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ook. Know Some Weirdo. Do you just printed me next? He's waving at me on messenger sentiment. He sent me the opening it and on. Ladies and gentlemen. Two and a half of Migo. If you're looking for responsible mature PODCASTS pissing if you're looking for a lot of drinking random nonsense stunts and Shenanigan, you've hit the Jackpot. It's the two and a half Amigo with your hosts Albert Scott and mark. Welcome to the show Scott in Elbert Hey, what's up what's Up Nov? Yeah. About that joins us today for special, episode. About that's in the building. Doing. Marcus how you doing man? I'm good sweating. I know you you. You got an agenda behind why we're here right I do. So. Paco volunteered I. Ever I volunteered him that we're gonNA. Do. The World Hottest gummy bear. So at the end of this episode, we're definitely going to be doing little nitro the world's hottest gummy bear. Let me just say that I'm not going to be doing it. POKKA markets is going to be doing it. So absolutely, you know what I think we should work ourselves up to it. What did you say we'd do these hot sauces throughout their so just to work us up okay. You know you guys have board with that. On a chip. Not Make a pool of it like Scott. The last time we did out so died yes that was a year ago. That wasn't a year ago two years ago. Remember we just had our year anniversary not that long ago. That was the last episode for you guys. So shortly after you guys started, that's when we came in and gave Scott deadly dose of some Dave's insanity hot sauce. Now that one was rated at seven hundred and fifty, thousand, Scoville, what are we looking at the little nitrous nine million sculling oh. That's a little bit more than I. Have you ever tried that much. You know I wish I didn't ask that question. Because I'M GONNA have to end up doing it either way. Yeah. Man but you know I feel more comfortable knowing that marks going to do it as well. You know. Okay. So let's get right into it in the. Third. Okay well, it's been a while since I've been on the show it's been a while since we've really hung out. So what's going on with the about that? What's going on I see some new things changing guys upgrading some stuff what's up? Yes, sir. Yeah. You want to start you want me to start start with the logistics okay and then you start with specs. Okay. So what happened is we didn't really know which way to take the podcast would direction we really wanted to go I mean we're more music oriented. So we was like, Hey, you know what? Why don't we do album views okay. That's cool but we don't want to. We don't WanNa put it on the main podcast I don't know. So what we're doing now is we have a podcast R-maine main pike has dropped on Sunday. That's what Rachel's Food Review that's with my little cousin that's just talking podcast and stuff like that and it throughout the week Wednesday and Friday we got album reviews like classic whatever people find classic to them. We'll have Montauk about it. You know what I mean. So okay now we're more frequent with it. Yeah. Yeah. Much more freak. With it. Well I. Know You guys feel like doing like a bi weekly things. Now it's like weekly almost every day. Well. In the main reason why we changed that because the reason why we did the biweekly said, we're GONNA do it. Every other week was because we're doing skits. So it's like it was so hard to come up with all this content to fill up all the time like every single week. So we're all like, okay let's go ahead and which way do we get? Some ideas together. You know maybe recorded about that whole time. So that way we can fill out show. Yeah, and it was just really hard to just have freestyles skits in at Libyan in Improv like on the spot every week. So then we we were still doing that, but then we want to do like some music but more music to it. So that's what got. Doing album reviews we do a little segment in the show towards the end we had some artists on there and everything, and then we're like you know what? This is what we've been doing. We did that in the past and our past podcast for a decade plus back we just do music. So we're like you know what? Let's review the music and that's where we can transform to where now more of a long form talking versus kids I mean we always have comedy in it so it's not going to go away just we don't have skits versus. You. Guys consider yourself a comedy podcast always okay yeah.

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Yeah. Yeah. Because we're not comedians. No none of us are comedians means. What made you guys do the food reviews to though we're fat no, my cousin is fat. She was like, Hey, man let's go here. Rachel she's always got opinions on food very strong opinions on food and we're like, why don't we record this and she's like I'm down. You know she is how she is. We're like, okay. That's cool. Let's do it. and. So yeah that's where that came from and her son came along and then next thing you know they're both on the both regulars. Okay I think they're part of the cast now they're pretty much pretty much I mean me Opoku always be on every single episode and they'll be on these ninety percent they. There's been maybe a few episodes they haven't been on but yeah they're they're part of their family. So In other, they're always down to do stuff with us. You know life happens. So when will there be more gang wars gang wars? You know what? I don't I think right now the climate for gang wars not fitting. With the corona virus and all you don't. Really WANNA get into gang fights with open wounds and things of that nature. I'm so I'm not connecting the dots. So you're you're telling me that anonymous AA isn't going to be. No he might. He might. He might spark again if we. Can Get your gang. Gang leader to beef with them. I'm sure we can make an APP. All right. We'll spark something to happen. We'll do a drive by the night. Shout something. Yeah also I think we move skits to the album reviews to after the album review. Yeah. Because the album review alone school, but we had a little extra Kian of everyone. Okay. You know what I mean. So skids are still there. So a lot of I WANNA say a lot of, but there are some podcasters at listen to the show as well. You guys recently went through some upgrades. Tell me a little bit about that with the equipment you're using and what's going on with your yeah to help these podcasters that are listening, right? Yeah. At least there's like one at least. So we look into the camera. Yes. No one can tell if you're looking. At. These. So you wouldn't see me cry after consuming this. Oh you're gonNA cry. I don't WanNa take. J, what kind of microphones the things of that nature you know he he's the audio, the pro audio side. Microphones to yeah everything. Everything's pretty much updated. So right now we're using and actually just got these MICS about a week ago using the sennheiser e eight, thirty five. Okay. There ninety nine dollars each their dynamic mics or like stage Mike Essentially. So and as far as podcasting goes I mean there's two different types of Mike Condenser mics and dynamic Mike Condenser mics. Those are like the studio. Mike those pick up a lot. You can like here you know things all around in. The environment in the studio I me like if there's a car outside, you probably pick it up whereas dynamic is more like focused and it only takes really what's in front of it. So we're using dynamic Mike. So that way you know we'll have to worry about anything else going the background kids running around TV's on and all that it just picks up vocals. So that's the first thing are lovely trailer park next to us and the pool that they're all playing in right now. Not Skiing I didn't even hear that. I can hear my voice, but I can't hear them exactly. These are smart because these are. As well. That's that's why you. Guys did more than microphones. Yes. Okay. So I had to check I. Yeah. So okay. Yeah. So microphone was the I. Work with n without your headphones yeah. What did you take them off? Know I started that right now we also paid cables because you're cables are important I buy the cheap stuff but we got the Megani they're higher end cables like guaranteed for life type deal. So, that also helps. So the is already there because of the microphones. Now, the main piece of equipment that we got is the road. Castro pro. Now, this is potentially its own unit by itself standalone. So you don't need a computer anything I mean, you can use that for editing and such, but just to record straight into the road caster pro s four channels in to get four microphones has four channels out for headphones. So everyone gets a headphone really easy compact doesn't take up too much space on the on the table. and. Then there's the the coolest thing I like about it. It has these pads so you can actually load sounds into them. So there's preset sounds like like audience clapping laughing you know just little things on there, but you could program your own sound. So if you wanted to say put a certain sound effect when someone says something, you can programming that and just heat it whenever Bam. We call those drops in industry You know we got a bunch drops you could program like three pages worth of them things like that.

