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104. Delvin Cox experience

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If you were looking for high brow fancy? SMART? Regal podcast with Post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos PC. If you're looking for drinking, random nonsense, stunts, shenanigans and balls out craziness. Hit the Jackpot is, he goes PAC and this is Scott mark. I need those PC's back at it again with special guest. delvin Cox from the Governor Cox Experience Right. Correct. Are you guys doing bit? We're good. This is like two months in the making for US getting. All of a it is our fault, but I. Thank you for coming on. I basically just wanted to shoot the shit with you and see you know what's going on on your side of the world. While the East Coast. Versus our west coast and this kind of. ADS hang out for a bit. That works for me. The question, what what part of the West Coast you guys I think this is GonNa be interesting compensation have? Oh we. Go, were Zona saw it? I mean if you're looking at south, west. Yeah. Okay, so let me ask this then. What is it like in terms of? Covert nineteen in wear masks and stuff down there all right off the bat. He goes you nice walk. I we were GONNA. Get Our toe in, but you just you just jumped in. Because, like. Both both of our states as we know are like. Listed as horrible places. You in Florida and us. We're obviously in band and other states. Could be to be fair. Florida's always listen to the horrible state. That's for sure I think you. Guys are number one now, and we're not normally require more fighting number one with Copay Nats are mandated. The governor gave it to the cities to decide if masks are required or not. Queen Creek I think is the only one that didn't require mass, but then you got the big chains that are just jumping on board. The Mask train anyway. Yeah, like Walmart and Costco you. have it. There were essentially in like a lockdown. Environment but Arizona's never been really lockdown. Bars. We were that month the month to month, but not really. That's true. Bars Yeah. You can't go to a bar if you have a certain specific liquor license, a bar shutdown that that type of bar shut down, but if it's like a bar and grill and they are food. If they can do it social distancing type than. They can be open and serve food, and you can eat inside right and the other thing, is they. Shutdown gyms here. The. Attacked the. Like you said the bars, just because you know when you're drinking and you're not really. Being probably responsible and and with. And then What's what was the? There was another one I thought that was expected. There's three things that he put on the list like you can't go to, and I can't remember the third thing, yeah. But. Out? Is it same of thing you just free. Fee, do you, WanNa, do kind of thing or Matt. Sanitary Florida doesn't care. At all is like wow, is they've? Put up mass now bats required everywhere. If I'm correct, just go outside now outside in public. You have to wear masks. That's the room now. The people followed or not is different. Yeah also is very funny to see. How people circuit through down here like I a perfect example. Today several times nobody this week. I said today this week. People are wearing the mask. But, they're not wear the masks on their face. So their. Mouths. They went around their mouth on about. All over there does though their mouth people. Is A fascinating Steve Because? They're going to stores. Sometimes I've seen goes towards people like your bass in your face. And like really wanted to know. That's fucking face and I'll see the stop. Lily may correct is sometimes people time to deal with this shit and they'll let it go. It's just let ignore it, so 'cause they don't want confrontation. So it's such a fascinating thing to watch that happen in terms of like.

