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101. Conspiraciones ignorancias

If you were looking for high. Brow fancy. SMART. Regal podcast with Post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos PC. If you're looking for drinking, random nonsense, stunts, shenanigans and balls out craziness. Hit the Jackpot is. He goes PC and this is Scott Mark. Our Guy. He's back. Episode One one Oh. Yes. migos! Welcome our special guests Albert, back. I'm not a good. Show the missing Amigo. Yeah, you're you're MIA, do we? I was there was found. You got you a new shirt I was. In Tibet. Free and amongst. What is that what we call the bet back? I've I'm noticing and never seen it. I haven't seen the fuck. A. Movie. Was Missing. Idol of the move. It's good to have you back. Buddy yes. I'm back and I'm stronger. How are your travels? What our time period did you see? Okay, so I was back in the eighteen hundreds. Oh No let's. Go Maybe go forward, go forward. What'd you see in the future? Get better. I mean like nineteen seventy, please. A little better. I mean. Yeah, there probably was okay. You know what I was watching last night. A. Epstein Oh. Channel. Two. binged it which probably dark. Dark thing to been. It is it. Only like what four episodes three five or six I think. Three or four, yeah! Maybe Maybe maybe! Maybe fell asleep and woke up to. It felt like it was like five or six to me. I could have been four. Right to yeah, it was a limited series. Is highly recommended. I knew seen, but I didn't know the details, and then now I got the full details of had an island. Jaded. Island. Yes, yes, he did. You want to get into where we're going to be going today. Hillary Clinton Oh. she recently. They have to now look over six hundred. Only. Have to deal with at a file. Select You see the response from a Bill Clinton and trump. Oh, yeah, no I haven't talked to him in about ten fifteen years. Yeah, it wasn't a good guy. Trump? said it all nonchalant. Yeah on the interview. Well none of the interview but I guess I pry earlier this non this year. After. The trial like right before. Yes, before he died there basically comments like you hang out with them. You know you haven't seen live. Mean it would. He almost got away with? They don't to be you to be in the right mindset to watch. It won't be. Happy Mood. You are already being a fucked up at mood. To Watch it. Well. If you watch it if you watched killer for anybody. Now fucking! You gotTa Watch it, watch it But basically. When I watched it. I learned so much more because I thought he was just like. The News, a happened with him I thought. That's what it was. Yeah. I didn't know he had patched Shit Yeah. No. All I knew from what the new what happened when he got caught, so this rich dude was doing crazy shit and they got. All I knew I didn't know his past and it was like wow. In say cheese and around the block right, yes. A lot of big name people and allowed. Any. favors. Hockett fake time to and I didn't know how that's how. I don't. And I definitely think that it's with this. Subject that. We're talking about today I think trump one of his favorites.

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Yeah probably because. Yeah. No no, that no, yeah. What did they happen around? That was the second time not the first time whenever we got in trouble that that wasn't trump time. That was earlier time I think that was either Bush, era or maybe a bomb. Yeah, that wasn't recent. Trump's only been around for four years. Yeah for years, so he hasn't get in trouble the first time it. Was Everything was in two thousand five hundred six. Yeah, that's not trump I mean he was around trump away. You're right. You're triple the president. Yeah it was like it was like Obama Bush era. He must have what I think in honestly think. Watching that I definitely think that Bill Clinton. Had something to do with it, and obviously not that he was involved with it, but he was obviously around. Haw, did the video come off like they were? Pinning him, you know what I'm saying like. They're favoring him at as. You mean it was one-sided like. Democrats. So you mean like what do you mean you? Bill Clinton specifically so I'm saying. Ain't. Way there there was as a shot in the in the show. There was a part where Bill Clinton was literally on the plane with him and the only one with Chris Tucker. To. Yet, he was at the guy that the guy. The Guy. Or that maintenance guy. And even though he's down there. A couple of guys, so he's been there, but he denied. Ever being there. Yeah, so there's. He's high profile pictures. But there's pictures of him. Beaner, you know another person who denied it even though there's a picture of show in. The Prince Andrew. Duke of York. He, I don't remember I don't I. Don't recall and there's a fucking picture of him before he was with A. Lady Arrived, before younger lane and Lady! No, I do not recall that I don't ever recall that picture. Would say. Not particularly for like this kind of Shit that's going on. I hope you're not gonNA trail for. We'll be talking about something if the office related in our be like. I don't recall that I don't remember to I. said. Don't take down. Wanted to take it down. That's on you. Tell me. How about her? Yeah, no, you guys! How would you? Know We. We took one deal down. Burn a house trailer in the process of taking it down. and. Wonder Oh nobody better. Nam Thai now? Towns another fucking story I know I told you guys above. Fuck it. Hand was forced with that, but we made the best of it and I. Think we still we still can. We. We're sidetracking user talking. Giving Star rescue back and bit spiracy talks yes. Yes. So, yeah, the episode is conspiracy socks. You. Know we're we'll sibling. Yui Now. Relent we had an argument. One of many. That a real story. That's a real. That's another conspiracy. That's why has been here as you guys have been frightened Hainkel. The real reason. Hellish more Albert. Why are you mad at Mark? He doesn't he doesn't listen. We always fight about certain things. He doesn't kiss. Been Lines. Was GonNA rant quick real yeah. Okay so it actually dive into what we really wanted to talk about this episode. Conspiracies To, kick everything off. The Amigos has a conspiracy about the Amigos. YEAH WE HAVE A. Except for you not only that you didn't WanNa come around for that and I. Don't think really coming off jaded like Oh my God the Amigos are. Self absorbed on some high shit, or whatever this just some things that we saw me personally and shared with us and. It's brought the topic because we're not gonNA. I don't know San longer not, but we'll move on so either. We had one day of high traffic. I guess you could say or a decent enough to notice traffic. By a particular organization. Archive Dot Org. Particular Organization.

