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110. The simulation is real

Ghost. If you were looking for a high brow fancy. SMART. Regal cast with Post that love to talk about horseriding bad badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense, stunts shouldn't. And balls out craziness. Pot is he goes PC and this is Scott and mark. Ola Ola Ola Olah. Shit is it because Albertson here? No. No I mean that's what you're do Spanish. Oh. I, Miss You. Miss you Albert. I guess we should just notify were doing these. You Been Texan now. And tarragon knives show her hey rely on youtube our he could chime in and then be. Put. Poor. texting and Shit. I'm GonNa Mentally, remember pathologically signal bat signal. Texas. Stuff works. An anonymity. CV TECH'S texting. Cheating. Try to make ship for superpowers. Doesn't even know we're going live right now I know. You probably thought we had something range. Albert. Where are you? Where are you Albert? Where are you? Right. So what are we gonNA jump into talk. Yes. In just a second. Totally. Prepared for. Recording chrome yeah we are recording. This is my first podcast guys. Up to. Watch the first game went. A little bit of. Play? By. Play. When I didn't watch any of it was a blowout I. Technically I didn't watch. My old go for no reason at all, just not really watching football this year not because of anything. On the World Yeah let's chat about that real quick. What's the reason why? were. You serious when you said or? What he started talking about fantasy football because we didn't do. Yeah. That's the other thing too. So there's no I. was I was joking because it was plenty asking we're GONNA draft when the game. THREE THIRTY MINUTES So I thought, it was like somebody A. Group chat with some of other. Fantasy football players. took. People in whatever you know what I mean. to see that kind of. Around and It is kind of sad that we're not doing it but in the other sense, I'm kind of happy that we're not. A whole lot of. A lot of work sometimes. This year, we would have had to find look. This year, we would have had to find three people because we we're like Hayes three can't come back. Were they weren't did they okay that's been doing what we. Know Okay. So I guess they figured they were done. That's really. So. Yeah. So last year who our last winter was it, it was one of them right was the group that always one kind of one of them was. The cousin. Okay. So the kind that we know we need, right Oh we did. Ask Drought, there was one person that didn't show for the other guy, the dude. God you're. So. Yeah. So. The goal was. Starting to season obviously the world was. Not. In the situation it is. Planning to revamp our fantasy league and gets a new people in new. Tired of losing as much as we were with some of the people. So we took the took ball and went home with it and wanted to pick another team to play with your sore losers I. Guess you can say at least. Was why that's for me because I never went any at all of them. So I won second place. All right. That's pretty good. Let's pause it for just a second.

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So I think that's kind of did it for me? Still checking on the cardinals, that's my team I'll still make sure. You got to seal the show. I'm I'm kind of. Excited about that if I do watch any. Also. excited. excited. But I'm curious to see. We talked about that is how the Patriots. We're GONNA look Yup. I WANNA. See Cammie came at the helm, and that's what they're saying to. There's they're saying who's going to be the dominant like who's GonNa come ahead here they're going to be with the Belgian team. Or was it brady who was who's actually? Now. Wash. They both fail and you realize it's a combination of the two. They don't they don't they don't make. Yeah together I almost want to root for that. They both suck. Yeah. That'd be. Bull Shit this year with Miami takes the division. Oh, my God. No No. No. That will not happen. Yeah I mean I'm excited. The only cool thing I think about football. Actually taking place is he kind of filled it more normal? Football teams. But then it doesn't because normally would have been like amped up for it we would have been. Cited for watched yesterday or Thursday. Opening season. So come on. So yeah. No not really I, really like it is. A full day a football tomorrow and I'm just like. Don't care. So those might take the football so far and then Andy Reid and All the means that came out about that, which flair as geeked foggy. Face Mask that he wore which base used. To fucking plastic thing around his hat which is. Shopping into our next topic which we don't have it. No Dude do all right here I know you haven't watched this the full documentary. Oh, we can't talk about if you're gonNA ruin it, I'm not going to ruin it. Or you can just tell people that I know. Yeah. I know you haven't watched the entire thing. You usually call like ten minutes of it. What was it called again? Social Dilemma. Yet social dilemma. Because the last time I told you a show it was it was told to that's the knee. Okay. The Social Dilemma Got To say. It stops in comes. After you watch this entire thing, tell me that we are not in a simulation. That's what it was. No. Okay. So you just you just triggered what the guy said. So. The first ten minutes I saw there was one part. Kind of swirl it, but check it out. He says. You've. Got To imitate. Kind of makes it known that it seems. That were we're in this weird. Situation in life I don't think he says the simulation. No, he doesn't play when he says what he said I thought that. Fills with with what's going on. I think he was also talking about how crazy everything is. With everything going on in the world. Can. You can't understand why are we is it really? That crazy out there or we crazy. fucks you up like that'll blew my mind when he said. And that's what I was like Oh shit I'm Elise Watch this sober I. I will I will do my best. Yes I'm looking forward to watch. But the watch it just the just the play on that though. and I read something the other day on twitter from Adam Notre. We had on our show. On few weeks ago, months ago or something like that. A comedian from. Philadelphia Poe year. He had made mention of some shit that was going on with Donald Trump and someone else and he was like. down. Trump won the nobel. His nominees Nobel two times two times yet. And he said specifically, he was like, how are we not in a simulation right now? How how does during our during our podcast or are you talking about? No, his on social media? which kind of circles back to? The problem yet problem with problem at hand. So. With everything that is going on twenty twenty being the shit show of Shit shows. Right. Is it hard to fathom that maybe we are in A. Lifelike. Driven simulation like we're in reality like we're not in the Matrix right where we are not.

