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Funniest Podcasts Of All Time

Amigos PC is one of the funniest podcasts of all time

With most of us still social distancing (going on 3 months now, if anyone cares to keep count of this craziness), plenty of us have lots of free time on our hands. There's only so many Netflix shows you can watch before starting to lose your mind. Switch to something even more fun by tuning into the best comedy podcast out there, Amigos PC. Hosted by comedy greats Scott and Mark and featuring Netflix stars, local comedians, and others, this podcast keeps people laughing non-stop. It's one of the funniest podcasts of all time. Stop endlessly scrolling through the selection of best comedy podcasts available on your favorite podcast app and simply give Amigos PC a try. You won't regret it for a single second! Amigos PC is the best comedy podcast you'll be excited to recommend to friends, family, neighbors - and anyone else you're allowed to come within 6 feet of! Now is the perfect time to put in some headphones, let your kids have a little TV time (it's okay! Everybody calm down!), pour yourself your favorite drink (hey, we won't judge if you splash a little Bailey's in that iced coffee), and turn on an episode of Amigos PC. You're going to love the way our hosts banter with funny guests and draw out silly stories from them. Before you know it, the episode will be over and you'll click on another with a big smile on your face. So many of us are going through such a stressful time - worrying about losing our jobs and trying to figure out how to survive on reduced income, stressing out about high risk loved ones getting infected with COVID-19, endless homeschooling of our kids (oy, we did not sign up for this!), and so much more. Give yourself a much-needed break and enjoy Amigos PC today.

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