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100. Adam Nutter Stand up comedian and co host of Nerds with words podcast

If you were looking for High Brow Fancy SMART? Regal podcast with Post that love to talk about horseriding badminton and trips to the vineyard. You're in the wrong place. This is a migos PC. If you're looking for drinking, random nonsense, stunts, shenanigans and balls out craziness. Hit the Jackpot is he goes PC, and this is Scott, mark. Now. Now Alive, now, let's do it. Meals! PC got another. That them who? I didn't realize you can find. Stand up comedian and Co host of the NERDS words podcast. What's Up Boys Avenue? Very welcome. Yeah why don't you give us a little bit of insight to listeners? What you podcasts about and and. A little background of your comedy and things like that, so I dive really into gay palm knows that's our podcast. We just dive deep into that. We breakdown gay porn. You kidding what he's talking about. We just talk about. Me and my Buddy Neil comic and we just We have on guests. Are we going to have on? Guests Bullshit? Talk about what's going on in the world. We have savings like we talk about like. This week in nerd history, so neil will pull up like a bunch of Shit. The happened in the world in past times correlates the week of today. It's pretty fun, but we just joke around key ally against like serious topics, but you know it's just a hang on the podcast comics man. We're not trying to change the world. Trying to hang out have a good time laugh. Make some issues known, but very much yet. he has porn podcast Oh. Neil comedy you guys. That is an interesting thing that would be a good needs to have a four like a podcast. You probably were decent following. leaning. In scenes or Money shots. Were this money. Shot caressed office, right cheek and see the art. It's like he breaks it down like fanatically like cinematic. Talker for on on on like you know fucking giant dudes Cox nine like he was really good like his work. Now the question is. Can you see neil doing that? I can. I can as a bit I can see him doing it because. He's a good like Neil. Neil is a like a wheelhouse in comedy. He's a great host like are really good host like he's ready to get into crowd going like he's graded. In between congresses, if crowd turns on economy's great getting the crowd back. I feel like he's good at just bullshitting like. By and I feel like just for like breakdown this point he'd be like no. He'd probably get by office like hosting jobs hosting abilities that they do it. Doing it on the floor. I saw him when. He did this. He was involved in this row statal, but it wasn't like. A traditional rose battle. It was a royal rumble roast battle where it was three comics randomly drawn numbers in He got one in two. So if you get to go up on stage is arrest. The crowd is the audience and. You each a minute just to go off. And crowd judges you, but you don't know you're going up against his. No Pre right. That's been say there's no pre writing. It's just like Oh shit. I'm going this guy I don't know. Out of just pure hate in his heart, Neil through fifteen other comics like just knocking them a pure. They weren't even. Truthful! Roast they're like you're bad comedy. Yeah, and there's like no joke. Just like you're bad economy. And the guys like. That's. It sounded serious and he's like. No, you suck. Yeah, you're not funny you're you're bad account the crowds like he goes through. Keep putting him through funny. He's need, so he just kept going through. There so much, so he's got that I'm not saying Holly I'm more of a you know. I got kind of experience life experience to write about my life stories and stuff like that in a stupid covid. Find just locked in. The right about. How how hard are you gonNa Roll Your Eyes When you start hearing the Cova jokes like Mike's and. Other gigs. It better be the funniest fucking Cova Angle. I've ever heard in my life like for you to do it. You know what I'm saying like you better come with some fire, hoping material or like just a hack then.

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You know like everyone's everyone. Do I real Kobe jokes for fun? I put him on twitter. 'cause like I'm not gonNA, do them. On the stage, so we're going to be good for six months. At, least or not, even not even. Like, okay, well I heard that already a hundred times or social media or It, it's like bi-regional. It has to be so original. We like Damn Bill Burr. Dave Chapelle brain has to hit it like Luc- Gabriel the hit it from an angle. You're like fuck I. Never would have thought of it that way. You know which is always fascinates me about like counts I. Look Up to where you hear taking angry like fucking I think that all the time nine. Until like a comedic set God it like I hate that, but that's where I appreciate comedy for US I love comedy. Do you think that they'll even waste their time? Though like Chapelle our bird, anybody like that. I think the only will. They know they haven't angle that no one else. Like that's the thing I I. They're not hacked, so they're not going to be like. Ultra I feel like I have a thought here. And I know what else is going to have this thought, and I'm just going to ride it out and I'm GonNa see 'cause I think I can make something of it like I. Doubt Louis going to be like so you drove awful inside when you were coroner. Everyone's going to say that you know what I'm saying like. Everyone's going to say that joke. It's like. hacks united bring packs a. what's the comedy scene like in Your Area Philly? Can Hack. Is Run by fucking social justice hacks. That's all it is. The scene like any of the good comics and failure like they got like Shane. Gillis got ostracized. He got kicked snl like you know because. If you guys don't know that story. There's this fucking shitty comedy theater in Philly called good comedy theater. And, they are like my friend once as name how to sue them to get like over a thousand dollars that was rightfully owed to him because they refused to pay him the contract like he he put you put comedy show on there for a while and had contrary i. get this percentage of the door right? He sold out everything had to do and they went. We're not gonNA. Give you the money. I go to court to over three years or something like that finally had to give him the money so like they're pieces shit. They're all fucking like we're all welk super, liberal. Those people like always woke crowd. who like they claim they care about? But they don't you know an an shame guilt by the way would always go? They would always ask them to work there. You know why, because she gals with fucking crush his actually funny, and he actually has talent so like they wanted him there and soon he started getting the fucking ranks. There were like we have this bulletin a dragon down. 'cause the shit and like there's Philly comedy-drama today in the Philly scene where my buddy personally was going out with with this woman news the comic and she goes out with a lot of other people because she thinks the fuck, she didn't even do comedy like he's a fucking. She socks funny. She lies like you know like it is. It's like. Probably make jokes we're doing. I don't care about all this stuff. It's stupid. It's so funny. The comedy scene here. It's Kinda the same thing like you say the wrong thing and like me or Scott. We're not comics whatsoever, but we interview low comics in Phoenix regularly you say one thing and all of a sudden taken out of proportion. It's taking the wrong way. And then all of a sudden somebody's mad at somebody because somebody said one thing. Yemen taken out of context completely I mean we have Neil I. We have a little podcast network. draw media network that we have to like a nurse. Words on a bunch of other podcasts nosy all. It's actually pretty much like are one. We only have rules are rules like hey, this is a free speech network. Go nuts like. Don't put child porn on our network. Do that everything is cool. Don't do that. Just go, we don't we don't we don't want to. Suppress anybody's speech. It's not about the libertarian. The first thing that. We have comments on our platform that they're soup like we have. That are super left leaning concert right-leaning. We have me I'm libertarian like we have. We don't care. We get along with everybody because everybody's fucking. That's only real. Hey, man, I say what I want and you take you want. We're all fucking cool, though like there's no checking anybody if you want to play the game. Network for you, sorry. You told me that straight up. They all know and everybody who comes on board is fucking awesome. And again we have. We have comedy that you think. I'm friends with and I am because I'm not like that minded. Like. Oh, you're Vegan. Look of your friend silly like I don't care as. Cool, can you take a joke? Hey, man, we're great. We're going to get along just fine if you're not funny. Not Funny. If you're just not cool, can't take a joke. We can't. We can't be friends. We're not. This isn't the job for you. Me How free, sorry.

