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Funniest Podcast Episodes

  Connect with friends by listening to one of the funniest podcast episodes of Amigos PC

Amigos PC is a live podcast that's so entertaining. So many guests they feature are fun to listen to. The hosts, Scott and Mark, ask their guests really interesting questions. Guests feature Netflix stars like Kevin Johnson, comedians like Zack Lyman, and other comedy podcast hosts like Ralph Sutton. One of the funniest podcast episodes that was recently published is "Thomas Eppolito shopping stories." It's relatable and hilarious for so many of us who are dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amigos PC is a no-holds-barred podcast that's always pulling punches. It's so fun to climb inside the minds of hosts Mark and Scott and benefit from the weird ways their minds work. The way they think about things is so ridiculous, not PC at all, and always entertaining to listen to. Another one of the funniest episodes is "Zack Lyman Amigos & Naps." While most of us are at home 24/7, "working from home" and perhaps parenting too, taking naps is a way of life to get through each day. Ask around to your friends and family to find out what best funny podcasts they tune into, and Amigos PC will probably come up. If it doesn't, make sure to recommend it! Amigos PC is one of the best funny podcasts online today. Pick an episode to listen to with a group of friends and then schedule a Zoom call to goof off this weekend. Connecting with friends and getting some belly laughs will make you feel so much better. Taking care of your mental and emotional well-being is more important than ever, since you can't rely on so many of your usual outlets for fun during this pandemic, so being creative is the way to go. Listening to a podcast like Amigos PC and laughing with your friends will be a much-needed bright spot to your week. Hang in there, keep smiling, take some deep breaths, and know that social distancing won't be our way of life forever! Amigos PC is the ideal podcast to give you some much-needed distraction and silliness.

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