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103. Amigos go Solo

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If you were looking for a high brow fancy. SMART. Regal podcast with Post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos PC. If you're looking for drinking, random nonsense, stunts, shenanigans and balls out craziness. Hit the Jackpot is, he goes. PC and this is Scott Mark. All away from? Years Buddy. Clink Clink. Clubbing. All right so here's the thirty top luxury retail stores of. There's probably only fifteen. Say this for the show, or are we recording? Already Right all right. Yeah, I'm Scott that's mark. Job Again, that's Albert. Part of the team I. Know You're the other Amigos. Drew. Albert a quantum Albert. Albert joins us so little insight on whoever is listening or will listen. We had a schedule show Adele when cock. Experience. We had some technical issues probably on both ends I would say are in. Try. Our. We're not gonNA. Blame the guess. It's always our fault. It's always. It's always it's always the customer's always right. No that is. Now we're going around. Says Customer's always right? Shit anyways before we started, we were talking about. I don't know. Why were we? Why are we talking about Marquette a sticker on his clothes, yeah, I have new short shorts on so I was like Oh, were shorts. He went and bought them at some high in place. Bigger own sort of stick around he. Oh! billers while you're shopping at the high end place because I went to like it just shows you how much I don't pay attention to like little thing everything around everything. You. Get close all the time so I. Just don't pay it editor that. Say? I. Just pop tags right now, so that's what he does all day. I, just wanted to return them and then I realize. Back. So, we were talking like what is a high end, so he said he got him. And I was thinking shit. That's pretty high. DILLARD'S WE'RE GONNA get him in. Here. There's a lot of high end, but which are you talking about high end popular? Why would you think so back in our day for me when I was younger when you go to the mall, which those are kind of nonexistent these days. DILLARD's. And like the macy's those are Kinda like? Your higher end stuff or you go to Rosser. Lower End, Anga upright and get the half show have sleep hand really high end where I rosser dealer. Rosie like the guest Gucci. Those leave on such. Turn item. or In damaged. Defective yeah, damage. Dancer what is considered today? A top retail store. Right because I was like I. Don't I mean to me Dillard's voice? He still one of them. I mean to me. Those are still around so they. They're higher up than like A. War Ross. Get close such a dad conversation. Anyway so I looked up at the top thirty. We'll just. Just go through I. CAN'T I'M NOT GONNA? Name off. I'M NOT GONNA name. All these are in Paris and London. Let's go to work in Tokyo London Tokyo. There's a place called borrow New York. That's number nine they pizza. Borrows. So That's another dad comment by you. Barbie not. Deliver borrows is. Borrows. That was. The Mall Borrows member those. Yeah. The Dream Read. That's in New York. A lot of high end ones but. Ninety, You.

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Know all right. Yeah whatever? Yeah, there's nothing there's a Gucci two days. Party. Not, Garden Flow Lawrence. This is where an episode that we need to have instagram model on, and they can they tell. We would even know. Places and. Then, there's that one that's down by whatever sex is that one yes? I don't know see. We don't her. Bashing were and. To us, Dillard's fashioned to me wearing my. SECOND GUYS! Slugging from computer. I was thinking when we were talking now as I would think Nordstrom's. STICKNEY would be the top end I mean I guess they still have A. Hop in one. Probably, carry, Ralph, Lauren and all that stuff. Let's see DILLARD's. DILLARD's. I don't know I don't go to the fucking. Malls and is. Dead going so the mall like. Is that even high end still like? Maybe that's mid level like we're not even near high end your high end when you go like t's yeah. So out, tin only want to get into the top ten. Scottsdale batiks here. Are was. Number one is objects. swankies swing yes Wendy's. kind of sound. Rocket Mortgage. Pretty sexist if you think about it. Provocative F! We. Talk about that briefly. What's? Arnaud if you guys. Knew this macy's is on the list as it. S. I don't know they play. Do hold up for. New York. The. macy's Thanksgiving parade that will be. Thousand Twenty one. Yeah. That will not be happening. It's not this year. This year gets a pass. It's going to be an astro in the fucking calendars. Hey Lady how you doing. Hey, where'd you go? You sit here in silence and see. Yeah. I'm sure you guys did. There there yeah sure. And you guys! Checked out the lineup on Netflix recently or no. This Like not. Like night to see what's going on. Yeah. There's wondering I'm watching right now actually. I remember they gave Gymnastics. No. A. Dr! Nassar. Nineteen is. The doctor is a documentary. Yeah, yeah, I WANNA see. That'd be the right mindset. Situation Yeah it's. got. Not as As how do I say it? Nevada way. Right did not the team next. Over and it, doesn't it doesn't it's not? It's at the bottom everything, but it's more about the growth of nasty stuff than. Than mostly what? Netflix yeah, it's called. That's what is called. Like the top one right now like the the. Okay I, bring up. netflix's reme- pops the gymnastic thing in makes. You want to try to check it out. Do One another story. But I do you have your own account? You guys have your own account like. No I think it from family members I. DO I have my come. Thanksgiving with me. Pay For. Oh. Mine. You'll never. One. Then I have. My other two kids joshing Evans. So they have their own. They can watch your own stuff, but we're the naps. In mind, it was. ICY, stuff that. You Never Watch or. Starting up. Into Yours maybe yeah on your Avatar have a password protected, so they can't watch anything too crazy. Yeah, the Josh he king collector. He's old enough that he wants to watch. Some craziness you could. Already eighteen. Nineteen nineteen year. Last night I watched wills Farrow's new move. Hurt. Is Thought. Eighty percent of it it is. It is. Yeah or they're good. I enjoyed it digits, yeah! Far. Too convincing? No I didn't I didn't know.