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We we are in reality we are living human beings we can make a choice. To disconnect. From what we're technically plugged in to kind of. But because it has such a strong hook on us, even if you're not a part of social media rate which you know I'm not yet. But, the people you're connected the are in your life. Yeah, they are so it. Seed they they've feeds into you because that's funny because we have. Some people in our repeat chat. Say some things that. Makes you. Think like. Wow. In that person's do people are getting getting flooded their thoughts, right? Yes. And it's appeal in them and they're and they're telling us about it and it's like. which granted yes. I like seeing both sides of the coin. Yes. So to speak. But. It's Yeah. It makes you think like man because somebody a person could take what they see. Or hear read or whatever they're influenced by. and run with it. is or? The mean and that's Like you're saying. Somebody who? Even looking at social media. Yeah. So. It's insane. Honestly thing that's. Pants where the world is. So we technically are inside the Matrix without being inside the Matrix. Of Basically, we didn't have to take the pill. fucking in it you no. Well. To get out of it. tweet. The Bluer, the red the. Because he was he was a normal person right in the matrix so he was already in. Out of it yet, he took the pill to get out of. which which I can't remember to take the Bluer the risk you took whatever it needed to get in. Obviously to get out. I WanNa see to just the Pill. DAMMIT look it up. Yeah. which the neo take curry what we need to talk during that we can't look. Very. True Richard but yeah no, that's that's that's. Really a way to look at it because. We are in a fucking simulation did. People have been saying that for a while just because of the craziness. and. The more and more every things aren't getting better. No, they're not getting better and with the election and everything going on. Your. People say you know joke around saying that you know what the election takes place? Things will calm down. Whatever side I mean Here's the thing. If the AI is driving us. Right Now we have completely insane. Especially right now. Twenty twenty one could be even worth. Yeah. Just taking it up another notch. To number eleven. Jersey spinal tap. No but I want to such a good. I know band movie to such a good band we obviously. would. Watch everything. I think I tried a long time ago. But I WANNA see. So there's an awesome joking here that kids today would never get. Okay. Bottled up. and. Back in the day our parents. Rate. A. Volume would only go to to ten only go to. Yemen turn that to ten. That's the loudest that can go. Right. Spinal tap. New Wave Man they had. They had. Yeah. They had a receiver with the volume eleven. Just little louder the next level. Yes. Exactly. I have heard that. I know that reference but I haven't. Seen, the. To Watch, I know maybe we should do like an old school review like. Yes I because I would watch spinal tap. Yeah. Watch it such a fucking good. You know me I watch. So. What happened here? Going down the rabbit hole finding out what fucking meals? Story. You laughed so much social dilemma. Should have been on we talk about Albert Fulcher no, he'd better he's GonNa ruin it for me, right All right.

