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112. Cop Comic Jim Perry at Jp's Comedy Club

If you were looking for a high brow fancy. SMART. Regal podcast with those that loved to talk about horseriding. And trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos a if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts, shenanigans, and balls out. Crazy. Hit. The Jackpot is is a migos pc and this is Scott and mark. Want go get a water. Live on. Youtube guys is solid work yet. No. Punches. We are going to be here live. This is weird to me not having what headphones. Just brought headphones. There, and then I would feel today's episode is brought to you by the gallery. WHOA. Based out of New York the Gallery is curated collection of photographs from around the world. Well. Yes, exactly. Well, while we are all unable to travel, this is a great way to bring a piece of the world to you. All prints are made from one hundred percent recycled aluminum giving your wall that gallery finish right now, the gallery is offering listeners, our listeners you the AMIGA army fifteen percent off their purchase by using code fifteen off Nice teen off Tim percent. Yeah fifteen percent off the purchase. Of something from the gallery well. Go to the Gallery Dot Com the T.. T. H. E.. G. A. L. R. Y. DOT COM so you're wall will never be boring again. We're not. To. Figure out the headphone thing when we don't have the. Box. Eric. Boxing I walked box. We're talking about hot box, right boxing married I haven't seen that. Our Special Guest Jim Airey here. Hey. comic. Also, recently, just opened up GP's Comedy Club here on the east side of the valley. Super excited about too because we both live on the east side of. Yeah we'd love. Host probably. Clubs. Can you give us a little background of who you are got comedy polly came to start the club. Might you in the parking lot So. No Originally from Chicago and grew up there we moved out here in Arizona about fourteen. Two Thousand Four Tease Out here. Longer. Than that. Eighteen years ago. I can't do math. I. Went to Chicago Public Schools Sixteen. I have the goodest of education shirt so. Yeah. So from Chicago, I was in the navy for the navy got married when I was twenty years old, he's got two kids. Join a police department did that about ten years hurt? Moved out here on a security company started doing comedy for fun and I was like. Fuck US Open a comedy club and tell jokes and see what happens. The lds community loves me. LDS Stance Little Dick Syndrome. So I told you. Know but I am happy you're here man in. We're GONNA. See what this turns into and I honestly openness up to. Have more stage time selfishly, and also give back to the comments of. How are the open Mike starting it's been really good we. So we did what we call a soft opening because I wanted to learn how to like do the credit card machines ray again Chicago. Public schools I needed it starts for to plug it in and We had a lot Oh. Yeah. Plug it in. That's the problem. So now we're a cash business. but no, we had a we had like four or five open mics in the beginning and the also down. So all the comics have been really really good I mean there's a few heat on everything but. The majority of everybody's been going through and we'd do comedy school here on Monday Tuesday. Wednesday. Shows Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. Private events are on Sunday though and then Thursday. For being. Three weeks. I'm far from an expert, but I can tell you that just pulled. Cool start been supportive communities. No No complaints yet from what I've seen online. People can't say. More positive theon what's coming out? With our PODCAST, we do have comments on every now and then.

