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114. Alex Velluto - Comedian as Peter Pettigrew

This is Amigo species. If you were looking for a highbrow fancy smart Regal podcast with posts that love to talk about horse riding badminton and trips to the vineyard you are in the wrong place. This is Amigos PC. If you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts Shenanigans and balls out craziness. Hit the jackpot. This is Amigo off and this is Scott and Mark and Albert. You might even offended no. No, am I reading the thing now? Okay today's page is brought to you by Pago Pago the easiest way for you to monetize your podcast providing podcasters with the flat rate to add space. So you always know how much your how much you get when you include an ad from pod go apply today to become a member and immediately be connected with the advertiser that fit your audience on that spot. Go. GTG and be sure to add the podcast in the how did you hear about the Pod go I guess would be us. Yes. Amigos. Amigos. Yeah, that's me. Sorry. I just got here. You know, this is our first time here. Yes, obviously Albert's first time showing up for a while and our special guest Ali have two guests. Yes. Is it balido blue now the Ludo but yeah, I heard I was asleep and then I called out craziness but it's not going to happen. Oh, yeah night we do. We do stunts sometimes pretty soon. I may be our next episode. I haven't talked to the guys in a budget me and another podcast friend Dupaco are going to be doing the world's hottest chip on our podcast here pretty soon so long and every now and then so we we once did the death nut and that's not what you think. It is. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Nobody got tea bags or anything. Yeah. Yep. Yeah, but me and Albert were feeling that his scrotum. Yes, exactly probable doesn't go off million to be attacked Mark Mark Mark one that shall challenge. Yeah, you went the whole way to get a new one and I threw up later that night home. I I'm running through a I was a schoolgirl and didn't participate. Yeah. There was one time where you did do. Yeah. I did have an intention. Yeah, so I was trying to be off right this was another time. I try to have a chip of like a really hot salsa that they brought like a crazy. Yeah, like yeah like a like a picture of Jesus on it and like it was pretty old girl looking and it came at a wood box and they and I put on a chip. I'm thinking. Okay cool. You know, I'm thinking I can go for it and I filled it up pretty good. The Chip And I log There was a pool like this. Yeah, that's too much what and then it was like the whole. Why did you take white did you do that. I didn't think it was going to be that bad off. I took a little bit of it and I was like fuck there. Yeah, that was and then I saw him take it out like oh my God, you're gonna regret that bro famous last words. Do you like hot sauce? what you do have stuff like at all or I forgot my grad know it sounds like Howard have a. Wonder later. And then I said another sounds like I put them to you home throughout compromising with the Jesus on it. It wasn't forgiven or given the internet secured. All right, so well beyond our Shenanigans Alex you tell us a little bit about yourself and things like that. I am a comedian know and I live. Yeah, I am. Have you heard of me or was it? Just okay. That's all the reason I moved to Cumberland sign goodness all podcast and asking if they've heard of him before so I know yeah guerrilla-style.

