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109. Cobra Kai Spoiler Alerts

If you were looking for a high. Brow. Fancy. SMART. Regal podcast with Post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts, shenanigans, and balls out craziness. Hit. The Jackpot is is Amigos. PC. And this is Scott Mark? Purpose. Clicking them you. Know. It a might be. The intro no, you didn't hear anything. You know that's why I was like I was fucking shit try to hear. Oh Didn't work. It doesn't matter. But as long as you can hear, that's cool I don't want her to sound like. Yeah. But hope. Hopefully but then it has to go through Adolf will often. Do. Do Post. You have to. Post Malone that works. Yes. Are So real quick. US podcast is presented by pod. Go. PAGO is the easiest way for you monetize your podcast providing podcasters with a flat rate for ED space. So you always know how much get when you include an ad from Pago. Apply today to become a member and immediately be connected with advertisers that fit your audience that's pod Go dot co at Peo the go DOT Co.. Be. Sure to add your podcast in the how did you find or how did you hear about pod go structure the application. That work. Again. I was now I wasn't wrong because I was reading as you went shows off with a long ago could fucking bouncing ball. Change one of the words but it's GonNa do it was good? All right, so Rando episode. Oh Shit. So there's one thing that I want to talk about I guess. I haven't seen yet you haven't seen yet. I came out today now yesterday yesterday, which was the boys. Added Your rights in A. Big Fan of it rate. But I think, no, I did. What were what was your reservations on the first season? you, Dan. If anything's. Good question did anything let me down, on the first season. Because to me Like I was I was all in my guy like. Look I like that. It was basically. It kind it to me it of was like. Football Writers sports like a like a main football like a main sports rate. Yeah. That these guys which is you know you put these guys or even actors right like celebrity like I n celebrities you put them on that little stool in they do no wrong, right So in reality that they're assholes fuck fuck everything up in the. Pr Firm and makes it better. Rate Yeah. I was. There was superheroes which is what the show spoiler alert anybody but. When you have that. In that world like in this world of superheroes, it would be like that these people would have these firms these people that were basically. Protect them because all the dollars is you know that in America and probably in most of the world, it's all about that. So they're gonNA protected dollar that brand. In, they would make them. fucking. Not Seem as assholes as they actually are. It definitely has that real corporate vibe like this. Is what it would be in real life if the this was real life. I think the whole kidnapping. Of One of the superheroes was it is kind of what let me down with everything because.

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Wasn't he the spoiler yeah. The invisible guy, right? Yeah. He was the invisible guy it's like I don't know I. I wasn't really taking it. So is because you don't like kidnapping or is it because you don't? What I'm wondering what you down there I guess because. He had been didn't catch him in a way that was good to you. Like it were was your will let you down. I just seemed to unoriginal. And that was the now it's probably episode three or four. Yeah. So you were you were already kind of trucking along in that happened in your like. All right. Not if you weren't feeling it than what about how ended? Odd loved. How did it did it turn better for you? Know I really liked the show. It's just. That part, the Anthony did Kinda like pool you back in get up, make make me interstate this next season. Okay. Good. 'cause I know when how because I was selling it pretty hard. Yeah. Trey ago 'cause that's why that's. That's what you took it out right now you're like it's Hitler in this you got to watch it. No, that's a different show. Oh. Yeah. That is a different show. We're not going to say what you ruined their. But but I I even think you I think you in Albertville checked out now. Our was looking forward to this season as well. So yeah. So yeah. I WANNA see it. I'm going to try to. The wife doesn't really the white Yet. So for me, it's going to be something where it's I'm going to try to watch it where she. Falls Asleep or from what? I've seen with them advertising on prime. Looks like it's weekly like you can't. Really. That's horrible. Baby them yeah. No that's what I WANNA. Do I mean? By the time I, watch it all it's going to be. Probably binged. Available. Yes. Might my time? That the sound like I'm busy shit, but there's always something going. On. Since we're talking about JOE's. One that's been really hot in like social circles for social media. COVERT HIGH IF I've seen it. All finished a second season yet. but. I. Unlike episode four, I think in season one of as all of season one. By branded through that my oldest daughter you've been really really likes which is crazy just waits misery augie comes back spoiler alert but also to be. It's GONNA be great lease of already made like a ghost appearance at one point everybody in the eighties. Appearance. In that show. Ya, I tried to watch it because it looked good and obviously it's on that flirts knows man I'm all about you know all about that anything to dig me off of. The World Fund we live in. Does. Bring you back to karate. Kid. It's sodas they do such a good job you I love I, love it and I didn't think Kelly my wife was gonna like it but she loved it like she was watching with me. And she she enjoyed it too and even my my ten year old he loves it to you know he's old. He jumps into it's almost like A. Like you're like you're saying it's basically something where. Everybody. Can Watch that. So it's our generation, their generation. It's just it's perfect. It's done. Great. They're coming the third season. Really it's coming out. Side I definitely need to catch up and finish this. was that I don't know if it's GONNA be on I. Don't know if it's GonNa be on Anna Netflix's right away. which sucks they blew through the to season so quick, but in other. Episodes it looks it looks like so in season two Sony picked it up, right? No. The whole Dotan Sony Really. I thought I, thought I don't know. Because, on season one, it really didn't like display the Sony Loading Yeh unlike. You could be right. I, started I mean obviously the most the freshest episodes were the ones towards.