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Joined my podcast network. You need to eat me. And like. Claim is it? Is that this? On the rule it's. Time. To kill in front of me and sacrifice it. Needs Liver and Heart in front of me. And then yeah, eat the blood the blood. Yup, I need to know your with me. How do you guys know that you have read? We can't get crazy. So. One thing we've been asking everybody. So. What are you going to say? Go ahead, go market. You'RE GONNA. Say Good well. I was just GonNa. Say like what have you been binging been watching anything during lockdown craziness like watching something crazy. Now I re-watch. No, no, no. I watch all Rick and morty again. Nice I watch all restaurant possible in cried like at the end of all research possible episode. Could. I just cry over everything now. Is it because is it because they save the restaurant and they can't open because of covid. So sad the newer episodes actually that. Kind of. Like I watched? The whole seasons chest and fifteen sixteen seventeen, but the newer episodes like the end of the episode is like they're closed because Kobe ll. FUCKING But yeah have been watching. I watched all of the marvel cinematic universe. Awesome. Month right. You? had a month we had more than a month. I don't have a job. You mean. Three, months. I've watched every star wars movie an order again I watched that show. I just been watching and playing fucking maddening call of duty. To do it man. Like me and my wife had been watching. About Crazy Shit Joe Exotic. We watched that. Didn't you know you know who didn't? Care Baskin is now going to get the land rights to property. Your I saw that. Did you also see the sheriff officially said that her husband's will one hundred percent forge? Yeah, she's going to jail for short. She's loving. She murdered him for short. Anybody otherwise live. Murderer. Totally agree, but the way three. Hey, man got three thousand dollars. Dollars for tiger. Company the trump trump, money. Dealers. Trump money money. Tiger. It's not a bad investment like think about it. Yeah. I mean you can. Write your. It's every is going to be like you just go to a party. Like. And then girls are cool and he's taken. Like. There's no way they're not gonNA fuck you. If you have a Tiger Cup, but like that will work for me Benny. If you watched jobs attic. You realize that that's the case with. All Jimmy Yes, forget. Jeff. It's totally his, but that's a genius way to do it. And the other guy with the pony tail South Carolina like He. He doesn't WANNA do. He looks like he's in the siegfried and Roy showed as a trainer not. That if I ever convinced my wife to buy, Tiger K a secret to the park. Let's kids play. We Know How you like twenty bucks. Right So you get your money back, yeah! You pitch it like. Hey It's a dog but a cat. Kachuck don't get. The? Amish somewhere did you do? birther, Oh, my God! You do you do? That's the latest Oh. Is that the Dingo. What's his name Rocco? The lack. This is all ninety s cartoons leave sued. That's awesome I like. This is the joker. He's got a place. And this is the Phoenix also had a place, but whatever? Avenue. Awesome, not nineties cartoon. Lawns though he does. He blows everywhere, but. I'm thinking like twenty five dollars a play, right? It's like fifteen minutes into tiger with the kid and then when he gets older. You're still seen fifteen s too long. Do like five minutes like you pet it because obviously, that's what they're mad about. You come. You do that. You're going to twenty five bucks and get. I don't get why cupping in our tax.