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You know I I feel like we're boring them to death with this becks. I don't know why one person that was that was listen. Workout. And that's it. So. I mean as far as the that's the equipment. We also got a new laptop just because. The, the computer were using his like over a decade all they were skin so hard to edit in there. So slow in painstakingly long process that we upgraded that. So now we can processing faster, which leads expert. We also are doing video now oh. Yes laziness. CHECK US out on Youtube Typing Yeah Comma about that and you'll find this man we got I. Think we got one episode up right now yes when I looked Up at the Lincoln hopefully. Yeah and check it out. You know we sell a few more things were going to be upgrading here there, and then that the one thing that we haven't done upgrade yet. The But we we got the ability to film. So the quality still really good. But later on, we're going to upgrade that too level. So but yeah everything everything's new. We're going to video skits eventually going to have some funny stuff on there all the food we eat you're going to see eventually and. We're going to eat it on camera. I. Mean I really don't like Harry people eat on the microphone. Watching. I mean I. don't even know if I like that whole idea maybe we should just eat and then we'll talk about this later. Okay well. You know. People can. ME. Well the played better remind do you watch any of the spike? We're about to do spicy things. So you in this spicy video so I mean they're technically eating. Spicy noodles here. It's too much i. hear those Mac Urinary. So the way I m actually eating the. Civilizing me. I'm allowed to like. Constantly. You just can you chew with your mouth closed? Coupled with heavy breathing. I know me and Jay probably don't sound the best when we get talking about food. Did you guys notice that? crispy cream is doing rick and morty themed doughnuts in Australia. No I had no I hadn't I hadn't had had no. No. No. I gotTA correspondent in Australia's name jeans? Pie, watching with sub Shanna gene make sure you go out crispy cream and take pictures and stuff. It's not What the fuck is that guy's name. Mugsy yeah. Man. Waiting for that district the. Reaper. Ran through a podcast like nothing. thinking. I don't like to think of him by. He's still putting money. But. I didn't realize after you're like debating yeah Ah. He's he's a kid probably speaking of people from all show. We recently had in one of our episodes. Dave Chaffee. From the membrane podcasts on our show are really and from Australia, we asked him similar questions that we did ask Mugsy. Australia real. Bad. So, we're getting more and more confirmation that it is actually real. Okay. Gene. So I think collectively, we know about three people from Australia to represent a continent. Also I listened to what if all three of them are brainwashed Isn't what's his name Hugh Jackman from Australia or suppose? Okay. I. Mean He is suppose what the government. Okay, we see. We see right through. That's what marvel tells us. The government now. I feel like they're actually Canadians third. Acting like they're Australian just I don't know that's what I feel like. From the hot part of Canada yeah something. That's what I feel. Yeah Man, I could see I guess you got your right to think that. You know I don't really think about Australia that much. No No. Not Really. Well, I. Mean. Now that we have the corona virus, there's no reason. Their fire heart's I forgot about the corona virus. ME. To want to talk about it will today they're Arizona a state of emergency are lovely governor, Doug Ducey state of emergency. We officially have nine confirmed cases supposedly here in Arizona. So I, mean that's epidemic the world is ending. Our faces will melt off at one point. You know we'll pack our is out. If you guys are afraid of the corona virus unsubscribe from two and a half Amigos right now today don't flush also unsubscribe from me about that if if you are going to do that but.

