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107. as my grandma would always say

It's I'm so sorry mark when we`re I'm officially recording audio. Happy Audio Audio. Good. So you recording audio right when I do the metaphor about jerking off and then seeing my grandma. But then all the other funny stuff is gone I don't know why I'm yelling it's Just, missed that until you reintroduced it again. Yes, sir. I. Brought it back that works. So today is not my day. Sorry Grandma love you wherever you are up or down Guys So here I'm GONNA. Mute everybody real quick. To. Start off I'm GONNA play a video, which is I thought was amazing that we found today I've found today and then. do our intro and then go into and I like that you intro us. So if you WanNa, do that when the music stops feel free to do that again, if you do, you know what just take over the show just do it? Yeah. That works. All right I've got some sponsors lined up for you guys to. I can just put them in here. Again, give him your Promo code for your you know your show and. Do No no, no. No I'm taking over this one just. Makeover hello and welcome to Amigos PC. Stance podcast now politically correct like you might think thank you. It's fucking great. Yeah. We buck and shit and stuff that's not PC 'cause we're pc were the podcast is Stephan the guest take it over are we recording are Right now you. Can. Only, record though. Would you? I'm naked in erect right now. Why are we not recording this, right? Okay. I got gotta meet everybody. So. Let's get started. Okay professionals. So I'm GonNa meet you there. Relax bringing down. Do you want me to do you want me to do the intro? When we chime in? Yeah, absolutely. Go ahead. No if you want to overtake over. The. Doug I didn't I. Didn't think about this, but this would be amazing. I know you're not ready but let's do it. Is a good idea off the whim. We like doing that right right off right I mean if you. Better with your shirt off and just do that. All right. Wait at least halfway through the episode. Yeah. That's true until the intro ends. Yeah I'm all right. All right. Are Real this time meeting and then putting up the thing Jesus. Take a look at some of these charts in numerous categories. Will lower than the world. Let me explain. The test right here. Take a look. Contest too shoot. Do know that what it says when you have somebody that has with is a case will last. Not, not reporting correctly, we have cases our testing I believe this is the testing. Could a new cases new cases? New Cases? Top one that's a good thing. Not a bad thing we test more we have become take death is way down from where it was taking a look at these are the tests it leveled out. This. Gives me where is much higher than where it is right but you don't know that that's my report yesterday and you have to go by where look here is the united. By the cases which called science, we have more cases don't we get credit for that. We show war cases dying. It's true and it is what it is. Now it's going down again. And you know there are those that say. The world is a very, just really manuals read the book. This one didn't reach my desk. Sandwich going down. Here a little bit well yeah. Because I turn our mics on Oh. was that it yeah okay. So clearly that didn't work I wanted to. Know that was excellent. Excellent mark. Hear. Any of that. Did you hear it on your end new? Oh.

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It. I didn't hear a damn thing. I thought but trump but it looks like These charts very good. These charts and then I saw the other one was like. And I couldn't I've liberated. It's he's trump is easy to lip read because it's just a big kind of flexing butthole kind of me. So. The I was able to understand every single word that he said it was muted at least right now a guitar Intro, right? Yeah. Well, hopefully, I know we're. We're doing we're doing wonders. Absolutely event the adventures podcasting. Yeah Mark was talking about don't steal our idea but we going to write a book about podcasting Yep in the first page. A great title leather bound book open it up and just says, don't. Wait are we are we recording because? Of podcast. Oh, we're recording. Hey. Hey. Do Page to let your guests know when you're live. So we can talk guys. Hello everybody. No no, no no no. Yeah. Hold on. Hold on. Oh The intro now. Oh Shit sorry. Go ahead, oh my God. Would you sign up for? If. You're looking for a high brow. Fancy. SMART. Regal podcast with House that loved to talk about Horse horseriding, badminton, and trips to the venue. The wrong place. The. Is. Is Amigos. PC. If you're looking for drinking random nonsense, stunts shouldn't atticus and balls out. Crazy. The. Jackpot is is PC and this is Scott Mark. and Go. Now you're muted it's going on definite. Hello, everybody. Welcome to Amigos PC. This is Stephan from a comedy advice podcast coming at Ya hot. I've got my shirt halfway unbuttoned. I'm about to rip it off in a hulk like rage. Happy Angry Horny hungry. Wow. All of those adjectives and I'm pleased to be presented you with your hosts mark and Scott Wow. steph amazing. We may swap trout for that. Was Good. That was good. That was good. At the cut that and put it somewhere. What that in Your weird. Said Yeah, that is weird has something to do. Your yeah. Well, yeah people that are they will hear that at the beginning of the show. audio own loud at the. Gym. Oh good I'm glad I'm glad you. You WanNa up talk to him. What would you? Say Video of trump I'm going to. Talk about that. So yeah. So we just played video that didn't work obviously. And basically all. Basically all I, just want to say one thing really quickly. Sorry to interject just want to say it has been a whirlwind of emotions i. just want to take the fans behind the scenes of what's been happening. We've been on for about fifteen minutes. I've been I practiced for you guys I was in the shower being like mark, Scott Mark, Scott, and then. Making jokes and then I did them all and then it wasn't even recording and then I was talking about the worst part a about my grandma and at making eye contact with my grandma during a very euphoric period but private period and the now it's recorded twice so that I just keep effing myself I don't know. I am this is not amigos politically correct. Myself over some sabotaging myself I am heated up guys. That's good. Yeah we we. Actually that politically correct show and Mondays. So glad. I'm glad that you made it to the Wednesday taping of the podcast, just the podcast part. That's actually a really good idea. So we weren't episode. Sponsor No. We have a sponsor coming up to where we have to do two episodes a week shit when that can happen after we come back from our Vaca- Yep. so We could do that a podcast politically correct show. So basically like a complete. What are you doing Mondays Yeah? You'RE GONNA. Be You're going to be our or Oh, I'm going to be doing you both new P. C. H. Guys I am the most Mormon. Non Mormon that you guys have ever seen everybody thinks I'm Mormon crap. Multiple wives that I have. Yes. But now I'm kind of like Mormon Jesus, with the hair growing and I don't know what's going. On Smith. Five right now. While I was thinking more of a well, you know the Matthew mcconaughey as the whole Mormon Jesus so You kinda get.

