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102. Jon Carden D'Elia's Law

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If you were looking for a high brow fancy. SMART. Regal podcast with post that loved to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos PC. If you're looking for drinking, random nonsense, stunts, shenanigans and balls out craziness. You've hit. The Jackpot is he goes PC and this is Scott Mark. masturbated there. You gotTa make it lack. Legal? Now. Count! was. Wasn't. Was the cowboys. Narrating. I think. Yes. About them. Down! A! Live. The Golden, moments. Special Guest John Carlin. joins us. Local Phoenix comedian here. Tour as well. As recently noted. For at least US families of key. One the Christmas special that throws. That was great. There quite a few means that went on their. Show on mckown. Josh Harrison and Sorry. Sorry. took. A! A. Look like you're. Tom. Before we got on Mike. Everybody knows. A. So. was. It was like going on. Three years. Another. Thing is is that. Like. Five thirty. That was a shady. The radio is. I think he just got. The. Open Ten. Three thousand. Maybe open doesn't need that. Maybe some I. In the. As, I thought honestly ought. Josh there's plenty of confessional. Housing. Talk those kinds of things, so I expected to see a couple of those kinds of people but I. was working. On Five Years Congress to. Only reason I wanted. More experience. An moment. Has Three you just push it. Honestly Jonathan Gerber ship on if that's. Just listening. Ever happen they're. Running. Awesome. In Kerber like Sarah shot himself the. Too much shoot. Laugh. Tell them to his face these the show.

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They want to be. Gives me uneasy snakes. Spidey sense! The. Presence of And he he. I wind up and then all of a second talking about stuff and something sister. Talk Radio. Switched. Involuntary. Up. Situation where? Of. The. Situation. Weirdness. Your radio. Sisters! A. On the radio? Can't be complete anarchy. Living Ninety four seven. So. I. was. This after I quit my job I stopped listening more. Scott says something miserable. quacking and listen to it. Here, I guess. It's. Swaying for. The can go full. Hour each. She can be. PODCAST. Our seven. You're not giving them. An. PODCAST. Around. Like a mining. Clue. Just Open. Walk. Wear. Snack. Food. Meat Lovers. Pizza. is, leave me. After a while. He's. Able to Mali. Race you hope. CHAIRPEOPLE! What happens to the? Parking. Like. Aren't you already that point. That's true. How is you have to worry any path? Up. Owning System Yeah. Y. Casino in Oklahoma City outside of homes. The name. In. Oklahoma. Actual, place. Electric Wheelchair so. He, has A back. She was a quadriplegic. got. Cut Off, and she was hanging over the back in his wheelchair and he. was like backpacking. To. Wear today everything. And adult was on the fucking front, had little white. It was that not of the basket. And he would take a drink of his drink and it's hard to ramp.

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Show is. Draw. People. Goddamn background. Facing. She was facing. Backpack. Backstage back. Like turn left to. Ask. got. A Lot. Worse. mean. That's that's yet. You will never see things. Focusing. and. Van the fuck. You got. Life! Trailer Park here. At home. Folly of it. So far. Life actually educate myself. Out. ENCHANT! Shitty crackers, you move into artists in one. Of The American? In. hipsters. That! Has. Much wrong! That's Jesus. Birth! Light came off the phone catalog that home. Shit. Look like that. Amount. Show. Right. I know what that is. A. Culture. and. I. Don't. I can't. I? AM! outs. There's nothing appetizer. Just like masturbation. Drink. Female is. Still attack. Milk! Only. And His? Jews or something? Else and your service. That's right. Others. I was so long ago that. The now.

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Think. Can. One Time I. Sounds like. added. I think. Mark! Cleaning. I think it all. Rios! Bad. I wasn't that good. The. Novels. Combined Shit. Faced. A HALF GALLON OF SPAGHETTI. Area. All, these actually might make. and. Eating all of these. Price. But! Asthma attacks and Have Pictures. It's just. Wasn't like Foodie. Labor zero. One bag. that. Yeah. According to get past. Where we're from. and. A half to. Your. Cigarette at all these. I say. Hard to have balance Agai-. Over! His own. Practice Lunch Day. Could, not stand. That's how long I. Brown Start? Probably Work. Pizzas! They had been Miss Maria. Maria Yes! there. By. Kept.