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And I'm wondering like other podcast. People that are out here. Anybody else. Ads if she lodged caster. That's out there. If you're listening or watching this live, let us know if he ran into this. Notice this. If Archive Dot, Org has downloaded your entire library, so we have one hundred episodes so I take notice when all of a sudden we have a hundred downloads by one particular source right, yeah! That is strange strange. Yeah, so I don't care if you're new NEWBIE. Wow. Your new maybe. Maybe even ten episodes, but one hundred episodes. Yeah, they downloaded everything. The Entire Library? And I'm sorry I am new to this. First Day. This is my first day in America. I have nothing to do. With the past episodes you're trying to name. A fucking trying to dial him in on his mic, because either like he's all. And I can't hear more like. into it and he's like really loud. That's our. Dial. Be Wherever, the fuck you want you can. No and never. Anyway so yes. They downloaded the entire library in one single day. And I took notice. He didn't say anything to the other Amigos here until I wanNA to do a little research, okay? So that happened. I found out okay. archived ORG is an Internet archive. It's nonprofit library for millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites and more or Do. You think they're doing it for that reason then to provide all our content, so if that's the case though then. If there are other podcasts out there. Has This happened to you? Let us know, but here's the thing why. Because if They're trying. To Archive all media content everywhere anywhere. Yeah, so they related to anybody why a year from now the men here for. If they just over age started. They started doing you know. What would it all? started. Archive DOT ORG brand new. They're not. How are they? Let's see. Their brand new and they just like Google and get. started. They started in nineteen ninety-six fuck. Run guys run. Their revenue their revenue. Twenty million dollars in revenue. Hundred and sixty eight employees, but then again. Maybe that's why because they provide all content and maybe somebody searched. Let's find out. From our audience to see if they know of. Archiving and I and they might say oh. No, you're their a company that where we see. Their website where you go. To find different podcast or bugs or whatever, and maybe they're just trying to say okay well. We just found out about the Amigos. Shit so. How would they have found out? I. Stumbled across US or scheming a library, or or maybe it goes okay. Maybe they look okay once. And don't get me. I love that you're trying to debunk it. Yeah, and maybe they're just saying okay. That's good I'm on your side. Hit one hundred episodes. Let's fucking. Download them because obviously. No because they did this in April that was before we got one hundred. Close. Close so they. Could be like oh now. The government awaits the. Way To your at that number well. Share some of the foundations that back this. Just. Going to say that the craziness, but go ahead. Yeah I was a big point to so the craziness. If you could, while I'm kind of looking to some maybe type these in and see their little background the Andrew W Mellon Foundation is one of them been? owns. Funds this. Up Guessing money essentially. Yup. The Council on Library and information sources. Okay so the under W fundraising, of New York City in the United States is a private foundation with five core areas of interest, and in doubt with wealth. Related by Andrew Mellon of the Mellon family of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Six point one endowment, one billion and I will tell you this, so this happened prior to two. Guests that we had on from Philly. Just our last episode. Adam Notre. Yeah last week. Yeah, but that that is still kind of a coincidence, so core areas of interest for them is higher education museums, performing arts, conservation and the shell companies show companies.

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Yet I. Mean we're. GonNa talk me out Joe's. Ice Show. PODCAST I know. I know. We're not so. No Glenn So, Melania? Group, that has investigated doctoral education collegiate admissions independent in research libraries, charitable nonprofits, scholarly communications and other others in order to ensure that the foundations grants was be well informed and more effective. Still has nothing to do with us like I don't. Think. Thing is like maybe downloading our shit. Stuff just in case something I still like China to bunch. Trying to find out keeping. Your such a Nice Cup, the second one council and Library Information Yeah so there is a nice guy. There're research an independent nonprofit organization favor. Here. As to enhance reese search teachings and learning environments. In collaboration with libraries, ooh, okay yeah culture, institutions community and Are Learning. Not when the under Mellon Foundation was founded in nineteen sixty nine minutes. Your favorite. The next fund is the. Democracy, folks Yes Democracy Fund Granta Democracy One. And then the next one, after that is the federal commissions, communications universities. It'd be a program. In libraries. Dude that one right there at. Red Flag wrong over. Watching yes, what we have in how they can censor Vantera Censor I know that this is after Santiago's episodes of after they downloaded us right, we had Ralph, Sutton, on who used to be in radio for twenty. Years go in his a huge. non supporter. I can't speak I can't speak for him, but he had one. Episode he mentioned. That's why he wanted to leave radios 'cause. That's a big I mean. I'm not saying that but. I mean that's a big. They're okay. They're probably watching him. He's on the show. After I thought he was forced after this, so they did this. Hour here's the thing I've been in communication with him for a while to get him on the show. Maybe they were. Okay well, let's. Watching yes, Oh, oh, shit, so he's GonNa. Be Coming in this show. That's not with this shows about. As I, what are they? GonNa say Oh, drunk motherfuckers, getting better arrest of. Specially Quantum Albert. All over the place. They can't arrest anybody yeah. We can get find weekend. Yes, not yet. Logging. Strip. Doing. Now they're back on US dude. Fuck is come on. Every. Cussed Guys Oh wait we can we can. Talk. So yeah. Everybody everybody in that list. Is Suspect. Yeah you just read off the rest. I mean they're obviously. Yeah, we don't have to do any research. There's a knightfoundation. Go the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences. MLS The imls a weird emily. John Arnold, foundation I wonder if they're related to Tom Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger because he only to that wouldn't work. That because of Inter that we have the Internet. All Right, VIC! Step it up. You know the National Endowment. For her humanities office of digital humanities. The fuck. That's definitely some shit. PENISES! All this shit, it's a good thing for US I. Go. Don't I don't care it, but it's a good. But. You're right if the visit now watch. US You're welcome guys even. Video I. It's been a while. Subscribers up a little bit on you.