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Talk about their journey or what makes them what brought them to comedy? Your whole Spiel is such. A. SPIEL. Mess Actually I. Actually I was just a mall cop fake. It's all bullshit falled Lert your guy no. I don't know I think with comedy you have to have a persona that makes you stick out a little bit differently than other comics and I'm also a dad and. Father, which is the same thing a husband. And? Yeah I was a cop and people I, don't know. The time for the police foot or an Arizona. The majority of people like the. I wasn't a bad cop. So I'M NOT GONNA hate on my. Fellow. Officers that I worked with. The stuff. So. Yeah. People just love cops stories. And I make fun of it to make fun of myself and make fun of some. Aspects of police work and. I think people enjoy that they kinda see from an inside look of something that you didn't always see. And as long as I'm not up there being addict cop and the authoritative top with and people like that. So it's been cool. It's been very supportive. We raise. We do a Lotta shows for charity and a lot money for charity nine hundred. I think if somebody gets to know me or another club in our hearts in the right place and Tom as long as I don't prejudge based on the horrible news that we've been hearing I. Think it's all been positive. So As far as my journey. It was total totally out of boredom I mean, I wish I had a better answer up one day and you like I'm going to tell jokes it really wasn't far from that really wasn't. Like I said I own a security company and the company's doing well kind of it kind of runs itself. Okay. I got to the point where I was I'm not exaggerating I was watching like ten twelve hours a day of Netflix. And I told you married. So that wasn't working out. She was like, no, this is not going to happen. So I was like, yeah. I always wanted to try stand up comedy I signed up for a class, and then after I signed up for the classic kind of got the Bug and then I just haven't turned back and I was like well, I'm signing up for all the schools I'm traveling all over Jason Five, ten fifteen minutes spots. I told her I, think will save money if we just opened a place where we live. So here we are. We'll find out if that works out or not as cool. Again I'm. On the side of town. So that's really cool. But I failed math class. So maybe it won't work out I don't know but. We got thirty days left and we'll see what happens. The the your spot is pretty interesting. What made you go like that? Lately, you get some of these clubs where it's like a seedy the. Frame everything instantly you seem like you've left space. For for those that have not been here yet pleased comes he does the exact on talking about. What made you dearly out and things like think of how you wanted to well, did you not notice there's a good will next door. That's sold itself. Yeah come on. I mean you look like you shopped goodwill? A. There's a Chinese food place on the other side and there's a pizza place on the corner I mean, how can you go wrong? No I mean in all seriousness I, the are space holds. A hundred and five people comfortably because of the covert restrictions. were up to fifty for shows. But the reason I like the spaces and what's funny is I've been doing this I'm far from next Birdman donors to three weeks. Right. But I've owned businesses in the past and as long as the numbers make sense to me business make sense. So I know what those numbers need to be, and as long as we can fit that and it seems like we can then we can pay the rent because I didn't do this as. I A lot of people think I'm a business owner and I'm doing this to feed my family. This is totally passion I want to pay the rent and give back, perform to and give back to the Phoenix comics and then I still have a real job. So I doubt Dick Dick Jokes. Are GonNa make me rich I just I don't think well, some comics have gotten off. You're not. Wrong. But. Yeah I mean. I think it's a good thing and I think if if I'm really just trying to pay the rent. That puts me gives me an edge and I think the big question is come up a lot is like, why did you? Why did you open a comedy club? Not only open a comedy club doing it in the middle of pandemic. And I. I, think that's the best time to do it and let me explain why and it's going to sound crazy at first but I invested in real estate years ago. and. When did I invest in real estate? I did it in two thousand eight. My thing is what I've noticed and what my beliefs are as that when people panicked and things are crazy.

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Do the opposite of what other people are doing. So in two thousand, eight happened everything was going to shit. We bought like six houses and financially kind of set us up. And then now with this everything's crazy everything's going nuts. I'm like gas what now there's a ton of incentives for renting spaces getting good rant and I'm like, let's do it. So I looked at it as an opportunity not as a reason not to do it I don't know if that makes sense but I'm what? What's the old saying buy buy low sell high. But it sounds it sounds like very easy advice. It sounds like something we should do but most people don't do that because they're scared of the risk of. Rice paying off so That was that was the reason I did so. I mean walking this place. It's amazing. The told. The idea what you're doing and twenty. Much at full capacity. Yeah. I might be able to afford. Chinese plate. Is because she sure from goodwill when I came in. I was locked around with coming I was locked and I kept walking by them and they keep looking. Through the Chinese place. Didn't know what to do and they kept. Calling him. From Back And Nothing, but the best and. So. I. Know You said he basically woke up it wasn't too far from waking up and inserting jokes. We're what was your first experience with comedy and and things like that? Well. Again I I just signed up for class I always enjoyed comedy. Watching comedy my parents would comedy shows and. I remember seeing gallagher when I was a kid and. I know. He's not considered to a lot of comics LICO. Oh, it's amazing to a kid. It was pretty cool. We win saw my parents would go see like carrot top. and. Then as I got older, I started to. Buy Tickets Chapelle and better comic, Seinfeld, Gaffe again, and and I just enjoyed it so much and I also come from a history with my employment public speaking. And the Police Department when I worked on the Police Department the Public Relations Officer I did the dare program at the schools. We all know how effective that program was. He was one of my students. no, but my point is very comfortable talking in front of groups we're real active in our church I helped with all the kid programs. Pastor for a short time. So my point is changing. Changing the environment or changing the material from. You know whatever is teaching a lesson or talking about something on a police departments of jokes and trading. It wasn't a hard transition or uncomfortable for maybe unstaged. So I really wanted to focus on writing I. Don't know I think it is addictive I think. I like it. I really really like it. Did you you went to a class here in the valley then I've taken I think all the classes that are offered here that I know of. So my first. So my first class. I took was at Scottsdale comedy spot. the teacher was Shawn doing him and I took classes with year, and then I went to stir crazy and classes with Deanne Kincaid team mania two classes with Ryan. And then don't visit business partner mind I took classes for. Played all over years. Well, so I kinda saw really hung out in that circle and that circle has their own networks right and then I also would. Put all the open mic switches at different circle. And then to started. Yeah, and just hurt doing the bar shows and stuff like that, and then I started producing my own shows for charity. And I was like I I WanNa do this on a different level I wanted to be more my fame and and have more controlled. And do it in a way that I wanna do and you know I I've been in a lot of shows where the producers motivations aren't the purest. and mine really are I mean I still ask your guest spots to bring people to the show and. Like mad about that I do still have rent the pay. and. Then if you killed that guest spot, then then we can put you in a paid spot but. I. Think it's important for a newer comic and I still consider myself very new is to be in different types of circles if it's the comedy school circle if it's open like. WHATEVER CIRCLE? Networking is important and if you do that that open up more opportunity for the I. And I've just learned that with life experience. You know I'm sure with whatever jobs you guys do you know learn not working? Super Important. Yes Minister Yeah. And if you don't do correct correction, you're doing podcasts in the back room at comedy. True.