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ME. that. I don't know. Man! It tastes like a lot. Worse. Portion. Know. I would. Just fucking fly. Back home. I'm John. CAN THAT then. St L.. Michigan. All. Right tastefully. Getting fellow. Mock Ninety. STALBUR In this. Town. Other the street. Yeah. Yes youth traffic. Shot boy. How! and. It wasn't like I. Don't. Think. About that. More. Gotten! All you had to have. Even. have. Chain. Like A. SHIP MONEY ON Maybe? You. Option. Every. Time. A. Lot Women Nightmares. Half of one. Gigolos. That wrote. OLD CHECK! VOTELESS! got.

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there. I worked at. A half. An hour and a half. Hour drive from? Asia. Even. Quite a nation. Which? And Strippers apartment. there. Interesting thing. A. couple. was just say. The single bad. Sad attractive. I had no brains. This man that operate on volume. As. Always. A man this gorgeous. Body didn't quit that like it's. Just made me workout. Sport! They look physically. He was just so sad. Perfect physical laws and he was working to strip club taxes. Of the. Only stagger. Up. Avenue. I. Stopped. Watch! Last night in. Know with the home. Server. Shot. Yeah. Writing. I. Like L.! The. Okay. Shoving. A sapphires Dennis. So it's. Nice guys. and. Offense and I did not. White. Pick! Out Every night after. that. They have a heart. Bang Up. Job and women fucking. Imagine Imagine, sports. Okay.

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No money. Down, three point. Scrambling. Talking? Sharing. SEATTLE. Rain Out there. String? Bean. Demolish! Their kids about that. Super Bowl. Back Yup. Tyson came out there. Showed sexual chocolate with the business. Recently just seen. Some reason. Get. Curtis. Shimada. Ask? On. Only Fox. Shopping. Jay He looks identical to. Crazy I if you. Were spread back. And the haircut he looks. Just. He. Funny! Exactly. Honestly I think that I think he's going to be fun. I think. It's GonNa. Be a little bit more of a comedy because. His care. Mike's show did. Ever See. Did you got the interview Canada? Interviewed him asked him. Coming! Reserve careers rainforest. Thais fucking. Bitch. There are some people. that. Reminded me right. Now. Obama. Has An angry Tiger Kenneka recent interview. Tyson interview. Gets pissed is. It was some doubt young reporter. Paul. You're. Up What have you? Wondering? This. Is it? responded. Work. Car. S. Many. City. Students. Shannon. She can. Yes He. Does play. Cards. killed. Ahead. The. Thousand. And he act. convicted.

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At My. I never heard that and really it was rob Ford and boy as my hero politicians. Okay they were talking about. At the. Heart attack. Oh Man. The. US. Sixteen deputies. Back in. Back in. They. Kicked out of office. Crack cocaine. Pro. Okay you. Actually. Actually look up! And he was the most American Canadian ever. Off. Ask Precious little. Mix Sensors! Eli. You die hard. Like nieces. I'd maybe four years. Volleyball. Discuss Chris. Oh. The actual show. I Love Adam raise funniest people of overseas live. Demise Money Shit. Every. Show. Essay? Topics Improv rocks and he's like he kills a break. Wash Up. Air Bryan callen went up. Earthly it comes out. Sucks But now. After all this news. Essentially kind of like A. Long Windy. On netflix. Henderson. Part Beautiful Fairly Research Rome. About the document. The pocket. Said? About the. Rightness! Prodigy. These areas. And just. Castle Okay. Very fake. and. Muslim. Show me messages I'm a big fan of. A. Then show. Listen to our trading. As much, you can fuck. Yes and I believe that that is true. Message is that was like angle? You get through your watching I he gave you. Come over. Could have. All Chris He's an alleged. Backs to me very fake. Back. In Charleston. Is it crazy. Yes, but it depends on what he was. A West Virginia okay. And the LAWS A. Sixteen sixteen year old has legal. NSA now. You might think that's gross and that's weird that I. Necessarily legal. So. We have. A! To.