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Now he's back. I'll come back. Now on the fucker. What about? What about this conspiracy this? Is Shit Fuck Damn lost it. Is fucked me up I? Had it the whole time oh? No lost it. Sorry keep going. So. The next one is National Science Foundation. Has something to do with breaking bad. Yeah, the Peter in. Great. Bad Lucia Walk Foundation. It's. Either way, yeah, the rest of are all weird. The Philadelphia Foundation which. Kind of goes with our last guest, so we're GONNA have to question Adam Nutter. He must be some kind. The Rita Allen Foundation which I don't even know what any of that is. But yeah, it's it's pretty weird in in a lot of this stuff is it was streamed? Don't like it. It was streamed from Washington Virginia walks. Stream from FBI or the. Let's Langley Virginia? Yes at risk for FBI. Show we're Langley is. It's in Virginia. Virginia, where? So what you had in your maps on your maps you. You looked at the A. and D.. C. Yeah! This is a weird. Drunk and map that you did. When you up because you can't. Doing Finger. Look at the. Is Australia this man to put it on my fridge at home as it was like a fucking. That was his look at where they're coming from. I may have been drinking when I did that map but I'd probably probably but either way. It's in close proximity to DC which is. Around another red flag that we're being listened to by the government and that's really well. Here's the thing you really believe that we have not been. Listened by the government pretty delicious on. Your phone. So, they just they just got on, so no, so we just got. Oh, you don't. Like that that was going to. The only thing that was different was we were. We were all remote. During that episode of we were so maybe one of our houses were bad saving worse. Now all of our. About Their. You're. Safe That's brought a highlighted point of like Oh. Shit that Lazar April twenty seventh episode, right. so that that episode was actually immemorial for Santiago local trash. Buddy r.i.p her IP we also did have Thomas. That same episode by split two episodes up and dropped his a couple days later now i. do want to bring to light. He has been really involved in. The Cova D-. Being it yet, Thomas. He it being a conspiracy in itself. Who Talk about that I? Don't know if him going off on trying define alternate facts from what the media is bringing satellite. Also looking. To this was before or let recent. What are you gonNa Doug on that. Govan yet oh shit. We're going to stay away from. GO BACK OVER A. Different. We know, wait a minute. There's another thing. Go ahead. Something else going on at tell me more. If covert relieves the thing I had it in November I guarantee coverted the thing i. have it right now. No one came back. You fucking in. You pulled the white man on us or the Indian you buy. Rug Than Shit A. You fucking showed up to get a sick. No wonder. We can't do enough so together. I know this is what happens, someone bring smallpox. Alvarez. Can't even. If Kobe Israel. Having was sick around the same. Time that I was speaking for him, but I was. I was sick in November so if it's real, remember then. Under the A, lot of people have a lot of people had it back then I. You know I think, wasn't it? You Know Troy Troy. Troy. I thought he had valley fever. Yeah, that's how bad. It was probably. They didn't know I mean obviously. There was nothing then. He just couldn't get rid of. It was cold it.

