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115. Aaron dalla Villa Pledge

This is Amigo species. If you were looking for a highbrow fancy smart Regal podcast with posts that love to talk about horse riding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This box is Amigas PC. If you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts Shenanigans and balls out craziness. You've hit the jackpot. This is Amigos wage, and this is Scott and Mark. Hello, everyone Amigos here. This episode brought to you by seat wild cvd this episode is presented by dammit. Wild thoughts on products are the best case Edibles on the market using real fruit and all natural flavors, but the flavors inspiring the Pacific Northwest high quality ingredients real fruit and the consensus consistency Joe seen. This one's long dude wild wild has become one of the leading cannabis edible producers in the country Wilds. New CBD line is currently offering real fruit infused gummies and blackberry Huckleberry Lemon and raspberry on the CBD infused infused sparkling water in raspberry. Lemon. Juice Blackberry blood orange. Each. Gomery is dosed with 25 Mega MGS mega mega grams milligram. Damn it. I don't know. I've CBD wage. He purchased in a bottle of 10 or 20 while CBD is offering listeners 30% off their next purchase four wild using the code of hard that's code pod for a 30% off your next purchase. P o d d o d. All right, while CBD products is intended for only use individuals 18 years or older off. Wild CBD products can or should be used consumed directly by the label should not be used if you were pregnant breastfeeding. This is awesome. And wild CBD products are made with ingredients consisting 0% THC Consulting with a health professional before using the wild CBD in combination with any medication or dietary supplements holyshit. That one was long fucked dude. I can't wait to copy and paste that and put it into our use it for now on shit. So I actually missed birth. All of that that again please holy shit me in a bouncy ball for all that do all of that again, please so just do wild CBD bath Erin De La Vela. Did I say that right Villa Dallas Dallas? Okay, everyone fux it up. So it's okay. We can work on this show. Yes. Oh you want we're just going to bleep it. Great. No. No, I'm fuck. Fuck. Yeah, we don't we don't leave love it down. Lavilla dellavolpe. So before we got into my we were you you you do music too high. Oh, yeah, I do music. Hell. Yeah, what kind of music do you like life? You know, I'm really into like kids songs. Okay. All right, like your kids and stuff. I'm really into like European gangster rap. Wow. Our streets. Yeah, I'm so good. Now the kind of music I do is like my influences are Eminem. Okay, Nas, you know Immortal Technique Mike Shinoda Woodland Park. Okay. Yeah, very cool. Yeah. We were talking off my briefly you brought up beefs. Oh, yeah. Yeah beef going on some people talking bro. Yeah, man, I just got I just I'm realizing that you can't really trust anybody. Oh, yeah, and you just have to be aware of what you say to everybody because literally they'll turn on you in a second dude. Wow, and they brought their shit that I'm being brought into like I don't even want to be brought into And like they're just talking cuz they want to be all up in my business and I'm like, wait who said what why are they even involved? Like, let me live live man. Let me laugh man. Let me wrong. I agree. Now are these are these people like in your circle or is it like random people that are like the Twitter people Twitter people know they're they're in my circle man. I really well. I kind of took a social media break for a minute here is crazy. I'm sorry for media Facebook. I deleted that that for my phone.

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I recently jumped on again just for business purposes just to reach out to in this acting coach that I wanted to work with and Twitter. I don't really post on Twitter at all. All I wanted to do was get verified on Instagram. I got the verification. I don't really care about social media bro. I just think it's all bulshit fake, but then you needed at the same time or whatever cuz they care about your following and your engagement and stuff bro. Shouldn't it be a month? The quality of crafts that you bring to the table and what kind of person you are. It should work. Good. Are you tolerant work with are you fun to work with? Yeah, absolutely. You know, I'm pretty sure you can tell that by now very fun. I like to have a good time dude. I don't take it too. Seriously. I take the audition process really seriously when I got on set it's time to do my job. So so that part is definitely very serious but like to have fun as well and have a good time cuz otherwise bro this whole acting thing. It's way too brutal if you're not enjoy it true. Yeah, you say Brew like is it like a Ryan? Yeah, like a grind. Are you constantly it's a day-to-day out 24/7 Grand dude, you're constantly on it. I don't really take weekends, you know, sometimes like last week. I got hit with seven auditions. So it's like I'm literally just in my room working on scripts working on my stuff setting up meetings with my coach just going at it. So this this beef was it smooth Bobby bro. Bro smooth. Bobby's a bitch Drake. Spell Bobby is a bitch. Yo, so smooth Bobby if you want to talk about my alter-ego chuchi bada du Qi which you should totally look up. He's known for he hits home bitch who the fuck is this or met a girl on a train. We was wearing the same thing pants Rose from Westford to 145th almost missed my stop so I had to do this. Yo fax man, Spitting Fire. Yeah, it's a bitch ass name. Smooth Bobby comes in and writes a diss track and it goes like this. He's like a smooth Bobby riding down the pavement on the internet that said on some news Megyn Kelly from the news Pete this random video this homo in a gray hoodie. Yo about the Niro. So I took a few I watched a few seconds of the clip laugh to myself took my hand off my dick cuz I don't fuk with his shit. You'll dance moves like he had a stroke and he starts dissing me to put you do G. So I came up with the song to did him call smooth. Bobby's a bitch off. Basically a song is smoke. Bobby is a bitch. That's it. That's the whole song was shot up music video you can You know in my episode was series now on YouTube called chuchi and Jones my boy Jones Valley Jones, but I squash that beef you heard heard God damn, right? You heard Amigos. You were heard of here first Amigos. You heard it here CBD, it's wild I'm just in time the whole time. They're wild seed CBT got that out man is killing me on the intro not get out. I was pass it out bro. So so let's let's jump into your your acting world, right? Yeah, you know, you weren't back to Della Villa now cuz she bought a little entrance. Should we bring up? Yeah. Yeah. Well, we'll bring him back later. Of course Eminem's got Slim Shady. Why can't I have to hu Bata Doo gee, that's very true. Yeah, and I like the name. It's really good. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. It's people to laugh immediately. And that's when I knew that people. You know, what if they don't like it fucking I like it. Very true. Yeah, so yeah jumping in we we watched The Pledge on who well, yeah, very good movie. We liked it. Yeah, I thought yeah. Did you did you like the movie would you what do you think when it was going through making that movie? Not the most fun time of my life on one of the sets in a movie. So yeah, literally I went hog-wild and the director was like go for it. I am prevised as a ton of lines at improv that made it into it all that Paul Blart stuff is improvised. All of that has the clap off all that man blast and that's it.

