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105. Kelsey Hudgins the yonderwizzerd

Updated: Oct 15, 2020


f you were looking for a high brow fancy. SMART. Rigo podcast with Post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos pc if you're looking for drinking random nonsense stunts, shenanigans, and balls out craziness. Hit. The Jackpot is is Amigos PC and this is Scott Mark. Riyan already yeah. She migos he seal live on Youtube. Healthy. Hugging. Finally. We got it. We did. Yeah. This took a little bit time for us to get together. Don't pull with a man. Yeah Plus the seamus not even not even just today like it we've been trying to. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. That's that's true yeah. And I fucked that up I ruined the magic then. The Universe man, the universe has been against us thus far but damn them. We're going to do it anyway. I blame Kobe who's koets Yeah they had an end went to that and everything. That Shit I'm in South Carolina and we opened everything back up. So everything's back to normal now and I'm just Nice play playing shows for all of these good people. Yeah that was us to eat why was it a month or two? You know it was April was when are we go to? SEDONA. April April April opened back up for us. So it was closed for that month or whatever yeah. Donna open back up in. An April. April it June. 'cause. My anniversary was in April and that's when we were supposed to go. To sedona yeah that's June far versus in March and we're trying to plant together. Yeah. This whole fucking this. Is like. We don't even know what day it is. Anymore I know man time-warp. Me To me and I have no clue what's going on anymore. We're GONNA get another stimulus. Yeah maybe halfway through the month see and here's the thing. I. Love I love how they And a lot of people who were in a situation of not making a lot of money at the time when when they found out, they were going to be getting six hundred dollars a week. Plus whatever they were making and I mean that's great for for folks who? Don't have a lot of overhead or things like that but man. I don't know like. That didn't really cover a whole lot of what I was lacking. In. Yeah it's not it didn't help at all. Yeah Yeah, he's Agley. Here you go. Here's you Renchik for one month. It's Supposed to last you four months. Eight weeks or whatever it was too, which is hilarious because you think like you know the government officials imagine them getting that money instead of their check, right? Right? Yeah. They would fucking last on that. They're fucking mansions and shit, and whatever. And all of that. They're taking a vacation like this week. I, think next they go back on vacation like That's why they're trying to get this whole stimulus thing organized in have everybody see eye to eye on that for the neck over the next few days tomorrow I guess the so yeah they go on vacation for whatever the break is, but they feel accomplished because they got something done so so. It's of the elected official right? They get they get their their what their benefits right? You know you have one year of or one day of service of your pension for dinner is the. Health Insurance for whatever I don't know the rules, but you basically you get that you basically, Damn. What was I going this? It just seems like they they don't work that much jet night. So it almost seems like this why people work so hard to make it in because they don't they get so much out of nothing. For doing nothing yeah. Funny. It is indeed man I don't know if I was talking to somebody about the the whole unemployment situation they were low be was making more money. You know not going to work now. So they're just sitting home taking that and Ozzy Yeah. Well, that's not the case for all of us like man I could take all the money that they were going to give me any way they still wouldn't. It still wouldn't. Pay What I, what I, what I lost in the time when I sat at home.

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You know. So it doesn't it doesn't even. It makes no sense. No, it doesn't but it's twenty twenty where nothing fucking make sense anymore. Yeah you're right. You're right I mean we can't. Can't hear. Everything is clicking. It's supposed to be no, it's it's twenty twenty. It's everything that can go wrong. We'll go on. Yeah. So you think, do you think twenty twenty one? Going to be better or do you think it's going to be the same? Like do you think do 'cause I'm that you know Twenty, twenty one where like at the restart maybe would things start getting better? You can. Twenty twenty one could be shit, but we've lived through twenty twenty so i. So. Yeah, I think it's just okay. This is like a higher grade of Shit that we were in last year but you know we're not where we were last year so. Hope I I. Hope. So man I really do I I hope that Twenty. Twenty one is quote unquote better but to be perfectly honest man I kind of were corentin before all of this I I quit drinking like four years ago and. I after I quit and I live in a a Merle's inlet South Carolina which is the drinking capital of South Carolina. Famously. In I basically quarantine myself after I quit drink in because shit I mean. I could go out and hang out with people but I'm not drinking. Fun To be. Around. People to be honest to. If you're not drinking, you know it'd be annoying. That's that's right. So yeah, I've been quarantined. For about four years now and and. I thrived during this time man. I used to I used to. All the time off I had no excuses to not do. Some other things that I needed to do like as far as get back on top of streaming a little bit more and build a computer and. That's pretty good. That's good. Yeah. What have you been? You know in this whole binging in the world would have even washing anything on TV Netflix or anything anything that's been. In this quarantine role that maybe you've been that caught your eye. Oh. Yeah I Of course, I watched the Jordan documentary the last dance. And it's that last night. Man. I have a bit about it where I was A. I watched the documentary and I guess I learned that it's okay to be competitive to a fault and that he wouldn't have won six championships. Had it not been for Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman? That's That's what they're telling me. Yeah and how he was just a complete control. AM I. Just kind of kind of a jerk in some cases, but it kind of seemed like that's what fueled them to win. No. Other. Yeah it. Really. Right. I feel only watch for. CEPA. That's market be seen any of it. What's the first? So it so far? Yeah. All I don't want to spoil the ending but they win. My question was what's important two years or whatever. Right to do this story because I mean obviously they had the camera crews the whole time. Yeah it's almost. The whole fucking thing. So yeah, you know what system so long it's almost like they had a week for somebody to die or somebody who didn't want to come out which I'm guessing that GM guy. Yes. He. was kind of the asshole the whole thing. Trade him to be the ASSHOLE. But kinda him him and Jordan kind of both seemed like the villains. In a sense yet. But I kind of I kind of sympathize with the Jordan character because I'm very much like that like he's like a dictator away whereas my way or the highway but in his in his way of in his way and I I I'm that way in my in my band. And I try not to be in like but I mean at my core. That's just what I am. and. I sort of felt a connection with that. But I understand why he did that because he's trying to show you here. He look at this trophy. These rings. This is this is why I act this way. This is why I do that. Right, there was one part of it when I was watching that he was like. Is kind of caught the guys I.

