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f you're looking for a high brow fancy. Smart Regal podcast with Post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos. Looking for drinking random nonsense stunts, shenanigans, and balls out craziness. You hit the Jackpot is goes. And this is Scott and mark. WHOA, we're live these. You liked that that was pretty neat. You know with the commentators said there. Once in a while I. Know we have not done thousand while some more. So you yeah do the hot stove and do something else you did do something spicy wind. That was horrible counted. Need doing it but it wasn't. Wasn't. Kind of wish we had a video like y rest of it. Yeah. Me Walking up in the same. And then walking back and forth in the house yeah. Trying to figure out where life is just ruined me forever. Stop Dole Mix. Yeah I I. Definitely can agree with that you and hot stepped on me. I did I did hit up. TACO. Not that long ago just wanting to. Respond back to you know he made mention that. Yeah sorry. I did an. Angel Anymore we need to do something spicy again. So hopefully, he can kind of figure that out for us and it's pretty the data spicy shit. You hear about Stevo today. Duct tape and. Yelm? Funny You bring that up. Yeah. So Abdirahman Er. Okay one of the COMEDIANS. We've had on our ask who is also one of the people at our local. Thing at last year's. Local radio show. he he won. You want any. On carden one and then He. New brought. Him. Yeah. They're both good. I know He. Hosted that story about Stevo being duct taped. Yeah. So He was going to be on board with you. Okay she. Cheapness. Thoughts in my head is you guys get one billboard you cut in half you support our billboard on our podcast and he says the other cut the cost we'll Steve O's taped. Billboard always even on his own billboard. Oh. He's not looking at now he's behind. I thought he was. Or is website. Billboards are expensive. So's our. Drop that kind of money for. That but you gotTA. Z. I am down though I am down to duct tape myself to a billboard. US more views. Shares. Someone. Could sponsor the billboard. Listening sponsor gophers speaking of likes and shares I recently posted on twitter. Asking for a home hookup. We are five followers away from seven, hundred on instagram. Few are listening to this go to Instagram DOT COM AMIGOS PC? Give a homey hookup follow US follow US break us over seven hundred. Number seven hundred follower gets a free t shirt. Oh, look at this guy he's been he's pulling up the big bucks the big box and we get we get a nice little shiny. Now. That's only in Youtube. INSTAGRAM. Weekends old doing. Yeah. They give an instagram pencil. The Pencil. Machines from school. For seven hundred. THAT'S PRETTY COOL Thanks Thanks instagram. So, what else is going on? Oh. So what are they talking about before? Man I don't have all the details on that but that thing about with Netflix on that comedy.

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Can't take a joke shit. Oh yes. But so the goes officially got a Netflix. Comedy? Special. Check that out Scott was just about to drop it before he changed directions here, check out the netflix special for the Amigos PC. Go to your net flicks browser. SEARCH AMIGOS BBC into pops up. I don't know what's going, GonNa, pop up want to look now. It's all related. narcos Shit Yup. They've got a lot of narcos stuff on Netflix. Did you see that they came out on Amazon they have a does the real the Real Marco's thing is what they call it which. The, Rio narcos lives no not that quote real housewife of narcos talks about What's the one that me you in Albert Bo flight, which was basically talking about the key Alonzo on where he was. As a dude, who gets spoiler alert? He's killed at the end. That was narcos Mexico narcos yet think so. narcos Mexico. That one they did a documentary on Amazon talking about the real story really talking about how the CIA was involved in actually killing him. I haven't seen it yet. You know those the parameters of it, which is what I sent to you guys. Probably. fucking read it when I didn't either. saw. that. You send it directly to me. I think the UN our but I mean like directly to Oh Gotcha. He'll pay attention. You probably fuck it takes muscles all days. He shouldn't even by ten in the morning Dude I, my text messages is beyond. A lot of them are from your wife but. WHAT CAN MEDICI WHY I'm joking no, but it's probably is. All right now. We're. House hunting. Is What young more because our realtor? That is why. Sure. Thanks, guys. Keep me in dark no, it gets easy. You just keep in the dark longer because it's just easier to cope. Yeah. Something you'd have to deal with them. You just pay the bill. That's an easy easy nice moving train Nah. Hey? Fortunate you won't have any more kids. That's true. Why already know that? I'm not gonNA have any well. I can't have Mueller. Okay good. Yeah can't either Double Double