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Yeah marketing plastic nice kind of like a popularity census typing. So just like wage you're going on the street. You heard of me? Yeah. This is the first positive response good looks like something Jimmy Kimmel would do though on his show the what's the theater in the theater? Whatever. I was thinking something more racist to say it. Jimmy Fallon do that thing where he in and left Iraq will like photos of people. Yeah, you know, I want to do that same thing that it's just me and the back and let you hurt in their life know you've got a big head to think we've heard of you before I had a video on Facebook page one hand. You didn't see it. Well, you mentioned that so you got like one point two million views on Dry Bar on YouTube, right? Yeah, How was it? I was listening to your previous podcast and you're talking about opening up a comedy club for a moment do it. Don't suck. No One's Gonna Come or there's going to be too many protesters. So okay. Here's a funny story about Drybar. Yes, so they're right across the street from the police station. So black lives matter protests were happening. But then like the proud boys were like lined up in front of The Drybar thing and you put it on the news and I've just been retweeting it goes testing dirty jokes. So which which proud boys yeah exactly. How do present them back and stand by realize Thursday. I mean doing some research on the driveway. There are two different version of Android which which version was there. The gays calapa bought this is news to me. So there's a there's a there's a gay one. And then there's no these are like the landline but like I don't know Diamond members. Oh that were in front of Drive. Yeah, what's funny is that there are Trump supporters that are are like trying to say. Hey the prowl boys aren't a white supremacist. Yeah group down there that there was created by a Latino. Let's see. There's a lot of POC people of color as of this guy says off and then you must the wrong product. That's the best when you you gotta make groups that have other groups and then just computers everybody to say. I don't understand why they're saying that this group is races, you know, this is here's our motto or something like that or anti-racist and all that stuff. So we don't so we were when we were talking about it. We were wondering okay. So, when are they talking about? Yeah, I'm I'm starting my own Comedy Channel The Proud boys. Apparently we're just proud to be you know wage so we should not very inclusive. We should not do a a comedy club for Mormons. It's what you're saying. Yeah, I don't know. It's just been their work a lot with it and it's kind of weird. So I'm happy for the million views. That was cool. Can't say I can't complain about that long, but I still have to go around. What you say asking for what? Sorry, I got a weird there. Oh I said I still have to go around asking if people appear to me. I look like even more than that. What's funny about that episode is that we recorded for like an hour and half that day and we only got 27 minutes worth of material that came out. Well, really I always have audio issues.

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No, no, no, no, no, no just Experian or no. That wasn't it's because the last so last episode before the last two episodes before we were both remote, right Wednesday. We're any time we go anywhere and then we come back to the office all the things things are hooked up or yeah, it's not that they're fucked up is that it's yeah. Yeah answering that every fiction. I'm sorry. That episode we had I don't know if you caught the very end of it but Scott started talking about Dolly Parton in her being nude in the next Playboy. Yeah. I was trying to get a cover shoot off. Oh really? And then we're trying to try and we're trying to find her her Originals The Originals original Polaroid's or whatever negatives was in nineteen eighty-nine or something to know the older than that and that I've gotta be she's going to have to yeah, she is although If you want to be in the news, she's making a comeback as it actually she wants me in in the Playboy again. There was a whole born talk. It was amazing conversation and it wasn't recorded. No. Oh my God, man. I know you guys can just do that now Boss. Look at the money Festival. Yeah. Tamale Festival. Oh you talk about that. Well, well if cancel for this year, but which make it home? Okay, how long I mean I was thinking so last just just complete the scene for you and just do tamales out there out over look at a beautiful trailer park in our in our office here. Yeah, that'd be a perfect setting for a which which I call Home Albert was there in sweeps the dirt whatever. I don't know what he does that we did live at the trailer park. He just works down there. Oh my God. Sorry. I'm doing good. Well, I mean it's easy for I get up in the morning and then I get to work right away. Yeah. Oh, that's good. Wow, what we can say money home has wheels to know when I'm sleeping. I can move it around. We did witness a guy sweeping Rouge. Out in the trailer. We've been the Rocks like there was no grass there The Rock side of the dirt with a broom. Yeah, the weirdest know that's common never seen em, like National Geographic documentaries and they're like people sweeping the doors of their head and I'm like, I don't think it's healthy. Well, that's like you're still dirty. You're missing a dust pan. There's no destination. You just you're there counter-protesters of The Tamale Festival all boys. Like should have been off this year. We made yeah last year was a good year. It was a good year. Yeah. So it was in December. It's yeah you can you explain it over your your your the yeah it from home from a from town back in Yuma from where I'm from. Yeah Saint Martin they do it Tamale Festival every year and a lot of people they mean they have a a music band for Hispanic Latino. Music bands and have subtitles. Yes. No, they have a tamale. They have all kinds of stuff and they have technology vendors. On the whole tree, huh? Yeah, the whole street is closed closed up and everything and it's pretty it was pretty cool. Actually last year the tomatoes were so good. And then the next year they they could they cancel that I get sick too often strikes again. Yeah Kobe has again dammit taking away so much annoyance. Yeah, McDonald's canceled all day breakfast. Did they? Yes, they did media. Yes, cuz I am Thirty again. What the fuck wake up before 10:30 K-Cup you eat it whenever not according to give that ticket away all day breakfast off. But Jack in the Box still had it though and I come on. Yeah. Okay Lottery the correct. my bad Okay. So let's try to bring the train wreck on back on the tracks the we talked about we talked about The Drybar so how was that experience in in in the Journey of getting to 1.2 million views? So what you do to make that happen cuz I did I do I performed it once and then they've decided that they wanted to put the whole thing on YouTube with like a weird title that I didn't choose.