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There's a lot of stuff that didn't make it into the movie. You know, it's crazy. We said some crazy stuff man. I'm glad it didn't make it in see people my age. I'm a different person. So there's not not any deleted scenes that we can go in Search and try to find those. Oh, they got some deleted scenes. Be only the deleted scenes. They want you to see yeah. I'm not crossing the line kind of thing. You had some questions. I did so as you see me and Mark looking awesomely cool looking dudes. Do you think that we would make it as the cool crew with you guys, which I'm not I don't want to know soil on the movie cuz it's still it's on Hulu very good movie. Check it out. But would me and Mark be in the cool crew like you and your other homies in the rush type thing or what would be the that would be the Dinner for Schmucks. People are going to get off fucked up. I know it's tough. I know I brought you just met us and everything. I know I know it's not something on the spot. Yeah, bro. You're the you're the pleasures. I know. I know I figured as much. All right. Sorry, you have the pledges or you're at those other like like frat guys you're at one of those other house. Maybe I made yeah years and exams and stuff. That'd probably be a Frank the Tank. I think we had make it at the other we wouldn't have to go to the cornfield and hang out with you guys. I think we would have made it and have you had fine at the office. Yeah. Yeah, I think so, too. That's very true. Have you ever been a pledge or in a type of frat house situation yourself? Never never know. I didn't even go to college nice me. Neither man. Fuk it. I mean two semesters of Community College. Made this happen say what it buffered. I said two semesters at Community College made this happen for me. How how what was it? I didn't finish off the last semester. I just and I end up getting C's I stopped showing up and I gave me see but yeah, that was it. It was shity. But how was Russia week? I was good man. I want every every beer pong competition. See and nailed it. Yeah. Now that's one thing I'm good at. So how did you get into acting then with you know, you didn't go to a college for acting or anything like that? Like what what got you into it? And then how did you get into it? So I was a ballet dancer before and of course a professional ballet dancer, of course, bro. Come on in the Arts. Yeah. Well before I was a ballet dancer, I was a musician. I played tenor saxophone and then I got into valet and I started doing that and then I was auditioning for this company and on a sort of a drunken Bender. I sprained my ankle hopping over a lifestyle. It's funny how dancers when they get injured. It's usually not in the studio. It's usually when they're doing some other kind of bulshit. So yeah, I got the offer for the contract for the for the company and I couldn't take it. So I went on Craigslist at home and said screw it all act. So then I just started submitting for projects and just kept hustling. Nice. Wow, that's was a story that I was not anticipating and it was anticipating. What that a rich? Mom Rich Dad. No, no, no, no, no, no, no just the dance thing. I mean, that's Palm. Unless that was not true either way. Awesome and hilarious all in the same time. So either way I'm just shocked that you found this on Craig's List. Did you find did you find the pledge? No, no. No. I just find pledge in Craigslist. Yeah, like Network. I think we all could assign up this was this was Chicago when I started acting I was back in Chicago. I found some sketchy projects on Craigslist and I found this dinner theater show which led to someone who wanted me to meet their agent which led to me being scouted by manager in New York leading me to move from Chicago to New York grind a couple of years in New York, and then finally pledge came along the ecosse network. Shout out to Casa Nice blog nice, right? So how many sketchy places you end up going from Craigslist ads like what really trapped in a basement anywhere else just give it to me. You'll walk into like a room or a hotel room for an audition and it's like all right. I'm out of here to try to sell me on board before, you know, because I was into that whole modeling thing to I'm five seven. So I'm not really that tall in terms of the modeling world.