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I. Don't want you right. Off Right now. They're all logoff. Lost all of yes. Every single good. Now, we have the real into. With facebook live and things like that. I know you guys are uploading to youtube the views come after the fact. Yeah. Usually never when things go live for some reason, it's like, oh no, I don't want to get a shot out over your exactly like I. They don't want to be called out or whatever that happens often on podcast trust me. If you watch us live, I will ignore you the entire episode. Listen me. All know how role pocket under the bus no. You know if Albert's here then then I'll get acknowledgment. So we you know what? I did actually I called you is any except drinking while I do. Called you the other day one of our episodes and I asked You a simple question. I. Asked you how do you spell the letter W O w? Yeah. That's remember that. Yes I remember that. Such debacle. Like what's going on man yeah. I saw it as post recently as well. Yes. You guys were alive and I wasn't able to watch for some reason I. Think I was watching prior to that question. Yes I had logged off. The however, got you on the phone asked you to spell it. And we still figure and then yeah me and Joe Audio got into a little thing on on facebook going back and forth. So what else is thread? A that's the best part. Those are always the past Michael Cardoza who we both have had on was on his threat that was hilarious his podcast. Fortunately in it was pretty fun man I like the for Monday show. Subscribe to them for can if not. You dropping other podcasts let's get into who you guys listening to lately. Okay. Like let's do a pods on deck. Yes. On Sunday. Jake started off I. Want you to start like anything. You've heard this week this week. Okay. So generally, I don't listen to too many podcasts unless politicians we those too but actually the most recent pockets I've listened to is the CONAN. O'Brien needs a friend coney. Coney needs a fray. And WHO's gassed? You listen to more of the syndicate wants them zooming kind of like I also to like Well Legion skinks I, mean they're on gas digital network so pretty big network but. That one sometimes tinfoil hat like I. Don't really listen to a lot like I don't really go out and look for them unless listened to listening to or looking for the show for our show I don't really like listen to anything. Now you you brought up tin foil hat What do you think of the most recent? debacle that's been going on with. Shiftier. Oh. He pretty much kills his career, right? Yeah. Dude he was working that Ju- our for over a year and a half, and then he was about to tape it like a month before right this month he was he was supposed to tape this month and release it but. That long. What were you guys? Just thoughts on his actions with Kobe Bryant I thought it was stupid. It didn't sound like a joke for you know. Okay. Free speech man. Yes. It is free speech letter say winning wants that's his folk. Yeah I. Mean it wasn't really that funny like I could see the joke he was trying to make but I mean it wasn't like comedy that laughter. But. His troll level was you know he those to be a troll for those I'm not condoning what he said her like that but you guys. Not that you need to know him, but he clearly, it puts it out there that he is a major troll, right? Yes. So the fact that he did it is not surprising. At all for those that actually no. Yeah. How his humor, what he's about things like that but the fact they did it the way he handled it. He shot himself in the foot. Yeah. We're anybody on his level or to the dictator. But yeah, that was it was pretty bad. You know he even lost some like real comedy fans because prior to that remember that holds tobacco with Bert Christ and he drugged him and. Ninety two cool pro, not even cool. People got offended by that. So did get offended by that. So this was like the final Straw for them to be like, Oh, well, see this guy's a bad.

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I haven't seen that Sagarra Kreischer. Rogin have had anything to do with fear sense the Kobe thing they pretty much ignored it and you know not everybody wants to hear their take on it but no. No. Gangs had him on the very next week. They really. Insane. Mentioning. That they had on again. Yeah. He's been on a couple of times after that but you know what? In recent weeks? Now who is Legion skiing? That's Louis J. Gomez. Dave Dave Smith. Yeah. Oh. Kherson though he's pretty offensive in. Asia. We're gonNA actually see what the first week of April he's coming out here. Him drops man for shows. So. When you guys do actually get the drops from these semi famous comics famous comex. Are, you holding them at knifepoint like Howard getting the drought got a good grip on the boss. So they try to run it's going to hurt them relax Tony Soprano. That's backstage. He wasn't even talking about the drop ship. Okay I was talking about. Don't. You just ask them. We just ask them like I mean we do buy merchandise. So it's not like we're standing just asking for the drought, but we do buy merchandise, but we support these people as well. So it's nothing to buy merchandise and then when we were there was aching you drop for the show bus other recorder, the recorded band you're out. You're out. It's best to went to the line because we we went to the one who was at the front of the line because I wanted in. INSOMNIAC shirt. And it's Not GonNa wait and if they sell out or whatever. So we were at the front and didn't work out in favor he kind of just like Oh. Yeah. Whatever give us a drive required I, feel like he's moved pass insomniac like he's still that person just like that was such a good show it was depeche. Oh, it was because like. All the things he could get into an all doing was traveling two gigs and then going. Yes like oh Yeah I used to watch that in high school. So near and dear to me he's like fifteen years later I finally got the shirt. I feel like a show like that could succeed now with with the. Without on Youtube he could he could get. Fight. prego sleeper after the show. Sponsorship you don't want I realized about Youtube which I'm I'm actually starting to look into, is that these youtubers that are famous on Youtube? They're starting to make money on Amazon prime liked all are doing moving their content from one channel to the next year in they're making money off of. Amazon paying them for doing it oh. Wow. So that's insane. Yeah. So that's just like the new. Youtube. Is it. Essentially if it's on Youtube, you can find it there. Oh Wow. Yeah. So put the primely up says the Youtube Link to get more listens more I'm not saying that because I AM on prime is selective on who's there but all of the same content. The way I found out all this is my son has been. intrigued and watching video games people playing video games. Kids. Mario's Odyssey. Game it came out like I don't know fifteen I think or something it's it's. Still offer huge hit on on the switch. and. So I go. He somehow stumbled across because we have prime some across this one gamer that just plays the walk through. So we watched it or whatever, and some like. Okay. Well, I see you know he did one. Let's see what else he has because he's fairly children appropriate with how he plays games. And then it's all just like Google them in all of a sudden. It's youtube channel came up. Millions of hours of content from this guy. And then I go to Amazon prime later that day once I got home. All of its they're on prime. Wow. Yeah. And you can't on prime without being like they have to pay you to get on. It'd be legit. Oh okay. I see what you're saying you don't. You don't just give you don't just get on price not all exit not polling from Youtube it's the they're putting their content something purchasing the for whatever he's have has essentially Selah. Phasing. Yeah. Yeah. To your son for finding out. I would've never thought. Years old he is extremely smart. Tech. Savvy and like maybe it's because I feel older.