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Yeah, so they they dropped it and not you. Yeah, so they started just re-releasing the whole specials of everyone on YouTube and they like named it racist off Alexa's or something like a line from what I took that I'm like that's not rent it out. But okay, so it made me look like a proud boy. Yeah long have these I just have these racist reflex. But so I mostly ignored it. And then one time someone said you have one point do you like? Oh, that's cool. So they just have to name it something weird. And so you go. All right. Oh, right right right near the crowd the real proud boys with boys. They gotta know the real proud the original from home. I just can't wrap my head around being proud about anything. Yeah, I know agreed agreed. Yeah, and how this world is been on the Migos. So I'm at that's gotta be something to be proud about that. You know, not only minute Amigas but you've been in Amigos When I Was Here is true. Parity. Yeah Albert wanted to come because you were going to be on Thursday. No, no joke. Yeah, cuz I mean you're you're you were that cool. Yeah, he watched he watched her thing. And then it was hilarious. And I also I also just recently caught you on page one of our podcast friends small town mentality. Oh, yeah good guys. Oh cool. And yeah, they're great. I was fun. Yeah, you guys had like a brilliant like a million thoughts ideas for fruit salad was funny. Yeah. It was very funny. However is do you have a dog? Let's yeah. We want to sorry. I got all weird there. But if it was me mad. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's you definitely start by tamales. You got that trailer park internet some person on a bicycle that has to make the internet. That's it. I'm going home guys off and everybody. Yeah, we're on the second level overlooking the trailer park. So we're a little bit steps up. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah overlooked. We're I mean, yeah, I guess the the roof of my house. So we're on the second level literally looks down. Yeah, he doesn't me your poverty. He doesn't need a ring. You didn't need a rainy literally look down and then people right there on your neighbors neighbors to look down on his own people. sweep in the dirt philistine he's missing his corn pipe that he normally his monocle daily carrier. But the evening might get the plane out there as well. You know me go get home. I'll be home in a minute for supper. Well, I brought up that episode. Are you being honest want em mentality because while you were on there you had made a reference to being in a simulation. Oh, oh, yeah recent totally convinced of that well, and that's why it hits home and made a mental note of you your Viewpoint of the simulation. We recently did an episode where we talked specifically about how social media wage we are part of the simulation that is social media as actually social media is our Skynet. So could you give us your Viewpoint of what you talked about on small town mentality simulation? Okay. Well, I don't know just if you look at history, it seems like we're trying to find better and better ways to khong.