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These closed down here. They are. Governor has several times. What closed down? He's trying to open back up schools to four capacity. Everything so it's a weird day like as of right now. Almost everything is still open. Even bars bars are supposed to be close, but they're finding that as we speak round. They're kind of like finding ways to open the bars anyway, so it's like. It's crazy time. Yeah, so. Was, I gonNa say what Let. Let's talk a little bit about like positives of Covid. Right what what has happened during this over thing that you you're like Gazza. Right for step this now I like. I like human lists What do they call? What are they calling around? Touch to list fast food delivery. Like just dropped the food, and they just put it on your porch and then walk away like you don't have to deal with anybody or anything. It's like the food disappeared there. In Him! that. Okay. What else is there anything else Yes? I? Mine is I like. I like I like the ability to basically get out of things because of the situation like if if I really don't want to do something that could be like Oh, you know we really you know. We're kind of just trying to follow an in quarantine. Kind of gives you an out. To not be interacted with maybe wondering want to hang out last night. Yeah, so that's yeah. I, I'm. Hanging out with mark. Because of the great thing, it's all my want to be distanced from him. Social distancing. Devon. I liked it that fed stimulus that. Next one right maybe. One. If any. Yeah? I'm really I'm really dig in the. Order Food I. Don't have to interact with anybody on one of the APPS and then. It's just there a little while later. Yeah. That is a plus. In like went dining, or are you living your normal life like? Levels are you at like you? Guess what I haven't been out like dining wise like Goto. A wrestler sisters happened. So that's been done with for a while I still have to go out like in terms of light, get groceries or go to like people in the mega big deal about it, but nothing really closed down here. Per Se in terms of. Location like. Go to, Walmart. Lockdown just go to Walmart. Target, there's still a bunch of stores open. There were stores like clothing stores and stuff like that game. Stop maybe not open but in. Other ways get around. It wasn't like you were just imprisoned at your house the whole time. Yeah, and I think that's a lot of people. took it that way. They thought like Oh. You know you're taking away my freedom. I can't go places. You're saying when I can do when it's really I mean they were just trying to contain it I, think but. I don't know same here. Nothing really I mean. They closed down the barbershops, I yes, there was a good three weeks at my my haircut here. Beard trimmed or long. That was then when they opened up. There was like the place that I go to. You have to make an appointment and they used to have Saturdays where you could just walk in and out disappointment only so like. They were booked for like another two weeks after we open so I still like a month and a half and get a haircut. I'll give you a funny story about that. Day when this first started today, day closed barbershops down. Down here, yeah! I was at a gas near the barber shop like in the gas station like it's like a little small. South Plaza into the barbershop. That shop headed a line to the street. Really, yes, it was insane how their barbershop! Today! They announced that will be called Bob. This can't be good. It was like a butcher people. Outside I've never seen it in my life to get her cat. Easy. I saw that too like at one of those those fabric stores like the Michael's are Joannes. I would when everything started first happening, assault lions up there to get inside just because I. Think people are buying Shit to make mask. And I was like when you never never seen a line going into Michael's or no Joanna. You go like this by like three people at one time and I was like. Wow, that's it just shows you how things are weird, obviously yeah. It's also interesting to see how. Everything has changed and not change at the same time like. I when this first started. Some places was following guidelines Terminal GonNa have like this amount of people in stores.

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At a time. And Walmart was Kinda strictly that at first with I going to have this amount of people would be sitting outside. For hours waiting to get Walmart. Now. They still have the restriction, but you could run into Walmart. You can go to Walmart. The in and out five minutes. And that's I don't understand like my Walmart. They have like they have people like they have it all you know. You know blind off your Walmart. You buy this woman has like Walmart. The one near me, so you go in? You're you're? You're out lanes I. Guess Right, and they have like five people upfront. Let Account People as they're going, but they're never every time I've been there. They've never stopped anybody or there's never line to get in, so it's almost like it's just even you that that false security that that's really like they're protecting you, but it's really just these people clicking an IPAD. Yeah, they're actually keeping. Really are he's probably playing minecraft or something on the angry. Shooting Shit So. We're internet basis a podcast things like that. You're bringing up co Vid. recently when we started to go back down. And lockdown here in Arizona lock lockdown. Lockdown like the only thing that are women are doesn't lie. We recently had a Scottsdale. That went viral on the Internet was the target thing yeah, and went into target, and just took like target selling mass now which is funny how these companies are trying to make a profit off of the soon? Yeah, but she goes in and she takes the display just trashes it. Eventually gets What! The COP shows her house. She's like I'm part of something. Trump paid me to do this. Basically what she it? Yeah, when the COP showed up to her house, she's like this high level person. Yeah, in this underground all. She's like a CEO. Of Some Marketing Company or something? Yes, she was okay. Yeah, well. I only watched the parts where she took down to think. Has Anything by you delvin gone viral. Do covid nineteen like. Is there something someone did that? That's that's the typical Florida man. Is there anything by you? That's gone viral that you can think of not not like think of talk. My head goes like this kind of typical days in Florida kids. Like that's. Stupid in stores, Noble. Always fascinates me about the fact that. or Let's get an answer. She brought it up. Yeah, these situations where? You have people doing stupid things? They know they're being filmed. I think shelvin. Serious film she. was premeditated. Honestly I think because she was trying to. She was trying to make. You know name or like get get You know clicks based on what she was doing i. think something like that. It's fascinating that. Half an almost every facet as happened awful lot now where people know that getting filmed. And, then they keep stupid behavior. Then this consequences for the behavior. They're like. Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean it like data no twice. Like if you're if you're be recorded, went out to stop. Do you. Do you think that? Some of them realize that. We're being recorded and they take it to the next level. So. UPTAKE IS ERIC's. Oh I'm GONNA go viral. This is gonNA. Make me go viral. You know in this down Karen. This'll social world. That were your facebook live, and you're basically what we're doing right now. In a sense, you I mean the everyone's on screen. They get the TIKTOK and thanks. I think it's just maybe it's becoming more. Normal that people like when they're in front of a screen. They're going to act crazy, so they can get those million hits, so they can try to get paid or get a name for themselves. You know before this over. Let's destroy the set, yeah! Now the Internet suck. I think it's just one of those days where people? Are Lashing out and they don't want to be told what to do, so they do stupid days, and you can't tell them what to do with Yellow Karen Act all out and then when those consequences for it. Like you didn't expect that to happen like. especially in this climate were canceled. Culture is apparently a Teigen. Yes, really not. My opinion is really not a thing because people you could say, you could say anybody's canceled, but are you really care to? You can still just turn off your phone if you get off social media. Even. canceled. Culture is a thing though like the people put.

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It's mainly on twitter from what I'm seeing. is they're they're putting things out there on their going back in their history and they're fine what they've said. Back to haunt them. You know so, it's like. Have you seen the documentary there? The DOCU series about Jeff Epstein. Though the hurt her also art. There was two of them. And heard. Wasn't that good? Watch I got I already worked good. I heard they were I. Think they said Net flicks one? They're talked about stuff we already knew. Okay, so if you knew the host like okay for me, personally I didn't know is before stuff like. I didn't know an again. In your hometown of Florida he was. It was a nice dude. Run run in the town. There and I didn't know that story there. Maybe that was a local thing that. Maybe you knew so when I watched it. I learned like Oh shit. This dude did this stuff. Before you know and like Kinda got by. And it kind of makes you will. The reason I bring it up is because just recently from what I've been seeing on the Internet. And I think it's Kristie. teagan oh, yeah. She had a bunch of stuff I think she's deleted like sixty thousand posts that she's posted on twitter at some point and and conspiracy theories with. Things that are going on with Jeff Epstein. the those conspiracy theory. People are like going and tacking her and basically. Removing her from twitter essentially. GonNa Force her out. Or making to worship, not to want to I think it's called Pizza Gate. Yeah I saw that yeah I will say this. Is A billionaire? Yeah, yeah, how do you cancel a billionaire? Like okay, you just take over twitter. And I get it. I saw the post stuff like that. Creepy. And I think. Two things about yes fucked up is where they that she said is. I think people I think it was made in jest. But at the same time. I'm like Damn. He's probably should be postponed, but also yeah. I feel like I can't really comment on it. Because would get James. Gut Get the same thing several years ago. Yeah Yeah, that's true I kind of like. He sent me five that he knew what he did. He was rolled he. He apologized why. We find your for supper like that. Yeah, because there was such a such a knee jerk. Reaction to everything it's like okay. It's like you're done you're. Talking to and like okay, you're on suspension. It's like okay you're done. It's like they don't want to deal with it seems. Yeah and I kind of feel like now Kristie tickets actually deuce messed up that she's talking different story. But you know one of those things someone stuffs. You say just so outlandish. Possibly true or heavyweights? Jess it like she has the dark sense of humor. You could tell that was like in the moment as she was like whatever witnessing whatever was going on like. Watching toddlers and Tiaras. She's like Oh my God these little kids in their other half naked, or when I was announced it all comes at a continental conduct. She is sitting there at an actual pizza place eating pizza, talking about pizza or something. Tears that two on watching the you know what I mean, so it could be. Nobody really knows what was going on to the situation I love. Seen, let's paint the scene. Yeah, Giuseppe, your paper pizza, watching the kids, watching toddlers and Tiaras on the big screen on the bigger. Yeah, because you know, they say, watch TV HE NEEDS AHEAD. Pizzas there in Florida I don't think we do. We have even horrible. Cheese thing all right Peter Piper Slash chucky cheeses, robots, no robot mouse. It was like one of those blended chains right, so it's like a subway in an Arby's together. A TACO bell and. Why would she be there stopped? Because there's. A reason she's at Arby's Taco bell blended. Eating watching. Year well, let's get a raise. She's A. fancier established called Peter, Piper Chuck E. Cheese, express or something. I, know that sounds that sounds like. An easy I don't know like a four star chucky cheese. Okay, but back to the story, so she's there right at the. Peter Piper Cheese chucky cheese. She's watching toddlers and Tiaras on their big screen. Because we all know, they have TV's Yup There's a mouse in the background, really creepy singing a song. She's just in the moment. The wrong. Zia. Along I think the shooting of Yeah. Name. With your storm. Last night thought she was the Wayne's world girl. Who Lost she and then do you know what she's been in I think she's a model on model Chrissy Teigen.