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Oh, that's right. That's what it looks. I used I. I tried to do a matthew mcconnahey but now it kind of goes into like Bill Clinton hold on our AD. Alright. Alright. Thank you. That's all I can say. My shirt. Is Actions in the Oval Office way to go that. Did. Not Hail. Now. I don't know where I'm going. It's getting. Old and It's going back to the grandma. On that today and. Gross you're on that today I mean. Sorry Grandma. Smashing I know typically you talked about bill. Clinton, they're gonNA. Go. Did you hear that news with but popped up about him recently? With him getting a massage on the plane and others photos that are popping up about them the pitcher. Go ahead. No. I was just GonNa say I, did not hear about any of that. We're bill. Poor bill because. He's an individual to or. Anything else is it because he was he was trapped is that what you're getting at? That that's right that's totally out of character for Mister Clinton? Yeah. That's not a law. In the photo he's getting a massage from somebody who apparently was. I don't know not. Hillary. It wasn't Hillary but. Now in the photos that they showed in article. It didn't look like anything too crazy. But. Then again, you know if you're on the plane and this girl was one of the chargers, Epstein skiing. I know dancing nice. I feel like it looks like I don't have any arms but go ahead skype God that was it. That's really Them Up. That's what I was thinking about. Okay. All right. Hey Hey I'll get older they stay the same age it was just a massage from. From Dazed Confused Matthew mcconaughey. If. If you look at the pictures though. It's not of him on a plane. So really, no well, it's a weird plane. Then it's a locker room. Bench at an airport maybe. You. Wouldn't you don't wait when you're one of those people. You know you don't have a waiting room and you walk on. And I don't think you get you get it on a bench either that's like a homeless status adventure is a gap in between bill. Clinton and homeless people getting massages. I'm benchers true. Very True I. Let's give him the benefit of the data out guys I mean a picture is worth a thousand words, but they could be false words as my grandma always said so I say. That is the name the episode. Just you know it's called Karameh. GRANDMA GRANDMA GRANDMA would always. Grandma I contact us. Oh, I contact with grams. Oh Lord. Is that the name that you had for? What would you call her when she was? Around, about which is wrong way to say that. Wishy. Grandma or where. You know what I mean like you have a weird named or oh? Yeah. Yeah. Because I'm white usually like grand graying or grandkids or something like that could be no I actually I would call her I called her grandma or called G unit when I was in high school I also called her Don not. were. Very. Cool. I have call mind GDP GDP see that's weird. White person name kind of thing the weirdest. Grandma but oh okay oh day. We weren't talking about grow. That's another level. You'd see is a great grandma now. So everybody calls her ged. She's my grandma, but everyone's still you. Because all the kids call what about you just call her Jesus. Color you. Know. fucking hardcore. Ge. Dude. I, know crips and bloods don't Shit on that gene in the streets, of Wisconsin. Yes. Good. Old. Racine. Wisconsin. Hardcore sites of Racine Wisconsin. Got What do you call your grandma? Grandma normal. and then I have a Nana 'cause I'm I'm quarter Mexican I think. Is what I am. A non I thought it was obsolete Lita or something Walea. It's like the Spanish word for it but I don't know why we call her none of that. She's always been on it, and then the great grandma's it's mark up that. Lineage, of people. which I don't know if that's right or not. But that's what she was. Okay. Oh Ninety Thou- okay okay.

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All right yeah. That's good. I'm glad that we explored the vernacular Ramaema's. Hot Topic, you have that effect on this show. I yes I. Make The show Sag just as. I'M NOT GONNA finish. But? Anyway Guys Grandma's Bill Clinton mcdonagh's Donald Trump. What else? You guys are you wearing pants underneath? Their pants off dance off here dude that's what you do during podcasting right? Don't you? Oh. Yeah I mean I don't have any either. I just wanted to make sure we were all grooving, right To the same rhythm. Very. True. In reality though how have you been I mean I know we're in a group chat and we kinda touch base periodically. But. What's going on in a advice podcast world. Oh what comedy advice podcast world is bustling. It has been a nonstop grind. It's been I've been doing around four or five podcasts a week I just. On your. Show. And other shows too like ours. All do I'll do four or five of mine, and then I'll do another one. Or Two guesting. So you're busy. Yeah. But it's it's been pretty crazy. So I've been trying to do I've got a three-pronged strategy guys. All right. That's the way. With the three prongs. Your success plan is rubbish unless you have prompt and you got three of them is two prongs is kind of old school. Three. So my first prong is to be able to get local comedians or local talent because I. Still I'm a big fan of the Valley of the sun and I feel like it's a hot. They've got a lot of hot commodities here now is because the temperature, but we've got a lot of amazing comedian. You guys have had some. Awesome people on your show and I wanna be able to support that local I e local. So I try and speak local and laugh local and love local. Arizona, Julia. Roberts so I do that. That's I hold on. Are you. Are you local Julia Roberts is that what you're saying? That's that's how I mean. No nothing. It's what I've been called. I've been called the local Julia Roberts and I don't hate it. I feel like that woman aged beautiful. Is She's going to one of my longest crushes man I mean ever since I was eight years and didn't I had no idea what was happening with? Manti. Questionable things happened when I saw Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman I'm saying this episode yeah she. That she needs to get onto your show. Yeah. She's a fan of the show show show listen. Oh please do Miss Robber Mrs Roberts. Rob Rob is see grandma now at grand. GR. Grandma Rodley your chance. Yeah. You just recently. Got But. You know what? I blew up the crushes over now because she's a grandma think. So now it's like Graham Roberts doesn't have the same ring to help you finish though. So I don't get it. got. It. Yeah maybe if I have a picture of grandma and Julia Roberts Double Finish, that's even a possibility. delvaux finished I was going to double the guilt but yeah, that doubles. Grandma helped carry me the way through. That's. Another podcast talk this is the not the politically correct you're on. Wednesday show Mondays when we do the numbers GonNa Talk. Go. So the first prong to your electrical outlet. Local Artists K okay. What's the next? Yes. Second Prong. Outside I. Speaking correctly. That's the second. Articulation no second prong is being able to get bigger comedians or talent and going out in that direction so that I can help boost the show up get connections. Promote their stuff and so it's got this second halo if you will. It's like a Saturn. So we've got our third prong and third rings second ring the Third Prong I don't have one I just felt like I would come up with one organically by the time that I got to the third Prong, but it's really just too so. Yeah. You see just an extra prong just in case I liked that tobacco. Plan yes. Up I've just got a big old prong ready to stab at the reds. Nice. So cool look. Got Put so much pressure on myself with the three frogs and I only have two prongs on I. Feel like I'm Kinda fucked. Can we come up with the third prong by the end of this epoch on Monday a motivation Monday eight? Monday.

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into Monday. You know when you come on our episode, you can have it ready by that. We'll give you three prong and then he's going to be like, yes, Pussy catcher. No, that's that's doesn't show that doesn't that doesn't belong in the busy episode. Either does that There with. Would say it's a P. Word. Catcher. You Bring Ben Shapiro. Have you watched the music video APP? I I. Have Seen Bits and pieces of it as it is shown to me from instagram okay. I have not. So I mean I know other SOPA as soon as everybody started talking about. The first terminology that I saw was someone making mean about pizza and wine. So I initially took it as it means pizza and wine. Thought to. Pizza whether fucker these singing about wine and beats. Yeah. And I mean. Go. Ahead. And then I found out I watched the video in. Then I realized Okay Web is not whining pizza. I thought that is so cute by the way. I, love that. That's like bill. Clinton. Getting a massage and then realizing it's on Jeff epsteins playing these like what did I get myself into but I think that would I was thinking was isn't waft kind of like. A ejaculate or no jacket story like a self pleasure euphemism. It for pleasure. Okay. Kit. You don't know what it really means. No Art. No. Hana put. Oh. Okay. So you think you thought it was or it could be something that has to do with jacking off. Like. Loop right like loop probably or you think it was an exciting speak about Lube I didn't think that Vance. Color in his metaphor but I thought it was like fat like laughed ago. Okay. So It's an acronym, right? What would it mean? What would the letters mean if it was to be jerking like what did you think the letters were if it had something to do with jerking? Oh I didn't think it was an acronym. Thought it was a word wrap like, hey, Bro, did you have today? which sounds like elmer fudd being a gangster and be like, Hey, did you laugh tonight? I bet that's that's yeah. It sounds very childish now that I'm saying it in a sentence I rapped three times today and looked at grandma at the end. But I feel like that was what I thought. It was an the now I saw the acronym and and now know what it means. But let's let's let's play along if it was to be an acronym for self, pleasure would be like wanking. And Polling Ou, Nice that off the do nice. Wow I can't get a three pronged approach but I can do that. With my brain, it happened. Anyway. Sorry. No. That was the arlene. CLIPPER GONNA use. So like I said I thought it was wine and pizza 'cause I. saw from the talking about it being be okay and then obviously what it really means is not that. I haven't heard this long video so. This only seen the. It. Oh. Shit and make sure your grandma's not around please. Get turned on. It is. Yes. GD will get excited at his greedy might have an oh grandma. Yeah Not Watch out for NITA NANDITA might get a little bit of. A titillating expression, but it is it is if I can describe it I think it's It like three words. Animals, ass. and. That's basically all it is. It's it's. Cardi B. and her friend something the stallion and I think they have animal print. And swimsuits and a tire regalia. Layton too much too much spoiler alert as point let let the dream. You ruined it. Ruined, okay. Cut that whole idea what they're talking about with this way. Oh God. All right. Well, let's spoil panicky. Are No no wines and no. That's true. Sure that. which is kind of unfortunate because you would think that they WANNA put mine and pizza in there I mean who doesn't like wine and Pizza Big Wine Fan, but but pizza's.

