movie where there certain things from the play versus the movie. That would i just thought of this question that and that were i wish i would have done that in the movie versus the play or maybe or vice versa at something. And you're like. I wish that was in the play to be honest. The movies actually better than the play. The play was very well received. Because so i did the play and we did three week run weeded and interesting way where we did it in a corporate office downtown toronto where and we set up seats in this actual office people so it looked like people were actually at an office and all the shit was happening right leg was pretty cool but it you know in cedar it really depends on the night you come and are actors are actually pretty good pretty consistent but you know like if you came on a where you gotta shitty seat. Then i'll let the you were blocked from seeing. Somebody's face when rewritten re wish. You could see in their face when you do a movie. It's like i can t i. This is the close up right. I can control. Where do you look were when you do a plan. What the hell a heater to Remove totally just go down altogether.

01:45:15 - 01:50:04

What does this little notification. I think rider limit because it are limiting trouble connecting. This often caused by unstable internet. Read our limit non not saying but i as you when you went to the bathroom. Everything cut out something. That's weird so i guess bring him back to wind down i guess or get his thoughts on the one end up. If we can even get back in we gotta move to more designated awesome. Internet situation can't even do a show for an hour and forty five minutes. i wonder if And so. I have my phone lt. Not even on her internet error. No internet if i am. This is a very dissatisfying experience. For all just like when i make love. I'm sorry you to haircut. Look indian haircut. What all its delayed. Whoa that's way delayed. So i just shut my computer down. Were the hopes. it's so funny. He's having fun here right now. He's there and so funny. Shit how do you have lt five. Ge i don't even know what that fucking me. I don't know what that means either. Do you ever isan heavy teams. He is is lt better than five. Ge and i don't know no five g five g but have an e. at the end. I don't know i'm just missing the t. Thanks for carrying. The show is there. Y- he's their technical difficulties. Oh we're still there. Nope are still just buffering. There we go. Hello hello thanks for carrying the show. Was that so the podcast. Got everything you just said didn't yeah. That's good the video cut out but everything you said was here just a very satisfying experience. Nice still there. That's our ever gonna hurt. No no we like it. Good here so we're still on. Aol dial up in our studio. We're going to be moving soon as well. No it's still not working. Kim kardashian of the canadian film industry. You know you're gonna show your you've got a sex tape or what.

01:50:07 - 01:50:36

I'm happy to show me now. He's all right well. But i was just saying like writing a novel about the market. Would they says ben. The migos pc mic sure like subscribe and review us all your pod casting platforms visit us at amigos dot net for our entire library of content and migos merch till next time audio.

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