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You know you're not GonNa be here on the coattails of at all like you're not going to. The like in his in his next three that he won. Yes like. He was talking about the for. The first three that already was was like these three. You know the next round of them that he won. He was like I'm not gonNA. You know you can't just come your show up I. Think you'RE NOT GONNA NEW Push you the whole practice like to me. And I get that. He's like pushing these guys even if they just going to here is going to be on the bench but yeah. and. That's what I think. You need to be a winner right and he kind of proved that. Obviously. They underestimated how hard he worked. He expected them to work as hard as the as he did in. Yeah, and that's Obviously. Yeah. If he if he was pushing them Mike how he was pushing himself. Yeah, just yes be winners and. That was awesome. See Era, big kill Tony Fan Right I. AM indeed I Love Kill Tony with all of my heart. Seems like you're like intertwined with them a little bit more than I actually had. Known or expected. We've had a couple of the contestants on that have been locally from here Actress and bowling on our podcast on on a couple of times actually Yeah. A couple times Steve is he's been on there s he yeah. He's been on on our pie and he's been married. Yeah probably. Yeah, that's cool. I mean, he's Hilarious. But. It sounded like you had made mention you and read. doing streaming at some point in then you've also had Joel Bergman and. I and J e bill on your podcast like what got you into killed Tony and then also I mean How'd you make your connections with all the guys? Well, what got me in to kill Tony was Ron White. Actually. was on Joe Rogan and I'm from the South Man. Yeah. The I loved comedy Tour Bro I. Love The blue collar comedy tour and like. It was that was a big deal to me as a kid so. Or as a younger person round Y Gerege. Inexperience. They drank a bottle of Tequila and he says, I'm going to go do this show called kill Tony Tonight at the comedy store with Tony Inch Cliff. And I was like dude, they are getting fucking hammer on this episode he's going to go do another podcast after this I was like I have to see that. and. and Lo and behold. I. Watched Kill Tony that night. And it was the ban was the blue collar comedy tour guys. and. Shit this is pretty interesting. So, watch the episode and then next auto play. I'd been watching a lot of Tom and Bert stuff. So the next episode auto played a an episode of Tom and Bert. And then after that I was like dude I really liked this show saw went back to the beginning and I started watching in and that's where my connection with the crew came in because. I hadn't really thought with twitter much. Dozen followers maybe and when I started doing when I started watching kill Tony I started on twitter light live Tweeden as I was watching the episodes in like Oh shit at Tony Hinchcliffe just got pissed off at Redman because Redman is being awesome with the soundboard or whatever it was like the red man started re tweet me. And then like I just I basically, it was like Oh, Shit. So these are like, okay, these people I interact with their fans. So I just started doing I started adding them on twitter all the time when I was watching the show and a been the fuck out of it like hard. I watched the entire kill Tony Series in like. A little bit under four months. And Yeah. that. One. I. Don't even how you found the very first episode but to to binge all of that that that's yeah that's impressive. That's for sure well. Getting your stimulus money your home. And you've got the time. You get paid to it I mean. That's right. Now. I dedicated my entire like. My entire. Life to watching kill Tony at one point and the because I've always been obsessed with comedy and I think unless you're a psychopath, you kind of have to be or will especially maybe if you are you kind of.

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Get. It depends on where you are on the level yeah yeah. But I mean I've always liked comedy and then just watch the old episodes when they actually would light help people. In, their comedy like they would give them pointers and then you get beaten Mike Brilliant minds, Kirk Fox Erik Griffin and. People like that WHO gives really insightful. Advice to up and coming comics, and then I was like you know what man? I've always been. On stage playing music so may as well just. I mean I wanted to start doing stand up. So I started doing stand up. And? I basically utilized half of my. Time playing music on. We're in between songs now just run bits. And See how they work. So, INEXP- inspired you to do comedy and then I think just recently saw that you did one of the like the virtual minutes for kill Tony Right Yeah Yemen man and how that go. that would really cool Hours. I I had written a few like one liners which I like I like this short punchy jokes and Yeah just re wrote a few of those an recorded a minute standing in my living room. And I didn't put any Kinda like frilly effort into it. All I did was used a real Mike. And Yeah. Yeah I, Senate in I send it in every week. and. Then In getting on getting on one of them it was fun. It was nice. It was cool because it seemed that they knew more about me than I knew they knew about me and that was off putting a little bit not off putting but just I didn't expect a man you didn't expect to year like. I am or whatever. But then all of a sudden they went in on you and yeah. That's really cool man. That's good. So have you done? Be Done Open mics or anything like that. Like 'cause I know you mentioned about doing stand up or anything? Were you wanted to or. Any that. Yeah, there was a there was a couple Mike said have been around there's one of them that I didn't really go to so much just because it was very blue. And I our to another Mike that was kind of like. They didn't care. There was no, it wasn't. It wasn't like. Restricted on language or anything like that which was cool. And Then the. Basically said, this was just. But the but. Those are actual Mike's I. Still I get a lot of states with music. So I just. And I'd sort of keep them separate like I don't play funny songs. And Play Funny Song or anything like that. But after I get done playing my songs I'll tell jokes and talked to the crowd for four or five minutes before I get back to the songs. Hey cool. Yeah and he's just you just start live streaming like some of your sets that you did with. when you when you play when you play music bar or anything like that because I. Recently. saw that too. Yeah I was for a long time I was. I was just setting up my phone on on a stand in front of us and streaming straight from my phone and streaming my shows. But then you to put a they put the they brought the hammer down on less than a thousand subscribers. You can't go live from your phone. Yes. So Salau is already like a few months into streaming when that happened and. Then all right. I'll just periscope if you of them in start a pair of scoping, and then now just I record everything a record, audience, everything and Yeah I'll stream a few of them on my channel after if the recording comes out fine. You brought up Youtube one thing I did notice that you you have quite a few for your. You're halfway more than halfway to that thousand marker. For livestream wh-, what did you do to grow your channel? Basically to the point where it is today. Short answer I. I had a really good friend who had a lot of followers that put me on like one of my very good friends, Jamie is names, Jamie Deluxe I love you guys have heard of Jamie Deluxe ripening it now.

