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111. life in the mission

If you were looking for a high brow fancy. SMART podcast with House that loved to talk horseriding, badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts, shenanigans, and balls out craziness. Miss the Jackpot. This is America. And this is Scott and mark. Live from the Amigos. Bras. Broadcasting our studio birthday it is my first day. Welcome to the show buddy. Thank you Amigos here. Yeah today's episode is brought to you by the gallery. WHOA based out of new. York. The Gallery is curated collection of photographs from around the world. Well yes. Exactly. while we are all unable to travel, this is a great way to bring a piece of the world to you. All prints are made from one hundred percent recycled aluminum giving your wall that gallery finish right now, the gallery is offering listeners our listeners you the Amigo army. Fifteen percent off their purchase by using code fifteen off. Nice fifteen off fifteen percent. Yeah. Fifteen percents off the purchase of something from the gallery. Wow. Go to the Gallery Dot Com the T.. T., H. E.. G. A.. L. R., Y. DOT COM. So your wall will never be boring again. You know that wall right there we need to put something from the gallery I'm there right now. Are You oh, you are. Anything fancy studio stuff boom. There on the wall for your office. Star. Stuff. You're archway. And everything. Yes. So make sure that you go to the gallery DOT COM shit. And US fifteen off I found my next new mural. Oh, shit would nine. LemMe Messing with less my ears with how you describe it. No, I'm just I'm looking oh wow. These these guys are good at making Looking at her sponsor but these guys have some good stuff. Not your paintings, their finger paintings now. We'd like to to cloud fanciest. Do the class up your uh. We are totally the wrong podcast for these for this sponsor. Class. But. If you want to be classy like these guys. Them because they got good shit. Go to the GALLERY DOT COM use fifteen off right. All right. Nice. All right. Well, what I want to jump into you real quick. And our two parter. So you know you know about more. You know he's motorway marshawn Lynch. Yes I do so. How well was he at interviews and whatnot? I'm just here to get find I mean I'm just here not to get find. Right. I'm here I'm just showing. About that about the money I hate whatever The. Whatever about the paper whatever? All about the paper. anyways. So bs mode as we know marshawn, Lynch. seahawks raiders running back. He he's apparently working with this new division martial arts like this karate company where he's trying to be the next Joe Rogan. Hold on so that's where I'm like. He's not the biggest talker in the world like you can't get somebody like, okay. Like me I was having a podcast but. I'm not a big talker either right like you know me. And To get somebody to. commentate like Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan's hole on. He's GonNa comment. Okay. I thought he was starting no coconut. Tiresome Shit. Breezes back to two episodes ago. But Yeah No, not that. Okay. It's literally called like it's a karate combat. It's a full contact. The crazy karate Ko is what is called crazy karate, Ko? Okay. He's going to be an announcer to this. Yeah, which airs on Karate. Dot Com. Now, let's just hit the brakes. A second kicks off September twenty seventh was round I mean we need sports. The needs something.