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Yeah the model from correct. Oh she's no. No no, that's -Til Carrera. Yeah. That's what it is. That's what I was trying to look over name. Then my stories all off track. Sorry throw. It never happened because marketing. So it's the bunch, it's not a real thing and she's being canceled because it's not real. People are going in and linking her to conspiracy like Jeff Epstein. and. Cancelling her. Let me I feel like. It's going to end. Say something inappropriate like linking people the Jeff. We're going to. Go I'll say this. If. Jodi beheaded been careful yet. They think he said you gotta say. Oh Boy podcasts oh. Yeah. Yeah, no for anything that he said he goes. To the next level of we're PC, compared to hence the name, but not really the name. He yeah, he completely. We a-rated G. compared to him for sure. Jody's band but you. While says sometimes like why are you talking up? We also got the inner circle. Guys to like all be. All Me yes, basically, Chris Chris. Let's say some land things from time to time. All. Set on my podcast one time with one of the most absurd things never heard. I asked the question the five for five right when the question was. What are the things that you'll take what you would be? A pilot named five days. One of his answers was. Cats. For fucking. Oh yeah, he said because now there. That's. About like gats, be known as a common currency. Apocalypse. Mainly for sex toys. Wow I remember I remember. Everybody talking about it when he did it, but. The currency part that's. ZOMBIES are so. Great read them for food. Or for the live a brain that you can eat, yeah, or if you, WanNa. Live. Get for fun. Yeah that's that's pretty dark like. That's all. I'll take it. Yeah, or what? What is what somebody I'll allow it I'll allow it. WAS A. Yeah. So back in the crazy of the world has an have you guys noticed this this change shortage. That's weird. Yeah, THAT'S I! Don't understand if been place yet. Quick trip. Yeah, you have to. You have to use straight cash or debit card. Please use exact change. Yes, so, Mike. The only win for me when I. We have circes here, which is like a gas station. You know Kinda plays. They lowered the price of their drinks so that it's now a dollar, so I find that as a win, but I still think it's weird. Interview. Well there if there's places like that, that are going to do the lower price. Just a little bit rounded up. Yeah, it makes you think two things one that you're used to fuck and rape bus. Penny pinching basically. And then to. Well, it's a win lower prices for us. Yeah, but I think there's some I mean. What do you think it is why I like a good conspiracy? W? What do you think? The coin shortage is is, is it the government's ready to go back or not? Go back to the government's getting ready. You're gearing up to go to a digital currency. It could be it's. It's weird because it's like. It's it's like it's an point factory. That the fact that. We've literally filed pennies everywhere. Yeah on the ground. Like not even looking for we find out. How you could ever be sort of pity's. Ever. Even if they're recycling recycling them, and then they can't make new ones for some reason. Why like stop the recycling process in? Have they even using them I? Have they even came out with like a possible theory as to? Why were short? Are People people just like holding them in there five gallon water jugs. In just five gallon water jugs of coins everywhere because. Up until Kovin we used to see a story every now and then guy paid parking bill in pennies.