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Yeah Yeah And the. But Yeah Jamie D. L. U. X. is a very good friend of mine whole spell. Deal you. Ex. he he's. He's from Myrtle beach. He's actually. We're friends I R L. as the kids say And Yeah. So we we've played music with the same people and I found out he was a streamer and he's got like shit on a followers and I reached out him to interview him among podcast and I started like being very active in his chat on Youtube and And I still have and I I still would be if we weren't doing kill Tony Things every night at in the guilt discord which will get to later but Yeah he's. He's very cool dude. and. Interviewed him on my podcast and he. told a bunch of his followers the subscribe to me. That helped out a bunch. I went from like thirty thirty followers to like a hundred and something and then. This is the business part you're not gonna like I got swatted. You're not going to enjoy that bar to. The followers from that. What? What does that mean wanted? They kick you to the curb I. DON'T WANNA be your subscribe to you. well, no, not not not in the sense of like a fly but someone I registered. I registered a website for for the podcast and I hadn't privatized it yet someone went onto the website I just registered found my at address from the website that I just registered and during one of my live stream sales sports. podcast I was doing at a time. Got A distinct knocks on my door during one of my live streams and it was a fucking Swat team and that's what Oh shit. was. A SWAT team guns, a blazing y'all I had less than I had like a hundred and something subscribers at this point like it was like nothing. And and lie, and I'm enough still very, very small like this was like. Not. Eat. Not Not even, I. I was just on the residuals from Jamie at this point and. Like The yeah. They came in guns a blazing. We just got a phone call that you've killed your wife and that you're going to kill somebody else. You've shot your wife in the face and you're gonNA shoot somebody else and I was like well, not married start with Ragas. Wrong House ah they they not know my door. They were about to bust through the wall in and like they were trying to set up camp in my neighbor's house or my neighbor's apartment here trying to set up camp in there to try to like listen to the wall or I don't know what whatever but they were going to bus in and they were like dude I don't know if you know the guy but he's like a really nice dude he's streaming on the Internet right now because my neighbors know when I'm doing Chile this. He's streaming on the Internet and they were like. You should probably just knock on his door. There's whatever you think is going on in there is not going on in there but. Yeah I was streaming and like a fucking professional first thing I do when I hear knock on the door. The Mike's because. If somebody one of my friends has an opinion about sports. They WANNA, knock on my door while we're live streaming just. Pop. In and say, I'M NOT GONNA give airtime to do that. And that's what I thought was going on but not just the SWAT team. That's hilarious. So a blazer. Any question. So. One year neighbors that you like who would who would you think it was like? You know who it was was just like a wrong neighborhood altogether like did you talk the cops and the way Alec detri- guys you shook their hands. What happened No like they intended to send them to my they intend intended to send them to my address like I was live. Streaming is something that people do to live streamers. When they find out, you're streaming live, get your address and they call the local police in that town. They never call nine one one because nine one can trace calls. They always call like a front desk at like a police officer or something like that. No my God. So the yeah. Yeah. So is is swatting is the thing and I I'd had apparently done a podcast about swatting with the sunset grill. Forever ago I didn't even like mostly like producing.

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And kind of CO hosting that show. So even slipped. We even talked about it. But it didn't happen to allow. The domain in the guy that got me got someone else in. North. Carolina. With like. Thirty seconds after he got me so he made two calls and. Apparently enjoyed watching cops show up to. People's. Houses. Laugh on the Internet we're doing live. So that gives you more followers because of that. If it. Did it validated me honestly in some sort of weird way as I? Okay well. There's that. Then then basically I just I just started going live man my I I did. I did a like almost two hundred episodes of the M. I. Stuff podcast before I Stop doing that. And I've been I've been trying to talk to Scott into where we would Playstation about the have command and conquer relaunched. I've been talking to him about we're GONNA. Yet like We should. LIKE WE'LL PUT A. Stream it up. What about? Israeli air get dome. Live will I be old guys just playing old games from when the PUCK and play games like we're playing Mario? Ulchi like. For. I. Did that one. minecraft. Got Up to but I. I one hundred percent did that. You tried that. Oh. I did that like I was my thing i. I would stream live Super Mario Brothers or paper boy or land. Mike Tyson. Punch. Out. Yeah. I would strain that I would I would. Tie. Green screens up against my wall over here like setup microphones Dan's the hold him up and he said a camera on TV. It's assholes like us in our age that weren't watching it because that sounds awesome to me. Yeah. But we we know we're not going to watch I guess that's where that. That's why I think that. Oh. No, you know what I mean if we. If we do command and conquer like it's A new one. No one's going to do it yet right I. Well, I'm sure they will. But then we're doing it to to the new general idea to down let's do it. I'm down. We'll be we'll be up. That's the thing condemning. That I think the trick was was figuring out something that you could do. In stream but it didn't feel like you were streaming in and the time goes by quickly. Yeah. We're having you can get A. You're fun. You get a good couple of hours of content and you're also. It's not like you're getting content. You're actually playing a game or whatever it is. Do Shit and talking Shit. Yeah, and then. I love that like watching I mean 'cause my kids watch all that chill outside there. Watching people play games to me. It's like. You know it's it seems silly to watch like I don't care to watch it. But Yeah, you bought that they're going to watch it. Yeah. I'd like to do it twice one bucket. Let's do it. Yeah. Once us. Trying to like. Shirts on second time shirts off will pan. Yeah that's it. They ever go see mix it up. Well, the first time we do it likely. Game we're just playing, right? Yeah, and then the second time we've played through the game. So it's like we're doing a walk through. Oh. That's Yeah maybe even. Like in game tutorial I read her. Scrimmage though the whole time I don't know how the game's going to be. Yeah. That's what I'd like to do just. Like the actual fucking the missions emissions that rather do the scrimmage. Fight each other that way. Yes can be long or we can go fucking poker I don't the the win retaliation came out on playstation way back when I stayed up an entire night. With my cousin we could coop every single island on the. Every single map on the actual game. See, fucking. We're s commitment where that is and then I had, and then all of a sudden my dad was like, Hey, I need you to come to my work and help us with some stuff. So the entire was up for at least forty eight hours though shit? What am? That's that back back when you're younger that you'd WanNa play that's that maybe hasn't come back yet. That you would wanna play in do something like that game you won't remastered or remastered that do that hasn't been done yet.

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that. You can think of on the spot they can't think of Shit but well in a re all right like if I could get like a remastered version of the original gears of war. Okay that's the original gears war one with light the original online maps. Yeah and just make it better like how the newer ones are but just make that. Yeah. But just all the same controls as. I'm I've I've only played in my life. Like? Regular Nintendo Games Super Nintendo Game Sega Games then Twisted metal on playstation. Tony. Hawk on playstation then gears a war on xbox and then every single mlb the show. Every single baseball game there has been I've got all of those but I literally buy a new playstation every like ten years when they when make you do the new one. To buy a new game. Yeah. That I don't play a lot of video games but gears of war one that would be a really cool. Fat One. That was my that was my. Favorite here's a war. Mine too man easily I never tried to three was fine. But Man I just did they doesn't taste the same dude. I didn't like it too fun. Yeah. I. Have a couple of Games on the list. Yes. Go ahead one you bring in talking about shooters and stuff So calm to would be I would wanna like an eight complete. remastered habit. Yeah I don't want to remake honoree Meltzer. Thing game just making a newer as young were. Okay. Yeah. Maybe some additional DLC or something just to like worse that's how they all do it and then it this game really isn't that well known but it's called Asia Dreams. Okay well, and basically it's this kid so. which going to hand job places you go to well, that's. That was close. So it's this. It's a role playing game. It's his kid where he he's from the small little city, but the city's next to the towers ancient tower. No one knows what's going on with it. It's like the leaning Tower appeasers something right As he gets. To. Access to tower. And you go. Up Do Ninety nine levels you get lots that are in the maintain as your pet, but they fight you. In kind of a pre pokemon or was this. Afghan yeah. No I think still around okay but then as you. Get achievements you level up, you earn coins in the game you can then build the city out. So you're like the mayor basically like you're you're building the city. Tower. Pok Mon little bit eventually, you build a SPA. and. Then you get hand jobs. Yes. No. That's where the hand jobs come in you get. Massages. Market. Evangi Palace. Job Palace. That game you try to get. You get the puck an job, but it's got like all the. Things that you love about anyway like it's got the weird. Weird nerdy girl with big boobs in things going on grassy and then. That's true. Oh. Yes. Max's weird balance. Those are the right. I describe it. But it is, amazing. Game. You know I wouldn't I would have. Kind of already mentioned the other game I would have backed but they've already announced it's coming back. So I felt like it would be cheating to say the original Tony Hawkes Gainer we'd the original soundtrack well. You said. was that. said. Sorry. What would you say against? Are you get choppy there? Oh Yeah Damn Choppy Internet is not going to let us live and Nah, but I would I would say the the Tony Hawk pro skater one but it's already been announced at that is coming back with the original soundtrack. they they're actually doing a rea-. You sit there and get. Drunk and play that game all night. Yeah. That was a fun game not drunk low hell. Yeah. Yeah. No no, we get drunk. We what what was the first one that came was when we were teenagers probably I. Think isn't Tony Hawk pro skater new than the maybe the two that I played drunk. Eason's. Which one was the what? I had.