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Out. So. Do. You have any like crazy stories from especially maybe that you like incorporate into your jokes that you tell top stories off. Too many stories well. I'll tell you why not a copy more. So I got hurt. Fold. The first time I got hurt I was we got a call at a restaurant or an alarm. And we go into the call and walk into the kitchen. And I slipped on. Bacon Grease. Ironically to cop sometimes referred to as pigs right slips on. Bacon Grease. So the pig jokes at the police permit never stopped because I hurt my shoulder prebath. So I thought my shoulder was kinda healing and stuff and. I had a sign up for training the teaser training. You've heard teaser and I got shot in the back teaser for for fifty thousand volt electric to give you and I had a cop inside of me and he didn't mean it. But the one officer Milan my arm to move when I got taste to it destroyed my shoulder, and if you can't hop offense, you can't be a cop. So I had a kind of step away. So after about ten years stopped away. Was Funny I don't know if that was funny. Now I'm having. PTSD. It's funny. I became I became very religious during that experience. So I have that if you go to youtube the COP comic I have that teaser video uploaded there Oh and you'll hear me become religious at the end of that exposure just start going Jesus Jesus. Was Terrible. But as far as like calls and dealing with the public I mean, there are so many stories one of the stories. That I talk about is the fried, chicken? Story have you have you heard that one yet? So you may get a kick out of this one I. Think of cops say like doughnuts right you always hear that joke. I wasn't a donor guy. I'm old with stomach issues. I'm an inflatable doughnut guy but my point is is what I would eat all the time on patrol was Kentucky Fried Chicken. I would eat. Like straight out of the bucket like every other night. and. The guy's would tease me be like we're all trying to make sergeant new trying to make like colonel. So, this one night I'm eating my chicken. Then surest ship I drive in this neighborhood, and I see a guy breaking apart. Jump on my car to pull my gun. But I can't get my gun up because my hands on Greece. Turkey Fried Chicken. Good right. But the truth is I looked down and the reality was, I forgot my gun I didn't have my gun Ed. Left is. So I'm like, fuck like what? What am I gonNA do two o'clock in the morning I don't think the sky. Realize it. True Story. Best story ever I pointed. Drumstick at the guy. You know. and. He didn't know it works. We caught them, stop them bring them back to the station well at the time. These stupid DASHCAM. With it I'm telling my buddy, he takes the DASH CAM video shows it to everybody in the office. And my point is that's my legacy to my kids and my police department is. Fried Chicken. Iowa. Yeah. So you wonder why now telling jokes because. That's that's happens. So that's probably the craziest, and then you want another one nursery. I can. Another story that that was goodness. I really did get a call. One time of of an orgy. Yeah that's how me Mark Mad. Ice. Yes. But I was like twenty two years old at the time. and. It comes off. A loud noise complaints with says, look at the details. It says orgeon progress twenty two I'm like fucking excited. Yes. This is awesome. I'm thinking young girls like pulling their hair tickle fights pillows. Yeah. The whole thing. We pull in subdivision. Gone sunset it's. Sunny. Low. Sunny Slope Retirements Nice. Walkers in so. Yeah. So I'm scarred. I, really do have. PTSD. Gravity gravity taken effect and it was just bad. It was medical necklaces everywhere. It was awful. But those are probably vollers was her life alerts on life everywhere. My peanuts actually said help I. Fallen I can't ask. Why it sounds like I'm not sure. But. Yeah. Those are primate you best stories and then. Controversial story is not funny but this is kind of what happened is his entire.