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And Kate with each other like the first big breakthrough in like disseminating knowledge was like the printing press and there was the telephone in telegram. Now, we have the internet which is like the most people being able to spread the most information. It just kind of seems like we're all these Bots trying to figure out how to give each other. All right information all at once but educational media is just a mess like the and I think they need to change the algorithm cuz the algorithm right now it like benefits content that issue devices. So like if you post something devices and there's a bunch of comments under it with people fighting then the Facebook algorithm just use that as like an engagement and it spreads it. So the things that get spread to the most people are the most like divisive stuff, you know, so I think like the algorithm should be based off of life. What people enjoy so like it's not like what drives people apart, but what brings people together, but it's just something that we're trying to work out in the situation. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, you think that there is like so in the simulation there's more interaction. That's something that's negative vs. Positive. I was going to say that yeah, I've done today no matter what life, unfortunately the negative. It attracts more more people than it does than the positive unfortunately. Yeah. So when we were talking about relation our friend Scott over here. Oh, yeah on Facebook. I don't really believe in a meeting or anything like that. But somehow social media page affects his life. I do this stuff. You guys tell me. Oh that that's true. Yeah, right beyond that. I mean do you think that the simulation has now Iraq may be broached another level or maybe affecting like the people like me like people to rocks so you mean like yeah, I think like a can get to everyone I think I think you can am not enclosed room. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good point. What do you think Alex? Yeah, I think yeah, I think it's getting to the work whatever been you know, yeah, we're able to wage. But you know, like we all civilization all started off as like hunter-gatherers and then it's just made more and more progress. Like it's funny that the first object to happen in humanity was going from hunter-gatherers to like a stationary civilization like the first big breakthrough was just let's not walking. Can I run a scenario real quick? So I saw I saw somebody on social media talk about how here we go. So I saw somebody on social media talk about how long if you ingest marijuana, we write your altering your state like why would you alter your natural state? Are you like trying to combat depression or something of my argument to them was? Well, what if we were we were meant here like in in the historic times and you know the Cape May, New Jersey Right from what if in the caveman era we are meant to ingest marijuana that we were supposed to be plant beings but someone thought that was better off position politician caveman. Yeah, so we're supposed to be high all the time and someone ruined I think so. Yeah. I know I agree disagree. Hire you myself. Yeah. I don't know. Have you met anyone that's been like a dick. Well, I'm we've know how often everyone that's just Mark. Yeah Mark, he's bad. Then that invalidates my whole theme or not missing your life know we're safe, but I wasn't a dick, so you were terminally no, I don't think anybody can be dead. Yeah, not only that. I mean you get that Gaggle. Yeah. Yeah, what else happens you heard about from Mark. I've heard that he gets the munchies. Oh, yeah. Yep. Yeah happens and I and I'm on weed. I'm always convinced simulation. Is she nice? That's where I thought of it at the Matrix was well, it's like a documentary have or what's that? What's that documentary on social media the social have you watched that one? The social dilemma.

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Yeah here is watch like the red box version of The Social Network close, but it's a Netflix. Yeah. This is a documentary. You can only find this on red to flashing red box different known Netflix. But yeah, you know, how can I tell you a joke? Like fake kids movies like sometimes life comes out they'll always be like toys water polo Story toy submarine toy submarine house. So it's summer III. It's a pretty good job inside and it's pretty much when you were when you were talking about this Social Media stuff and simulation. I think, you know kind of concise. Yeah, of course eyes with that dog. A watch that what this one's pretty good if you have sleep, it's definitely going that way which yeah, which what they're talking about on here. And you know, the the main guys that creates ever since ever since it took place like we took YouTube kids away from my kids like well, I didn't have we did for me and the wife took away the YouTube off the kids and stuff like we like okay, we're not going there anymore. And then just try to have more kind of control over what they're doing social media wise and kind of opens your eyes and like what's going on with serious. Yeah comments sections. That's why I stayed away from my own YouTube video when I have looked at the comment section cos I know people listening to this won't get that but that comment section things. It's full of like you look like Peter Pettigrew. You look like the bunny from Hoodwinked. I'm sure you guys do that on my home using area. So yeah, I guess you you mean like a fire truck. No, Harry Potter the ugliest character. Thank you. And I hope you do that today good for my mental health. I was going to say how do you how do you how do you how would that yeah, how do you how do you take in criticism is but I think you kind of any kind of answer that so obviously I'm handling very well, right, right. Yeah gotten to me at all. No. Oh, yeah water off of a duck's back. I am fine build it and poke. I wish you were like, well, it might be like whittling wood right now. It only would in your bed some weird or like getting a small like animal that doesn't like to be pet. Yeah, go to sites that I look like yeah, no telling everybody. He likes the dark. Lord God. Yeah, no one could speak his name, right? That's pretty crazy that he was the ugliest care of my life. I mean, there's like Giants and like free controls. It's not coming out. But Peter Pettigrew you like I can feel like the main bad guy. It's more flexible than. Heading group like and he doesn't have a nose the darklord you'd way more bang the darklord computer had a group or share. So that's what I take offense to. I know I look like but all of them rather be a dog got like a teddy bear by knowing it's no one's going home with Peter Pettigrew from he was a pack rat. He was like that and he was more lovable at a rat than is a purse and he became a person everything like I get the hell out of them turned back into a rap, but I'm doing fine. Yeah, I'm fine fine.