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But yeah, I was off like this is I'm not feeling this Vibe, you know, you found some creeps in that area. Yeah, I believe it. Did you get into any settings that prepared you for pledge? Yeah, who was a casting, you know from the Craigslist ads or like some kind of casting thing where they had to make you stab each other to make it in to interview would never have anybody Fortune Sports and she fucking like we're sporks and fight each other for for the for the job. No, never had that. No. I did some in middle school that counts. You fought people to get a job in Middle School. We didn't really fight people to get a job if it's like kind of to make our coach happy. Okay? Okay. Yeah. All right. Cool. Do you want to go into a little bit more detail? Let's let's let's let's let's have you open up a little bit what happened there. Story of how they gotta break give good back rubs or what? No, we never never touched us. But you know, I've had managers that were a little sketchy I'd say. Oh, yeah, I believe it like I lived in when I first came to New York. I lived in a house with ten dudes and one of them was my manager literally just surrounded himself with like was attractive guy was he always at a road or guy no place in a row, but he would always make comments like you look good dude. You look a strong. You look good. You want you want a shower together and then go go practice together rolls. It never said they said it once said it once already know you said it once. Yeah, you did once said you want to say it again. I didn't say it again. That's where you're trying to say. He's going to cut the interview. Oh, you're actually would make jokes about that. Actually, he would make jokes about it because he'd be like he knew who this guy was and he was like, oh, so did you did you go did you go, you know give him a massage or you know, did you did you make sure he was? Okay and how's he doing? Is he? Okay that's very sweet of him and stuff. He'll still rat me to this day like him and I am working together anymore. But also like, you know, sometimes a lot of conversation and his name will come up and yeah, what's his name? Yeah. Yeah. It was an Epstein. No, I'm not tell anyone Stone. See we crossed the line. Yeah. We're only joking we didn't. Yeah, we just do you think I'd take this personally? No, no, no, no no faith at all. Their this is most interviews. I come on. It's literally like so what was it like being in pledge? What was it like trick? What's like your music shout your music out? Your socials, okay, but I actually like to just have a chat get to meet people and yeah, that's what we do. We just like to have fun and shoot the shit. That's wage. That's not a Joe Rogan. Does he really just shooting the shit with these people really? I've never listened. He literally has never been this. I don't know you gotta get on I gotta get on the Joe Rogan podcast. You gotta get on that Trend. Yeah, I you know what the internet was until we started this podcast. Yeah. It was the first time I plugged in heard that. The the Isla know it's actually started that now you started that so basically off the internet came out you had dial-up and then you started the podcast off the dial-up. Yeah. Yeah, you know what happened with your marketing strategy. Did you were ahead of the curve know? I know I was just me in a room with the dial-up and the disc is talking to The Ether of no one listening. All right, guys, I'm going to take a shower. Yep. Your therapy from all those keg stands man from that from that from that Rush experience and no masters of college. Each. Each episode was one free trial of a month and you have to keep coming up with a new laptop and 7 Days same to come up with new email and password role. I do that all the time, especially if she can take but everyone does this shit man share true God and literally be going to try this up and then if they get charged they'll call the boss. You'd be like, hey, I canceled I want my money back everyone. Does that use it at people's passwords this shit. So true. I know how my aunt's I wish they'd just have one Super Bowl being serviced and we're done and weirdo. I agreed. Well, we kind of do it's called cable. Let me think about it is the cables becoming like reality T.

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And if that's not your thing, then it's like you know, yeah, but you can you can pay to get all the shit that you page. Well, I guess not Netflix, but you can literally like Disney has all the same shit that's on cable for the most not can't pick that's true ready to go when you want wage. But that is that is what I think they're doing. Obviously, they're either Netflix and chill when you want to Netflix and chill you gotta be like, hey, we gotta wait another hour and half to Netflix and chill on a string of fucking commercials and if you went on and it's on like so true. So true. I just recently saw me about Netflix and chill. Oh, well, do you have it now? I'm trying to look for it to go on what what about Netflix that you don't know what to do. So forget Netflix until I'm trying to drink rum and blast come. Oh, that's a new one dead. Drink and I think it also has Macaw and have a Conor Conor McGregor McGregor. I mean in the picture so obviously it's a game it's a game. That's all right. So you have some upcoming projects coming or I don't know what to talk about that later. What we talked about. Do you have anything coming up that you want to talk about or can you talk about let's go and movie-wise. Yeah. I got I got three movies coming out fancy-pants one is called one is called all those small things. Would you call me? I called you fancy man. Yeah. Yeah All the Small Things. Yeah, I mean a fancy pants were all laters man. My dance uniform you wear pants. So you're winning already. Well a Thursday. We're only wearing a jockstrap. So I got you beat one upper you damn one Opera. You know these Zoom meetings, you know, these Zoom meetings are man. He's gotta know. You're good. Yeah, you just gotta you know, the CNN guy rubbing one out during his interview today or recently in past couple of days. So this is new. Come on kidding me this damn it guy. See we don't have cable. That's why we let me find my key off watching YouTube. That's my main. That's why and you got rid of Facebook. So you don't know that either but either way I don't I don't have Facebook either but dammit qualms. Oh God, no not know some dude that living. He's a contributor. It's he's a contributor. Okay, Jeffrey toobin Oh, I thought you're going to say he's a CNN analyst. He basically was rubbing went out during a zoom meeting. The New Yorker has suspended him and he he's at past things of cheat on his wife am hanging out and like like how are clubs and how did they find out though? They've saw him doing it on the zoom that's what happened like before when live know that good. Like I don't know why he couldn't stop but she just had to go for it. All right. Well, yeah, here we go on T New Yorker suspends Jeffrey toobin for allegedly masturbating on Zoom, Yep. She says I thought I had muted the zoom video. So so this okay so apology. So so this this is this is where I'm thinking what happened, right? Yeah. So there's a chick talking that he likes. Who's in that meeting? And this is the only way we have the meeting. This is have the meeting. This is the only way he can do what he needs to do with out her being in in the firing range of it or locking her in the room like a Matt Lauer situation kind of like something like that. So he just banging it out himself right and like having her talk about fucking I don't know how long the Market's Market projections. I don't need to but I'm curious as to what this image looks like to wear. So is he sitting or why is it under the table? I just saw his arm. Here's what he said. I made it in embarrassing. I made it embarrassingly stupid mistakes believing. I was off camera to been said in a statement on Monday about the situation. He added I apologize to my wife family friends and co-workers. Yeah. I thought I had muted the zoom video. I thought no one on the Zoomer. All could see me this logic doesn't make sense because literally we can still see you. We clearly see bro right words with it muted because in our minds were putting the pieces together. It's what is he doing that to my voice? It's literally she's talking about like projections of fucking HR goals and shit.