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News I would encourage your listeners to look up somebody called. Eddie. Hicks. Okay. So a lot of times when. You tell someone repeat officer like corrupted. You beat up people. Bob. Well I actually had to testify against corruption. I had a call. There's funny about this call. I had a call, we had a burglary in progress. So we go to this call we get there and there's five Chicago cops there. And we're like, Hey, what are you doing and they're like, oh? We're serving a warrant. I'm like. Well, you need to tell us what you're doing because people on it as a burglary like freaked out. Long story short they show us to warrant we leave next day we call their sergeant and say, Hey, next time what us snow know someone's going to get hurt if we don't know you veteran area Bullshit warrant wasn't real at all. It was like training Dacia they were shaken down drug dealers and taking their money. And this was here was this was back in Chicago so. Long Story Short. I had to go and testify against. They offered us like witness protection the whole bed. That's why I kind of like. A little bit peeved off when people are like, oh. You're cops you must be you must have been corrupts. No. I testified to put my family at risk against that kind of stuff. So that was those are probably the three to funny one that was credible serious. Video can now find. Yeah. So Now No they're all in prison. So if they escape, then then we know that we know. These guys are like this podcast. Overall, we appreciate your timeshare. Thanks. And on that no. Matter. We're GONNA end there. Yeah. So you're talking about Netflix and binging and things like that wall over some series that you've really got into shows I like Watch, a lot of older stuff you again I watched breaking bad. Again, I watched Sopranos again. ozarks. Good Show. Johnson get out you have to do that Gamblers. GonNa last season. That's cool. Scraped in because he lives in Atlanta. what else I watch Cobra Kai Youtube when it came on Youtube. now, everyone's talking about it. And my kids mainly watch. Kind recent with. The two years. I started comedy about three years ago and then Cobra Kai breaking bad. Shows into and my kids watch a couple shows but I can't remember the name of thirteen. Thirteen reasons. I was a big Fan. Sat there with the kids. It's really depressing. It is we got about halfway through it. I'm like I don't know if I want you guys watching this. Giving you too many ideas. Stranger things maybe. I do watch that we watched that we went to universal went to their pointed house. That was stranger things theme to the kids like. Cooled and watch. SITCOMS Seinfeld. Mike and Molly silly stuff. Can Relate to yeah I'm pretty I. Don't know I'm a pretty typical. Forty five zero White Guy Man. When you look at me you're like Yeah. He he defends puts comments on like nickelback and creed videos. That's mean has been. If you want to Piss off your neighborhood mean just shout it out. Loud Speaker nickelback. Alexa play nickelback. She Says No. No No. What's the weather outside? You're not allowed to go out so All right. Well, that's that's going to wrap up there. So okay during the the whole. Going anywhere like. However you been. Handling it like a huge masking been scared almost my. Taxable people that are handling. Scared and in their bubble or are you still doing things in? Place, against you're probably more towards. Doing things. With most things, there's a balance of people that are completely scared and. People. Don't off. So. I mean I think about it and I'm safe I wash my hands and I wear a mask when I'm required to. I mean him and I were tongue kiss I shows i. don't know if I'm really. Yeah so as I told you have a thing for Duck Dynasty. To know I, mean I mean. My wife and I swear, I mean we're we don't know. But we think we had it in. February. Because, we all got be and the wife and the kids all got really sick and it was only like two three days sickness for us but it was weird like I think that was the flu.