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The newest one season, two rights I saw that season that Sony. Steph. was that or if it was there the whole time, but I thought I thought it was on season one too but. But it was really good. I mean so far it's good. Yeah. It's really good. It takes you I mean there's some. To me it's kind of annoying Intel where it's like. Again spoiler alert for people who haven't seen it but it's Like, come on guys you know. This Mike you're you're you're you're in the situation that you know it's fucking stupid. Leaving there. You're. GonNa you're GONNA another you're going down the TV pads. What's wrong here but A. Lot of that. Isn't it cool though like how they're like? Intertwining everything. We know that it was this one kid who this kid Associated, with and. Vice versa, and then one of the kids is. The girlfriends. The other kid and you're like everything is intertwined together. Keep this going in again spoiler alert but I love the fact that it makes it seem like. Like Daniel. Ralph macchia was the bad guy. Donnie on his viewpoint. Right. Is John like Johnny was just some Dude Right? He was like some. Juice bag in California right in he was fucking do thing. Is got this new kid coming in near in trying to steal his girl. It was just trying to fucking like get away from my girl dude in the cannot they and she's trying to stop him from beaten up. fucking. Ralph Module. Did you like how he explained that whole story and you're like what? Really. To me, it's not what happen to know a to me said, okay inside do you think is Yeezy Eighty version or do you think the Johnny version? That's a good way to at it like united his right, which is right like if you think the new guy showing up like his he was a hero. But obviously, he was, he was probably not the euro because he's still the girl us fucking with these guys. In a sense right and then ended up. Winning spoiler from nineteen, eighty five or whatever the that came out. He wins the. FUCKING BATTLE With an illegal kick. To win the battle. So it's like. Who's WHO's really the WHO's the bad guy good guy here. Offered you never saw karate kid in you're just watching basically like our kids they're trying to figure out who is right? Yeah. So yeah. Yeah. Because if you want to share. Your. Guy. What the with the way they're doing the show they're both both back and forth being bad good. I. Both doing they're both doing shitty things the fuck each other over because these guys get to me it's like to fucking uncle Rico's exactly they. They won't let it go now. In the keep living at fucking high school dream. That experience changed them both. To make. Life yet. Ones banned in the dumpster and he's not living it up in all of a sudden. He's changing his ways. But he's still jerk in the other one. You know he let it go to his head in he's just deuce big car salesman guy. But now he's the biggest one end. He's making all the mistakes that that kid made. that he fought back original crowded kids. It's it's to me. It's brilliant rowdy writing. Yeah it is. It puts everything. In a different perspective it makes you think things through. Whereas like. Yes like that's it was done well. That's what I'm looking forward to season three. To See with everything else. Rating. Let's say I'm looking forward to you to finish it. So we can talk about like what we think is going to happen next because obviously how At the. Season One right to leave you like Oh shit right I did. Not, not the small on hitting, but that was like Whoa Shit and then would have picked back up on coolant they go. We have a second season in the is season one hands.