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Football obviously is not cutting it unless this Sunday is going to be completely different, but the opening didn't do that great but either way. So he's going to be announcer to this. Let. Let's just take a pause and. When he was in front of the media. He said he just he didn't well no. He just didn't WanNa talk to the media. He hated media that that I think that's what it was. So maybe that is where it is maybe he he didn't want to have. What he said scrutinized. That could still happen here. But not not as much because here. I mean come on because if you say, Hey, I'm doing my job and do the best I can but the quarterbacks not doing his. Right you're not gonNA take it out of contact go. Like. So here he could say, Oh, well, tom is not hitting yard or or they would've asked and Morgan is a horrible defender if you were to in to and. what is it? No Iran second down and it was one in goal. Would he ran it sir? Yes. In talking ran, it would've fucking ran it fuck stupid Pearl Russell Whistle. Yup Russell Whistle. His new name from now on it's Russell Whistle. Yes. Sounds so much better. Oh Hey, we got some comments. I'm God. WHO's there? WHO's knock knock? anyways. Yes. We want to see a little bit of this. A little bit of what the Karate Co.. The CROTTY, have you watched any of that guy? Yes, I have I finished well, you had up I'm caught. So Am I oh, you are well then. We. Kinda can. Be Kinda can. Dave Sarah. Okay he he. Does some shit with our guest. Yeah. Kelsey Huggins. Oh. They do a podcast where they they talk about parks and REC. Good show. Or is it the office? Oh, even better show. No it's parked. Okay. It's parks. Did he say parks and recs no node because say which one you think is better proxy rex. I do that. You can't compare the two that you. Can How how? To because I've seen them both to solve I but I mean it's just you think it's the same. No No. They're completely two different two different things but I mean which was is better. That's where it comes down to. With the same thing which was better, you can't. I know what you're in bulk mazing in their own way like I can't say which one's better I have. My choice which you probably know which reminds her as the office. Of course I'm be watching it for the fourth time. Thanks Kobe I've only seen the office twice in a row I've seen if. I. I mean, I've probably seen certain episodes like four or five times but just. It's turned into. Are you such a fan that you watch the English version of the why have tried it you? Can't get through it hard. Yeah. I Love Rick Ace I do yeah he's. He's. He's hilarious but I just I. Like the Tube British for me the the show that he has where it's all about death. Season You're. You're you're like? Wow Dude. This art dry. Yeah it all right dry. Which I liked dark. Yeah and there was Cuban. Funny moments that probably some people didn't think was wanting that I thought. No, it's like. Well, that's the thing if you're a normal person and you you really haven't been into ricky so that you know him because. Host these shows in whatever was name yeah. He's created the office you know things like that. If. You're an average person. You're not gonNA find that show funny at all like it just. Doesn't exist. You gotta be pretty fucked up to like find certain things hilarious and which there are some things. Thank you sir. I will take that road. To the next round. Oh should we talk about what? Show Shit something went wrong. You're connected to the Internet WHATSAPP in now the recording. Well, yeah of course we're. Recording audio. The camera light went out. Oh, now it's back on. What the fuck does happen. I don't know, but we're still alive in. A back come back Dave.

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anyways. yes. Sorry about that. Whole conversation was gone off the video. Listen to our pockets. Definitely listening to our last episode. fucking. Awesome. We blew through forty two minutes and didn't even realize. It was that long because we were in the simulation. callback. We are anyways back to marshawn lynch so he's going to do well or not 'cause I as an holzer. But I don't think so. So. Here's the thing. We gotTA start somewhere. Yes he's never done this before, but he's famous now. So he can. Essentially get. You know any mediocre job when it comes to things like this? By calling in a favor whatever. What is going on? We're. Taking all our Internet probably Internet. Sucks. Hurricane to. You. CanNot wait. Can you that Saturday I can't even here anymore. What do you mean? Yeah the people outside. What? was next door either way the ball is in his hand or the ball's in his court or he has the apple and whatever whatever the the fucking. Same. Body phrase would be the the would is in his court to. The. What he's GonNa break I, don't know he's GonNa Beast Mode. That Shit. If he's going to be successful. It's up to him is basically what I was saying. Yeah. I during a stream to two different places maybe, and that's why it's fucking maybe anyways we have the audio so it's fine. Just ignore it. yes I, think I think honestly. It's going to be on him. That's fine. And if he wants to do good, he's going to do good. It seems like he is he he's the type of guy obviously I don't fucking know him on a personal or anything like that. But. It seems like the type of guy that would be first off time. Okay. If you knew him personally you'd be guest I would hope. Yeah that's all I have to say good. Of course, of course. No it but he seems like you'd be into that like he watches the Boondocks for sure and they do karate and shit on the boondocks. He's like your average type of marshawn. Lynch. Yeah Yeah. So. Yeah. I, think I think you'll do well I mean. I saw him on. The the first time. I saw him on the. Damn the League. that was the I actually heard him speak. A during you wouldn't say much except for his things when he's on the League he was actually he was a guy that accurate. was. The ESKIMO brothers episode was Yes. That's what that's what. Made me think about that. So. I think he will do okay I. Think he just did what he did for the media because the media can be. The media if ESPN. Coach Oh and have this shit on it regularly attitude. We start the OCHO. Honestly we should issued be call the fucking Ohio. Yes. In the OCHO, it's all the sports doing wants. Fucking dodgeball club League fucking dodgeball in like disturbed up. We could do it. We got my guy, do we get a guy with fuck their fucking cell phones? We'll get the kids from fucking high schools. Exactly WanNA fucking not. So you WanNa make a sports television network. We may not be able to do the Ocho but what would be a craziest name the eight, the the eighth. The English version same thing. Same thing. Elias the octagon the. Octagon. Ten No. Yeah. That is you know is it? The Decca Gun Octagon is eight. Sorry, that's a good question. So, we'll definitely need to get better internet. Well, we get the move that's true and got to do again what the song. Or? No we did the INTRO. WanNa Watch some of this marshawn Lynch actions. TNZ. The fuck let's Kinda cool. fucking teleported there. Right. Ray didn't there. In the background see rate for that guy. Yeah Holy. Shit Dude it is Colbert.