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Active? I'm. Little. Talk. Right. Apparently. Arkansas sixteen year old. Go. All depends on the the. Yeah. Interesting I think. All of the already. Kathy only folks eighteen year. Old Girls is no everywhere that. He likes them freshly. He's watching bikes expiration. This. Donald. Interfere. In class. Homer Simpson. Parents How old are you? Imagine. The data that fucking. Oh No. Thank. Daughters I. Know Man in his world. Sacrificial. Out Getting Editor. Kate winslet city. You. Know actually. Read. Through true. In the moment. On Jamie. Your Dad probably. spiracy right now. Jeans Cameron. Okay, how was she? Has Your. Sixteen. All. Unless Arkansas. Really. GonNa Call This is now. With. With with. The. Rice! Markets. Across the border? Okay, this is an Oklahoma. Seventeen that's day. But I agree I have one daughter I? With what said? Interesting. And! I. I hate the quarterback again. I'll tell you why. Living exactly I don't think we should crucify the person that we know they should. BE, allowed. That's to. Thank, God. Nobody that Shit. while. Think about that. were. Favorite quotes and I can't tell you the folks at. WHO GETS TO LISTEN TO POLITICIANS AFRICA COMEDIANS. People? Laugh at politicians and listen to. What they're telling the truth if you Asia thing. Off. Five. Eight thirty four minutes in the time. Stumble completely threw them. that. Actually watched it. I haven't seen. It's. To. Watch watch. Netflix. Queue through. Eight minutes basing their thirty seconds or something like that. Weight situation. We today forty, six, eight, forty six.

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Question! Mark? It's moving somebody. Isn't funny. Trying to be funny or Make a joke here. As you do. based. Rights Mitch. Joke. Strip. Look. That you want to. Live with. Kids and Adults. I guess to come in the studio. This Kobe. You for that. Thanks for being brave. Special. She would. I'm just understanding just. Teachers. The. Close a real quick. I would like edged. RHINESTONE WE FUCKING Everybody should have been looking at mother fucker. Waving pick. and. You. Episode IV. Upstate. I've watched the first episode. Level blockade interest. Reminds. Obviously didn't. Watch. Episode like this May setup fucking. Flood. Jerk a fortune. Basically. Fortune five hundred company. Like his own fucking. Monster. I'm glad. You could be a monster energy. I think everybody can agree. Yeah, it's yeah. I never would have been born. Hate what he did. But you got it met. Genius. I don't. Know About. Shar Charm A. Genius Living. All the as you get further into the show like you're seeing. Talking about how? What hanging. Sales. This! Question. Other pedophile look up to him off. Chris. Right. That Shit He had Meghan. I watch. On The right lines it. was in the same boat. I started watching the first episode, and like all of a at my my oldest daughter like walking. Over it? And, so she decided like. This inappropriate, she decides to sit down. Arguments at the. Argument to that is. Maybe? It's good. To know that. That's just. What your? FUCKING Nobody. Should know. Very visual has. Taken. Know There's an argument what you're saying. Configured! I would love. To Watch off. Sixteen yeah. Okay! The world. You're working. You're driving. You know it's. Totally. because. You need new offering ABS- Yes. She is my sense of humor like talking. About.