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The Warehouse GonNa, call it for season inside Tony The warehouse now. Yeah Tony. Hawk one it started out in the warehouse the where you would do the big drop down into the little like the and the it also had the mall and like just a townscape and everything, but it's all the original maps the original soundtrack. I play get. Drunk. Opposition to do. That forever. Which one? What was it on? To. Someone we all. I cannot sold over two playstation golden. On. Four. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. I I had a lot of friends that played go nine hours watch them play but I do I was a nerd man hours hours donkey Kong country on the sixty four. Different in doubt Super Nintendo not sixty four wasn't it? For. Donkey Kong country was on there yet. I don't know what his name was. Did He Kong? Yes. Digging on. That's right. That's right. That's right. This is this we're going nerdy, but as a matter. We are and it doesn't matter that you're the one that's shaming it right now I'm just trying to fight it fight. And fight off. Bless you. I'm allergic allergic. Sorry. Travel Wifi was. Just, kidding. It's clearly shining right now sure is every time. Every time I every time I sneeze or cough or anybody sneezes or cough invoice Chad. Oh, been from small town mentality always goes crowded buyers. To those toby. Byron. WOMEN TALK TO HIM IN A. I gotta we've been on their show she has yeah we took over their show one time. That was five was. Good. It started our century of just turn the MIC on and talking yes and no. We did that and we had a blast right and we we. To, our shit and then. We're like now we have just fucking do that now so. Man. We used to have formats and stuff, and we still kind of do but with Kovic everything all the craziness in the world, there's not a whole lot of good news and Shit these. You bring it back to to Ben. He's pretty active in the discord channels. Island. You also talked about the kill Tony disgorging also your Iraq narrow lot too then right? Yeah, very active in the kill Tony Discord and I I'm semi active in a shitload more. We have a discord channel. We don't we're not we're not active. In Yeah shows you how active we are I just heard about this today yet he found. Discovered it. You gotta download it again and then control delete in right now not just log in mine. In Can Can we to people log into two different or? Okay. And then you can see all the porn on dischord Oh. Nice. ooh. Yeah. Republican that that's what he loves. He loves the tentacle Porn. How Why that Shit from like? Sometimes they come back like he likes the. Likes you likes eight hands of hand jobs. I mean if it takes that many, that's That's good. CONGRATS. Roll tide. You if you. Get your. I work. On you have you guys seen the the new of source sex DILDO. No I'm cure. Is it the tail is. I don't want to. Know. It is a gigantic trina source rex. Oh it made it like what you would think a-. A- transfers wrecks penis would look like. Okay, I I guess I'll put this in my search history. You'RE GONNA get the Swat to show up again. Hey, you're looking at some weird. Shit. Yeah, this time it was me. No Luckily my my my computer is virgin and it isn't jump straight to that. She didn't know what I was going to talk about in the search so.

00:40:02 - 00:45:01

Training source. Jesus Right East Penis. Oh. Yeah No He does that. Why am I still scrolling? Why is it a father's Day gift? Why is? My Gun. Okay I wish. I would just let it lifted on tyrannosaurus sick. And didn't correct did. Goodness that's just all right. How much is enough why is it on? How much is enough? It's on I mean. Did you know that Amazon has dildos? I somehow yes. Yes. I've I have known that that is a thing I'm on Amazon right now everything there is. Amazon. They sell plugs to. Order. Oh. Yeah I. mean. You can select your size. Extra large. One hundred forty five dollars. On Oetzi On Bet? I'll bet you can get it for. Wish. Takes. Also comes with a heroin three people are going to die making that. Three people making it well, more I, shipping it. GotTa. Smuggle it guys you die when you get it and use it. It came with coke. Or it's of course, came from the mainland. Have you ever heard anything from from wish in you're like I regret this decision mmediately, my son has. Razi Shit on there. He's probably crazy shit that he hasn't told me. Cheap Shit but go ahead I ordered I ordered this thing ones off this instagram ad. Oh. Yeah. It was the right. There is already a mistake. Yeah. It was the powder that you board on your sink. Did you see that ad? You born a powder down your singing like forces everything through in like shows you the video of just it suds up from the it suds up from the sink and just. Forces everything like liquid plumber type deal. Yeah. Ordered it forgot I ordered it because it took so long. And then one day. I. Got it and. It was supposed to be like. obviously, the wish dot com it'd be like a giant thing of powder and it was like. A vile fucking baby powder it looked like drugs. It is a little I. Just look straight light drugs and I mean I'm not sure this. Of Hey I'm here to pick up the the item. Yeah. You're the middleman. Like wait your some from wished and you yeah I'm I'm here to pick up the item. So yeah. Okay. You can have this but I just dumped it into the adopted into my sink and I turn the water on and nothing like the video. because. It was supposed to be exciting. I Dunno house excited about it. I told my friends. I, was like Howard this thing is going be really cool. Chose the video of when it happens and I took a video of it and it was so disappointing I was just like this. This is stupid. This worse three fifty ever spent. Yeah. that. No, it wasn't like wished I it was it was dot com size but definitely, not wish dot com price it was like seven seventeen dollars. I don't pay more than twenty dollars for this thing after ship thing. For like vile of powder like this be like A. Like a regular a regular size. Pill bottle honestly I could just A. Like a pharmacy pill bottle full of this white powdery blue crystals look like fucking oxy clean. But. But. But a fun sire. Fun Size soclean's fucking. Weird. But now, I know that it exists I mean. By that. You know don't buy anything on instagram man also tried to buy. One of those reclining gaming chairs that.

