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Funny Podcast Stories

Pass the time with a smile by tuning in to hear funny podcast stories from Amigos PC

Looking for an excellent podcast that will help you pass the time while quarantining at home? During this time of social distancing, so many of us are stuck at home, and it's easy to just worry all the time and get stress out. Amigos PC, hosted by Scott and Mark, is a ridiculous podcast that contains funny podcast stories that will entertain you unlike anything else. A recent episode features Kevin Johnson from Netflix's hit series, Ozark. He shared some funny podcast stories about his time as an Uber driver, when a passenger almost threw up in his car. These days, everyone has a side hustle, and hearing about his Uber experience is so endearing and relatable. Amigos PC is one of those really funny podcasts that you'll come back to again and again. If you have kids, put in some headphones, let the kids have some TV time, sit back, and relax. You deserve a break! Amigos PC is one of the best really funny podcasts that feels like talking to your most hilarious friends. It's not PC at all, but it is absolutely fun to listen to. Tuning in is such a pleasant way to pass the time, have some laughs, and feel better during these tense times. Let your worries fall into the background of your mind while listening to Amigos PC!

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