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113. Amigos back at it again

Our live. Whoa anyways, go on. What were you supposed to play the music and what I'm doing now know like a cold open? Oh cold open. Wow, so I am just talking about Mormons off line here, but we were talking about so the East Valley here in Phoenix area has a lot of Mormon and religious type people to me if she were thinking like what if we opened a club or had a place for people to have comedy and Mark was like, well, you know, maybe yeah, I'm I am completely open to it. Okay. However, we need like I'm not putting cash out like it needs to May for itself. Yeah. Yeah safety. I totally agree cuz I can't pay for rent off of a place. 2 times 2 times cuz I've rent at other places well a place or eventually a place go on kind of thing. But yeah, what I was saying is so in in Gilbert, there's a lot of religious stuff. So there's Mormons which and Mark was like, all right. So what's in the East Valley in Mark was like Mormons and I'm like what are Mormons wage is like what do you say then? You said conservative conservative and I said, no, they're oppressed because that means they want to tell jokes some of the ones that you know, the outliers off a handful of when we're going to want to sit here and tell jokes because I know the religion they know not to make fun of their religion, but just to just have a good time. You know, what also is in the East Valley? What's up methods? Yes. Yes. They have great jokes. I mean she didn't cheekless for your thoughts. Yeah, but they can't bring their shovels either. No shovels. No digging holes in yard. Nope, not in my cuz you know, it's going to happen. Joint, you know what happens I can tell jokes are going to be digging holes. Exactly. That's what you do your live on Mike sir. Stop digging the hole. Oh, yeah, please tell your jokes suck the flash the lights time to get off stage you're digging holes to know where on that note. Here comes the instructions. That was your choice. You were looking for a highbrow fancy smart Regal podcast with post that love to talk about horse riding badge and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is Amigos. Be see if you're looking for drinking random nonsense just not Shenanigans and balls out craziness. Hit the jackpot. This is Amigos PC and this is Scott and Mark. and I hear now. No, no, I hear you. Yeah, I hear you. I don't hear the I don't have the stuff. Go over the spit the micro with the mic. What do you mean? The the advertising. Oh, got you. Sorry. It wasn't ready not FaceTime shit time out. That's my face. Looks like notice on my face. All right. Today's episode is brought to you by with You can save at thousands of red cross country were just a few clicks there dining deals range from $5 to $100 never expire and cost you is a fraction of the value. Dinner has never been easier for use a dine-in takeout delivery restaurants., is offering the listeners 50% off their next purchase by going to ww.w forward slash podcast. That's ww.w podcast for every 50% off your next purchase the best deal every meal. Oh, I don't know what we're talking about there anyway, so yeah, so me and Mark were like woah, why don't we try to get someone in or a place in the East Valley to have, which we were just at the JP comedy club and we were just saying that we want to keep that going and there needs to be more presents out here and we were saying what are we open a place? But like, you know, obviously that's all wishful thinking right? Yeah, exactly and basically be able to bring it to these Valley. So the Mormons can tell they're crazy stories and I'm not just Mormons, but whoever, you know lives over here that has to drive to the west side cuz that's where all the action is in Arizona.