00:45:01 - 00:50:05

The. Red You know the red and blue ones like you got the pillow and everything the GE. Or whatever it's called. And Yeah. It was like sixty dollars. I was like, fuck? Yeah. I'll pay sixty dollars for this fucking thing. And then got the confirmation email and everything look legit then couple of days later. I went back to look at the site they're trying to get my tracking information site was shutdown. Wasn't there was? No, there was no silently more. Now Fuck that I went to my bank and I showed them was I ordered this thing from this site in this site is not assigning more. I would like to put a stop payment on that charge and they did it. I. Did it. And if it came and like the size of a fucking dog chair yeah I. Always. Told my wife If you see something on like instagram or Facebook, you see like the ad for it or whatever go to Amazon and just see how much it is and if it's on prime yeah and his or her that way. Yeah, you're you're you're more safe that way for sure. Yes. I feel bad about how? Relentless. They are to to their drivers and postal workers just because of their demanding things worse and quickly. But God damn it's hard to not everything that you fucking need off of Amazon prime. It's just so easy. No especially now because the people like I don't WanNa fucking wear masks at the grocery store fucking I'm GonNa Order everything on online. Yeah you get it in a couple of days. Yeah, exactly like wait a couple of days for whatever it is you need. Is Stupid not to do that because you can get three of what you need for the price of it would one at a store from Amazon and. Listen. My Daddy didn't raise no fool. I will save money every chance I get. If you have to proactively spend it. You're like, well, I'll try to find a way to. I need I need deodorant anyway. Sure. I'll take Palette of it for. Seventy five cents Jay Howard of it exactly. Yeah. Sign me Oh I'm a lighters how about I'll just order a fifty pack big lighters for. Forty eight dollars yet I'll do that. That's hilarious. Yeah. I'm not going to run out of deodorant relied on for a long time. Pandemic things you need though that's apocalyptic shit exact fab. Or toilet paper because I after after the quarantine first thing I did was I got a membership to Costco because they're really wanted to chicken bake. And Now, the chicken bakes not even there anymore, I, feel let down but I know never. COSCO got rid of they got rid of Polish dogs and now they have just the hotdogs there. It's It's Depressing it's there today actually yeah and it was an every time I go. It seems like as it gets weird weird weirder and weirder because. It seemed like the food is getting less and less like the things that you. Yet, or the things you normally buy and they're not there and it's like it kind of gets you kind of more than that panic like what the fuck is going on here like. Orange juice normally was like pallets and pallets of warns us. There's only like fucking like a couple blocks worn shoes. Eggs there is only a couple of war eggs like it seemed like everything foodwise shrinking. And all the like they're trying to give you like more clothes and shit like the Costco by me. There's more clothes on furniture everything's taking over more of the store. So it's almost like. Get what the fuck is going on like are they trying to like they're trying to give people or the like? I'm a huge fan of conspiracies. Yes. What do you think there I think that's their intentionally limiting not ordering it as much as they used to. They're like we're in a pandemic, we need to cut costs somewhere. And then I'm going to do the things that can make more profit on they ass sense to me. Yeah why not jar? More of. The charge you more for. In. Make a better profit on what's going on. Yeah met Yep from a company standpoint. I mean because one thing that I've noticed is that all the fruits and vegetables are still there. At a at a limited amount and you go into the freezer area though like we're there cold. Yeah. It every time I've went in there their full. The one by me, it's it's very limited will yet again then again by the Mormon I'm in Mormon town where I'm located at.

00:50:05 - 00:55:04

So they loved to just fuck and eat everything or stock up on it. All Yeah and even even like the produce and Shit, I bought it seems like it it doesn't last as long as it used to. which seems weird to me because when I buy Costco stuff is to get last longer because I'll buy these apples that are pre sliced. By those. And the their their shitty after like five days which normally they would last longer. Yeah we had one of the packages lay in. Weird. So might you what the fuck is going on here? I gotTA. Do had like sixty something dollars worth of rib is that They go. I eight eight, one in let got sour stomach the next day and my I didn't even notice. that the meat was sour, Yao lost sixty something dollars a stakes see some going on like it's almost like they're not. They're not giving you. I thought he was. Like sixty pounds here from. nope. and. Literally. Weight is not a word I've been able to say neck lost the next two and a long fucking time. Same Year it's. Progressively upward as the scale is concerned. I've been getting a lot with this the Kovin yeah. It's been bad because you're delivering. Out I think I've I think I've plateaued out at three fifty. You. Think you're good. It's just a solid. Yeah. Yeah. I'm like, yeah I'm I'm I'm from three fifty, three to three, forty seven consistently for the last however long. It depends on what time of day it is yes. Yes Rob. After she hit. Right. But yeah. No code for me. I've gained weight like I'm I now work from home which a lot of people are these days. And My routine was I would work at a place that I would drive to the gym and then go home. Now the gyms here close I don't even do that. But even though after everything let's say gets better I'm still going to be working from home to my new job that I'm in. Yeah. I don't know like it's GonNa be weird. Like. By plan out going to the gym now because no look how much effort it took you to get come to the studio I know a fucking challenged. Yeah Yeah. I'm curious about that like I feel like a lot of companies will find it. They can function with a lot of their employees working from home. How do you feel that you got you as like a an employee deal? Do you like that? In My. World I love it. I I've always I've always wanted that. Thing that you. Like to have more of it, my my last company, they gave it to us and they they kind of strung along with us giving you kind of, Hey, you can do this but now you get this. So it was Kinda like, okay. They're Kinda Dicamillo around and then they took it away and I was kind of because another department in my company was like. Mad because we had home access so. fucking bullshit. So. Now, in my position, it's it's in a hundred percent at home even if we weren't in this this world so. I I like it. But again, it comes into like I have to now be more. Proactive to try to find a way to hit the gym and try to be healthy. He's GonNa. Put me in a war situation. I don't just find the outside in general like Datu Yeah. Well, we're so busy. So yeah, I mean that's Dude I just lean into bro start ordering multiple combos dude and don't even try. I like it like one Combo and then like just maybe a sandwich or two from other things I just laying into bro just ran ran out at other combos and see what? Yeah. Let me let me get a number seven and let me get that artist and chicken sandwich and just sandwich I heard. A healthy. Again. I'm in the L.. Let me get a number seven and also a double quarter pounder with can add bacon that okay. Yeah. Do that with just a sandwich and? Then can you? The meat in Bacon Yeah. Just. Like a ten piece nugget just the markets you guys know. Going on. So I don't. I don't have TV. Netflix at I got rid of direct year ago. Congratulations. Thank you. I. Don't know if it's cutter Glenn I don't know if anger not like an office commercials for this. But I was I was recently traveling to the Midwest and I was at a Dunkin donuts.