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We early pet them all the time wanting when they're babies. Why is it better? Candidate fucking word. Teicher. Because the Tigers are. They're not supposed to be domesticated rates. They can't I know y'all. Cages, so that's the only thing I can think that's why maybe this. What's that sounds like Peter Propaganda? I'm not for I think I probably true. Probably two tiger cubs, because like I, literally smother my dog all day and he loves it. Maybe I don't know he can't talk. I, assume he. Has To do with the. Domestication I'm sure, but let's try to go. Let's go to Africa and go pets and tigers. Out there's there's no tigers in Africa Of. Those alliance allegations lions. Want to talk about. Animal. Can you guys name all the animals that could identify themselves in mirror. This is, this is what I do I know you're animal facts. I'm GONNA fucking lunatic. Humans. Beside us? One market. A single animal that may be recognized this okay. I'm, GonNa say a dog. I've seen dogs and videos. I've seen a dog. Is doing that. No, no! No because monkeys, monkeys right so also know monkeys apes so like we're apes right so like human being count so obviously us. guerrillas, chimps bonobos Orangutans. Bauer knows dolphins. Beluga whale. Magpie Burr Australian Bird. Aunts. Fuck itself announce I forgot the ninth inning close aunts yeah. It's crazy. Really. Maybe you even know that that. Nine I can't think of it, but there's a nine thing because. Because marketing. You have anything to do. So I just I love. I. Love, animals. I listen animal facts. I watch documentaries and I love it I. Love Nature is fascinates me. You know so I just watched that Shit. I'm like remember that's that fucking bottle head back. Matt Pies, the only bird on the list. We're learning today. We are learning man. This is going to be on the quiz. Saint. Earlier you were talking about podcasts briefly. Do you feel like podcasts and networks? They're like all cliquey and things like that. Kohei out like I. Clicky like just Kinda. Do She clicky like? The? Five bursar like cool, but fuck everybody else. No, yeah, you get that, but I think like the guy we talked to. You are all pretty cool. Yeah I fucked. At you. Always watching this. Like Yeah, Bill guys are fucking cool. All those guys a cool, but yet fine. I think he's gotTa find guys. You know there. are like hand, comedian. Wise who we bring our networks shit. All, can you bullshit and fuck? It had a conversation to not be like on offended by everything like. You talk like an adult like you have a real conversation yet. You're fine. I don't care. Local comedian here. That always decides to start Shit Inbetween. Comics. Do you have anything like that? They're. Not Not real occasionally, there's been like instances that's happened, but it's far Fi between a guy balanced that more new, York thing which I go on. I'm in New York a lot to. You know. Stand up That's not my scene. Don't live in New York anymore. I used to live there. I moved but like. So, I consider the Philly seen my seen, and I'm just in New York a bunch. Philly you have to pay for open mics or anything. But I also I mean. I don't do too many of my. I, mean I I've been to comedy seven years. Most shows I do our. Shows would legit. Even if they're like low paying. Their even non shows like I I I do just pay paying show slipping. Don't give I'm not famous. I'll take whatever I'll take. I'm not you know I and like come as weird mix sometimes I've gotten paid like five hundred dollars for a show, and sometimes like hey, man, you're twenty bucks is like. Was it twenty minutes so I got off? It's. That's gets the game man. I. Get it I get that I I understand that so. I still do, of course, you might cause I wanNA. Keep for I don't think I'm above Mike's, but I'm definitely a step on definitely in that weird middle ground.

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Pass Mike's where it's like. You know. Traveling wrote. Like Oh, yeah, yeah, so it's like TAME, but we're not open MIC, but we're not fucking. Headliners I don't know what. We're middle. Week middle. All myself honestly? Who? 'CAUSE I! Hate I hate any dogs like hey. Crush like your douchebag, you think that like you know like I'm always self-critical myself like. If you think I'm good, thank you I. Appreciate that like I don't WanNa be like crush like that's fucking lame like every time I know. That was an awful say you don't want to be iterating do. Take. Because I there's is young, it's young. Carl phenomenon well like they'll be on stage for eight minutes 'til like one mediocre. One Mediocre response to the crowd it'd be like. Do you listen. To the non last of the first four and a half minutes. You're set because that's not crushing. That's bombing. And then you made a mediocre joke in the middle and then you bombed again. They were they were building up the anticipation. What they're thinking probably on their head. At the palm on my hands and I would be like. Don't I will sell criticize myself all day I. Don't I don't think I I'm thinking fucking great by any means, but like I could say that could be like no I have in my brain to be self-critical Ninety to work on this and your work on this job and do better on this But. There's some fucking people out there. Who just? You got you got seven years in the game? So you know you know what pretty much works and what looks like. It's bombing up there for the most part you know what I mean so you? You have a good idea of how to critique people or at least be like that's fucking. I don't I. Don't panic anymore like even if I'm not doing well, don't panicking now. It's more of like. How can just make this not as bad? You know what I'm saying like. Make this Elise semi enjoyable. How could I dig myself out of this whole 'cause? y'All. The off stage early they'll. They'll leave early. But you gotta like. You're never gonNA, learn if you don't hang in the pocket like good quarterbacks, don't fuck in throw the ball all the time to quarterbacks fucking hanging in the pocket and get fucking crush, Lawrence Taylor and eighty are touchdown pass. You know what I'm saying like. You GotTa Fuck You. GonNa stay in there. If you bail early, could you like a? Soda. Or don't be comedy. I don't know. That's too funny. But you, you have some. accolate what I remember. When you were Ben's podcast, you had brought up that you're on kill Tony. Oh. Yeah, had kilter, but minute set like it's not very big. I had a good set like a joke. Donate Nathan Minute. Joke and kill Tony Yeah well well like he likes. The crowd likes the the I read the comments I'm not gonNA lie like of course I'm GONNA comments yeah. No one should on me. In fact Selena Neil Co. host nurses words. He went on right or one after me to after me. Also had a good again joke. Because the minute he also did well. There are people in the comments being like Avenue podcast I'm like we actually have a caucus. You guys check it out. So. We got fans like it does again. If you do well, people will notice. If I bound kill Tony. That would hurt me. It Nubani. Kill told me that would hurt me to, and that's not like I love Neil. He would. I knew he wasn't gonNA bump, but like saying like human-like like Faulkner's words like if I bomb that fuck my career newborns at Fox his career. It's a fucking big podcast. You tell me hints comic like he's a great writer. Him. He's super cool to me. They're all were all fucking. Guys. You know I I never met him again before that. I I I know New York Comics I. Don't really know guys because I am in New York more like I am Amberg Dave Chappelle, those guys I don't really know. Guys really yeah. Seen to isn't it? I like New, York is also from new. Yorker from people to know I'm I'm thirty three years old. I've only been New York for four years. I'm Stanton Island fucking raise you know so. I'm a New Yorker I. IF I'm Italian New York I live in Pennsylvania. So identify is New, Yorker identified New, York comedy. I had the New York comedy mentality yeah. Mentality I just don't. Another no go ahead. Scott got go head. Good oh good fucking doom situations. So one thing I know you mentioned. I know you're talking about your. Your influences a little bit ago. Like more those the ones that really influenced. Others? Who? Who you in comedy is basically.