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We're all at least over thirty for sure It's like. Man Like I don't really understand how these people just play games or whatever they're doing on youtube became famous and start making all this money like I don't understand what all that. Dedication and oh. Yeah. Tons and tons of videos to you have to do a lot of content. Forget, you have Michael Cordova, always do all your youtube advertising he somehow has a niche in its own my guy he knows the process shoutout to Michael. Cardoza. Again. We mentioned his podcast to the Monday show. Sunday show you. All right. So back to the topic. Or Don. Steered off. Are. So. What are you syndicate podcast? You named a few what are some Indie podcast? That's my bread and butter. Some Indian. Pocket for that one I don't listen to podcasts at all. A little bit I I'm joking I, like two and a half Amigos. Those guys a cool what they're doing they. They know how those? Couple of. Like. What are you? To They know what time it is. You don't got to remind them. They do episodes. No I we know we have no idea what time. You for that with much love. You create the illusion that you know what time it is. Okay. So I mean that keeps pushing the consistent. The not lead like a bunch of bums try to just do A. Who to purchase forty next thing you know they do ten episodes done to the finish where did it go? I will be honest with you. That is exactly how we started. Be Kept going. That's all. I think we're funny. Let's start a podcast. Yeah. Everyone thinks they're funny. Scott is really funny. I really likes shot just got. He's got dry sense of humor a lot of people like him. I, do I like him a lot. He's he's probably my my go-to. Albert's not you guys go to know I like to still jokes from Scott. Mine, I like to watch. Like hyperbole. Stephan Eric. I just recently came across one-two-three jokes It's it's pretty funny. You know it seems very hard to come up with jokes. You know I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with that podcast no no. Well, basically, what they do is they get three stories from the news and then they got make three jokes about each. They go round like roundtable make it three jobs story. And then they got like come within and they got like a judge who judges who has the best jokes. So it's pretty I like it. I heard the latest with Staffan and Eric. Is Very enjoyable makes you guys check them out them, but you know what? I plug him because I heard it. Yeah. No. Hyperbole you know what? I mean another one that you guys have been on what we both have been on it. You guys are getting more friendly with them than we are. Yeah. We have a few episodes actually coming out in the future. We do what we do. what's another one for Monday show? We just shout out Michael and Travis again. Yeah. Check them out for sure What's another one? I. Know I'm drawing a blank if I. Can Look at my phone. Yeah put. Right next to me. PODCAST. I don't like to pull up my phone unless you know. On the podcasts we've been criticized live while. With one of us being on our phone, they're like all while he can tell this podcast shit. One of them's on their phone and Trying to fill up time now. Turn tons of can I really don't WanNA shout out to many more Shout it out like all the ones that we all have a connection with. Another, because I believe in those podcasts. Okay. So networking is big thing. Actually, podcasters listening to this that one person. Entails another. Oh Yes mantell mentality my My worst. You know I've heard them once or twice yeah. Yes. Yes. There actually from Wisconsin where I grew, but another Arizona podcasts I like is Doug Stanhope podcast I was that was pretty huge but. I'm ready now. Right when he seeing reason team in hold on. Comment. Winning season returns at Mybookie Win Season Means Double Your first deposit. Waiting season means survivor. Super Contests in squares. mybookie winning seasons means hitting all your parlays.

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Props when your feet up or with your feet up. Watching team trounce their rivals, Joyce. It's time to celebrate the NFL season invest in your intuition use Promo Code Amigos migos, all capital letters. Stronger, the bottle to bottle bottoms. Amigos it's not capitalize every go. mybookie Amigos. W. First. Deposit. New Players Get up two thousand replay designer. Add excitement. To the sport you love and Games, you bet from live betting to championship features every play want. To make a winning at Mybookie, it's simple. Make your picks win big collector cash use Promo Code. Dan, below mybookie. At. The News Promo Code Brooklyn migos all capital letters. Kitchen daring are like that. Mole your first deposit. You're winning season brings today only at my bookie. Sorry. We'll nail down better next time. It's next time. So Jason said so busy with one piece right now are you on the side that Daniel is the bully of Crotty Omega Yeah Jason, we were just talking about that. Might thing is I think again. I. Think watching the show again. I do a lot of Pike, is you know? We need we need to start getting. Not Kidding. We need to start going in networking with the other podcasts it seems like. There's a big group of Arizona people. Yeah. There's have not hit me up on. Their on haters losers. I'm just word they're not they're not winning. Joking. On networking definitely helps a lot because not only does it benefit you to have them on your show a guest have incoming content, but also helps them no to reach out to you guys, and then you could just reciprocate the favor back. Here, show them. Content is easy. It's easier when you got more people working together. I'll be honest with you two. I started another podcast that's geared towards my real estate career. Yeah. See I haven't heard it because I'm not. I might be above your level not sure yet I mean he actually it's pretty. Yeah It's pretty educational for those that. Want to or interested or WANNA learn about real estate. But what I've noticed is we've. Networked with a few of the some big dogs here in Arizona and then at a big podcast that's based out of Austin and it's It's took me a little bit by surprise Oh. Wow. This markets you know like, yeah, US find one. So you say. You're say I listen to your podcast, you real estate podcast. Maybe. learning to you could talk I need to do that because I felt intimidated like Oh. This is only real estate boys are you guys don't gotch license please don't subscribe doing. Okay. Very intimidate. You don't need your license to do real estate by the way. A lot of people do it I. Mean I see tons of people all over the place posting you know Hit Me up if you want to buy houses. And here's the thing I am licensed as a realtor and I'm saying that you don't need your license to do. SORTA yes. Revoke, your license today like just give it still continue what I'm doing but there. When you're a real turn your license like you're there to serve people and. Provide exceptional service to your client. So certain ethics and stuff. Yeah. Follow you I I feel like I have some of that. So that's why just a license there to make them feel comfortable that you know the law. Yeah. That's all it is right or you. Can. Do that towards the. I'm quoting the microphone. Feel comfortable pricking. No. Not Breaking the law yeah. Not. Know. But yeah check it out and. Some tips to. Only. Like actually I WANNA learn a little bit more about this and then I throw it to the guys. Okay. 'cause Albert actually does show to that one. I mean that's that's all that matters now the. Exact real padres actually make money. So let's make sure we do this shot Arbor Man Hope you're enjoying Yuma.