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He stands up. He's like lets it rip right Street. Oh my god. Oh that poor fucking Apple employee. That's a clean that shit. That's all I think of that's all I think of, you know, he takes it. That'd be a hell of a way to say fuck you to your boss, though. That's true. But obviously the public indecency or you know suit or something for exposure. That's a whole new division of the fucking HR. Right a fucking. Yeah internet off alarm HR, right? It's a whole we should start that that would be all fucking Wing like you started your podcast. Yeah with with days ago Man 2 days ago mastered it off Zoom HR. Zoom what were you talking about? We're talking about loading projects. I've covered up. Oh, yeah that until we rich which are not as in which are not as entertaining to me as this guy situation has literally off doing the Jack. Yeah, you do like like dude if you had to jack off like dead. I muted the zoom call. I thought no one could see me. What are you invisible? Like, are you wearing the invisibility cloak? Like we could see you I would assume that a big Network like CNN would have training prior to doing all this Zoom mode hope so as to how to turn the video off and mute the mic. Yeah. I don't know. You will suck so know he missed that day. He missed that. Yeah. Well, he was fucking jerking it. Have you ever Aaron? Have you ever had a situation where you just like you just had to go like like dead. Go for it like this guy. Like obviously he was either hearing a voice or he was like are fucking I'm just going to go for it. Have you ever had that in a situation where maybe you're not in the most comfortable situation and just keep going like fuck. I just gotta get this one. I gotta take care of it. Did you freeze are you still thinking? No, I did. Oh you have you have you have you got it? Okay. freaking Zoom call people The bathroom right? It's crazy. Wow. Yeah, we need to get off the dialogue. I know we do fucking dial-up. AOL. Sorry running. Well, that's why it's all fucking lagging Are you seriously on them away? One of my agents has the bathroom the bathroom life. I was the guy who was making fun of the guy in the bathrobe headed. Oh, I was I was between a rock and a hard place man, which is which is a weird Big Brother situation that you're in any way home. I was literally it reminds me of those photographers. I shot with when I was like modeling stuff and underwear like literally between a rock and a hard place to like hanging stroke a little bit. Oh my God, and that's where you had to finish. Wow. Yeah. That's right. That's like I like. All right, man. Can you just finish me off dude? I'm already there like you hit the craft table, you know, you get a little sandwiches and then you go you just roll it out or you go where is the buffer boy? I know and I will say you know what? I don't know why I haven't taken advantage of that like being in a trade. There is so dope. I have never jacked off in a trance who next time next time is wrong with me. And then you gotta come back and tell us about it the entire Snow Yeah in detail when we have better internet. Yeah, not dial up. See that's one of them like, you know, like like, you know you my girlfriend like go to the trailer be my trailer. Hey go off trailer. Yeah, that's quality the movie that on your off time. Why not? That's like total like chicks would probably dig that for sure. That would be awesome. If you could like dress like being a redneck and then do it and then you realize you're like wait we're going to movie Set. What do you need to drink? Cuz you're you're having sex in a trailer. That's still oh, yeah, I get it. I get it. Got you down over here in our awesome Studio. We Overlook a nice beautiful trailer trailer park. Sorry for a trailer park. So that's what you're that's where you're going. Yeah kind of located off Arizona. Where in Arizona Arizona. I'm actually going to vacation in Phoenix. You should it's so nice here. You come to the studio, dude. I love that brown. January yeah be there.

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I got my little going to try to me on a condo or something. I just I just lifted I just go there and literally I do I say no no, no, no, no, no no until they're like, all right, we'll give you another week for this much money, and I'm like, so I'll take it. Nice. Yeah and the timeshare timeshare metis you ever did not know. I've never done that. I've done it once through bro. It's like it's worse than Scientology. Oh tell us your Scientology goes off your interview. You had to have been like, you know wooed by them. No. No, I haven't been wooed by Scientology yet. But but I did I did have a little thing with Scientology where I went there just to see what they're about. And yeah, they're straight-up they'll try to sell you straight-up try to sell you. They'll tell you what That's everything's wrong with you. You need to be fixed. You need to go clear. I started taking some of the classes they're paid for a few classes and see what they're laying down and literally the first books they teach you are like preschool entry level like trying to rewire your brain and what you learned in school the moderator who's walking around and I'll ask him questions cuz I'll talk a little bit know and they'll be like, it'll be like he'll get so angry if you ask him questions, he'll be like it's is there a problem is that? Okay. Wow off the C is connected to the K is connected to the r is that good? Okay. Did you do the truth bags walk away from you and you're like I got to get the fuck out of here. But did you do the trick paddles before you left? Yeah, you do the the E meters. Yo, yes, I did. Yeah, hopefully didn't tell me too crazy like on the street now just about my boss told him about me being molested. That's a oh, okay. Wow out there so So I I was on the streets of New York and Harlem and when I did the first e meters and they'll freaking they were yeah, they were on the streets of Harlem cocktail people in Scientology and try to recruit people right there. And the guy I remember this dude that guy was literally like stole do you play like what's that old game flight simulator on my PC and stuff could be like what kind of game do you play Flight Simulator? And I'm like, no dude. I have an apple and he's like, oh that guy long. Do you have to change to change the meter? Like what are these people in the like eighteen hundreds? Like I loved you fuking dial up there handing out free trial disks. Yeah, that's bought a used fucking your password every 7 days. So your news and even faster every 7 X Change your fucking e-meter password. Oh my god. Oh shit. Would that be funny meters had a password? Yeah, for real? Oh shit. It's not working. He's going to do you reset your password? I have so many times where I'm like fuck. I forgot my Amazon password to reset the password. So you have to like tell the e-meter all your secrets that you already told it in order to get your password back. Yeah. I know that there's somebody else's Secrets know my secrets. That's not comedy. That's a funny comedy you go taking up. It's a it's a it's a it's a Scientology fucking instead of you putting your security words passwords and their security codes or questions. Did you have to give them your fucking deep dark secrets to fucking unload your password, right? Right. Yeah. Yo, but know that I did do any meter session. I did get a ride did open up because the belief is that what happens is you say stuff and in these things in your head called engrams are wrong. Leave so that you can remove these phaeton's that are attached to your body so that you become like Superior operating thetan right on your parent on your path 2088. Yep, the whole lid off of that you saw that episode right? Did I've seen several documentaries off all that stuff Leah Remini how she's going against them now? Yep. Yeah like where is where is Ron miscavige? His wife see? Yep, where is where is Jimmy Hoffa father Ron? Does he talk to his side? That's true of the dad. Yeah. He doesn't know. Yeah, he was on Joe Rogan. Talk about yeah. Yeah. God I love it. I like how you just mentioned.