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Said, After the incident. Of course. Know like growing up in New, York I of course grew up in New York. Gordon Stanton Island I was a gigantic openness defense. Okay, gigantic gigantic Jim Norton Fan so I grew up on the Owen a comic scene, so like nor emboss Kelly, Patrice. Bird draw though fucking Louis even like all those guys were on. Old. Friends that whole crew Keith Robinson like. They, all were young collins at the. They're all like my tiny comedy now, but doing it back to you. And before the famous and just like. The fucking jokes on the air the. So fucking funny going to see them to stand up before I was incoming New York like seventeen eighteen years. All like it was awesome like they were my inspiration like Patricia, neal is my all time. Favorite Comic Hands Down One number. One like I'm pissed every day. I'm like dead. Bummer like he was so brilliant so funny like men like like such mind will never be replicated in comedy and he's done. It's a buffer like those guys in I. Brain. Concert Great, but like I discovered cigar as an adult or a doing comedy kind of so it's different for me I just love Tom's a great comic, but like Norton those guys those in my inspiration. Those are like my inspirations to do comedy like that. That's. My Oh Jeez right there. He's AW. Was Awesome. Man I saw I met betrays twice once as a non comic and once open my ker and The second time has opened maker. I I was doing like. A year into nineteen years old I was like six months to a year and a comedy and. I! Remember getting by the show. From some other young comic and Patrice was doing this show after like a real show from the club like address. And the coast kind of new patrice a little bit so like hey, what's going on in like? Hey, what's going on and he's like? Hey, this is. Another and he goes. No Open MIC. And I laughed my fucking ass off and he's like. What's up just kept walking though I was like so fucking funny. Mike. I think they laughed. He was like all right like you. Guys I don't know what he thought like. Maybe he's Rosh. Like you said you didn't want bus, ie because like. I've heard for truth. Surprise. He didn't sit there and just keep a visceral mate I think he was gonna rush, I just kind of let it go, but like it's so funny and people like be mad at that I'm like that's so fucking funny when you mean, he's right when we talk to me. Talk to me got. Nothing to say that guy you know, but he was great man, fucking great brilliant. What's on your mind so when you are famous and the same exact thing too little Adam Notre. That's. Like, he wasn't like faintness. Back then like he was on comedy central half hour like the fifteen inspire like know he was. He was more like he was more of A. If you were a comic comedy had like me before i. was Kinda like if you were a comedy fan? You fucking new persona. But the outside world didn't really know because he didn't play by the rules like he was like farmer. And Fan but if they cost money and opportunities, but he states who is truth, and that's more important I feel like so yeah. I don't know but like he was great. He was fucking great man. I love him. all-time Great. He's definitely when my these Clarus mark you GonNa. Say before I interrupted you. I, don't remember. Of course. What would you podcast? fucking. None of this is scripted either. Yeah, that's. We just weighing of. We live in her words to and like all the time in the middle of producer Evan. Be like. Hey, you're might still shut the fuck up. It doesn't matter just. Like stuff ruining I'll do it, too, because it's naturally be like I am I hearing that and you'll be like. What are you doing something like Oh. Yeah, sorry I. was bothering me. That's definitely. Have a producer. Yeah, that's. Money. That's fancy, we. Ever known genie. What do we do not? We have an intern at never showed up.

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That shows you how? Long we are. We. Do have an office, so that's something that is nothing. We have a producer. He's also. Co. I've also have a sports podcast called Lot's exports for any sports people out there. He's actually my co host. Hewlett Co host on that. Also. But Want to you. You said classic sports like you. Watch. Sports slapsticks blown flaps. Classic Shit go back inside and Rewatch it and like reanalyze it. In highlights! This guy's going to be the greatest of all time, I can't wait to see him. Keep playing retire. No Way. Not a podcast. That'd be a good thing. To pocket, should you? We talk. Accent like the Lions. To. Barry Sanders he came out. The pigskin. Thirty two CAS. Los Angeles radio coming into town? They are known for their for touted log play. But the good old Detroit lions bill come through at the end. A fucking dyke man. Yeah I don't know ice. That's funny, we should. We'll start that Monday. On Monday. CARE. What are you doing Monday you? WanNa start anyway. Short. But I did I show with him. And Comic friend of mine plays GEICO's. Around talk about sports, their eagles fans giants fan. Power Shit, going on, you know House Echo. Both teams Kinda sucks. We'll. Move here this off season if they. Ever again we'll see. I don't know it's I. This is the only agreement. The Eagles and giants come across the. Hey, know we both have con- both be Tom Brady so. I I just want him to lose honestly. Wherever, he is I. Mean I know where he is? The bucks to be so goddamn good this year. means. That are coming around. and. All those memes coming around about basically how how you know what happened with Brees Sam? He said, and then basically there is coming around saying that. Tom Brady moves to the bucks. And now he's already like basically infiltrated. The saints are GonNa play based on what just happened with your reason what he said that's how. Days fucking stature. Just fucked up the whole Saint Paul. De South. It's like in Matt Ryan's GonNa Tears AC on seal. Whole is already Christian McCaffrey. Is GonNa art committed along robbery? Again. Hottest Tom Brady like excellent. Working. Dude. Sucks. Music Best quarterback of all time, but I I'm sorry it's like. It's like if you don't like it like I'm a big I'm a giant Yankees fan against island I. Know Dumb. Italian from Staten Island I'm sprouts, but. I know but like. People were like Derek Jeter, actually like the rest of that tennis better be actually might have been one of the best doorsteps of all time anything else. Your mouth is your line, because if you if you be like Derek. Wasn't that good your? Wire like you're lying like you can't say that like numbers. Don't lie like clutch. Clutch Shit doesn't lie like I. Sit here, listen. I'm a big sports person. I will fuck. Be like fuck. Boston fucking Philly all day new. Yorker, but never gonNA be like Tom Brady actually. Wasn't that good like no, you're the best quarterback ever play the game like it doesn't matter. It was. So I hear that Shit I'm like. Shut the fuck up. I can't get sports conversation with you then like if you're just going to say that shit like. You're feeling. fandom fan of doesn't mean Shit. Give me numbers? Everybody hates Tom Brady's cuts of how good he is in him. Yeah we right. Exactly like again. We all know that he's basically the best. Giants, Fan, the giant sucking from fucking their seconds.