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Money has have. Seen that should never. Steer. This. She goes baby leach good to punish your kids. were. Creepy. All these rights started and everything like that I have see a video. I think it was in the UK on this. This cop was like trying to stop somebody. Being something and then someone came up behind him with a water bottle and it is asked on. Mexico area and I was like my son. I'm in the car with my wife and. His right behind me and looking at. A fuck and so I stopped IT I. Show my wife. My daughter peaks over my shoulder as soon as she sees the person the. Fire she served laughing out loud. Love her you. It scared. Gasoline. At that. GO-TO. Sort of Getting called. Gas Station called this not self-serve. Whereas they have a tendency. To be stay local anymore, but it was. Full Service! Points to full service the pay for. On, Riverside! Up. That was that was. Where, my dad of course, having a pack of cigarettes, And I. Wish! We still have that. Cold Wash my windows cigarettes. Give the moment. You. fucking schools. Back. Leverage Callback Susan. Cigarettes feel bags. Here's the thing I don't love my my girlfriend. Loves. She. Doesn't funny accents, and like all these things on the podcast. She moves as his cast so when she got the medium. Celebrity Michelle. A. Cancer. Cancer so. She awesome. Only ways of shattered brainstorming. Of. got. That she got that moment. That she looks up to then fucking seven months later. Then my sixteen. made his. Dad Kind. Of. New Special. They just came out about what he was going to call it. I'm talking about what union girlfriend, though like the reason why he didn't Hugger or Whether. He's definitely a very nice guy. Pleasure to be around. He moved like he helped paint. You know what I mean. County. Is a shift. Pay but I mean imagine. Did you ever been around? Too? Though that's a very distinctive move. Pay Hovers. Ever seen it really health. Law and You see him walking around at night with silver face. Gold A pay. Back. The wrestler Gold Dust. Huge. That's what we need the green screen.

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Behind fucking throat, gold dust. Siegel. That Kinda Shit. Gary Wrestler fucking. Killed People for sure. CA-. Creepy Shit he was the first trans person in professional wrestling. I feel bad. I. Really I don't know if TRUEBA. With different, he was the most different long blond hair mankind best friends. Oh, mankind, even make I. Make the holidays. Really does he did House County. I remember seeing something like that. Sells books and. Stories, did you open for him? I think kate quickly opened for them. Maybe somebody. Can't remember fuck home for. Anyway. Go I'm. Videos a ticket and the place was sold out and I. DIDN'T WANNA. Go like there's a little edge. Stand all the time. I didn't go the way of the servers with. People in a room. But yeah, he does comedy. This comedy to really. fucking snakes. Gallagher fucking situation. Jesse Ventura. Jesse. Comedian. This is a com- comedian Jacobs. Okay. Falcon. To go home right now. The butter fell. In Carolina It's about a young. Dowse. and. He runs away from. Folks homeless and we can keep them in a small town. Which is North Carolina? I was into gifted program. They put me in a fucking closet. Talk. About it. The more about. Social Alcohol. No his name. SHYLA bus show. Transformers. Okay Yeah Yeah. Watching he's. Good. He's little psychopath though you really is. A. Major, Alcoholic wasn't. There's if there's a documentary on. Amazon with? Yeah I would watch. It's about his life. I grew up and like all you went through. Your. Views! Show! I've seen half of it. Watching it. That's my life and movies these days. Halfway through, but yet it's basically. If you make fucking brokeback mountain homework. You'll watch that of course. Back fucking ridiculous we. We did a review on this podcast. brokeback mountain one time, and then a couple of weeks later. A couple of weeks ago, he brought it up again. His homework again. As a joke, no fuck that do it do to. Bring you. Broke! A movie! Yeah put it on us. We Miss? Those dues to be straight, yeah! Straightening more after the moving. Has Been Acting right there. And South Pole I was like. Fuck? Off Gloves. Banging out which in the corner. He's GonNa. Get with yeah. Fuck fifty cents. His career! Long Richard I tried. In any movies night crawler is like. The cameras here, so we're going to be film. Assume Shit van. Bangla. Doesn't matter anymore. Jake Jaylen holes in question if it's. You know the Nice thing though about leisure. Is He spit? If you watch it, he. Is. A little moment where he gets a little bit of lubrication is man. There is a sweetheart. You're out of the range. Okay, there is no. that. You. Have Limited options he even. Get a little. Bit Different. Yeah. Want you wondering if that was like improvised while the director, the director was a gay individual.