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I. Don't know if he had a fever. Though 'cause I know fevers the thing Joe. I guess supposedly fever, and then now having your tape. But then again they say you don't. You don't really have all of them. You don't necessarily have all of I. Remember, there was a time where like I was eating hamburger naked taste. Going down. No one time I think you're GONNA. fucking white castle. Gitte. Here for. The Midwest opened up year no one and I. Told you that. Catholic because. Castle White Castle spread to the West. Read Tobin along with it I love that Archie White. Spread it spread it. WAS I. You can't really say that these days. Let's spread it. Can't say that in front of a female audience. That's true. That's spread ago. I mean unless using ladies sorry. Guys guys spreading. Spreading. I mean unless you I'm out I'm out again. Gene even. A good. Twenty twenty. One I don't go back. You bring out in us. That is true we're we're full of beans with. We were completely pc with. Johnson sure. That's. That's the Megan SPEC-. We turn politically correct since you left. Yeah. This is bullshit. I came back to. Run, a fucking marker and it's brought up. Yeah at the. Book, Shit. Shirt like that though. Logo and then just a black line, right? CRN Gems happened. That's not a bad idea. Bro! Lightning happens when we're all together. At Trinity, happens. Guys. Look this guy well fucking. Shit he's. It's not even his any fucking cross. That's not even his no pet. That's awesome. No Pat Guy Any fucking cross it out in that bullshit. So. Any final thoughts on the government is listening into the Amigos. Well I saw. I'll go first then UNIX. I feel they are always listening as we already said. I think it's cool that the doing this. Just because. I think they're gathering the shit for fucking time capsule. Then! Because the world's GonNa fuck an in. The Middle East. They're going to have us for generations later. In the library, look at these guys. HOW AMAZING! The whole catalogue of what the simulation civilization did before we all fucking die. Okay and I look at it the way the way I look at it as I. F- were being watched. We must. We must be important. Around that's. Why are we being? Why are they downloading all our shit? Should we tell them not? We should go and say. Don't do episode one. Young. Did we should we should. Say how many email them and I'm going to say? Don't do episode. ninety three hundred. I wasn't there. No! Episodes except ninety. Fan from the small town mentality podcasts. Says what's up. assholes. USA. Episode. He was he was. Banned maybe because we we cross state lines. Tell us if you have all. Because we went into Wyoming for that wonder, while mean we talking to tell us. EPA leader mayor downloaded from archive dot org. Have you. What has your experience been? Has Been. Together diverse. And Been Seductive. Is it in July. Doing true lines slowly. When he's dancing when she's anti. Bugging a weird, that's a weird like nineteen ninety six. That was that was fucking out there.

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That's a good move. A better time. Anything before this year was a better. To. Been Read He. He wrote back into entirely. There we go. Thank you Sir all right. Let's move onto the next. Back. Now now. We're not gonNA talk. Again, but we don't. We don't. We can talk about what we don't. Read. That's all yeah, Geez just talk about it I'm just mad because they can't find shit about it is what I mean. Oh, so I'll bring it up because I brought it up so apparently. I heard on the radio today. Off Place of all. that they were talking about there was A. The radio's website and see if they have now and it wasn't. It wasn't a news. It wasn't news. There was talking about it and like. Oh okay, so wasn't like a Brady was not yet. On their website yet. So, apparently, there has been if someone knows to give me the website to look it up to have more information on. But. Apparently, there was something in Hawaii. They looked down into the ocean. They saw basically. What look to be men built man made, or someone made it sound like it was like a sonar type. Thing they look down in was not mountains wasn't rock. was definitely formed two buildings. Underneath or around where around Hawaii Volcano Falkiner. Volcano rate right, okay so. Hawaii probably goes like a funnel. Like it would be like a mountain. Top, right or visit go down I, don't. Realize this if Hawaii goes like this writing inch makes like volcano construct in middle school for a science project right right on the bottom. What is like? Does it introvert? It'd be more at could be wrong I don't know how that should work, so I'm not a scientist anymore. Got Discredited. The discredit whatever it when it goes I think of this from the base. Right in to. Watching me, but yeah there. We go so well that then how Hawaiian goes up right? Yeah, so going down under Hawaii like ow. ow Does have no clue I have no clue. What again they basically said on a radio show that I listen to you today, okay? Talked about basically that there was a something like some sonar shit that basie saw a city or something that was manmade underneath a. That basically looked like it was something underneath there. And when they were talking about, they're like. Oh you know obviously the whole twenty twenty thing is, nobody wants to don't fuck and go down there. No. No no twenty twenty one you go to. One and then go find Pandora's box. Because then you'd be like. Hey, twenty, twenty one is worse and twenty twenty. I'm really upset that at the National Science Foundation because they discredited you and your science master. You'll me back when? You know. Whatever here's a conspiracy. Where do you start to have our after US every week? We've actually last week. We went on Sunday, so we don't let yeah. It's not. We don't try to go on Friday why you gotTA. Make Yourself Ben Ben. Actually give a fuck about you. That's true, but we do. We do we, do we? Do you guys? It's not on purpose I'll I will tell you that it's not. We're not trying to take away from your audience because we don't have one either. Well we have the government, so we have one one listener. Listen to every episode including this one Ben Reynolds from. Ryan Reynolds. Ryan, Reynolds Deadpool. Good means you so there. There is supposedly an underwater. It's the it's the city of Atlanta's under a white. Yeah, so. We. Don't know if. I mean the city under. Is it a safe assumption? So so when I heard it today, I was like Holy Shit. And I know I'm trying to. You can find better than I have because I've found nothing. So I can't find eating a backup the story that they heard he's going to look it up through Oh the Mexican websites! They believe everything. Rest of SOC- Resign Rica by. A while. Rien at the wrong city I don't know. Did you find? A. Wa, who is below Hawaii? If anything it's above it.