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Did. Did Neo take. The red, take the you take the Blue Pill, the story ends. So must have been the red billed. Blue Pill you pass out 'cause they never really showed if he took the pill. So. That's what was. So the red pins he took. You read bill you stay in Wonderland I show you how deep the rebel. The red the red till. took him to. The real world okay. So now we need to figure out what are red list so we can get the fuck off of. Whatever simulation we're see that's the thing like even if we disconnected completely right still influenced by everybody else around that is connected because it's now swallowed the world. Yes. Thing about that. Yeah it's everywhere. It's almost is like a smaller version. Start of. Terminator. There was another mainly there was another movie that I just recently watched. That had Fuck was called. Think of the name of the movie dude. sci-fi movie. and. It's fairly new. Yes. So it's this little girl that Oh, I am mother. Is the name of the movie and I. Wear out the. Movie with. jodie foster nope. No it's not doesn't have jodie foster. It's got the chick from. nope. I can't remember has either way it's like this month mother. Yeah. So. It's like this movie comes off like it's the in between from when Terminator showed up in the beginning and Skynet wasn't a thing yet. Or maybe even like right when skynet took over and depleted us to where. You know what? No, it was the it's the after effect of Skynet one. The war's over John Connors army was completely depleted. And then this takes place often. The robot takeover robots already took over well in the newer terminators. They were winning. Is less humans they won their work on. So in this movie, it's like as if there is no human. So. They're really living under. Rocks and stuff or what? Yeah. But yet you get to watch it because essentially it's this robot that. that. Is a mother to human being in raises that human being. So it's almost like a Almost blade runner kind of thing. You played the new blade runner original. I fell asleep three times so far through second was pretty fucking long. But I have actually watched the leg have been able to. Spoiler alert. Yet. But that one. showed like. Robots. Compete able to. Thirty. Make human or. Whatever. THAT BE TAP ROBOT Well we can do it now it's. fucking. But it's not a fucking half. It doesn't come up with a robot arm. Oh no no. Not a robot skeleton with human skin true furniture. Definitely, make. Up So that that's what essentially this movie was doing right can then. Shit unfolds but the only thing I could think of while I'm sitting there watching this I'm like this is. This was sky plant like they they wanted to deplete us. And then perfect us. Oh Yeah and get a new race. Goi. It's still us. It's it's the human race, but it's it's the way that mother envisioned. which mother's The I which leads me back to? Social media is doing right now. They turn the Diet like. Wait I totally I totally are all in. All in we're at the poker table right now. Tower thing I'm all in. I totally get it. And I totally believe it. into another part to not to keep talking about that show, which is definitely netflixing check it out again and social dilemma. Told it tells you. Talking about this no matter looking around here.

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If you're, in the, problem. Just embrace it. Good for them say that. It's funny as my wife was telling me as I finished, she didn't watch it with me but. As I was finishing up and she's all like. So, get the hell are we not allowed to be on social media anymore I'm like, fuck? No No, no one's allowed to be on social media. Yeah so my middle, my middle child who's not on so she has kids youtube and that's about it which they make mention of in in the show Oh. No. In like. A Mike. Stella. Go after. His social media. But yeah, I mean I can't do what I do on a daily basis. We can't do this podcast we can't do anything really can do your job yet even if you're in marketing that ham market without being on social media so Badly. fucking. I know right and that's what we've been saying actually start to. It's it's a necessary evil. We've been saying that. We saw. FACEBOOK, is when they banned you for thirty days something. Stupid. Lie had it asks you you got a few there are so better at you need to take. To get to that thirty day bands. You weren't. You Co- you. Cross the bridge before but I've done my time facebook jail man. So prom going back. which could be fucking new thing. About how the world could be? Changed your early. Just based on. Social Media. Loan. Just social media and it turned into your everyday life just like. In dark mirrors. Black. Mir's. Another network show. Was One. Couple episodes of season one but there was one basically talking about your likes. Like if you're if you're a horrible person like if you give bad customer service, you're not nice to somebody who? Down Marquee will give you this. You know your whole life, your credit score everything is based on your your likes, your dislikes. So imagine that world being that way. I honestly think that there were movies that were not that were made not that long ago. That had been gearing gearing us up for and I think that there is a conspiracy theory out there that movies have been since they've been movies have been a thing have been. Basically. Grooming us. Until like the next thing right There are a good handful moves Think of right now, that are grooming us to the simulation that we are in currently if we're both were both on the on the. Saint. Page. of We are in assimilation right now even though it is real life. We're still in. We're in assimilation. Surge is a good example of. Going through right now yet. Diehards. Well, that's not that's not diehard, but that's definitely a future I see for sure. What's another one? Altered carbon which isn't actually that old that's not I finished. Did finish she's wanting to watch season. Two's its season two is not as good as season one, but it's still decent. that. IDEA. Yet still kind of like assimilation and they perfected away where you can continue the simulation constantly. It's I it's hard for me. It's either that or the air. Conditioner Broken Office. Lights like our Studio Lights Yeah Yeah. So Again. I. Guess. Part of some conspiracy theories podcast on. With it because I. Have I have more fun. Know. Each week will pull or every other week or something. We can do it like when we can even do it once a month just where it's a complete episode of just us. Talking. Nonsense. Whatever someone has their opinions on? This. Is actually perfect because if you think about it were were having a conspiracy theory about how we're an assimilation to a ours driving art direction of life. In Nine Eleven What do you mean took? Oh, you mean because there's a conspiracy about nine eleven so it's just coincidence. True and that just happened yesterday. Never Forget forget.