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So that's basically I'm just being selfish. I don't want to drive to the west side. Honestly, and then if we had a place like JP's doing which is amazing that place is awesome. We wouldn't be no way to compete with him and just going to be shower curtains and wage, you know plastic chairs compared to what he is that was loud as shit. As a planned earn his house in the fucking on is a shitshow. Yeah. I know my bad. We have to rewind this whole thing. I think you're here preparing and then here I am when I was having a great time with the wife at home being late. No, I'm not going to I'm not going to Go ahead. Don't don't feel the fire. So what do you do today to make yourself worthy in this crowded world? Did you watch all of it or no? Did you watch all of it or no, three or four episodes in are you? Okay holyshit. Is it good or what? Well, that's why I thought I was going home intro that to just buck an open you up to see just get your reaction. I finished it already digits fucking at that show is amazing. Am I so, okay. So let me tell you. I don't know if I told you we're still on right? Yep. All right. So when I was watching it the first time yeah, cuz you're like, oh watch the show off one knows. Well not everyone the shows call Utopia. It's on Amazon Mark started Washington. He saw something and more to watch it and told me about it and Albert Albert, probably Washington too. And so I checked it out mean I mean the wife and we were watching it and were like, oh my God, this is this is stupid. Like this is crazy and weird like what the fuck but no. We give it another try. Oh backstory to that. So the reason the reason why we visited that is the first time obviously we didn't like it when we watched it the second time though. My wife was like, I don't know. I only got a chat or something to Facebook who's said that? Oh this show is so good wage. Check it out. I'm like, wait a minute. Wait a minute now now you want to watch it because you saw something on Facebook or someone saying to watch it and I was like, wait a minute. That's not cool. Cuz yeah, that's that's crazy. So we watch the second time and then this time We are like wow, the first episode was it was better than the first time we watched it because the first time was like what the fuck is going on maybe weren't focused. I'm sure it's phones involved me work entirely into it, right? Okay. Yeah. No that that second time. Oh my God, I'm like, okay. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. And now we're like episode three or four and it's pretty pretty fucked-up. I think that the first couple episodes of Utopia throw you off cuz you'll like all right. This is just Comic-Con gone wrong. Round there. Yeah. Yeah exactly for nerds just like things are not right. Yeah, and then the bunker seen happens. Yeah. So what episode is that? Three or four I want to say that's the third one. Okay, so I've been through for then. Okay. So yeah, when that when that way I don't want to say too much but when you watch it it you don't think things are going to happen that do happen. Yeah, and it kind of takes you down the okay. Well this shit's real. Yeah, what's going on? What is happens real so We recommend it the Amigos PC Give It 2 and 1/2 thumbs up. And I mean, I know Albert like it cuz Albert Albert's Albert's just just like us he's a you know, he's Twisted just like us for the most part. He'll he'll he'll dig it. I don't know how far I'm not seeing if any but he should watch it and it was a good show or so far. I want to finish it. How many episodes is 10? Yeah and so forth through Thursday and when it ended two hours, I like this is the ending damn. It keeps up case. I'm gonna I'm gonna go really slow then on the rest cuz I don't want I hate we'd like a year for more shit, you know.

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Yeah, but no this can't this cannot be the ending so cannot be the end but the overall of what the shows about. Yes not to give too much of a basic. It's about a comic book or or some kind of thing from what I know so far a comic book that basically depicts what what happens throughout the world that's almost like a something that's kind of almost like Nostradamus kind of thing where it's kind of telling the future. Okay, so there's another I just wanted to make sure the auto. Oh got you. Okay. So basically it gives you the the future reference of this comic book does this is the first one that everyone saw and then it kind of piece together what happened in the world and everything happened. So there's another comic book that Services calling copious and that one is the next chapter of what's going to happen in the world. So basically all these people are trying to get this this book and know what's going to happen to basically took control the rest of the world kind of thing. So it's crazy because this time you know in this world, which I'm wondering when they started to film this You know what? I mean? Like, I don't know. It's definitely before covid-19. If you notice in front of like each episode before I start this is a disclaimer and I pointed that out to my wife. I was like if you read the disclaimer because that's pretty fucked up because Because when they start saying like people were getting sick and not the spoiler anything but like it's really like real times cuz it's pretty fucked-up. Well, no and on top on top of it home. Okay, there is a conspiracy theory out there that you know coronavirus is man-made right? It's coming from one of the big pharmaceutical companies or some bullshit or somewhere or somehow I had was in China now, that's that's what they're telling us. There's China has fucking, you know, nickel and dime Pharmaceuticals as far as yeah pharmaceutical companies are like fucking Walgreens in China like it's there's one in every fucking Corner. Oh God. I hate Walgreens. Yeah, you're right. But yeah, no, it's it's pretty pretty it's pretty good because it shines a light on what I think. what do you think what I think is going on honestly, I mean not to say that they whoever nail this on the head cuz maybe they were on the subway because or maybe they just know like There's so many conspiracies in the world that that it's it's bound. Something's going to connect right like you can make crazy, but you can write crazyshit. You know what I mean? Like you can rightly right off these stories about whatever right trailer parks catching on fire be just because There's propane in a you know, I mean, I don't know math. Yeah math, right and I don't know make a whole bunch of connections to trailer park fires. I'm just because we Overlook those off and I'm just saying that you can do that in and then eventually whole bunch of trailer park catch on fire and you're like, oh, oh, yeah, you can make connections and write to that and then I'm not to say that this is not a true possibility, but I definitely think it's it's fucking true. Which is a weird way to say that watch the rest of it though, and and then it starts to like I'm trying but with the wife when we when we get get into it, it's off on something that's getting too heavy like he gets it gets it gets kind of it starts to get more delusional as the oh great. It's worse as the episodes go on. So you're right off the curve. It's worse like because the bunker scene was pretty bad for her. So it gets worse than that. Was it happens mobile to say that? Well, there's going to be more shit. I would imagine. Yeah, no, but I mean It seems like this is connecting dots right now to like reality and what's going on the current environment, right? But things get a little bit more delusional. Oh what happens. Did you unplug something? I did the duct tape. I got unplugged. We all get them all the whole thing off. It's not you may be able to still remember. Still hear us know they will but they we can't you're sorry. What was I saying? Oh, so as it starts progressed a little bit more it gave more delusional and than you're like, okay this this is not a real.