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You Moreno is word shot a had to drive in the rain to get there s terrible driving rain all day today I noticed he should called. Cost Guy Get. Phone telling us. We'll. We'll let them be okay. Deal next time. Let's call somebody. Let's call somebody. We should get these chips. Yes. One. Thing I do WANNA ask. J You don't mind we could. Maybe read a little bit about which sauce were grabbing in some commentary on here ball were doing it. You could read. The Don'ts. visit recommend gloves while handling. Here's one thing I will say about this with these little guys. So I watched catfish Cooley. Do these two of them. Two of them. He did them with his wife his wife did one in she had meltdown. Now I know we eat hot sauce on a regular basis. But. I haven't been training I. Think He I. Think you do. That's why I'm nervous because I haven't been training as recently. Yeah I. Now, I will say this, some of these are like mild, right There is one that is That's GonNa kick your ass but. in an in. Today's insanity that. It may not be that hard, but it'll get US ready. Oh. Yeah. Pregnant jets. Too Bad we have to. We didn't expect you to do is yeah. I am glad that you came though. That's fucking awesome. There's more dedicated to Scott of our show, but he's Obviously. 'CAUSE even Scotland show. Shot out to Scott Yeah for forgetting that today was podcast as. Scott? No, it's kind of a spur of the moment thing this weekend like dude, let's just plan a date. Here's here's the thing with that. So me and Scott have been planning because we have a new sponsor. It. We dropped him our last episode, which we weren't supposed to oops because the promo codes not ready. But mybookie. If you go mybookie DOT AG thank you for letting me drop their real quick and use Promo. Code. migos. We started doing them but we promise them that we would do two episodes while we had their their slot. Two Weeks Lot So Me Scott. Already had planned this out. We had two weeks to go through. We actually committed to three for the rest of the month you're but. Here we are. Even forgot what was the website again I did hear it. I was in Keanae bookie Dot AG mybookie Dot AG. Now, the Promo Code is not ready as of what is today. The eleven eleventh but this Friday which is the thirteenth. All right. The Promo Code is ready. If you guys use it, they will give you fifty percent of whatever you deposit on. It's great. You know what? I'M GONNA do on my booking with Book Dot AG. Yeah. Do. You know what it is? Oh Yeah. I. Can you explain it actually is an APP or website you can. Bet on almost anything Let's use. Various. Hospital. I do know that you can on the next pope's name. Lines and spreads for that, Lucifer. I'll take that. I think I'm going to bet for that. Yeah. I know but it's just the as betting APP sports essentially almost anything and it's a lot of fun. You mean like a bet on the Miami. Dolphins. Could surprisingly you could I'm going to. You can bet on the xfl Oh. Wow. Yeah. Okay. That's Cool that's fun. That's cool. Watch. Thank you for that Website. Yes. I didn't mean to do that. But I like it man it's the situation as to why we committed already to eight dollars this week. So it's not a surprise for Scott. He's just an Asshole, right he's fully aware of mybookie dot ag can use the Promo Code Amigo? That commercial sounded a thousand times better than your little two and a half minute segment commercials where you guys have paper to read. Oh, that's right. Yes. Shit. Businesses. Larry's. Stopped doing your shit. Thanks for that, I love it when you give us your feedback, you know I I felt like sometimes my feedbacks wanting but it is.

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No I wanted all the time Oh. Actually I'M In this partly my fault, but we don't talk as much as we used to in our chat for no please don't. It's People are getting busy things like that but. People got kids. That's why we haven't yet people have. Families. Happen. I mean we used to be consistent talking in there. Yeah. we haven't really heard from Santiago late. Kim I mean. That's like two. That's the one that really kept us together as far as chat. Yeah. So now we have to do all the work. Yeah. What the Fuck Santiago. Colin right now. On Man, I call them call the AMIGO hotline. Yeah. Hit him up on. INSTAGRAM. Or facebook whatever it is. He's probably let's dive into these. Try This friendly annoy let's Habanero. We don't want to do that. Want to hear this one immune saw. So we get stickers from. one of their promotions that they had. Recently, they gave bottles of hot sauce away so Yeah. This is okay. This is that one looks like you enjoy that one that was probably the most used out of all of them. This was called your sauce by sticker meal. Right just pour it all in there. Shake. Shake put all us together. No. No. I don't want to. Jay. Jay, why don't you be a dear in show the camera, the bottle. Vanna wait it. It's fine. They consuming who cares You'RE GONNA. With Brian for the cameras, they could see it. There you go. Zoomed in its good rotated all the way round from the backside. I actually I liked one. That's. Not like crazy or anything like that. It's a novelty hot sauce. Now, I like them. For. Pregnant children. Said their intensity is four peppers out of five. I'm not sure what that even. Yeah. That'd be cool like maybe on like some Tacos or someone just like a little seasoning. Yeah. Very chopping out. I'm done I'm done. I was It was quite enjoyable. Got More of a up taste to it means school doesn't it? Yeah. But I mean like Spicy Ketchup. It's because it's from Amsterdam New New York I thought it was a little bit more. Tabasco. Early a little bit maybe but much sweeter. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Sweet. All right. So no fun. Yes GonNA. Give. Let's give it some rankings on one to five that's bill to go. I want I WANNA to I don't know if I would use it because it's too sweet. It's too sweet. I wasn't say one like, wow, it was. It was all right. But yeah, like policy I wouldn't really go forty I wouldn't. It's not that it's too hot. The flavor's just I. Don't know there's no real flavored McDonald indistinct I would say. Yes you taste the sweetness. Catch one. Yeah I would give it like a two or maybe three. It'd be a stretch. There's nothing else. Yeah. I mean if they're gonNA hook us up with some free stickers than five. To step of your yeah I mean, I'm not gonNA kiss. You. I'll give them a two. So this one, this one here is Green Chili Avocado sauce. Now, I'll be very honest with you. This one is not hot at all. Kado sounds. So. But this one on this one little thing at like none of hers does this is from Arizona big reds hot sauce. Shot Camera. Remember we went to that that hot sauce festival and we try to be grits. There yeah she has a really really good barbecue sauce are you to also show the cameras? A little closer. Enough I don't know if they got it. So always hot sauce can be purchase on mybookie DOT AG. Authorization plug that. Promo Code, not even live yet. By the time you listen to this. Whole wool of it I mean, you said it's not hard I'm trusting. He just throws up Anthony. Mike Goodness Destroying the second folks.