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Guy Paid is what mccalla his mortgage payment or his back rears in Nichols. Things that you went to the bank and paid something in change so where the change go. That's true like I don't know. Don't understand it also to add to it like. The. Government makes coins. The Federal Reserve the job. That's big money. We're GONNA, have it? They don't they can just print it. They can or in this case stamp. Stamp the money. So why are we short? Makes no sense. I just thought that was crazy. I. Don't understand why even at that level of. So it does come down to. It's a digital currency. Do you think it's GonNa? Be Bitcoin or do you think that they're gonNA? Make their own? Kind of a digital currency now they probably are trying to get you. Use Your debit card stuff, yes. Yeah or your own? It'd be satellite that like Hey, we all accept castle. Really Debit cards your phone see, and that's you know, and then you hear that other con- more conspiracy. Talk here about those you know, the the Anti Vaccines, which I'm not a big factor person either but What I'm getting at his. They're all scared that people are gonNA. Get put a chip in them when they had to get the krona virus. Vaccination or at least I don't know if you've heard that one, but that's one of the rumor. I have yeah so I'm like I. Have you worried about being tractor whatever they're doing to you? The thing that's in your pocket or that you're on playing video. Games are on porn hub. That is what tracking you. Already proven already being tracked. It's already proven. You already gave it up as far as your location and everybody wasn't there just a report, not that long ago where horizon got in trouble because. Google that in trouble when they they automatically did that. Corona virus thing the update or that, but right before that there was one of their curry years were they were picking your location, so they could sell that to advertisers like facebook, so they could direct a could have local ads to you. Wow, see I mean it's like. They're. They've been doing it already, so it's like I. Don't know like these conspiracy theories, people. You're already being. Not to say, it's good, obvious- Shitty, no matter what, but it's like you're already. Being tracked and you're being monitored already, so it's like. Yeah, Well, did you hear the other aspect of it that people talk about well more religious people are talking about which one the fact that they don't want. Michael Chips in there. That because in the Bible is to market obese, the market beats coming so. They say. Commuter trip because that's right there I'm going to believe in TRONC image because if they're already. They were able to the in the even the New Testament. Predicted that you're GONNA have a computer chip in your arm. That's. When my board that would definitely make me. I would go to church. That's that. Same for no dominant. What the? Revelations correct I'm a little rusty religion, but it says that when the time coming. That people will be forced to get the mark of the beast. It put it body. That's what they're okay. Quarry Oh? Shit I got I see the correlation and some people theory thought that they could be putting the mark six, six, six in binary code in Egypt's. Put them to us so everything six six nine to one we'd have to. We'd have to talk to someone. That's really good with code and see. Who still when you do a bunch of Zeros and a wine and you're on a one somewhere. Where whereas word of the other numbers come in, so we can figure out the six. Six true. been you know what binary coded for six six? Once we figure that out what you know, the code WHO's bad. I would never thought IBM would have been the one. That's but nose into us. You know. Mark of the beast though. Drew. You Watch movies a lot right Devon. Oh Yeah! So there are movies that are Kinda, depicted of you know putting a microchip in you, or there's something on your arm. That dictates your life span is something like that? If you could pick a movie. That would play out to this scenario of putting a chip in an arm or anything like that. What do you think of? that kind of could actually happen. It's a terrible movie. But. That, just Timberlake, we call it time. That's the exact same Wanna just thinking. I'M GONNA. I thought it was okay. Pretty good movie which? I don't know.