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It's got like how you just mentioned when he was talking about South Park. Yeah, like yeah, I've seen a lot of documentaries that is a documentary to me. That's that to me. That was the first one that opened the light to me of Scientology South Park it out for a long drawn-out documentary. Yeah it is it tells the whole life honestly thought some of the it's the best satire. Yes. Yes hundred percent agree. You see the pandemic not yet not give me give me your HBO Pak. Riccio Max password. Oh, I saw it for free online where oh you went. Okay. We'll talk about that later. Type it up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you're Thursday porn wacky. Can't stop doing Zoom calls. I can't stop doing Zoom calls jerking it right now. Stop it. I know I see you you're dead. Islands now, it's it's more like yeah, I don't know why teeth whitening thing that I have so nice and pearly yeah your your your you know, your TV ready? Oh man. Stop stop it. See I'll be your next agent L, right? Yeah. I'm a bathrobe excluded robe included to sign on bonus. Yeah. I shouldn't have let representative take naked pictures of me. I love how this is all just yeah pulled around that. Yes, it's been amazing. Well, you know, that's you know, that's Hollywood. Yeah, that's Hollywood Hollywood for years, but it was in New York, you know know either way doesn't matter what Coast it's Hollywood Hollywood Road. This is not a business and I love it. I love it. Yeah, and I have go back. I'm a little whacked, you know, you kind of have to be a little whacked be in this business. You have to be a little eccentric, you know, cuz think about it you go on interviews, like every job audition is an interview that you, you know, get dressed up to go on and you might not get the job in like ten thousand people going for the job. It's pure Insanity. Yeah. If you really pure Insanity of people take it so personally like oh, I've got a when they set these expectations like oh, I gotta book a pilot and three years and have my thing years life. Dude. You're going to drive yourself nuts. It's not like that. Those are ladies man. They have they have those clocks. I'm sure they probably do know, it's mm. We're crazy shit man. Wow, when I first came to this business, that's what makes you want to quit and then you fall in love with the crap. And you do the do the work. Yeah, and it's like, holy shit. You realize the higher you get, you know up the ladder you get the more work it takes it takes everything like literally on my last movie. I'm in my hotel room the whole time just working on the script working on the script working on the script so that I can show up and be sober on my game that literally if another actor drops their line and they asked me what their line is. I have it. Wow, that's good. Wow, that is good if if you weren't dead. If you weren't acting it up in a bathrobe in a hotel room, what would you be doing? Besides that or dancing be a politician politician? Really? I apologize and why I told the school board when I was thirteen that I wanted to be president of the United States. I was going to go to law school and then I was going to go into I was I was going to start going into public office, you know, that was my whole thing. Like I wanted to be president of the United States at the age of Thirteen well-off don't lose that dream yet. There are people like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Yeah 81st and then make it happen. Yeah. I haven't I haven't lost And I guarantee the dirt on me is way less than the dirt on these motherfuckers holyshit man who this episode this episode alone. Get your campaign shut down. No. No, it's actually really pretty good. I mean we can't run but yet you're safe. What are they going to say about this episode that would get my campaign on that other people have done. This is kindergarten computer to any anything that Hillary Clinton has done. And everybody that she's killed you've done nothing a Donald Trump frickin. They all got skeletons. That's all of them. They're all Crooks. Yep. It's it's crazy so crazy. Timer in I almost want to call this Scientology with Aaron Atkins know there was we just we flipped on that.

00:40:08 - 00:45:03

I could change one of the movies I have come. Sorry, we lost you there dial-up. Yep. I don't think made into the movie but I was shooting this film and I was trying to convince them that I was scientologists and I did convince of those. Oh my God, nice. So wait, so you had a you can bring that you were a Scientologist to get the part in the movie because no no not convinced. I got the part on Thursday. Yeah, that's cool. But no this is this documentary is one of the movies I have coming out then I have another one that's called all those small things which is Faulkner and that one that one was killer man. I played a musician in that so a lot of mixes big band and rap music. So I got the flex my my you know, you rap abilities. My rap bill is Jacqueline. I got to write some of the music that really sucked. Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Yeah. I know you guys just made that up right now. I don't know that I mean to me it's like that should be always a threat abilities and And lin-manuel Miranda solidified it. Yeah, there you go. So basically I got to make to get into character. I was little like what am I going to do? I don't I make a song of them. So I did I made a song of the guys sent to the director and director was laughing his ass off. He's literally like, oh my God, this is so great. This is so great. And I said would you would you know, would you be down for me to write five or whatever and he's like, yep, and he sent me to the music guy and we collaborated and now I've got two songs that are going to be mine when the movie comes out that I can drop on my own Spotify. Oh nice character Persona that guy's tiny Hammer. I have a song called Mother Goose and another song called Size Doesn't Matter. I wonder what they're about. That's funny. Oh, I have no idea. No idea, you know size is a matter. You're not very tall, you know God. You know, what you bring up the music. Did you do any of the tracks in pledge? No, no, that was by the very talented John Natchez. He killed he crushed. I love that scored. He did such a great girl. That's pretty gives good. Music. Yeah do that opening is so sick. Yeah that opening is so sick. How does it go again? Nobody's home. But yeah, I do and my third movie coming out is called Alpha Rift. I've actually play the nerd in this one. He's more of a fanboy. He's you know, kind of like a DVD player D player who turns out that he's the bloodline to be a medieval Knight to fight an angel demon that's escaped. So the director has to be writing a song that is geared towards Dungeons & Dragons players to be used as side promo with the movie. So that's another track. Oh nice. Are you are you a d a n d player or have been home? I've played a couple. I've played a couple. I find the game really interesting. I think the game is the game is acting it's fun. Yeah, you're acting to control off on my side jobs was working with this Entertainment Company where I'd get hired to work, Conn and they dress me up as jigsaw and put me in the make-up and stuff. Like we have a blast. Wow, that's pretty dead. Do you have a a story of yeah, what was your crazy and experience of D&D? Yeah that are or or a crazy crazy Comic-Con story that you've maybe had don't really have any crazy Comic Con story besides the dressing up as jigsaw and I was literally hired to stand in. There's just like a traction where we've kind of scare people and literally they want me to I would you know kind of take it to an 11 and stand in the room and just like shit out. We weren't we weren't no not at all. We weren't supposed to go in a traction, but I was like, let me just literally I would go as they're trying to like find the key to you know, open the next thing before they're supposed to die off. So I'm literally just standing in the corner just watching them and I'm just looking scary as hell and in D&D, we'd do like a D&D thing with the pledge cast as the sort of a promo for dead. Because one of the actors Zachary Bird, he's a dungeon master. He's like really into it. So he did was dungeonmaster for a as for a team D&D of the Pledge cast.