Boom. It's a win win. Win. Double, safe and this ozmet dropping. Now bowl their wives. None of them take jobs. nope. We. Needed a laugh track on. Oh. Let's see. People cheering. It works to I guess. Oh, some of laugh in the background. That's A. That was a perfect laugh because it wasn't a great. It was just like a one of the background laughing another joke at their table. Right. So we got some homework that we need to do your we. So we need the next episode. Kind of kind of. Next up so we will have a guest but still need to tease this little. Yes or does are guessing to know what we're GONNA talk about how? Well, they're not the the watchwords an honor. One of. Like fucked up. Both are. So we kind of dropped a hint on this This thing we're talking about right now on the Kelsey, Hudgens show which we were just on. We were just on Yep, go check that out make sure when it drops. Checkout Kelsey Hudson podcast. Pretty good show putting pretty good episode. He's had a lot killed Tony. People on their. Job commended. Ryan. Ryan J E built. Feelers. He's he's pretty good show and either way. So Scott head text me not that long ago. and. He's like, yeah, last week. Is a dude. You have to check this out actually what I'll do. I'm going to read you're GonNa read the Rita's text messages. A lot better reading the text messages. This. As as were as were in the middle of show, my wife sending me another list. Oh is she? Yeah. Hey, look at this, which you know what's weird is I can some of these. As you're looking that up some of these pop it up and I can't keep saying like a restricted or I can't get them. So yeah, let's. Sometimes she sends Me Link I get the same thing.

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So that's weird. I. Don't know if it's the link is bad or yeah she's look this one is working. Amazing Fuck against another. What. That it's obviously the system whatever. System has Kobe I'M GONNA. Actually, we got quite a few in our little chat that. Gems reading it all because I know but no, but a lot of not. Going into our guest and everything. So. Did you find yet so? TIRICO. Watch the evil within on Amazon prime. Case before you say the Thai. Because I know we're going to go to seventeen am in the morning yes. Six in the morning seven, thirty, five am. Good question mark from me when you woke up. Yeah, it was. Time on. Right after that. It's a conspiracy slash makes you think kind of thing which I'm surprised it's been out since two thousand sixteen and I've never heard of it. or has been removed. I haven't finished it but halfway was good. Some Silica don't fucking type when I read. A few hours later? Friday ten am. What's the Wi fi password again at the office? No I. said, what's the? Wifi. Password, again, you're like at the office and then gave me the password and I said, Bingo. She's listening to us right now because you just sent me the link I I need to write that down. She can't be listening unless she's on Youtube following us. then. After as I need to write that down no way I'll lose that job. Okay. So you go on. Yada Yada Yada Iheart. you ha ha ha. Doesn't happen. Strange shot the evil within the sadistic tale of a lonely, mentally handicapped boy who befriends his reflection in an antique near Oh my God the demonic creature orders him to go on a murderous rampage kill the people. He loves the most a Scott. Is this the right one? It's an amazing. Amazing. Description. You Review and then I'll read me Oh. Okay I. Don't have goes pitcher. Go Go ahead. So the next the next thing Scott Says No. Well This, one's all fucked up dude. Just. This should be federated. Fourth. Yeah. It's pretty it's pretty. Well, we talked about. Bringing what we say in here, the Shit's not really. We'll talk about when Troy S for religious now you're GONNA go there. Another. teaser. was. Funny. We could. Use the names in the future say it's a friend of ours in a group chat. We'll do that this episode a friend of ours in a group Chat Yep. Okay. So Am I supposed to be reading a unit do. So I just read. Well, this one's all fucked up dude. Just fucked up dude. Killing the story I know I know you should just keep. Just trying to find it off. About Chris Christie Cinema. Wow that's far. You're almost there then. Did our did a friend. So you said, did our friend pay you to watch this? No. No. Not far far. Niente. Up there. So, we I was like, well, this one's all fucked up dude and you're like nice I need to check it out. I said. For sure I, finish that documentary to. Separate through when you told me to watch it. And then. Computer. Epstein. Files. you're talking about where's the screen shot? Joe The screen shot of the you. Yeah. was there. Okay. It's right below that I know. was there the whole time? So is this the right one I go? No. Love, this one's all fucked up dude. Oh Nice and you check it out. Because for me. If. It's fucked up. I want to check it out just just because started.