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I don't know what it was and I remember all saying House soft and then all sudden. Cova. Stuff came on and I swear I think we got it. But I. Don't know we've talked about that a little bit on the show I think that I actually had in November. And everything started unfolding because I got really sick. So my family got sick and it's Never been that sick ever in my life and then. Struck through it. We had a buddy same thing. Wouldn't go away. Like. called. Zona. Close. One. The Bailey Valley Road It seemed like he had. Couldn't at this cough Garner we got him on. Steroids. I think he probably. Something I it's case you know. The catching the food I think, no I think that's I think they found me. Pick the best data coming. Nothing but. Professional. Sound system here. They're they're cutting the dogs and the cats? Don't know your peers. That's a good promo for the Chinese place. She told me I was over there and I thought this was funny and you can tell me if this was not well she obviously. She goes. She goes I said Oh Chinese restaurant and I'm excited to Y Y started talking. To notice how much She tells me anyways that she's Chinese Irish. I thought that was funny. Yeah and I was like Oh. So I'm like you're you're drunk all the time frying dogs and cats back here. She didn't yeah I thought it was funny. and. Then she didn't laugh. I'm like all right those to bed and I'm like. I'm like a quick quick quick hack joke with I. Say the lightness up I was like, do you eat your corned beef and cabbage uist sticks? She's she's a get out get out get out of my store. Comedian. I'm next door all the time. So but yeah. Yeah so I hang out goodwill now. Still Yes I. Still Have Wifi. Password Password Walmart. Have you started to see trends like certain days. It's completely packed over there, and then all hand out flyers every other Saturday I don't know if I want to cater to the people. Shop at goodwill eight I tell them it's not just in. Bowling Oh. Yeah. Interesting also. Aficionados. Shops I duNno. If I told a goodwill shopper that there's two drink minimum I have a feeling that there'd be issue. AM I. Stereotyping. owned. Depends on how much they spend next. And then then they the two drinks you don't do it on the discount rate. Yeah. That's Saturdays Oh. Okay. The. Bad. Days shooting comedy classes took. With Youtube. Goodwill. Do. You think about that though like you do. Research more marketing things like that as you're starting to open this up. Well, I I own. Several businesses over. So I understand again, numbers were mark. ATTRITIONAL marketing. Marketing, which is what you're talking about pass on flyers on. Nowadays, it's all on social media, targeting audiences and facebook ads. I have found that to be. Effective and then also just treating. Comics in your customers correct and gathering information as they come through and then letting them know what's going to be happy. So we've been having a lot of we've been only a few weeks and there's people come. Every other day because the actor different and they're just interested. You could. Just the comedy scene showing up and and. I would say that we're getting a lot of not only the commies joint, but also the people that's poured. Okay and then. Like I said, it's such an intimate space, the issue to me with comedy. And this is where I'm trying to help. Is that as new comedian. There's not a lot of portals of entry meaning that you're doing all these open mic. Are Shows, and if you go to a bigger place like champion prop stand up live, you're probably going to be there on a Sunday Monday. Tuesday. And if you're lucky make.

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My point is, is that what I like is having more ports tree for the comics here make them better through our schools more stage time have their families, come see them, and then when they're ready to make that transition to start working bigger clubs. then. They'll be more ready so. I think it's a good thing to kind of help comics have have you ever? Comics, but my point is doing. Nailed it. So. My point is. Doing a Mike at a bar. Because nobody's. No here it's kind of a captured on. So. That's kind of I've lost a caution. Yeah, I'm talking. Whatever the question was I, feel again. This is. Why I think I, mean during this time where people need to laugh and have fun because it's such a shitty time so. I think doing something like this school and I think with you said earlier about. Making that lead when things are bad because he those companies that need to live off of. Place, this is. Yeah. The made me to be higher numbers. You're in the situation where you're coming in and just pay you're GONNA you're gonNA, keep those guys up and take all that business you're on while I'm not looking at meet went up where everyone's our friends we love everybody. I, mean, if that com grew log. Yes I my point is we're not in the kitchen. Family judge and that gives us an. More passionately said, yes. My Wife my wife doesn't refer to it as she refers to it as a midlife crisis number three. So that's what I. I rather not talk I. You mentioned a bike at one point, a bicycle or motorcycle. WHO KNOWS UNICYCLE? I'm so paying attention. What was your? What was your first thoughts when you actually did start going into? The comedy scene and Policies doing the open mics things and we're was your I hope, Mike. I got the schools I over Michael's AD. What's that place called high side and Phoenix? Okay there was a prominent black crowd. And I'm like Hey. Show. It wasn't a Bobby Johnson show. I've done plenty of those I. Think it was a pat price show. I had I had met for the First Time Rob. May Be Para a PAT price Chris Mosely. Comics for my point was that was my first open at first experience outside of comedies? been to comedy classes for I. Don't know two months I'm like I'm ready to fucking ready to destroy. Yeah I'M GONNA kill it everywhere ovation and I'm going to walk into a place that's ninety percent black. I'm going to tell them I was a cop and they're gonNA love me. and. So I, I got an ambulance ride home then I. Know I mean it's it's part of the part of the process, but that was my first open mic and You know it to be honest with you. I was actually nervous. Because I'm older than a of the comics and I'm coming into it almost backwards like I've kind of lived life set us up and I'm Kinda doing this for fun. And some people get mad at that their twenties really trying to get into the scene but I'm coming from the other side. So I didn't know how that would be received and then toner when I was a cop normal audiences it it does it goes very well fatone comics that I didn't know how it go and actually. Most very receptive and Nice I. Mean It really boiled down to you know. He's a nice guy treating us with respect he's not an asshole hunt. So. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't as bad as I was magic could be. which I thought was good. Do. You have any remember when you first bombed and what that was? Yes. I give it a PD as. The the PTSD show we're still looking for our first Kreider the show. Yeah. Play Dolly Parton and we. Play a Dolly PARTON SONG PT as Double D was. That's maybe why I bombed. 'cause I told jokes like that No. So I don a comedy class again. And we're involved in our church and we go to this thing. They call it small group like once a week. And I'm like, Hey, guys, I've been taking comedy classes. Let's do a comedy show at are smarter. And I don't in reality looking back I don't have two minutes of material and I'm like I'm going to do a half hour show for you guys.