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How many! How many March? A I joined it. How many Mark Stars give it. Three three. and. I feel like. I enjoyed it. That means that. Right yet, tell me tell me your thoughts. The movie itself reminds me of Will Ferrell when he was on Saturday night. Live with the super chick when they were whether the musical do Yup! It reminds me of that and I kind of wish that she was in this modern Molly Shannon I think. In Like. Yeah. She for me pretty. They have yell yet, but Rachel. I think that would've made the movie that much. More. Automatic Oh my God. Hilarious, but I don't think Rachel. McAdams, as being very comedic in lake. She's not funny. Yeah, she's not. She's not me. I don't know if we'll consider himself comedian either. He's funny actor. While we were. Improv. Be a comedian. Have you ever heard or seen? Do standup? No, I. Don't think it does stand up. Comedians, okay mic actors. Talking about uniform as net. That's not what she is, I would agree. It has. No yes, it does have its moment. It's pretty fucking Larry but there there are like. There are. Lines a within this movie if that makes sense. Of what like couples storylines like there's the sorry launched them with Eurovision right, and then there's a story line of them as a couple which kind of curly but And, then there's like. There's like an offshoot of something that they believe in. That I'm not trying to ruin the movie Fan though. A wanted tonight, and we'll discuss it the next episode okay I'm. GonNa wanted to know. I've been wanting to watch it worth so then with that list aid, one with the I will say. They do it on Americans in. It's fucking hilarious. Own. Watch it right now after the. Now just for that. Take on I've seen eighty percent of it. Put. My thing is. You Go. Not Funny. One thing. I noticed that almost seem like his formula is always like he's trying to. His movies I'm trying to. Kind of putting a pattern together where it's almost like he's always wants to sing well. I don't mind that, but I think that he's always trying to like. Get over on his debt. It was almost like a daddy issue kind of thing where he's trying to. Almost seems that's right in that way, stepbrothers. Right. Better than what he is is even. I guess he was. A. Better too bright. Looking good, it's good now. Turn off your head. I was just. I was negative. ooh, Mister clean over the. Tony Moments worth watching. Okay, but okay. Wanted Tonight so we can discuss discuss. It fully next episode yeah. You can tell us how much you ate it. It's not as bad. Okay often. All Automobile Network? Yeah So. So. Do you think about the the other show that you're watching? Just. I thought it was going to be more into detail of the said that he was doing. Know. The news about the whole. Now just Nissar but the whole, Holcombe. The cover up right now. I know the gun by the company Olympics covering up. Yeah, the Olympics that that company that did you know? because. We talk a little bit about you know Mary Lou Retton. That chick information seventy six that ever since then ever since she won from seventy six. She was fourteen years old. So that's when actually right before that a Lotta. Gymnasts were like in the an twenty thirty than share. Then this girl comes in. Ninety Naci. In Eighteen, seventy six. She's fourteen year old. Was the gold medal after that now? It's more little girls that WANNA be gymnast.

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That's when. They started becoming a big racial. Before that it was all you know the girl the gymnast growth Twenty thirty already. So. Once they get a younger. They got more yet. It got worse. Out. Yes exactly. It turns into a pedophile type. Yeah, exact, and then it starts from there, and then it goes into about this situation with the SAR and everything, but you know it does talk about a lot of different points of. Just? Again it's all right. It's all right. I don't think that's a good mindset you need. Not. A. In a certain. Like you said when you what will? I. Did we will I would I watch I think I watched it before you as the Epstein or maybe means got one thing I watch I watched it. We all finished. One day. I didn't want. I was. I've been in one day to. But I didn't see what you get seeing that you have to be at a certain mindset. Plenty just because we want that it. Would I go shit fucked up? Yeah, I mean. Sometimes, I'm in moods where I just want to laugh and like. Twenty. Funny! Funny Move Oh get. I get you know what the documentary that I'll be in a documentary mode, and that's what I was. Insulted by because I thought it wasn't this one within the last night and I crashed out, and then I was like Arlette is watching it today in. Epstein one like I, watched the first one and it kind of it kind of kept me. Intrigued like WanNa see more and more. Crazy. All below you finish. What? You think, yeah. fucked up right yet is fucked up the the. People that were. Taking advantage of when they were young like that the recruiter. Renewing or the yeah well I mean they were taking. Hand there are regular both sides. It's definitely the. Definition of multi level marketing. It's a Ponzi scheme trafficking. Yes, exactly however. This is gonNA. Be Very like if someone ever catches this ten years from now, and you're going to be in trouble, take. Albert. Let me. Got, to go eighty miles time travel. And it is to like I. Never came into afterward. licks. Up were. General? You can't. All. The one that's. was. Old Enough was of age when she got. The redhead, there's yeah. There's only that one one that you choose from like I. Forgot where you. No she she had some type of fucking accent, never yet suitable somewhere else. Yeah? She was like Oh. You talking about the New York that, he met. This this. took her to the island yowl. took her almost everywhere. Yeah, not not the blonde. redhead. I think she was just being naive. I think she wanted. Not Bad relationship not. Not a relationship. She was Rhonda Party. She was enjoying the right. Yeah, until it wasn't a ride and then go. Well I mean the day no matter what I mean. For me I'll be honest even at eighteen. You're still super. It sucks that I'd eighteen. You're your of legal age, but. You go back and think about when you were eighteen with the funky. We're doing. Like. You were naive. Here's a question. Do you think that you actually became non not? Let me like. Mid Twenties in your. Party. Is Different for everybody, but I think at that age when you should be like okay now you're like okay now you know you. You should be knowing what you're doing. Twenty five, twenty six at that age. I would agree is at eighteen dollars is like I. Mean didn't then the largest. Not even. Eighteen. Now, you can buy cigarettes anymore.