00:45:03 - 00:50:03

So I like dressing up as a rogue and you know sprayed my hair green and stuff and you know, yeah. I love it. I think it's fun. Yeah, I've never been to a Comic Con of you, No not a comic. I would like to go to one of those. I was wondering go to San Diego one. But now they've they've split up though. They're not even supposed to be called, together just called like Arizona comic go or yeah, that's yeah, I do have a D&D story where oh when I first when I know I didn't used to smoke when I first moved here. I was living with roommates and we were drinking prior to going out, you know, pre-gaming decided to go out. We were looking for a house party and we basically went from door-to-door on one block and I walked into a party of people playing Dungeons & Dragons. Yeah, and I said is this the party is this where we're supposed to be at God? Probably not in a scared a bunch of nerdy kids playing D&D trying to figure out why somebody some stranger just walked into their house. Yeah the house party by the way was right across the street. That is fun. It's amazing. I've never I've never played but it seems interesting to me and and I agree with you that it's basically it's a role-playing thing and you could probably have fun with you know, your character build them up and all that stuff and and my son he my son plays it he plays it he used to play a lot. I don't know if he does anymore. But so with the wife, yeah. Yeah, maybe yeah. Yeah, that's a long time many old-time dragons to have had some Heights and D for sure. Hi Daddy, man. I have I don't have any dick jokes in my home your Your Arsenal in Your Arsenal of jokes know we had it we had to keep it PG-13 for the song because the movie is PG-13 dammit. No, I literally had to direct her come over here not too long ago. And I like your studio by the way, my curse words. Oh, thanks man. Looks nice that yeah, but I have my whole I had him come over and we he did all my curse words and reworked it to be like darn it. Dang it crowd and I'm like It was like one of those like the like the movies I like you watch back. Like I don't know like where they they put in this subtitles like kind of mess it up TV the TV one off the one there's one from Demon King to do it. I'm not going to stop darn it. I can't think of it. Yeah, but there's one from the Bruce Willis movie Die heart. Yeah. I heard one where he said like you become a mother sucker a mother sucker mother right that one something like that. He was doing that for you. He was making it shit. That's what that is. I hadn't seen the movie. You've never already ruined IR for you. What so we ruined by heart for you? Now, okay good. Yeah, John McClane good movie now, but I hadn't even seen movie and not die her. I haven't seen the movie Alpha Rift. Oh the movie I was working on and literally. I saw the scene and I turned around to the direct. I'm like this scene is great. Don't touch it. And he's like we got to change the word. I was like no, I love the performance top gotta change the word p thirteen. Well don't PG-13 don't take us now. So yeah, what is the rule of you know the rules on that? Cuz I know you can save me no idea. I think it's the one far how fast it is or lease a 1,000 Buck. Maybe that's it. I won fuck repeat you thirteen and then you can say ass and you can't say shit. They ass usually has a lot shoot the bad one. Yeah, there were a lot of schitt's that's the problem. Yeah. Yeah more than just verbally we did too many shifts. The humidity off. The film is too many sheds. So true. So let me ask you this kind of get do she interview by now going wait a minute while I know we're halfway. We're all the way through this. I mean, I just might as well, right. He said he didn't feel a earlier. You know, you don't feel at home. No, I'm just kidding. You should I feel I feel awesome. He's usually me. Yeah, that's kind of Mark's m o do you have a you have really tame? I know most of the time I am but I'm always the one that's trying to do Shenanigans and stuff like Iran he kind of his what was I going to say? Oh, no, do you have or somebody can't read your mind that you want to work.