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Now keep in mind these are church people. And I mostly have Dick. Jokes and. When you're in that kind of setting even if something was relatively funny, they're not gonNA laugh because they're too busy worrying about other fellow church person's going to judge them. So? Yeah it was awful. It was awful. So now I. Read the Bible and pray by myself is I'm no longer allowed in that church. Are you able to say sure? It's a Christian. Church. Good, enough. Yeah. They'll shut this podcast. From. Hate. Mail. Worry, about. Showing Coca Cola sign. Can Be Drinking Holy Water Now That's awesome. Shit now it's one of those nondenominational Christian churches like they call it a mega church. Oh, God you know we bring the kids there. It's good for the kids. Yeah. My Wife She works at a church down the street so. That was the same one. Off Off my go. But you needed that bomb though, right. The bomb. there's been plenty more than. But. Only one. Only one you'll ever since. That day. What's going to happen here I think my biggest bomb why I wanNA talk about this I don't know. We're making open up yeah. WON'T SHARE I was at CB live for a charity show. And The way that was produced. I think could have been produced differently. And what they did was they allowed the crowd to drink. For three hours before they put the comic. Song. So. You had three hundred people in that room and they did not give a shit about comedy. Hey, we're just hammered and all of our growing up there and they didn't listen to anything we sat and that was disturbing I had to do fifteen minutes. To basically my wife came and she's just like. There was having. Talk. Is this the end we've met the end of this is a more. So. Those are probably my two biggest bonds and intimate bomb with the church people and then. Drunk Desert Ridge. People. Have changed their format a little bit. We've changed our format at the club. So like if you're bombing, we just have laugh tracks here and we just. Joke. That's that's what I was really hoping you guys. We're going to do for this. Yeah, we actually do have. To find it, do you WanNa the we have a little. While have. Yeah You pray at like Violin Music going on in the background and I don't those. Are the is say like. Whole Bunch. My wife has a whole lot of buttons that I can press and I have pressed half. If not more. That's. So. She's been supportive then. Tease my wife. My wife has actually been pretty awesome Yeah I mean we've been married. I need math again get me on. Chicago schools. Could. Just. Got Married in ninety six. Quick. I was quick. I believe you said So so yeah, we've been married awhile to kids. We've had our seasons of life ups and towns and overall. It's all good and she's been very supportive nice. Yes. Really. Your multiple business owners. Yes. She moved in with her mom I live here. Now I mean it's been great. Caller sometimes. Yes. Yeah. My wife likes to have sucks I. I'm just going to announce this on your podcast. My wife likes next x sixty seven times a day. I mean, that's not bad right. The ISH. Yes six, seven times a day. The problem is only one part of that Dick. That is a joke I am kidding. GO TO COSTCO FOR A lot of batteries. Yours. We go through a lot of shower massagers. We've gone through a lot of those for me. So I'm assuming that you have a fluffer, she has a fluffer offer. I'm assuming that some kind of terminology the. Hip To. Porn one that ordinary one probably you saw porn was you watch ut the extra testicle that's a fucking great movie.