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Winner. Even, that eighteen is like I, mean when you think about it, and you go back and you think how do at eighteen far. Far from? And here's what I'm not saying about that situation. It's that. She was naive in enjoying the ride until it wasn't fun he didn't over. Step his boundaries. But. He He did he did take advantage of the situation, but he went. He went as far as could go until she felt there was not O'Kane. Failed Yeah, but that that was on somebody that was already. That was his. That was. That, was that was his. Zemo. He pushed you. If you if you went away into the limits and seeing how far he could go password, which is why which is why the one with the Prince and news. Around. The, Not, the one that no, that was another one. Way To started number buried somebody. and Said Fuck you. Didn't marry him, but she was. He. Didn't. I don't think they got married that. We're going to agree with her there. Never it's never. Oh, she didn't marry somebody in Australia, but that was. That's when she she cut times lay. Out this isn't the life for me. Or you know figured out what the fuck is fucking dealers. You have so much power that you think. DASS CD to say like wall. Yeah I know that me and a pitcher, but. I I don't I. Don't recall that I don't remember. Interview here and he was A. You serious? motherfucker year. They're serious like he like. He had done nothing wrong. I wasn't there. That wasn't yeah, but. Yes alright. And then. The. Not, the prince, but he's kind of like the Duke of York. Yeah! That's the guy that was I. Was Thirty or something. That, he was saying that right. That's still fucking. They. Do they take a picture of you? Will I don't know I? Don't remember that you get the fuck Outta and reviews on something probably. fucking able to their. It's worse to say. Yes, that's me. It is. So. Let's just say I don't know. If, you say you don't. Remember. Yeah, that's. That have sexual relations. What did you say yes? Yeah I, not have sexual. Woman. Who? Perfect example. Of the night the night the night, and then what about that? What what about the bill? Clinton stuff? That that's been documented. He's been at that place seventeen times. You can tell. The documentary. Say there no, no. Mark Levin Mark. Washed it twice account. Above and beyond. Like what he does with. The winter, the island I did suit twitter research. Over. Design Twitter Church. He's been there multiple times. It's as he has it is I mean yeah I, remember he at the beginning. He denied it yeah. I've never been there. He hasn't been the most fateful guy yeah. He hasn't he dabbled out of the seventeen or three times or one time he's been there. He's done something one exactly with somebody that at least for. Nothing. I want to say that at that time was wondering Thursday. President I wonder when he was there when he was going to be an act. Trump's still fucking goes there doing Jeffrey Epstein still. Alive. On my God. But but I went. Well how does trump? Did. Claim that. He didn't talk to him anymore for a long time of other nick. Let's.

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FUCKING Eight! Oh, yeah, it's been ten years since I last spoke to him. We're not in good terms if They just. said the same shit about the Ku Klux Klan member. Regatta rid of the attorney. General that was going after. The estate of steam. They. Had him fired New York. Shit. So, it's like it's kind of a cover up after a government. Alive. How big! How big is GonNa get you know they. How big is going to get? I don't know watching that documentary I got pretty big. Away with. The stock. that he got away with it. Twice Whitehorn. But there was one time that. Nobody knew. That, he was accepting A. None of kind of like a plea gisors. You know saying and is a ocean. Nobody nobody. Yeah as I saw he really know people way up there to allow him to do that Shit. All that guy he was, what was he was he the DA of New York or something? No, the guy was in Florida. WHO's? Using the DM Florida the one. Name trump's right hand man. or Whatever because it's streamed up again? Yeah, motherfucker! Biggest mystery is though with. The kinda showed us a screen cap of like. Just some written down assets that Epstein had. But there's no real evidence as to what he really. where his net worth was. William, but who knows what it really was knows more than that that. That sheet at the near the end of the documentary. Showed five billion in one particular asset. Oh I. Remember that part Yes. They're. And Yeah I think it's I think it is the very last one. The fourth episode or there is going over. You're talking about how the the girls aren't. They never get justice because he transferred all his assets to some somebody or someone else trust or so. Said like this. From prison. Or the Shit like that when when you get committed bench happened, they should be able to just say nope. That's it you lose all your money. You can't give it to. You. Say That that Albert. What if you're the guy that was out partying with him? And he took pictures of you with half-naked underage chicks, and he has never v I wouldn't put myself in situations. Our friends right. Yeah no, but. Reason. Time. No, but the reason I ask reading. They say it is I wouldn't put myself in this. Yeah. Thank you same? Tops you're a school zone. Party bus. In, that happened and. His camera crew there. and. You just drink. Oh Man our these ladies. Know, this is fun, right? And that's how he gets the dirt on. And then he has. That almost ever sounds like how we started this. Hour to come back. We were. Driving, yeah, he was running a marathon earlier Sochi. Olympic. there. No. That's a weird. Way. I'm. GonNa go right now. You didn't watch. Eleven. Weird. That we're talking about Epstein in his documentary, and then you're like I'm GonNa? Go choke my monkey. In the back there and they realize that he's staring at at. GonNa be Jealous. Either scary. fanbase. Not Seen, this. Shows you. How corrupt everything is baked? I'd do it, so you have.