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It's another cliffhanger situation. So you know what's funny. The Way Netflix has they can grind through episodes of Netflix. Yeah we were grinding through. The rest of the season one and then season two started didn't even realize we switched seasons. Now. You Bet you must've Oh sleep ducas. No, you know you would have known because the weight season one ended. What deals with shop rate? No. Season one ended with the with the fight. With with. His old. Came in. Okay. He was there. They were fighting at the end. The kinda caught on fire sport that was already part of season. Two. It's funny that spoiler after already said, what is the spoiler? WHATSO- oiler is that the name episode Cobra over. Rap. Break jail. But no it no the season one ends with. the sense a from the Old Cobra Kai which was Janis. Yes. Sends A. Shows up. At. His. That nets where I'm like okay. Dead, he's not dead. Yeah he died twice. Three times is apparently Johnny was dead. Yeah? I. Don't know I guess mid. But he's back right in Johnny fights. Him firebreaks out the episode ends next episode happens. Fighting, again, like the kind of recap you yeah, and it takes you into. Them like. I don't know I'm figuring it out or whatever. But as you know season full season two is them like fucking. Working out whatever, right? Yeah. Jason Lamm Pro High Amigos. Jason, you're watching the Cobra, Kai. Are you happy that he's back or doesn't matter. Do you think it makes the storyline better what she's awesome that? I'm not a fan of labor on a back. Me? Neither. Like he he wasn't I think it was good because it Kinda give as you as you watch that season two episode, you can see. The turmoil in the things that go on with. Is it. Given On The bad guy in the story? Yeah, right. So He's He's the one that is. But that's over saying Johnny. Johnny it's funny I was getting I was getting sworn there. I was thinking about Condom Jason, which is Jason Sorry. Johnny. Johnny Johnny was in in the mix, right? So So. When they brought him in as kind of like what he had to deal with his old internal old demons that he had to get through. That was at the in story but. I think it was good. They brought him back because. As you watched the show kind of shows you why they brought him back. Because you haven't finished it. So that's why. You like I do like in. This is GonNa be a spoiler especially for Jason says he hasn't. Yeah. Corporate Jason Jason earmuffs your muffs. I do like it the they're tearing him down right now. That's kind of where I'm at is the down to like. He's just all full of Shit. He see. Odom. Yeah, he's a bomb basically, I'm not a fan that they brought him back though at all, like it I think your story was doing great until you'll see you'll feel the go they'll make him the humble him make him feel like. It's going to make you feel bad for them, and then it's going to be like A. Jason what we're getting at was check it out. On your list make it a proud not. A good show it's It's worth your time for sure and he's threes. Season Three's coming. I think in a couple of months or sometime next year. and. I'm looking forward to that for sure. Me Too, I want I I I'm enjoying what I'm seeing so far I can't wait to actually finish the rest of the season hopefully enacted out before the end of the week.