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You know that, and you've gotta keep saying yeah, that's fine. So after you read some of those comments home Thought about maybe taking a career in in working at Universal Studios in the Harry Potter land. Yeah, you know, I just Orlando I think I could probably do that you could and then I could scare I could scare children and everyone wants to take photos with Peter Pettigrew. They literally stand in line to get Peter pedicures autograph. Yes. Oh, man, I have to watch the movies don't have Facebook. You took you to the Harry Potter song. Okay, is this like the only interaction? Yeah, it's the first time. Yeah, it's like normally I'm in a bunker the first time I thought yeah. Yeah. I'm in the trailer park in the bunker like you're like if if Plato's Cave analogy came to life. Yeah, I'm literally every day. It's like a new world. It's pretty cool here like wage what there's a bus is a trim and so from your perspective the trailer park is like wage only thing you've seen. Yeah, that's kind of that's the fun of it. That's luxury homes. Yeah, that's best thing. I ever was luxury homes first class so much room and kind of angry you guys suck. Can move them if you want to move Greater Mobile? Yeah, uh-huh run with it. Literally, I guess you could hey, I'm gonna stationary home page. Yeah. Yeah today. I just want my home to be mobile. Yeah, if you'd be sick homes, and I can't Monday I will get off around one day. That is a dream I Can Dream so I got I work at Universal Studios because I can't even do that gig cuz it's freaking covid-19 ready to be picked Peter Pettigrew for children in Florida. Yeah, California is the one that's not so open. Oh good job up there and cough on everyone you go slow down Peter Pettigrew hands covid-19. On the right hand side looking saliva. Yeah, it's good to just be compared to every rodent in classical band. I mean that is over real burden by that. I mean for the exception of like Stuart Little that is a pretty famous rat dead rat. Oh, yeah, that's not his name. And now I'm getting offended that I didn't get compared to the Disney Chef know like the rats and pop culture. You're like the two ugly so you're not good. It'll make me. Oh hell no you put on the dream of being Mickey Mouse song You're the money from Hoodwinked at SAS, but I'm fine. Okay so long Like the comments I totally figured out yeah. Yeah. So yeah, that's the comments are good or yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it made me think like these people aren't even watching for the jokes. They're just watching to be cruel. Yeah. I'm sure we got your body. Yeah, I'm going to share this in reference to show up here of yours really fuck that. I want to get rid of all the rat traps in every fucking City. Yeah, no more. No more fucking rat-boy anywhere from a sad is when was really sad is and people with tag their friends and be like, hey, you look just like this guy and then I have to like never ate with their friend. That was like and I was home, right back. I'm so sorry babe, or whoever they tag. Like you're in the same boat.