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You've Ball ninety-one to the fucking third one. Oh eight, or so give us I stayed within the hall type. I earned that simple. Earned the second one to the four point. And I'm still thinking about fucking Shit team or their shifty by gentleman. So many good people don't be cancer. Why did he say that a lot of? Why did he? You're ruining that franchise. You piece of Shit. Where are you? You ruined the Franchisee piece of Shit? Fuck cattleman dot damage. Like. Janoris Jenkins a good quarterback. He called someone retard on twitter. Okay, maybe whatever don't come. Them like you. We're not a physician to cut good players. You fucking lunatic. Just fine. Make them say sorry. You don't cut him. Give it. It could be worse. You could be browns fan. I feel bathroom honestly. I like I like Baker Mayfield I love OJ still even Johnny more like because, here's the thing. I. I feel like. Guess I. Feel like I'm a lot of talk. Show on this topic. I play full-contact, Long Time from twelve twenty four years old full-contact. I played in like real hard ass. Legally Semi Pro Leagues Jersey and Shit like I played for a long time. Football Violence Sport Okay. It's a violent sport with fucking men. It's meant to be played. Violent is meant to be played off. You're meant to talk shit. Like I like the fuck you at all on the field, though like all the field like you know, leave it like whatever, but like on the field know that guy fucking sucks. I'm GonNa put his Dick through the ground I don't care like I played. I played against guys who were like very very close to realize. We go drinking together like all the time. I played opposing teams and they. Played Safety I was a fucking wrecking ball back there and I would tell them. Listen I love you. I am going to psychologically fuck with you for sixty minutes on their. Call you every derogatory name the book. Walk in. I'm going to play. I'm GONNA play dirty bomb gonNA. fucking I'M GONNA fucking I'll pull your fucking shoulder pads. APPL-, your fucking Jersey every time I hit you and be like. GET THE FUCK UP, BITCH! Get up or down fucking I'll push off you. I will fuck with you because that's football and if you're not playing like that, don't play football. You know what I'm saying like quarterback differently, but if you're playing like a state, your back, you better be Talkin plane and hidden people, and then sue the will that whistle. Goes off what's up? Where are we going for a beer? A love you again thought about that. When I Baker Mayfield being like. If you're not slaughtering, fuck you I'm like yes. Yes, that's what a why here I want to hear NFL. Players know for this like will. Actually a fine with everybody know stop be like Fuck Fuck Green Bay. Fuck, our. Player Aaron Rodgers Fuck, Green Bay. Talking to put his bucket space, mash their stolen Sunday. And fuck their coach. That's what I WANNA hear I. Don't want to hear all this like we're all friends like it's lame. It's football. Hit each other. That's true. Definitely a there's like a in the office attitude like do we're going to win? So that's how it's going to be when, but when you're out of the office like you could be cool like you were saying you were having drinks. Do before the game avid so. Yeah. But like yes, I like players especially in the NFL because you know professionalism. It's it's football. Shut up. Of Bank? Up Professionalism it's fucking football you're you're paying Ronin. Millions of dollars each other brain damage. Like what the fuck are we talking about here? Culture for it though. Karen we can blame. fucking Roger Goodell. Well his wife Karen so I. Mean it's one of those. Funny, an anti Muslim. Look to see. Dave Porno is. President of Barstool sports you see. We did with Roger Goodell the NFL, optum. So you guys know the whole beef between deport nine Roger Goodell. Touch. Day Portnoy he. Knew who owns barstool sports figures who are heard of ourselves foresee for. Their, he's from Boston's giant. Tom Brady Fan John. Patriot fan he hates Roger Goodell, but by the way rightfully so sucks. They all get out, so he would fly like planes with like Roger Goodell's teacher with a clown nose on. They sold search. You would go on podcast and public shaming. Senior sent him. That's partial sports. So, goodell banned him from NFL events.