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It's it's a show but it's not so okay when you're watching you get scared like oh man. Is this writer's is not no. No, you don't feel that. No is implausible. Yeah, there are times where I thought oh, hey, this is possible. Like what the fuck off but well there's definitely Parts when he's talking not the spoiler anything, but when he's talking as far as I got when one of the scientists is talking to the head person in the company. At at the the lab and that person doesn't really give him the time of day on his concerns. And they still want to move forward with trying to make things better. It's like wow, you know I can see that happening. Yeah in real life. Yeah, I see them. Oh, okay. If you're not going to give me what I want that I'm just going to get another way and it's like well, that's that's literally what fucking happens day in and day out. Yeah. I'm going to find it with big companies and all the money they have and yeah, I think that's where the problems lie. Honestly when you get too much power to wage companies not to get political or whatever. But as we all know when you get too much to somebody They can control you which like if we got a big ass. Check from some company. Will you might not talk about these things? So just you know hit us up, you know, do I hear an echo? No, no. Okay. I thought I I thought I kept hearing an echo that's described from the trailer park below. Yeah probably know so things that go on during that yes, I there are some reality like, oh all guys happening. Yeah hundred percent agree. As you progress through this story though. It's you're like, holy shit. Like I mean, it's too new to like just fucking go over spoilers and you haven't finished yet. Yeah. So yeah. Yeah, let's let's continue the converse. I want to finish it. I want to finish it for sure. It's such a good show. I was frustrated near the like the last few episodes. I'm like, are you fucking kidding me with some of the stuff that they you know, cuz his love interest no, no. No, I don't. I don't want to talk about shut up. Let's move on. Let's go somewhere else when you see it though. You're going to be like really that's what it did like and you'll be you'll be like what the fuck like payment. Why don't you bring a lighter or something? Oh shit. Is it a great though? That fucking is it Dwayne? I think it's Dwayne from the office to White 12 volt on the office funny you say that so so me and my wife we love watching the office we watched the office. Okay, so we washed it three times. We watched it twice before covid-19. Yes, I saw your your your you know, take back there actually know the universe twice before then. No. No, so we saw it twice before covid-19. Episode 1 the end. It's amazing right second time again third time since covid-19. You can try and I'm not going to happen and which is to whites in it, and he's from the office obviously and he's good and John Cusack sent it off a lot of good people. Oh, there's did. You see that name of that one of the girls in that movie of the show. So Becky her name is I don't know where her first let's actually live rep. Oh, it's like l a capital t h r o p which I'm like wow, that's weird. So you're going to start doing that wage. I thought about it, but she's like calories like wife.