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Whatever does the job right true I mean if you're unlimited resources like in today's world where the shelves could possibly be empty, are you gonNA pass the wine I'll know even yeah, you told Oh no I myself am a true wine fan. I mean I'm not gonNA go for Judge Carlo Rossi but not picky I'll go with nausea twat or That's the one. We'll during that. If we were drinking wine. It's and then when we're done, we blowing it. Just like grandma but. No. Grandma, blowing on it. Obviously this episode's name has to I'm going to have you know. Your name and your your shows name and the title and everything's GonNa be awesome and now I have no choice. But to make it, you know as my grandma lay dying. that. He's my that was my third prong to get another podcast get my name out there. But obviously, I'm putting my grandma's and my foot in my mouth talking about grandma. God, bless her set was wrong you had a brain fart came back and you got it. Oh, we helped you before the PC episode on Monday. Thank you. Thank you. Now we can share it in a very pc way on our PC episode. Coming, coming next. Monday. Next Monday ask. Episode. For the soft on that show you know NPR's Tom. My Name's bench everybody. Welcome to our next step assault of Miguel's PC my name is enhanced return. Hanker ten. An upper crust. Yeah. That's a pretty fancy. I would I would listen everything you're saying. By the way speaking of fancy guys. Yes. Where's Where's Albert Shh Oh my God. I thought we had this. Talk about ongoing. Investigation. He's missed. We did okay. We did have this conversation mark but I wanted to rub it in an. For Albert? Not to you guys you guys are doing great. You guys are doing amazing Albert I feel like he's slacking and I'm calling you out bud. This more Jesus is going to be the new album. I will shave my head. I will be just like, Albert. I will do whatever Albert does. I will quantum leap. Anymore rides you can go on. That our. Already right. There I mean you're gonNA. Win That my question would be if. Would you accept? And Would you put Spray Tan? All would you would you? Ten. Oh God I well is. Absolutely, I will commit one hundred percent to Albert being the new album. I Will Spray Tan Myself I will shave my head I will live in his house. It doesn't matter I will well, we'll keep it at that. All. I've done. Most of that. You have. You have a twin brother because we need that too because he has one of those. I do hold on. Let me get him. Oh No it's awesome. My twin brother sounds like smuggle her lar-. Keep them in the closet and shit stays away from everybody. For All of you for all of you out of your listeners, it's just me were strands of hair. All. Processes at Stephens. fucking pulled up pressure. You've been working on your. What is that called Impressions Impressions? No I have not been the third prog. You've been another pro I. I used to be so much better at impression but I know that I've done the fantastic. Four prong strategy, which is now a outlet we would find an England. Guys. I will go all night prong will all you can eat prong and shrimp it is just prong. All the time. It'd be like Prong and. I don't know. Are the same as Seafood person early different that's a different words. So there are different things. Cheech and Chong. Is Yeah Okay Yeah I went there. God. I hate myself now but you know what? It's worth it. I'm digging and it's very punk. Thank you. Thank you yes I I get that from laughter that's going. Studio. I'm digging the puns. Crickets Yeah I'll see we didn't have our our our soundboard to the crickets and shit.

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You've got to do that. I'm not going to be able to concentrate now because I'm just thinking prong puns. So it's Welcome to the show. Great. That means we have to carry the show. That's what we have you here. No. Taking over here's what to take it over to be easy. You know our for us right Now Goleta John. Okay, good Yeah Don Yeah let's let's get into the questions segment. Question Scott what have the it's been a while since you guys have released an episode what's been going on and where do you guys anticipate got next? What's in the future for me goes? How dare you? Was He just released an episode last weekend. Well, you know, I like to follow a three prong life goals and when we podcast so. we take time on a three prong approach. Yeah. At our first prong is having newly started episodes a Monday. All right, which which you'll be a part of. So you're you're welcome excellent and Albert yes. Helmer. My Wednesday show for that. Come Spray Tan. That's true. That's true. That doesn't work on the PC world. I could just look like I'm really Tan though right guys look like unburned someone works. But you know what that'll happen. I did that I was out in the Sun. FOR THIRTY MINUTES MY SHOULDER ROASTED Boasted son is not not good at all. But. Let's move on from that boring tidbit that. Outlets answer his question. Okay. Go ahead so. The first part of it is, when did I go to his Co..? Yup Games I don't know man I dunno timeframes the beginning of July. I went to Wisconsin And we were in the midst of trying to plan a episode with Kelvin Cox Oh. Yeah and because of all of my antics. That were going on and it's not really it's business. All the should that was going on Wisconsin business related. We just couldn't schedule an episode Oh. That's why we that's why we had that little gap there. Yeah. I. Got Back. We were still trying to plan with and Cox, and we had technical issues and we got Albert on. The show somehow someway. Yup, which surprised me to surprise. Came today. He gets the notification so. Let's dive into that Albert wires. You come you get the notifications surprising watching. He except yeah. Is He watching? Can we say Hello Hi Albers on Youtube or not? We don't do live on facebook anymore. What happened with that? Why don't you guys you'll live on facebook? Three ever since the fire youtube is potential moneymaker. We will be moving over to. Joe Rogan goes live on. Video. Aka through spotify maybe. Now. I'm not a fan of facebook. Yeah Fair enough. I didn't mean to. Do when we first started the show, I actually got banned from facebook and I couldn't help promote our show because I was banned. Right yeah. What what did you do to ban yourself or get back? To that group chat was a bad thing. No. So. Somebody had made a comment about something and it had some related to do with porn. And I was all like Oh like this website and actually put the website. including, the DOT com. It popped up. I've already been popped for bands, multiple times previously for posting inappropriate means and shit like that. You know people reporting me. Way Back in the past before. The podcast he was started. But when that hit facebook like, hey, you're posting nudity. I didn't post the new to you nudity posted the link. I just put the website name. because. The website name had nothing to do with. It wasn't like you porn or anything that was ex- ex- ex-. So it's not like it was. Sexual Nature unless you took it that way but they posted the link in was trying to rebuttal it. They said, fuck you and then. I was. Banned for thirty days. facebook. facebook. We go ahead and episode three of our podcast. No way wasn't that old. So I asked you the other day episode. Episode Ninety six. What did I ask you? The other day I don't know about what episode was Blah Blah. Blah. So we had an episode where we talked about state. If you put anything on your steak and found somebody shared mean that has the perfect meal and it's of overcooked steak with ketchup next to it growth and we had an episode where Albert admitted to putting catch up on the stage like he has catch up with his State.