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Yeah! I don't know geographic. Found the city underneath. That makes sense. That makes sense. If. He has ever been Hawaii. I have neither Georgia's. I WANNA I wanna go well, yeah. He's literally living off the land. Of. Right. Guys. It's call Canoas on trial. Or just a conspiracy theory. Shooting Openness David one of the largest corruption. Is Anybody listening the Hawaii PD YEA, please email us two and a half. Amigos PC DOT. Mil Dot Com scar. What did you hear it on the radio? I told him to go to their website, but he refuses to listen. I don't believe in websites for radios. That's what he's looking up right now now. The National Science Foundation is the reason why. That's why they're onto us. All right so the next. Is Yours to the Red Lake? In India, so? He's got a blessing to us or everyone. On. The same road. What is when I say that what I need Venus that twenty twenty has been like a roller coaster of fun for everyone, Gerald, up and down of. Story coming out Kinda just adds onto the fun of. What's going on right now? Yeah, so in India apparently, there was a lake that was normally. Lake related cover colors. And it, obviously over to not obviously overnight, it turned from normal color. Pink obviously. Thought turn red. Pink because why? That's why I said. The pink is like shade of Red so that's where I was going conspiracy of basically. It's one of the end of time scenarios, which everyone's GonNa see that they're all going to be I mean obviously locusts. Probably they're probably not gonNA really care because. They're Buddhist rites. Don't give a shit depends on what God. They believe in ranks. There's more than one over there. With their. Our sped I wish I knew what their beliefs or another. There's more one I know I know there's. been considered. So it's more than just. A lot I mean is. What I mean is. Is Are we saying yeah, we're saying bad things. I can't I can't. I can't guys. It's just ignorance is what it is. Honestly. That should be what we should be fucking. Call ignorance. Goes that's this episode. fucking. Serious. Question Mark I. Just fucking question mark I don't know. Goes did. Ya. Oh ignorance. I make sure you text me. So this lake in India formed by a meteorite fifty thousand years ago. mysteriously changed from Green. To Bright Pink overnight. Due, to either algae or increased. Something! Yeah. So basically. I'M GONNA. Call my guy and get him out there. Hey Man Chemicals are. And Pink fucking chlorine. Demagogue guys. Bleach there. With the chlorine. What's going on? It's a You can see in his a lake. Though right, so it's not like a river something. Oh well. It looks like funky something out of traffic park. It's in the middle of nowhere. What does that do? Show you what it was. It was green. But then the now it's all those buildings what's going? Snow or some shit. Rings. Yeah. Satellite! People Oh, Shit. No, it's. Like there's. Like fucking read, that's not being. Read So either like the the clay is doing something under like if there is clay ethica. Scientists. Out there because there is the bunked. The fucking. G G, K. JFK Never existed. Probably Kate O..

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K.! That's true. That's true. A. fucking stepchild. That was locked in a basement. Yeah was he was. He was the one fucking Kennedy. no-one fucking cared about. J. K.. Real back to the fucking attic. Baby roof. No We gotta go. Look for the fucking goonies read. You sit here came in JFK. Go fucking, look. knows. I love how the circled all around. Kidding and could be. Could be. About JFK. I really WANNA. Go into is. Electrical. Yeah, they're very protective. or Some some of the comments says this is what happens when people wash away their sins in the polls. I was also kind of thinking. that. Maybe. They pooped in the water too much because it is India, yeah. I, not stereotypical, but yeah, that's true. That's probably very very wrong. It's near, it's it's not near anything big like it's not near any big city clouds get close to. Where where where is the India? Well I mean they do have. They do do a lot of love. That colored powdered. How would I say? Yeah kind of like. The. Rica Stephen Yeah facilities with the low. The powder colored stuff so. On. Yellow! You could be. Could be could link is made of Tiki Masao. Guys never tried to. Think! Of No clue what that is. Is Indian, food, I understand. If. Do you really. Know that because it's an India story, the probably they're probably GonNa make seafood taking Masala. There's glue. Heating the water up. That's their fucking Preparing the fucking food. Big One big aspect cooking. Smart Smart there, you go, buddy India I mean. They have a lot of mouths to feed debunks. Next! Gave Next. So yeah. Hey with the AMIGA debunking shred so all right. So why did you bring a? Bring. Ultra Geiss. You can smoothies. We'll debunk them. I think we could be. We'll give you an argument to fight it. Bring me anything get. The bucket right now, bring bring it to him in. He will debugging it. Bugging the fuck is a termite treatment of some. No, you're the FBI. You're getting rid of our bucks. into her. The Buck Shea deep bug. Going to show you got the. The now hold on now this next. Look it up and have it ready of course. Fun Times. Okay go ahead. so apparently, there's been sound dammit. I don't know. I'm still looking it up, so go ahead. Yes, talk about something else while I'm fucking figuring this out. Sound and space sounds silence. Oh good you have. Seven Garfunkel. Sound of Silence Way Guy. Didn't disturb. You. Kids. Go Bad. I don't care the original ones. Good I don't like added. A plant. A. Plan Tonics. They do acapella. Oh. Yeah, they're good. Oh sounds. Good Yeah. They do it all Cappella shit very good. They do. Davis that'll, silence.