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High. Do this go. So there's there's no way to get out. No There's no walt no because like in. Like. Or like other matches oh karate like if. There's a way to get out of bounds. Essentially. Like why did I didn't really want to? Give too much away but it looked pretty cool. Honestly, if you see, you can see some of the video on TMZ. Well no video, this guy, sorry. Sorry, we've we've we've hit our our megabytes month might. No it's Shitty fucking Internet studio. One day we can afford more. Frost. Struggle is real the struggle Israel man fucking. Don't worry guys looking for a new space as fucking. All right. We're back in the fucking sixteen minutes and counting motherfucker. McGregor did we talk about that? Or. Redo that. Let's drop the my book. Chrome Took my book. Winning season returns at mybookie winning season means doubling your first deposit. Winning Season Means, insane prophets epic bonuses, craziest Cross, or it's wager. At mybookie winning season means watching live sports embedding live fords all season long. Rejoice he NFL season has returned. That means action packed Sunday's huge cash prizes the action he's Promo Code Amigos. Double. Your first deposit. You players get up in two thousand and three plate. designed. To add more excitement to the sport. You love and the game you bet. That with the best. and. The NFL season is yours. Chance to win big use Promo, Code Amigos and W I profit. I. Deposit. You're winning season long or begins today only at my book. You like sports betting. You Bet sports like let's say you. Vegas my loud. No, you're good. No I moved back because I was a back because I I don't. Know Okay Oh. So when you've gone to base never done any sports betting no. Okay. So never you. Even know. I don't even like the odds and Shit I don't even know. Okay. I don't even know how to read any of that Shit. So if I do that, it's going to be with you. Probably, Albertson. Someone who would know that? My bookie has parleys. Pim's and has. fucking. Poker on my but it's essentially like. Built Zino amp dude. That out. I WanNa get I WANNA get more in a poker I've been saying that for. In more in a poker. I I think I would do well. I mean there are ways that that's the thing to do. If you're GONNA play poker. The only way to get better is to play with money because anytime you play any of the systems that are like Marie. You're these jackasses that goal in and then fucking comeback. After catch card. Yeah. But that's how it is though no, we watch if you watch. I guess that's final table that's final tables. Yeah. You'll play. The the players are playing the odds only three black. People going all in on bullshit. Yeah, that's only. Did. You ever go to like a native New Yorker and play the free poker. Any that suffering I've done I've done a free poker at. Godfather's pizza. Okay. He was called. Then, then you you've obviously I one right I wanted that free. Free Poker event one tickets the down back. Free Beers, Schiller families. Free. Tickets. That's all I. Want all my food had a favorite but the best thing. For me those type of tournaments seem. Bullshit compared to. Where money's actually on the line like if like you get the people that actually play poker when you even if you go to the casino right and you're playing like a one to table or four, five table or Three six.