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Beta fucking Shit. It's corrupt there. In. Coming into. Our next segment. Are we got segments here. Yeah a new segment, not a new segment, sorry. Jumping do top. I liked what happened the other day you? On a personal level I was at home. That home these days. I was at home and. We were talking government. Talk now like crazy, but. Okay. Nothing crazy is talking about government views and this and that race. Then all of a sudden, I go, Nah. Sorry right. And I'm thinking. That's IT I. Just said something at the NS. It sorry, and then all of a sudden. Kicks on said Hey. What? What were you sane? And then I said to Kelly I go. Oh, she thought I said Siri. She goes, but that's Alexa. Alexa. Alexis should. Should have been close to Alexa Not Siri. Are, hi sorry and then. At all. No it. And, then I was like. And then I asked her later Alexa. What what did I say to you? And she was. I'm sorry an hour is passed. You recall. You. Rummage, so she just fucking covered up in. Another. Seen. And I'M GONNA fucking. WALKAWAY! Seen. This context of the government's. Don't remember. Because, it was late at night. Drinks involved and whatnot and. Our member, but but it was something government related, so it was Kinda weird that she would chime up because we have one in the bathroom in our master, there's a there's a bathroom on that. We play music and shit on. Lit Up, and she's like. Oh Yeah. What can I help you with? Like. We weren't even talking to you. So. We were talking about something. Why do you have all them? What do you mean because you have the apple one right so? That's my phone on the. Phone, yeah, and then you have Alexa right. Now. That's all have a you only able. To Alexis that's. Okay, and. One of the bathroom the kitchen. I thought you had the. got to Google here. The only one I hear the here the veteran. Oh George just got. One Yeah because he signed up for prime spotify. Okay I thought if I. Get Google Alexa with that. Then a promotion going on not that long ago. We're us he signed up for. The prime part. You the premium that would give you the ghoul the home. To. The office we have one. In it's not plugged in. Smart and it still talks to us. Yes, still talk with randomly right when the Internet goes out for some reason as I. Know. What's that down yet? What government agencies? None This! Not Ever Get fucking centurylink Internet. It's the worst is. Yeah. Next, building that we move into next office space. GotTa have it. Don't the next speech. You should have your own ability to get your own an Internet. Provider it'd be car. Agreed. Cox Giants. John. Find a different world China's. Archive Dot. Org is still listening to the Amigos if anybody wants to. Get rained after all these. To me. Jeffrey! Beene fucking. Scott Talking Mambo as it with Pitas the on. The Spanish. Episode got so many views on Youtube. It was insane which one? Do like the minute I dropped it.

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Almost it was like a constant. A little bit. You GotTa think about it right now. There's so many people that are doing I'm Mitzi stuff and there's something going on. Yes, what I'M DAVID? Do though is is because we used SP- the Spanish. Lingo for there. Are they it'd be beneficial. Go for. What? You like an sap so. Ignorant? No told me how to spell it. Very fucking smart, so it was it was. It was probably slaying, so it's not Ottawa. Something Google. Turn this is. Eric W frog. Secure expelling him. Google would. Auto translate for you know like is it's not. Language as its own. If. You're in one region. It's something if you're another region. REDNECK terms fucking very left and right in the united. States I don't think so. News need something different in the Bible Belt Than It, does he? Step away from that. Let's put a pin in that one for later. We we need. That when. Things calm down. which is what the topics. C crazy enough is seen as safe to talk about. That's isn't that sad. Isn't that sad? F scene is thinking about. What you're saying, you think. That's a good conspiracy I think. If Mark! Records are right if you had five million dollars, don't you think your life would be safe? Look. Clean, okay. So. Let's say he had five billion five hundred. Family. No because he was. So. That goes. I'm wondering what had to. But she was. The cover seems like the beard. Chick yes, she was. Given your, Shit, Well, he gave. He gave. MILLION DOLLARS PLUS immunity. Yes, she all right. Yeah forever! Did get immunity. Where is she right out? You're all the fuck. Did you see? Him Exactly. It's probably in Argentina. 'cause that's where everyone goes where they wanNA. Be Safe and His island might be like A. Fly around that island right? Yeah I, know the big media outlets going to. The thing nine. Anything if they really want to find out if he's still alive. The meet someone of these fucking news company is going to send somebody. They're gonNA care that then for five years you whatever the it is to get. To get a picture, send it over. Five billion dollars is enough money to make you falsify your deaths. Oh Yeah Yeah. Let's see. BILLION, billion. Income. When you do that with when you do that is not like. It's not like you're buying the whole world out. Just buying individuals out exactly. What they're still other people out there that can be like federal I didn't get paid shit. Over half to pave in currency. You know what I'm saying. He has little evidence. Of certain situations in certain people he hasn't have evidence could be just disappeared like the F. B., irate of his New York place where they found servers. Of of ROB, pornography news fake words and Shit like that. I really. I've seen this. Seen. Exactly who knows? No one knows who were talking about this. Ben. This guy named. Yet that could have been the FBI basically. Recovering the Clintons evidence. If there's going to be closer. They. Think. This has to do anything with. Money Like. The whole thing is built on black men who? The the. Thing is any money you think of. These days didn't have money. It would still be doing the same ship.