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I think. Don't quote me. On that Oh you wonder if both of them are method actors also. I mean I. Dabbled into the arts and Heath Ledger. Obey the SSD. Wait a minute, so you say. But you say joker joker. An insane asylum. Story and I don't know if it's true I think he was A. Before the movie came out, did a movie. He was already getting prepared. I remember for for joker, but from what I understand Jack. Nicholson called him and like personally called them was like. Listen Buddy. You Might WanNa know this is going to take you down a dark road. He's like when I did it back in the day. He's like it too dark place playing that kind of a psychopath. Like, so understand that there's there's going to be tribulation. Yeah, it's crazy to because Jack Nicholson's version is like. It's lighthearted compared to agree Arkansas. That was the time again. He was more of comic. Ledger was subject. Though that were pretty all. The way he became joker. Pulled a gun on fucking everybody. I mean if you had pulled on Japan's experience. Handle somebody leaning over to me. Saying you WANNA. Know How got these scars? That's just a guy was. GonNa more. His hand when he said it was still a guy at Circle K. Good to get it. Roosevelt. Let's be real. Was At. My friend calls a circle cray. Subject Eric Subject. Rush. Oh Man. I've just come watch that episode. You can come on. Yeah, exactly in love subject so that movie about honey boy. That's about his life. Okay. Month I watch. Pretty good I got. I, watch. Like half of it, and it's pretty fucking dark, because it shows him as a kid and it's he plays his dad. Own Really is what I'm gathering. Finished the movie, but that's what I'm getting fucking. He's talking to his kidneys fucking alcoholic and he's. But, he's the only thing that kid has. Getting into the industry and It's pretty. So honey boy honey boy. There is a movie Joshua Watch called Sunny. Has Got James Franco and it's Abou. I think I've seen that it's about him being a prostitute and growing up as MOMS like Madam. And he grows up as a prostitute and he was underage prostitute for. It's fucking. There's a scene in the movie. Owners seen the movie. That I love! and. It's you blending life with with with No there is Sonny. I found it okay do now to. Scene in the book there's a scene in the movie where he fucks the but Jesus. Outta this woman. Okay, because this is my answer, professional fucker. His mom's raised him up like some kids go to gymnastics. He was pushed into Pussy. So he knows how to fuck. You know what I mean. Could practice our whole lives and we're probably not going to get as good as his kid. He's more goats. Walks shoot out of her. The Michael Phelps of fucking and she goes Oh my God. That was the best I ever had. He said Yeah Cool. I used to get paid to do that. And she's like no, you did. He her the best sex of her fucking life and then told her that he used to do it for eleven and she didn't believe him. That should tell you where men stand. Right here, that's true. He gave her the Best Dick in the world. He was raised to give good, and he's like Oh yeah professional Dick Guarantee was. No, you're not. No, you're not. She denied his whole fucking upbringing. Yeah, and then she's like Oh. Wait you really aren't. She felt gross. G. Rambo chicks the one that got away. Directed this movie. I don't know who did. Let's say Franko. Seth Rogan Nicholas Cage. Yeah Nicholas came right after.