00:50:03 - 00:55:00

You you was right. I looked it up. Sorry. You can say Fuck once on P thirteen go ahead and make your interests. Are you have somebody that you would you aspire to work with me that you want to work with that? Yeah. That's a good one forward to as your career grows things like yeah, Viola Davis. Oh incredible. She's just a beast. Yeah, she's good. I really want to work with Jim Carrey, you know, yes. Yeah, I would think it would be good. Now. Do you think he's an incredible genius or a psychopath? I would agree. I would agree that there's a fine line in there. I think I think kind of have to be a limit of yeah, I mean the industry you probably have to be a little bit off. You think that yeah, I mean because it balances think about if you're like super famous like Jim Carrey is and like Erin is and that you basically are in a situation with you looked at. You got fans like always after you write or like around you and it's kind of like It's crazy and then you gotta be able to turn that off and then go in and do your craft and I think it's got to be a weird. It's getting weird. I couldn't imagine it's got to be real weird. So, you know exact Jim Carrey. I know Jim Carrey did the man on the moon, you know yourself getting into a role similar to like he did. Absolutely. I've already done I did it bro. I lost weight for a short film. I know you lost weight for a short film that didn't pay that much. I literally respect the craft but you have and the early the director was like Hey, I want you to lose ten pounds in two weeks now. Hold on. Hold on this deserted island thing and I did it. I did he? Okay did he stopped? It was awful was he in a bathrobe first? And then what Mark were you know, you got a bathroom Okay quite the lady-killer actually thought the guy the bathroom wasn't but go ahead this this reminds me of Knocked Up For some reason did he say it like you just conveyed it or was he like I need you to step on a scale and think fifteen pounds like like Casino situation. They are I want you to start bulked and I want you to get really skinny. I want you to lose ten pounds. Wow. So what did you do to lose the ten pounds? Bro, an apple and coffee know like I tried that I tried the Christian Bell diet. I tried it my first I basically tried starving myself. I was taking some like Slimfast stuff two or something like that. I crashed so hard. I ended up getting cheese fries in like some like frickin, you know funnel cake it and my first day I crashed so hard I go on GrubHub chili cheese fries funnel cake and just I just picked out. What was that after like your juice cleanse and all that shit like go through the ship and I literally just hit the gym in the morning I would do him. It's buffering on empty stomach bro. And then keep my calories about five hundred calories a day five hundred to a thousand and literally bro. I got so deadly wow and two weeks. So it was crazy how thin I got people were actually concerned for a short film dude for a short film. That's yep working the craft room directors in the back dude. Are you kidding me? Like you do a roll like like up till now, you know, Like that and just Flex it on people and people be like, holy shit. I never knew he could do that. You know now that all of James Mack Volcanion ex Israel, Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best working today, you know, cuz yeah Daniel Day-Lewis is retired, but you know just all their roles. I'm just like Blown Away by Mike I want to do that. Yeah. I'm very true. You have to do that. When he did the master with Philip Seymour Hoffman until my favorites Mets one of my favorite performances Fire. Have you ever seen happiness with Philip? Seymour Hoffman dead? Yo. Yes. I have I've worked with Dylon Baker. Oh, really? I worked with Dylan Baker in a movie called Immortal. It recently came out. I was on one scene with him. I played his student. He was my teacher wage I do too and I like talked with him on set. He is so cool. And he's so good. You see it in his eyes, man.

00:55:00 - 01:00:02

You see the work. You see the wheels spinning. Yeah. I So happiness been so what what do you think of Happiness? This is an old movie. I don't know if you've seen the one where he feels he were huffing is basically like like the creek like the guy as an old Lifetime movie like back like the fifties sixties. Nope. Nope. Can't he does he want to kill himself and happiness or does he shoot her? Yeah, and then he he jerks off and that's before Thursday. That's before the devil knows you're dead. He was shooting heroin and that one you don't think I've seen that one that got to see that before before the devil knows you guys awesome Ethan Hawke. That was in that way. It's been so long since I saw happiness when I know Dylan Baker played a pedophile. Yes, he did and then the dad beat him. I don't want to ruin it for you. Yeah, check it out. Probably find out that's what I don't know if I could play that. Yeah, cuz you're you gotta go somewhere man. And it's it's somewhere you may not want to Thursday go. Yeah, I'm saying about these roles man. If you go, yeah, do you ever freeze up the thing with what they say Do you ever like prepare like crazy with some some of the roles like did you ever consider going with Max actually killed someone to get into character from nice? Okay, good. Wow, we were going to ask me for going how many people did you change or stabbed? No, I just breather my closet. Nice good but no I I really did get into character for Max. I'm more rap more. So just walked around the set like I own it and you know, they were cool with it. It wasn't like making annoyance or stuff when I walked on the set of All the Small Things. I immediately introduced myself as Tiny Hammer. Everyone else hands in the beginning. I wasn't like hey, I'm Erin. Nice to meet you there. I was like tiny Hammer nice to meet you. Tiny Hammer. Nice to meet you and literally people just call it started calling me. Tiny Hammer to TH or tiny. I bring tiny. That's good. And dial up blacks Goofy with that one because I could kind of play I could kind of just play me cuz it was a Marty McFly con type. So I just kind of played myself and that one very cool. Yeah, but I do like I do like getting into cuz it's fun dude. It's fun to play someone else and get into that mindset and stuff. I just don't know about certain roles if I would be comfortable going there. Yeah, I'm sure there's some dark stuff you have to I guess you got read this script, right? Of course, you gotta be careful too because you know Heath Ledger really got into the Joker and his performance is phenomenal, but it's like could you imagine getting into the mindset of the Dead? Yeah, I know. I mean, yes I could but no I mean for me hands down, he's one of these. I mean, you can't beat Jack Nicholson, but really you think well Jack Nicholson, he was the first he was the first movie Joker ride home. He was good, but no heat the first movie Joker. Oh, that's right. Yeah, he was the first movie Joker, but I think he braced was a joke was it was it was like he was on the pedestal of Joker to me. Yeah, right, but don't sleep on Mark Wills animated Joker. Not sure that's true. That is true. Don't sleep on Mark Hamill one of the for so long. I mean I grew up with it. Yeah. But fuck Jay Leno, right Gerald. Well, I feel about your usage a like Jay Leno. Yeah, he loves his chin. Here's how I feel about I think the whole concept well for one, we didn't get to see all of his scenes in the movie. That's no choice enough screen time to find out who this guy was. Yeah, and they're actually theories that Robin because remember the comic books Robin turns evil and becomes the Joker and and so we did we didn't get to see a character and also they believe that the whole concept behind Suicide Squad was not the right concept, but at the same time you had to deviate after Nolan drops The Dark Knight, which is arguably one of his best films. You have to deviate from that concept or else people are going to be like he's trying to mimic what he did. Yeah true. He tried something New Jersey. I think the whole concept of the Joker was not his mind you this guy won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club and you saw him in Dallas Buyers Club.