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Four. Gave lesson right. You're essentially you're playing with people that are willing to risk. Their paycheck, right so and then if you're a free poker. I say the same thing with online free poker because. They're just I got all these ships sunk fuck I'll just. The I play my vegas all the time and it's up poker at Szott machines. No. But I still play because like you can give rewards. But I'll fucking drain chips I've been up a trillion in chips on this this my biggest thing and then down like I'd like right now I'm down to light a million chips so. What I'm getting at is you pick a service where you can put money on the line mybookie. You'll be competing with actual people. So the values better, the look, the learning lessons are better for here's my disclaimer with that with us being here. Dares on that doesn't apply anymore. That's good. Now we do that. There was one point we could. Gamble No. Yeah. We couldn't, and then they recently something an congress were. It's. All fifty states. Wow good. Good. That we definitely do other. Yeah remember when I showed you that poker APP there which we can play poker on my book too but. I was actually that poker up that we were playing like we can actually in knockin trouble. Yes. Really anyways. From sponsors let's move on. Other ladies. Wrong Denison what's going on with? Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor. Trouble trouble. He was somewhat arrested or. Yeah because they're saying, there's nothing. He's obviously saying it's true but he was released without charges after spending forty eight hours in custody. In Corsica. Where he was. An. Attempted sexual assault indecent exposure. So early in the earlier in the day there was basically he he did the things. Now it's suspicion so. Obviously they paid a good amount of money to make it downplay down to what it is. Not. Not The scene. It's obviously he said she said. She said. He's obviously saying, this is obviously false. And she wanted. But he is he doesn't have a fiancee. was. Not, a pretty whatever happened to where he got caught with hookers and cocaine in Vegas but Ram to that I think he's I think he's been a a weird task of. Well. That wasn't where he retired. happened. So now he's retiring because. You know I. Think he's probably retiring conspiracy thing in me. He's probably trying to say he's retiring to lose his. If she's not. Married is he? Can't say he is. If he's with A. Definitely means now. Right yeah. So it's not entirely shit. Because if he was married I, mean. To like trying to see like he's going to downplay all this shit these doing. To, say the money because you don't have the money. But. If he's married yet to save him money like fucking in Shit what's his name? The Guy that beats Dr Dre his wife's funky trying to milk her out of two. month. Yes. fucking. Ridiculous. So obviously he's not mean you don't give a fuck dude worthy hundred billion. If you're single if you're single and you got fucking money just whatever do. Whatever the fuck you want. Well, we had A. Jerk Rutherford. was telling me a story about how I kind of share this guy's one episode. Where he had a big name home investor here in the valley.

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He was covering the sky. And he had like, fucking. A handful of hookers back at his place he was. Taking Uber that Derek was driving. To go pull up money. So. Yeah. He could pay them. If you got money to fuck it. You're single fuck it just do you're GonNa do whatever the fuck you going to do? That who was single. I don't know. That doesn't sound like a single. But maybe? To me. If you're single, you're you had the money ready. But I guess if you. Are Typically. What happens right? No I've never I've never met a hooker at a bar. We neither. Of never met a hooker in general but I mean either way it right? Right. I'm just saying. I have time. Here at the Biltmore hang out like. The hanging out the high end ones like the ones not the. Shitty Hooker look for. The one that he escorts like the ones that are make better lingering for. Money were. No built more not built by floored talk biltmore. which is the holy no area here built more areas I. I mean I've been to one of the hotels by the biltmore stayed there what the wife but I've never. Never, seen an interaction like that. Well but you weren't looked because you're there with the wife you're not gonNA look for that. Would I mean is if you're there at the bar by yourself, cease I mean you would see something Kinda cute earlier rate. Pronounce things. The the thing that I hear that you look forward to small purse. Oh. Shit. Small purse. The high heels short short skirt, that's a processor or an escort lydia the night. That's that's the one we're classy weight. That is the one that's GonNa be sit there and they're going to talk to you. They're going to cope. They're going to sell you because. Their salespeople yet, they're going to sell you. The room, and then it's GonNa turn into a transaction. No at one time I was in Vegas, and I ended up. One had come up to me. At, one point. You have. Money. And it looked like I had none of. Obviously. Spoke but what I mean what I mean Is You had like you're winning money. Sometimes. I just came from the elevator from the hotel. So, how? Likely Looking, for time. Okay. I'll which was. In. Horrible. Like Level like okay, well. I, saw him. Your first off. Head, she been of Albert's liking. She probably would have been like seven though. So our like seven. Took our likes white chicks. Oh, she was. Yeah. So First, off, she wasn't my type. So that just that's A negative. I mean she no she was good looking for being a white chick white blond chick. But beyond that was like. Nah. I. So. So No what you said. It didn't work out like she wasn't that. anyways obviously you're married but you know what I mean like she was she was not like. She was in your cup of tea anyway. And if it was. Your wife was there. We didn't even get points where they're. Training no monetary like trying to figure out yet. You should have said that you have any friends because I don't like Oh my God. Perfect using the. Pick somebody else I? Don't like you get break number nine. Number nine what what number are you your your three Is there a? Five. No six safe. Safe. Do you have any numbers in. Espanol. You're not my. Forte. There we go. What else do you WanNa talk about sir? Wanted back in the last episode conversation we can kind of like play on it. So you guys can get a taste the of of that episode that was a really good episode honestly. I think well, yeah you say that it was good.