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They'll just move to Universal Studios and move out our destiny dead. Play the Harry Potter extra. Yeah, that's hilarious. Are you going to start a rehab group and all the people that you met? Yeah you and then at least you'll be in sunny, California go through the comments again and smile all the the the very men look alike would start a Facebook. Yeah, and then we'll start each meeting with our Mantra. I am a rat but I am proud. I did not like cheese. No, thank you, sir. Cheese does not defining what they will do any good but it does not define. Yeah, I went to go and look up more of your content Beyond just the dry bars. So if you could try to like move out a little bit having a horrible time, so there are there is a few notable things that I saw when I went to search more of Alex velluto regular wage. There are a couple of questions that I have for you is Alex velluto married. But yes, yes. I got married since I picked the the drive our special congrats just a little bit background one year old child off congrats. Yeah, just a little background when I went to go search your name on Google. These are things that people also search for yeah, okay voluto Alex a little a little brother. Right the regular about my little brother. Okay. Yeah, and that's where the races reflexes thing is. Oh really, then you can get enough of context. Yeah, cuz I am yeah, I didn't notice that. Yeah. Yeah, I would introduce my little brother two people as my brother and then they'd be all like enacted as you remember that in the Senate. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. I remember I did a bunch of jokes about him. Yeah, and so like when people are searching for me, they're not even looking for me. They're looking for my brother or. They also are looking for your Instagram. Cuz the next one is Alex Ledo's Instagram. Okay, David Ludo because there's some Alex velluto in Italy that probably died that sitting on my Instagram handle and I can't get it back off. Yeah, everyone that's listening to this needs to do is report that account or whatever. Yes. We're like bullying or hate speech report it until they delete it. But you can find me a table. We're at Peter Pettigrew. Slash the last one that people also search for is Alex Lewis birthday. Okay. Well, why didn't wish me a happy birthday? How many people who care I think those are just like Nigerian thoughts or whatever. They're doing. Those are my biggest fans. Nice like a thieves. That's cool. I want my identity stolen and I honestly think of my identity got you know, you feel good when your identity shows gets on your like they wanted to be mean everybody in the world in the winter. It's like no one in the world Lottery. They found out when my birthday. Nobody cares when your birthday is that's how you protect your identity like the doctor to like guard your personal. Is an STD is it ever got to get information there? Like what's your name and birthday when you're like people to tear about that and they don't people care about it so long. It's the most secure way to safeguard medical history. So someone steals my identity and find out my birthday. That's just I loved. Hey Miss hit hit hit home. Yeah, they they missed the AIDS and the other all the medical record.

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Em. Yeah. So yeah, and it's March 28th, and I was born in nineteen eighty-nine. So you can just pretend you're make walk into any doctor and he finds out that had all the all the bumps. I don't know if they were in the inappropriate area. Yeah. Yeah medications and birth. And everything all you needed to my name and birthday and then why you and I would be honored if you did why you were once a rat at some point and then now turned into a human. Yeah, bro. That's crazy. Yeah, that's the bad thing about Peter pettigrew's like it turns into human, but it doesn't look like you made it all the way down like 75% of the way. All or nothing man just be all wrapped it around like weird way half rat-pack. I have a new special on my used to well. I'm trying to build my YouTube channel. So I I talked about my Peter Pettigrew nice in it and I'm on my YouTube channel. I also have my my podcast where I interview strangers from Craigslist home. I put ads on Craigslist one interview. Just whoever shows up. Yeah, it's pretty fun. And they show up they can just come over like what do you say like, you're selling something they show up and I'm like, hey, I'll buy you lunch. If you come in D on my podcast. I'm really random Craig's List. Yeah. Yeah, it's fearful. It's fun. They're pretty crazy. Did you recently I told me in Italy how I got bit by a monkey? Oh what the wait the guy that took? Yeah. That wasn't he got bit by a monkey and he said that the Best Friends Animal Society like the animal shelter it originally started as a satanic cult wage. That's interesting other guy. The guy said he got his friend deported because he brought his friend along to go shoot Fish Shack in town. But wow this lady I interviewed. She's after like half an hour trying to figure out what she did. She kept dodging the question. I found out she was like professional dumpster diver. Oh nice. I took a turn I was kind of odd. And from that as a rat, yeah. Yeah. I instantly related. Yep. I almost thought that you she was going to be like a professional Lady of the night. Oh, yeah, and you and you were like, what's your number? Have you have you ran into one of those? Now now yet maybe look me up and they're like, I don't know not even for money. Not even for lunch. I can't yeah, it's going to have to do a lunch. Have you thought of doing like a a photoshoot? Harry Potter style and like Material Girl? Hey, I should do not. Yeah, I mean what's worse off if I get well, I mean Halloween's coming up. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, sir go out in normal clothing and Peter Pettigrew and scare children with my boss own face. No help from Prosthetics. Just my own face that God gave me I got gave me look at this. Look at this knows. I also get told I look like dr. Seuss characters and that fee, right? Yeah, and when their approval off. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I think all more of a compliment though. I remember that one that one cuz the holidays coming up so yeah, yeah legit in high school and our newspaper.