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And we both were disgusted and I ask what episode was. Scott Very specifically said episode thirty. Nine. You look that up. I know it's not thirty nine. Oh, it's. Not to not to dive into that point a little more, but you close catch up on state. Yes. Exactly. You're if you're going to be Albert, you're gonNA have to eat steak. Do you have these things along with your co hosts when they show up? In our you're showing up. Guys. Well this. This is exclusive to Amigos PC. Bird. I haven't gone out and set it. I haven't officially come out and said it. But I I think it's just kind of evolved to this way. Relationship with legos. Relationship with legos is beautiful and I don't think you need to Besmirch that what you're saying. So we're going to put that to the side. Thank you very much. I told you the list of approved question illicit list of question we don't talk about. fucking. legos. You make you make items out of the LEGOS and cuddle with it. Over. Sorry. This is odd. No wonder he didn't share with me. The fact that we were talked we couldn't talk about Lagos because I'm going to go off on like fuck another thing now because now. Ogden hammered. Every fucking just emailed me and he's like, Hey, man, what about those Legos I'm one. Incident is behind me. Okay. We're we're done. I'm not talking about any more. Seriously People are probably thinking there was a Lego incident. So whatever you know what the Julia Roberts of Phoenix had a Lego incident that's what's GonNa be on the headline, but to answer your question. What was your question? It was about Oh You. Know your co host. Co Host. So I've kind of taken it and and it's just gotten to a point and I was I love I love the coast that I've had I think that I've had some amazing ones and I still every week with. With several of them and we do a podcast with either sometimes a local comedian or sometimes bigger comedians by ultimately due to scheduling and all this stuff and since I do the Outreach, the recording production editing, the the social promotion, and and everything. It's just been easier. To schedule and I'm instead of getting onto schedule with everybody else especially whether it's the bigger guests that are like, Oh, I don't do things in the evening because I don't have a nine to five job you peasants fair. Maybe, it'll be a little bit earlier and so. Back Jack Causes Contention. So not content you that causes issues with scheduling, right? So where some people might have to work till six or six thirty. So, anyway, I've just kind of been doing it on my own. So I still have I mean I have. Eric was awesome. Guy Loved that Guy I've I've also had camp speed local comedian. He's been on a lot of episodes, my brother Anthony kind of faded away but he pops in every now and then but they're more like. Friends of the show that keep coming on instead of co-hosts now, I don't know. How I feel like I'm Dushi guy that's in his twenties. It's like I don't have girlfriends per se I don't want to put a label on it, but like you know we still. Don't still don't Brag that you're in your twenty S. Thirties oh. Nice night now. He, he hit the number. So you. Still good job. Thank you I revived you made at. Thirty six. No Are you? Oh, shit no, no. No. I'm not. But thank you for saying that I usually do that's old protest. Oh, I mean I'd love thirty six is like the New Twenty Twenty one. Yeah. Yeah I hope I can drink. One day. Speaking of Hagan Party. Keep going. All right but but anyway, yeah, that's that's kind of how it's been. So I've just been doing it having myself as the host it's. Sorry and took the yeah. So. You guys have any sponsors by the way I think this would be an excellent time to promote any of your sponsors sponsors it see mark handles all that marks you on your show.

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And I'm just a guy that shows up. I know we have the one that's coming up. Mark losers sponsors. Shit we don't have any sponsors. You guys are doing as A. Great. Great. All. Right. You know what? A comedy advice podcast. He goes. I'm. I know that we've kind of talked about it on Instant Messenger whatever after we get off the phone. Yeah. The phone. After, we get off the INTERWEBS. I WanNa talk to you a little bit further about the whole sponsoring thing. No so we have one coming off. That's where we're at, right? Yeah. That's that's the one where you're talking about we have to do two shows showed. The podcast in the PC one. mybookie mybookie dot should I knew that? I can think of the name. Yeah we. We have we had mybookie. We had them during final four, which was amazing. I can't believe one. So we had them during that. That obviously didn't take place, but we had that going on. And Our just chimed any says Oh shit. The podcast right now So, we did he must be on his way. Really is he on his way? Come. 'cause I was GonNa say I have a I have a bald Cap Anson's spray Tan. I could definitely be like I'm you. See what happens you don't show up. We've joked about, hey, guys, my love Yuma and I love catch up on my state look at that. You know. So Albert Albert what are you get you get? Like on one. Look like what is it a law? We're man. That's lawnmower. Watch that movie. There is a sequel to it as well. There's a sequel. Yes, every Hebrew. That's an old refer- anyway that's mark shown his age. So we do. No sponsor as well we do. This is news to me. This is actually news Scott because I was just working on this recently. today's episode is brought to you by condition one while stationed in Africa. Marine Matt Di Malo faced his toughest challenge yet his diet. Sweet like many Marines Matt wasn't eating real food on a daily basis as a result he had constant not and low energy. What he needed was a perfect performance bar a well rounded protein bar made of real food. One packed with full spectrum of amino acids and protein with complex cards. And help. Defense. I sustained energy muscle, fatigue prevention, and more. So Matt teamed up with nutritionists and condition one was born. Soldiers in Jim Lovers to those with active lifestyles. See One can help you reach your fitness goals without the dry chalky tastes. And to honor his military routes, every see one purchase help veteran nonprofit conditions. Condition One. Messed it up? This one is exclusively offered to our listeners ten percent off their next online purchased head over to. Go condition one half dot com, and use the code pod ten to get your protein bar today. That's new. Wow. So. That's cool. oops. Thanks for being a part of that. Yeah. I feel I feel like I'm. Are you hung oh, happy that I was able to share. That wasn't I'm hungry for condition one zero. Yeah. Yes No, we do have SPA sponsors are rolling in. It's great. We have We were not getting paid anything for them. Is it is it is one of those It's not a promo. Code. Is a promo. Do Okay all right I'll talk to you more about. All right. Cool of all. We have to have a meeting actually if you want to stick around after the show I can talk to you about a few Kaz something that you can participate into. Wanted. I would money opportunities take anything you guys are doing no I also let me just. I have a segment on my show called compliment shower where I take I just pull the lever and then I took the compliment nozzle. I. Just Dowse my guess with compliments to get him a little wet.

00:45:01 - 00:50:01

So, to you guys, you guys a little wet. We're talking about lap again. It's it might be some wacky material right? If you guys want you guys Wanna lap late you west we. But I think that. I think that you guys have done such a great job of getting sponsors and that's one thing that I have not done a great job of but that how prins within your hits them It's debatable that I'm doing anything good but I think the sponsors is. A challenge for me. I haven't focused on it that much. It's kind of like. Herpes because it comes up, it gets annoying and I think about it. I don't know how to get rid of it, and then it goes away and then I stopped thinking. That I have herpes but I'm imagining that sell herpes reactive and just like I don't have sponsors I don't have sponsors either it's like this big metaphorical herpes on my thoughts Yuliana sponsors once they pop up. Okay. That's how it works. Okay. Similar till like herpes. Per Flare Up. This. That's the thing we've been. We've been fortunate when it comes to sponsors like there have been we first started. We got a Lotta Promo Code stuff and we realized that was just. Tired of. It it's not that it's a waste of time the. The sponsors that we got were. Geared to our audience mail like the. Do stuff like we had that we're the muscle vodka which. we had. the seats seat giant see giant had them but it was all it's all geared towards. Someone going in ordering something, which is fine but I mean when I think of podcast in them doing advertising. They're doing brand recognition they're not doing. They're not trying to sell. You know what I'm saying like I mean, are you trying to sell something on your podcast? I think the most part your? Doing brand recognition for something. So we then our sponsors to you know our own stuff that we have going on. You know expanse real estate cash now homes things like that. And then about those two yeah as we were doing those. Sponsors started to proactively come to us. Oh. My bookie reach out to us and they're not a promo. Give us a Promo code to log in for tracking purposes but they pay US outright to do our episodes for period of time and to do their slogan and Whatnot Yeah, which Is. no, they gave us a script. which will have to reread again, but we can make it our own. Plus you're telling a, you're telling me it's just getting sponsors as easy as creating your own real estate company then plugging that. And then allowing all the sponsors. Well Hey. Maybe let me know if you WANNA create your own real estate company because I can help you. Parties. Oh. Tell me more mark. I, you need to get your real estate license just kidding if you're doing market, you don't need your Wilson's but go ahead Scott. Okay. No I hadn't heard frog. Okay. No prong. What's next prom. Away, so. On report approach tweet, we haven't apple chargers where it just one it's just one when we done next it works. Is Yeah is me love you is me love you prom time a bad thing to say no nine. Perfect. was another pun that I thought. That was good I got in I'm writing these Puncak? Yeah. We're going to quiz you later on which ones you've said. Oh Shit. Oh God. That too many of luck with that. Yeah that's anyway. That's one thing that I I adore about guys tonight feel like. One. More. So Marcos very condescending of you. Thank you. Thanks, thanks. Are you frozen or sorry Your. WAY TO MAKE MORE AWESOME You're frozen but you so matty refrozen could have been both but that was awesome. Off Guard like Oh shit. Still. He's Oh there. He goes. He's good. No no I'm I'm very happy. Very cordial. You're awesome while we have. You know we love Avenue on. In. On. Me Too. Yeah. On what I love when we're just on each other this is so.