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No No. Access, it would have the ability to do it. The It'd been caught near the in jail, and they WANNA get stabbed. But. That's what I'm saying so whether they had no, they would still. Go with. Equal! They're they're they're. They're molester. No matter what they have running or not, just money gave. The bigger whatever accessibility to do it in a larger scale, but Now, having money, they would have still been. They would still. No have seen would've fucking been enrolled under the bus the first time he got caught. Sir, are you thinking that money? Were you trying to say that money? Their money Jay, I'll. Money. Like okay fuck money now I can do whatever the fuck I want. I, don't worry about it. Be An aspect to that but I don't think I think that comes into the individual like if you're if you're a damage person that thinks the you have to do those kind of things that you wanted those kinds of things. Avenue, but but if you're like a normal person, you just want to push the envelope and he had like multiple chicks. Is You have the money or whatever? that. You just depends on where going to do with your your well. Yes Jose. Equal, no matter what. Allowed to do it on a bigger scale for a longer time without getting longer. Pat. I think it was all about power. That's why I think it was for sure. Fed on that for sure. Is Everything else. Our respect. Yeah, sure. Was that a hustler mid? Rapper! Hustle. Is that one guy that. Grind the hustle that that artists guide as with the dollar bills and shit. I, you get the power, then he get the respect. WOULD THEY Like, he does like the art pieces that are like hustled grind. that company does it. I don't know what the Guy Is I. Know what you're talking about. That does all the original stuff. Talking about? A. COMPANY THAN I. Do, but I think at the beginning of every this years ago. was about that guy I did it person and now it's become a company. But! They're battle agent we. We gotta get some of those fucking office vote. In the ramp were yeah, now for here in rapper world. It's it's you I use the money. Then you? Know. You! Get the risk. Scotty rapper. When you get the bitches though. Once once. You have the power. Zanan, hand Homie I, fucking revamp my whole. My my rapper turnover that pat is her. Rap, career? Know your resume here so. Is. Anyone knowns watching right now. They're Hakko Good Hakko Joey. On. As you know I'll I'll set it all up repugnant. Joey Parker joke yet. Paco Joe Audio they. Posted on social media, they are trying to get dialogue with other podcasts about which one is superior. United States rap or UK rap. And you have that big I. Know UK rap. I know some UK rap in the officer you. Know. Bring that for a reason. No I know slower. We are talking about rap song. So our it an amusement there on facebook, promoting this like trying to get some dialogue going so I ended up posting somebody some random posting like Oh, how do you determine what the differences and Jagna? Whatever and Paco? Put out there that you know us rap is. By far superior than. Any other rap UK rap rank. So I- REBUTTAL Of CORGI DEAD You're going on the UK's. Like. You K- Rep. Yeah, well, I know of the streets, they're. Going to. Him Out. He's like. Thank. You once you call him up and you see his most favorite light your favorite, but his his most the song that got him famous. You'll you'll You'll know who he is Yeah I did that and then.

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I was like yeah, don't you? Don't the streets and and someone a somebody else? In The streets and I am from the streets and my. Farmer Street you WANNA play any. or Briefly. Like a ten second nothing that we can get shut down on Youtube for. A WE'RE GONNA get downright. Up Dude. We need to get the fuck in. The monetization thing. I also WanNa see what what Joe Rogan's going to do with spotify. Their. Video Service is going to help podcasts out a little bit more. Thank. You heard about the Joe Rogan thing. Are you. We're talking about it for a while. Well now that him and Joe. Cocoa are fucking in trouble. Joe Ideas. Joey was tied in half hour. That's another fucking. No it's not. Joe! I mean his his thing is more of like. It's more of A. Like A. Store it's almost like. Did you watch that video? No, but I know what it's about, but it's basically it's more of A. It's more of a bill. Cosby kind of thing where no, it wasn't no. No, that's true. But I'll give you I'll do this or to get here. Yeah, or maybe it's more like a Weinstein. Also good for you. I'm sure every single podcasts on under the PODCAST. World is talking about this, but the story was. Take! What he said Joe Rogan. This was like a decade ago like so. Somebody went searching for this shit. But. The story on the episode was Yeah I used to fuck in chorus, girls and Be like yeah, just suck my Dick for some time onstage because he used to be the main guy at the comedy store in La as who this. Is Oh shit really. He was on a recent netflix special with Brad Williams and Thompson Girls Wife. Why can nothing for name now? Annoys me because I'm a fan. But you. What? What was it like the the? Disrespectful 's know. Keep telling your story off. So he tells a story to grow Rogan Joe. Rogan is fucking rolling over laughing over it, but he's like. Yeah, tell us girl, you suck my Dick in architecture, some stage time and the main room, which he never was a host of the main room of the comedy store. He was a host of the belly room. Because the comedy store has like three or four different rooms. CIGARETTES WIPE is Christina. Powell. Joey that guy that actor. Stuff he's been in the. East a mobster guy. Really. I looks like on Capucci. Sound Weird thing to say. Like my uncle Pussy. But could you? All this was unfolding though. He comes out and starts telling. It basically tells everybody to fuck off because. He can't take down someone that doesn't give a fuck which I. I am all. Under percent, but he's he basically tells the actual of happens. and. The real story is as she was. There was someone that wanted to stage time, and she had offered it to him, and he took, he took it. It's still bad, but it's not as bad, but he's truthful about it. Is is that no one's coming out saying that jewelry? Is a bad person. Yeah, like everybody's behind him. Of all sorts including females. Please Inc uniquely, please put on a mask. But right now. St There is. More than ten seconds. Out. there.