00:45:06 - 00:50:01

This is place in the side for neo-nazi on that dude ahead. As good. Shooting right in the Mike I do. I give it a four because it's very, very delicious. You'd know that it's not spicy right so it's one of those things where you're tasting nothing but flavor. So delicious. I would give it a five was if it had more of a kick honestly. Spicy so we mix it with one of our other sauces you. You. GotTa be careful mixing Nastiness through the flavor is definitely they're gonNA give it four. It's definite. Go from me dog. Yeah. I would say, yeah, four America's Got Talent For this. into our sauce yes. Yeah. Green. I. I would love a Burrito smothered. Sometime Sour. Cream too. Detroit. I'm trying to think. Okay. So this one is from southern it's called southern Stinger it's hot sauce half hot not even hot sauce. It's half off sauce David Hasselhoff saw set. So this one. Does even give it a so you get it gives it a teary eyed I'll be honest with you. It does not give you teary eyed if you handle hot sauce on a regular basis. So. If you want to check this guy out I'm from the FEUERBACH's Google box. That's we're actually got it. I got a Flagel box for Christmas. That's cool. That's cool. Go I I. Think we should go like this. Okay. Okay. Whatever I'm just waiting waiting on Jay's doing right away from the camera or. Whatever Jay? Got GotTa do that just to me? You really them because of that microphone being since you could eat in the other room and we'd. Just because you're fan. For too much man a whole. Bunch. Little Sting, but it's nothing like. I duNNo. Flavor. Cup of tea. I like the heat of it. You know the he was cool. Because it wasn't like overwhelming. It was enough just to let you know there was heat. Yeah But yeah. So on a scale of one to five. Probably. Go for three. Okay. Yeah. There's nothing to be but you know at least it's hot sauce. You could. You could philly. Yeah. I'll give it. I'll give it a four. It's got a good kick to it Nice The Flavor Department is lacking just a little bit though. Just a small note. When you see that unlike the flavor department, like what what are you looking for like Labor wise with like hot sauce are you looking for like distinct notes of something like the last one tasted all natural. This one had like a chemical. Yes. To it. If you if you can I don't know if you taste that or not. It got kind of like more of a process flavor. So it's it's almost like they may have made the hot sauce with extract verses Yeah you can taste mashing it with. Yeah. Thank you. Can tell that you. Know Real. I mean that's the main difference between you know the one that tasted like a into sauce versus the next one you know. The naturalist can tell. So before we get to the What do you give it? I. I, like it. So I think I will go like a four. I mainly like it though, because the heat's there, it's prevalent. Taste wise. I agree with Paco, it does have like more of extract taste. But it seems like it compare well with a lot of things you. So it's more generic than it would be distinct not too overwhelming. I like this next one is handcrafted friendly fire and I have not tried this supposedly has guava and Habanero in it. Isn't that what they're putting energy drinks to know that something. So. Yeah. We'll try this one out. I'm going to take a look at it. This woods caught friendly fire. Hey, you already did. Go ahead. Fire, hot? Sauce. Ruined the. It peaked out then. Yeah. What about all those other chips that you're holding over there? Those fell on the ground.

00:50:02 - 00:55:01

God. Second rule. Mr. Corona virus. But who cares. I Care I care. Go ahead. Lou Dab. Lou. Sorry I'm excited for this one because I haven't tried to get. Your. Shit Shit not that hot. taste wise. I think a lot better. I definitely enjoy this one. More. So than the other one. I'm it's not too hot like it's all. Definitely could taste this on food like other foods. So. Just. Because the taste like. Hot. Sauce I. Don't like it to be just hot like the flavor. I'll give you a forecast is really rounding move. Therefore, it's pretty good manners guiding three. It's not as much flavor as I would expect. But it's not as much hotness as always expect. I was expecting to be a little hotter because of the hobby euro. Three. Flavor did. That's why I like it more because we just had more more taste to it but not as much flavor. Like a rubber. So pathetic some meat and the first time I ever like it experienced spice are I'm originally from Wisconsin like. Pepper. So I used to work in a machine. Shop Guy. Brought in what I thought was a Jalapeno pepper, but it was actually Hobby Niro. And I'm like Oh that sounds spicy knowing that I've never really had anything just being cocky and dumb. Go, ahead go ahead Scott. Like go ahead. Here. have it. Haven't had anything to eat that day. Nothing, anything. Yeah I took the whole. I took the whole fucking thing like and how it just ate it. Oh. My God. I didn't fit in front of a fan for like two hours. So we're under Airbus Yeah Yeah. Now, I've been tripping off Before. You. Do Your for you is like. You. It sometimes. He would chase something else. It makes you feel really like pokemon. Tongue hurts you feel like this? So this next one before we get to the gummy bears which are gonNA, kill me and pock. Oh. You're stretching. Okay. This next one is big reds hot sauce. Now, I have kind of talked a little bit shit on this one. This one is going to put a fucking good notch in the belt. I feel it every time I eat this. This thing fucks me up. So Three kings sauce. So this sauce itself. Has They caught three kings for a reason. The Ghost Scorpion and the reaper are on the sauce. Big Red, they do amash. So there's not the chemical early favorite flavor. Tastes. Three kings. Stigma. Should. Take a short break before. Live Dude. Oh. Yeah. That's right. Never mind. We talk about. Swap out. The. Gum. Joking That'd be a little more careful with this one I did that off camera. Yeah. So we just gotTa Act. Six. Nervous. Whole Pool Scott. That's how you tell. It's like a man. Like Yeah Yeah. I don't even know what I'm scared. Eat this. Away. Little. That is definitely the flavors a lot better. Than the other one that I don't know which was the WACO box. Definitely the the flavors better. The heat starts creeping up on you so it's creeping up still right now. It's not like crazy crazy hot To, give us to you. Okay It's not crazy crazy hot. It's still building intensity right now but. The. Flavor was good. I mean. If I'm going to burn my taste buds as flavorful man. Yeah. I'm number my taste buds. I want have an enjoyable experience as well. Big. Shot after big red's men. Are Ready to say once they make the second.