00:50:01 - 00:55:04

Awesome. Gets me, and I'm glad you've your shirt back onto you. Are you are you? Glad no or? What I thought Nance how? Young. Are. We having a moment which Wa- mark do you want to leave the room? Already left Evesham took advantage of when of. That's right was his phone we had a we had time and then. The answer me have sponsored sponsors. He has a sponsor talk and I was like. Lights. said that anytime about the show I'm like Oh remember when you were like Mart Line? Line A. You may do you remember when you're like, you know I I edit and I and I record and I. And I do this and do that. That's mark. Mark Mark is you on your show? Mark does. Imagine if mark and I did our own podcast. Got Famous think you're onto something. Can I fit one more podcast and I'll and I'll be alright I'm quarter Mexican hardy for the box kind of. Scott already wants to be a part of this and already already coattails egos bullshit can't work like this. What we're yeah, we're not. We're not having any. Third. It's just gonNA. Be Me in Scott and. We can have you. Know. Sorry nominee Scott me and Mark Scott what you could be like Joe Rogan owning. Up The producer. Yes. In the background and just chime in every now, and then that's perfect for me. It's a good law. that. Even though you don't technically us, you could be the. Background is the one liner guy nowhere. APPLESAUCE guys yeah. No No. You won't see let spoken to. Restrict now, we're making sure that. Works of that but. But. But you know what I think and then also when we ask for Beers you can give us beers again. Maybe we can have like a ball gag in your mouth do it can be a very sexual assistant? Weird. Is they're photos of your grandma's I might sign up. Here we go. Oh, it's. Going to be a wallpaper grandma. And the whole wall off. Awesome we're going to take. Her boudoir photos and. It's going to be called my grandma's house. That'd be the studio I like it. Thirty. Making it happen. All Right Oh. Yeah because mark kind looks like Tom Sikora, right I. Kind of look like Christina feet. So if we did your grandma's house I think we could probably pull it off. Holy. Shit. That's funny. No. Be Doing. No, that's it. He's not out. He's in the background. He's the one that's fucking making all. That's right. That's right back. If you ever watch an episode of Your Scots never watched an episode of Your Mom's house by the way but I've listened to one if you ever watch the episode of Your Mom's or listen whatever. There's always when something is extremely funny year. The background guys laughing hysterically. Funny. Your better we've got a Sassy produce. Guys get back to work. I'll be the. Guy In the corner. Talking about, bullshit, get back to the stories. on-track remember your sponsors people and I'll be smoking. Like a cigar or something on time. Yeah. The nineteen sixties and shit all over again get back to work. We're like fucking Dora Yeah Brown suit. Everyday. I like. I like it. Anything let's work. Let's. Let's do a few episodes Tattoo Attest Ron Yeah right? Final Brown. He'd see what happens. And if it's If it works, let's figure it out the eagles. The Eagles are still staying around. You're going to have to double commit yourself the fucking right I might not have. Happened and it's definitely Does like nineteen shows a week anyway. We can't even get around for one sometimes it's pretty tough well because. That time was because like you said, but what was both of us because we need to finish that story because there was something going? Oh, you went to fuck in Michigan. Michigan. Wisconsin Yep came back Yup and I went to Michigan through Wisconsin through Wisconsin. I was like he literally left and I went back facing where he was. Then, you know what's funny is that we ate at the -cation within weeks of each other.

00:55:04 - 01:00:01

How'd you either to the brought shopping? The staples in Kenosha Oh my God it was so good. I think next time when you guys tell this story, you should wake up the place is because Michigan Wisconsin seemed like Jesus Christ what am I doing in this story right now like I was in row got the hair. I was in Florence. And we just we couldn't make it work. It makes its you're more like Bill Clinton. WAS A love story they're getting that. That's exactly what I was saying. Julia Roberts Ray love love. We missed each other. So I had happened to go to little Saint John's island. For. A couple of. Weeks. Out of out of nowhere, not out of nowhere when I came back. Still that clip and we had to play that on a loop. So what I was in. Little James Island. Tonight. I said, don't put me on that I. Know and then you just said what Mark said. Damage. Nicely done. Good you're gonNA, get fucked if you ever get investigated by the C. S. O.. Notice or no notice. We are being recorded by the federal government by the way. One of our episode. Thanks for coming on. Wait what is this real? Yes. So in a way, kind of it sounds worse than it is probably. As a bad disclaimers. Mark until you're. Thirty and trapped means from weird fucking. Plane trip. Accidentally, send them a link to the. What happened? We're about hit a hundred episodes. And we noticed they not. We I noticed. He lipping volume. One day you know we get. A few good listens every single day. But when all of a sudden you get a hundred listens in a day you kind of notice. and. Then when you look into it and you notice it's from one single source. You start to. What is going on? By the way, that's another excellent name for a podcast again, good listens Oh my God. That is good. At the show that you can do. What we're GONNA do if you're grandma's house doesn't work, it's going to be called a few good listens isn't that? Is that within a few good men? was good that one's better. Better than your grandma's house says, Sure Your Grandma's house. It's funny. But if the Brim Grandma every fucking five minutes br we kind of had this. Listen that's fucking hilarious. That's amazing. So I'm writing these down by the way. But listen to our. Our episode called Conspiracy sooners episode episode one episode in one, thirty, two, we're not that far. Episode Ninety One we're not. Close that won't be close. But it was basically so. You GonNa. Talk about the episode. Now, do you want me to do so that up? Gotcha. So what happened was we were talking to. Ted Episode was based on. One of one of our people in our. In our group are passed away. From local. Heard the. Trat local, he Santa IAGO. So it was based off of that. Absolutely. It wasn't that episode it was the next episode one. Oh One. Sony's ignorant. In ignorant I can't and say, mass, Bella. I put it in his very. It's a very popular episode because we did I did the. Name in Spanish. But. It's episode one on one. If you listened to that episode, we go into. Like A. Big Time detail where these companies from what's going on who's backing it things like, oh, so that was no so The. Reason why I brought up when it was, that's when they started to listen to us all they'd yes, they listened to us. Address Santa Iago passed away in memory ninety, three, episode ninety, three, which I was closed I said ninety one. That episode, we were talking about all this like Santiago passing, and then we had another local comedy comedian that team on which was. Remember who was Thomas. SEPULVADO EPA Lido. Believe was on. With us. So it's Kinda like a two part episode.