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I didn't think I was like it as much as they did because I wasn't a big. Fan really how dare you how dare you an alumnus Ryobi but everybody everything else sucked. and. In. That's only because I used to watch happy DAYS RONA Matz mixture seem like I might fucking eighty but I'm not. But I used to watch that in do you have a leather jacket just like in the funds funds, of course, Doodoo dozen. And So that was that was. That was A. Yeah I loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Are foregoing on the next topic. Do a little ad Promo for us do on Shit my ready hold on. Ninety Barack. Now I'm reading. Right when he seeing reason team hold on. Comment. Winning, season returns at Mybookie win season means. Double Your first. Deposit. Waiting season means -vivor. Super Contests in squares. mybookie winning seasons means hitting all year parlays and props when your feet up with your feet up Damon. Watching team drowns, their rivals rejoice time celebrate the NFL season investing in your intuition use Promo. Code Amigos migos, all capital letters. In. The. Bottle to bottle bottoms. Amigos capitalize every go. Yes. mybookie Amigos. W. First Deposit. Players up two thousand free play designed to add excitement. To the sport you love in Games you bet from live betting to championship features every play want. To make a winning at Mybookie, it's simple. Make your picks win big collect your cash use Promo Code Dan Below mybookie. At Blah Blah ago the Nugas Promo code broker migos, all capital letters. Gary are like that. To me your deposit. You're winning season brings today only at my bookie. Sorry. We'll nail down better next time next time. So Jason said so busy with one piece right now are you on the side that Daniel is the bully of Nutty Omega? Yeah. Jason we were just talking about that so. My thing is I. Think Jake Okay. Go ahead. I. Think watching the show again it made me WanNa Watch. Greg again like all of them. Sadly. Or Watch them all again but I wanNA, will Smith's kid yet not fuck it Evolve producer. He's a producer on the show. Is it under the wanted Wilson Oh will smith. It is not Jaden narrow Wilson so he is a producer but. When I was watching I was thinking. I think honestly I think Daniel was a bad guy. I did. which was rough Maggio. Yeah. Well I I. Like that why? Why do I think that or would you mean? He said, are you on the side? So you do think that Daniel was the bully. I do I do. And Rod kid movies. Yes. I don't think it was the bullying. You think he was. Think about it though he so he comes from New Jersey. He's a new kid if is. If. Up. In his shoes. Yeah. He's not the bully because it's tough growing up right it's tough up somewhere new. Not. The fucking. Thing about this he. To a new school, he's the new kid, right? So when you go to prison You're? The new guy. Do when. Donna. On the biggest gas by if you fight the guy that's GonNa. Like make you win people over. The bully. He was. Yeah but yeah, fuck do. You saw me even more on it because I was I was I was stepping back because.

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Kim. issues right. You're going to be the guy that shows up. In A new place in you fill out of place, you're just going through the motions, right? Someone's like fuck with you even though you're the one doing things that makes them WanNa fuck with you. Right, because that's what. Fuck he's fucking with his girl. or his ex girl at the time. I Love I love how were Breaking Down Cobra Kai in the fucking Science Anna Karate Kid. Yeah, both of them. The JADEN was pretty decent. Danny was Ashville keen. Bush the be yes. Jason I agree I agree. I think Daniel was the bad guy. And, then he turns quit use our salesman. which even another bad guy fucked those guys exactly yeah. To Watch out for those Kinda guys. Yeah. They're looking for the fucking dollar. Could show it in in this show I don't want to run for Jason but. Every time I go car dealership rate I think of the fucking now From from finding Nemo The fucking the mine mine mine. To Fund. The SEGEL's whatever right. I see them. It's fucking just waiting to getting, MINE MON ON. Those guys dude exactly. Not a fan you don't fuck them. Yeah I. Agree. I am I. I don't know maybe. Movies I. Get paid for that in lipstick. Yes. Get. Build up. Speaking of dolled up. Remember what I sent you in in in Texas the other day what we found on, we're streaming live on youtube right now. We are yeah. Are We know Yes, we are. But. Things that stream live do. Recently just undiscovered discovered undiscovered. Government. There is a video. Of Drying that has under in fifty two thousand views. So as Jason beat are only listener, they're like zombies. They are like zombies. So Jason have. You ever watch paint dry. Because I have not. And I'm just wondering. which which okay. So here's the ballot question because we know where it is which drug would make you want to do that. We don't think would night. Some. Some may be like Adele like maybe maybe like A. New Look at Indigo Kinda thing. Maybe make you just migrating. Elegant. High End. Sit and watch maybe maybe. I don't know what the high end there is but. The meth would make you wanna like like paint more. Right, because you're Ansi Eight. Paint more so that wouldn't work. Sam twix in it does it is boring. There it is. Mushrooms. You think okay. Yeah. You think that's that's what you think to eating. Much I. Don't know Clinton. Never done that data or I know what that does, but I've ever done this but. I think. We're GONNA have to say I have to say that that's probably what it is but. The fact that there's a ten hour video of paint drying. M. People. And Fifty, some thousand people have watched it. Yeah Maybe, we need to Patriot video. Soon. Maybe you know last May dry. What should we? We do our logo. Logo against a wall and let it can drive. And that way they see your lover. Later fucking website shit on it. Plugging just one episode we just have the little ticker going across. Ten hours. Yeah. This summer page just just put the logo the website and just let it run. Running at every episode, reduce rent the bottom.