00:55:04 - 01:00:00

And they had I wasn't getting anything there but. They had their now selling bacon strips just like fucking French fries. We Dunkin donuts is yeah. So they have like a matter. I don't know but it was in the mid West and it was an Illinois and they had. Like straight up bacon in a like a like a FRY container. They just had bacon like like you just take. Bacon and fucking just straight up, eat it and I might order this. No I didn't I should have pitcher of it. You should have should have ordered it. Like for research scientist research. Because this is what's wrong with the fucking world because the. fucking son you bacon guys. I got Bacon fries. Have you guys ever had Bacon fries why that? is but but not. Not. Just fucking. Bacon Strips Fuck. Them all over America. Yeah. Yeah. South Carolina have you heard of that? No I mean that does sound. You remember the KFC thing where it was just like two chicken breasts. Like the chicken one. Chicken breasts. Were the Bun and it was just making and cheese in between that dude fug it. Silence. I wanted to try that. All the early death sandwich for real. But. The Bacon I was like man that's that's a fucking cross like that's a that's bad. I don't mind. I don't mind regular old bacon but I don't know if I trust Dunkin donuts banking strips that are similar to French fries. It's like my grandma making Bacon, of course, sign me up granny. GimMe all the fucking Bacon got. US Fuck I'm like, wait a minute like, is there something with that or? FUCKING BACON is. In a FRY box to go. Baking. But he didn't say rise just walking said baked. And it was a five piece of Bacon to go. So. Wow. That's his fucking that. Blew my mind. Man I mean I do enjoy baking I. I'm try it. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Probably, tastes. Guys fans of adventure time. That the one with the fast food items. Do they I've never seen things like that. I've never seen it. There's A. A gift on the Internet if that's how you say am Gif Jif. on the Internet one of the characters is he's It's a song so you can youtube it to making. Bacon. Making begging pancakes. MAKING BACON FRIES No. Okay. No, I have. Isn't it? Of Alicia Keys. Yes work. All right. I. Didn't know if Ashley the tune of that song or if it was just coincidental but in this show, he's like making Bacon pancakes but then someone took a leash he. On it it syncs up pretty perfectly. That's so good. I. Love it when that Shit happens. I. told. You can totally tell it was. All Best Nice. As I some youtube. Man. Copyright warning in free. Morning then often we get that. In time every other episode. Is So dickey's. Yeah I and I don't mind. I. Don't mind it because all basically is is just notifying you that you're not going be able to make any money off of this video because someone else has already said they're making money off of it. When I I'll I'll do I'll get copyright claims on videos if I cover songs like they're not even close to the original version if I just play. My own version of a song I'll get copyright claim from it. Isn't there thirteen where like you can play clips though and it it? It's just freedom of information like. Maybe a certain amount of time. It's less than. Than maybe.

01:00:02 - 01:05:08

Eleven seven or eleven seconds I can't remember. Exactly which but some somewhere in there. There's some sort of a loophole, but man is just. I duNNo. I duNNo. If as Arthur now I'm wondering if that's going to change when Rogin like spotify and everything you feel like then be able to. Play music and shit because spotify like conduct of owns a lot of. Dr. Mates to it. Let's right right right? Yeah. I'm wondering if that's a thing. It what gets me who is? spotify really hesitant came out clarity wise with like this whole video thing with Joe. Riot. Yeah and Is this going to be a direct competitor now then to Youtube? If they make it. To where people can monetize things easier through podcasts. Because there's there's a big movement right now that I've been seeing like in in the podcasts. Social media groups in I don't know if you've ever heard of podcast the podcast movement. They do like thing once a year. will they use super for Covid podcast gathering, and one of the big topics is a way to find out how podcasters can get paid the same way music artists get paid. Via spotify by plays. Some wondering. How they're going to address that. That will be interesting and we were talking about that and the other night and best we can come up with is that spotify will just prior and established video network maybe like a video or something. And because I mean, they got the money to do it. and. I don't know if anybody will ever be able to compete with youtube now that it's powered by google basically. But. Man. If they do come up with something better and Rogan exploits that I think is GonNa be a hard sell to keep any of us on. To keep any of us on there and I am a I'm an equal equal opportunity lender so to speak. Whoever? Your Rights Dreamer Whoever Opportunity Streamer. Because I I connect stream and do twitch periscope. Youtube facebook live anywhere. Video can go I'm putting video there so. If spotify wants to jump on that. Jump on that bus our. Fuck you out do that, and especially because youtube just seems like every single time they give you a bunch of hoops to jump through you jump through those hoops and then it's like they give you more who's and. Is Lynwood. You're able to go live at one point on your cell phone and what the hurdle in. Now you need a thousand subscribers. And I mean I felt like that was a that was shady afl and I get it maybe it's like. Slowing down bandwidth for all of the Youtube servers or whatever. But. I don't understand why was an issue? It wasn't an issue prior to that, and then it was I think that maybe. I don't know maybe maybe she has been going downhill for a long time and that was one of the first things we're like we can't afford to let all these people go live unless there's a threshold because slowing our servers down instead of upgrading your servers and maybe. Maybe they just. They just throttled everybody else's ability to go live which I don't agree with but. Fuck it vegetate. More her twitch. Moved you to the different so it may end up being Youtube spotify. Do they by V mio or whatever it is. Yeah. But whatever whatever it, whatever it. Turns into. I mean, I'm pretty sure that everybody will be on the same boat. It's seems like I mean Shit Rogin announces the he's GonNa move to Texas and then. Everyone was like everybody else is gonNA leave in L. A. to you guys are out in California where we're at. Yeah. I knew that I knew I know you guys were in the Times on it just didn't know where in the Times on. Yeah. We were in the safe zone of where we are seeing and feeling and. Experiencing the side effects of what Kobe's doing to everybody when it comes to California because they're coming here they're all learners.

01:05:08 - 01:10:00

It's saw in Florida and. Like, they are straight up selling their houses in California and all the equity that they've accumulated by. You're paying cash for real estate. Here is crazy. It's taken Armenian home price from two seventy something to like I just saw the other day in Gilbert the median home prices four, hundred, forty, thousand dollars. Oh, it's just skyrocketed like it is everybody moved from California needs to stop. Yeah. This is the PSA. PLEASE DOT COM stop coming up. The same time I'm because I'm a realtor please come. In. Come come here and don't go to Gilbert. Yes. Because I'm trying to find a place in his it's not working. Yeah, man I I've I've noticed that a lot of people are just especially after the Cova did and how I and I don't know how. Other than just the people I've talked to have viewed it but a lot of people are really upset with the the local governments handling of. Of everything out there and like people are just getting fed up with. The taxes and I think that the cove exposed a lot of things that were that were wrong with. Air and a lot of people are like now just jumping ship Joey Dee as moving to Jersey. Rogan is going to Austin. Redman has said that he's also going to go to Texas, but he's GonNa like wait it out and see how everybody likes it I and he's going to miss the ice. House then we'll house houses gone now. Yeah. We'll wasn't Liana. Turner just at the Ice House that long ago like what? What happened to the Ice House actually the. Kill Tony the very first quarantine episode that they did was filmed at the ice house and that was the last thing that was ever done on. That is how stage like that thing they were they they they did something completely different, i? Don't know if they wanted to. I. I. Really don't know exactly what they did, but I know that that was where red man was doing all of his livestream things from. So that's a lot to do with why he's he moved everything to his house. I think like doing a lot of there's death-squad chronicle shows and stuff like that. Did you read Rabanne doing a livestream I recently, not recently maybe like a month or so ago I watched Joe Rogan's first. livestream. I'll I man? Great One. Then it makes you feel good. It made me feel like anybody can do what we do. Right. 'cause I suggest that anybody wanted to do a podcast I suggest that they go watch that specific I just watched the first episode of Joe Rogan's podcast and then it like. Amount of inspiration I got from that. Motivation nine inspiration motivation that I got from. That was just like. You gotTA think about it. They were on probably the worst Internet worse Internet than we're on right now right? Choppy in every all the experience of vad today. And Joe. Rogan and name were making making it work and they and they weren't doing anything. We're just hanging out and they literally just got high. You could tell of went live on the thing and then they were just basically live tweeting like you were saying earlier of what they were doing. And I'm. Pretty sure they were on dial up had they had to be like is. No he and he had his own satellite, internet? Didn't he? Like he paid shit ton of money. Yeah. He had this monstrous monstrous set up for streaming for like playing quake because he was a big Gamer. Yeah. Back in the day. So he had this does monstrous setup for that and yeah they are pretty sure that they just used a laptop camera and audio they just open the laptop and hit. Record. I. Don't believe they used microphones or anything. Phone because they're playing with like the microphone settings while. They were live streaming. How does this sound? How does this sound? How does this like they were like troubleshooting, audio us all they were. Having Fun we should whole episode that way. So apparently, Joe Rogan read that I. Yeah. Is Hard to do. It's hard to be original in this day and age. Yeah. Go rogan. He's done every he's done. Yeah. No, it's Simpson's.