01:00:01 - 01:05:00

So then after that, then that's when we kind of notice, spiking and weird. and. Then that's what we kind of dug into looking up everything and it was kind of weird. You know I guess they still record US basically what it comes down to is. The FCC who's the maybe emmy it may be the FCC recording us but a company called Dot Org and basically archiving are catalogued. The world ends. They're saving us. Look into archive dot org they essentially, they're an organization, a nonprofit organization that has built to archive. Anything on the Internet. Yeah, I use it I still use them actually where they whenever I was looking. For Digital Marketing purpose of busy looking websites and when they changed, you could go into their archive dot org way back machine and you type in a website and then it'll show you snapshots that. The machine took from whatever on stay year up until like we're going. Wow. If you go to dot org and you look at their search engine, their search engine actually called quantum. You tell me what you're looking for. And then it quantum leaves to Albert's biography of what you're looking for in this case, marketing materials. So wait a minute Albert's. Not. Everybody was a I was a little. Hood. Kind of made my own list. That was nice. It was good. Wow. That was great guys. This is good teamwork. The dynamics that we're going to use for a few good listens or your grandma's south. Or? Frog approach I like no I like I like the the few few listens amazing because you know that's pretty much what's going to happen. Yeah. Yeah. You don't like three pronged approach to like, hey, guys a three pronged approach on the first prong step any because I'm remember I'm not going to be involved there. It's GonNa be the guy in the back of the guys. Mad Producer. That's fucking they're not getting paid. The mad intern. In, my brown suit that I can't wait. I can't wait you're. On me. So I am down if you guys are. Just to give you. The phone in. This was. Like let's do. Man. A few good lessons especially movement. What would it be about? The same forum, the force. The same thing. No Good. Not Listen to me. We've got to have a three pronged approach now now I'm the. Listen to me get back to work. That's all I'm GonNa say that's going to be my whole line. You know get back to work no, I'm not sure got through. A few a few good listens. The format is gonNA. Be This we are going to review whatever you can listen to III. Music PODCASTS, radio. Whatever, and then we give listens and there are a few good listens and then we review bring guests. And then. We're going to talk about our turn we we. We have to take this off his mind. Good. Rainstorm walk well first off. I already committed to another podcast called Septa pod Did he do that with Paco where we review podcasts shit on them for a certain period of time. And then. That's what our pockets. So it's a podcast reviews podcasts in a podcast and said, oh. Okay. So maybe we can't do. We do whatever we'll do. You can do everything but podcasts. fucking. Done that with Chris haven't he's doing it on his own on his own podcast. He's trying to relax he's trying to create beefs. He's good at that. You've had paco and Joe Audio on your podcast would you would you think of them? You're mad again, this is a shit. That was perfect time to come back because it was suffering there. So you just said pieces good. Is that all you have to say, did you hear the part where I told them I told you guys that they're pieces of shit that Joe in. was there more to that or Is it. That was it. Kidding guys are sweethearts I.

01:05:00 - 01:10:02

Love Them. I I wish I could have been more on my podcast and I. Don't say that. Say That because they do. Okay. Check this out. And I'm not talking shit about them but I am. Oh. Find it funny speed. So I don't know if you saw one of our episodes, we had Ralph Sutton on. Not that long. Yes. In real rate episode, it lot of podcast knowledge right. In, radio for twenty years. This guy, he starts a podcast network. Also. Gave me the inspiration to start playing with that idea which I can talk to you about already. Joe Audio in Pothole mainly, Paco have taken advantage of his radio experience in have had Ralph Sutton on their show like three times. I was on one of their episodes while he was on. Surprising after we. Argue told me about that so Wait wait wait and you didn't know. Did I know that he was going to be on their episode or. Yeah Yeah did they have you on and then stitch on the par where they know I knew all I knew he was coming on. He didn't know I was coming on though. He didn't know that I was going to be there with them. Okay. Okay. Was He okay with that? Was He shocked? Was He like all this guy didn't even? What's your name Bryant was that? No, he he remembered are. It. went off without a beat. That makes sense like. Nobody acknowledged it. Good. Where was I going with the story I don't know you said you don't want then Paco or whatever, or they might get offended but you like it. Something negative. Yeah you you're saying you had Ralph Sutton on your podcast. Had three times. Yeah. Had Ralph Sutton on their show like three or four times they haven't shared. You means they were going to get out. Shared him well, you know what I mean like. Help get him on our show what you? Already, had him on our show why do I want him on our show again I mean I do on our show again do like a stunt or something. Where you going with this then hello. Exactly. Am, I still on here. nope. I don't know these frozen another. Dim Lights. What's going on over there? Love. You. Get invaded over there. He's living in Scottsdale. Tonight here it's real. Can you hear US or no? Oh. We lost him what the fuck just happened. Talking to anyone they're. Funny. Well What happens right? Organ this Mickey Mouse Show which is of my brown to yellow you for fucking up. I need a coffee Mug to says. World's number two boss. Our Internet this. New New place, we need a new Internet. Everything. Agreed. November right. So we're planning to leave the member. Sir. Here. Quiet. Sorry. Did hear middle armed chop that all your product something that anyone. Is Back. Technical difficulty are you there you're in the door? Come to the Lion Y'all rolling blackouts because going have. The we haven't even talked about that. Rolling blackouts. You. Hear about that. No. I did not I was lying about really that's happening but there was an email or something that mark shared with me. Earlier, today that are local electrical company. It was saying that from nine o'clock. On or before whatever try to not use too much our. Apparently, there a fire on one of their grids fucked up so they want to conserve as much as possible.

01:10:03 - 01:15:03

APS as well. Maybe SRP which is electrical companies mainly in our state of Arizona. Saying that there could be. Issues today. Interesting. So I thought that was yeah. I don't know what you. I don't I don't know what happened guys. I'm sorry my Internet it was. puttered out it's probably. It's probably. Only, oh. Shit. It was me it was music and usually have very quick. Internet. But today it's just been. PUTTERING along it hasn't been that good. It's because you're connecting to a podcast in Mesa. No one trust your. Internet's downgrading no-one Likes Mason. Problem. Yeah. Nothing. Adam trouble because I've got a podcast. After this. Mean Albert Good luck with that Albert Right. But he's back to your story. Would you have more your story? Oh. No. So they were there basically abusing this guy. So that's why you're mad as it used the mind more than more than. Once. Yeah. So that's why you're mad. Am I mad about that? No you said it was remember where this not even that bad I mean. To use them. In that sort of beard was a short period of time. That's kind of messed. Yes. That's where I'm thinking. That's probably not cool I mean it on again. I mean last time we had we're in completely different office, but he can say no thing about that though. That's what I was. GonNa say. No. then. I've done with you guys. I Love Palko and Joe Audio very much and. So. All love to them. A and I don't think that they're so intimidating that. Ralph sudden would be like Oh. Oh Yeah. Okay. I'll come on your podcast. That's fine. That's fine. If you're like three thousand miles away he's got to to. Go. That would be a conversation with them now because him being a New York like how shitty really is right now? For him and medical because dude it's. Bands. I have a few questions for you right now though. Be Besides Julia Roberts, who do you want to have on your podcast? Famous wise. Oh was famous is not famous so on and so forth because we'll make a phone call for you because you you know you. GotTa has your call people. They don't answer the right number, but I'll call. Okay. You'll call people I like. Mom can you get Julia Roberts on for seven asides Julia Roberts? Who Else do you want podcast? She's a no go for me. She tells me no all the time. So that's why. Dude if I mom or Julia Roberts now. Both don't talk to any more. I don't this is such a good question. I don't know I just play it by ear. It's week by week things change and I tried to. Get, on and I don't really have A. List. Of People that I'm like I really want them if you could have on person sorry I guess you're going to go there but if you can have one person. No matter what? Would you have on John Gotti? Like. No. You have unlimited access to that one person who would it be peewee Herman? Overa-? Fuck what? He wants to get a car. That's why it was looking at neath a seat and get. She's on house arrest right now. Right for what what you do, what you just Edmund for what being nice to harmful. She's part of the Tower Oh we need to have a Jeff F. seen episode. She's part of the ring do that on our PC episode she is. She's part the ring. Yes do you know about that conspiracy of? No. No. Just now leaving the context that it is let let it. We can't talk about anymore. It's going to be in a future episode. Smell may tell you guys who I could have on Oprah. Shit on you guys just immediately rejected you're like, no, you're not. GonNa. So I'll change it. I would say if I could have any. Other pedophile ring either go ahead. I I. Think. I think Bill Burr is too easy law. Is. It because say easing podcast Yeah I am I had you know what I had. Paul. VERSI WHO TOURS WITH BILL burn he was actually in the king of Staten Island.