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Write that down. E T the extra testicle and Shading Private Ryan. Out. Movie Research. I thought you were in the Forest Hump. Even back. That's all I got I was. Holding. A boom. MIC. Porn names of these movies is I just find him funny. Yes. Pirates of the Edward. Sausage fans his. have. Seen it but I know that this is a sausage fast we should watch Edward Sausage hands, together. The classic My last Navy Jefferson. The. Porn Classic Yankee doodle give me a handy. That's a good one is fence. Has got sorry. Google took. googling. How often do you sit down and actually? Watch porn. Joe Sisterhood of the traveling sluts. That's A. Tough and Wim right now Saturday night beaver. Making stuff that almost sounds like it should be one. Just to be. Could be. It be a parody of we've watched test me not. Sound good. Rotten tomatoes live was great thirteen. Thirteen going, down. On thirty not. One we thirteen going on thirty thirteen going down. That sounds like a priest would watch one. Game. Oh. That's a good one. That's a good. Oh, I mean I heard it was good. Fifty first rates. Different type of website man. Here on the. Web. Sorry I'm on your. Goodwill. Silk Road. Next thing you know he's going to be buying trucks on the. going. Be a guy at the door soon. I'M GONNA get off that side. Now being tracked by the government. Yeah there wasn't really too many funny names executed. It seemed like you were coming off the cuff with that. I'm amazing. That's why. I can only Phoenix comedy schools Bam. Nice. But in the Chicago school, the power Google guys I think. What. What I was getting to though is and how do you sit down right Before we got on my talk about your writing group. What's the process of that stuff? I like the right I mean. For me writing jokes and stuff is if I'm just GonNa Normal Conversation and somebody laughs at homeland. What made that person laugh just jot down. I wrote a screenplay with Yanking Kate over at stroke crazy. Yeah. I've been like right since I was a kid. Calm. But with humor it's just to me is paying attention. And how? If you make a joke that sounds believable and then it's also tied to a real personal experience I think that makes it easier. notice that when I first started comedy my jokes are really dirty. It's easier to write dirty. And then it gets harder to rate clever the. With time I think she's here. So I don't know. That was good. Is it harder to write clean. I know you say, clever. Clean versus. Yeah, I, mean there's different if you want to be hired as a comedian. There's the churches. Yeah I mean I do a lot of church shows PG help they don't see this podcast. There's PG. In my opinion PG PG thirteen rated arches crude I find my I have more fun in the PG thirteen point range. Out How well as it received PG thirteen. I kill every night. Except for those bombed Oh, can I admit that? TELEA. So now we need to make a new category. Associated Selfish Porn. He's yes. Yes. I will never get a church GIG again after this podcast. Now I think it's important to be diverse in the know your crowd and then kind of. Change with the crowd when needed and I think that comes with time. So, when you're on stage. And you're getting to know your crowded. Trying to spin one joke and it's not tinted. Yeah, there's how does that work? So yeah, you try to figure out with the crowd is there's not restrictions on the crowd.

00:45:03 - 00:50:03

You still going to kind of know what the proud is bound graphic. What do they believe in? Like. You can throw like a PG joke and if it does really well, then kind of stay in that category. Throughout. The rate at our job for dirty and also NAD hits but they didn't really hit on the job then go more dirty. I've also noticed that it's easier to start cleaner, and then if you're gonNA, do dirty stuff, do it at the end if you start out dirty, it's tough to get them on your side I'm not a big fan of political humor or religious humor on stage because it's a immediately splitting my bother. And I'm not overly crude even when I tell dirty jokes, I, think my persona comes through and they still don't believe me when I am dirty. He's trying to be dirty. Yeah. Yeah. So I, don't yeah you. Kinda. Kinda. Kinda. Go with it. I mean. I kill with people that are over sixty and white. So that's my. That's my. That's my darker. Bronco my mom and Dad. Loved me. So when you open another location. Yeah. There you go. Nolanda. Goes to. Start telling jokes bring my medical necklace and we'll have a good old time. Yes I'm. Sure. Are you into conspiracies at all? Depends on the conspiracy. Nothing against. Police or like that. But. You said it. Yeah. A Wig. Dot. com. So recently. We just had an episode where we talked about how we might be in. A simulation brought up efforts to. There's a new TV series Amazon prime. Topi. Hurting about it I. Have Not. So it's got John Cusak. I, like him. He's from Chicago. It seems like a a conspiracy about. About covert. Oh Yeah. I think there's some stuff going on right now I'm really curious I'm really curious. What the conversation cove will be after this election. Think. I'll give you a conspiracy drop it right now. Thank you. This will make this video blow up. So not to be a Downer but my mom just passed away about a month ago and she had. Great. Thanks. No she passed away about a month ago it was expected she had cancer for like four. And when she passed away her lungs filled up. took. My point was the district of usage data Kovic. Come and I we got pissed and we were like, what's what's the she didn't have covid pastor over why are you saying that? Well. She, her lungs full man. It had to be covert. No wasn't Jae Cancer for four years she was in hospice. that. Personal story that happened to us makes me suspicious of this whole damn thing. now, that doesn't mean that I think Kobe doesn't exist again I think there's I think there's a left and right to this I think there's a black and white this I'm more in the middle I. Think we need to be safe? I, think we need to wash her hands. I think you know we don't French kissing each other. For a second time was You know wear a condom this time but my point is that those kinds of things make me suspicious I also have a friend without saying too much. How can I say this without saying? He works. At a very popular hospital. In the valley and he works in the ventilation. And if you've watched the news are hospitals supposedly were packed to the Gills. Everyone Diane everything do. We have one patient so. Those are the kind of things that. I do believe it exists I do believe we need to be careful but is it at the extreme that they're telling US I don't. and. It makes me suspicious. That's what I don't believe the media I. I was saying earlier when I was on the police department, I used to be the public relations office. So I used to talk to the news media about certain cases and I was always amazed at given our interview like this and then edited down ten seconds and it had nothing to do with what we talked about and twisted A. That Yes, which I assume is going to happen with this wanting to keep playing. The. Whole time and. Well. My point is when those kind of things happen to you. Personally, it's not a conspiracy anymore it's the start to wonder. Okay. Well, what's the truth was really going on so so again, if I'm giving you information, I'm the first one to say, okay, I'm wrong and I'll change my belief in that so. Yeah, that's run followed that so Yeah think it is.