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So the goal on him. Six hundred fifty, six, hundred, ninety, three, thousand. Muse. Is Six thousand dollars probably. Views, every ten thousand using the thousand dollars that the right so. That's a good question I think it is something close to like that. Yeah. So being ship. Not, bad, just keep doing it Bill Gogo made a video of it like they just let their camera roll for ten hours. Sex We got rid of that camera we had right. We had a good record We'll buy another one. Once, a fancy duty. Oh. Yeah that's true. which at which you know again, I don't WanNa pay for but. Later I guess. What we're not in our fancy studio right now. We're remote. Hey. Yeah. If they didn't notice by the poor audio. I'm in my audio is better than normal right and there's no echo. Echo I mean it sounds like But that's. Behind me. Even though it's not a filter 'cause I'm there. Yeah. Dude. Dude. What else do I have your? Ready for that. Recently, went to Vegas. We did would you think about that? It was pretty. Also woman went to. MCI. BE- being real like San was a was a bad or? In the Kobe world like for people who want to go to Vegas. It's good. Overall it's good. The thing sucks sucks in the casino. But Yell Your. If feels like it's your. Agreed agreed. Like the bars are closed, which is whatever you get your drinks from the hostess lady anyways which they were. More is a word they were. More generous. Generous than like you didn't have to be at a machine to get a drink. From The lady walking around we've you say that because. I felt. I mean again again, I was losing losing a lot right when I was there like edin sit long enough. So Slowly spin right they would probably would've came were often but only maybe one or two free drinks when I was there. But that was because. Does because I was losing. Oh Great. In like time you know Kelly would be my wife she'd be sitting. In. She would say, no, no, no, no no no anytime. They come us you say yes. Even thick you tell. You tell them he told anything it doesn't matter. It's fucking Free Order Yeah Yeah Yeah. So that was She got that. But yeah, that was that my wife is. Mainly gambling so Anytime that she was sitting in a machine and I was standing up above sit next door. I would just order a drink. While watching her next. We went to New York. New York. Got One there. BLASIO got when there Is, it I got a free drink. Yeah he did it. Right I. Only. have one or two. And I think the the other one is still lingering because we laughed. When she was going to bring it back. So it just floating around training around yet. So I have one and a half sitting around, but it was fun. We seen they tested your make sure you were. You're not. You're not sick right you're thing that annoyed me about that is we went into different casinos and you can wander around the Casino and get tested for your temperature, but if you stay casino. To get tested you're right in. That's that's what I was. GonNa say a basically our casino. You could literally come to our casino. In, that have been tested rape. Or maybe maybe their thought process was wherever their standard tested. New Measure it is. But if yet yeah, you had a fucking Holiday Inn you know they don't have they can't fucker thermometers. Over the Holiday Inn is, but you know that's going to happen.