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They would do like celebrity look-alikes for all the kids and it was usually like flattering stuff like oh it looks like the Rock and for me it was I looked like the Grinch. Yeah, the thing I can see high school. I would almost like try to be so often if you watch like the Jim Carrey's version of The Grinch but there's the dad that's the little girls. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, then kind of look like him. Yeah you do. So maybe like a photoshoot of you being him beating up the Grinch. Yeah like it. I just want to be passed and whatever remake of birth. Exactly exactly. Just consider it if you're casting director would save on makeup. Yeah, like I don't have to sit in a an exchange it on a fake. Nose. Got it all ready. You know what pisses me off is I'm Italian and my dad is from Italy and he's got a huge freaking schnoz glorious and I end up with this mousy-looking thing. I don't know. I don't even know. I don't like look Italian at all just look like I look like the mouse that was on the ship middle e or 200. Yeah European now Fievel Goes West or whatever app KO another mouse. I was in a computer in the comics not Ratatouille warm file off the the grotesque ones. I like how we're like putting you up on this like these mice of spectacular things that they've done on my credit score is yeah, like just completely I mean, I wouldn't if you just compared it to a mouse it wouldn't be offensive, but it was just it got so specific about what I'm saying? Yeah, many nice have done many great things one with a friend one came to America and lived out of American birth. The biggest operation in the world who is an entrepreneur, but they told me to someone who is subservient the Lord and this is as repulsive as you can be so I know her so true. I like that. I got a million views on that page that we adopted by a very good family home and had his own car. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well that that's top of the line though. Yeah, come on line through it little wage. It's only I mean, I have posters of him. He's my expired but like, you know how people have pictures of like muscular people to ya wage muscular people to motivate them to work out ABS Stuart Little and like if I get skinny enough Unity, I can look like Hannibal now, I'm looking up Stuart Little right now. It's going to be some wage kind of the realm thing that the screenplay was done by M Night Shyamalan. Really? I'm a gamble On Em 97. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, really? Yeah. I didn't know that we were the twist. Was there a marketing Stuart Little as an M Night shama like like waiting for him to be dead the whole time he drove off. Was that the twist you drive a car? Wow, it comes out and Stuart Little is doing Night Shyamalan extended Universe home using that James McAvoy film, which of the multiple personality broken was just one of those children had one of the superhero. Nobody knows he's dead is fucking like he said that they missed their classes Stuart Little sidekick, you know go off the Bruce Willis is slamming into walls picking up the most heaviest objects and that off then below.

00:50:11 - 00:55:08

Yeah, it paid it out for some other video. So this is Slamming through walls picking up the heaviest object Stuart Little comes rolling in and he throws them. Yeah, he rose and he's like I can drive a car. That's true. Yeah. I don't know. That's a superpower them. For a mouse. Yes, right, right Alex. You can drive a car, right? Yeah, of course. We're thinking through a little and this I'm just picturing someone that like when you talk to them there and you're like have you heard of Night Shyamalan in the first thing? Oh, yeah, the director it was a street. He didn't he didn't direct it because there was not freeze some of our hours note real fucking everything up. Yeah. I love Stuart Little now on a director that's we're going to take from this is M night was the fucking screenplay guy took, you know, like yes know what the fuk No No, he was in Stuart Little and they like bout you haven't seen serious sense of like what two. They're pretty small where they miss, you know, just Stuart Little. It's my favorite song. Don't forget to do from now on, Christopher Nolan to direct like Howard after yeah. Yeah, the reboot Christopher Nolan's going to do the Grinch and I'm going to be in it dinner soundtrack off. Yeah drink, he's going through time. You heard of Christopher Nolan. Yeah, the director of The Grinch But you haven't seen Inception on the internet. They should have they should have made an Inception. We're so like do the sequel of inception right where it's you're having nightmares of certain things. I'm surprised. They haven't made another one. That's kind of left it open someone. Yeah, they did looked at open at the end but more alert what if they made a spoof of inception where like it's all assessed Ami Street, That's a good I mean you're having dreams right? I'm not involved your anything. You've got it. You're in a dream. That's in a Dream Within a dream like so this entire time Inception was off reality when buddy of they're just trying to fucking teach you the letter H. Yeah. So you mean like you're just looking to try to fight off. The account is account is nice account count chocula. Yeah. No, but he's home. What pass you the Grouch who you talking about? Michael Jackson Street and Michael Cain. I mean if Christopher Nolan did do it at my street because he added wage might go get ready in it used to be Alfred or whatever reason for Nola knows Michael Cain money or something. Like what are you hungry in every movie? You might suck. What do you think his line would be in Sesame Street Hoops. Michael came. She's only 16. Yeah Thursday. It would be a matter of the drug is Hash. It's very clear. The f is it does sound odd? Yeah. Yeah, we're going to connect friendly like to do the micro caner. Okay, and it's telling someone to not smoke these folks pain not touch. My co-pay like the pain is like no that's wrong. You know, my my ex-wife. I know it's just like cooking and snorting it right now. Oh my God, never gets his cooking back and first of our day that if three days off, there's people in this room that's going to use that.