01:10:01 - 01:15:11

Simpson's of. And Man it watching watching where Rogan has come from and where he is now as far as like his popularity and his reach. Yeah it's it is really inspirational to watch his very first few episodes because man. He he's like he's come into his own and you can tell that he's Talk or heard so many smart people say so many things that he just stuck with. Yeah after so many years in like this. I want when I I wanted to do a podcast man was when I heard Alex Jones episode nine eleven episode nine eleven Gerege. First podcast episode I really listen to and dude. Dude you can just dude saying shit about these crazy people don't the Hillary's will kill him. And He's getting away with it right here on the Internet you could do that I was like, fuck? Yeah this is awesome. You just talk and whatever you want say whatever you want Oh shit yell do that and then Started sunset grill with with a with a few of my buddies conspiracy conspiracy podcast and. And here we are all these years later yet if it wasn't for Joe I wouldn't have podcast. And that's the thing to like. I had never listened to a podcast whatsoever until we started ours. Always said like, Hey, let's start pockets. Sir podcast never listened to one whatsoever I just assumed it was morning talkradio. That's all I assumed it was. Hard It. And then I. gravitated to Joe Rogan to see what he was doing and I was like there's no way I'm gonna be doing three hour episodes is not as. Much but. We kind of took things from that. It, what we need to do to get it up and running and going and. We just dived in. You brought up the whole nine eleven thing with Alex Jones Right Are you a fan of conspiracies. Yes I am I liked the thought process I enjoy. I enjoy the in depth of the stories that folks come up with for a lot of the stuff but I do have to say that I, I did a conspiracy theory podcast for longtime with a guy who was. Absolutely Gung Ho my co host Noah for sunset grill was absolutely gung-ho about every conspiracy in that everything was a conspiracy and I'm fine with I'm fine with a little bit of that but it got to be a little bit much. After a certain amount of time. So I I do like conspiracies but I do know where to draw the line and building up. That's that's ridiculous now. What but you? Can't drink too much of the. Cool. No, you can't right. Right. You have to be careful I'll keep it kinda short on this but in light of some recent events. I thought back on nine eleven. Lucian, did you go watch that or would you? No? No. No. So nine eleven happened right? Two planes flew into a building and they. They. came. down. With ease. Yeah you Beirut just happened right? Yeah. Let's say everything that they're saying on the news or the the media outlets that are coming there was a firework warehouse on fire where they said no now they're saying Kemoko's chemical land or some you will so. Next to like some storage of some some certain chemicals, right. So the fireworks went on fire that fire then moved to the next warehouse of whatever were chemicals were. and. The big bomb went off. My thing is there was a building immediately next to where all of this. Mushroom cloud damage happened Building is still standing. And they're saying that the the like what happened the explosion was like two hundred and fifty million pounds of TNT that went off. Yeah, so you're gonNa tell me that that happened. This building next to it, you can look it up on the Internet the buildings still standing leave you. It's still standing next to this explosion happening. Yet. Two planes took down to towers in New York made of iron by the way made of iron. So It just made me revisit nine eleven again to figure out. Okay. Well, what really transpired because this building still standing next to a massive explosion Yeah that? That remind that reminds me of the Pentagon situation and that's the be has really cared.

01:15:12 - 01:20:01

Yeah. That biggest question mark for me in the nine eleven deal is because. There's no way that. There's no way. To Burn hot enough to completely. Rate. An entire planes body. Not to count the engine metals that will not melt at those temperatures. And things of that sort there would have been an astronomical amount of damage to the building in the ground. Where the Pentagon was standing not just like that. That's that's idiotic for them. They expect us to believe we all saw the the security footage video. That's a fucking missile going through that wall. I don't care what anybody says I'm convinced of that. And Yet the whole situation in. Beirut. Right now. There's a chunk of the parking land missing. If you look at the afford after his a gift that buddy showed me as a before and after thing that just the scrolls across like there's a whole chunk of land that has just gone. It's like a meteor yes that building it's In Columbia could see it. But yeah, there's fucking that building still hooking there. Yeah I mean. Every either. That's kind of weird. Either it was either it was completely like what is this building like a concrete? Summary. Fortress for. Some information or whatever they're trying to either to destroy. Right on the port though like it to to me. Whenever the conspiracy may be with involved in however this happened. My I just go back to. How the hell is this one building still standing? Yeah. That went it. Just it was. Right next to. A massive explosion. In the twin. Towers. Are Not Ah, here's the crazy thing. Is Their Shit like next to it that blew up. Things. That are to the right of it, which might be kind of water but. I to the left everything's gone into the right everything's gone and yet that billions their. Buildings like fucking crazy. Saying fucking contrary. I'm saying that's what I'm saying. So doesn't make that. Look at the images try to see either on Alex satellites are updated today when you Google things but we're gonNA fucking hide it. Yeah. Look look at the images and then try to revisit that. How the hell does the Twin Towers fall of this building can withstand two hundred and fifty tons of dynamite. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. You look at those videos of the of the twin towers and the controlled demolition and and then controlled demolition videos and then. Consider the fact that however many staffers were off work that day. And the building the building other than like a few essential employees were was virtually empty. You know there's a lot of. Lot. Of Question Marks. All around that situation and you'd all they're gonNA they're gonNA keep popping up about this situation to all we know is what we're being told. It was I it was a fireworks factory, and then it was like raw explosion material and now it's like. Something even different than just might have explosive properties or whatever. Right? Because of Ella store next to it or something. A straight up fucking atomic bomb. Again it. Up The whole city would have been now. That you know what I mean. That's how it looked in the videos when we first saw it, I was like well, fuck that's not thanking Internet though that we have so many different angles in views of all the video of it like it's hard to now debunked. You know it's it was a missile or like the it's just a matter of figuring out what the hell happened inside. Yeah. Yep We'll never know. We'll never know fully I don't think we'll ever for sure and another thing that I don't think we'll ever know is. How and this is the one that got me was the Vegas the Vegas Shooting Las Vegas Shooting Man. The foul Russia's yeah. Out of one guy, pull that off. Like this not I'm sorry but. That's not I. Don't think that that's that's. Feasible.