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It was. It was okay. So we're talking about conspiracy stopping we last touched on. We're an assimilation is. We are. So we were talking about this show that's on that looks right now we recommend you all. This guy finish it I need efficient. I'm ten ten minutes in when I get home to watch it with the wife Finish you. Watch the whole thing hopefully. I will. because I'm really I like it. That's why stopped because she wanted to watch it. I know she would like it. So that's one starting. All Right Scott. Talking about the. Social Dilemma Basie in life that. There were an assimilation that. All the facebooks. Youtube. Everything is is is basically gearing you towards her decisions that you make your the product. You're not to consumer. Right. So Kind of takes you down that path and kind of opens your eyes like fuck me and like. Maybe, not. So involved in our phones. Is Ads in our. which is that savings right now we're fucking. Right were part of the simulation right now Dr.. On we're on a social media play. We're literally we're literally tracked by the government already get we're on we're on a social media platform broadcasting this right now right now. If you end up liking US you're gonNA find some other bullshit that's like us because you liked us. Yes. Yes. So it's going to. Say we obviously, we can't say that we. Don't condone it. For us we need it, right? Yeah we. We needed you like you said in the last episode, it's a necessary evil. needs to be there. Let me ask you this though. You said that we're the product. So I know that you've gotten that far in this this ten minutes yet. How do you feel? Knowing that. Yeah. So it was. In the show. Not Spoiler anybody but basically how it makes, you feel that anything that's free. Makes you realize that a free APP or three? Whatever it is. Makes, you realize that you are. You're not. You're not the buyer. They are consuming you. So as your your cliques in your lights and things that you like and associated with what you follow. Then becomes monetize. Then sell to you because then you become the product. because. Then now consumers come to you. To absorb their products, check this out dude. So me and the wife have been about. Doing the. Turf background fake grass. But look ahead. Say My piece on your. Committee. have been talking about doing the fake grass in the backyard. You know. So. We've been talking right. I have not googled anything about. Fake grass for any of that Shit. Then when I go onto. FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER FOR The. PODCAST or my real estate shit or anything like that. So let's see. And Yes or or companies that clean fake. Goes that deep. So that's you're your. You're chess moves ahead of me because what I was going to say was you have dog yes. To say is you don't WanNa have fake grass off. I have people that I know that that had big rats. Okay and they got rid of it because it started smelling. Like to tear it was bad for the dogs because all we knew is sit there would not absorb to the ground as much is so much more flies shift half. So obviously, there's a cleaning service. Thing. That kinda makes you. That's Another that's another expense public. Obviously but here's the thing though. The? The simulation. That extra step of. Hey. Here are some advertisements of. which I have not Google. So my phone is fucking listening to me either Oh. Yeah. Of course it is. Here is. Fake grass appear are providers of fake rest.