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Really. Apocalypse when you listen to this episode. No you will. I will make this argument that he's better than Eminem. Wow. I don't know about ask. Joke. That was you got fucking. You're kidding. I do I. Think I get it but I don't worry. No. Talking about shit that. Is off other podcasts. You are dude. Place your thumb. Marks night says. You. I've got to get the. Mark was doing it basically, so rethink okay. So, very Every CEO should have this song which is due to? When they come out. On to give. Bad News, they've they give you the bad news. Okay, guys this site. The CEO Tom Collins. Deal that's a mixture, but whatever I wish I was named that Sam Collins the CEO of. Tom Tom. It's probably a fake name. Thom cons. Tom Com mix comes out and says do do do do do Google Shit? Wait on, we don't give a shit. We're GONNA close to breweries this week and we love you guys. Here's some uh up that the food and had home do. We think every CEO should have so. It's it's basically a crown song. Whore. For Making their decisions. We make. We make you know four. I make friends with the PODCASTS industry, right? That is true industry. A. Actually have gotten into beat. PODCAST who. Won We've actually been on took over. Been Mad at us. Dude it's not our fault, you don't show up I, can't I can't. I can't force curl up. In. Our I appreciate you showing up on this. You I love you. fucking talking about mark. sugarcoat answer to to give that. I don't agree with mark but I I understand what he's doing I love. Bug. that. A way. Do they hold on this? Really, helped me out either do. The. Network twitter and instagram are probably the most neglected things. I Have I've got so much shit. That why I decided to just do a little independent thing, and I have to worry about all that no offense to you. You've got a great thing going, but. I was just so much to keep up with try to focus on the. Show and Keep up with everything else and now. Balls deep in Song of the week. By. Petri also trying to come up. Off the. It was just better. It was just better for me to just. Do my own thing. This Pay Transfer Shitty Song of the week, or this is A. Small town mentality. Loses who's his partner? His his partners Randy, but I didn't show up this week when they. CAST over two. That's randy talking right there. Like a dishonorable mentions were made time to find the clues of the week and then we're doing. She'll SAG is all the PODCASTS yours, so we're recording. sixers separatists Nick Bevan extra I never mind. I'll find anyway, so just giving guessing contexts what happens with? Basic. Shit because he wanted to start a podcast beef. Oh, that's the only reason yeah I. I didn't even like I. Mean we can do that. He wanted to start it without you.

00:55:01 - 01:00:02

Know hold on, hold on fucking Albert, see something Spanish should make a matt. Way But then I. Yeah. Moaning. Figures out what it is. GonNa be right. West! They go there in where they're. GonNa be I know. I don't know. Meiomi. Okay so, who who are beef? Ben From Small Town mentality. Now well, he was putting it out there to try to start. Talks Shit to other podcasts, but I accepted the challenge you don't. Know the what is the Challenge Cup? While, he was talking shit his last episode. He basically said fuck the Amigos. What are you? going. To Go, Spanish on them. thicky. Is it. She don't. Yes meet Mesa. You Ana I gotTA. I gotTA. Listen to these guys. I and then listening to the last episode, okay? You're the end though there. Must have been. What is? The, end. As near the end to just. Like You know what so listening to this show. It's fucking garbage. And not just the show. Ledge. Listen Right. Yeah well. Wherever you want to check out more small town mentality? Check out the Amigos. Guys, No. Actually we made. We actually made their show. At. Me Like I'm a fucking. I guess what I wasn't even there and we go. That tells you how good their show is so. And I wasn't even there, so. Once once we get off the air though I do WanNa talk about the next couple of weeks so just. mean. Jail SCHIMDT GONNA. From. County. You'd like. I, can't me. Taxes to the recording. Here's the passwords. Here. Passwords I'M GONNA. be able to record this stuff instead. A those light bulbs up there I have locked up. The is a key. Yeah I got the. Time. Is is a code. I Love I love. That Albert said the perfect thing. What is that when we it was obviously off, we're off, Mike whatever, but oh. The thing I love about mark? is heated to pay for she. That's true I love that there. I love you. Remember saying that yes, I do. Other builders I believe you did believe in. Business and we were talking about is get should but Olga. I I'd like Shit, but I don't like asking for I love talking. Shit! I love that part you're on. You're on a hot MIC sir. Can you tell us who you are and what you do. You, drive You told me something about Nah. Maybe ups. Don't don't talk about the. migraine nowhere talk. Yeah, we're. Jeff? Jeff. Jeffey. Jeffey. J all other Jiffy. Jiffy love. ME. Using An air. You'RE GONNA have to go back and listen to this hour. I think I do after your fucking love, right.