00:40:02 - 00:45:02

Him and other employees snuck into the ball few years in a row. They got arrested time, so he hates him legitimately like he hates Goodell Goodell. Hate for NFL just doesn't auction. WHERE GOODELL OFFERING OFF! Any money any money upcoming Monday night game this season, or whatever once they let you pick, you can watch a Monday night game with Roger Goodell and his Personal Mangku in his house. So guess what they did. Try To win it? Made all we want it. He put up two hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars of his own money or something like that. God just to win it and he wanted. Guess what the NFL does they go? Do Background checks on you? You might be a danger, so we're GONNA we're GonNa Refund your money. The point is like. Wow. I knew they were out of it and he's like that's. Not going to give this charity pieces of Shit, you could get my money back because you fucking hate me that much. Wow, it's for charity. Oh my God. He's such a pussy. Did you watch the draft at all? A little. Roger Goodell's man. Cave is like something out of the eighties he has to. Be In his man cave. He's a square like he's at the epitome of square. You know what I'm saying like. I hear the Word Square I think hand being like. Kids to like walking up to someone like doing the shoulders thinking school. What I'm saying like. He's like one of those guys. It's like fuck lunches. DUMB BLOCKHEAD OFF! Lake O'hare. A bully him. To Coward you the just. Like gone just a circle. Now the circle back. His wife's name is Jane Skinner. So it's. It's not it's not Karen. Let's be honest with you. The NFL Commissioner should look like me. To the NFL Commissioner should look like a guy with tattoos cutoff sleep. Out agree yelling nonsense. That's the NFL conviction should look like that Roger Goodell's new. Meet this guy. I would crush it first of all marijuana legal. Agreed agreed well now. Look I saw that. Yeah, they finally how? Him what's his face. Gordon. Ruins whole career you'd like we, we we we. He ruined like come on earth either. Dark vape pen. Fancy when he he, he's he got he. Wasn't expelled or he's done right for too many. Gordon Eight, he's dumb. Them. Now it's like it's like back like back shit. He could get reinstated at imagine. Yeah! It's like. It's funny because guys were Shit. Like back. That's true yeah. I think we lost markers sons going on with that. He's like he's. He moved. To Betty like today. We don't seem different poses like Nick Siamese in the other room. No. No. It looks like it looks like he's releasing fucking. Al Qaeda terrorist video. He, does he does? And he has a beard, so it just didn't. Yes, that's awesome. Goats in virgins. Can hear you mark Ford of, but not really see you. Try Try, just Julie's leave I can't leave the meeting like get back in right 'cause. They'll fucking yeah, because he's the host so screwed up. Get over remote guy. Arizona Internet. Thing. I feel like people shit on Arizona's I, have you? Have you ever been here like for comedy or anything or they don't want talk? I've been la for up. Not not Arizona I was talking to mark I sent Mark Standup Shit if you could. Throw some people he knows I would love to go. Out There for sure it'd be so much fun I. Could Neil Come Out. We can make a whole fucking thing that'd be fun. I mean our goal. Our goal for twenty twenty actually down the road and Fell so. Big, Fan. Guesses the show. We are Golden Road. Yeah, I mean there's so much here right now. That's. Not The comedy scene while before everything took a shit. Should we lost him? Still recording against. Yeah, she'll live. Wow, need that a bitch so.

00:45:03 - 00:50:02

Yeah, so there's so much here now like there's three big clubs here and there's a lot that's here locally. We have your standard up right. or Improv of of. Up, live, and then stand up. Right. That's why I think this one too, and there's one other one basically this. Yet that the Improv up live, and then there's a new one called CB live. which is basically all three of those the three main ones and yeah, I know I know how comedy here that and that's another one. Yeah, no, yeah, I would love. Like my set I said Martha Standard like six minutes fucking tape die. Send everybody you know like. Hey, you like this great. If not I, I don't know. A. Yeah! I go to Las Vegas, lots. So low actually I did I did comedy, Vegas last summer. To eat a hot dog. It looks like he's spitting something out or. is about to say something. He just can't get it out. I wish we I wish we could put like a pickle or something. Technical design. I don't even know if it's his end. Hopefully, it's not my end now I. think would be probably his end. 'cause we're fine. That's true yeah. Yeah that sucks. Concerts. Get canceled like me and my wife supposed to go to like. I got I got tickets through somebody and I got box seats for I'm not country, but she is and. She's Chris Stapleton Fan. And I actually got tickets through another comic. And he's like hey. I got boxy tickets. You want them I. Don't like Chris Abelson and he's like I. Don't know if you don't like country, but I know who does and I was like I'll talk seats fucking. Yeah, also go fuck and it was supposed to be next month and can push back to July of next year now. I also had tickets Somebody got me tickets to Deaf tones in August at the met and Philly new, and I seen them live four times already one of my favorite bands. The but Good for another comic tickets, and he's and he gave me a ticket and I. THAT'S NOT I don't think canceled yet, but like it probably will Santa August I'm assuming will be. The fucking bomber though. Yeah depth tones are good I saw them here when they're in Mesa one time years ago. And one of those like one of those. Can convince what they have like. tons of different bands like almost gotTA. Festival yeah. For sure as well. So, what Team. Was I gonNA say. I lost it sorry. Oh No, it's fine I again I have fucking trauma. I forget shit all the time I'll be on like what was I saying? I had something lost it, but the tones I don't know. But yeah, it's SORTA. Join back, but I don't know what's going on. Shocking. Yeah interwebs fucking. Good time being remote. So I guess, let's. Move into. Cova dry going right now? As far as not to talk all crazy, but what do you like? The clubs are going to look like. As far as like when you're back into the set and everything like even Arizona's saying like thirty percent, occupancy or something like that it's. Like dirty clock was mean like. Here's a bummer revolt. Shows in front of thirty people right like whatever that's fine is the problem is? Some of these clubs are Kinda big. The actual space clubs is kind of thirty people, and like fucking big room. Even if you crushing, it's like you're not. It doesn't sound like it. It's rough I can still wrong. Because the smaller clubs out thirty people, Forty people fifty. Whatever it's going to be will be fine. But then like a punchline Philly for instance is gigantic like the ceilings are like. Hot. It because they built in like an old warehouse, or whatever or do warehouse development whatever so. Giant, giant, fucking floor plan, and like bill close half room up. Sometimes it's hurting and it's still fucking. It's still noticeably like echoey in the seal like Goddamn like the fucking cathedral come. So. They're not at that here, so it's GonNa. Be Weird. It's GonNa, be weird. Also zoom comedy.