01:15:04 - 01:20:03

With them although the the large seen that he did, it's funny. They look very similar just different shades. It looks like you're you're shopping for Nikes, and then you click for different color and managers chose the same thing the different color she's kind of like a bald medium-sized guy but he is the nicest man in the world. Poverty is so nice where I feel like if I had bill baron, he was shit hard time which is fine. Yeah. I'd let him I'd be like Bro. Just please bend over and continue to just dump on Canal? He's been on my bio. Before you should on me but yeah, exactly. But if no, no, I was just back just air bonds just shit on me you're an enemy if. I want to be washing out builders luckily, another good episode of good show two year and intimate. Each said. I said fear it into smear it into. Yeah. That is better that is better than what I said. Zero intimate. I mean. If we make a cooking, maybe we'll haven't called spirit into me. Hey. Out. You can do whatever you want. Or just a show about bagels. All bagels all designed. Smear. Some bagels today. Fifteen minute but I have another it's I have another answer Phil Rosenthal Guys Phil Rosenthal. Does but I don't know he wasn't person DEX sportsperson probably not he? No, he's the creator no creator writer producer of everybody. Loves Raymond. Oh. Okay. I thought that was totally Dick Wolf. No. He does a lot of the crime stuff like the cops and Shit I think is A. La, I duNNo. Wow. Who I'M GONNA, turn it around you guys. Who would you guys have if you're to have any shit I wasn't ready for that. Mark. What's yours. Be Will Ferrell. Owes. Farrell. Yeah I'd like to have him on. Steve Carell that'd be cool to. That is a good question. You don't have one of the head foles has been. Would you say, sorry what am I goal has been to get somebody that's been on the office and? Just today actually I got somebody on that has made an appearance on the office. ooh. I present dropped the episode okay. Okay. After after we get off, you can tell me. That's cool. Yeah. Thoughts. Oh, God that sounds cheese. Now you I we were. Wrong off when he told me that story. So, that's a good to get. Not I mean no, it's tough questioning. You like Thomson Gura. Lovely Module rogin somebody. WHO's on the top of your list? Either Comedians or movie stars or Even sportspeople there's sportsperson. If it had to be like someone entertainment wise like in movies or whatever like Johnny Depp. One. Downed with Networth sucks because he's like nuts these days I'm all for it you might be. A Better episode the. Sorry these days I think he's just fucking sense he came out of the Wu. Debts. Yeah. Just. Don't let them a more crazier as a years like he's in the thing aggressively getting worse just the thing is that I would be it would be like a him kind of conversation because I'd be all about. Well, I'm sure at some point you you champion. Of the Caribbean I would be all about that talking about it and then. As a side note i. be kind of talking about fear and Loathing Vegas, which I'm sure that's where you becoming incomplete. A Lot. Good movie. Yet, that would be him. I mean yes. I Want Thompson Cigar I went I want a fucking. Oprah. Not. Over. Brad Williams. Other other COMEDIANS. Leap. But if I had to pick a top that would be yeah like number one. Trying to. Make some phone calls.

01:20:04 - 01:25:04

Definitely, not Israel, but he could give something away. Oprah. They said he'd honey you know that the. Only. Thing. That's that news is taught me late lately is that you don't know anything. It makes you think that you don't know you don't know any. That's that's where they. Hook you in because basically just like welcome to the twelve news NBC, you don't know any. You know nothing until you hear our news. Yeah and then you're still searching because they don't think they're right. Yeah. It's it's a weird fucking time. During, the during the Kobe Shit have you. In quarantine my like ev even watching her binging anything and a lot of podcast stuff. That's kind of what we've been asking people have you been like? Binge watching. Yeah, I've been binging. We benched a couple of things if we we mostly watch with my wife wants to watch. So it's a lot of cooking shows. And you know what we did watch was. Life although was Indian matchmaking. So it's like arranged marriages. That's exactly what it is Yup. Yup but there is a professional matchmaker, the travels between the US in between India and the US and people hire her a match their children with people that she thinks would be eligible. Candidate though it's it's it's like this. What's her name sophisticated twitter? That's what her name is hinder. Wow. Sophisticated tinder that was her name because that sound like that could be from that region. India. Okay Winder Winder I like twin bender. Nameless Chicken Tino was Allah. ooh. I forgot what her name was. It doesn't matter right it's. Funny it's humane letters I imagine. But can you imagine you have kids and then you're like all right well, it's time get. Married. So I called up twitter and he's going to search. Member she binds. But there's more to it than just being arranged where it's like, okay. You're going with this person is. You tell me what you want, and then I provide you a list of candidates where my database and you guys go on a meeting and if you don't like each other than you don't continue. Wow. So she's almost like importing chick holy Shit. No. This is like some Jeff Shit Earl she's bringing the basics from there. Yeah. So basically she's like. What do you want and then the guy comes with a fucking sticky note and he's like Jazzmen from Aladdin Yeah. That should be everyone's list write this number one. Fro Hell you. Jasmine that was my shit. In all bring the carpet that we can ride on. A whole new were like you if you didn't do I was GONNA. Do it so thank you. A new fan I can go all the way to the point of view I've done. Pretty good. So my second question from the earlier questions of who you want on your podcasts. How are you getting the guests that you're getting right now? Snapchat Brad. You had who else have you had recently, he had mo mo from the show. How I haven't out. Yeah. That's a pretty good good. Do you want me to reach out to mow? She sees this that we reach out to win. Before he took off to Arizona and he never responded, and then we also research to He was on he was on the same station. He was the one that was the morning guy. From. His job his job. Yeah. Local radio talk on it. And then I also hit a creepy. And this was right before he got chicken not talking I'm not I'm not trying to be derogatory. Freebie from cave and then. Yeah and he said he wasn't he he couldn't at the time and then now that he's not in radio. I. WanNa give him time. Yeah it was. Yeah that went down weirdly. Imagine. Either way so P-. Power you getting your how how are you approaching these? What? What are you doing? Anything special or you just it's luck of the draw.