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Yes. Typically I'll finish it but if it's really bad like like not fucked up bad but like if it's boring bad, I'll stop. So just give you the inside of what I. What I'll watch. Then you gave me the actual name of what I should watch. So that's me talking to my wife finding out the name of the show that we actually watch together the halfway through. Or. She had a look it up because we didn't remember because it was late in the night. To, remember what the fuck we were watching the night before. So that was what what movie was at. The real name. Yeah. All right. So it was it was a documentary in the name of the real. Thing. How are you scrolling? So much fucking. Took me back down. Back Down. Hold on. Sorry contractor. Talk. Talk. Chris Cinnamon you're almost there back there. The guests are they any check it out then the enemies within that's the real movie. Dude that is not what your text me, right? I said Oh. That's the movie Amazon Prime Documentary. I know. I know that now mark. You'RE GONNA laugh. Even more. Once you start watching this movie and how fucked up it is. Actually I can't wait. Aw. Okay. The enemy within just sounds like a person someone. We. Know Earth. Republican views grasping at straws to link Communism to Democrats. And then also meant mentioned curson cinema is a Communist. And then he also said she. Read you can't even read. This is this is a Arizona senator by the way. You, and then I said did this said person pay? You have me watch this shit. Because essentially, the enemy within is definitely a Republican. Based Yeah ideology. Yes. No. I told you that it was a conspiracy theory. C-. That's how I look at it. I think conspiracy three Shit I don't think it is factual. I looked like Oh shit me but this is. No matter what side it is right or left. I. Always see it. You know you know what does it half full or go to see in the middle like okay. Both sides you're our shit. So they both try to get you. One way or another right so it's like. All right. So how is this way steering this way but it Kinda makes you realize like all right. So if this this is something and it's like, wow, maybe. That's how I look at. That's why that's. That's that's those with the glasses that I watched it in halfway through the way that I, looked at it was. Kind of already. The person wanted as the logic. that. I talked you into it. The person that made this document docu documentary yeah. He believes this so he believes it as facts. So, there's no, there's no denying. Yeah for him, right right. So this'll be like having a conversation with said person. There's no arguing with no like there's that's his viewpoint. Yeah and you can't sway his viewpoint. You can't. You can't give a voice of reason, you can't give. Your idle idle. Your view, your vantage point. To. Bring him more centered versus left or right right and that's why I kind of said I only watched half of it because the reason why I said that. That was my thing like I was hoping. Yeah. When I was like I'm going to finish it. I was hoping even when I started it I'm like okay. So even seemed very on a anti left side of it. I'm like. I really I really hope that they start. People on the right you know what I mean like some people that are. Horrible people right like you know what I mean to make it more like, okay. All these assholes are bad which is what I. Can Be the case. and. I didn't get there when I watched where I watched. So when you said that it must have been all. Against the left side so We. Skip some construction talk and Scott laughs what a weird. Yeah. Goes. It's all. It's Scott Finish that documentary last night seems like a bunch of white people upset with black people and a couple FBI employees upset because they lost their jobs for being racist.