00:50:02 - 00:55:01

Shows are fucking stupid. Yeah I, don't I don't do that. That's not comedy. You're not funny on them. You're not funny on regular. I'M GONNA. You're heavy. Funny Zooms County, so don't do it like. I got asked to few. No I don't I, don't I don't want to eat my shit. Like eight minutes. While, I watch screen with no response. Good Yeah Yeah. That'd be rough for sure or because you need. To feed off the audience right I mean you gotta be like. Is Shit Lane is anonymous. You don't really. Ninety five. Like ninety five percent audience feedback. Thing is what you're doing. Here drew Michael. Now, he's a he's A. He's a calling from New York and he did an HBO Special Comedian Yeah. Sure and he did HBO special. With no crowd! Wow crowd at all. No. Because it's like recently or is that nine? Years ago. There's no reason no. It was like it was like he's art experiment like. His whole like. Jokes man like some fucking jazz idiot like some white jazz idiot from like the fucking seventies, but you don't know it's like. Shut the fuck up your white. Know Jazzy Michael White You That up right now. This gang shit on. It's fucking hilarious because they know personally. He's an Asshole, but he's like fucking one of those guys but like. Yeah. He did answering if it was funny, go ahead. Wasn't funny. It was not known. How much did you less zero? Zero Times zero percent laughter. because. Here's an HBO was HBO was like Oh. This is different and edgy, and then every colleagues like this isn't funny. Whatever happens. Whatever happened that Gimmick to give? It could being funny. Yeah doesn't exist. That's creating secure. That's why Tim. That's why I love Tim Dillon James. Tim Jones like whatever happened to trying to be funny. Have you tried that. Making a joke as I love ten till after all, it's not funny. It's not funny. Jerry Sinaville's news standup. Yes! Rough yeah, right now we're. He's because it's him right well. The seinfeld show was my my favorite Sitcom of all time. It's so funny to this day. It's funny holds up. I'll I'll Dan that hell. Yeah I never found his stand up to be good. He's someone of his older ones. We. COFFEES and Comedians in. Some are good, but like that's not stand up, right. That's just conversation. We're doing that too negative car. Ferrari Yeah. We're not even sure. We're right there with him. Show it's like. Bi saw his stand up a couple years ago. Well so I, saw it a long time ago. When one of his older ones like after Seinfeld and I was thinking like I was younger than I was at this chips. Hilarious is so funny. Comedian. It might've might have one, and then I watched it and it wasn't. Maybe it wasn't as good as I thought. When you go back, because it's all the same thing they'll like. Why did we have ten fingers? I wasn't good enough. We had a new ten. It's like Yeah I. Don't know man. It's like that's his stick and he just won't let it die. And like. Everyone has their voice right, but like you gotTA. Get Out Hajj as you got you got you got to Paul? A little bit you gotTa. You gotTA adapt to healthy. are like Daesh among each? fucking, he did get much money. They should have forty five six fifty years old, forty seven fifty years old I held dish belt. He's been doing since he was fifteen years old. STAND UP! He's gotta be. He's. His message is you know he's? He's been the same his. His his voice is kind of in the same, but also changed its in both he's involved, but he's also still Daesh and literally because he because he sounds totally different now to. Does a little bit Jack asked. Him a little bit more Ralphie mess. Hey, man, I can't do impressions, but you know he's a really high pitch and easily like. Killing them softly. Four I think. Right, it was Those are great.

00:55:01 - 01:00:00

They're all great. Was a great. That with the with the baby with a baby at the corner. SADIE selling drugs to the corner baby on the corner. It's so fucking. It's still good like. I mean I I. Talk Chica-. Called I love him. So. FRILLY. It's a bummer to comic myself and like I'll never be that good I'll never even come close like I. Never be that good. I'll never get there like his brain is so fucking unique. It's like I know where I'm at. I would imagine they keep working their craft and you're on the right path. Just keep going at it. Yeah, I mean this. EHRENBERG! They did a drive in show in Queens like a week ago driving. Show Amberg Joe List Amber Wife Christine Monahan. A few other ones they the drive in show and he said like. It was weird like you're gonNA feel. When everyone does comedy again. He's GonNa. Feel nervous because your first show why? I'm so dead inside from stage. You know time I. Guess Not a concern ever from anymore. I don't want to have to deal with that again. It was my first going on stage. But he also said like you'll fall back into it. Once. They're I hope. Not Funny I'm forgetting some parts of my set. How I, go to my phone the other day and be like Oh. Yeah, it's a joke. I have like Oh. That's a joke. Yeah, I, it's! It's bad because I'm not doing anything. I'm just you know what he's doing podcast, and obviously I'm not doing fucking it's. This this weekend the first weekend here that everything's opening up so they have comedy shows. Of course they can't go past the eight o'clock curfew. That's going on right now here. So they were talking about how some of the people that that? We're going to be on this weekend here? They're kind of saying the same thing like. Other places of already open like I heard there was something going on Utah already, and then they were saying basically. Indianapolis I think to Li. Like, so when they went on for the first time they were actually. You know nervous to Comedians. They were talking to you that are going to be here, so it's like Kinda shows you like even. You know everyone's GonNa have that because he had the whole all those months off the where you're not concierge. In rotation of onstage. It's most. Yeah, it's hard. It's like you forget because you just volunteer. Retain like anything else, right. We just doing sets all time. You're not even realizing like you're out a lot or whatever and then. And then you know You'll be like Oh shit I did five shows last week and now I'm doing nothing like. You just. I looked at my April schedule. And I lost so much fucking money in Info. Like so much more. Of like maybe like a two thousand dollars to that like you know a decent chunk of change for the for fucking do. Not fucking, not traveling and doing major headlining clubs or anything like. I look at my like fuck man. That's gone. That would've been a show we have four shows this weekend like got. All Tang. You know 'cause, that's an just. Where we're at. To recap real quick I heard some the conversation before I cut out. What I? I've only ever done that doing a podcast with you Adam? I did it during Ben's cast, and then this one cutting out your the omen. But. Even He was blaming Arizona. He's leaving Arizona Internet. The part where you were talking about how you gave me the video and I did send that over to. A friend of the show his is Josh Harrison and he runs a show local ear once a month like a showcase the. And then I also forwarded to a couple people that actually work at a stand up live in. Phoenix Tempe Improv so hopefully. If you get some out of it, I hope yeah. Great nobody'll I'll. Eventually, but If you do, we would love to have you on the studio. Obviously things are better. That's what he said when I was on the PODCAST binny's. Studio come here soon. That'd be awesome I love hanging out in person I hate the zoom. Shit like you know. Hey, I saw. This. It's like the same way you know it's like. There's the lay, or do you actually talk? You cannot talk over each other parts like you know I can personally like someone for like the energies they like. Fuck around more. It's a lot lot more.