01:20:01 - 01:25:01

I don't think that's a possibility like. Window, bulletproof right but they're pretty thick. Yeah. How does he bring that big of a gun? Into A CASINO Like. It's weird. I think. After we do after we did a lot of we were. We were balls deepen sunset grill when that happens. So fucking like it was it was like the conspiracy God's gave that to us and was like Oh. Okay. So you got a conspiracy pot. Here you go. Here's this have this now and At and Immediately would all what we what we thought? The most possible thing to me seem that this dude might have been. A private arms dealer. And he may set up his. Showcase or in in one of these. Suites. He probably pays some of the door guys to allow him to use the service elevator to take all of these things up. And I mean somebody of that. This is like this is like a bond villain shit you know. Yeah. Stuff. Like that they have connections they can get all of these things up there pretty easily which we know now was the case through the service. L.. Hitters and. Like just. I believe that he had he was showing his goods to a group of people in these people killed him. And then proceeded to carry out the events that occurred and not only that. Right about A. Few. Miles away from where that happened. There is an. There is a an. Armed. Helicopter that you can rent. That will allow you to go up into the air and just shoot shit out of a helicopter in a desert, and that's just a couple miles away and if you listen to the video footage. There's it sounds like there's guns coming from two separate. Locations just because of the way, the Shit's going off of each other. Line the ships that go off the buildings and everything. So sounds like there's guns coming from multiple locations I believe the hotel could've Dev obviously was one but I think there was another shooter coming from the fucking helicopters that were way the fuck off in the distance. Well. That's you thought about that one yet or did I just interviewed on. Just fucking blew my mind. No. Great. Yes No, I'm going to be on the whole night. Guderian, Shit, nicer done. Wow. Yeah. No and That He. That that seems very Possible Yeah I mean there. Seems maybe but I didn't know about are. You bring that up. We're going to Vegas, here at the end of this month. So maybe we need to go rent that helicopter shouldn't shoot some stuff. Not Not Any yeah. Critically onto their. Plea. How far out? Can you go with this thing? Yes ask. Do you ever fly over the Strip. I'll just be there with a notepad in and have you gone over the stream before. Winning here. How far recently have you been near Mandalay bay? Okay? Doesn't like. country. Music Ohio. Star Star Search. noted. But but seriously that that there's just too many fucking question marks around that thing just the fact that it happened as I was an adult. Who was submerged into that world at that time? It's I. Am taking into account that I was already. pursed to think that way I. Guess You could. You could say. A conspiracy. Yeah I was already there. So it that that one got me pretty good but. I still don't understand like the whole how crazy his brother was and shit like that, and just the the those interviews. And now, his brother is apparently a pedophile. Who got caught with child pornography and shit like that, and can't go into that. That's a big rabbit rabbit hole there we need a whole separate episode.

01:25:04 - 01:30:02

Yeah, we have to do a whole nother conspiracy theories. Honestly with. Everything that's going on with FC right now, like I could I could talk for two three hours specifically as to like things. And the media we have a group chat would just like the the friends of us and like. One of them is a super republican and he's trying to say that you know trump's not involved in some of this stuff and I'm trying to punk it. In a funny way. Yeah it's like. Because, of that, I ended up going into rabbit holes of OC-. You know the this thing goes deeper than what we really think in what's really being played anywhere because the media is not covering the refusing to cover it. Yeah. It's kind of weird. Dude that's. I don't know. You would think they wouldn't because it seems like. If there were actual and I'm not saying actual I if there if there is concrete evidence. I feel I it'd be hard to keep that that story out of the news. With his heart is everybody's on trump right now they would. They would jump on that like a fucking Zombie like at the first sight of. Not even so much trump though even like just like the. Anybody. Well Yeah. Like all the they're trying to say, Hollywood people are involved in all the the sexual and in a year you're probably hearing about all that stuff. So In stuff you know. So even right there you know people are saying that these people are involved. They're not even going to interview or even try to investigate that stuff. It's almost like they're just worried about. All they're trying to worry about right now is corona. And The other movements that are going on you know the the unjustice in the nation that's going on. So it's not even worried about. Like other things just those two things nothing else matters there are, and there are some people I mean to cut you off. There are some people who believe that. The coronavirus is one hundred percent a distraction from what is going on, which is that they are trying to. Do the giant staying on the entirety of the Hollywood pedo ring. CNN and I know that. I don't want to go go into it but. You do an entire episode of this. Crazy I mentioned. Yeah I mean I'm down I mitch him up on Jamie Deluxe his. That's his. That's his deal. A He's he's very much into like the exposing Hollywood. Exposing Hollywood in a big way like a lot of the stuff that I know is is watching him but yeah. This, this shit. This shit goes deep and you're right. We would need another hour and a half to talk about that. Yeah for sure. Well, let's let's end it on a high note key tell. You. My you blew our minds with the Las Vegas stuff. So at this was pretty. Crane. Let's Let's Want you tell us where we can find you on the Internet's in then y'All. Let's winding down all your socials and whatnot right on. Yeah. twitter at Kelsey Hudgens instagram at Yonder Wizards Z. Z. E.. R. D.. that honestly that's about it. Drama city productions, dot com slash Kelsey Hudson show Yet pretty much, Youtube Youtube. At Youtube Kelsey, Hudgens all of my music. If you guys want to hear any of my music which we didn't even we we didn't get into it because then that would that would take. Another, hour of time to just talk about that but A. We go anywhere. Yeah one, hundred percent but yeah, see anywhere music is available for downloads Kelsey. hudgens Alma music is their kills heading this topic on Youtube. All that Shit I don't know. That'll work. That's fine. Guys go like subscribe him everywhere. He just mentioned We have new merch out Scott is playing with it right now we have oh and ask for mask so go and. Check that out on social media and find out all of our new march and and water balloon launcher. Of Yes is kind of it's kind of a broad to it is. A single boob Bra. Nice.

01:30:03 - 01:30:25

All Right Amigos out me goes out. This has been the migos PC. Make sure to like subscribe and review us on all your podcasting platforms. visit us at Amigos C dot net for our entire library of content and Amigos Merch. Till next time audio.

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