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I'd like to talk about this one on a pod and our wonderful story as to how I watched the wrong movie I we'll get to that down the road once Scott actually. The both things both things finished. But not until you watch it so we're kinda spoiling it a little easier, right And then you're like. Oh. Yeah. Sorry three. For. Sure. Finish Finnish documentary to. I was only halfway through when I told you to watch it and they started talking about your computer. So. That just shows you like we're. GonNa talk about it. No we stop talking about it from there but yeah, that's where we are so. Intrigued with this whole. Reading or text messages on this episode. Let us know give some feedback. Easter eggs over it you just have to find. What is a mind? Altering. Is I don't know walk through the desert for five. Days. For years since a long since I've actually read the book, I don't read the Bible. Hold you I've told you. I don't know that I've actually. Yes. I, have read the Bible that's impressive I haven't even done that like I can't tell you which one. There's the Desmond, the New Testament knows all I know book I had both in it. Howard yes. Also was Lutheran base which. Holiday Inn or. was. Not. An Old L. which Vegas Hotel you read it up 'cause you're up all night. Thing we're gonNA find out here. A couple of weeks We are going to Vegas migos in Vegas, to check us out can't wait to say you guys how we're gonNA. Win Money because it's my plan to thousands of millions of dollars to buy a new house. So I need more money. The housing market is right now until it. Turns the ship. possibly. Dead. Air. What are you reading? I was GONNA go back to more sexy talk. No don't go down that road until we go down that route. So I told my wife about. Which one, the Oh. Yes. Talk about talk about your wife watching the movie. Did she watch with you what you know she's she didn't watch game my father-in-law though what he what he was like this is he was the same way he was like this. So did you did you tell them that I? It said the watch it so You tell him the whole story. So he sits down and he's all like Oh. What's this about? And I'm like. Well. My friend said that supports a conspiracy theory movie, but I'm coming to find out that this is not a conspiracy theory movie. this movie's pretty messed up. You sit through the rest of it. I mean. We'll see together because I'm not going to turn it off now. To find. Out. I was like actually like interested like. Okay what it? What is this about because it? It was just so messed up. and. So we finished washing together and we're both like at the end of it. This is fucked up. Yeah. Nice. I can't wait to watch it. Felt both finished the one that I told you on and then, and so then after that, we watched the other he within fifteen minutes of the other one starting he walked away and he was done with it he. See. The other way. So said person says, so I think I know where Scott is at Oh, you're talking about the religion, the religious talks yet stalls. Albert. Migo me. Are you guys of any particular faith? And I go no said person. I believe in aliens. Less. than. So that's that's not a not a non fact you know to our library you know I would agree with you. I also believe aliens what's funny is desired song conveying this to my wife I read the text messages and she's like, what the fuck what's your problem like what do you mean? This is this is true.

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This is a non fact like. You're trying to be funny I'm like, yes and I still believe. So. I'm not being not real. I see I see her. She's probably being like you're dumb well, yeah yeah. That's why not a wife would be your. and. She's basically like saying this person's trying to have a real conversation with you. Yeah. With everybody in you said that. And then, and then were you the one first person who said something because then it got snowballed in other? In other shit I read the second. So after that said, person goes I wish I could ask you guys in person it's lame overtax, but I was just curious. And then I said. I answered h-honestly still. Like Dan itself should be funny. because. He thinks joking when I said what I said. And I was well, I still answered it. Honestly. which then he laughed you laughed. Albert said Scientology. Chicken see our a scientologist. Can see them taking over Huma and then said person goes okay Tom. com. The hell down. And then I just realized that Albert said this today as going back to Texas because I on my wife about this inner change today Or Exchange. And he goes. I'm I'm good friends with Tom Cruise, I didn't even realize that Albert said that. I didn't think he said that I thought I thought the other person's of that. No Albertson said I'm good friends with eat. So the other person said Okay Tom Com the hell down. and. Then he said I'm going to France with Tom Tom Cruise that's. which is funny because Albert. In our group chats and many of our group jets. Only chimes in Albert. has a free moment yet because Albert's busy dude is very busy and so he when he chimes in it, it's almost it is almost like. It's almost. It's validation that he's alive. Even though. Mark. Season every day, but it's like for. Okay good our. Our still can be funny. And how we miss you? Miss you on the PODCAST BUDDY MR I am part of the podcast you'll. You'll always be Amigo. You're. You are the OG. Literally you have gang ties and everything. Tom Cruise. Or should he has you know? Let's say in scientology openly get flagged. We're already flaked by I know but that's governor work. Scientology. Cameras on. eld On harbor. said. Ron Hubbard. By some fucking knockoff Oh did you hear recently that Ron Jeremy got arrested for says actually. Is this. Goes back. To our last episode on. Chelsea show. That I. Send Things. Nobody fucking reads it. But yeah sent that about Ron Gerbil hold on all clearly i. Because now, it's worse than it was when I sent it because at the first. He was arrested for like three charges. Is A fucking twenty charges that's worse now but what you know is there something more you know no, I don't know more you just know. The twenty charges is a surprise. Is. Known for doing that. We will talk about yes. Because we did because remember we were like. If you're going to hang out with a porn star Yeah Right. In. The face. Or? Something right like or I mean if. There's going to be a male. A kosher. FUCKING party. No Right. It's not going to be like you're not going to bow tie it up and. Unless you're only wearing bow ties, I, mean, Dick is pretty big to Bowtie. You could bow tie the Dick. I mean but I'm you know what I mean? From watching his ex, his aides his. Is Yeah like that or his his his. His Library of work. That's some fucking classiest shit after watching his library work. He can probably tighter not. Out. What do you mean? No. I like it a lot Larry. You said that yes, I did.