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Best next looters. which is off the street. I was talking about the hooters today like, wow it's still blows my mind lose the fucking hooters casino. Slash Hotel Yeah and it's still operating. that the it's fucking nuts to me. The one would you stay there? You say they're. Our stay there at once. fucking over Dude God I. Wish he was on here. I have so many questions. Nother one casino that I was like. MGM. Buddy. Is. There was nobody there the night. Oh. Yeah. So so We went on Thursday. But the Thursday. Thursday night which probably the slower night when we got them into New York which was crowded as hell or that was it would be a lot of dirt. Lose a lot of people there, right? Yeah. It was business. Yeah and then we crossed the bridge to Gobert MGM in its released ten minutes or Philipson minutes before we saw some people. Right. So right felt yet. Again, I thought we were like in some like a Zombie apocalypse situation or it was like Maybe, we should have been there like they were closed provoke modeling we shouldn't have been inside. That's that's the field that I got. I got that same. ACCOLADE Weird Airlines. ZOMBIES. As Jason? Would say. Agreed. Eventually. Eventually, once we got up closer towards like where like the you know the check in as we saw more people but it was like it was weird. There was nowhere near. What other casinos were like if we went into Caesar's Caesar's was. You know could. Basically. I think. It was packed over all the other casino we went to. We didn't go on Thursday though no Caesar's we did not a you're right though Saturday Saturday or Friday reading's more pats. I'm I notice everywhere I mean, we didn't go to him on Friday. Everywhere. We went to yet. Still. Didn't seem like it was that many people though it wasn't like if you're gonNA go like if you're. If you're covid. Safe. Feeling. The word is like if you think you're you're cool to go. Like travel now Really does. Go anywhere. Like the one place he wanted to go that they will take Americans like that other country in some places. But like if you go anywhere, now's the time because we it's it's it's at least half would normally. Some of the attractions of some the casinos are open like New York's roller coaster things like that. Shows. An open bars are open but will. Wander. Hanging out with France go friend like. It seems like it's your Vegas. Agreed I. got to. Like. Even. I'll for the. Experience we had. Fun I, mean I do it again inflicted you vegas was like that every time that would be. That would be the biggest side WanNa do. It means the. To meet to me back which yeah, you know I it was. Issued me that I'm obviously getting old because you already knew that because. I couldn't stay up until two in the morning, right? It couldn't. I couldn't party late like that was. That was not mean I wonder I, was done. More we was even wasn't even that much. I was fucking down. Friday Friday night yet you're toast. No that was. that. was Saturday You're right. You're right. It was because they look on Sunday. So Friday now you're right because it was multiple things that had me toast that. In Yeah I could not make it for sure. But that was obviously from the day to.

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Day was like walking in Shit like we're doing like early in the morning me Kelly. Going to get lunch earn dead breakfast. Sorry. I. Don't know all the fucking meals run together. We're we're walking. Where lost to friendly we're GONNA go. So. When we finally made it, he was. Okay. Cool. We ate and then we got cabin went down way far down and we were walking around that place while and then we came back Watson more. than. It was you know as Vegas. I mean do the whole fucking. into. fenced. So, into Caesar's and I had that bomb Margarita. Oh was Morita that had like fucking pretzel like it's a bloody Mary the yeah. I said Margarita for soup but yes, no, it was amazing I actually went back the next day and got another one. Dizzy. On Saturday. So again, get to. Seven, it's Baba we went to. Hell's kitchen which was oh yeah. No I wanted to. Did you going? I didn't want to want you to go back just for the Honestly. So there though it gets your. So we you tell that story. So there's there's a place called AAC slut which cosmetology all team yet. We do we speak American your own So. I. Wanted to go there just because I mean two months be real. It's fucking slut like That's a fucking. You cannot. Yeah you can't. You can't. You cannot not be in. Vegas not go to the eight slut. Like. Come on. What was funny is like you said the. Group of story that was doing. In. A group text and I'm like. I know he likes to screw up. Vegas. And I think the real place on the look at a to make sure it was so real. Well when I saw it, I ended up being sure to. Clinton ally. Shit. I. Know. I mean, I thought the same thing Vegas that would be a name for fucking a place. But. Callie looked up my wife looked up other places. In they haven't all over the world, there's wise unlike. Yeah, there's someone like Dubai and like. Other fucking worldly places like wow. So it's like. In exit, IT'S A. Travel. Kenna thing. Right in. Like egg escorts. EXO. How do you like your eggs in the morning? SHAKE NASCAR. Scrambled scrambler or inside? Wait. What? About. Fertilize fertilize That's the that's the joke. But anyways so we were walking all over the Strip in. We. Obviously. We lost at at. At the Paris hotel we dare. To me, it was an overprice. Denny's. Okay. Negative. Jimmy. I'm not a big breakfast fan really. So to me, it tastes like a an oversight like overpriced. Grand, slam, the which were someone we know works there in not A. Shit about his place. I meet I tried to meet up with him to I'm like What happened It didn't work out. He worked the entire time. We were there just never ended up going over there. To Mama Gami Jami, whatever the restaurant is called under the Eiffel Tower. It's funny. You bring up Hell's kitchen earlier and how we eat there I. Remember when we are. Trying to figure out like what was really going on with our other friends over there. And we had been in Caesar's what. Most of the afternoon, maybe wait for them.