00:55:02 - 01:00:04

Yep See. Why of Labor Yeah Yeah it's definitely their. Noses runny I'll see five, but it's a good it's not like. Oh my God. It's a nice five because the heat and the flavor like coupled together as a pair. It's not like it's all heat which at hate because. I don't really like Tabasco. Sauce just because I, don't really like the flavor of air and it's just hot like. Enjoyable. I'm not a huge fan of the Red Tabasco but the Green Tabasco for some reason it. I don't know if maybe they put a little lyman maybe naming. Hot, but it doesn't have that I like to. Go extract flavor that the other one did yeah. Five sure. Well, for those of you in Arizona if you end up heading to the market downtown Chandler, they're there every Sunday say open. The open. My tongue is. I don't to say you guys were but I I can feel it but it's not that bad it's not that it's It's like an annoying thing. Yeah. But it's definitely going away. My nose is a little bit running from it. That goes with any kind of hot, sauce? This'll be bombing some and noodle. Yeah Man. I Love Manila with hot sauce may have you guys had any hot sauces that you can think of recently that that are good Now I had some garbage ones it's like gum. I forgot what is called but it's Real chemically chemical. It was I called the something big live something. I still have the hot sauce from we were in Somerton. Touch anymore good. Every time I. it just messes my insides up I can't. Much you totally tell straight from Mexico. Yeah refrigerated. I mean. Yes. Okay. I'm going to send it. But maybe you didn't refrigerate until you got here. No, no. No. Well maybe nobody even though when we had that day because I bought it from the store that. It's still messed me up I I like two spoonfuls of sour cream stomach was. Nothing happens heads sour. Cream. That was Kinda gross but. Kinda would do it to you. Know Man you know that's our cream almost tour network apart. Reason. We didn't talk to each other. That's probably why Santiago WanNa talk to US anymore. Yeah. He told me she didn't live. To me something. I. Forget what he says well, no because only I got Somali festival, he saves going to drink us. Out Drink US under the table. Everything and then all of a sudden he didn't feel good and and then he watched paco eat sour cream and definitely stop talking everybody. Yeah you know I was offended he was like, yeah I'm GonNa go I should've stayed though dude, like he was there is a huge party. No, I mean I just didn't like Somerton. Didn't like Somerton going into I hate I was talked. No. We got pretty messed up. After you guys left. Pretty Yeah. We got who's pretty is that what you call them pretty? Yeah. Pretty. Pretty. Funny Funny is he got pretty drunk. And then he disappeared for like two hours and they came back from like hell. S on his face. was over ankles house around the corner. WanNa fuck invite nobody. Drinking more moreover there he was. He was drinking more there, and then afterwards went back to the casino or drinking there. was just. It was a crazy night. Well. That sounds fun. But you know how it is mainly, we didn't have no Lodging Oh. We told you. Do this. Now you ready on. No, I'm never GONNA be ready. To Open it. Okay. Well, let's read the box. Yes. Do. That for us as we are about to golf this little nitro. Okay. So I'M GONNA die. warned ready for US actually I don't care how to. Tolerate. Suggest but I mean I'm going to need it. There like a two percent. Nice just give it a key. Episode. Though. Into quite a bit. We're friends. Give me. The key to the restroom. All right anything happens. So this product is is extremely spicy and has the potential to cause skin and or mouth irritation. So yeah, you should handle close little nitro. The world's hottest gummy bear is intended for adults only and should be kept of the reach of children and pets.