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Say that. I thought it was okay I liked so arm. Is that we're going to be doing running. Get time and yeah, I mean. If you think about it like the idea of it is Kinda like Kinda wedded, or he is like when you're in a poor situation like you know you take the bus and it's harder to do things you know. You're rushing time when you have money you can. Be Freezing. Time. Matter. You could be cool. I mean obviously can't live forever in that movie, but. It's like it's Kinda like that's. When I was watching this. Anna correlated with how things are. Making it more. Muscle really was like. As a coalition of life in terms of how the rich can always bottom self time in terms of like, even if you're sick. Yeah, if you're rich, you can get the best healthcare. Sauber's per example. That's Jellison. Just got HIV. In the private HIV HIV was like a death sentence. And because of his buddy, it is power. He still live today A. Pretty normal life for the most part. Yeah. Have you seen that mean with him wearing the mask? No Mon you're fine. Oh now uses to wear protection now. Charlie Sheen. He's another good example. He's. Boehner the yen HIV. They went to Mexico to get all his medication, so he can get to cure. While I don't WanNa say cure, but he still kick in. He's got what magic magic drinking or yeah. The Truth Serum. Dallas buyers club was based on a true story. Right? It was yes. You think there's a Dallas Dallas buyers club for rich people. has to be. The rich people have whatever they want. There's a there's a person for everything when you had the money. You know what I mean I. Know a guy that knows the guy yeah. F. Literally. So there was a big block partying Kissimmee Florida where that recently. No. Have Block body at all. Sorry to saw that on the news. I was like they had the air. You'll. Sorry just a chick down an aerial Krige of the whole thing, which I don't know. Maybe the cops are bored or maybe there's complaints, but it shows in in Florida out there. Block party up during the Cova Fun. And added just wanted to see if you're at. Well I will say this. That is the least of Arkansas in terms of like. was going on because Disneyworld is literally opened up, did. Everything else is open so I. Think you don't studios is open to. I was reading that I saw that Disney open a couple of weeks ago, but I think universal, or whatever was open way before that a no one reading evens bike. Under the radar dude. Everyone likes Disney on more than the other ones you know, so. It's like that's probably when no one even have you seen with the universe because I heard that they're going to be bringing it to the universal by you guys. the Mario Land Super. Nintendo Roulin Yeah I saw that. That looks cool. I came I. I've seen like leaked image, it or not imaging a leaked video of like things operating. At the Japanese word the Japan Japanese Japan one. I know I know all my terminology. It looks really cool. It looks like. It was built for like adults that grew up with that is seems like. Yeah of think, so it looks cool. It looks interest from what I saw. Offensive I said they got an aerial view of it. They said it's kind of small actually. kind of small. Oh, so they're putting the universal, yes. On that's doing Gotcha okay cool I've and I mean opponent over here and well from what I heard Florida is getting one not. Oh maybe I'll try it there and then maybe maybe me you're. Not GonNA lie. I was kind of very tipped it to go to universal studios. Bob, myself, because, although certain what he's going to be there because they'll doors open, yeah. Yeah I, mean yeah. I found out re. I found out that they are open from reading. Disney was opening. That's how I found that. The Universe was already open because reading a story about Disney opening, so no one even told anybody about universal being open, so doubt all random commercial they put out. There saying hey we're still open and people like cleaning the carts and stuff like that and we're do all this covert in one, thousand, nine, hundred protective. Like I wonder if they're busy.

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They're not busy. Go Bob Myself. Like all the rides and stuff, it might be awesome. You can stay on Ham. Go again! Arc. WanNa go because I do that at six flags with all the Kiddie Rides WanNa. Go again. Yeah if you more if it doesn't scare you everything that's going on. You'RE GONNA. Go out I mean now's the time to do shit. There's no about it. You don't Care Yeah Yeah! Now the time. See my guess. I would think that Disney would be crowded and universal wouldn't sell baking universal basic FDA as hell. Yeah, so, when are you going? Yeah? I wonder if they lowered the price, need lower the prices anywhere at Disney or probably not Disney. No. Raise it up. Yeah, they just raised. They just did a price hike so I highly doubt that they're going to reduce their price. Reason is quite annoying. When we drive down to La. Have you ever done Disney as just an adult like maybe with? A partner something like that. Just no kids whatsoever. Have you done Disneyworld? Non Non. Link! I don't think a half. It's worth. Yeah it is definitely worth so the Disney Disneyland One of the theme parks serves alcohol. Which I'm sure it has world. Adventure here or next year for close. Going in and day drinking at Disney, and then going on rides and things like that as an adult is amazing. Not mentioned in California, the the marijuana is legal. Joy Disney. And just you know, and just take it all in. Yeah rest about that. Can you take real one in California? Disney 'cause far these strict heck, then allow you to smoke Disney. You're not. You're not legal in