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Side I. Think we talked about this. One time. Last year the last anniversary of nine eleven. But where were you for nine eleven? Oh Yeah. So Well I just graduated. That's. Just graduated. I already had already had a kid shows. So my my son was a few months old. When that happened in obviously, that was pretty crazy because that was my first like. It's almost like a Pearl Harbor Situation Right. Yes. US In our generation. So that was pretty weird. At the time, this graduated high school. Still working at A. Fantastic local donut shop here. And had to go to work that day. And it was at the mall here. And the mall was closed. Shutdown scare for their lives yeah. Close, but we were still open think about that dude. Took how how do you have the tacit? Like what kind of nerve do you have to think that turn? Their these famous public buildings that run America's Day to day. And then out of nowhere. A local mall. In a city at the time really what? It was up and coming, but it still wasn't as big as it is today. Thinks. They're going to bomb that place next. I think I think that's true. I think the reason for now at the time of. Thinking the same way why? What's the point? because. We were both young and. Dumb. But now looking back I think it was more like To be the whole. Adult thing is. To be. there. fucking. With your family. You know what I mean like no always going to be out there shopping anyways. Oh Shit new sandals. No they're going to be hooked to the TV which. Affiliation. talked. About that because I talk about. We'll talk about it again. into. Your boy conor McGregor got in trouble. He that. Oh so Ross conspiracies and onto reality. Or is it Or less you had more I don't know. Him later, I want know if we jump back to, we jump back to it which one conspiracy or the the assimilation that we're in right now I don't mind containing watching the M Egos. Or. Else or Poor the. Do it in my. Front. Maybe I can have Siri do it. Think. She just listened to me anymore. She kept her shells like eight I go. What's the? What's Alexa. Say. Hey. Alexa what's And she goes Oh. Hey you ordered something two weeks ago. And I want to find out what your stars. Stars you gotTa Give It. No no I don't want to know. Thank you. Wait hold on. There's more I go. Thank you. Lexa I thank you. And she was back but I'm just curious what are you going to give? One serious I'm curious. What are you going to give the rating of those air filters that you bought? And I was like. Alexa go to sleep. Simulation Talk. No yeah totally just fucking brought it back. You just had a legitimate conversation with a robot. fucking. That's is the second or third time she's done. She where she wants to. Discuss products that I bought. You know where that brings me to was that for the movie the movie her. With Joaquin, Phoenix like holy, Shit. which also I think is. On the verge of actually having yet day do Dana I yeah. So I'm pretty sure that some Psychopath Watch that movie and realize where we're going right. Yeah he is going to have thinking with the AARP has thinking. Mentality but. Obviously at some point, Serey or Alexis are going on looking. said it wrong? Okay. Okay. Lexus Lexus. Lexus her her sister that has I her sister that doesn't come to.