01:00:03 - 01:05:04

Now you? Need suit. No Way Gif. Because, he can't hear what you're saying, that's right. Listen because you know what's going on, so what's up dude? Beyond don't talk. Can. Just leave? Do you think okay. Hold on I'm is that. When did you get there, Jeff? Do you think I've seen was right and what he did or not. What a Jeff get get you. He's been in Cheboygan today. Okay okay okay. My brother same thing. Yeah Same you. Know. I'm white as well sir. Sir! Quarters likely corners. and. I can say that. You say anything. I? Raises other like wit. sexiness! Pigs Dude. Uploaded News Center. I. Can you tell me? Can you tell me why it's vacant is there? Is there one you on the surfboard on one? Broke no, the Sheboygan ones vacant. Really! You're talking. Shall we start finisher? How long have we been almost an hour? An Hour. Longer, than that. So you. You can't tell how it's been vacant or why. You've been dodging this question for like a couple of days. So I'm trying to figure out why how many people died in the house? I talked about this life. Yes. Let me. Call you back in like ten fifteen minutes. Don't sit in front of the house just golf. Your shirt on. You're okay. We like ten fifteen minutes. Input your shirt on puts Mr. Wear helmets. So fuck that. Let's game. It could be. Zero! COM now. I don't know I. Don't know you can take a letter. The one I want to go with I'M GONNA. Go with one I said before. All Right, I'll call you in a couple minutes. I love you heart you by. Only two thirty. I don't know what I'm GonNa way it seems. Like eight or nine o'clock at night. 'CAUSE! You're like fucking eighteen, Margaritas the. I always do it late list. With. One after known. By. Joe. Yeah well. I, don't leave for Delvin. For him, he would five o'clock for him almost. Clark's over that. Horrible horrible soft I think so I'm going to have to check out the best. Joey ideas that you just shouldn't Holy Shit. He's got my gun. Did that. All right. Let's finish up. At questions for Devon Cox, but I'm going to you Albertson's you're against. The name Shitsu welcome to the show our. So, here's my five question. Rapid thing for Delvin. That will do a Delvin. Hopefully it doesn't see it because I have I might have to revamp it either way. What Games even playing during the Kovic situation on lockdown. I'm forty five years old bro I. Don't play Games okay? Twenty twenty were. Funny I, twenty twenty worse. Yes or no. What's that know? What the one of the best businesswise? In My life will twenty twenty good for you. We've got to believe that out. Mandatory Mass Grin yes or no. Obstacle. Optional? That's that wasn't an answer but oil. By yeezy from the gap, yes or no.

01:05:07 - 01:10:04

No No, you're talking about. Then Sony. is now at the GATT which. Gap. Around. The kids gap. Between whites legs like a gap. Now. There's no. There is. There's a gap she probably got. Definitely a fucking she's. There's. Always a gap there. Are, you. Are you crazy? During the CO bid lockdown situation, yes, or no low. You fuckers on a stroke. Anybody I know we'll sports happen this year yes or no. Yes. Which one! If. You think football will happen. Your? Major, League tables have nothing GonNa Happen I think the. National Championship of. The beanbag one. Cornhole, Cornell. Yes. It. Was Television live on NBC? Reese Oh my God. US's doing. WAS A. I I was thinking of the main three basketball football. I think that's. Nothing else. Yes, no, no I think. Right. which was next, or what are you ask you? Just well, that's what they say, but right now everything spiking up, forget. All those other major league. We're going to happen. Have Infections I think. They're going to happen like the phillies. Twenty members that are sick. Because they all of? Go! Ring Train. There's people that are thick. Yes, I, agree. Yes, I agree with everything. That's. Yes, but I think I think. Yeah, if anything football APP, it's I don't think anything else. GonNa Happen. Baseball happens. Sixty Games. Those, they said this is. Ireland's aren't even think like the first win. Baseball originated here in America like I. Don't think there was sixty games. Yeah, because the steam fucking train can only one time, yeah? The difference is the new world. Games but I think if you can test people before the young, the planes and their positive go home. Or like. HEAVER. Go Home! and. Maybe don't go on the plane, and then you can play. Let me let me ask everyone right now. Do you know of someone firsthand. That's. been. Tested positive or has it yes I do know you don't yes, I do. You don't do I know you're gonNA. Go this way. Because we you've been saying things. and. I saw her six months ago. Okay and I saw him as well six months ago six months ago. Okay. But now my thing is on a ventilator. Have okay, think, though. Is it okay there she is. She's in a hospital. She. Went to the hospital with symptoms, and they are no I don't actually Tester and get results bagged on other details that yet. Me Still Secondhand I I know I actually. Agree that's not first. Hand He. Arnaud is in context, so let me tell you what happened, so. So, everyone knows efforts like junk. Must. Roommate that I had. Ten years ago. His wife has tove it. About that, she's yet, she's. She's on a ventilator here in Arizona. And I found that out from the other room that I had said to. Me and to other roommate says it's so team of third hand at this point. Did you didn't hear directly from the source. No, I did not. So. You think I'm lying. No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying I'm not saying that I'm just saying that I. Know this person. Yes, and I saw him six months ago. And I saw his wife there six months ago. and. We were at a thing at a high school event. Were they were working? there. And it was last time I saw them and I've talked to them a couple times since then to have poker with us.