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cheery to say, but I WANNA say they do good Christmas. Off. Yeah Okay Yeah. You're gay she. Who Me. Did you really good? I never. I've only heard her sing. I bother up. Selah silence you talking about Kristie Shit. That's. Get an episode going on here. Hi. He's trying to pull up his story. While he's. Trying to. Find out the the thing that I talked we should have been more prepared. fucking, that's. Okay I had it so. Signals Im. I. I discovered in two thousand seventeen Australia radio telescopes. A found a frequency that keeps coming back every. Tenure Really. Stop It. You can't say you can't say really what before I even said. You can't sound excited before he was anything. Heavy. What are you talking to me? You guys grown asking. himself. Is. The story. I remind you. Of. Our, so you guys can look this up on Youtube. The other sorber and talk about beyond Scott Scott Slow. Up trying find. Astronauts filmed three F. U., F. O.. UFO F os while on board of the International Space Really. Horrible episode here's an image of it. That's the way you were talking about. Ryan goals yes so when they landed. Put It on the screen thrive in fourth. Screen. I can't. Talk to them. You guys can look. At. We will begin TV here pretty soon. So everybody can see what we're looking at right. Okay, dude I'm down if you are. Get that thinking delegated. So. anyways. ASSHOLE. Go. All right, so we're on the space station. So they're looking house the way he's not, he's not a separate. Here we go, this is what happened here in the in like three mother, just looking out the window, no effort to percents feed. Oh Shit. Yeah It's. Big It's too big to be. Like? Jill now, they're in a slowdown the footage. So, is it? A plane is an airplane like I don't think airplanes Geico no. That's. Beyond me. Gets? Okay that's earth there right? Yeah, so I have a question. or Triangle yeah, so obviously everybody question for everybody. Tell me. Who Bullies? Who? Or your. USO! Any. Troops anything. Out of this world. Would and that's a big broad I believe in dragons chip. Like what do you mean? Especially after watching that Rick and morty. Drink. Yes okay. Did you watch them all? I'm not that without. Last episodes awesome really. Yeah I like. It. was good, but it was. I told you it's one. Yet. But I. have. So who keep saying you have so? You have so so you go. UFO's. There was a perfect line in the movie contacts that I. I like a while Bachelor jodie foster. And she said basically a little kid asks her like Hey. Do you believe if there's anything out there what you said and she's like well well. Jim Gum. You believe that it really is ebbing out there. If. there. Is such a large? Area. I'M GONNA. Put your what she says, but essentially it's if we're the only ones here at such. A huge waste of space out.

00:50:02 - 00:55:02

We're we're? We're a little I check. In the universe. That's not even the galaxy. I know even bigger than than than. Whatever the word is beyond galaxy universal. Conspiracy Theory, not, it's true. What are you? What happens if a little? Aren't let's all that. Galaxy now like now there's also a universe. Don't you guys think that. He said that. No one even knows what that word is. They're saying that there's multiple galaxies or multiple universes. Right so word small. Yeah, there has got to Utah our Saddam. Has. No? I Agree I. Agree with what you're about to say got to be. More out there's in. We are. We are not for. It's the citadel of Rick's. Right multi, versus and and and aside from. Not being much. The Earth. Is this the okay? The Earth is this so? Imagine begin to. Imagine again yeah. Earth is going. So the look is this is there. How big are in better? Put in there were. Putting a little bit, so I can see. Green yes. That's crazy. Had Scott Knock on discredited from the National Science. The USO? Dude he would have been onto some of in solving things. Dimensional. What do you think this though you must telling? basically putting eight that he's putting people on Mars. Twenty twenty four. Wow four years. From now, that's good man. Get them out because it's not safe. Your fucking go. We go and make a better place though some people can go, who is not the astronauts? It just left Ben and Ben and jo I think or something like that Jerry Ben and Jerry's. Got Arrested. No, but I think it is Ben. Enjoy some of that. He wants to see Jim. Affect. Ben and Jerry. Jerry to fucking Mars either by. fucking news outlet. Was Funny. I shared A. Created like a little thing for social media where? That Jerry. Twenty twenty going into a Helena handbasket. And then somebody. Hey, who wants to go to the WHO wants go out in the outer space in these two astronauts like I'll go. I'll leave really to go. To now the time. Things are not good this shit, no! Okay a lot of things. This move on. A place to be my only other thing that I was on. The talk about I just found the same thing found, but it's still pretty crazy. Basically, they're getting sounds ever since September sixteenth. On Number Sixteen two, thousand, eighteen Mexican Benintendi. Yes, no, it is! It. Oh so that's you isn't Mariuchi music. Basing their hand. Look seconds of sound burst. They're coming from space. And it's coming every sixteen days really so they're hearing music. And the music over. It's coming. From space. The Roach coach and space. Is a telling guys that you're. GonNa come down here and bring us some food. So yeah. That was my only news. Basically that spaces hear noises. Go with mark story of seeing things in space. Okay, and obviously this is the year. I've heard stories that people are saying that. By the end of the that? Quantum's here. Quantum Albert. Take. One more! Trumpets Tubas the the thing that I put on its Bobbin. Doug is who went up your away, yeah? So. I said NASA NASA says twenty. Twenty is going to hell in a handbag we need to volunteers.