01:00:01 - 01:05:07

Better as we use it on on your worldly. We won't take zoom guests, but that's all obviously now we are by normally. We don't because like in-studio only if not sorry. Not I'll tell you. Don't. What is that like you guys? Are The weirded out that they have to come to his house and things like that. That's one of the reasons why we got. Honestly I got weirded out for strangers. Come into my house. Yeah, I. Mean We. We pretty much. Only. Ask people like we kind of can trust. You know yeah, but We were talking about. Maybe get something else soon. I don't know we'll see, but like you know it's no one's everyone's goal. That really gives you hit everyone's fine. It's like hey, we've really. Hey. We have like our studios legit legit studio just in his house because he's the want to spend money on rent on. All was so like our studio fucking great. It's a great studio just in his second story a second floor. So, if you'll just come in again, even like all the other comets, they keep hats for their podcasts. They'll come and producer will come in and out. It's. Like a studio, but also a house like he has people going in all the time normally, not now because Kobe. We had a rough sutton on a couple of weeks ago, and he was saying the same thing like it used to be in one of his bedrooms. One time, he brought a date home in there was like eleven, dudes and the apartment still and she was like what. Yeah because she thought she was there for the gang. Gas Guests digital is an awesome studio by the way I've been in. I do sharp show. fucking. Super. I was like I'm perfect to studios. The main one ever sees studio a in the studio B like this like. Very small room primitive people, but it's like the perfect setup because you have. Room for could fit like six hundred people on table, and you're going to have more now on podcasts at all the time. No. You're not seven fucking people. I mean if you do stupid as every talking over each other, and you'll podcast the other room studios to people and it's a great. South they have they have right. You know I don't want to say where it is. It's an. And you know a fucking cool joint. And that if we ever got a studio that's Kinda. I WOULD WANNA modeled after like how they did it because it's a model. How many how many what was the most? We've ever had Scott Five. Lost me. How. On our podcast five at one time. That the most. Like inside the studio yet or just? Live a you know we've had. We've had six inside his studio, but like data share Mike. Much. See My like we've done a two. This is fucking. It's too much like we do it for the fight nights when we watch the fights, we. Still Rogan's idea and we. Just did the UFC Strean, so we'll straight into fights and we'll. We'll compensate and stuff and. Sometimes, it's fun and like sometimes we'll get like. Six people on there and Again you start talking about the fights and the vase into like. This wrong about the world, and it's like you know. I like this cheese Moore's like what the fuck we're talking. It's fine I love it. It's Super Bonnie but like chaotic so trying to. Quell that down to like like we're doing the five tomorrow night. and. Like two or three. People maybe people because it's like too fucking much money doing zoom, or are you going over his? Studio discord. Zoom because I'm not, we can't go also not going down to Philly because it's a war zone, I don't watch the news. But phillies on fire so. Stay in Philly. Normal though Yeah true. No. It's just extra Myers, an extra extra mile cocktail. More than usual. That's crazy well. We appreciate that you came on. All of your socials and I do apologize but all the technical difficult. getting just catch me up at at Adam. Notre on everything on twitter and Instagram facebook. I'm not a comedy. nerves of words cast at everything, twitter, instagram, facebook, and then you're the worst cast on Youtube. slapstick sports dropped ten media network and If you guys care so much to donate a dollar. Dry Patriots on we would really appreciate that you our comic so peach on dot com slash the words we give after content. Effect if you guys switched to three dollars here. If you guys join the three dollars here, you could sit in the discord channel with us. During the fights, and like you could bullshit with us in the fights, and all that stuff is like a little extra added bonus we do movie watch longs in discord with a three dollar here.

01:05:07 - 01:05:48

So if you guys wanted to three dollars here, we would you movies do the fights. All the extra podcast we give you and we do a lot so i. think it's pretty good deal, and again it helps us out. You know if you if you spirit. That's it you know it's. It's. Nice all right again. We appreciate that you came two thousand. Sure Amigos out. Thanks Adam Buddy. This has been the migos PC. Make sure to like. Subscribe and review us all your podcasting platforms visit us at Amigos PC dot net for our entire library of content and Amigos Merch. Till next time audio.

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