01:10:04 - 01:15:03

Yeah, yeah, because they were gonNA come to their event when we're going to have it in March. Elvin. No she didn't have. Then you was gonNA come. It was going to be him over four Ko- Kobe and. And then. And then I find out that that she has it and then. I text him I said Hey man like look know whatever you need. That sucks. 'cause you imagine like your wife or Maybe, even a cousin. In the ICU and you couldn't see that person. Because they're on bill because you can't go in there and see them hopefully make it through, if not the DOT, yeah! That's that's fucking. Crazy is crazy. So that's that's my only connection is other people that know that I've had it like Washington. Cousins that you know of. We know like okay in marks, calculations second removed. I. moved. Naked move because. I know. They all had it y'all WanNa. That was bad was was the the father who had it, and he had diabetes, and it was worse for him versus the other. So him. It was a struggle on. She had a managed. She got it and they had two kids, and she took care of the two kids while he was struggling to get through. It Gacek Firsthand someone that you deal with daily rate. No I have not okay. How about you? I feel so San would be your fucking house. It would be your house. You have. Like. It's. You're GONNA okay, so my my daughter. To her cousins in Washington, she was she a hospital and they tested positive. She had she had it or the husband had Marchington not here. Go ahead. Albert sorry. As both of you guys have question and then you funding. Blow me off. Seeing Spanish. Mark. Though no I mean. Personally supposedly. In banking. Are you fucking kidding you. fucking kidding. ME. He does Scotty down. Thank you sorry? Church So. Site my uncle. In California have had it, but they're over its Madonna was sick for about two months. About a month, but she went to. Your Attested yeah here, but you'll do get tested. Never give a results. But also had with just A. Fever. She said. But she stayed according to Jean for about. You know over two weeks, okay? Let me see, but besides that Sad. My grandmother just passed away. Last Saturday. But she will do. Anything is I was say my uncle's. She was already ninety years old. So she was already like not in the best shape either. so she? You know Honestly, they can't really say it was covered. It was just it's could she was older. and I. I guess I bet you they're going to say it was Kobe. Yes. Yeah exactly so they had an ventilator at the end and everything, so they're gonNA fucking. Blame it on combing. Going to, get it yeah. Exactly so. That's about the clothes that I've had. Lived in Somerton right. My family's in A. AGO, next central? California. Sorry for your loss. You. Now because I don't have anybody directly. That has so mark. Eight. So. You think it's fake covid. I need. I think they're all. I think they're they're I. think person they're blowing it out of. You know. I think the only thing that worries me personally like.

01:15:04 - 01:18:36

People has respiratory issues. Which I do my son does. Scares me. Asthma. That worries me. Like I can't I want if I? Get it and unfortunately die I. Love You guys. But if I did I mean whatever, but for him. I don't want that to happen. Young enough to find it off, but with my respiratory things like. Asthma or something I don't know I've never been diagnosed. I have the fear of going to doctor to get diagnosed. Kids a bad sign, but go ahead and. The. Best. Side, but go ahead. Go ahead witnessed firsthand. When I had move when I have moved like. Heavy lifting things like that and and pushing things into like I gotta take a second to breathe. After movie something fairly heavy. that could just be out a way, but at the same time I been long distances without like taking some serious. Birth depressed, trying to bring you know things like that so. but when I was a teenager, due to I was always on the bike, so it's weird. How things are but I think you. Feel it in. In the chest. Tighten. Yeah. You? GotTa work at which. I go. For. A but. You should probably start. Doing stuff works out which is me to. Get Right. It's fucked up. I want to go to the gym. I, do but I don't know if I should or not. I don't know like going. To Promise. They don't ask you. They don't want. I lived on a planet. Where do. They don't ask you to put it on. If I imagine right I. Ask you to put it on required. I'd be hard. No, it's. Not. Let's continue to hang out, but let's cut this down. No I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GONNA lead fucked. Company short. Keep the conversation going. Going, but let's cut you off flies. Behar's. Along. Pretty much as pretty. Nobody wants. Want to hear your bullshit got a not everybody again. Thanks. Amigos out your this guy fucking. PGA In me. are no no, no, no, no, we want to hear what you're saying. Just not. Everybody wanted to hear. ME. This has been the migos PC. Make sure life, subscribe and review us on all your pod casting platforms. visit us at Amigos. Dot Net for our entire library of content and Amigos Merch. Till next TAT audio.

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