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Yeah and I remember like walking out as we're not screwing Skoda Hell's kitchen. Let's have dinner. I Walk, we're walking on a season, pass a my God Jesus still daylight out what is going. Because we're in there forever, I, know anyone who's been the Megan's they know that like. Caesar's. Is never ending if ways. Yes it's so huge. Like Okay so We thought about this you would never I don't think I ever. We stayed at the BELLAGIO. I don't think I'm GonNa ever do that again I mean not see the logic was bad I enjoyed it but I think that was kind of a bucket list kind of thing where it was. It was cool I liked it. In. The thing that I didn't like about there was a whole lot of restaurants in walking distance that was given. Rights he had to go somewhere right for yet but Noncovic, you probably could. You'll meet with that. I Dunno do because it seems like they just had a lot of bars in there and. If you were to stay open, you need to serve food. It seemed like like that was the basic guideline. is any place that served alcohol and food at the same time they were open. Well. Maybe the like real food places. Which is above fate is I know. That's why all those. All those all those reclosed. I don't know how many like it's. It's sucks. Right now. But again well worth it if you can. If he can afford to go. Now's time to go. Not Yet pitcher because you could definitely afford to go and you can have take. Take Vegas. Creek covid. The Regular Way Vegas was. Or do you take Vegas with masks? Different Look It's hard to say because this to be. The Best, summit. Now do you. It's because of Hamas was. was there I think it was because it wasn't so crowded. Yeah. The that's obviously a blood because I don't like. Too many people. I like towel. You were able to get in a place very easily like the wait was. Mad Yeah. one time. Renting in rain so To me out our Mascot Day. For this. So, I can have it into place. Yeah. I, mean, we have to make reservation for kitchen we just went. Yeah went in there. which by the way, they have a very strong awesome old fashioned. Talk about that like how like explain that experience because that was amazing. When you had there was it was a it was A. Dead. Canary in fucking box that could make it made his life. because. The cave was collapsing but yeah, go ahead. So. They put, they make an old than they smoke it in a box. So they basically like you would put me in a smoker they smoked in this glass box. Then you get to your table and they open the box that is just like a cloud of smoke everywhere. You just smell like skied or some type of. Sherry. Not. Yet. hoops. Going grab it. Off. Then you start to drink it though. Like I was. I was. What was a good or bad like it was like borderline. Too. Strong. But still. The put enough bidders in suites in it to make it to where it's like just spread that make sense. Like I'm. Going GonNa your word for it because of the fact that Kelly. had. Something that would mazing. She had that that drink that which like.

00:50:04 - 00:55:01

either spitzer eleven spraying or something else that can make straight and I use it and it was a moment golic. all day. was like it tastes. It's like an adult Brisson. Say that. I WANNA eat. All. So that wanted to fry one. Yeah it was so good and she was saying that it was the best cocktail she's ever had. Yes, she said that to me, this is the best records ever had. So. I got a beer so I can't really explain like you know mindless whatever you guys Youtube had experiences I don't know what what money had. Your Wife. Yeah. She had a beer to oh. Yes. That's normal to. You guys you would her it had experiences with that. and. Then in the Alicia, say like honestly like the food itself. Like everybody I mean. Everybody's plates. Were empty. Well you know it's funny. I was full when we went to. Hell's kitchen because I had that bloody. Mary. So I was sitting there were walking a. One Zero. Let's explain the bloody Mary. Fucking Pretzel Bacon or something like. Nine hundred food groups in. The. Food in it to. Like it's GonNa. Fill you up. It was the bloody Mary which is great at three different liquors in it. And then had. Slim in. The Pretzel Hanging up through the gym. There was a slim Jim in it. I didn't see that part. We. We, we weren't Florida where we. found. There was A. I don't even know what kind of coating was on it, but it was like A. any was coated onto a piece of. A thick pasta that he could use a straw. Pickles. Olives onions. Yeah. It was do a whole meal in itself. Yeah and then you had that. On yes. You had that then. We. ATE, so yeah, I imagine you to hungry. So well. Yeah. When we got to Hell's kitchen I just got scallops in the scale at health thin. A COMPARATIVELY But my wife had tried to beef Wellington. That's the for time I ever had that now. It was good. I. Don't know if I order. But it was really good. Kelly my wife had that. She loved it. But what I've noticed like everybody member your plates but I know your wife's my wife's might mightly or like completely gone. Yeah. Everything was like everybody would like every slopped up not to give you know. Not, to fucking give them credit that it was that amazing not to be people but but it was. It was good in slash. Amazing. And I if I were to go there again. I would go there again one thing that I would say that wasn't maybe as to par was there wasn't as much which. You know I'm I'm a bigger do. Right. So maybe it was as much as I would like. Definitely. Like you, you ate a lot while you were there. No not not a health issue like a Thursday I eat a lot. I mean when we went out with that later at New York that I it all. Too much there. Zuma was in a coma. Too, much there by the time we got to Balaj was like to. I'm done going. We went to we gallagher's in New York. Was that was done there and then we went to. What we're doing on Thursday anything else. Really, oh eat Saturdays. which have the lunch which was lunch at at the Balaj, which was my eighty dollars sandwich. Yeah that was that was. That was food. We none of us were impressed.