00:50:03 - 00:55:07

I don't know if it's like a big hoax, but there's a lot more explaining that needs to be done i. Agree that. Something yeah I I mean things there. I think it's a it's a it's a kind of I mean now I'm GonNa. Tom and. I think it's a it's illness. That is serious. But is it? At the series system where we have to stop the country put people out of business. No give. Me An opportunity to get good Renton opened a comedy club at just does not seem right. And then it's your fault. Now, this Comedy Club tells Dick Jokes all day and all night it's your fault government that this. Same. Here. First. And they do listen to us. We're talking about conspiracy. So we actually why does your microphone Cheetos in regret I'm just curious on that one that that's that's mark's. Smells like cookies cookies this one's cheetos in regret anything. Damn. If I licked this microphone. Probably. Team within Washington talking distanced US coming up. Kobe twenty-one. Whereas they going on the government thing. So we We had an episode where we talked about. Some of since one day we have a huge uptake. Despite. And I was like okay well, where's What happens? If cosby. Zero interest. That's Youtube following his. Two hundred or something drivers. We get a lot of us after the fact. Monosso, we had listened a huge spike in we're looking for I was looking to see what was going on what we found out this company. Was Listening. Okay and they listen they basically download our entire cattle. We've done. So we started to do a little bit more research like. What is this company? Why would her back from? The police. So, like we have our own conspiracy basically is what I'm saying. We went into more depth. Yeah, we looked at. Base Langley. Virginia by Washington. DC clean. I didn't do much research on their podcast I. Don't know what kind of show on right now. So we try to bring that up with all of our guests. As listening. Great. Great. You're GONNA be covered. I'll be dead by morning okay. You sign up for the comedy. Well as we start to wind down. Can you give a word of advice for someone WHO's trying? To Start Com. Why I consider myself very new I. Am no expert in comedy I mean I've been doing comedy to three years. But my advice which I'm sure. Some old district. As if you're trying to get into comedy. I think taking a class and understanding how to structure joke is important. I think going out and embracing bombing and Mike's is important. It's a part of the deal. You have to and those kind of moments make you better. It really do and and you have to embrace that uncomfortable moments. And then just believe in yourself I do think that it's not normal for someone to want to go on stage and get laughs from strangers. On the first one to admit, there's some kind of broken this and me that I need to understand daddy didn't hug me enough or something But my point is if someone wants to do comedy and they really believe in what they're doing and they find it in artistic. Within themselves to release you know do it and then and see what happens with it. If you're doing it to get famous do something else if you're doing it to make money do something else. If you're doing it for. Artistic reasons I think it's something worth embracing I mean that would be my Tucson Do you have A. A favorite local comic. I hate to say that because then. Serving not gonNA come. Then I'm GonNa have ten comics at tell me that they don't like me. My favorite Arizona comic and I don't even think he knows who I am or even knows I like him is Chris Bennett he lives up in shallow. Okay and I think he is crazy. And all the other comics are awesome too. Should have said, would have been come to the club.

00:55:09 - 00:56:51

Work based your craft here. Take classes here. Yeah. That's where I do have to say that all the comics that come here. I think are absolutely amazing. amaz. Not at all. Where where, where can we find you on social media and? So at the club, so I have two things going on. So if you'd like to follow me as a comedian My Persona. If you will is the COP comic, you can go on our website at the comic Dot Com and I do a lot of charity events in that persona and do now a shows here of course. And if you WanNa follow the club then our website is JP's comedy club dot com and we're really trying to specialize in headlining and featuring Arizona talent and then we have the school here. If you think you can tell jokes or you have that desire to get into comedy sign up for a class. See if it's for you come to an open mic on we really are trying to make this a safe place and a place that is one. Where you WANNA come back. Now you feel like you're at a bar and nobody's listening to you. So yeah. GP's Comedy Club for the club and the COP comic. Dot. COM for. COMEDIC JOURNEY Extreme. On appreciate you guys. Thanks man. This has been the migos PC. Make sure to life, subscribe and review US oil your pod casting platforms visit us at Amigos, P C, dot net for our entire library of content and Amigos Merch. Till. Next time audio.

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