00:55:02 - 01:00:02

Leave the planet on a new spaceship. That's never carried humans. Risk of death if things go wrong. What you go, would you go? In Second, would you? Why kids? That's my. That's my. That's that the that's my. Single it different story. Would you take Robert? Robber. Listening he's. Lost Astronaut. Most astronauts have a family, though so yeah, but no, he probably. Family for the sister or anything, then you don't. Know. Same, the they created a family most. Reading near Armstrong had a wife and kids. Sixties man, no one cared back then. Did y'all. Movie Fuck Yeah, but when everything was done in Hollywood, they were done in Hollywood it was fine. Because he was just gone in a vacuum tunnel for a couple of days. They made a movie out of it because I guess they would have made it if you die, too, but it makes us off the wrong group talking that conspiracy. Governments listening right now. Yeah, that's the whole thing it was. Did the moon landing happen? No. You know you'd think you think. Yeah. I, know I think we've talked about this before. Okay, have we okay? Okay I'm sure we have let's right now. Did the moon landing happened? No No. I'm going to say yet. Really Yeah, even after all the does chemo. Like all the evidence? You can, you can make an argument either way. Yes, you're right. That's. But why should? Why should there even be an argument? Well. You know. Years from now they're gonNA argue that we went to a space station. was at a private company made a rocket that left the atmosphere like they're gonNA to. Do so if Mike Weighs Twenty four happy here you go ahead if twenty twenty four happens and SPACEX. On must gets. Astronauts to Mars and land successfully they're. Eighty years from now. They'll say that didn't happen. Okay, mic were. Back. The Moon. Happened the Millennia Abbas Why why hasn't it? Lands. Nothing happened again that that is a very good class I've heard I've heard people say a will will appoint in it because there's nothing in a moment. Okay I get it. Knowing that. That's a false, too because there are good minerals on them. Yeah, so if it happened once and you had the men lining the moon and you did it. Why has a? Wide hasn't happened ever since. I think I think at the time that it happened. The movie industry has such a great. In the US the US right? That's such a great movie industry that they can falsify. winning. To make it to make. US, standing. It comes the fuck in. Roach coach to the moon. That's just my question is i. Once and then gone through the moves, and they came back and America came. Out on the move wykes since that day. Hasn't happened again. I mean their argument is basically that there's nothing there. And why right right? Yeah, that's. defunding of NASA yeah. Ever since that mission NASA has been scaled back constantly until recently, and then they're still scaled back. It's just that Elon Musk. Private and the private private was a private rocket. From SPACEX. Still NASA hasn't gone back. because. That's I mean that's the main primary. defunding. Because if you think about it. Even with? Snoop Dogg. Is this. Dog Spanish. Does he do. We can't even play this clip. Get a block to block this is this is what we do not own ring music. Boxes No Edited. Will, I'll hand you. Okay. Don't worry. Just we have to throw the foghorn in.

01:00:05 - 01:05:00

Off just like what it was. But? Yeah, that was my question is so been to the moon once. Yeah, I, Can Aceh. Sixties sixties. And then. Then they have not been. Here here's here's. Why here's another thing ever been there? After what have you seen Space Force yet? No, no, I haven't no. When the the Chinese went to the moon and came back, they got burnt all that Shit. They just went to space. In that happened, and that all was yeah other than with Moon. Burned yeah. When was that back in that day when they were trying to go to the? China was trying to keep up with us in Russia to. The, Moon was all burnt up back when you went to the votes. So like okay, so he made it then. No, but the thing is I. It wasn't safe to go to the moon, but the United States went to the most, so they did they. You WanNa. Hear a thought that I have. To! Tell me. I think after we supposedly. Went to the Moon Writer. China has been back. They just haven't made it publicized. What would he say? That is that we're Cova Kim. Could've. Klein. You WanNa. Wrap it up. Throw! Think we're already over our. No? We just hit an hour nice. He's ready. He's ready to party. We can ause, or because I can't but. When we dropped, the episode began. Pause up to you. Pause. Thanks for listening live folks. There's like two people watching right now. He's GonNa. Leave well. We're going to get. Do you said pause? You meant that, but you're GONNA really fucking. Stop It. We should know WHO's. The to you, it's a comments who's watching right now. Is there anybody still watching Ben? There's somebody else. Do you think it is been? I can't I can't read that. The conspiracy thing. To the to the right there I know you know that's the conspiracy question Oh, Gotcha. Thanks for Chiming Inga as we for our to comeback. Tuned. Out Yeah. Okay so. I don't remember. The signals those really all we have. We want to talk about consumer was there's talk about? I know there are some other conspiracies that you'd like what what is a good conspiracy that. You don't mind talking about. Nice and I. Can you put it that way? Because, there's tons of things I'd like to talk about, but you know how that goes. Yeah, but that's. Yeah? So we talked about. Space. What you say! Did you think happened you said you'd you think it did happen? another one is JFK who really killed him. another one is. The plane. Have you heard the plane one? The plane trails. Kill pollutant people drills chem trails that one I. Don't know much about that one, but that's one. The argument that I've heard to debunk that. The argument that I've heard to debunk that is doing business. When the aircraft's hit a certain altitude. And if they go us a certain. Speaks yes speed. If they move the wings in a specific way it creates. Pattern it creates. Steam. In the air. and. That's what are supposedly chem trails. And then people think it's chemicals that are falling down killing. Dumping field or something like that in a line. But. It just happens to be. There at a certain altitude. and. They position themselves in a way where it creates us, I have not heard that argument to it, I mean I.