00:55:08 - 01:00:06

Yeah. Yeah, it's Michael Michael game. We know. Wow, yeah, that's that's that's awesome. Speaking of Sesame Street. I want a lot of my my one year old. I do your learning right? I've noticed. Yeah. I noticed that his name and it sounds like you're saying, you know, if you will I would like to do my character Elmo's brother Mo. They Vietnam matter of fact same things. You cannot forget. When I do that for my son, that's good. You're you're like it a good man. If you do that on set like next time just go out in a wheelchair and then do Thursday like start that way and then and then get up like you can like whole like Willie Wonka style you'd like. Oh, well you roll out and then you can stand up and then do your set. Is the Fourth of July mean I think of shit. Vietnam touching page, you should say same 8:00, but she might just start quoting things from Full Metal Jacket off you yeah. Yeah. Did you hear the director of Full Metal Jacket off was your night like mr. Oh that's why it makes complete sense fucking full circle. Yes life for life is right or is it simulation? It's not. We're all going to be a Jack Russell dilemma. Yeah, we're going to be set up to the month. Ship or whatever the question know we're going to land in a pile of poop and they're going to take us and be like, hey, this is really really happy Oh, you mean in The Matrix? Gotcha. Yeah. He'll he'll sleep at yeah wouldn't have to take pills first which one I don't know red or blue red do this every time I don't remember off going to write this down or remember? Well, if you're here right now, you probably did the wrong one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's probably true. That is true. If you take the round one. Yeah, like every time the wrong one. Why do I keep getting hard? This is the wrong pill. Imagine having Alzheimer's in that book. Yeah long. Are you going red and blue and you don't fucking remember I do this every time oh my God awful rest of the Matrix Keanu Reeves have your phone number? So either take off and we're not we're not getting any fucking three of us in a bath. So that's what the Cialis commercials are. Isn't it? Right? I don't know. I don't know like they're like the people in The Matrix that have been broken up and then they take the purple pill and they're looking at happened to the management. The Viagra commercial is really just finding the city. Okay. All right. Let's let's let's wind it down a little bit. So we usually do about an hour. So I appreciate Alex that you came on Thursday everything. This has been hilarious this entire episode pretty good. Yeah. Thanks for having. Yeah, exactly. We have all of your links down in the description below. Go ahead. Scott will say. Oh just thought yeah, he tell us where you can where we can find you and things like that. You have anything coming up anything going on Thursday and images just searched for months.

01:00:07 - 01:01:28

And is there a website where you are? I think there you are. Should be the number one. No doubt. Yeah, I'll just go with my podcast or I talked to who weirdos it's called free lunch with Alex velluto and wage. Also listen to him this podcast cuz I'm not a great sweetheart. I'm going to respond next to the to your next Craigslist ad. Yeah, I think yeah for real. Yeah, we got looking to bury a body that's going to be as opposed. Yeah. All right, and I'll just stay here and thanks for thanks for being man. This has been the Amigos PC make sure to like subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platforms. Visit us at Amigos off our entire library of content and Amigos merge till next time audios.

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