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Thanksgiving. She's not welcome. So what I think is that at some point, they're going to learn enough from themselves, the environment and everything that's going on to where they can actually hold a legitimate more. A more. Adverse dialogue. Dialogue, it will your you couple few little questions of each. Another, another funny story with Alexa. is every once in a while? My wife will talk to her. And she really. You, know we you know I your voice quite a lot. We have a met each other, but let me introduce myself so I get to know you. Excuse me no, it says that and I'm like. That's fucking weird. What did she say that like she wants she wants to know like I, WANNA. Know you so I can personalize myself t better. Yeah fucking weird. nope. That's the. TRYING TO LEARN YEAH So. anyways. There's we're. Path that watched her and realize what Scarlett Johansson was doing with Joaquin? PHOENIX. Jacques Queen Phoenix and. I'm pretty sure he was like you know what? I know that in this movie, you've seen the movie, right? Yeah. Okay. In this movie they hire. Prostitutes. and. They. Get bodysuits. To have relations to the movies yes. So watch the psychopath had been watching this decided that it would be a good idea to invent the real sex doll. Tell me that's not part of the simulation. So. So you're saying that technology grew from the movie or you're saying that maybe. Fired by the movie because they saw where technology was going. My only. Possible tweak to that would be that technology typically is always going. It's always kind of so it's probably already any four agansit ruin up, but it's moving forward with moving. In a direction a direction. That's yes good and bad. And so when I think it's moving to a situation like. I think the movies are behind. I think the technology's ahead. So I think the technology's further along. Yeah, that could be a thing. and. They talk about it here, and that's what you're saying rooms you because you hear these things here. Technologies here because they want you to be okay with it. Once a fucking hit have you ever seen the show travelers? Travel Trap. No, I think we've talked about that I've tried I watched the first episode not even propaganda get into begin again, this is going to be running theme with the show I watch things like fifteen minutes neither fall asleep or don't come back to it. Exactly I guess I guess, I, am an adult fucking add HD. fucking person because obviously it doesn't happen I'm gonNA give you the premise not gonna try to ruin anything for you right? Because if I do watch be be. So. There is a computer supercomputer AI. Essentially is bringing human beings back from a dystopia like it just a shitty place in the future. Okay. Where they're starving, it's like. So smart it's like it's like fallout essentially. All. Like. A fallout shelter something like that. You played fallout right? Like. One of them. unanimous. Tunnel he comes out, he's trying to get into the world kind of shipping Tomasson. So. This Ai. Has. Figured out. In his bringing people back. To correct their mistakes. What if? May I That we're currently building. Blowing. Mine hold on. The seat belts in here. Because I- Syria going. What if they I from the future now is bringing people back to make. Note victory you make you make it. So that happens. In the same thing as terminator though. I of kind of I mean well, they sent somebody back to kill somebody. So Sky Net could be successful. In this case, they're like what they would also send somebody back to the good guys with censoring back to help. Fight off the other fucking robot. The impact is a fucking time travel. fucking. What if it's too late though? Well. He's good with no. Break live like. Are There Cindy? Fan, they're sending the the CEO of Google the the Mike.

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Mark Zuckerberg of facebook. whoever the fucking guy is for twitter I can't remember his put like actor. He's sending the is sending those people back to make sure that it gets to that direction. And then they also send the psychopath that watched her to make sex doll so he could be intertwined it's Just. Weird. No I I think you bought a of. What you really get into. I mean I wouldn't be what do you know that I have ms of the Dole 'cause they talk to you because obviously that's feature. Not. That it's not there yet but there are robots that look like humans. That talk. Oh that Japan only no. It doesn't seem like a stupid to bring Japan up though did you see that they made a? Functioning gunned like he fucking made his first footsteps recently. I think it did here. MONTHS AGO wasn't it? So the Gunderman has been in the making gets band. Life's not life. Sized. That's another thing. Why are they making that? Exactly what fucks underneath a see? That's GONNA come. Off 'cause you're gonNA, fuck in Pacific Rim yet. Another movie about the simulation that's going to happen. I don't. Know it. So, this Gundem I mean I don't know if you've ever seen like the enemy like. Much. That's why I thought that was. Around I watched a few that are good on it This is really gunman but curious as like. It's Very, easy. But the well, the thing is that. So the only purpose to that machine that robot is to put a pilot in it. And use it for more cyber grim. Same thing. You're everyone's fighting. Monsters in Pacific Rim putting these guys are going to guide them. They're fighting pilots in Gundem's so? While they're going to win because there's no one else making Gundem's that we know of right as we have a whole bunch of like fucking mountains. Take or the see somewhere have you ever you I'm sure you've seen contact right? That's actually fog. Is the bringing her back. Yes. That's good. Call because. That, we do have to do. Sorry not what? What? Are, we going to do that. She's been going on for forty minutes what? So you WANNA do now is do it mybookie? These to read it. All, go ahead. Oh. The Promo Code Amuse. Shit this the magic happens they're. Winning season returns and my book winning Season Means Doubling Your first deposit. winning. season. means. Insane props epic bonuses in the craziest Cross sports wagers at mybookie winning season means watching live sports embedding live sports all season long rejoice the NFL season has returned. That means action packed, Sunday each cash prizes get on the action. He's Promo Code Amigos. It. And W first deposit new players get up two, thousand, three play. Sports, you love in the Games you bet. Bet with the best the NFL season for your chance to win big use Promo Code Amigos in double your first deposit. Winning season again today only at mybookie. Did jobs actually way better than last week I. Know a little bit more of a date involved in my day I can only imagine. I mean both of our lives are extremely hectic right now, I can't believe we both were in both of our lives are kind of intertwined with. Glasgow. Stars. They're lying. I'm. Not Assimilation. Pacific rim. GUNDEM's making their first that there's only there's only one weighed only one reason. How does it all end? I didn't. I don't think it ends. New New. Because it means a end for US Right they want. The Rope we don't. We would then. Evolve into the next. Type of. People. Yes, which is another crazy thing that just popped in my head.