01:05:01 - 01:10:00

Heard the yet true. Argument of it so that that makes sense to me. As an argument to it. Do you think commercial airplanes actually trump shit while they're a good question? Yeah, because you hear that I mean there was in Joe Dirt. Remember that one joe dirt. He found her found the turtle fucking. Yeah, he found the frozen meteorite that he thought it was actually shit from a spaceship. From commercial! Yeah. An AC- spaceships. On Aliens. Yeah yeah commercially life. Now, there's no way the can't because if you drop that, Shit. Haven't maybe they did back then. That's a lawsuit. It's. Can't be an act of God, because no shit. Yeah, no! Kind of in the airplanes, intentionally dropping it, so not an act of God. Do you believe you believe in airplanes? Dropping Shit from high up in the air to the ground, all I've always heard about the shit that they jumped shit. Yeah, do you think it's real like CNN or Good question, why would they do that? Yeah, why wasn't it? No, it doesn't make anything they can just do just like a fucking RV back and suck it all out. Hold it. Hold it till the fucking to right with right, and then fucking suck it all now. I do know if they need like land early. They dump fuel. If needed like saints, emergency, or whatever and they have to like comeback and. Take off right there. They're taking off with enough fuel to get to the to the next place with like a little buffer or something like that. I'm not a Astra physiologists or anything like that I didn't. Doctor, you know you, don't you don't? You don't Study Space Rock. Ally Jesus year. I'm not a rocket scientist. Raising them not funded Hawaii that one's better. Funded by the National Science. Museum the NASA got one funded by NOAA. Dropped fuel if they need to land earlier just because of a balance, but. There they're well. On the movie Joe Dirt, they did it. That was our one. Joe Dirt and took up. Comedy! That's another conspiracy. What if it really was which is in a good good fucking avenue? Conspiracy. But you say A. We need to get David Spade on here to. Facts, he's a local boy. We can get a right. Yeah, that would be amazing we can. Talk next he has, he has A. With each other. Than Your! Know your brothers. Your twin brother is he actually did recently he did a movie recently, it was good it was good. Definitely, a chick flick is What was it called? The wrong wrong the wrong. Jhansi, the Roy Batty. That yeah, yeah, I saw missy the wrong the. Wrong or I don't know. This was who extremely annoyed that they got together in the end though florio alert. Her character drove me up the fucking wall, the entire with all point nine notice that I loved it a really good jackets. Her. Lawyer like Orange is the new. She is a comedian, but like she's not that funny or like. She was good in that she was good. Good movies you. Roll earthquake. She's. Her as a character. Drove me up the wall area. Is me off. You know much the entire episode to me that. Is. What makes me think like Dan. These people are really yes. She Did so to me is different than how easy it like. It drives you crazy because you couldn't see her. That way to me is like Oh. Wow, she's a good actress. That fucking good, but I see it that way. Okay. It's just. It she she accomplish your job oriented big-time agree issues supposed to. at the beginning dude. On the beginning. I was thinking Austin's with the not gonNA. Get the fuck out. Yeah! I was thinking. Like. In this Leland. Dan She did a fucking great job.

01:10:00 - 01:14:51

Yeah, you're right. 'CAUSE I was like expecting him to get with the fucking hot Jim. Don't and then like halfway through the movie. I'm like fuck dude he's. earned. and. You're right. Spoiler. David Spade Nancy movie. You're right. You're right. Yeah, yeah, spiracy theory! There is A. Conspiracy thing go. Ahead finish his hunters. Hunters. Have you need to watch to watch that with your Amazon? Show called hunters. Chino. HYPOC. From from the That good yeah. I liked it a lot. Yeah, I was really good, so just finished it dry today and I can't really say what my conspiracy theory is. Based against the only conspiracy theory is. Do you think that? There are Nazis sees. What? You might not be a good topic to talk about these days, but do you think there's Nazis still around from the old days? Or trying to basically continue into today's world. Might not like not like. There's one in the presidential cabinet right now. See You can't see that now. They're definitely what listening to us. As bolshie yet. What's going on because we have to delete the last thirty minutes? We've got to have this guy or no. No, no! So. Have you seen hunters? Give you. Okay you. have to give it a premise, right? They're still Nazis. and. It. It's in the seventies though so like it's thirty years after. Thirty or forty eight thirty years, it didn't Seventies. Seventies then. There's this Jhu supergroup of Superhero Yeah. I mean the other. Abilities. In their own certain way. The fight Nazis they have. Like Superman. No, no like that. They're not supervisor. Just like one guy is like a locksmith. No a locksmith so jack-of-all-trades guy. Go in and out. Okay designed. Power just like just. Killer. Killing people. Okay Chick who kills people to I guess. And then there's a guy that knows weapons and then the guy that killed I was in. The one does have a superpower. What is it while he can figure out shit I guess. He knows how to work puzzles. Like viewed a puzzle. This guy like we're describing it or ably horribly, but they do a good Amazon show. came out January on January I. DON'T WANNA. Hear anymore from you. Guys Anymore Watch, the movie or Are! They rather watch Joe. He's like so so, what's the superpower? Solve Puzzles. He's good at figuring it out so. He's A. So that you. Know. That I have the about it's not yours. Not your typical good opposed. Puzzles, it's not your typical five hundred piece puzzle. It's a three D. Bustle. Those before bill. He's good with legos. Chess. He's GonNa Chessel Fuck Fuck. Chess made of legos. Chess made getting. We're getting to the point where we. Are, and this is bullshit. anyways based on my show. Watch that show Shit Bullshit Watch that show. And, it's probably possible. Bradley really probably. Those of you checking us out for the first time, make sure that you go and check this out on Youtube our new website newer websites background for a month. Maybe yeah. migos P C. Dot net. For more content content merch make sure that you like. Subscribe wherever you're listening to this or watching it at Albert his Bat Gal Albert is back over how long! Tune in to find out. This has been the migos PC. Make sure to like. Subscribe and review us on all your pod casting platforms. visit us at Amigos. Dot Net for our entire library of content and migos merch. Till next time audio.

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