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She's like, you have to change your whole name for that. I'm like, I'm not really yeah. You just need it's it's how you write it, right? Yeah. So Utopia is a must-see right Harbor scent. Yeah hundred percent. All right. So what else did you want to chitchat about? We've been talking for freaking ever before we took the mic on realize that some of the sound effects didn't work. Yeah. That's true. So fucking that's computers. It's always let's talk about the debates. Yeah, so rebates to masturbate so it was a shitshow. It was a shitshow. Did you watch any of it? Yeah. Yeah the entire thing me too. I'm surprised I'm alive because I was playing the drinking game and I don't remember the end. Oh nice. So we we watched it off and we had a couple of people over to while you're watching whatever while debate party somewhat of a debate party and one of the people that came had a kid. Okay, then you kind of know this story is one of them got sick at school happened. They got school the next day one of the kids and they they said at home because they were having symptoms. So it was a Cove it's care, but the kid didn't have So Trump was sitting like this, right? He was like most of the time with his debates. He was like sitting yeah arms out. And dicks out. Yeah. In like you would have a 0 bottles or go over or whatever, you know, but his arms were like this for the most part right? Right right extended out like hold them up. Yeah, like he was trying to hold himself up on volume. Do you think he was already experiencing covid-19 symptoms at that point. Do you think that like he was holding himself up? Like I wanted just you know base here based on how he looked. To me. He didn't look I mean based on the photos that they are showing right now that I'm with global. You looks very disheveled and doesn't look like he looks like he's going through something else. Okay right there. He looked fine. So I don't know if they'd like dolled them up to make them look like none. Sick that he was right. But and you know now they're showing him pictures, you know him sign his name on shit, which is probably just a you know, as we talked about looks like a blank piece of paper, but who knows like they're saying that it might have been at the the nomination for the Supreme Court is where it all kind of spread and I don't know what else you know, I mean to me at the debate, I don't think he to me. He looks sick at the debate. Yeah. He looks like he didn't like say to me, but who knows he could have been and then You could have been just hiding it. Well, he could have like took a bunch of fucking day coil or whatever. You could probably use or is bleach syringes. I don't know you think you've had it before right off. I think I've been around it for sure. I don't know if I really had it. I think I've had a couple of days of back last year that I had like a a setback of like oh man. I don't feel too good. But I still kind of truck through my day and I've never had a situation where I just been like just out of it, you know, I mean like I've never had but this way have like a sick day moment in the last year, but I think I've been around people that I've had. I think I I think I had it in November for sure of last year. Yeah. Yeah, obviously I didn't get tested there weren't tests available was acting then yeah. I mean it was a thing, but it was still in China or wherever there was a it's coming from join, right, you know on and then yeah, we have a friend which we've mentioned this before a friend who was I thought he had valley fever. Yeah, who was who was like getting steroids and stuff and he was really sick. We around him the whole time. He was sick and none of us got it, But who knows? Maybe we're just like really just a respiratory thing and they're given steroids and he got through it and he was a younger the younger dude and he got through it. But you know, you never know and that's the way it is kind of like, let's say this is like eye-opening for Trump. Right. Let's say you had this situation and it really did like Oh Ship. This is fucking this is as intense as people were saying well, I might be a lot of naysayers have now had the eye-opening moment and they're filing.

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Yeah. This is real unique guys need to be sympathetic blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And then the other side of that is saying, oh he's lying about it whenever he ran that to you like they're saying, oh, he's Faking It. It's to me I don't think you need first thing. I think it's fucking Karma. Yeah, I mean, I mean he was, you know, during the Bates he was saying that he didn't make news. Yeah, blah blah and Jacob the only one that wears mask, but where's the biggest man? I've never seen every time I see this guy. He's got the biggest Mass I've ever seen like it. It's you know, right you talking like a New Yorker. A man New York to that place is in shambles. Yeah and unlock down and again and should yeah. I was just just show em. She she she she she she said yeah, but yeah, it's it's the whole thing is shit like we're in a shit time and I don't know if it's I don't know. I don't get down anything. But yeah, that's bring up the happy. They're happy. This day unless you are talking about for what I don't know happiness. Jolly. Pardon is going to be in an a cover of Playboy. Shut up. Yeah, dude. I don't know I would hope you're only cover. So more than 40 years after she graced the cover a bunny suit. She's going to be before. I don't know. We need to find that out cuz that's nice simple Google October 1970 issue. All right, look that up Playboy October 1970 issue. Let's see them know but that's before like the fucking super boob job, right? No, they were still pretty magical. Sorry, sorry, not sorry. I mean they've always been let's be real Dolly Parton. Superman Circle super magical this has been the Amigos PC make sure to like subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platformer. Visit us at Amigos for our entire library of content and the Migos merch until next time audios

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