01:00:04 - 01:05:00

Little Nitro is not to be consumed by those with any heart or respiratory conditions consume at your own risk. Oh, my God everybody Oh dude you better even like there's a little bit more on here. So let's say. I haven't drank a little nitro though we'll talk over consumer beware this is not your ordinary gummy bear from Flint or candy company comes the next experience for those who seek that heat they'll nitro has been infused with our signature, nine million Scoville Unit Chili extract making him so. Yes nine thousand times more hotter than the Jalapeno pepper. Do you dare? Dare this fiery coming bear that doesn't make sense. Okay. But anyway, yeah. So it's Really Hot Kako people. Go for it. Man Kiko. Oh. Yeah so He's GonNa keep the door unlocked goals. He's running around now he's not even a comeback. The car turning on. Odd. This is really going to hurt I. Don't think it's going to hurt that much in in going eating it like going down in the stomach it's because it's the gummy burying gummy bears don't digest as quickly. Yes. It's going GonNa be grass in facts. being lactose I mean that's probably gonNA screw everything. Should have asked for before about those. Arrive whole milk to it's not even like immelt. So it's GonNa mess him up. Times. It is time for the Jota in and cut. It will eat them. For Nothing. These. Like what? that's the worst. So yeah I mean I don't know I think I can handle I. Think Hot Stove Pretty well I think But I'm not really it seemed like you're fine with what we just try with all the hot sauces. Yeah. But I'm not really into like. Getting extreme hot like I. Mean it has the taste. Good. You know that's really the thing at F- flavor behind it. Yeah. Because it's hot too hot. It's it's nasty out of the five that we tried here. Did, you have any favorites out of those? The hottest one was my favorite okay. Like as far as being overall. Yes he okay Um and then the green one was my second in really close just because it wasn't really hot but he had a good flavor. Yeah. So in terms hot sauce because of the hot flavor combination of the hottest one. But the if it wasn't a hot sauce, just the flavor garden would be the green, one. Nice. That first one seemed very generic sticker meal one yeah and then the other one tasted chemical chemically and even the other one that's next to that like the IT tasted. A decent flavor, but it I think it was chemically as well. It just wasn't really It wasn't as I don't know four. Yeah it does seem like even when you look at the ballot seems kind of watered down. Exactly so but the the thicker ones were the ones that had the best flavor. So which are both big red's yes grayish. Knows how to do exactly that's us. That's that's half half of our food has to have released hot sauce on. Almost everything like it's ridiculous. And then there'll. Like I needed like cool off, not do that for a while. Just too much hot sauce gives all. Yeah. So there'd be like weeks where I'm like I WANNA, put hot sauce, but I can't. See it. Bland for a while. To get. Worse a flavor. Look. My parents if I had. Seen some dude in your old studio. Tell. Lever. Someone rented it out. All right. Are you ready for this? No all right. The world's hottest gummy bear be careful with handling it. Why don't you use this to grab it like? Oh. Property your mouth to grab it. And it's not even it's like here uses to grab it. Okay no one wants my suggestions. Face Jank. When I was gone. Which MC plenty actually before you do that, you have a favorite out of the five that we try number two of the most flavorful did I could put that on. gulped ready. Cheers man. Cheers. Could. Be the end of Pashcal in markets says you know wine both podcast gone today now I'm still rubbing my okay concur one.

01:05:01 - 01:10:00

Two Three He's not hesitating. Funny. When Like through his mouth with his throat. Choking and there's a hot. So what's the initial reaction? Number. It doesn't taste. The there's spicer. It's It's inside. Soon as I started tasting the spice though I swallow. and. It went down Oh man. Bar. Camera. Well. No. Life. Is Not as good as it was made out to be. So. Who? Bro, what do we do? There's been no talking ever since this started hitting. Both of them look very, very much like they're gonNA die. Under the bathroom if. Festival stuff is in there. Okay. So it is it's it's. Like I can smell it is it Is Crying. Yobo both eyes are starting to water up. The highest thing I've ever eaten. That's a moving show later. took. Different. Show yeah. So I'm trying to let it burn. Yeah. Without drinking the milk or anything like. S Td Yep. So we're we're here live and direct watching two two grown men react to this this deadly. Krona virus. Laced Comey. That, what it is. The milk makes your tongue more sensitive. So Koran. Cold. Water you got water here. For Yes You. Natural has been infused singer nine million units. Gone off of that. You. Know going. Be So hot. I was deceived. Nothing but great experiences gumming because up to this point. Say He'd gummy bears before I came here today just to prepare yourself. Twice thank shot out. To the gummy bears don't hurt people. This is like a like a killer just like almost like a robot chicken going Barenaked. Killing I'd watch hot reaction videos and I always for tripping. They're not. You think it's fake. Sometimes. Do Anything Deal Rama I. Think they're faking. Help. A better without it. I don't think anything helps I think it's fine I think it's better without. No it's very hot. And shoot it until. Stuff out now. When you said You said we're starting to feel yes. Well. I don't know. Chewing I should have done that. Is Onto Lady Yeah Yeah I felt good. Just wait and see and get the stomach cramps. That's where it's going to fuck you up. I'll go grab stuff from the store if you. Believe Pablo. So I feel better now his hot though. My mouth is like I'm fire this tour I could tell. I can tell. You guys this whole demeanor changed. Good show everything was going great, and then also this this happened and then. Almost had piloted the whole show just because yeah. Packages starting to throw random gang signs. It's. A hallucination. Factor. Do, good though. I feel good. But Burns. Yeah. All right. So one thing. To do. is do some after videos maybe not do live or anything like that but like record yourself. Or have someone record you. Re from my experience with the death. Now. Is Not the bad time. A couple hours from now.

01:10:01 - 01:12:54

It starts. Hurts right now pretty bad. It'll go away though yeah, it's starting to go. Yeah but I I feel like I'm sweating pretty bad. Here but. Share your mouth. Own. Tongue really hurts. Did you cut your time before you came here like last time no like I ruined my handsomer it feels like he got. Yeah It's reading all that. Hot Sauce. Pans before. I feel good though. MIRTH Getting like body builder temperature like. Now it's coming back again. I feel nervous for you guys. It's like no I feel good. Man is no the. Birth. I WanNa Talk Shit because I know what's going to happen later But like I feel fine right now, I regret that I. Almost threw up. Did you yeah it's not that hot. No, but just the flavors. It was hard gummy bear to I don't like. That's how harbor. Don't like that. Probably been probably been sitting there for a while. Don't play. Them for a couple of weeks. Sell out regularly. Stupid. People like like. Be here. A little bit a little. But. All right. So Go to sleep. The. Air In drive home. Now, come back and get go. Dry. So. What would you? Guys make sure you check out. Yeah. About that. The podcast. Is. My. PODCAST is my brother's Pica is Mike Hudson. Pack has my cousin podcast. You guys check it out. Yo, about that. Shot are the real you know who you are. podcasters that's for sure. She likes subscribe. Yup. Stuff a little housekeeping. If you check out our heap Brian Safe Episode I had to re upload the audio life uploaded the wrong one. So go back and listen episode it's completely different show also check out my book Dot AG. With Promo. Code. Amigos shots guy don't use it until. Friday. The thirteenth Albert for showing up on time Jay. Santiago where are you? All right. He didn't even chime in at all. No Ab a fan favorite. I, know man. Well every year.

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