01:25:06 - 01:30:00

It's just I mean are you offering special favors? Grandma talks well. Yeah. I mean. It really allow other people they think it's super complicated and balls lahser process it but ultimately, I sent him an unsolicited Dick Pic and be like cod cast. Later, a lot of them are just like wow. Yes. Absolutely. I appreciate how straightforward you were Sometimes I write podcast later on my erect member and so bad. For details. Putting the zoom link on it so that helped but no in all seriousness. please. Do Not for the love of God nobody sending unsolicited Dick Pic. Scott ruin it for everybody Scott. Send. Me Another Dick. PIC. I will in that fit all on the on on the member like the the question in in the in the Lincoln everything I'm impressed. Wonder. No wonder they they responded nicely done. Well, I mean honestly what I do I do Tanna Ram view. Yeah also. My Dick around but it looks like it's The things we can do with phones. So brilliant. Man. It's amazing. It's amazing but no to to answer more seriously. Oh. I just asked. Our productivity. Say No. Or not. Exactly, most of the Times. When when we ask when I asked? It's not the right avenue that they respond to like I hit I, hit their twitter up versus instagram. Or something along those lines. So it's it's I. Think it's figuring out. which which one that they're on the most which avenue do you normally use or find success with? Email. That that also depends too and I think it's kind of a gamble to be honest with you where you don't know sometimes I've had I don't know how or why. But sometimes I had some guests they follow me on instagram after I follow them until just. The M or Twitter. Follow them back sometimes email but sometimes I haven't done facebook. Really. Well. Yeah. That's what I was going like. We're not really using facebook these days if that be avenue maybe. Might have to go that route if you're saying that's. Not. that. We're good. No I mean I haven't had any success from it but I'm not gonNA knock it or say that no success has been made from she's maybe it is. So weird because it's like. I understand that they would be doing me a favor like coming on my show I off you know and and so you gotta be respectful. You. I said you attempt to mark of like what what I say but it's just basically like, Hey, big fan loved the show. I've had he's got on before. It it'd be. So. This. Being respectful and also numbers get him I reach out this so many people it's like ten people week sometimes and Sometimes, it gets to the point where oh? Yes I'd love to beyond. What are some time then said times and they never respond sometimes I have to follow up then they response sometimes they respond. Then we set a time and it's super easy. It's so draining sometimes to do email after email after email and then do you follow follow follow up and and then sometimes they'll cancel or sometimes they'll have to reschedule or whatever and. It's just being consistent and continuing to just have a lot of irons in the fire that helps me with. Oh. Man I really to get this person and I'm super excited. Out and then. It gets canceled it ends up sucking and they never respond whatever sometimes that all happened. So I just take what I can get. And then Just. Try and roll with it right. That's how you pick up women. Okay. That's yes another good strategy. It's a wrong approach for success three to ten late. So if you're not a fan of tinder twitter twitter, what we call it in one remember what it was called D. Masala you're not a fan of that. Then, take the three pronged approach email. Message. Twitter. Yes Exactly. Exactly so it's been. It's been.

01:30:01 - 01:35:00

Like you have had some awesome people on your show to Ralph Sutton. You as. His name from. Net flicks. Settled people on that flex and actors Macho Seven Kevin. Johnson. Johnson Tony Tripoli. Reports. Back. US on two and a half men and we found out that he was on tune men on our show. We didn't even know that it was a ploy. For. So funny and I'm like we had no idea. and. Then we went back and watched that episode. So he got royalty money off of that. Yeah. That's smart fram. Nice. Oh. My God that's funny. But yeah, I mean you guys are doing a good job too. So are you guys go in pay? Just, jamming twitter whatever go. Door to door. door-to-door. Like. Are you famous? Hits a trailer park I he gets what he needs to stay up for the rest of the night. Which is down below here he does a trailer park. He gets what he needs. He goes out there and go door to door. He makes the whole night of it. It's mainly DM's. Bribe. It's mean. DMZ Bro. sliding. DM's. And they don't respond. been there. Man I've been there reached out to or did you end up doing reach out to Sammy the bull? Why requests him as a friend Apparently Sammy the bull is I think he lives here? Yes. He lived here. He hasn't a really big. Hobby the bowl is. Now. So Sammy the bull is he was the one that turned in John Gotti. He was a part of that crime family in the New York. New York. Oh. basely. Read it on Godley and all the family and. Say Right because if he listens to this episode, if we have to get is what happened and we do it salting. Okay. So he was a high ranking officer was an informant within yet to edit all that shit they said before. Yes. So he was a high ranking officer officer in your organization, the organization love that who then helped his government and his people. To turn over. States witnesses. Was a state witness at he basically helped. Put a case on a lot of people. and. Then he moved out here and he got a little bit of trouble as well and ruin started. Nice. But that's kind of his story. Now. He has a podcast here in Arizona he starting a podcast he is not thirty starting one. Oh, never mind but very here's here's the thing though. Me and Scott had a discussion via text message about if he's still connected or not. So mark was worried you worried I am worried that's good worry. Let's be real good word whether he's connected to the Mafia or the government he's connected in shape that we don't want to be associated with your argument was he's not connected anymore. I don't think he's connected big as. If he was an informant for the other side, he's not in their good grace anymore my rebuttal to that on the other side my rebuttal to that is. He has been caught while he's been here in Arizona. On certain charges. And he served time. That time was drastically reduced. Because for some reason. So He's connected somehow. I would agree that he has somehow. I would say probably more towards the government. Know, you've been connected either side sucks. Let's real real. This is a good teaser for the next episode we're saying. You know when he comes on the Mafia. Informant like you're. You're connected like it man yeah. I know. And he so he started a pool business here in Arizona. He that pull business was very successful supposedly, and he lives in North Scottsdale probably he's probably your neighbor. You see him at the same thing I'm getting a pool done to a guy named Sammy. Coincidences I don't know. What I'll ask them for you guys I'll be like, Hey, do you wanna be on this podcast asking freestone? On, our show all three of us the. A few good lessons you listen. Dad A few. Guest Dami the ball.

01:35:00 - 01:38:48

Damato. Bul. Be Good I. Love The name I love the name. That's. Amazing. offline. Wind down. Winding down. For. Coming on. Tell us where we can find you. How do we get in contact with you? If I was to be a guest on your show? How does that happen so on and so forth? Oh well I'm so glad you asked if you will be a guest on my stuff you. May, talk to my friends Sammy the pull and then he oh No. So it's really a three pronged approach to to be able to get search. All right. I'm done. I'm done if you want. Why am I paying my plugs? What am I doing it? So you guys can find me at a comedy advice podcast, Dot Com you guys can find on this on instagram at comedy advice podcast twitter, a comedy podcast. You can find me on instagram. S. sit-on Tani. S. S., E. T. T. AN I. Love. So that's that's can find me, and then you can listen to a comedy advice podcast. Search comedy, podcasts international podcast spotify Stitcher, wherever you listen to podcasts I'm there. Everywhere. So I am and I just wanted to extend a huge. Thank you to you. Wonderful hosts you guys have been a delight This guy do you like this kind of format or do you prefer the sunny other the old way that we use to have it which was basically Well. He has a set thing I know that's kind of what we did too. We used to have these topics and free fro flowed frode free throw the Eddie like free throws or do you like to three pointers I don't where you're going with. What do you think? Thai like Slam dunks. Okay because there's down so cool we're doing now. I think I. Think This was fun. Other one but. No No. No. No. But I'm trying to think about the other episode was structured. We we did. It was structured. We talked about making a murderer we talked about. What else I got other topics to it to be honest with you they're both enjoyable but that's because I think you guys are at you guys are gentleman skull. This guy. This is my first time coming. Up. If, this is my first time on the PODCAST. I would say, maybe a little bit of structure. Exit. You can give. People. People know what they're getting into. And so a little bit elite. Okay. Good good. Good Advice. It. All right I don't know anymore. Well, you still hardly. down. And let's get out of here Amigos. Amigos out. Yeah. PC make sure to subscribe and review us all your podcasting platforms visit us at Amigos goes. Duck net for our entire library content and Amigos. Merge. Till, next. Oh No. Did you record me saying that? Yeah did nice record all that. That's still going. Hello No, it's ended. Okay. That's that's my go pete. And?

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