01:00:02 - 01:05:01

Yeah phenomenal. Yeah. No. No, I'm not a I'm just for his role and Joker not and yeah, yeah. Yeah. No. Yeah pull the joker. Well, I think there maybe the movie Suicide Squad felt dog. Force force yo, so forth half way through the movie half way through the movie they go they you know violence Davis who's a badass, you know, she's like introduce the characters half way through the movie as they're on their way to do the thing this girl in the katana shows up. Boom. I'm here. This is Katana or blade steal Souls. All right got that Exposition. Let's keep moving forward with the thing. We're doing, you know, they're like, oh shit, we gotta throw this in like throw her in there. Yeah. Yeah. I like what the literal fuck. Yeah. That's true. Yeah. I love the fact that you're you're in the movies and and you're doing the movie thing, but then you're also it seems like a huge fan. Yeah, like you you definitely love the industry and that's what's really cool do do and that's why I put up with the shed. That's why I put up with the rejection. That's why I haven't gone. I've done song. What we love you thanks for making my bathroom say that again. But but make sure you're wearing. You know, of course when you come back January will make sure will generate just have me on again and I'll be in that third Mike, right? Yeah. Yes. Exactly. Yeah, we have four but yeah, yeah, you have them both go skiing with them. What are we going to talk about though? We're going to talk about aliens and shit the election or have to be here by then. Well, you know, I did see one of your Instagram video. You're right. We don't even know they prepped in my closet. I've got five gallon water things. I've got a person Seafood on Monday. right We got kidding. I did see I'm one of your Instagram things though. You you're like don't worry about the coronavirus. It's the goddamn aliens or something like Who said that I see. Oh, we need to we need to have you on for a conspiracy top. Yeah, one one of the episodes. Yeah. Usually that's what we talked about. We talk about conspiracies the entire time the next time I actually am a big fan of conspiracy theories not that I believe them but like I like to research what other people believe so that I can be like, holy shit. Hey, no knowledge knowledge is power. Right? Like no one all that crazy shit his power all the crazy shit just prepares you to be standoffish from the crazy shit in the E meters that come out. Yeah. So, you know or you or you join a cult or you bro, right? Why don't you found your own cold pack on Hubbard? I know he he wrote science books and then it turned into a religion the Amiga Army, so he didn't even write science books. He wrote science fiction, right? Yeah. That's what I meant. Sorry. I'm not going home. Science fiction books and then he's comes out with Dianetics. Yep. Yep, which actually had Dianetics on my bookshelf. I was just going to say that it's on one of my things for my Amazon. Am I Audible The Reader? I actually got out of Scientology meeting right after this interview. Well, you're probably getting text message from him. I know they should get off the podcast be releasing too much information. That's why they call me the Thom Yorke man. The easiest goes Tom Cruise. Well, that's in my Songbird boy Tom Cruise of New York. Got all the swag and kind of short five. Seven. Nice. I like it. All right. Well, they're not ready. No, not yet. Let's let's walk down. Yeah ended out. Thank you for coming on. Yeah. I really appreciate yes literal most fun. I've had on a podcast. Oh, wow. That's well. Thank you, You're just second show ever your second show ever. I mean, I was believed dial up man. Hey words are hard man. You know that Come on for living just can't and two semesters of Community College minutes only have just two semesters measures act lying is really one semester.

01:05:01 - 01:08:48

But oh yeah is my manager going to get mad at me for this interview know why cuz because as you weren't Europe well as a teenager in the bathrobe, yeah boss know if he's wearing a bathrobe when you see him then it he's mad but if he's not that he's not your good he doesn't know. Yeah, you're safe. What the fuk? How is this way? What's the date today? The 20th Yep. I literally just got an audition for something tomorrow. That's at 12 noon Eastern song. That's no fucking way. Make it make it half do it get it done. Do I need to get the bathrobe on and I got to send this to my manager about this bathrobe on and like talk you into it. Like man. You got this hearing your so like, oh here it is uploading before the deadline if you can get in by Friday the 16th or any time the weekend that's passed. That's I think you missed it. That's a lady Mel. This is fucking. All right, I got a call someone this is weird. Yep. I just got the audition. See you have dial up to we got all of your very true. We got all of your links in the description below. Again. We appreciate that you came on. This was a lot of fun. Yes. Let's link up in January when you're actually in Phoenix would come in and talk to a live show of the freezing and yeah. Oh, yeah, dude. Sounds great. All right. I'm going to go take care of some some people talking shit. Yeah. All right, everybody. Do you have anything to plug or anything else that you want to talk or do anything any Philip just type in Della Village? Find me plug plug that oh, just drop the third saw. Bring it cuz I'm a rapper now for real. I really am bitches. You heard it haters bring it. I got more songs on a way and yeah, just follow me on Instagram. Oh and I can do everything something on Sunday called live at 5 this past Sunday. I sang from 5 to 5:30 Eastern Standard Time found I had some haters hate him a voice. Nice fuc him to yep. Well, whatever listen people going Hey listen people, go ahead if you do anything, dude. Oh, no, I know they laughed at lin-manuel Miranda years ago when he did Hamilton and for for Michelle and Barack Obama the audit they laughed in the audience that thing becomes one of the biggest things on Broadway. Yep, very true and Disney plus Disney and Disney plus tax to fax to fax. All right, sir. Well, thank you again for joining us and come on he goes and deuces. This is Amigos. This has been the Amigos PC. Make sure to like subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platforms. Visit us at Amigos for our entire library of content and Amigos merge till next time audios. I hope you are doing okay. The real thing is you ain't got to worry about the Coronavirus. Is the aliens i

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