00:45:02 - 00:50:04

You think of Egypt in the Pyramids Right Alien. Vault right yes. Say, the aliens were involved help them build that? The, Egypt. People went away. But if they did right because they're not saying about really what helped them build that was it was really just an awesome engineer at the time. In juice. That's true. Truth Slaves and they built that pyramid. And then they went away. because. Obviously. You can't tell the story about that anymore. What if that could be the maybe aliens are actually influencing. Rabbit hole of yeah ability. Yes. It's another rabbit hole of luxury. that it yet. So I have another philosophy of eat like. I keep. I don't know. Too, many wheels a turning yeah you had. Well, that's the thing like in your world you. Some religious stuff going on. And yet so. Yes but. What I'm getting at is is like if I was to go on. And say how hines saying no. That's how you think again. I've told you before I've actually read the Bible. The Lutheran version of it at more than what I read I believe that's Our higher power are you? Okay, if we have a higher power. Earth reader which. You sorry. Not to interrupt you because they know it's totally alien death. This is the Prometheus. Yes. That's that when that when I saw that. took. That's real. That's that's seems seems probably. More plausible than or or or the other side of it. That that Alien Bean. was. The God. You're mean it could be that they thought God was absolutely. So could be Y-. Yeah Martin Santa because what do you think you see? Using prepare media says the example this whole slender white looking FUCKING Who often to her looking thing beefed up yeah, I'll say. That's pretty good to me every now. and. He's the fucking. He's a leader or he's the he's the word whatever you say. Yeah. You came and fucking station, but the higher power I'm in here I wrote a horse come. See you bright and it'll horse is to other dudes guys, Wiseman yea. Now you're? The major. So you didn't read the book. Story I've seen a lot of sounded a lot of Christmas need scenes in my day. And no of those. But yeah. Now that that's that's again that seems very plausible. To me, I'm not a person that's going to deny. Any come from. Nine. Open minded. There you go. Open minded. Whatever whatever I can I'm open minded to an extensive like I need. I. Need some physical evidence. Available more anymore tange live, maybe not physical but tangible. Eddie more of. These make more sense. Love it. Letter the moving pieces, you all these stories about murder and fucking camels and walking through a desert for forty days or whatever. But until you've provide me proof that that actually happened like, I, can't I'm curious about. Religion stuff. Out. I need proof like that. The whole thing like okay. That one tell me I'm not on board with that. Show me. There's gotta be some evidence of something like I know would decays after a certain period of time, but we've there there have been. There should be. Some type of wood somewhere like they're finding shit all over the they're finding fucking. And again as the technology gets better. At some point. There is one at some point the AI that we've been referencing this entire episode is going to put a satellite in space in scheme do what if you must was? was a product of the. Amy. He loved. Yeah he does look. THAN HIS KID. That probably means like. Needs Albert in fuck him. Alien. What two letters dots. Shit so I don't even know how to pronounce.

00:50:05 - 00:51:17

Alter rift. I say. We'll take a break. Okay. Actually you know what? Let's just in the episode, we can do our short one. Okay. So I gotTa do to. All. Right. Well, this was fun. Wow. This. Is. Probably going to be called something different than. The simulation. We're in the fucking Matrix Neo bounced off in jumped into the simulation of. Magic Shit, and you know what I forgot I forgot to play her background music. Turn the next. Certain. high-fives. Is Kicks kisses. Amigos out to. Watch. This has been the migos PC. Make sure to like, subscribe and review us all your pod casting platforms. visit us at Amigos PC dot net for our entire library of content and Amigos Merch. Till next time audio.

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