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It, to me. You're hanging Ron Jeremy and you know what he's about. The fact that he even makes. Let's say he even made a move right and I don't even think he would make him. He's fucked everything on earth like what why would you? Why do you? Unless unless thing about this, you're getting older. So He still doing porn is he he was? There is porn, of Ron, Jeremy, the way that we know him now. Really yes. There is. Wow Up. No. Oil I I would have thought that he. kind of retires just kind of like like like getting. Like he's in the hall of fame of looking. The AMA's or whatever. Right? Like the porn world right. So he gets like residuals like if you all fame like OJ nothing of OJ that that brings another thing. Do you get residuals for porn? We need to get a porn star not an asks I agree. I definitely agree What I think is if you have probably some kind of allocation rights and that's a lot of it probably streamed from you know they moved from the whole DVD aspect now you're clicking. Right. So then you're always gonNA make money if he on the rights to that video. Shows if you have a larger amount of clicks. GonNa get paid. So that's why I think maybe it moved from that world I don't know we need clicks we can get paid. Yep. So you take your You take your old timey stuff that you didn't even ten years ago I have an idea. He remastered drop it again on born up. And you make more money or you foreigner. Whatever whatever. Whatever your your vices. Idea for migos. Memory can't talk about this and now a Mike was content this bad one. Does our content. So I think even if someone else did it to our content. It's our. Let's blow to. What is what do our show? We'll see what happens every episode. Clicks. Shit nobody's going to. Want to. Go there for one reason, the stories and what happens we have stories to. What happened? Stories. All right. So maybe All right. Let's think. WE'RE GOING TO PUT A. Pen in this back to this. All right. Well, the Susan Short one. Oh, we're done. Let's let's rain wind down wind you're down. Yeah, this was a short one. So we're just GONNA drop this one out. This was a this was a flash in the PAN yeah. Winging goes. Leszno about the text messages if you like that or not reading text messages, you like What we've done today. Let us off uploading our podcast porn is a good idea that is yeah or maybe we should do the videos. Have you seen those hold on before we stop have you seen those videos? Where the guy was just like random shit, he just labels it. Like I'm watching watching at home eating cereal. Wait for the together show up like she is that's high. Yeah that's fucking Larry. Do that. We. Can do awfully shows up for work someone fucking showed up for work in an office. As she sits there. Hey, are you here for work? Yeah. All right. Let's. LET'S WE'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about you in the office, and then we'll see if we can get you to work. And like fucking just prolong it. You'll be sitting there watching you probably get paid more longer on maybe that's why I think to China. The clicks the click man clicks or is it just longevity? Works. Out Imagine Clicks. Wolf I know. It will find out. CHECK US out on the next episode live on you porn. Or whatever your vice is. This has been the migos. Make sure to like, subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platforms visit us at Amigos Dot net for our entire library of content and Amigos Merch. Till next time audio.

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