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meter. Nick. Bracket the days prostitute movie. Questions. Wasn't. Taking any role. He fucked any woman GEICO. Fuck the four hundred. In the movie, he was acid yellow. What does that? Because Season of the witch. Any you can put. Things together and it's Nicholas Cage movie and you. Can Use. His name's nephew. Ford Coppola. Yes. Here I'm thanking cages a teenage prostitute. Do. Know still publicly, it'd be like Hey, nick cage here on the Amigos. To director. Sunday! There's a documentary. Watch don't don't don't watch that one. MAC masterpiece okay. I WANNA see it. came out around the same time. It's way better. That's. Also bring up. James Franco one of my favorite movies of his is spring break. I was just watching that couple of. FUCKING Is that what he said? Bride. It's so bad, but so good and it was A. Little Bit. Spoiler alert. Small everyone. Ready. Twelve. Years ago. Ten years from when Franken was a prostitute. Cage is. Just Hawaii Franken. From? From Nikki's bio mic I. Wonder I wonder if. See. A lot of. Push back Franco. Not Work. Obligations after this, so I wanNA. Make sure we wind it down before you gotTa Bolt Out of here. Yeah, you guys gotta go to my showman. Were you, were you give us your so Iran triple threats used as a comedy. It's a five dollar night. which you give me five dollar tickets, I'll sell some. The Flea Market Out folks me. You got an offer up you like Michael. Fisher. I love. Run that show and I'm booked show book. All the Comedians on it got my buddy. Coming from Vegas Next, Week Okay Jessica Wellington. Look her up as a comedian. When she comes back to town 'cause she's fucking phony. She's trying to try to. Bigger. The scenery. podcast you can do. We can just stare at. Homeland. Right at home, but yeah, triple threat Tuesday's is a five dollar appetizer select appetizer. Five dollars select well. Five dollars show ticket. Okay, so you can get hooked up fifteen dollars in order to mean we're there go. Guys! Will the first time I? Realize how good it is Yawkey coming back. The only problem for us is. Located less. Yeah. Yeah. That's right I live right up there. Anti. and. Kate Beardsley. Okay I live next to a costco. I had a front row seat to the end of the fucking world. An eighty seven year old lady do unspeakable things or toilet paper. She did this. This warranty is not a good look for Costco listen. They had to call cops at Costco. Do you realize how bad you gotta? Fuck love to turn a costco into a walmart on nineteenth avenue. You gotTA fuck out.

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JESUS CHRIST COSCO BY US WELCOME TO ARIZONA folks. By me, had cops on the Florida. Cops out front. Of Youtube probably yeah everyday. They could have been the whole. Arizona man is is waning. Florida for quite some time. Fuck in Florida. Phoenix is like a darker Florida. There's like some Shit Canadian Albert's right here. They deported that part of the. Zone. They call. I. Love this. Because it's the wild west. really is. fucking hip down here, man! We drive ninety five on the freeway. Don't give a shit, and then they gotta be for. It because it's Tuesday. We don't give a fuck fucking. Ninety. Moderated they want Goddamn mask and sight. motherfuckers was kissing on the cheek like it was Italy. Okay then nobody gives a shit about some germs. But also like a hate it because it's the fucking. NATO. Says we're fucking up. We're like we're spiking shots. We'll try out of the same glass. fucking your speedo and. You get the shots it's. They don't have glitter I'm calling back. Didn't. Pretty strict. A. Doesn't I, don't even. Remember. I don't remember a lot of glitter. There was confetti nights parties. Balloons. Feeling and soon. I'm just thinking like chicks me. Can, we find you on social media triple threat Tuesday's. Comedy every Tuesday. On social media. It's going to John as my instagram looks. Awesome. Thank you? Right. I. Here's the thing. You the only one type that in once a week. Two years. Until it finally came available. Before me got kicked off instagram. And I actually had like many party that night. Dame was going to the John, but I hate twitter. I'm not on twitter anymore, so I was. degrom named be going to the Joe. And, somebody had so. Once a week religiously, it was like my Saturday poop schedule. Like. John. Can't take it going John. fucking two years later, so that dude died and I had a party. I I went and bought a little bottle of Jameson. I had a shark who to reward. The beginning. Both with the people give it to, it's. Spring break you know what I mean, let them feel the. So. John is my instagram I. wrote a podcast called the white trash book club monae. It is right now during the summer for. Episodes on pod being. Tones I'm not fancy metal. spotify down by being and check me out. But yeah, I just read books and find the white trash it inside the book. A white trash message inside of Dr Seuss Book if you look. Actually you ain't GonNa look. White and green eight. Well we appreciate that you came on the show. Man has with. Great. Was! ramble. Her. GERBERS! I'm. Trying to be nice. Jerry.

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Free speech fucking. I. How. How is he in I? Think was. possibly. If you were looking for a high brow fancy. SMART. Regal podcast with hosts that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the venue. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos PC. If you're looking for drinking, random nonsense, stunts, shenanigans and balls out craziness. You've hit. The Jackpot is is Amigos PC and this is Scott and mark.

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