Florida. Now, but you can smoke cigarettes they have. Areas that you could smoke in that. You have those anymore. I don't think I. Don't think he can bring it in it because when we went you. Couldn't I mean we didn't try it because? I mean damage criminals. Why wooden ring away them and they Yeah, so you can't bring I. Mean you probably could? If you could only go? So Disneyland they have like you know the metal detectors and things like they're searching the bags, but if you're. Do you just had it like in your pocket? YOU DOWN! You are you to yeah, but if you have like a vape. I mean the main addle in it. It will pick up, but but they're they're. They're metal detectors are. Meant to detect copper now. Okay, all right, so yeah. The people I was with was too scared to go through with that, so I don't know exactly what would happen if you actually got that far and there was dogs around. I don't know if they're looking I, WANNA I wanNA stay with California that there has been people there. There are people that have gone. Yeah, and they brought their stuff with them. I can guarantee that at some point I smell pot at Disney. Yeah I'm looking it up right now probably. I'm sure that it. Tell You yes, you can bring your weight. would be hilarious. California adventure venture only. You can only drinking high California venture. I. Have I have a definitive answer. Smoking marijuana permitted at anytime. It Disney resort hotels, even at designated smoking areas. So they drew a line in the sand even though the. California yet. It's just saying. allowed. It's not allowed, but because we're family, friendly place, but yeah well. Yeah, that's probably what what because why do they? You know you can drink they're. Always wondered, which sure you know. I don't know it doesn't make sense well I mean. You know Disney was German. Germans like beer conspiracy. Here we go. I was I was GonNa say, is that he he what he was, though it was not that he was German. Yeah, he was definitely had some ties to that Kind of belief all rumor. Yeah, okay either way, so if he is from there, they they drink at every occasion. Yeah, so I don't see why. It's not an. Opinion, that is true. Everywhere else in the world drinks regularly everywhere except America because we like to make you feel Zenit true consensus I think so I think.

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The problem is that America's Kinda uppity. Cat this kind of Everything what you have to fill out. They have to show off that they're better, did you? The are the standard for everything? And when the beacon of hope, the beacon of peace, the beacon of was politically correct, and not we kind of have this. We have to put our finger. You're the one doing something wrong right now. What yeah! Catenaccio. Dushi. Wouldn't what did our just a? Nice! He's watching it. I think he said. Let's try to smoke in Disney. Nine thousand. EEKING ANY OH yeah! The Fr- The friends I know you can't get it in their. The friends I know they they I can I. Can for definite. You can sneak a vape pen. So if you have the vape oil like I feel like that's an easy in yeah, and what are they going to tell you? that that away yet this nicotine. Oh, they'll. Did. Police Force they banned people from. Did You That's what I think. kind of scares some people when you're walking to the gates. They have actual police out front before you get to the. Guards so it's like it's almost like all right well. The Disney guards who gives a shit about them. You got these real cops over here. It's like oh well. If they flagged them over in your Shit. Yeah. All Right Devon I really appreciate that you came on. I know that you have your show here to go, and just a little bit. can give us your final thoughts on just anything in particular. I know we talked a lot of covert today. And then tell us where we can find you. Okay my funnel tosses. Don't go to pin because they will ban you for life. And when you look that up, no, I'm quite obscene situation. Where did little? Disney. Love the band. People even I've heard stories that they're ben people for. Imagine. The is of all the band Disney products. Is just another Bush burnt out fucking hippies and People just all. This guy looking at the profile and logic. Is shut. Is Friends. Shit that certain things you can't do I'll say what the proposals they like. You can't propose certain business forward, or they will pay you. Really Yeah. What if he, if he had like a medical cars like a medical reason like you need it. Either maybe you have an out there, even though so it's legal in California. You have a medical card, says the doctor says you need this at all times. That's a crazy doctor made a sign that we're really trying to sneak. We'd into Disney. Trying to find the line here. For a friend, your friend is trying to sneak lead into Disney. Yeah Albert John Thinking Albert. I. Say this thing. If, they harass you for it. Just bring up some of the south. You made saw going to south leafy alone, yeah. That's true. You have no room to talk here. Can? Kappen your Mickey Mouse Years. Good one. All right. Where where can we find you on the Internet? You can file bill twitter underscore Cox check on the double Cox experience, and can check me out on the podcast and get a few minutes PS XP is. Playstation Video Games podcasts video game stuff like that. Check that out. Who? Are Man again in pre. She ate the you came on sorry for. Time Is. Your Great. Thanks Alvin. Later going out. This has been the migos. Make sure like subscribe and review us on all your pod casting platforms visit us at Amigos. Dot Net for our entire library of content and Amigos Merch. Till next time audio.

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