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Hey will do it for four dollars and seventy five cents a square foot or whatever the fuck it is. Then the next day it is hey, we clean fake grass. You. Know. Listen they. They listen so much. And you know what's going to start being scary he's one of these are calling. But that think about that facebook has your phone number who of course. If it's a turf company. That wants you business they're going to call you. If the Clean Company, the clean your turf. So make sure you get your ass on the do not call us now. Or do what I do when it comes over I blocked at. Once. It comes over and it's something I don't make I keep getting calls after calls for about a fucking car warn food car warranty. I mean car warranties for years I keep recycling cars every fucking two years. Yeah. Seems nothing ever leased fancy. But I'm stupid knives. Matic but I do that in I'm getting calls up to write about our warranties which maybe I have a lot of money coming my way but. Give potential spam like this last this past Monday. I had. At least fifteen to twenty potential spam calls. As you say how my? Yeah, my phone. Them calling addictive call today about. What's funny though is like every now and then I'll pick it up just answer. I'll listen outlaw pick it up and I'll go mute see what they have to say. If it's a recording. Yeah. But if they don't hear me say something maybe that's so smart because people used to do. I'll listen nothing happens. Hang Up. But if I would say something and then you then maybe play the report. Of My haven't been recording my waiting for people like SOM- like eight. It's mark. And then. If somebody's there they'll say something but most of the Times. No one's there and they just hang up. And I'm like. You had. Some company has dialing service somewhere and there's like whatever it doesn't make it. Right. Oh. We're thirty seven minutes. Already. Okay. Nine, thirty, eight. This is what we do for you guys. To get these shows out three are here late night overtime. Watching the trailer Park Burn. Beneath. US. Yes. Because that's how close we are to the CAL fire I didn't tell you this. So. I WANNA. Say This was on Friday or Thursday contract just recently. Mia Albert, decided to go down to the. What is it? A little store convenience downstairs felt search. Okay. something. All what do they call it? A little convenience store data no. Data me. So. anyways little store that's in our. Complex here. for, the studio. We both get a red bull while we walk in. There's a guy there and he's like having interchanged with the cashier lady and it seems weird we walked in because he was like looking at us like what the fuck. And then know we're. So then he as we get our rebels, we walked towards the cashier. he walks out. And Lee The lady in Spanish is all like. The fuck was that do and. Our pay for drinks and we set to walk out. He's outside. Put a fucking. Orange Bandanna like over. His face. A mask or co bid now. That's on thinking. So. We're starting to walk away from the place paid for our drinks and we're like walking back from back the office. and. Albert his like kind of looking behind him because he's just being weird. And I'm just like Albert is got the guys be weird I mean how it's weird general but yes. So. He's looking back to see what he's doing. The Guy Starts to follow us. Shit and then. AT SOME POINT STOPS In other we finally we come back here.

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Don't hear nothing. Nothing goes on or nothing happens. We come up here for a little bit more like finishing up doing our thing and then finally we're. About to leave relieving, coming out cops or down here in front like two SUV's. and. They're looking for that guy something happened. After And? Albert is like a he asked, who are you looking for? Yeah. Yes. You looking for a a a guy's a white shirt. He had like an Orange Bandanna. was done by the store. He was a foul US earlier. something. Happen. Yeah. Cocaine's Roadman. Here. We are in the ghetto dude. Here. I know until. This particular this this is the moment to leave I'm like well, no, I told Albert I got this space versus the other one that we had a couple of rooms down. Year. I won't be here. No more. been here. Sixteen months eighteen months no. We're only in that other room for three months. For Longer? No because we WANNA do this. Only. Dude October Lee two years. When October? I've when we started. Was it. Yeah. Because we're talking about fucking. Shit Didn't I say that you not that long ago Listen. We're supposed to be rich and famous by now. Here's. To call it quits. Sorry guys last episode. I can't remember the one the. One podcast that we this local the town murderers Mazda. Of. Those guys generate. Or almost thirty figure it, out. Know what it is it's commissions. That, that is one thing I. Think. Me For sure is lacking. More than you but yes, I think we have to put more effort into it. Okay. So when you say effort like, what do we do? I don't. I don't know. Folks brings us to the end of this episode. quit. Start to fight. This shit. I'm throwing things everywhere. Depend. On that note Amigos out. This has been the diagnosed PC. Make sure life subscribe and review us all your casting platforms visit us at Amigos PC dot net for our entire library of content and migos merch. Till next I'd audio.

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