00:55:01 - 01:00:04

That's hilarious. It wasn't. It wasn't. It didn't move us no, but the dinner was great. It was good. Obviously drinking the whole time. We that was fills up, and then that was it for the most time for Thursday but. I can't believe that was just like. All the entire time. Now. That was a lot. Well. Let let's wind down. Kill everything out now. But? Sam Surprise. We ended up almost during our here. I know. Didn't realize we this is gonNA. BE A random episode. This is normal either aghast or will have an agenda from time to time and things like that. So typically the conversation starts rolling. Right through but we today just turn on the Mike and started rolling in talking about what's been going on recently because. I guess we've been hit or miss right just. Well, you know both listened been Kinda busy with. Everything. With with life. Yeah. But now it's coming up. We're GONNA have some more episodes is irving. Excuse me. And then what else? We're going to have a few guests coming up. That are going to be pretty excited about some of it's going to have to do with the. With recently happened with Kenosha will have guessed that kind of goes over that while we're GonNa have guessed scared of that episode. Just. Other topics. Yes. The topic but resigned into I'm I'm excited I'm excited. Yeah. A guy he seems like a really cool guy. So we'll. We'll see. Chill. I think it's good I think it's to get somebody that's going to have. Someone who literally has the boots on the ground? Yeah. there. Right. Like they know what's going on there exactly that they can tell us what they're seeing what they're going through. The it'd be good but but you might actually get a dose of reality versus whatever is being spent through the media right and but the only thing that scares me right as you know. The way things are in the world like some people. Like don't like to hear other people's side of things. So Right Here the truth that's for sure. That's yeah. That's for sure if it's not if it's not their truth, that's the thing is not there chewed than it's not the truth. True and that's the problem right that it's basically. They need to know that it's Yet to see it from both sides I mean that's that's everything. Not to get. A made up my myself. Okay Another guest that's going to be coming up as in the in the Valley of Phoenix here through. The recently or not recently pretty soon, there's GonNa be a grand opening of a new. Comedy. What do they call them dorm or not a store? That's an actual. Yeah. Like a comedy club. Here on the east side of the valley where Man's got typically we don't we live in an evening live in love laugh whatever. A IN DANCE DANCE No. Pants. There is someone that recently showed new Clo- is experience in in net enrollment. Three. Meighan. Arrogance will thanks for those next check us out while we were live. Is. s thank you. There's another person to. Its. Chime in convent like subscribe to the. person. Yeah it the bell checking out when we go live especially with some of our upcoming guests, Goggin our catalog. See We have quite a few guests that A. Locker key. You might know yeah exactly. Ralph Sutton. From the gas digital network things like that. People Oh. Yeah. It's right. Now that up. but there. Could Be Ozark same thing but raking about you never get exactly. migos out. What's This has been the migos PC. Make sure to like, subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platforms. visit us at. Amigos dot net for our entire library of content and MIGOS merch.

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Till next time. audio.

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